because that could get a person in trouble

hey have i ever told y’all about my cursed apartment building

cursed how, you say???? well, here’s the thing: no-one can fuckin see it. let me explain further

  • i live in a tiny flat in a big red brick building with huge windows. it has a driveway with two columns on either side - not a thing you usually see in this area. it is opposite a bus stop and several corner shops. it is on a main, busy road. most significantly, it is attached to a church. a well-known church with a big pink sign on the front.
  • all things that would make it easy to spot, right???? like if i gave that list of distinguishing features to someone along with my address then they’d be able to find my flat easily, right??? well APPARENTLY NOT
  • we have never once had a delivery to our flat (outside of the usual postal service) where we haven’t been called by a lost courier 
  • usually, they are about thirty seconds away. “i’m by the church and i don’t know where to go from here,” they say. so we tell them, “it’s the building right next to the church!! the one you’re outside. that church. it’s the next building along. it’s opposite a bus stop and it has a driveway with two big columns.” 
  • without fail, they call back 5-10 minutes later, still lost.
  • i have answered calls from both lost delivery people and friends where i’ve been able to see them standing in front of the driveway, from my window
  • a friend of mine once drove past my building three times, while on the phone to me, getting increasingly panicked that she couldn’t figure out where she was going. she parked in a nearby road and i had to walk to her car and guide her to the driveway
  • however, my flatmate and i found this place when we were flat-hunting first time, no trouble, and we don’t know what that means other than i guess this place chose us and the rent is so cheap because the estate agents were so relieved to find the first people in a thousand years who could actually see this fuckin building
  • today a food delivery person called me to say he was outside the church, was told to go to the next building along, (a 20 second journey on foot) and arrived at my door 20 minutes later, saying, “sorry, i went to the back of this building by mistake. weird right???”
  • this building doesn’t have a back
  • it backs onto the rest of the church it doesn’t have a back where did he go

shoutout to george, fred, and especially ron weasley for realizing that harry was stuck in abusive and unhealthy household and, in spite of the massive trouble they knew they could get in, taking immediate steps to personally see him removed from that environment, something no adult in harry’s life did.

April Fics!

» All About Us by SeaBreezy

“So let me get this straight,” he said, reaching up to swipe a hand almost absently through his bangs. “You want me to go with you to your brother’s wedding, because you lied and said you were gunna bring a hot date?”

» a truth in the blood by angstinspace

A post “Blade of Marmora” fix-it fic. Mostly broganes & klance bonding.

» Beneath the Corsican Stars by appleschmapple

Star-crossed lovers, they say, are doomed to meet a tragic end. And yet, Keith and Lance continue to cross one another, driven to find the one ending where love triumphs over destiny. Perhaps sometimes, the universe rewards those who persevere.

» can you tell me by aknightley

Keith works in his brother’s coffee shop for the summer, expecting a boring break before college. Lance changes all of that.

» Don’t Put Out The Glow by BleuSarcelle

The one where Lance goes through a beating to save Shiro from having to go back to the Galra arena and once they escape, the team focus themselves on healing their Blue Paladin back to health and to make sure he knows they love him.

» eb and flow (a point of decline and a gradual change) by babitty

It starts out as a regular mission- get in, check out the distress beacon, get out. Except things don’t go as planned. And honestly, when do they ever?

» Erised by RedBluePalatar

It was the smile that really did Lance in. While Lance could deal with hot, older Keith, he was having trouble with the happiness that was so visible on his face, his stature. He was relaxed and bright. Suddenly, Lance couldn’t imagine Keith without it.

» Everything is Blue by TheTailor

Lance wanted—no, he needed to know everything about this person. He needed to know because Keith is the most interesting puzzle set before him, and he only knew their name and that was a goddamn shame.

» Finding Your Place by Ninke_A

When the others are down, Lance always knew how to make it better. But he felt that was the only time they wanted him around, that he was useless otherwise.

» Fools Rush In by redburn

Keith is a struggling musician just needing to pay the rent. Lance is a high-end prostitute with a heart of gold.

» Heaven’s Got a Plan For You by tobytrash

With the absence of their leader, Shiro, the responsibility of leading the team has been thrusted onto Keith’s shoulders, and the reassignments of Lions are in order. However, Lance is not as ready to accept this new change as the rest of the team.

And neither is the Black Lion.

» hypothetically by starsupernova

The first time Keith ever falls in love, it’s with someone practically unobtainable. Typical.

» in stasis by ilgaksu

In which for three months of Lance McClain’s life, he lives as an AI, waiting for his prosthetics to come online. It goes about as well as expected.

» just like that by varelsen

He wishes he could say “I want to caress your cheek as gently as a cherry blossom petal falling upon the face of a beautiful anime man,” but what comes out is usually more along the lines of “What do you know, Mullet?”

» Let The Water Lead Us Home by LynnLarsh

He’d just wanted a glimpse. It was stupid and childish and selfish, but he’d just wanted one more look out on the ocean, one more peek in the window of his family home, just in case they never made it back to Earth. Just in case he never got another chance.

» lungs by Dreamicide

After a near drowning experience as a child in which he doesn’t remember how he survived, Lance avoids the ocean he once loved. He doesn’t realize that’s where his savior lives.

» mirror through your eyes by redburn

Keith and Lance accidentally swap bodies. Indefinitely.

» Orchids and Anemones by Verraglace

They say that the children of Aphrodite love more than any creature, with a strong and unconditional passion.

Briefly, he thinks to himself that it’s quite possibly true.

He coughs up more blossoms.

» Red Carnations by RedJuliet

His heart line was the same deep red color as the carnation he had taped to an envelope with shaking hands. It came as no surprise when the line darkened until it became an inky black. That was when it started to burn.

» Slowly, and Then All At Once by quartetship

He was in love. With Keith.

» ten things i hate about you by nikkiRA

neither of them are particularly good at this, so they each say hate when they both mean love

» This love won’t ever be convenient by Lynn1998

*Complicated by Avril Lavigne plays in the distance*

» travelers by ImotoChan

In which Lance is stuck travelling between Universes, searching for the one he can call home.

» You’re Due for Some Good by PrincexofxFlowers

As far as soulmates go, Keith thinks, he really can’t complain.

And then the bruises start showing up.

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You’ll get over it…” It’s the clichés that cause the trouble. To lose someone you love is to alter your life for ever. You don’t get over it because ‘it” is the person you loved. The pain stops, there are new people, but the gap never closes. How could it? The particularness of someone who mattered enough to grieve over is not made anodyne by death. This hole in my heart is in the shape of you and no-one else can fit it. Why would I want them to?
—  Jeanette Winterson

He was very loud. I think the first time I got in serious trouble is when I pushed him off a chair because he wouldn’t stop crying. Then there was the time Harry actually tried to get me in trouble, when I told him WWF wrestling was all staged - he took it as a personal insult and as revenge told Mum that I was the worst thing he could think of… a drug dealer.

“No she isn’t, Harry… she’s nine”

—  Gemma about Harry
The losers at a party

- Mike gets invited to a party because he’s super popular in high school and he invites the other losers to tag along. (we all know he wouldn’t go if they didn’t). 

- Stan and Eddie tries to come up with excuses on why they can’t go but when Richie asks Eddie again, sticking out his lower lip and doing puppydog eyes Eddie can’t say no. 

- “Eddie I thought we were in this together!”. 

- “I know, I’m sorry Stan but he did that thing with his lip”. 

- “You’re so weak”. 

- Stan ends up going to because the other losers doesn’t really give him a choice. 

- Ben only goes because Beverly says she’ll dance with him to NKOTB.

- Bill is so social? Like who is that person he’s talking to?

- Richie doesn’t drink because he’s the only one with a license and he promised to stay sober so that he could drive if one of the others got sick and needed to get home. 

- He has so much fun anyways. 

- Bev gets high with some older girls who thinks she’s super cool. Ben stays by her side the whole time, making sure she doesn’t get into trouble. 

- Stan rules beer pong with Mike and they keep winning. They both get kinda tipsy and very giggly. 

- Eddie gets super drunk. 

- He’s all over the place singing and trying to get Richie to dance with him. 

- “Richie please, you like this song!”

- “Eddie when have you ever heard me listen to girls just wanna have fun?”

- Richie ends up dancing with Eddie anyway because he do like the song.

 - Bev pulls Ben to the dancefloor when NKOTB comes on. 

- Ben is insecure at first but Beverly’s smile makes him forget the world and they dance to the next five songs as well. 

- Mike ends up talking to a lot of girls that night. When the other losers asks him about it he simply says “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell lads”. 

- Stan and Bill ends up making out in one of the bathrooms. 

- When they leave they’re out of breath and their hair is messed up but they have the widest smiles on their faces. 

- As predicted Richie needs to drive Eddie home. 

- They stop at mcdonald’s to get icecream on the way. 

- Eddie falls asleep in the booth and Richie almost draws a dick on his forhead. But he stops himself and carries him to the car. 

- Richie sleeps over at Eddie’s house that night. They wake up in eachother’s arms and Richie teases Eddie a lot about the whole girls just wanna have fun incident. 

- “You’re such a liar trashmouth there’s no way I sang that whole song”. 

- “Oh but you did Eddie Spaghetti”. 

- They go to a lot of parties together after that. 

Imagine Wade Wilson introducing you to Matt Murdock

“Just don’t fall in love with him,” Wade pointed a finger at you.

You glared over at your best friend and scoffed. “Listen if I fall in love with him, I’ll give you 20 bucks.”

“I could use 20 dollars, haven’t been getting much work lately,” Wade started to stare off into the distance and you had to snap a finger in his face to get his attention back.

“Focus Wade,” you demanded looping a hand around his. The two of you crossed the street to some shitty dive bar and when you got to the door, Wade paused and looked at you.

“Listen you little shit,” he tried to harden his expression but a smile got the best of him. “I repeat do not fall in love with this guy.”

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Harry Styles Vocal Health on SNL

Hello!  So first and foremost I wan to put out there how much I love Harry and his voice.  Dear god it’s SO COOL and unique.  I love how when he’s in good vocal health he has all these different textures to it- the gruffness of his chest voice, the purity of his falsetto, the power of his belt.  When the studio version of SOTT came out I couldn’t sing his praises enough.  His voice sounded SO HEALTHY.  He was making such good choices!!!  Everything was relaxed and well supported.  He let the song build naturally.  He MUST have gotten some solid vocal training over his break because that isn’t something that can just happen over night.  I was very impressed and very proud.  I was also a bit nervous to see if these changes would hold when he started performing live….and… looks like I had good reason to be nervous.  

Here’s the thing. There are a few reasons I’m so hard on Harry in particular when it comes to poor technique. First, compared to the other guys, his technique is the only one that’s actually physically DAMAGING.  Could the other guys benefit from proper training?  Sure.  Of course.  Every singer can.  Even those who have been singing for years still should train on a regular basis.  But the other boys’ bad habits are just that- bad habits.  They aren’t going to do long term damage, not the way Harry’s are.    The second reason is BECAUSE I know he can do (AND HAS DONE!!!!!) so much better!!   I know he’s CAPABLE of so much more and so yeah, I’m hard on him because of that. And finally, I know exactly what he’s doing physically and exactly what’s going through his mind because I have the same exact bad habits and I can see him using the same exact thought process as to why he slips into these again.

Harry is the Ultimate Performer. He wants nothing more than to put on a good show for everyone, even if that means sacrificing his own vocal health.  Now, that’s isn’t a HUGE problem…until it KEEPS happening.  Which is what happened with OTRA.  And possibly might be happening now, although that remains to be seen.  One performance of one song slips into an entire show of this slips into two shows of this slips into the entire tour and wham, you’ve got nodes.  I think the biggest problem with Harry’s performance last night is he doesn’t trust the material or HIMSELF to sell it the way it is.  He feels he needs to overcompensate and big Big and Bold right from the start and that song is not built to be sung that way.  He started at a level that he couldn’t sustain throughout the entire thing and had nowhere to go.  That’s when he ran into trouble.  

As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew it wasn’t going to go well.  Don’t get me wrong, he sounds fantastic in the beginning…but like I said, there was nothing for him to build upon because he already started it at too high a height. His voice sounded raspy to me too, raspier than usual.  That can be caused by a few things- he could have been dehydrated (you can’t sing right if you don’t pee white!), he could have been tired (we know he’s a morning person and that show is pretty late for him), he could have strained his voice at the concert the night before, he could have over rehearsed, he could have smoked a bit.  I don’t know what the cause was, but he didn’t start off the evening in the best vocal health, especially for a song that’s very difficult to sing.  I also think he KNEW that so again, he tried to overcompensate for that by pushing.  

There is so much tension throughout his whole body, particular his shoulders on up.  I’m sure a lot of that is due to nerves.  I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: the SNL stage is one of the hardest venues for artists to play.  There’s something particularly rough about it.  He’s also always had problems tensing up his face when he sings, but it what was particularly striking to me was that he did it during the falsetto parts.  That should have been EASY for him to sing.  That’s something light and relaxed.  Almost a break from the tension of the rest of the song…and yet he looks like he was in pain.  Which makes me wonder if he WAS in pain.  it’s hard to tell, but it almost seems like the second time he does it he pushes it more to a mix than a pure falsetto. 

It’s notable to me how relaxed the second syllable of  “bullets” around 2:44-2:48 is compared to the rest.  THAT is what the whole thing should have sounded like.  it’s relaxed and he’s got a great vibratto on it that comes straight from the diaphragm there- compare that to how tight “bullets” are the second time he sings it in that phrase at 2:58ish-3:04.  Why did you change what you were doing, sir??? In fact, to me it seemed like he KNEW it sounded good the first time and did his cute li’l dance and then came back to it feeling like “yeah I got this…” and then tightened right back up again.  because he didn’t trust himself.  

Thennnnnn the bridge happens.  And this is what i mean by he had nowhere to go.  THIS should have been his first belt it out moment.  but he pushed too hard too quickly and his voice just…wasn’t there.  It was tired.  The first scoop up to the first “we” was off key because of it and I think he knew it which made it even worse and MORE tense to the point where he just didn’t have the vocal agility to flip into his fasletto again for “learn”.  And then we’ve got the “it’s just what we know” which was just a poor choice.  I have a feeling he nailed that MULTIPLE times in rehearsals and mannnnn if he was in good vocal health how killer would that have sounded!??!!?  But instead, we got what’s called harmonic distortion which is SUPER VERY YIKESY AND A BIG SIGN OF HOLYSHITYOU’REDOINGDAMAGE (i sincerely hope he has an appointment with an ENT this week and gets scoped to check that out).   This was another instance of him trying to put on a great show and overcompensate for what he probably felt was lackluster vocals (which for the record WERE NOT THAT BAD.  I’m picking it apart because…well, it’s what I do.  and i don’t think I would have had too much of a problem if it weren’t for the super damaging choices he ended up making).  

From there he’s thinking “Oh shit that was bad…I REALLY fucked up…better step up my game and make the end better!” and once again tries to overcompensate and push a voice that’s already been pushed to the brink.  there just wasn’t more in there for it to give.  He couldn’t sustain it.  He had already given everything that there was go to give.  

When it comes to ESNY, it was a much better performance.  I think it’s partially due to the fact that it’s an easier song to sing and partially due to the fact that he was playing guitar so he wasn’t as much in his head (Side note: CAN YOU BELIEVE HE FINALLY BLESSED US WITH HIS GUITAR SKILLS?????).  His belty part towards the end wasn’t as good as it could have been, but I think that’s just due to the fact that his voice was kinda shot and that’s the best it was going to be.  It wasn’t TERRIBLE and obviously it could have been better, but I am curious to hear the studio version to see if there’s more belting that he just wasn’t comfortable with last night.  I could have done without the facial affectations because it just adds more tension and tension is bad, kiddos  But I think it’s a stylistic choice and I’m trying to pick my battles here.  Additionally, as we’ve seen in gif form his li’l neck vein was popping out so yeah he was tensing up pretty good there…but again, it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been since the song itself isn’t as taxing vocally.  

All in all, the performances were great, especially if you’re not as picky as I am. I know this was his first time singing live in well over a year and SNL is high stress and it’s his first time out there ALONE.  I’m curious to see what happens on Graham Norton and if he improves his technique. I’m also really curious to see how he’ll be on tour as well. I do wonder if he’ll lower the key of SOTT so it’s not as taxing.  No one would really notice and it would make things a little easier on him. It’s just frustrating because I know he has it in him to do it well.  We’ve HEARD him do it well.  But he just doesn’t trust himself enough to do that and that kind of breaks my heart a little.  Thankfully, he’s young and has time to learn.  He can still break these habits and make new, healthier ones and learn to trust himself more.



B <3 

Beautiful Bromance in Dramaland

We love it when our favorite characters in a drama got crazy chemistry that involves endless bickering, awkward moments, a little bit of hatred but brotherly affection inside. When those things happen between good lookin dudes, it’s called bromance and that makes a drama more interesting to watch. So, let’s check out some of the beautiful bromance in dramaland!  

School 2013 - Go Nam Soon & Park Heung Soo 

The rollercoaster bromance, between ramen lover Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo. They were once best friends, turned enemies when Nam Soon broke Heung Soo’s leg by accident and crush his dream as a soccer player. But thanks to Teacher Jang Na Ra, they reconcile and are finally best friends again. 

Boys Over Flower - The F4

The exclusive bromance. The legendary F4. They are childhood best friends who share the same sophisticated wealthy lifestyle. Everyone has their struggle and sadness, but in the end they prove their friendship. Besides, they still support their buddy, Gu Jun Pyo, who curls his hair and wears that fur to school. That’s love. 

The Heirs - Kim Tan & Choi Young Do 

The hormonal bromance. They were childhood best friends, they fought due to hormones and family issues during puberty. Later they survived puberty, fell in love with the same ordinary poor girl. Though their old conflict was resurfacing again, they could find peace and reconciliation in the end. Bless them. Love is their moment. 

Jealousy Incarnate - Lee Hwa Shin & Ko Jung Won

The full of jealousy bromance, between a famous anchorman and his super rich buddy. They get jealous of each other because they fell in love with the same lady. Even though all the love triangle troubles are caused by Hwa Shin, later Ko Jung Won became a bigger person who chose friendship over love. Their drunk moment is the sweetest btw. 

Fantastic - Ryu Hae Sung & Doctor Hong Joon Gi

The in sickness and health bromance. A sad yet beautiful bromance between Hallyu star Ryu Hae Sung and a cancer patient/doctor Hong Joon Gi. They were love rivals who turn into best friends. Though their friendship was short due to sickness, the bond is strong. They bicker over stupid things, shop together, have deep talks, and eat ramen secretly during hospital stay. 

Oh My Venus - Coachnim and his boys 

The healthy bromance. Coach Kim Young Ho took in two little brother-buddies, MMA athlete Joon Sung and little manager Ji Woong. They stay together, overcome troubles together, train together, get healthy together and do the cute dance together. 

Cheer Up! - Kim Yeol & Ha Joon 

The surviving bromance. Ha Joon is a tortured soul who experienced a suicidal attempt, while Kim Yeol is so afraid that Ha Joon might disappear someday. Ha Joon knows about Kim Yeol’s fear so he’s trying his hardest to survive for his best friend. And as always, they happened to fall in love with the same girl. 

Descendants of The Sun - Captain Yoo Shi Jin & Sergeant Seo Dae Young

The military bromance. They always got each other’s back in the battlefield. They bicker sometimes as they are best friends, but Sergeant Seo always respects his big boss who has higher rank than him. In the end, nothing makes a bromance stronger than flying bullets and fanboying a girl group together. 

Bad Guys - Detective Oh and prisoner boys. 

The badass bromance, between a detective, a gangster, a contract killer and a genius psychopath. Though in the beginning they didn’t trust each other well but their special bond becomes stronger through every case. Together they fight crimes and support each other with their special skills. 

Another Oh Hae Young - Park Do Kyung & Jin Sang

The natural bromance, between two long time buddies who turn into brothers in law. Jin Sang might have given Do Kyung wrong advice at times but he always be there when Do Kyung is down and Do Kyung always saves Jin Sang from his troubles which makes their friendship so natural and beautiful. 

A Gentleman’s Dignity - Kim Do Jin and boys. 

The ahjussi bromance. 40s are the new 20s for Kim Do Jin, Im Tae San, Lee Jung Rok and Choi Yoon. They are successful mature men with boys at heart when they hang out together. Through ups and downs they manage to protect their friendship, survive their love life and maintain their dignity. 

The Three Musketeers - Crown prince and his warriors

The historical bromance, back in Joseon era when a crown prince wants to fight crimes in his country secretly. He gathered a group of warriors who loyally follow him to set justice and peace in the country. 

Hwarang - Dog Bird & Mak Moon

The till death do us apart bromance. Mak Moon and Dog Bird/Moo Myung grew up together as orphans, Moo Myung is a fearless fighter and adventurer while Mak Moon is cowardy and weak. They always stay together and protect each other. Even though their friendship ends up in sadness but it’s really amazing to see them sacrificing themselves for each other till the end.

Goblin: The Lonely & Great God - Goblin & Grim Reaper

The immortal bromance. Goblin accidentally saved a missing soul who was supposed to be taken by the Grim Reaper. One is hot, one is cold. They share a mysterious conflicted fate yet fate brought them to live together as housemates. Since they have been living for hundred years, they are both anti-social but they find each other’s company quite comfortable.

okay, i’ve never posted this video on my tumblr, but right now is as good as anytime. this was back in early February i believe.

Okay so, apparently Diggs was in my city (Vegas) for a conference and stayed at the hotel that my dad works at - the Bellagio.
Now, my dad is a mini bar attendant there, which means he goes up to rooms and checks on alcohol, coffee, etc.
So he’s called up to this vacant room, and the person says “Come in !!”
And so he walks in, and he told the guy that he was just here to check on his alcohol and coffee. The guy goes “That’s fine, just give me a sec !” (or something like that)
And so while my dad was checking everything, the guy comes out, just buckling up his pants because he just finished taking a shower (can you IMAGINE - seeing him shirtless. IN THE FLESH. my dad said he’s still ripped. i mean. duh. when isn’t he ?¿ he better not stop being ripped tbh. oh wait, back to the stORY,,)
So my dad turns around.
Then the guy turns around.
Then gives him a smile.
Mind you, my dad’s also a fan of Diggs and Rafa, so he had to take a double take to realize that THIS was the dude.
Then my dad goes, “Hey, you’re Daveed Diggs !”
And then Daveed goes, “Yeah, man !” with THAT bright, big smile on his face (YOU KNOW THE ONE.)
Now, Daveed (and some of the obc probably) doesn’t really like to talk about Hamilton (which is understandable, I relate), so BLESS that my dad said “Yeah, my daughter’s a real big fan of you and Rafael’s music !” because then my dad told me that his eyes LIT. UP.
I would’ve died there.
And my dad told him that I’m corresponding with Rafa on some stuff and he tried to pull up my cover of his song, “Needle”, which was the first track that he emailed me so that I could cover it.
It couldn’t load, but nonetheless, now he knows I can sing (and hopefully soon, knows I rap), and that’s more than enough.
Now, at his work, whenever you come into contact with someone famous, you can’t get take a picture or a video with them, because then you could be in trouble.
But my dad also knew how much this meant to me.
So he decided ‘fuck it’ and asked Daveed if he could take a video or picture with him.
Daveed, being the sweet and nice person he is, said “Yeah, of course ! Let me just get a shirt on real quick” (oh, daveed. I’d still be happy even if you didn’t have your shirt on haha.)
((bonus ; Daveed told my dad that he told Rafa and everyone to come to Vegas but they couldn’t. My dad said “Could you imagine if I got them in the same video ?? How cool would that be ???”))
so yeah. there’s the story of how i died one day because of THE Daveed Diggs.
s/o to Diggs, and to my dad, for being the realest and taking one for the team.
i’ve always wondered what my name would sound like if Daveed said it. AND NOW I FINALLY KNOW.
i’m asking my friend to make the “Jazzy, what’s up ??” part into my ringtone.
i’m still so shook.
i’m never coming off of this high.

anonymous asked:

can you write a lil bit, like head canons, or whatever form takes your fancy, on autistic kara?

eliza doesn’t know what she’s facing here, other than a small alien girl who clings to her cousins hand.

her cousin, who didn’t even stay to help her settle in.

he had called ahead, asked them to take her and as soon as the girl - kara, the only word she responds to - had taken a step toward them, toward the house, he had flown away.

eliza understands, in a way. but her understanding is only a very small part of her, and the rest is so angry on kara’s behalf. because kara never gets angry. she just stares around with wide, solemn eyes and accepts whatever happens next. sit here, stay there, move here, don’t do that…she just nods and follows the directions and eliza is afraid to push because this girl witnessed something that eliza cannot fathom. but something clark said had stuck and eliza can’t help but want to figure it out.

“it wasn’t supposed to be this hard,” he had said over the phone. he sounded exhausted, upset yes but so exhausted. “it wasn’t - she’s not like me. it wasn’t like this for me, i don’t know how to help her. i don’t know how to reach her, make her understand. please, will you help me?”

help, at some point, evolved into “take her” and then she’s sitting at the end of the bed they squeezed into alex’s room, hands folded on her lap, bag at her feet.

he hadn’t even come inside.

she flinches every time someone takes a step and when jeremiah pushes open the window, the hinges screech and kara is gone. she’s so fast that eliza stands dazed until she thinks to look for her and they find her on the opposite end of the house, pressed into the corner, hands balled over her ears.

“ah jeez,” jeremiah sighs, and eliza leans back into his warm side, stares across at her. “what are we going to do?”

“whatever we can.”

he nods after a moment, wraps an arm around her waist. “introductions first?”

kara has eased her hands down and she stares at eliza’s feet when she steps forward. when eliza crouches in front of her, she stares at her own feet.

“kara.” she rocks back on her feet. eliza quietens her voice as much as she can. “my name is eliza. do you understand?” she waits, and waits, and when the floorboards creak under her husbands feet, she shakes her head and he doesn’t say whatever he was going to say. they wait a little more and then, finally, kara meets her eyes.

“eliza. jeremiah.”

her voice is thin. a whisper, but if a whisper had less heft.

eliza counts the introductions as a victory, again when kara says “alex” without prompting when she walks into the room, and they celebrate with cookies because eliza doesn’t know any thirteen year olds who don’t like chocolate chip cookies.


“alex,” kara says when she steps into the room, and alex rolls her eyes.

“still haven’t broken that habit, mom,” she calls out, and eliza looks up from the dining table, pages strewn across it, and nods. “are we going to work on that or what? time to deprogram the bug.”

“while i am very pleased to see you’re learning something useful at school, kara is not a robot, alex, so be nice.”

“she’s kind of a robot. follows specific orders, organises stuff, talks weird.”

“if you can’t be helpful, alexandra, you can go to your room.”

alex falls silent. eliza returns to her work. jeremiah steps into the room and kara says “jeremiah”, and eliza looks up to meet her daughters rather insistent ‘i told you so’ eyes.


“i don’t know what to tell you, dear,” martha says. there’s a cow mooing in the background. eliza stares out at the beach and reminds herself, even when one daughter can crumble the beach rocks to sand with a too strong sneeze and the other has taken to moods and glowers, that things could be worse and she could live on a farm. with those plastic boots. and cows. “clark was never like that. oh that poor dear, i can’t imagine…”

“but his powers, he didn’t get them until he was older,”

“he was always strong and remarkably resilient. always good for a new mother,” martha chuckles. “but around, oh, ten? he lifted the tractor up for his pop and things haven’t been the same since.”

“do you think she’s having trouble because it’s so new?”

“it’s possible. she did lose her family too, dear,” martha reminds her. “trauma like that does funny things to a person. but clark took to it all so easily, ‘cept for a few broken windows and scares. all this with your kara…i’m sorry it’s so hard, what with dealing with her little quirks,”

“sorry, martha,” eliza cuts her off. “i have to go - alex is using kara to weed the garden, this can’t end well.”

it doesn’t end as badly as she feared, but one of the bigger trees has been uprooted too, alex is grounded, and kara…kara doesn’t look upset at the idea that she did something wrong. she looks terrified. and she disappears, slowly, into the basement and curls her hands around her ears and it’s a very long time before she even seems to hear eliza, let alone listen to her.

she thinks about martha’s words when her knees click and the basement floor turns freezing and promptly ignores them. it’s no harder raising kara than it is with alex, just different. and she doesn’t want to speak ill about the other woman, clark is a good man, but he’s also a man who abandons his little cousin at a strangers house.

eliza wraps her arm around kara’s shoulder when she is allowed to, and presses a kiss to her head.


“they called it uwe wegh,” kara says softly to eliza one afternoon. alex is at a summer school - it involves a lot of dissection and playing with chemicals and alex comes home smelling of sanitizer even to eliza’s nose. she hopes it’s not why alex does it, but kara keeps her distance from alex when she smells so strongly.

“what was that, dear? pass me the bread tin.”

kara’s hand hovers over the baking tin and, when eliza nods, she passes it over.

“uwe wegh.” she looks very serious and the words are clearly kryptonian so eliza lays her spoon down on the counter and turns to face her. kara sucks in a breath. “it means…to have a brain that,” she frowns down at the recipe book. slides her finger down the page, runs her thumb over the side so the paper ruffles. “is a different brain.” the worried wrinkle appears and she looks over at eliza. “thats not right. it was more…doctor sounding.”

“like a diagnosis?”

“it’s not a disease.”

“i didn’t say that, sweetheart,” eliza soothes. not that kara sounded angry, she never really does. just reserved. “did you, have that?” she asks, a little awkwardly.

kara nods. “they followed me around for two days and then told my father. they asked a lot of questions.”

“like what?”

she shrugs. “what i like to eat. and wear, and listen. what i like to do. my favourite toys to play with.”

“what did you tell them?”

she shrugs again. something she learned from alex. eliza doesn’t mind: she would stand out more if she didn’t shrug or roll her eyes. “i was little. i don’t remember.”

“okay.” eliza picks up her spoon. “thank you for telling me, sweetheart.”

kara nods.

when eliza scoops the batter into the tin, she gives kara the bowl and the spoon to lick.

“i thought you should know. because i’m not like clark. and it’s harder with my quirks,” she says, which means she definitely heard the things eliza didn’t want her hearing. “and it’s not,” she touches her ear and then her glasses nervously, doesn’t even try to say anything about her powers. “it’s just me. it’s my brain.”

“thank you for telling me,” eliza says again. “would you lay the table?”


they have to have a proper discussion about it but it had to wait for later because what kara told her finally clicked a few pieces into place and eliza does three days worth of research before she carries a large book to the dining room table and calls kara softly to join her.

she scoots their chairs close together, wraps an arm around her shoulder.

“autism, the autism spectrum,” she says, and kara leans forward to read. when she’s done, she’s stiff and quiet, and then she leans into eliza’s side and looks up at her when eliza brushes the hair out of her face. “i think this fits, sweetie. what do you think?”

kara shrugs.

“it doesn’t have to mean anything, but it can’t hurt to know a little more. and it’s given me some ideas about how we can work on making you more comfortable.”

“i’m fine, eliza,”

“alright.” she hands over the notes she made, and kara folds the pages three times and hides them in between her hands. “you read them for me, okay? and we can talk about it whenever you like. now it’s your turn to pick dinner,”

“noodles,” kara says immediately, unsurprisingly. it’s the same dinner she’d picked four times in a row and eliza nods. same foods. she’d read that somewhere.

“noodles it is.”

Lance was never one to get attention from his family. The good child, they always said. Didn’t cause trouble at school. Didn’t start fights, for the most part. He got decent enough grades. He worked his ass off for exams. He tried. It was one of the only reasons he got into the garrison. But it wasn’t like that amounted to much.

He was a cargo pilot. Second best. A replacement. Something that could be left behind if he needed to. Days weren’t so good anymore. He was miles, a lot of miles, away from his family, one of the only comforts he had. At least, as much of a comfort it could be.

When he was promoted to fighter class, he thought, maybe this is my chance. They saw how amazing I was. They noticed.

They didn’t. And it hurt. “The only reason you’re here is because the person before you had a discipline issue and flunked out!” He knew this. He truly did. He wasn’t special. He was a ‘what-not-to-do’ human example made for the public. He was a joke.

He tried his best to act like one. Took the attention off of Hunk and Pidge so they wouldn’t get hurt, wouldn’t get in trouble.

And then he stupidly got them sent to space. On a sentient lion. Away from Earth.

He would be okay if it was only him. But he brought people cared for: His Hero, His Crew, His Attempted Imitation. He got his family involved. He left them. No word. No letter. No nothing. He was gone.

Lance loved the people around him. But sometimes he wondered: Did they care for him too? He understood that he craved a lot of attention. He understood that he couldn’t always get what he needed. But, a little conversation sometimes would be nice. Someone to seek him out, even if it’s just for a little help.

In this castle ship, everyone has paired off. Keith and Shiro. Hunk and Pidge. Coran and Allura. He finds himself slip out of their attention, out of their view. And it hurts. Because it feels like they’re ignoring him. But he knows they wouldn’t do that. Would they?

One day, it hurts too much. As they’re all sitting at the table, Lance can feel his anxiety bubble up. Everyone is talking about a new battle plan that had too many holes in it, but Lance didn’t want to be the one to talk about it. He couldn’t be the one to point out all of the flaws that were all too obvious to him.

He choked up. His anxiety felt like it was at his throat. His eyes starting burning.

“-Ance. Lance!”

Lance bolted up, staring with wide eyes. He swallowed nervously, ignoring eye-contact. “Lance, are you alright?” Shiro inquired, concern lacing his voice.

“Yeah, perfectly fine. I just feel tired.”

“Are you sure? You don’t look so-”

“Shiro, I appreciate the concern, but no, I’m perfectly fine and absolute nothing is wrong.”

dating reggie mantle | would include


written by: rosie, gaby & kelly

anonymous said: can you do a dating reggie?! xx

- reggie always calling you pup

- he’d drive you to school everyday

- waiting outside your house leaning against his car

- “morning pup”

- forehead kisses

- lots of hand holding

- piggy backs are a must

- singing loudly in his car on the way to school

- being the ‘it’ couple -screw bughead-

- jealous reggie™

- being really close with archie being one of reggie good mates.

- “are you trying to move in on my girl andrews?”

- you’d naturally be a vixen

- reggie drooled whenever you wore your uniform

- something about that little skirt that drove him insane

- you go to all of his games

- being his number one fan

- you’d even go to practice

- he loved looking up to see you on the bleachers watching him practice

- your hair blowing messily in the wind

- he’d smirk as the other jocks ogled over the fact reggie had the hottest girl in the school in the stands.

- you loved it most when it was too hot and sweaty for him that he’d remove his shirt

- leaving you to ogle at that body

- when practice was over you’d skip down to meet him

- jumping onto his waist as you kiss each other

- wolf whistles

- “you get that mantle”

- he’d sneak into the gym to watch you practice

- as you and cheryl stayed late to perfect the routines

- he loves watching you dance in those tiny vixen shorts

- he hated having to share you with cheryl

- “hate to break to you blossom, times up she’s mine now” - “bite me mantle”

- you just giggle and wonder over as he places a kiss on your lips

- wearing your vixen uniform would just tease him without you doing anything

- “puuuuuuup.” - “reggie, i’m not doing anything.”

- running your hands through his hair would be his weakness

- “mmmm, pup. keep going.” - “gosh, you’re enjoying this a tad bit too much.”

- once you stop he would just whine until you put your hands back in his hair

- he would just love to put his hands on your bum

- you didn’t like it, you loved it

- he’d be that lowkey caring boyfriend

- “hey pup- what are you wearing?” - “clothes?” 

- “no, you’re not going out until you change.”

- he’d buy you a milkshake before going to your house

- he’d also would poke you up whenever you hung out, which is, everyday 

- reggie would make you feel like the queen you deserve to be

- you are his pride and joy

- you’d see him smiling more around you

- at random times, he’d just squish cheeks

- “uhhmm-” - “shhh.”

- you’d pout at him making you look cuter

- “oh my god, you’re so cute.” - “i have never seen you in this state, ever.”

-you’re the only person that could break down his ‘tough guy’ act


- hikes through the forrest surrounding sweet water

- going kayaking

- “reggie i swear to god if you tips us” - “pup it’s okay i’ve got this

- he definitely didn’t have it

- he’d let you wear his jersey

- goodluck kisses on the field

- he’d always get in trouble by coach because he always wanted to be with you

- ”MANTLE over here now before your benched for the season

- when it wasn’t football season it was basketball season

- you attempt to be some sort of competition so he had extra practice

- but he always went easy on you -most- of the time

- “this is too hard reg”

- guilt kisses

- being his lucky charm

- and his date to every party he’s invited too

- drunken dancing

- so much grinding

- getting completely wasted together

- hangover feeds at pops

- trying to help him study

- “c'mon reggie focus”

- neck kisses

- urges to cuddle

- “im trying pup, you’re distracting.”

- banter

- playing with his dog vadar

- reggie would walk the both of you through the park

- “look at me giving my two girls so much needed exercise”

- pretended to be insulted to get kisses and an ‘im sorry’

“who’s a good girl who’s- a good pup” - “i thought i was our favourite pup?”

- giggle and puppy dog faces

- “you are my favourite pup, i promise”

- piggy backs

- driving around with the windows down

- your legs draped over his lap

- soft driving music filling the background

- being alone in his house a lot

- with his parents always being away with business

- reggie liked to imagine that this was the future

- living in a big house with his two favourite girls

- no school

- no drama

- just the two of you

- blissfully in love.

Notes from Bob Morley’s panel today (sept 3rd) at fanexpo Canada

(all taken from my screaming conversation with @marauders-groupie so sorry about the bad typing)

- bellamy seems completely foreign to him now after the time jup so hes gonna have to relearn the character
- hes literally just talking abt how much he loves bellamy
- one char who wouldve really changed things if he was still around was Wells
- “the impact of Wells wouldve been amazing if he were still around” and he really wouldve changed the show in a huge way
- when asked about shipping he said he used to ship jasper and monty “but now…. *awkward shrug and adorable puppy grin*
- "any relationship my characters had, they end up dying”
- killimg 300 grounders in s3 might have been “a bit, and pardon the pun, overkill” and he was frustrated by how little the show showed in terms of bellamys thought process in s3 and he feels like he didnt really get to do his job (which is to show the audience bellamys thought process and development) but he still feels his actioms are in line with bellamys character
- hed like to play jaha “hes just so nuts”
- if he could take any element from another cw show itd be eating brains and gaining their personality from izombie
- the bellamy accent came from him being hungover on set one day and then that was it
- and he thinks the canadians had more trouble with getting the accents right because its so similiar than him and EJ
- its official the beard is part if the show YES
- the beard and shaving his head were actually Bobs idea but he didnt really think theyd go theough with it so when they were like yeah he walked around for days nervous af about shaving his head, he didnt find out about them changing their mind about the shaving until he showed up for hair and makeup
- marie is more like bellamy than he is but theyre definitely got a brother sister type relationship
- he loves starting to film again with the guys because it always feels like going back to school and they all hang out and go to the beach and have so much fun and somehow manage to forget how gruelling its going to be at the end of the season
- also at the signing booth he told me he really wanted to see more places so he wants to try to come to europe next year

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I as looking into yoongi's chart and I do think, because of his ascendent, that he is very tough about himself. Do you think, because of that aspect, that he would be a difficult person to get along with his s/o?

idk about his ascendant but i do see a lot of things in his chart that could spell trouble in his love life. he desperately wants to love and be in love but his moon and harsh venus aspects just don’t know how (this reinforces my belief that he must be protected at all costs)

for example, this is a letter he wrote as a 15 year to his ex girlfriend. when he expressed his regrets for not paying attention to her, it makes me think of his venus square uranus. this creates an on and off energy in the relationship. with too much space, he feels unloved, but when shown love, he feels smothered. he can be extremely affection one moment then a bit indifferent the next, which probably confused his ex and she didn’t know where they stood. also his virgo moon struggles with opening up in a relationship, which explains his shyness and struggle with showing her affection 

he has more aspects that show that he really does have a lot to offer in a relationship (maybe even a lil too much..) but i’ll discuss them in another post :)




“Wow, James, I didn’t know you were so scary you could send kids running!”




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How would Pakkun and the rest of Kakashi's ninken react to and deal with Kakashi suddenly having a s/o?

Ninkin Reacting to Kakashi’s S/O

Originally posted by kulfoncozciebiewyrosnie

• Pakkun would be like a gruff yet proud grandpa. He would say ‘it’s about time’, admonishing Kakashi for taking this long to find a relationship in a good-natured way. He’d also suss out the S/O, following their trails and making sure they’re the loyal partner Kakashi deserves (although I’m sure all the hounds would do this). With Kakashi vouching for them, it would not take Pakkun long to warm up to the S/O. Rest of the pack (Pakkun included) 

• They’d be sniffing Kakashi’s s/o all over, intent on sussing them out completely. If there’s even the tiniest chance this person might ‘join into the pack’ (aka marry Kakashi), they need to make sure they’re a good person. It would be like gathering enemy intelligence, but even more thorough. Wherever the s/o went, the dogs would follow their scent and see if they could sniff up anything potentially troubling.

• We’ve seen that Kakashi’s hounds aren’t exactly the friendliest bunch at first glance. They might making stinging comments on the s/o’s appearance, scent, etc, but that’s only because they’re a giant pack of sass and fur. They’d remain cautious though, because they don’t want to push Kakashi’s patience too far. Kakashi gets that the nin-hounds have attitude, but he wouldn’t stand for his s/o being insulted or hurt, and the nin-hounds know that. It would be a delicate of backhanded uncomfortable-family comments (think Thanksgiving) mixed in with blatant interrogation (“you’re not allergic to dogs, are you?” “You’d never cheat on Kakashi, right?”). 

• Once reassured that Kakashi’s s/o was a good person and a good match for him, the nin-hounds would accept them congenially. They’d be friendlier and open to conversation, maybe tagging along with Kakashi and his s/o for the occasional walk. Some might even let the s/o scratch behind their ears, which is considered a big honour, since nin-dogs are more intelligent than regular dogs and therefore touch is a bigger deal to them. To let themselves be that vulnerable around the s/o is a massive step. 

• If the s/o thanked them for making sure Kakashi was always safe, they would win BIG brownie points with the pack. If the s/o acknowledged their respect for the pack and didn’t treat them like ‘cute lil’ puppies’, the pack would quickly build up respect for the s/o in return. Mutual respect is probably the greatest bond the s/o could build with the pack, and it’s no small feat to achieve. However, the pack would take Kakashi’s regards into account, which would lead them to think more highly of the s/o in a shorter period of time.


As someone who specializes in jackass characters (i.e. evil, bad, morally corrupt, etc.) I’ve been meaning to make this guide for all my fellow roleplayers trying their hand at harvesting their evil seedlings. I hope you enjoy my guide and it helps you. If it doesn’t, though, at least you laughed due to my hilarious commentary.

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Everything Has Changed - Part Two | Jughead Jones

Originally posted by purple-pizzaprincess

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After finally coming face to face with Jughead after six years you don’t get the reception you’d exactly wanted.

Warnings: #angstyjughead

Word Count: 2162

A/N: I am sorry this is so long, omg. I tried to cut it down but I don’t want to rush straight into everything because I know personally I like seeing things progress and stuff, y’know. BUT ANYWAY. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think <3


It felt like time had come to a stand still as you stared across from each other. Six years. That’s how long it had been since you’d laid eyes on each other. By sheer coincidence you’d sat yourself down next to the person you’d been looking forward to seeing for all those years. He was so different yet the more you looked at him, the more you saw that he was still Jughead. He was still that boy that had made your childhood years the best they possibly could be. All you wanted to do was speak and say something but nothing came to mind. What were you even supposed to say to someone you hadn’t seen in six years? A simple hello definitely wouldn’t suffice. Thankfully for you Jughead was the first to speak up, his voice so quiet you barely caught it.

“You still have it,” he stated, his eyes locked back onto your necklace. Out of habit, your hand went to grip the little crown as you moved your gaze to glance at it too then back up to Jughead.

“Yeah. I… haven’t taken it since the day you gave me it.” Admitting that might have sounded really lame to some people but it meant the world to you. It was the one thing you had left to remind you of him and your past life in Riverdale.

For a moment you were sure you saw the hints of a smile forming on his face. He looked away from the necklace back up to you. “I never thought I’d see you again.”

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Headcanons for Dally and Mrs. Curtis’ Relationship

A/N: Some of these are so sad but I hope you guys enjoy them

Word Count: 373

Headcanon Count: 26

Warnings: Death mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x Mrs. Curtis 

- You better believe she adored that boy
- Dally loved her almost as much as he loved his own mother
- Mrs. Curtis fixed his jeans when they ripped at the knee
- She made him soup when he was sick and made him lay down and rest
- “Alcohol and tobacco will not get rid of your cold!”
- “You ain’t my old lady. I’ll do what I want, got it? You can’t boss me around.”
- Dally might have said that, but he didn’t mean it
- Mrs. Curtis knew he didn’t mean it because while he didn’t apologize, he hugged her
- Mrs. Curtis made Dally celebrate his birthday every year with cake, the gang, and a couple of presents
- It’s the first birthday he’s had since he was in New York
- Even then all he got was a hooker and a lost virginity
- Mrs. Curtis bailed Dallas out of jail one time even though Mr. Curtis told her he needed to “learn his lesson”
- Mrs. Curtis could always make Dally smile
- Mrs. Curtis was the only one allowed to ruffle Dally’s hair
- When a hood yelled something particularly obscene at Mrs. Curtis, Dally beat them worse than he had ever beaten almost anyone
- The first time Dallas caught Sylvia cheating on him, Mrs. Curtis was there to comfort him
- Mrs. Curtis was the one person allowed to visit Dally when he was in the cooler because she always put him into a good mood and convinces him to cooperate
- Overtime, Mrs. Curtis convinces Dally to get into less trouble
- The whole gang is miserable when Mr. and Mrs. Curtis die
- Dallas is both sad and infuriated
- That night, he gets so drunk that he almost dies from alcohol poisoning
- Dally doesn’t go to the funeral
- Afterward, however, he goes to their graves when it’s dark out and sobs
- Dallas stays in the Windrixville church for a month after the Curtis parents death, causing the gang to be worried sick on top of grieving
- When he finally does come back, the gang all hugs him
- Bitter, furious, hurt Dally Winston hugs back and decides to stay because he knows that’s what Mrs. Curtis would have wanted