because that 'no' didn't sound very convincing

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my SO recently told me that he was frustrated that we haven't had sex yet. i've never been a touchy-felt person, and he said that sex is a really important part of our relationship because we'd get to connect physically. he didn't want to sound shallow, but he really wants to be sexual bc it's important to him. i don't know what to do. asexuality is new to me and i feel like the only solution to "fix" things is for me to just power through it and put out. i feel very broken. any advice?

Do not “power through” sexual situations because you feel like you have too. Like if there was one consent rule I could teach everyone is these sort of thoughts show you don’t want to consent in the first place. And you don’t need to be convinced otherwise. 

What I would suggest if this SO is someone you’d like to keep is figure out your own feelings towards sex and sexual situations. If you don’t know, tell them that you need time to consider it. If you do know, tell them how you feel about it. If they try to convince you otherwise they aren’t listening or respecting you. 

If you feel like honestly trying because you too want to feel closer or don’t mind then go for it. But if you don’t want to, because you don’t want to, it’s not owed to a partner. It’s not owed because they are sexual or it has a meaning to them that it doesn’t to you. -T

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I really don't think will would be ok eating bedelia and I don't think hannibal would force him to either? I mean she said hannibal didn't want her to die at the hands of anyone but him and he'd only kill her if he could eat her so to me that sounds like killing and eating bedelia would be a very personal thing to hannibal and something he'd do alone?

Will’s current position is an odd one to discuss. Because, we haven’t seen him do this stuff, it’s hard to be convinced he could do it. So I understand the dilemma here.

Remember, Will has willingly eaten people before. He isn’t alien to that concept. You can say that in season 2 that was to make his cover convincing but really Will didn’t have an enormous moral dilemma about it.

Where I’m sitting, I think, hell fucking yeah would Will eat Bedelia, in a heart beat. Fuck yeah he’d enjoy it. He enjoyed threatening Bedelia about Hannibal’s release didn’t he? 

But I agree Hannibal wouldn’t force him, everything Hannibal has done has been about a gentle persuasion, an appeal to Will, not shoving people down his throat (not-inclusive Abigails ear, of course.)

If Will genuinely considers what happened at the end of 3x13 beautiful, if you believe that sentiment, everything else follows, either in dribs and drabs, maybe with some issues on Will’s part, but it will follow.

The point is is that Will is empathizing with Hannibal, a man who is the only person on the planet who speaks his language, who understands him and who accepts him.

They fell, that fall is ‘inevitability’ for me. Will was pushed and pushed until he simply had no choice but to let himself topple over, and unless he has wings they’re going all the way down. That is why the fact they fell is vital, why it had to be that way.

Hannibal is in no position to not count Will as highly personal. Sharing it with Will, in my opinion anyway, makes it infinitely more intimate for Hannibal.

Will can still be present and eat her and Hannibal be the one to kill her. They aren’t mutually exclusive for me either.

Just, yeah, I’m so stuck on Bedelia being the perfect way of birthing Will into his new life, just everything about how he and Bedelia interacted in the second half of the season makes that plain as far as I’m concerned. 

But as I said at the start, totally get why there is a confliction and people are resisting it, this is all shit we haven’t seen.