because ted kord is the best


“Ted Kord had no powers, kid. He was always "overpowered.” But he always won. I saw him mop the floor with guys who ate stars. Because he was smarter. He was smarter than Bats, although nobody ever noticed.”
- Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle (2006) #14

One of the things i love so much about superhero comics is the contrast between how people perceive all the heroes and how they really are. I mean, pre-flashpoint, Jaime practically worshipped Ted Kord. All the other heroes kept telling him he died valiantly, and that he was one of the most brilliant and bravest men on earth despite not having powers and Jaime was doing his best to live up to the legacy. However, Jaime never met Ted and as Booster Gold once pointed out, the other heroes weren’t very objective and honest on the matter. In fact, most of them thought he was joke and were just feeling guilty about his death. So Jaime imagined Ted as this guy who always had the perfect solution when, let’s face it, he was partially responsible for 30% of the shit the JLI went through.

And then, in Rebirth, Jaime sounds like he just really wants to give Ted - who he admired so much in another lifetime - a punch in the face.

Anywho, idk why but i find this kinda hilarious. And cute. Ted is just one of these characters whose death almost had more impact on the DCU than his life and whose reputation has always been very exaggerated either negatively or positively. It’s nice to have Jaime meet the actual guy instead of building a mental shrine in his memory. Talk about fantasies smashed to pieces xD

(From Blue Beetle (2006) #35, 36, Justigue League: Generation Lost #3, 19, 24 and Blue Beetle: Rebirth)


“I think of a dozen different things to say. Ted would be funny. Even now, he’d be funny. I try because I want Ted to smile as I crash Max’s chess game. I want to hear him laugh. I missed that laugh. Everyone knows it. I think hard, but all I can manage to say – His name. My best friend’s name.