because supernatural does not deserve them at all ever

Seriously though. What exactly is going to end up being the justification to rid the world of all the angels? How exactly is the show going to sell that they should be locked away forever? Like what exactly have they done to deserve that?

Like the apocalypse, you say? You mean the event that the angels as a whole were manipulated into doing by their highers up? Just like how Sam and Dean were? You mean the event that–had they known what was really going on the whole time–they never would’ve gone along with? That they would’ve rebelled for and fought against? You mean the event that quite a few angels in Season 6 were trying to prevent? That the humans on the show didn’t give a flying fuck about because, hey, the battleground wasn’t on Earth and the suffering and causalities weren’t happening to humans but to angels so it doesn’t concern them? You mean that apocalypse?

Or no, wait. Is it supposed to be justifiable because the angels have wronged the Winchester family? Is that it? (Even though all the angels who were ultimately responsible for any wrongdoings against said family have either already been killed or are already locked away, and have been for awhile now.) Like is that really supposed to be it? That’s supposed to be the reason? An entire species must suffer and be banished and trapped and locked away forever just so that Sam'n'Dean can get their revenge? (That they’ve already gotten?)

Or is it just supposed to be that the angels aren’t human and anything that isn’t human is inherently bad and wrong and evil and must be killed?

Like seriously? What is it? What is the reason?

Hint: There is no justifiable reason because this bullshit isn’t justifiable. If (WHEN) the Winchesters lock all the angels away, it will most likely be for reasons of vengeance and because the angels are non-human and thus, as the show keeps on insisting, “evil”–despite multiple instances to the contrary.

ugh, but i’m just thinking about the angels right now though and how the show’ll likely end up killing them all off or at least banishing and trapping them all in heaven and just


seriously. why would you even do that though? what have they done to deserve that? the only thing is the apocalypse and the vast majority of them only went along with that because they thought they were doing god’s will. like they thought that they were literally getting orders from god and that he wanted it to happen. seriously. i mean, ffs, let’s just quote zachariah here:

“Our grunts on the ground – we couldn’t just tell them the whole truth. We’d have a full-scale rebellion on our hands.”

like seriously! the angels haven’t been “evil” since season 4/5.

like what were they doing season 6? oh right. fighting for their own freedom and to stop the apocalypse and to save the fucking planet earth and humanity.

season 7? still weren’t evil! they were only trying to do their duty by protecting the prophet and the tablet and the word of god etc etc. like they were still actually trying to protect humanity in the end. oop. (and no, they weren’t particularly “nice” about it but since when are any of the humans–and by that, i do mean sam and dean–particularly nice about anything?)

season 8? still doing their duty from what we’ve seen and trying to protect humanity (both on earth and in heaven) and still not being evil.

just seriously. if samndean end up banishing the angels, it will be for the sake of vengeance and THAT’S IT. there is fucking absolutely NO REASON to banish them or trap them or kill them all off.

ugh, literally my feelings right now:

Ugh, but I’m srsly so pissed at what they’re doing with Naomi too though because it’s like. Oh wow, look she’s a Complete Monster, so, y'know, I hope you forget her actual cause and how what she’s fighting for and what she’s trying to protect is the entirety of Heaven and all the rest of the angels as whole from people who would control them and their home and trap them all there or kill them all without a thought. And so, y'know, when the Winchesters do inevitably wind up with the tablet in their hands and use it to do just that, you won’t bat an eyelash or question it at all.

lol no readmore because i just srsly can’t right now.

like if the angels had known what was really going on in s4 and s5 (and, really, since before even that when the whole apocalypse plan came into being and first started being executed), they never would’ve gone along with it. in s6 (barring raphael and his followers), the angels were not only fighting for their own freedom but to stop the fucking apocalypse from happening again and they were actually *le gasp* trying to save earth and humanity. s7 and they were just trying to protect the tablet and the word of god and the prophet, and by doing so they were really protecting humanity again. s8 and they’re still trying to protect humanity by trying to protect the word of god etc and it’s also stated that they protect the souls in heaven too.


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Can we also talk about how, at the same time, the show will act like it is perfectly okay for the Winchesters to hunt down Cas for the tablet, even though their motivation is to lock away, or maybe even destroy, and entire race.

Not only that but srsly, it’s like:

Friendly reminder that the vast majority of angels did not actually want the apocalypse to happen even all the way back in Season 4 and that they were actually trying to prevent it from happening but the archangels and those who reported directly to them–y'know, the guys who actually did want it to happen–sabotaged their efforts to protect the seals to ensure it would and deliberately kept information from them because they knew if the angels had it, they never would’ve gone along with the plan in the first place and would’ve rebelled and that they were all basically manipulated into causing it (whoops like Sam'n'Dean were) and that the only angels currently alive (as they should’ve been fighting on Cas’s side as Cas should’ve killed all of Raphael’s followers in 7.01) were ones who fought in a civil war, fought against their own brothers and sisters to stop the apocalypse from happening (something that would really only end up hurting humanity) and that they “guard the souls in Heaven, they don’t horse-trade them” and that Sam'n'Dean will most likely end up trying to close the Gates to Heaven and that they’ll probably succeed, thus locking all the angels away forever, with their primary motivations for doing so being that the angels are “evil” and because “revenge!” and just to note with that last one specifically despite the fact that all the angels who were ultimately responsible for all the wrongs in their lives are either dead or in a place where they can’t hurt anyone else* (◕‿◕✿)

* except for, y'know, Adam–whom the Winchesters haven’t mentioned in… 3 and a half years in-universe, if the show paid attention to that kind of stuff anymore (they don’t btw), which translates to 420 years give or take in standard Hell time. (Which is not counting the year and a half before that which translates to 180 years for a grand total of 600 years SHT of being tortured by archangels while his brothers do jackshit to help him.)