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I love your writing and would like to humbly request some insecure Michael because more of that is always good

They don’t play favourites.

They don’t play favourites but none of them can quite make Ryan laugh like Gavin can. There’s something about the dynamic the two of them have - Ryan’s deeper logic, intellectualism balanced against the things Gavin pulls from the depths of his weird, nonsensical mind - the banter it draws from the two of them is unparalleled and the audience laps it up eagerly.

It seems like nowadays every other second in the Let’s Plays Gavin is asking Ryan something - questions about his past or stupid hypotheticals - and they play it up, sure. They play up the flirting as well, all of them do, Gavin especially - but it’s not just in videos.

At home over dinner it’s Gavin who makes Ryan laugh and nearly choke to death on a mouthful of pizza. It’s Gavin who Ryan gives these funny, fond little glances to - half-smiles that are terribly amused.

Ryan doesn’t look at Michael like that.

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