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The White Prince & the Maiden of Prayers

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You’re not a couple that gets focus until the Cone has seen both people involved together and judged the ship. (Except his own, which he’s admitted he can’t accurately judge. I’m sure Yumi and Shuukichi will get judgement eventually.)



衣更 真緒 ☆ 明星 スバル

Diabolik lovers Chaos Lineage: [CD drama - Violet Family -Vol.2] ~translation|traducción~

[Scarlet Family] [Violet Family] [Orange Family][Next]

Hermanos del mayor al menor: 1.Carla - 2.Azusa - 2.Kou - 4.Laito - 5. Subaru.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes.
Muchas gracias a @dialoversthai por haber hecho esta traducción posible!! y a @diabolik-secret​ y @infernal-iris​​ por ayudarme con la traducción~!

*The church bells are ringing*

Kou: Ah! You woke up!
Raito: Good morning~  I’m glad. You didn’t wake up so I was starting to worry, you know~?
Azusa: How you… feel? Does something hurt you?

*She asks them where she is*

Carla: This place is the mansion where we live.
Subaru: And we… we are vampires.
Kou: Ahh, wait! Listen to us
Raito: Geez Subaru-kun~ Obviously if you say it that way this girl will going to get scare. After all the Scarlet brothers did very cruel things to her
Subaru: Ch! Shut up, I just told the truth.
Azusa: Poor Eve. But don’t worry, we are different from the vampires of that family…
Carla: We have no intention of hurting you.After all the reason that we kidnap you from the Scarlet Family and we took the trouble to bring you here was to protect you.
Kou: So, so! It’s just as Carla-kun says! Do you know, we want to get along with you!
Azusa: Sorry for to have kidnapped you so suddenly. But… I was in a hurry to save you, Eve.

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Subaru: What should I be for Halloween?

Kou: My best friend.

Subaru: Yeah, that’s pretty scary.



There were so many options for why Subaru could be sleeping in the bottom of a water reservoir. Avoiding Seishirou, magic rituals, vampire reasons, A Really Good Nap, but NOPE THE FEATHER JUST


Feathers are Pokeballs for Vampires: It’s True. 

I feel like that’s a really generous way to describe the situation, Subaru. 

If trapped forever in a bubble against your will doesn’t count as “harm” then I would very much like to find out what it does count as.



Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, been busy with school :(

1- Assuming you are in the same situation as Yui and are around them on a day to day basis, I’d say it would take about five to six months for them to form a crush or an attachment towards you, albeit twisted. As they all struggle with the understanding of love and find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships with others, they will act on their crush in a destructive and violent manner. Their pride, sadistic natures, as well as the need to maintain the ‘predator’ status also make it difficult for them to treat their crush in a healthy way. Despite the attraction it will take many more months, if not years of constant compassion and support for them to have a healthy, and positive relationship with each other.

2- Honestly, I think it would take a few years for them to go from crushing to loving. Similar to Yui, their crush will need to act as a constant source of support and attention towards the boys. These boys are lonely, and love starved. While the support definitely helps, it takes a lot more than kind words to reverse years (centuries, maybe) of neglect and abuse.


What if instead of losing eyes CLAMP characters just got really stupid-looking monocles?

Oh, and since the universe craves balance also this:

Found by the trash on Viktor’s way back to his hotel, Yuuri is a deceptively simple-looking Persocom. Upon being turned on, Yuuri’s programmed personality is a lot different than expected. Eager to please but incredibly clumsy and awkward, Yuuri’s the polar opposite of the typical Persocom. But he immediately takes to Makkachin and vice versa, and there’s just something about the Persocom itself that has endeared itself to Viktor, so he decides to keep it as a new dog-sitter for Makkachin. 

But over time Yuuri’s personality actually seems to evolve, becoming shy yet passionate, strangely stubborn, and most curious of all is the growing hesitancy and secretiveness. It’s intriguing, if not also unnerving, for Persocom’s aren’t meant to change, not unless programmed to. It isn’t long before Viktor begins to seriously wonder just why exactly Yuuri had been left on the side of the road to begin with, and who his original owner is…

Just what secrets are locked away inside of Yuuri? And what do they have to do with Viktor?

Edit: fixed the “ears,” the colours were switched :’ )

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden Subaru Sakamaki (heaven 3) ~traslation-traducción~

This translation was made by @0takudl~

Heaven 1, heaven 2, heaven 3.

Place: Yui’s room.

Yui: (…Oh?)
Yui: Subaru-kun, wait a bit.
Subaru: Ah? What’s up?
Yui: Your T-shirt sleeve is unstitched.. Just now I’m going to sew it!
Subaru: You don’t have to fix it. It’s okay this way.
Yui: It’s not okay. Subaru-kun, you always leave the clothe like that, don’t you?
Subaru: Ch… Is a nuisance to do it.
Yui: (Seems that he isn’t going to sew the t-shirt… )
Yui: I’m going to look for the sewing kit. Wait a moment.

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We asked CLAMP! The "time" that [insert name] likes? [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

Kamui [page 71]

When he’s with Subaru.

In everything, Subaru [is] dearest [to him]. To Kamui, something like a world where Subaru isn’t beside him is unbelievable.

Subaru [page 73]

When he’s in a quiet space.

It’s possible that the water pulled Subaru in because its wavelength matched up with him, who favors silence.

Fuuma [page 75]

When he’s found something rare.

Collecting valuable goods all over the worlds is his job, but he frequently looks for things as a hobby, too.

Himegami [page 91]

When she’s eating noodles.

The moment when she’s eating her beloved noodles is the time of her greatest bliss. Her usual, dignified expression [becomes] slack, too.

[The following ones have only short answers.]

[page 94]

Touya: When he’s taking an afternoon nap on a day with good weather.
Yukito: When he’s eating something delicious.

[page 95]

Tomoyo-hime: When she’s hit upon an enjoyable idea.

[page 101]

Seishirou: When he’s seen just when specific people are in trouble.

[This wraps up the “We asked CLAMP!” section from Caractere Chronicle. Story Chronicle also has this section, about arcs, which I’ll translate eventually, too.]