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How to Write a University-level Essay

Heyo, so school is fast approaching, and seeing as Tumblr is made up of a lot of younger users who will soon be shipping off to college or university soon, I thought I would take it upon myself to help spread my knowledge of essay-writing. Essay-writing is my thing. I love it. I live for it. It’s how I make up for my shitty test marks, and still get by with an 85 average+ in University classes. I’m a historian by trade, so perhaps this information will seem a bit off from what you’re used to, but hopefully, It’ll help you out. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an ask.

1. Consider your question and find your thesis.

      I know, I know. People always say, no! Never start with your thesis/intro paragraph! Go to the body!! Well i’m here to say forget everything you’ve been told. Forget that, forget the stupid hamburger shit they teach you, forget it all and start reading. 

I ALWAYS start with my thesis. Why? Because you cannot make good paragraphs without knowing what you’re researching. You need direction, and a thesis is your map.

So, the question we’ll use shall be: What is one way in which the Union won the American Civil War?

Now remember, your thesis is your map. It shows you where to go, what to look for. The thesis is the heart and soul of all your work. You want a good, solid thesis. What does that include, you ask?

  • An idea
  • A reason for said idea
  • Evidence to support said reason, and thus validate the        idea.

So, lets do an example. Let’s say I’m writing on the use of media during the American Civil War. I like photography, and wrote a paper on this in my second year, but im gonna be doing this example freehand(idk where I put that essay lol) so lets work with how I got an A+ on that paper. This will be my idea:

                “Photography during the American Civil War influenced the war’s outcome in the Norths favour.”

This is VERY vague. This is an example of a thesis in bloom! Let’s take it further. Look at the above. What questions would you have from this thesis?

  • -Who was taking photos at that time?
  • -Why did it influence the outcome?
  • -How did it influence the outcome?
  • -Who consumed photography as a media at that time?

This is where you STOP, and start the next step.

2. Research

                Start your basic research with your idea, and the above questions in mind. Look at libraries, ask your professor or TA or librarian, or just do some basic google searches to get to know the subject(but for the love of god if you include a google link in your citation I will personally hunt you down and castrate you.)

I like to start with the basics of any inquiry: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW. Who was taking photos? Where were they displayed that caused influence? ect…These, in relation to your beginner thesis, will help guide you in what form your thesis will take.

Once you’ve finished that, and have a general feel for the time period, go back to your thesis.

3. THESIS 2.0

Go back to your original question: What is one way in which the Union won the American Civil War? Now look at your thesis again. It’s too vague, isn’t it?

As you can see, our original thesis was too vague to be a real thesis. So, we NARROW IT DOWN using our WWWWWH progress we focused on during early research!

                “Photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and awareness to the cause.”

Great! But once again, too vague! Questions that may arise include:

  • Who was taking the photos
  • Evidence for donations?
  • Evidence for social awareness?

So, we NARROW IT DOWN again. I’m going to use Andrew Gardner’s photography during the Civil war, as he was one of the most famous and influential at the time.

                “Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and enlistment in the Union through awareness to the cause…”

The above then gives us the following(why and how are sometimes grouped together):

  • Who: Andrew Gardner
  • What: Photography helped the north win the war.
  • Where: Union-aka northern states
  • When: American Civil War
  • Why/How: Because Andrew Gardner’s photography raised social awareness through this new and budding medium

Use this sort of outline to guide you in the next step!

4. Now that we have a thesis, you need to do some more research and evidence gathering.

The way I like to do this is to go check out a few books from the library(look for text books in particular), and leaf through the index for matching terms. Our matching terms would be:

                Photography, civil war, Andrew Gardner, media

From there, you read over the pages, and see if any of the info relates to your subjects. Copy down quotes, page numbers, book title, author, publishing date and publisher. You need these for your bibliography. Pick and choose relevant information. The filter for relevant information relies entirely on your thesis, because it decides what you need to be looking for—this is why I hate when people tell me to start writing paragraphs before I write a thesis! It’s simply impossible and counter productive, and will cost you hours in revision.

So, gather your information from the library, and cross-reference with peer-reviewed articles and data. For our thesis, we would need data on enlistment numbers in an area after a date of Andrew Gardner’s photography exhibit showcases. No matter what type of essay you’re writing, you can always back up your evidence with data, and it won’t hurt one bit. Don’t be afraid of the numbers, kids!

So, if we were to go back to our thesis, we could now expand on it like this:

             “Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil war influenced the war’s outcome by providing a visual for ordinary citizens about the horrors of war, and thus helping to increase donations and enlistment in the Union through awareness to the cause. An increase in  donations and enlistment in relation to exposure to Gardners work is seen in data/evidence point A, as well as in data/evidence point B, which will be fully outlined in the points below.”

This gives you an example of how to lead from a thesis, to your opening paragraph.

5. Data and Evidence Justifications–Paragraph making

This is the section where you can branch your essay into your data and evidence points you gathered in steps 2 and 4. You can have as many paragraphs as you like, just make sure your evidence and data is strong and supported. I personally like to work with my thesis copied and pasted onto the top of every page I write on. This keeps you on track, with your clear goal in mind, and will help you from straying. I will give you an example of how a paragraph might sound.

                Andrew Gardner’s photography during the American Civil War became heavily influential upon the American population at the time, particularly the north, wherein which his work was showcased. The influence of Gardner’s photographic works is seen in the _____, which shows us that without the influence of Gardner’s media influence, war efforts and awareness may not have been as successful as they had been.

This is an alright opener for you to work with. The ___ is where you could put in your data point or evidence piece. The point of the paragraph is to show your support for your thesis by confirming it with evidence.

Your paragraphs should take this form:

  • Present, Confirm, Conclude, Lead.

You present your evidence, confirm its relation to the thesis and confirm the validity of the thesis, conclude by brief revision of evidence, and then lead into your next paragraph. 

6. Conclusion

        Your conclusionary paragraph should be a look-over of the above paragraphs. Restate your thesis, present a summarized version of your paragraphs(one or two sentences only), and perhaps take the time to look at your own views on the subject. An example might look like this:

        “Taking a moment to step away from the above mentioned evidence, I believe it to be scholarly acceptable and even necessary to state my own views on the subject presented. In drawing conclusions, I felt that the above information was correct in that it presented a reality of the time period, in which photography was becoming a medium to be embraced by popular society. People were not only astounded by Gardner’s photographs on a social level, but also a technical level. The astonishment people held at seeing the war-torn battle fields spurred them into action, and even today can still present feelings of dread, fear and loss when looking at his photos…blah blah blah”

Why is it scholarly acceptable and perhaps necessary to state your views? Oftentimes, it is to reassure the reader of your own personal bias’, which exist whether you like them or not, to the subject at hand. Having a small tidbit on your own thoughts about your research ect, breaking away from the third-person droning of an essay can be refreshing and welcoming for a prof at the end of his stack of essay reading. 

7. In summary

  • Thesis
  • Data and Evidence
  • Present, Confirm, Conclude, Lead
  • Self opinions/Conclude

All in all, do unique things. Professors love it when they come across something that’s not cookie cutter! Even if they present you with a list of essay topics, take the leap and ask them if you can do your own research topic!! Take risks with your essay writing, talk to your professors about what you want to do, and try to have fun with your research. I’ve written on everything from civil war photography to Disney princesses in american media, to the religious formation of idea of heaven and earth. Remember, so long as there’s credible, documented evidence, it’s possible to write about it.

Lefou’s gay.

Today Disney announced that Lefou will be an explicitly gay character, the first for Disney fairy tale films and films aimed at the all ages group from the company. A lot of people feel strongly about this on both sides, conservative extremists feel this is the utmost betrayal from Disney and think the film needs a new content rating. I think that is ridiculous for a number of reasons mostly that a gay man existing in a world where a girl falls in love with a beast is somehow the controversial topic. But on the other end of the discourse rainbow many feel that this is an insult to lgbt people and that Disney has insulted and made a grave mistake by having Lefou be canoically gay. I also think that’s a bit much. So here are some of my bullet points/thoughts on why I truly believe this is a good step for Disney and the LGBT community if you would so indulge me.

  • I understand many concerns revolving this piece of news, Lefou in this version is now a gay man who pines for his straight macho best friend/pack leader. Some are condemning that idea which I find a bit silly. I understand that a stereotype thrown upon our community is that we are unable to have straight friends because we will “always fall for them”. Which we all know is bullshit, that being said sometimes it also fucking happens but it’s no more different than the friendzone guy who is in love with his childhood best friend. Point is it’s an actual thing queer people do deal with so to prohibit as a storytelling device is just stupid and weird. A good lesson for lgbt people and anyone honestly is sometimes the people you will like, or even love will not reciprocate those feelings.
  • Not all lgbt people need to be portrayed as saintly or even good people to count as representation. For example one of my favorite things about the new Series of Unfortunate events show on netflix was that there was a gay couple in it. My favorite thing not being that they were gay, but that they were gay and just as bad as the rest of the adults in the show. Because I believe it’s important to show LGBT people as humans rather than amazing people with little flaws and great outcomes even though I understand the need for that. So Lefou can be in a bad relationship, he can be allowed to make poor decisions because he is blinded by love from someone who will never love him back, he is even allowed to be a bad person because him being gay shouldn’t excuse him from any of that. Because character flaws make for a interesting character shocking I know and can even be the payoff for character growth. Which leads me to my next point. 
  • This is a character arch Bill condon has even said it. Meaning Lefou will go through some sort of change or lesson in this film. Just because he starts following this awful person in the beginning of the film does not mean that’s where he story will end. Because again this is not the animated feature, we don’t know the exact context of their relationship nor do we have an idea of what will happen to Lefou through the course of the film. But for a movie about acceptance of those who are different and learning to love I have a hard time believing it’s going to end poorly for the now gay Lefou. Just remember Bill has said where they end with Lefou is something rather beautiful, and I personally cannot wait to see what that is.
  • Any bit of screen time in which a gay person is a person and given an actual story arc is something that I view as important. This is a company that for many years had to code in order to get away with anything. We are living in a day and age where they can openly say that a character is gay. Which I think is something huge and something I want to encourage from the company, so that we can get more of these kind of ideas. I am not saying you have to be inherently okay or accepting of this, but I am asking that you give the film a chance and watch it before having your final thoughts be a reblog slamming this from all angles. Because while you may disagree maybe some kid out there is going to watch what happens with lefou and feel better about themselves leaving that theater.

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Hey. I am sorry to bother you, because this is a bit stupid, but may I ask for your advice? The thing is that I had horrible art block and now i have no idea what to do, because when i try to draw my drawings look very bad and when I see them I just want to give up and it gives me a bit of anxiety. Though I continue to draw I don't really seem to improve. Is there anything I can do to end this? (I am self tough in drawing, so maybe going to art school will help?). Thank you anyway.

Art school can, so can different tutorials on the internet! There’s so much helpful stuff you can learn over them! For example, if you’re bad at drawing hands, you can find a tutorial that shows how to draw them in an easier way and a simplified form!

And it’s not stupid at all. We all know how horrible art blocks can be. Usually, when I’m art blocked, I WANT to draw, but I can’t, I get all frustrated because I want to draw things fast and great, but it doesn’t happen like this. SO, I guess my first advice is to not rush it when you try drawing while you’re artblocked. Take it slow, you don’t draw for stats. You don’t have to always feel that urge to draw.

Ideas wise, sometimes it’s good to start with random shapes or even faces, sometimes the idea comes in a process and you’re like BOOM omygod I can draw again.

As for not getting better… I think you do. Everyone does, some people faster, some slower, but none the less. You might not see it yet because you still see many mistakes, which is good! Doesn’t feel like it, but it’s good because your eye can see more mistakes than your current skill can fix, for now. I think it’s worse when you draw and don’t see these mistakes. Seeing them means you crave to fix them, to get better, to keep on. While not seeing you just. draw. thinking hey, it’s great! I don’t have to do anything else.

This craving to get better and frustration with your current level of skill is completely normal and can take you WAYS. I can say from experience, I remember how frustrated I have always been, because I couldn’t do that, and this, and I just wanted to be as great as those artists I admired and I wanted to reach them. I think my obsession took me a long way.

So take your frustration and let it drive you forward! It’s okay if you’re over artblock now, it’s not going to take forever. You’ll overcome it as you overcame many of other artblocks that seemed so horrible at that time. It’s a cycle, having an artblock usually means your mind is filtering new information, lets your body adapt to something new you’ve learn. Once it’s over, you’ll get even better! 

Don’t stop, but don’t beat yourself up if you have to take a pause. It’s normal to take your time to re-charge! 

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Hey this is regarding ur one post about writers bein told what to write if what they write is not their story to tell and i just want to say that i disagree with that. Im not a boy trying to survive an apocalypse but there is no law that says only those kinds of people can write that story. Currently im writing a sci fi about a trans boy and theres a scene where he explains dysphoria to another character. Most trans ppl have told me to go ahead. The point is anyone can write anything.

I suppose I’ve wanted to make a post compiling all of how I feel about that post for a while, and what better time to do it than now, when I need to be studying for finals I have tomorrow. So this will be that post. 

Yeah I don’t disagree with any of the concepts you’ve said. The post doesn’t say “only write what you’ve experienced” because I too believe that is bullshit and that writing is about exploring creativity and building complex characters through empathy and perspective. In my opinion, go ahead and write your trans character. Since dysphoria is a central part of what it means to be trans for many trans people, of course he might experience dysphoria and it’s definitely going to be a part of his character.

However, the problem comes when people who haven’t experienced oppression try to write it. Even with all the research in the world, they still won’t understand perfectly what minorities go through. Therefore, they are bound to get something wrong and even cause harm on those minorities who’s voices are being outspoken. And here I’m not talking about “this character is trans and that is a part of their character and thus affects the situation,” I’m talking about entire stories and narratives where the central plot revolves around the character’s oppression. I, a white person, wouldn’t write a story (such as, say, Song of Solomon) about what it’s like to be black and explore one’s identity as a black person. In the same way, I wouldn’t expect a straight person to write a story about what it’s like to be gay and explore one’s identity and oppression as a gay person. Oftentimes there will be a major misinterpretation which can lead to harmful stereotypes and negative impacts on a community. 

For example, many cis people trying to write about what it’s like to be trans will use the whole “born in the wrong body” narrative. The concept of this narrative affects trans people who try to actually explain what it’s like to be trans, and to most that is not what it’s like. Now, I’m not denying that there are some trans people who identify that way, but the majority of us do not. If you have a story about being trans and a trans character who identifies that way, unless it is addressed in the plot, could negatively affect real trans people by spreading that concept. I myself have been negatively affected by oversimplified ideas on what it’s like to be trans such as that one. 

One argument I’ve gotten constantly after I wrote that post is “but you can empathize with the character” and I agree with that critique of my post. In fact, I disagree with the wording that states that someone who is not a minority should NEVER write stories about such issues. In fact, I actually would encourage writing stories to help yourself understand what a family member or a friend is going through. The problem is when people begin to share these stories as if they are a final truth, and publish them as to make money off of minority’s struggles. When you publish a book or put something online, you should think of the negative consequences that could result. Now, most people don’t think before they post online, and I suppose that this concept I have thrown out there is something I wish people to think about before writing stories they wish to send out to the world. 

And, of course, naturally there’s the people who are saying “STUPID SJW LOGIC, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, CLEARLY THIS POST IS CENSORSHIP!!!” First of all, I am what many people would define as a “social justice warrior” due to my beliefs of basic human decency and complex social justice views. To that point I say, whatever, because I know those people exist and think that their “logic” will always be superior because they don’t consider emotion (but that is a different discussion). Freedom of speech is a very good law in America that allows people to express all ideas, regardless of what other people think of them. Freedom of speech, however, is not an excuse to say whatever you want because it’s legal. It’s legal to hang a Nazi flag on your door, but that doesn’t make it any less terrible. As for the people arguing this is censorship, they are wrong and clearly don’t know what censorship means. I am simply expressing and arguing my opinion on this matter. If they wish to disagree, then so be it, they do not have to listen to my opinion is they disagree with what I am saying. I am not pointing a gun at your head forcing you not to write anything, nor am I making it illegal to write what you want. I am expressing my opinion, and if you choose to ignore it, then do so. This is less of an issue than other things I have seen debated on here, such as whether or not to excuse LITERAL PEDOPHILIA, which I would argue against much more than something like this matter, which can harm people, but not in a massive way. 

TLDR: In my opinion, people who have not experienced oppression writing about it and spreading their ideas and information can be harmful, and has been harmful to me, which is why I made this post. If you wish to disagree with me, go ahead, because I am simply stating my opinion and arguing for it; I am not censoring you or forcing you to write/not write anything. 

What if at the end of Reality Trip Danny hadn’t wiped his parents minds (which would’ve made hella more sense than what actually happened). What if the next season (or at least the beginning of it) was spent on focusing on Danny and his relationship with his parents after the whole thing and them having to come to terms with their son’s half ghost status and the fact that they’ve literally been hunting him like an animal the last two seasons.
The rest of that summer after Reality Trip where his parents are fixing their equipment so it won’t lock in on Danny anymore. They’re learning more and more about ghosts from their son and how not all ghosts are evil. They start taking family trips into the Ghost Zone for Danny to show them around and meet the nice ghosts. They’re all becoming closer as a family because now there’s not this huge ravine of fear.
However not everything is all well. Old habits do die hard. Sometimes his parents will test his abilities and the line between their tests and actually treating him like a lab rat starts to blur. They’re so fascinated by him that they start to see him as this puzzle that needs to be solved instead of their son. Danny who is very uncomfortable with this is too afraid to tell them to back off. He wants to show them what he can do and he wants them to be interested but they almost start to dehumanize him when they run their tests on him. Maybe at some point Maddie accidentally jabs Danny with something and he goes “ouch that hurt” and her instant reaction is “ghosts don’t feel pain” and right there they realize they’ve fucked up. Danny flies the fuck out of there and they feel ashamed.

There are so many other good directions this idea could’ve been taken as well!! It makes me so angry that this potential was ignored because for some stupid reason he always has to keep his secret from his parents even after they accepted him!! I’m anger

to have and to hold | (m)

 pairing: min yoongi x reader x kim taehyung (taehyung’s pov}
genre/warnings: smut, cuckholding, threesome (sort of, I guess)
• words: 7,893 
→ summary: Taehyung’s about to help Yoongi out with a very different type of kink…
 note. flashbacks indicated by italic paragraphs. 

» take 1 | 
readers pov +

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I've noticed Jensen shuts down or says Destiel doesn't exist only when he does panels with Jared. But when he does panels with Misha he gives or tries to give a more honest meaningful answer about their characters relationship. He doesn't shut it down so quickly. Thoughts?

So like I said in the previous post  [x], I feel like this has less to do with the specific question being asked, and more to do with Jensen’s overall personality. Now let me preface this by saying, I don’t think that Jensen loves Jared more than Misha or vice versa—I think they’re both his best friends and he loves them equally. Their friendships are different however, and that makes all the difference in how Jensen acts when he is alone with either of them. Age has a lot to do with it; and I will use myself as an example here: I have (had … one passed away) two best friends who I adore with all my heart. One friend is younger than me by a few years, and the other was my age—older only by a couple months. Although I love them equally, I acted completely different with each one when we’d hang out. My younger best friend is like my little sister. I want to protect her first and foremost. I feel like that’s my job, so even though we can both get crazy and silly when we’re out and about, my first reaction whenever she suggests going on some new adventure, is to be calm, subdued and think “is this a good idea?” because—well, that’s the role I’ve always played in our friendship. I am the older, “wiser”, moral compass of the two and I need to help her navigate the best paths through life.

Now my other best friend … she and I always got into stupid situations together—and I was usually the one spearheading those plans. We would be loud and obnoxious and weird, because we weren’t necessarily “looking out for one another” (although, we did that too) but we were always trying to push each other a little further outside of our comfort zones. We saw ourselves in each other, and therefore, we saw our strengths and our weaknesses for what they were, and we tried to improve our lives—together. Whenever one of us got too “protective” of the other, it usually caused conflict, because neither of us played that role in the relationship. We were “equals” when it came to authority … and I think that is more the way Jensen and Misha see one another. Jensen looks at Misha as that crazy guy with no inhibitions whom he wants to be like; so when they’re together one on one, it’s like he has permission to let down his guard. When Jensen’s with Jared however, he needs to be in that big brother-protector mode. He watches over Jared as the guy explores his own limits.—  and don’t get me wrong, I think Jensen loves that role. That’s a deeply ingrained position for him, not just because that’s what he plays opposite of Jared on the show, but Jensen is a big brother in real life, and he’s used to being that protective watchman for his little brother and sister as well. I know I love being that person for my younger best friend (as well as my biological younger sister). I love being the one she can lean on, depend on, look up to. It’s very important to me and I think it’s extremely important to Jensen. Just look at how he acted when Jared had to leave Rome early because he was having a hard time with his depression. Jensen wanted nothing more than to protect that man, and he was a little anxious since Jared wasn’t within eyesight—he wanted to be able to make sure that he was okay.

So how does this affect the way he answers questions, you ask (to finally get back to the matter at hand) well, everything that I already pointed out, explains why Jensen responds differently in similar situations. When he and Jared are on stage, Jared usually does most of the talking, and Jensen jumps in when he feels it’s necessary. And any question that a fan asks him directly is usually answered in a brief and vague sort of way. Jensen is not long-winded when he’s on stage with Jared because his focus wants to be on Jared. He wants to be able to stand back a bit and “keep watch” and that’s easier when Jared is the one doing all the talking, so Jensen will keep his own answers brief.

With Misha however, he doesn’t need to be the protector (in fact, he might need a protector from some of Misha’s craziness every now and then … which is why Jared and Misha can get along so well).  So he can break into these long winded, deep, enthusiastic answers to questions because he knows that Misha is perfectly fine in the meantime, and probably doing something crazy behind him while he talks. So no matter what question he’s answering, whether it’s something simple or something about ships or what have you—Jensen will speak more, be more open, be more free with his words because he doesn’t have to take things as seriously with Misha around. More likely than not, if things start getting too serious on stage, Jensen knows he can count on Misha to break the tension at just the right time.

With my best friend who was a little older than me—I knew that when I started to get a little too loud, a little too crazy, she would always be there to quiet me down and to distract other people from my awkwardness. I think that’s how Jensen and Misha’s friendship works. Their reactions have nothing to do with any specific question that they get asked, and everything to do with the roles Jensen, Jared and Misha all play in each other’s lives. Each one is vital to who they are, and they all managed to slip perfectly into those places. They each fit together like puzzle pieces, and the final image is that of three best friends who make each other so happy and feel so complete, that their joy becomes infectious and radiates through anyone who sees it.

So we need to stop assuming that one particular action or one particular response is a blanket-emotion for Jensen’s (or anyone’s) life. Every situation is unique, but if you dig deep enough, you can find the real reason why someone reacts the way they do—and nine times out of ten, it’ll be due to love and a feeling of necessity rather than one of hate and loathing.

Jensen is a complex human being, but when it comes to Jared and Misha—his mannerisms become pretty simple. He loves them both. They’re both his best friends, and no one, solitary moment on stage is going to prove otherwise.

A big missed opportunity for Preston’s characterization was a personal quest for him, especially given how Quincy is in the game and the Quincy Massacre changed him forever and all that happened so recently. Sure you can clean up Quincy from the Gunners and Clint, but it is not tied to Preston on a personal and emotional level.

A personal quest that activates either when you hear him talk about the massacre or when you walk in Quincy with him. He is a gentle and kind man but he can’t help being angry when reminded that the people he once looked up to betrayed everything he believed in, killed so many innocents and they are still walking among the ruins. He doesn’t ask you to clear out the place but you can choose to do it yourself, he just expresses his disgust towards Clint and the others that betrayed the Minutemen. 

He comments on the massive graveyard and is heartbroken seeing how even after death these people were not treated with respect. He also occasionally tells you about how when they arrived the people of Quincy were so grateful and happy that the Minutemen are here to protect them, and how he felt as if he is making a change. To tie Marcy and Jun’s story he also tells you about little Kyle and how he was a playful boy that followed him around and expressed that when he grew up he wanted to be a Minuteman - and Preston saw himself in that. He then expresses sadness and guilt over what happened to Kyle and you can comfort him on many occasions throughout his quest. Preston mentions Colonel Hollis and how important as a figure he was in his life and how much he has taught him ever since he joined up. 

Finally you reach Clint and before the fight there is a small exchange between Preston and him, where Preston expresses how he once looked up to all of them, how Hollis trusted Clint and yet he betrayed him to which Clint just nonchalantly replies that the Minutemen were done for anyway and that he only did them a favor. Preston retaliates by telling Clint that despite being hunted down with his group, he survived and he saved others too - he finally owns up to being a hero through his sorrow and guilt - and tells Clint that right here is the new General and they will rebuild the Minutemen as they should have been. Then the fight starts and upon defeating Clint there is something that belonged to Hollis on his body that he took which you can give to Preston.

Preston talks to you after the fight and expresses how much he dreaded returning here because it reminds him of his failures, but that he is grateful you were there with him. You can remind him that he did not fail and that against all odds he saved four people and himself and that that makes him a hero. Not only that but even in his darkest moments he still held on to even the slightest bit of light and that he never gave up on the Minutemen - not the people that betrayed him but the idea of good people who will help the ones who cant fight for themselves.

Afterwards there is a makeshift grave made in the Quincy graveyard with a laser musket and Hollis belongings and its a sign that Preston will always remember Hollis and everyone they lost that day but that he is ready to move on and make peace with it because you gave him hope, and with that hope he knows that you two will make something great.

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Whar do you think are the worst/hardest traits of sag rising?

Hm… there are a good handful.

Trying to be invulnerable. Sagittarius as a sign, but also especially risings (since that’s what they first show the world) want to always be the “strong” one, they want to be apathetic, to be “above” mere feelings of vulnerability and hurt. That results in them not letting others help them, not talking about what’s wrong, escaping their feelings which also brings us to the next point…
Exaggerated escapism. yes, Sagittarius risings are happy-go-lucky, but they use their optimism to an extent where they fake it just to run from their problems, just brushing off everything, either ignoring their problems and troubles or being TOO optimistic and carefree about it.
Being too apathetic. Remember how Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter? /Everything/ is exaggerated here. So when they don’t care too much they don’t give a single fuck at all. This obviously makes them tactless, blunt, insensitive, reckless, mean, etc. And they don’t even care.
Inconsistency. Sagittarius risings are curious, optimistic, and want to experience a LOT. So they try something but then there’s also this and this and this and also that other thing. It’s hard for them to commit to something as they can’t rest, they constantly have to move forward in some way. It’s easy for them to be a jack of all trades since they don’t commit long enough to become a master at something, yet try so much that they usually have a wide range of things they can do and know.
Being a preacher. This can go both ways: Either they’re truly “good” preachers, or they suffocate you with their opinions, ideas, beliefs, etc. They always have to be right, because OF COURSE what they say has to be the universal rule, doesn’t it?! Of course it does. So they won’t let you speak against them and just shut you down, some claiming you’re stupid or whatever just for not agreeing.

All of these of course don’t HAVE to apply to every given Sagittarius rising, and they’re not limited to them (you can find these traits in most people with important Sagittarius placements and of course in other signs as well). These are especially common in immature Sag risings. And also, OF COURSE these are not the only bad/hard traits about them.

Zircon Fic sort of thing

(I don’t know how to tittle)

Summary: Both the Zircon are being stuck in a room after the Trial, learning that they’ll be shattered. They argue then there’s a bit of fluff at the end

Warning: this is gonna be bad (aka its my first time writing ever (plus its not in my first language) so it’s probably a bit repetitve and ooc)

(its all bellow the cut)

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High School Band AU: Chapter 6

Hope you like this! ^^

“Hey, bro, come here! MC was about to tell me about her first kiss!”

“What… what?”

“What the hell?” Saeran asks, joining you and Saeyoung at the cafeteria table.

“He’s not… he’s not talking serious right now…” you say, trying to avoid both twin’s gaze.

“So you’ve kissed before?” Saeran asks, and it doesn’t look like he’s teasing.

“What? I… this doesn’t have anything to do what I was trying to tell your brother! I was trying to talk about something really weird that happened at Yoosung’s place that night after fisrt rehearsal.”

“Something weird?”

“Yeah, I… no, forget it.”

“What? Noooo, don’t be shy just because Saeran is here, he can make part of our little pact too…”

“What the hell are you talking about, Saeyoung?” you notice as Saeran widens his eyes and gets flustered, just like you did when he came up with this “pact” thing.

“Oh, haven’t you heard, bro? My relationship with MC has evolved enough for us to do a ‘No questions asked’ pact.”

“Relationship?” you ask

“Friendship, whatever. The only thing important here is that something happened at Yoosung’s place, MC needed someone to talk to and came to me, but… she doesn’t want me to ask much, though. So she agreed on a ‘no questions asked’ deal.”

“Of course you did, since you’re stupid enough to do whatever this fool wants!”

“Yeah, for the first time I guess you’re right, this was stupid. It’s just… I didn’t know who to talk to, and this thing has been bothering me a lot, so… desperation got the best of me.”

“Oh, why didn’t you talk to your precious Zenny about it?” Saeran scoffs, and you roll your eyes.

“Because… of something you told me about Rika, Zen and Jumin.”

“I don’t remember doing that.”

“What do you mean? That day in Yoosung’s house when you helped me getting out of that dress.” Saeyoung widens his eyes and looks at his brother.

“Oh my… so many revelations today, what is that about, by the way?”

“No-nothing! I just helped her unzipping that hideous dress you put her on, idiot!” you notice a pale shade of crimson across Saeran’s cheeks. “And you! You… realize you’re not making any sense right now, don’t you?” you groan in annoyance and glare at him.

“Okay, let me make myself clear so this slow brain of yours can follow. You told me Zen and Jumin fighting has something to do with Rika, which was why I thought it wasn’t a good idea talking about it with Zen.”

“Because…?” Saeyoung aks.

“Because… I met Rika at Yoosung’s house and… she was… kinda… weird.”

“Why?” both twins ask at the same time.

“I…” you look at Saeran, embarrassed. Talking with Saeyoung felt right because, despite him being odd, he seems like someone who would listen and try to give you an unbiased opinion, unlike his twin, who had picked on you from the moment you showed up.

“I told you before I’ll always be honest with you because unlike these softies, I won’t spare your stupid little feelings, didn’t I?” Wow, great way to make someone feel comfortable… “So spit it out! You know if the bitch did something to harm you, you have to let us know, right?”

“Oh my god… did she hurt you?” Saeyoung asks with widen eyes.

“No! No, she didn’t… she was… really nice… too nice, actually.”

Time for what? A flashback!

You excuse yourself to try calling your father. As much as Yoosung’s family is adorable and welcoming, just like him, you really need to go home. It’s getting late and you have class tomorrow! How come your dad forgot about this? It’s not like you would like him to be all over you 24/7 like he was a little after your mom left him, but… right now, he’s just a hypocrite calling you out for being irresponsible, when he is the real irresponsible one here! And… your phone not getting any signal is not really making things easy right now!

“I always tell Yoosung this house is kinda like a giant elevator. There’s always no signal here!” she shows up in the hallway and comes towards you. “Let’s get upstairs and I’ll show you the tricks to get some bars there.”

She grabs your hand and drags you upstairs, her blonde waves brushing against your face lightly. Hum… she feels really different from what you remember of that day in the record store… and why is he here? Wasn’t she on tour with Taylor Swift or… Carrie Underwood? Or… ugh… how were those rumors again?

“Here, it always works best here! Try now!” right she was! The signal bars increase in the screen phone.

“Thanks, Rika.”

“You’re welcome, honey!” so so different…

Oh! So your father answered your texts! Last one was a few minutes ago, telling he was coming to get you. Hum… maybe he wasn’t that irresponsible… but he is still pretty hypocrite.

“Who is that? Your bf?”

“Uhm, no. My father.”

“Why isn’t your bf coming to pick you up?”

“Because I don’t have one?”

“Oh… no boyfriend? Hum… that’s too bad…” she pouts and giggles. Okay… “So you must be enjoying a lot this attention from all these guys in the band. Of course, you could enjoy that even having a boyfriend, but… being single you can do it with no guilty, right?”

“I… wouldn’t know. And I don’t get attention, I mean… probably not in the way you’re talking about.” Another giggle.

“You’re really adorable! No wonder V kept talking how perfect you were to be a good understudy for me!” Oh yeah… V…are they still dating even with him in college? Wait, why are you even thinking about this? “He was so impressed with your knowledge on music, your voice, your charisma… and Yoosung looks really impressed too, doesn’t he?”

“You… should ask him that. I wouldn’t know.” you two hear the noise of a horn downstairs. “Oh, it’s my father! I should get going. Bye, Rika.” You try to go, but she blocks your way with one of her arms.

“What would you know, then?” she asks, smirking, then playing with a lock of your hair in her fingers. “I think you know much more than you look. I’m sure there’s a really clever mind behind this cuteness, oh… and this is trouble, isn’t it? Smart, cute and talented, how can those poor guys resist? How can anyone resist?” what… what is happening? Why is she so close?

“MC?” you jump when you hear Yoosung’s voice. “Rika? What are you two doing?”

“Oh, we were just talking about hair. MC said she was thinking about dying her hair to blonde just like mine. What do you think, Yoosungie?” what the hell?

“It would look really great, MC! Rika’s hair color is really beautiful! You would look even cuter!

“Yes, that’s exactly what I told her. Even cuter…” she smirks and takes her arm out of your way. You say a quick goodbye to Yoosung and his family before your father decides to stop horning and starts yelling.

“Wait! What about the kiss?”

“Ugh… I told you there was no kiss, Saeyoung!”

“Ah yeah, usually there isn’t a kiss after the classic tsundere move of blocking the girl’s way with the arm and doing some flirty threats… but let’s have the tsundere himself share his thoughts. What do you think, bro?”

“What are you even talking about, you weirdo? Don’t encourage this crazyhead here with your anime bullshit!”

“Crazyhead?” you glare at him, your voice is louder than you would like.

“Paranoid, narcissistic, you name it. You just have this big complex on thinking everything is about you. There are always guys fighting for you, a girl wanting to kiss you…”

“Which girl wants to kiss you, MC?” the three of you spot Jaehee and Yoosung coming with their trays. You immediately freeze when you see Yoosung.

“There is no girl! She’s just imagining things like she did before when she thought Jumin and Zen were fighting for her.” Saeran scoffs “Like someone was going to be stupid enough to fight for you… or kiss you.”

“You know there’s a big difference between being honest and being an asshole, right?” you say and get off the table, your voice finally reaching the right tone to deal with this jerk.

“That was really mean and unnecessary, Saeran.” Jaehee says coldly.

“Yeah, bro! Too much tsuntsun and too little deredere…” he says, crossing his arms and shaking his head.

“Shut up, Saeyoung.” Jaehee and Saeran say at the same time.

“I’m gonna see if she’s okay, guys.” Yoosung goes after you.

He finds you angrily flipping through your books in your locker room. You look quickly at him and goes back to the books.

“Hey…” he says almost in a whisper. “MC?”

“Yes, Yoosung?” you look at him, he looks almost scared and… worried.

“MC, I… think you should not take things too personal when it comes to Saeran. He… doesn’t think much before talking, but… I don’t think he meant what he said.”

“That’s because you’re too nice and tend to see the best in everybody, Yoosung. With Saeran or…” you were going to say Rika, but why? You’re not even sure if she was flirting or threatening you, like Saeyoung said. “Saeran is a jerk, okay?”

“Well, he’s one of my closest friends and I don’t think he’s as mean as he tries to come across next to you, but… I… I do disagree on him, if you want to know… I-I… think there’s nothing crazy about wanting to fight you… or-or… k-kiss you…” both of you blush with his sudden boldness. “I mean… I think you’re great! And you should think the same about yourself! So don’t mind Saeran too much, okay?” you laugh softly at the way he rubs the back of his head, embarrassed.

“Okay, I’ll try. But just because you’re asking and because you really killed with our little Vanessa Carlton duet. Why don’t you sing more often?”

“Oh, you know… it’s just… we have Zen to steal the spotlight, and I… feel comfortable in the background with the keyboards, the spotlight is for people like… Zen and you…” wow, you’re being compared to Zen now, it’s a really long way after being offended by Saeran in such a little time…

“Tsk, too bad. I think we work really great on a duet. Maybe we would be even better with a song from this decade, you know?” he laughs.

“Oh, we could sing Little Mix one day! That one with Jason Derulo, or… or… Oops with Charlie Puth!”

“Well, you would have to do the whistle part, since I don’t know how…” you look away.

“You don’t know how to whistle?” his bright eyes widen in amusement.

“I don’t!” you pout, and he laughs. “Hey, don’t laugh!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you! Just… just wet your lips and pucker them.”


“To whistle! You just have to wet your lips and blow some air, with your tongue relaxed, like this.” The sound comes from his mouth effortlessly, which doesn’t happen to you, making you both chuckle “That’s… that’s so cute, MC.”

“There’s nothing cute about being such a dork!” you say dramatically.

“Well, Rika says I’m a cute dork… what do you think?” Oh yeah… Rika… what would it happen if you told him what happened between you two? Would he call you crazy too? Well, considering how much he seems to idolize her, probably… Yoosung is probably the last person you would like to upset with your… craziness?

“I… I wouldn’t know…” you shrug, and he smiles softly, almost like he was waiting for this answer.

“Alright. See you in rehearsal later, MC.” Oh no… did you upset him?

The bell rings and the hallway gets crowded with students running to get to class in time. Well, maybe Saeran is right, you’re crazy. But nobody can convince you that Rika isn’t a little crazy too, not even Yoosung.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 7 

When the World comes Crashing Down

Pairing: Boyf riends from Be More Chill

Warnings: Suicide, self-harm, cussing,  hypovolemic shock

Word Count: 1,124

“Get out of my way. Loser.”

Who knew one little insult could hurt him so much?

Michael Mell was certainly a pitiful sight. Curled into the corner of Jake’s bathtub, sitting there and letting his thoughts run rampant through his head. How pitiful he was, now with no friends, no one to turn to. His best friend of twelve years, who had always helped him through receiving insults such as the one he spat at Michael, had now abandoned him because of a stupid fucking computer chip. Why had he ever thought it would be a good idea to get one? Now Jeremy would never be friends with him again, never be the same, sweet, beautiful boy Michael knew.

God, he hadn’t even noticed the tears streaming down his face, but as soon as he did he couldn’t take it. He broke down into sobs, he’d never get to tell Jeremy how he really felt. He’d be too caught up in being popular and cool to ever notice Michael again. His sobs were irregular and loud, and he felt like he was drowning. Everything around him was numb but the pain in his heart was not, and it felt like a pistol had been shot point blank into it.

A loud knock sounded at the door and he shrank into the bathtub, a choked sob quickly being muffled by the sleeve of is sweater. Another set of knocks, more tears. It felt like forever but he nearly jumped out of his skin when a loud banging sound came from the door accompanied by yelling. Michael jumped out of the tub, stumbling slightly from the effects of alcohol and panic, fumbling through the cabinet.

His eyes widened when he pulled out exactly what he’d wanted, a razor. He walked back over to the tub, shaking, staring at the razor like he had just seen Jesus come down from Heaven and deliver it to him. Funny, it felt more like Satan had come from hell.

He curled back into the tub, thinking about how he had no real reason to live anymore. He’d be a hopeless geek for the rest of his life. Rolling up his sleeve, he poised the razor there over his arm and thought.

Was there any chance of going back?


He dug the sharp object into his arm, leaving a deep vertical cut. It stung like hell. But what was the point anymore?

Another cut, more stinging. He brought back some of the horrible nicknames he’d been called.

Faggot. Stoner. Man-whore. Nerd. Geek. Every insult brought a new mark deep in his skin. Finally, the last insult popped into mind.


As soon as he thought of that word he violently jerked the razor down his arm, leaving a deep, ragged cut diagonally across all the others. With a hiss, he dropped the weapon and the wound started to spout blood, a lot of blood, blood running down his arm and splattering on the tub and the razor. His sweater was now stained with blood and so was his jeans, his arm stinging.

He felt numb. So numb. He was starting to fade, becoming paler as the blood continued to run out of his wounds. He noticed that he was dizzy, and nearly passed out when he looked down at the red running down the drain.

Slowly, slowly, he was losing consciousness. He began to slip, his vision going black for a few seconds every once in awhile. How much blood had he lost? Michael couldn’t bring himself to care.

After what felt like hours, but was only about ten minutes, his vision started to go black. Completely black. It only took a few seconds for the teen to be out cold, his arm still dripping blood.

But Michael had missed one thing.

When he had been overwhelmed by the blood loss, he hadn’t noticed Jeremy banging on the door.

Jeremy knew. And when he got in and saw the blood and the cuts and the razor and his best friend sprawled out, possibly dead, he just broke down into a panic. He couldn’t think. Couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe. Michael, who was so bubbly. Michael, who always comforted him when he was down. Michael, who openly expressed his opinions and was proud. Michael, who was so strong and beautiful.

Michael, who was bleeding out into the tub right in front of him.

Shaking, he pressed two fingers to the boy’s neck, feeling a pulse. It was rapid but very faint. His skin felt cold. Sobs still racked Jeremy’s body as he reached a hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He struggled to type 9-1-1, but just as he tapped the first one, he dropped his phone. A familiar voice drifting up from the tub.

“So, you came back.”

He was faintly aware of seeing his phone screen shatter out of the corner of his eye, but he didn’t care. “Michael, Michael, oh my God, oh my God, fuck..” he muttered the string of words, the fat tears rolling down his face. “I’m so sorry, Michael. This is all my fault. You don’t deserve this.” He said in between broken sobs. “Please, don’t leave me. Michael, don’t leave me, please, I’m gonna call an ambulance, I’m gonna get you help. It’s going to be okay.” He hoped at least half of his panicked rant was understandable, given his horrible state. Michael let out a melancholy chuckle. “It’s not going to be okay, It’s never okay.”  The poor boy’s breathing was horribly rapid and shallow, his lips were beginning to turn blue.

“Please, stay with me, Michael. I can’t lose you.” Jeremy was in hysterics. The thought of losing Michael was too much for him. The other boy reached a shaky hand up to his face and wiped away the waterfall of tears. “I’m sorry, Jere, but there’s nothing you can do.” his voice was unnervingly calm as if he didn’t care that he was dying. He honestly didn’t. “Jeremy, I love you, okay? I love you. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner.” Fuck, now he had tears welling in his eyes. “I love you, but it’s my time.” his voice was growing weaker and shakier.  Jeremy opened his mouth, but all that came out was a heart-wrenching sob as Michael smiled at him.

“I.. I love you too.” Jeremy whimpered, one hand cupping Michael’s cheek. How goddamn cliche.

Michael gave him one last smile, that alluring smile that just made Jeremy want to melt and cry and cuddle with him. His eyes fluttered closed and his breathing came to a halt, his weak pulse fading to nothing.

In that moment, the world came crashing down on Jeremy Heere.

PROMPT: “My kid followed you out of the store because you’re wearing the same coat as me and they got confused” AU

[Back by popular demand!]

Part One | Part Two

- Remus decided to make a Hot Pot to take around to Sirius’ for the night, praying that he or Harry weren’t vegetarian. 

- His mother always told him “Never turn up to someones house without food or drink”, and since Sirius never said if he was cooking or not, Remus thought that making food was a good idea when he started.

- But now he was half way through cooking it, he began to think that it was actually a stupid idea.

- Oh well, its the thought that counts.

- He could easily put it in the fridge for their tea the night after if Sirius had already sorted out Dinner.

- He was stood over the hob in the kitchen stirring the stew as Teddy ran circles around him.

- “Dadddddddddddy,” Teddy elongated, “can I take my Wii to Padfoots, plwease?”

- Remus sighed for the umpteenth time since they got home from the supermarket.

- It was nice to see how excited his son was to play with his new friend, especially since Teddy didn’t make many friends back in their old town in Durham.

- But he could do without being begged to take everything but the kitchen sink around with them!

- “No, Teddy, you can’t take your Wii to Padfoots. Our house will miss it!” He attempted to reason with his son.

- “But Daddddddy! What if we want to play Lego Batmans?!” He stuck his bottom lip out in a large pout. 

- Damn those little puppy dog eyes.

- “Tell you what, Teds. We won’t take the Wii tonight-

- “-But Daddy-”

- “But! If you’re on your best behaviour tonight and things go well, then we can invite Harry over here to play Batman Lego in the week, okay?”

- Teddy seemed to ponder this for a moment before he nodded with certainty.

- “Okay!” He turned on the spot and ran away from Remus, back into the living room.

- Remus hadn’t really had a minute to stop and think of why they had been invited to Sirius’.

- He understood that Sirius was Harry’s Godfather, but was he really inviting Teddy and himself just for a play date?

- Or was it supposed to be an excuse for an actual date?

- Did Sirius even swing that way?

- “Dadddddddddddy?” 

- Remus sighed heavily again, dragging his hand down his face.

- This is going to be a long evening.

- At five minutes to six, Remus pour the stew into a travel pot and told Teddy to put on his coat.

- He caved and let Teddy take his DS with Pokemon Y around with him.

- If it meant Teddy would be on his best behaviour, he didn’t care.

- “-and we’re going to play loooooads of games, and we’re gonna sleep over at each others houses sooooo much, Daddy!” Teddy was happily chatting away to his Dad whilst he locked up the house.

- “That sound’s amazing, Teddy!” Remus smiled to his son who beamed with pride.

- He held the pot of stew under one arm and held Teddy’s hand with the other and made the very short walk over to Sirius’.

- “Are you and Padfoot gonna be bestest friends, Daddy?” Teddy innocently asked causing Remus to chuckle.

- “We might become good friends, Buddy,” he smiled hopefully to his son.

- “Would you two have sleep overs?”

- Remus choked on the breath he just took.

- “Ahhh, I don’t see any sleep overs happening anytime soon, Ted.” He blushed slightly. 

- He definitely wouldn’t mind a sleep over with Sirius …

- “Why?” Teddy asked. 

- “Erm …,” he bit his lip, unable to think of an answer to give his child. 

- “Oh look! We’re here!” He rushed, changing the conversation. 

- “Oh, can I knock?!” Teddy cheered, rushing up to the door and accidentally running into it and falling down on his bum.

- “Owww …” He groaned whilst rubbing his backside.

- “You okay, sweetie?” Remus lent down to help Teddy back to his feet. 

- The door opened then by a very concerned looking Sirius looking down at Teddy and Remus on the floor.

- “Hey, are you alright?” He asked, kneeling down so he was on the same level as them.

- “Yeahhhh…” Teddy sighed with a shame looking face.

- “Sounded like you were trying to knock my door down!” He joked with a wink to Teddy.

- Teddy blushed with embarrassment.

- “He got a little bit too excited there, didn’t you sweetie?” Remus smirked, putting the stew down on the step and helping his son to his feet.

- “Sound’s like you’re a bit of a walking disaster!” Sirius chuckled, joined by Remus. 

- “Come on in.” He stood and waved them over the threshold.

- “Thanks,” Remus sheepishly smiled and picked up the stew.

- “What’s that?” Sirius queried.

- “Oh, it’s for tonight - or for you, you know - whenever … if you already have tea sorted - I didn’t know what to bring - it’s just a Hot Pot - nothing special - I hope you’re not vegetarian - I mean - it’s okay if you are - that’s fine - its just this isn’t - vegetarian I mean -”

- Sirius was happily smirking at Remus nervously babbling.

-  This cutie.

- “Remus, it’s wonderful. Thank you.” He gently placed his hand on Remus’ shoulder and took the stew from his arms. 

- “I hadn’t actually thought about tea, I was probably just going to order in, which Lily, Harry’s Mum, would murder me for doing again - so this is better!” He winked. 

- Remus let out a sigh of relief and smiled back.

- Sirius felt something tug at the bottom of his shirt.

- He looked down to see Teddy staring up to him with wondering eyes.

- “Padfoot, where’s Harry?” 

- “Oh, he’s in the living room, kiddo. Come on, lets go get him!” He suggested, taking off in the direction of the living room and carefully holding the stew.

- “Kayyy!” Teddy cheered and chased after Sirius.

- Remus chuckled sweetly to himself as he watched his kid take to this gorgeous man immediately.

- He turned to shut the door and hang up his coat then followed them into the living room.

- “Harry!” Teddy yelled as he ran through the door and overtook Sirius.

- Harry was sat on the floor, eyes glued to a cartoon on the TV.

- When he heard Teddy, he excitedly turned around with a little gasp and jumped to his feet.

- “Teddy!” He shouted, running to hug the other boy.

- Sirius and Remus both stood by the door, cooing over the adorableness that was the boys.

- “You’d think they’ve been kept apart for years, not just met today!” Sirius laughed.

- “They must of been bestest of friends in a past life.” Remus nudged Sirius with a wink.

- Sirius grinned toothily at him.

- “Come on, you can help me set the table.” 

- After dinner, Teddy and Harry were playing Pokemon on their DS’ on the floor in the living room quiet as little mice.

- Remus and Sirius were both sat on the settee with a bottle of light beer each, laughing and getting to know each other.

- Sirius was telling Remus of all the antics he and his adoptive brother James, Harry’s Dad, used to get up to in school, and how they used to call themselves “The Marauders”.

- At some point in the night, they had gradually moved closer to each other so their thighs were just touching.

- Remus was checking Sirius out over the top of his beer bottle every time he took a swig of it.

- He truly was beautiful and had such a fun and loving personality.

- Sirius couldn’t keep the smile off of his face with how well things were going that evening.

- Then Remus’ phone rang.

- “Oh, sorry, one minute.” He smiled, fishing his phone out of his pocket.

- “Hello? … Oh, hello love!” He grinned to the phone.

- Sirius felt his stomach drop and his smile fall.

- “I did leave a note … we’re at Sirius’ … the neighbours … well, it says Padfoot cause that’s what Teddy calls him … Oh god, leave it out! Ha. … I left you some Hot Pot if you’re hungry … No, I thought I’d leave him at home alone. Yes, of course Teddy’s with me! … Ha! Don’t be a douche … Yeah, that’s fine … I think you left it in the draw … Oh god, you didn’t? … Ha! God, you’re such a klutz, no wonder Teddy is a walking disaster … yeah, okay. Alright, we’ll see you later. Night love … Love you too, Night.” 

- He hung up the phone shaking his head with a little grin.

- “Sorry about that. That was Dora, Ted’s Mum.” He informed Sirius.

- “O-oh. Your wife?” He bit his lip with worry.

- How can he meet someone so perfect only to find out he’s married?

- Now he understands what Alanis Morissette was singing about …

- Remus let out a bark of a laugh, causing Teddy and Harry to look over.

- “Oh, god no!” He chuckled. 

- Sirius stared at him with confusion plastered on his face.

- “No, no, Dora’s my best friend. She’s married to this wonderful woman called Fleur. She’s staying at our’s for the week though because Fleur has gone back to France for a few days on some work trip and she was feeling lonely in their house.” He smiled.

- Sirius visibly let out a breath he didn’t realise he was holding.

- Remus noticed how Sirius’ tense body suddenly relaxed. 

- He starting chewing the bottom of his lip.

- Perhaps his feelings were requited and this was a date after all. 

- “Oh. So, she’s your ex?” He queried.

- “Oh, no, we’ve never dated.” He smiled, glancing over at the boys whose attention was back on their games.

- “She’s literally the gayest person since Adam and Steve.” He laughed.

- “But no, we’ve been best friends since we were in school. She’s met Fleur about 9 years ago now? They’ve been married for about 6 years and they really wanted to have kids and they asked me to be the Dad. At first I was super reluctant because I always thought my first kid would be my kid, you know?”

- “Yeah I get that,” Sirius nodded, completely enthralled in the story Remus was telling.

- “But then when I told them about it, they just laughed at me saying ‘We asked you to be the Dad, not the Donor, you prat. It is going to be your kid!’ 5 and a half years later, here we are.” He smiled.

- Sirius felt his knees go a little weak at how loved Teddy must be to have parents who really wanted him.

- He was glad it wasn’t a drunken mistake like his mother used to tell him he was.

- Remus smiled widely.

- “I know, a little unorthodox but …”

- “Hey, no judgement here!” Sirius grinned holding his hands up. 

- “I’m the rebellious black sheep of the family who was disowned for being gay, only for my biological brother to come out years later and now him, my adoptive brother and my best friend are in a relationship raising my godson! My life is nothing BUT unorthodox!”

- Remus stared wide eyed, making Sirius realise what he had just admitted.

- “You were disowned for being gay? Oh my god, thats horrible! I’m so sorry.”

- Sirius waved a hand nonchalantly. 

- “Well, I guess there was more to it than just that, but that was the final straw. It was a terrible family, I’m glad it happened.“ He smiled sadly. “At least I got a better family out of it.”

- “I’m glad that you did.” Remus smiled genuinely and placed his hand over the top of Sirius’ that was resting his knee.

- Sirius stared down at where their hands were touching and felt his face heat up.

- He didn’t let himself fall for people easily, especially since he suffers from abandonment issues; he gets scared that people will leave him all alone when they realise he’s too much to handle.

- He’s used to a few one night stands or a fling here and there, but he’s never had a proper relationship with anybody.

- But the way he and Remus just fell together so perfectly, he felt he could easily fall for the tall, cameral haired and forest eyed beauty.

- Which scared him a lot.

- “Can I get you another drink?” He panicked and jumped to his feet.

- Sirius took the empty bottle out of Remus’ hands and walked into the kitchen.

- He hadn’t noticed that Remus stood up and followed him in.

- He threw the bottles into the recycling bin and pulled open the fridge door, humming loudly to himself to distract his mind from thinking about how nice it felt to be touched innocently by Remus.

- He didn’t know what that gesture meant.

- Was it just a comforting gesture? Or did it mean more?

- He didn’t even know if Remus swung that way.

- And he would also have to take into consideration that Remus has a child and might not even want to start anything with anyone.

- “I’m pansexual, by the way,” Remus said from behind him, a little tipsy on light beer.

- Sirius froze then turned to look at him

- “If you were wondering …” Remus bit his lip sheepishly.

- Damn, why did I say that? I’ve gone and ruined everything.

- “O-oh.” Sirius was a little startled at the statement.

- “It’s just - you know - you told me …” he swayed a little on the spot.

- Sirius let out a breathy laugh.

- “Ah, well … thank you for telling me.” He smouldered. 

- Remus chuckled awkwardly and looked around the room.

- “If we’re on the subject of sharing,” Sirius started, nervously fidgeting, “I’m genderfluid.”

- Remus gasped dramatically and covered his mouth with his hand, making Sirius wince thinking this was already over before it began.

-  “Oh my god, have I been a proper arsehole and mis-pronouning you all night? I’m so sorry! I swear I usually ask people’s pronouns when I first meet them but I didn’t even think!”

- Sirius furrowed his eyebrows.

- “No, no. It’s he/him today. But … you … you mean you don’t mind?” Sirius bit his lip.

- Remus raspberried his lips together like a horse and waved his hand through the air.

- “Oh god no. Dora’s Genderfluid as well, but she prefers she/her pronouns even on her male days.” He smiled. 

- “Teddy’s perfectly aware of gender fluidity too, so as long as you tell him the correct pronouns in the morning, he’ll stick with them until you tell him they’ve changed.”

- Sirius sighed with happiness.

- God, could this man be any more perfect?

- “Thats … that’s good to know.” He grinned.

- This is your chance, Sirius. Go for it!

- “So … hypothetically, if I wanted to ask you out on a date sometime …?” Sirius bit his lip nervously.

- Remus’ eyes widened.

- “O-oh?” 

- Sirius then grinned widely which Remus returned just as beautifully.

- “I would definitely have to check my calendar …” Remus playfully looked at his hand making Sirius giggle. “It says hereeee,” he purred “that I’m free always if you ask me out on a date.” 

- Sirius beamed at how adorable Remus was, and how he seemed just as eager to go on a date with Sirius as he was to go on a date with Remus.

- Sirius bit his lip and let his eyes roam over Remus.

- Remus felt a shiver run now his spine by how provocative it looked and how much it turned him on feeling so exposed under his gaze.

- Then Sirius stepped closer to Remus, crowding him near the sink.

- Remus had only just noticed how much smaller Sirius was when he felt himself leaning down to him as Sirius leant up.

- “Can I kiss you?” Sirius whispered, his breath tickling against Remus lips.

- With a small nod, their eyes had started to flutter closed.

- “Dadddddddy?” 

- They jumped apart and turned to see a sleepy looking Teddy and Harry stood in the doorway.

- “Daddy, I’m tired.” Teddy whined, rubbing at his eye. Harry yawned loudly.

- “Okay sweetheart. Go get your coat and say goodnight and thank you and we’ll take you home, okay?” 

- “Goodnight, Padfoot. Thankyou.” Teddy nodded and walked back into the other room with Harry.

- Sirius turned back to Remus and they stared at each other for a moment.

- Then they both burst out into a fit of giggles.

- “Sorry, he has this thing where he always walks in at the wrong time. I swear, he gets it from Dora!” Remus smiled.

- “It’s fine. It might be for the best anyway.” 

- “Oh?” Remus pursed his lips, thinking Sirius had changed his mind.

- “Yeah. I kind of want to take you out on a proper date. A meal, candles, maybe even flowers if your lucky. I’ll woo you properly then,” he winked.

- Remus blushed prettily.

- “Well then, I’ll hold you to that.” He smirked.

- “You can hold me to anything you want.” Sirius winked again earning another bark of laughter from Remus.

- “God, you’re insufferable.” He laughed. 

- “Thank you so much for tonight, Sirius, it was wonderful.”

- “Well, thank you for the food! It was delicious.” 

- They both were gazing at each other with pure fondness and felt each other draw nearer again.

- “Daddddddy.” Teddy called from the other room.

- Remus sighed and sheepishly smiled. 

- “I better …” He gestured to the door.

- “Yeah. But, we’ll see each other again, right?” Sirius asked slightly scared that this was it.

- “Of course … I’m your neighbour.” Remus chuckled and winked.

- “But, here. You can give me your number, then you can text whenever you want to.” He pulled out his phone and passed it over.

- Sirius took it off of him and punched in his digits, quickly sending himself a text and passed it back, reaching up and leaving a soft kiss on his cheek as he did.

- “I’ll hold you to it.” He seductively whispered into his ear. 

- Remus went red all over and stepped backwards, taking ahold of one of Sirius’ hands with both of his and bringing it up to his lips to kiss gently with a smirk. 

- He walked into the living room, pulling Sirius along with him, to see Teddy and Harry half asleep on the settee.

- Remus helped Teddy put his coat on then picked him up as he nuzzled his head into his neck and snored lightly.

- Sirius walked them both to the door, his stomach doing somersaults all the way.

- “Goodnight, and thank you.” Remus smiled at Sirius.

- “It was my pleasure.” He sleepily grinned.

- “I’ll see you soon.” Remus turned and walked down the path.

- “Oh!” Remus whisper-shouted back. “If you really want to woo me, it’s definitely with chocolates.” He winked with a laugh.

- “I’ll remember that!” Sirius chuckled and shut the door as Remus walked down the street to his home.

- Once they got into their home, Remus took Teddy upstairs and put him to bed.

- He pulled out one of Teddy’s favourite books and started to read it to him.

- “Hey, how did it go?” Dora popped her head around the door and asked.

- “Hey love. It went really well, I think Teddy had a good time.”

- “Uh-huh.” Teddy sleepily answered.

- “Oh good.” She smiled and walked into the room.

- She leant down and kissed Teddy’s forehead.

- “Goodnight, sweetheart.” She whispered.

- “Night Mummy.” 

- Dora was half way out the door when Teddy spoke again.

- “I saw Daddy nearly kissing Padfoot in the kitchen.”

- The book in Remus’ hands fell to the floor with a loud thud.

- “Did you now?” Dora started laughing at the dumbstruck expression on Remus’ face.

- “Uh-huh. It’s okay though,” he yawned and snuggled into his pillow, “I like Padfoot. It’d be cool having two Mummy’s and Daddy’s.” 

- “Okay, goodnight Ted!” Remus rushed out of the room bright red and embarrassed. 

- Dora couldn’t stop laughing.

Cutie pies. Do you want more? ;)

anonymous asked:

Ok so reapers crush comes in his office and ask if he can teach her some Spanish(probably to impress sombra and become friends with her) and he decides to have fun with this and make her repeat after him and he has her say I love you in Spanish and he describes all the naughty things he wants to do to her and she just repeats it innocently. Nsfw as possible plz.

I am not fluent in Spanish and I apologize if I get anything grossly wrong!
If you do know Spanish and notice a mistake, please let me know

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guns n’ roses (park chanyeol/reader) part 1 :: guns

Disclaimer: The celebrities’ names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends(!). 

tw: guns, violence, blood,  the whole nine yards of the underworld business, major character death.

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*Lanterns* Newt x reader

◘ pocketsizedfran asked:

You’ll probably grow tired of me someday because of my requests😂 but I was watching Rapunzel and then I saw that the requests were open and my mind decided it was a good idea to ask you something. How would you feel writing about Newt and the reader at a lantern festival or just something involving floating lanterns? It may sound pretty stupid, your choice though. I asked you because you’re my favourite blog and your writing skills are amazing. If you don’t want to it’s completely fine💙

❤ Thank you, hun! That means a lot, truly! Annnnnnd not possible, dear! I could never grow tired of your awesome requests! And I ADORE TANGLED AND THE LANTERN SCENE. I always get teary eyed. Guh. So romantic and precious 😭 Also, apologies if anything in this story is incorrect. I tried to research quickly and I hope I didn’t mess anything up!!

“Someday I’ll get the hang of these…” picking up the dropped chicken in your lap, you sighed as you set your chopsticks down. Newt sat across from you, chuckling as he chewed his food. He had picked up rather quickly on the use of chopsticks and found it adorable how you struggled so much.

“Do you want me to show you again?” he asked. 

Plucking the chicken in your mouth with your hand, you smiled and answered, “No. I’ll just do it this way.”

Smiling, Newt shook his head and continued eating. The sunset was almost gone, disappearing beyond the beautiful mountains. You and Newt were traveling around China in search of Re’ems to study. It was your second day there and word around the small village was that tonight was the lantern festival in celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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I believe 100% that Draco Malfoy wanted the Dark Mark.

 I believe he wanted revenge for his father going to Azkaban. I believe he wanted glory and to live up to everything he’d been taught. I believe he genuinely wanted to be a Death Eater right up until the moment he met Voldemort for the first time, right until the Mark was seared infinitely into his skin. Then I think he wanted to vomit and weep. But, he is a Malfoy and he held it together. He held onto all his excuses, all the hatred and jealousy, the blind loyalty with a death grip and its the only thing that kept him from falling apart. 

I believe he wasn’t secretly a good person. He wasn’t looking for redemption. He was never secretly on the Light side. But, he was also never fully on the Dark. He was a scared, stupid kid who didn’t want to die. A scared, stupid kid that had always listened to his parents because that’s what a good Malfoy does. He was brainwashed and knew nothing but that bigotry. 

I believe in the idea that Harry and him were two sides of the same coin. Harry was light with a bit of darkness in him, because of how he was raised, because of the prophecy, because of his friends. And Draco was dark with a bit of light in him because of how he was raised, the expectations, literal centuries of supposed superiority all on his shoulders. 

Draco was never a true Death Eater in the ways that mattered. He was a bigot, he was cruel, he was arrogant. But, he never relished in death, no matter whose. He had weaknesses, his cowardice, his love for his parents. He had no stomach for true violence, for torture, for blood. 

And when he was suddenly neck deep in all of it, he wanted to die nearly as much as he wanted to live. Malfoy was forced to confront his ideals, about muggleborns and half bloods and other beings that he had once thought lesser than himself simply because his father said so. He saw they had the same color blood as himself. They cried and screamed the same. And suddenly it just made no real sense. If his superiority was the truth, then why did he feel so afraid? Why was he a prisoner in his own home? Why was power, something he’d coveted for so long, so cold and cruel with red eyes, corpse like skin and no mercy? 

Draco was many things but he wasn’t stupid. I believe he realized how….WRONG it all was when he was forced to watch people die, forced to torture and be afraid every single second of every single day for nearly two years. 

And when the war was finally over. When Harry Potter had lived again. When the Mark on his arm began to fade…I believe he was different. Better. I believe he did his best to never repeat his mistakes, to unlearn and educate himself. Because he desired to, because it felt right. And because it was as if he was spitting on Tom Riddle’s grave and that felt great. Great enough to endure the humiliation, the rejection, the glares and the tears. Great enough to get over his knee jerk reactions to Squibs and house elves and muggleborns and goblins and anyone who was different than himself. 

I believe it took years and even after that, it was an effort. But, it was worth it because I believe Draco Malfoy was flawed and human and found that tiny bit of light inside himself after all the darkness and willed it to be enough, made it grow, all by himself. 

James Potter Imagine 2

Request: Could you do a James x reader where they are having a prank wars but OMG they’re so romantic but also hate each other at the same time if ya know what I mean?! Love you and your blog btw❤️✨:)

so I’m super exited to write this!! its such a good idea I can’t wait!


You crouched down behind the suit of armor in the hall, waiting to hear that asshole James Potter’s voice. You had set up stink bombs to go off when you said a simple spell with your wand. Not only that, but James would also be covered with bright pink paint, that would hopefully dye his hair. 

“I’m telling you, Padfoot,” you heard James’s voice, “She’s so bloody annoying!”

“Mhmmm,” You heard Sirius respond skeptically, “Just last night you said she was hot.”

“Well, I never said that, but maybe you should have taken me to Madam Pomfrey! Clearly I was having some sort of nervous breakdow-”

With a flick of your wand James and Sirius were covered head to toe in foul smelling pink goo. 

James took off his glasses to show two perfectly circle untouched area’s of skin around his eyes, which made you howl with laughter. 

Sirius was attempting to pull the goo out of his hair, devastated. 

“I can’t see!” Sirius complained.

“Y/n!” James shouted, fuming in your direction.

You were doubled over in laughter, “Oh my- I’m so- this is just too funny!”

James began stomping towards you, leaving pink footprints in his path.

“Good luck getting that out of your hair!” You yelled over your shoulder as you ran away from James and his confused friend.


James marched into the Great Hall with pink hair the next morning, making you snort with laughter, failing miserably to hide it. 

James sat next to you and glared at you.

You only giggled, “Have you done something new with your hair, James?”

“Ha ha,” He responded sarcastically, getting closer to your face.

You felt butterflies in your stomach, it’s only because I hate him so much, not because he’s attractive or anything, you attempted (and failed) to convince yourself.

There was a pause and you could’ve sworn James glanced at your lips for a moment. 

He looked back up at your eyes.

“Just you wait, Y/n. You won’t know what hit you.” 

He got up to leave and you suddenly had a moment of confidence. You stood up with him and looked straight into his anger glistened eyes, but.. there was also something else there…. lust? No… 

You shook the feeling and moved along, “Do tell me, James,” you said with very smug mock concern, “where’s Sirius?”

James’s confidence faltered, “T-That’s none of your business. Why? Do you… care about him or something?” James finished quickly.

You scoffed and put your face even closer to his, “No, my guess is just that poor little Padfoot was too scared to leave his dormitory with pink hair.”

James fumed even more, getting even closer to your face, “Padfoot can do whatever he wants, he just wasn’t hungry this morning.”

“Sure,” you smiled falsely, sitting down as James began to clam down and start to walk away

“Just,” you waited for James to turn around, “tell him I’m sure he looks ravishing.”

You saw James’s fists clench as he stormed out of the Great Hall. You let out a short breath and looked over at your friends, who were smirking at you. 

“What?” for some reason you blushed. 

Y/f/n looked back and forth between you and the door, “This little charade is cute to watch, but we all know you are head over heels for James.”

You mouth fell opened and for some reason you blushed harder, becoming flustered, “N-no… No! There is no way I could ever like… him. I mean, he’s… annoying! Um…” you blushed as you struggled to think of things. On any other day you could make a list of 101 reasons why James Potter is a self-absorbed prat, but right now, you were a stuttering mess. 

“Sure,” y/f/n smirked.

“I don’t… like him,” you mumbled to yourself, standing up from the table and walking out the doors of the Great Hall.


“I’m telling you, Padfoot, shes-”

“- So bloody annoying, we know!” Sirius rolled his eyes as he straightened his beanie.

“I think she seems nice,” Peter interjected, “She helped out with my charms homework one time.”

James shot Peter an angry look and pointed to his hair, “Does this seem nice?”

Peter looked at the ground.

“What in Merlin’s name are you doing?” Remus had arrived at the Gryffindor common room to see James standing in the middle of Peter and Sirius filling a  metal bucket with water. 

“I’m,” James said confidently, “going to get y/n back for messing with me and Sirius.”

“This is such a stupid idea,” Remus sighed.

“Whatever,” James was almost done filling up the bucked. 

“Don’t you think it’s a little odd how much time you’ve invested into thinking about Y/n? I mean, you’re always talking about her,” Peter asked.

“That’s because she makes me angry,” he responded, talking to Peter as though he was a child.

“Are you sure,” Remus said cautiously, “you don’t… like her?”

“W-what?” James said, a blush appearing on his cheeks, “That. Is. Ridiculous. I could never like her! Sure, she’s kinda hot, and good at playing pranks, and funny, and smart,” he looked up at his friends, who were now on the verge of laughing. He blushed harder, “But that’s not the point! She’s the worst!”

“Sure, Prongs,” Sirius rolled his eyes once more.


You wiped the tears off of your eyes, trying you best to stay calm and collected. 

You looked down at the crumpled paper in your hand. You couldn’t do this anymore.

Your pureblood family had officially disowned you, sending a letter to let you know that for Christmas break (which was only a week away) you wouldn’t have any home to go home to, and basically said ‘good luck with finding a place to stay over the summer, blood traitor.’ After making tons of Gryffindor friends, you parents had warned you to fall in with the right crowd, perhaps hand out with Regulus Black. You ignored their warnings and began pointing out their racists comments and ideals at home. After years of defending muggle-borns, half bloods, and ‘blood traitors,’ they had finally decided that you weren’t a member of their family. 

You looked up at the Fat Lady, she didn’t even ask you for the password, just giving you a ‘I’m sorry, dear,’ and letting you in. Immediately you were covered in water, charmed with some sort of spell to make you slip every time you got back up. You heard James’s laughter and looked up from where you were sitting on the ground. 

“I told you not to mess with me, Y/n!”

You remained silent and held up the soaking parchment, black ink running off the paper.

The last time you would ever hear from your family, and it was ruined. 

You felt your voice crack and you began to sob. Hugging the letter close to your body you cried the hardest you ever had in your life. 

“Y-yn?” James seemed worried now, “I-it was only a joke I never meant to hurt you feelings I swear, I’m so sorry,” he said genuinely.

You heard Remus mutter a spell under his breath and the water slid off your face and clothes and back into the bucket, leaving you perfectly dry. You felt a glimmer of hope and looked at the letter again. It was dry, but all that was left of the writing was black blobs. You put a hand over your mouth and stared at the letter, tears streaming down your face but no longer sobbing, this was it. Your parents were done with you, and you knew it was all your fault. Id only you had just done what they asked… you might still have a family. 

“Y/n..” James said quietly and he slowly sat down on the ground next to you, “What’s wrong?”

You honestly didn’t care who it was anymore, you just needed someone there. You turned and put your head in James’s chest and he slowly wrapped his arms around you, still confused. 

“T-they don’t want me anymore,” your muffled voice said.


You ripped away from James, standing up and waving the letter around, tears running down your cheeks and almost in hysterics.

“My fucking parents! My whole fucking family! I got fucking disowned!” You heard yourself laugh, “I got fucking disowned! How funny is that? They sent me a letter and said ‘good luck out there! We don’t fucking want you anymore!’ And now,” you stopped laughing and your voice quieted, you looking at the parchment in your hand, “The last letter I have from them is destroyed.”

James rushed over to you and pulled you into a hug, “I’m so sorry, y/n.”

You cried silently into his chest and the two of you slowly sat down on the ground. Eventually you looked up at him to see he was crying as well. 

“James,” you laughed a little, in spite of everything wrong with your life, “Why are you crying? My family didn’t disown you,” you were able to joke.

You wiped a tear from his cheek and he smiled back, breaking your heart, “Because you’re crying.” 


“I don’t like to see you cry.”

“Why is that?” You whispered back after a short pause.

“Because you deserve to be happy,” he responded in the same whisper.

“Do you know what makes me happy?” You asked, feeling confident in his arms.

James simply shook his head.


James closed the gap between the two of you and you ran a hand through his hair. 

You pulled apart after a few moments, both of your eyes red and puffy from crying.

“You know what?” James said excitedly, “You can come stay with my family for Christmas! My parents will love you!”

You laughed at his excitement and looked up at him, “Can you believe you hated me just a few days ago?”

James blushed, “i never hated you. Love is shockingly easily mistaken for hate.”

Hello, it took me a while but I think it’s about time for me to answer this…!

I hope my answer can be helpful to you; I’m trying my best to answer it!
(It’s probably not the best, but if it could help you even a little..!)

Finding inspiration… There’s plenty of way to find inspiration.
For me, finding inspiration in all the thing I do(from personal project to my school assignment; which is graphic design related)always start from gathering reference.

I think, with gathering so many references and inspiration will certainly help and expand your library! References and inspiration can be found almost everywhere; social media is a great platform for you to gather references. What is your interest? You might want to start from this.
I took great interest in food, homey settings, warm place and melancholic stuff, so I started looking for tumblr that provides me with these stuff.

Instagram also works, and for graphic design related stuff I usually visit There’s also plenty of other website that gives you inspiration and awesome project, you might want to ask your friends too where did they gather their references! Sharing is always a good thing.

Sometimes! Inspiration also come from your surroundings. It’s always a good idea to write down the ideas you get to your notebook(or to your phone? your choice)! I personally love writing down/drawing out my ideas on my sketchbook because:
1. You can always write down and draw whatever comes to mind; it’s great.
2. I just really love sketchbook
3. It’s easier to edit on phone; which is a big no no for me. Sometimes it’s so easy to erase down an idea or inspiration you find with your phone; but there is no bad idea..! you will never know if your idea or the stuff you come up with is actually useful in the future. Something that seems dumb or stupid can turn out to be good later- so never, ever, erase your idea. WRITE THEM ALL DOWN…. even if it looks bad!!
Maybe you will find more to it, who knows!

Always look around you; even if everything looks the same, even a smallest thing can spark a new idea. I personally find inspiration from the stuff around me; or the things that landed on my tl/dashboard. You saw a curry rice and feel like drawing it? draw it out!

There will be time when you’re completely stuck and have no idea what to do, then it’s time to go out!

I’m an intorvert and going out can be such a hassle; but it’s really important to go out and find inspiration from your surroundings. Go find a place that you don’t usually visit. I personally like to try out a new cafe; or just visiting the one that i really like helps too. Sometimes you’re probably just bored of your surrounding/workplace, so going out for a change of pace is really important. Then again, everyone deals with this issues differently, you mighy find another suitable method for you for a change of pace.(My friend usually try out to listen to new music she don’t usually listen to, and it helps too!)

I think these are a small bit of advice that I can offer…!
TL;DR version..

1. Carry a sketchbook/notebook everywhere to write down ur idea
2. never erase an idea, no matter how bad it is!!
3. Start from pencil and paper, not from PC(because with pc, there’s tendency of doing undo and u will stuck forever)
4. Go out once in a while, try out new place, new cafe, etc
5. Listen to new music
6. Expand your reference source!
7. Ask for feedback from friend too if needed
8. Do a personal project for once in a while that makes you happy. Something that interest you, perhaps?

I hope this helps…! If you want to discuss more, do hit me up, I’m egaer to talk c:

Just Because It’s There

So, always remember that just because you have a thought doesn’t make it right. 

We INTPs seem to be convinced that our logic is magical and can work through anything given enough time. And, because we’re generally lauded as being intelligent, we can let it go to our heads if we’re not careful. 

And we think that all of our ideas are good ideas. I mean, we say we don’t, but deep down we do.

“Oh, I’m so weird, I’m such a stupid idiot for thinking such and such so differently from other people.” - Most INTPs

Well, you aren’t really fooling people with that facade of humility. We INTPs generally are pretty proud about our brains. And we need to stop.

Our brains are junk if we don’t have enough sense to learn how to use our logic properly. So, remember that just because something makes sense in your head doesn’t mean it actually makes sense. Logic is a tool, and tools can be used to build all sorts of crazy and ridiculous things that don’t really work.

Remember to always couple your logic with deference. Believe me, you’ll learn a lot more if you do.