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Touch (Ezarel)

A/N: This is the first one-shot I make about Ezarel so I´m kinda afraid it´s not good enough…To be honest I had this idea when I was on vacation but Inever thought it until the end so now I think that the end of the one-shot is stupid?! I don´t know…you all, read if you feel like it and I do not take insurance for anyone´s mental state after this, because I write weird stuff. u.u

I do hope you enjoy reading it ^^

He hated being touched by others. He didn´t like the feeling of it and that´s why everyone was always careful to not touch the elf. Everyone except guardienne. She tried to avoid it, she really did, but there were times that she touched him by instinct,just like when she hugged him a few days ago.

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Hi! I know for scenarios, you only want several boys, but what about reacts? I'm just requesting the Sakamaki brothers but if it's too much then just pick the ones you want, if that's alright? How would the Sakamakis react if the heroine woke them up asking if they could curl up with them? Thank you and sorry if this is stupid x( 💛

Admin Mawile: (ノ^∇^) So far, scenarios are the only things with a character limit because of how long they are and how much effort they take to write.


-Waking him up is always a pretty terrible idea. Even if you are allowed to lie down with him, there’s a painful punishment waiting for disturbing him. You’re lucky that you make a good pillow, or else you’d be ignored entirely in favor of a more peaceful rest. 


-He’s annoyed that you woke him up for something so ridiculous. You obviously need more training, if this is how rude you become the moment he’s not there to guide you. You won’t be allowed to sleep next to him; more likely, you’ll be left to stand in a corner and think about what you’ve done wrong.


-Most likely, he’ll just use you willingly getting so close as an opportunity to bite you. And then laugh at you how stupid you are for thinking he’d take pity and allow your request. After that, he might let you stay, but the teasing and bites will only continue once you can no longer just walk away. 


-He absolutely screams at you for disturbing him, furious that one of his few peaceful rests was disturbed for such a stupid reason. Why would he want some annoying, noisy human to sleep with when he already has his perfect Teddy? How arrogant you must be to assume he’d accept you instead.


-Of course you can sleep with him, he’d be happy to make room for you and give you plenty of attention. If you were just wanting to sleep, you’d be better off leaving him alone, because Laito is guaranteed to turn it into something that’s the exact opposite of sleeping. 


-If you can even get the lid of his coffin open, Subaru is dangerously likely to try to hit you when he’s startled awake. After that, he’ll just be angry to be disturbed (and slightly embarrassed by how fluffy a request you have). All you’ll get out of it is yelled at and then ignored. 

When I joined tumblr years ago, I used to do the noob thing and self promote thinking it was a good idea at the time because other people did it and it “seemed acceptable” until I learned promoting my blog on other people’s work was lame as hell, plus I’d be anxious all the time about people coming and giving me shit for being a shameless self promoter and also because I’ve realized and learned about how annoying it is taking credit for shit that ain’t mine and the artist always deserves the credit and respect for their hard work, any way who wants to see all that promo writing on every post. I’m just saying, promoting on people’s art is kinda sad and I don’t want to lower myself or embarrass myself by taking credit for other people’s work. Glad I learned better.

I mistook our hour phone calls and the constant laughs and nicknames as interest and for that I am so sorry but nothing left me feeling more stupid and confused than the mystery of us.

I was always good at reading signs and solving puzzles or at least I thought i was until I put our puzzle pieces together, when we came from completely different sets. and I’m sorry but my head just cant grasp the idea that you do not care about me in that way because the signs were all there.  I’m sorry but they were there and you put them there. 

And I’ve tried to make sense of it, trust me I have. I’ve been staying up until the sun comes up everyday and sleeping the day away and its not on purpose, it isn’t. Its just that days don’t feel like days without you, the light is just too bright and I can’t find the damn sun because you were my sun. and your not here. god damn it why the fuck aren’t you here?

—  “I like you as a friend” 
Nate Maloley - Ruined dinner

Request:  Can you do an imagine where you are dating Nate and all the guys and you and Madison go somewhere and hate Madison? And Nate and Sammy try and keep you calm and not kill her?

I would like to say that I wrote this for a request and I don’t have the same thoughts on Madison as in the imagine, actually I don’t even care about what she does or who she dates, I don’t know anything about her, it’s all just a fiction.

“You ready babygirl?” Nate shouted from downstairs.

“Almost!” I yelled back fixing my hair for the last time. We were going out with all the boys for dinner, because the Jacks were in town again, so we decided to a have a little get together. It seemed like a good idea until I heard that Gilinsky would bring Madison with him.

I only met her a few times but those were catastrophic. She always insulted me covertly, or would get offended by something stupid and she could get so annoying and clingy, I couldn’t stand it. Besides, sometimes she just crosses the line and get too close to the boys, I didn’t understand why Jack didn’t see it.

Nate knew my feelings towards her and offered me to just stay at home, but there was no way Madison could keep me away from my favorite boys. I decided that I won’t let her ruin the night.

When I was ready I went down finding Nate on the couch fully dressed ready to leave.

“You look stunning lil’mama” he smirked at me causing me to blush. He never forgot to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We have been together for two years now and it was the best time of my life.

“Thank you, you look great too. Can we go?” I asked lacing my fingers into his.

“Hell yeah.”

We picked up Sammy and when we got to the restaurant Johnson and Nash was already there. As we sat down and talked a few words Gilinsky and Madison arrived. She had like the shortest skirt ever on, even I couldn’t look away from her legs.

Nobody told her that we were going to go to a restaurant, not a strip club, I thought to myself but just kept smiling.

We all ordered when the waiter came and then just talked about what happened since we last seen each other.

I was talking to Gilinsky about their last show, when Madison decided that it was time for me to shut up.

“So it was really excited and stuff” G grinned. I was about to ask something but I didn’t have the chance.

“Jack, baby, do you think I should have ordered some salad instead?” Madison asked in confusion looking at the menu.

“Baby, what are you talking about, you can eat whatever you want.” And with that, my conversation with Jack was over because Madison wouldn’t stop talking about carbs. Nate noticed that I got a little tensed and placed his hand on my thigh squeezing it softly.

“You alright baby?” he asked quietly and I just nodded.

After that I started to talk to Johnson, he was telling me about a nice girl he met lately, but yet again, Madison had something to say about it too.

“I think you could find a better girl J, like Jack found me.” She smiled like she just said something nice while it was quite rude to say it about a girl she never even met. Plus, this girl seemed like a really nice person from what Johnson told me.

“I’m sure Jack is lucky to have you, but it doesn’t mean Johnson can’t decide who is best for him on his own.” I said trying to keep calm, while gripping Nate’s hand on my lap.

“It was just my opinion” she said with big eyes, like I just said something offensive, but I just tried to stick up for Johnson.

“Yeah, whatever” I shrugged.

“Don’t listen to her Y/N” Sammy told me turning towards me. “You were right.” I smiled at him thankfully.

The waiter brought our meals and everyone started to eat like hungry children.

“Can I have a bite?” I asked Nate pointing at his plate. He ordered some kind of pasta, it looked delicious.

“Sure” he smiled. But then again, Madison interrupted.

“Do you always do that?” she asked innocently, like she wasn’t about to annoy the shit out of me.

“Do what?” I asked impatiently.

“Eat Nate’s food. You should have just ordered it if you wanted to try it out.”

“Why does it matter to you? I asked Nate if I can have a bite, and he said yes, because we do this a lot. We are a couple, we share what we have, Madison, is there a problem with that?” I was getting really annoyed even though I tried so hard not to lose my mind.

“Isn’t it frustrating for you Nate?” she asked blinking at him.

“No, of course it’s not” he said confused she even asked it.

“Okay, can we move on? Everyone eat their own meal, but if someone wants to share, then let it be!” Sammy spoke up, I could tell he started to have enough of Madison too.

Everyone cooled down and continued to eat. When we finished we stayed a little more to just talk and spend some more time together and Nash started to tell a story about his little trip to New York.

“Yeah, so they gave this huge amount of M&M’s, I have never seen this much in my entire life” he laughed.

“You should have just bring some for us, Nash” I joked knowing all the boys love M&M’s so much.

“You would want to eat that much candy, Y/N?” Madison looked at me with wide eyes.

“Of course not” I said thinking it was obvious.

“Good, because I wouldn’t recommend it for you.” This was it. I had enough of her shit. Nate saw I was about to blow up and grabbed my hands in between his, but it didn’t matter anymore.

“What did you just say?” I asked holding my breath back, all the guys went completely silent.

“This much candy wouldn’t be too good for you, I mean, Nate wouldn’t want you to gain some weight, am I right?” She was smiling like she said some kind of wisdom or I don’t know. I couldn’t believe this girl. Even Gilinsky looked ashamed of what she just said.

“I don’t think it would matter, Madison” Nate growled. Now he was pissed off too, he didn’t like it when someone was picking on me.

“That’s sweet, let’s agree that it’s true.”

“That’s enough” I said and jumped to my feet but before I could do anything, Nate stood up and held me back.

“Yes, enough, it was good to see you, but we have to go and… take our cat… to a specialist.” Even if I was so mad I laughed at his ridiculous excuse. We didn’t even have a cat and everyone knew it, except Madison. But the boys understood that it would be the best if we just left.

We grabbed our things, left some money that covered our meals and then quickly left.

“She is such a bitch, I don’t even get it why Jack is with her! How can someone be this annoying?” I was still so mad I could punch Madison in her face, luckily we were far away from her now.

“Keep calm baby, she doesn’t even know what she is talking about” Nate tried to chill me down when we got into the car.

“She ruined the whole dinner!” I whined.

“I know, but breaking her nose won’t solve the problem.”

“It would make me feel better” I muttered and Nate laughed at my comment.

“That’s my baby.”

“And would you love your baby with some weight on too?” I asked innocently, but I was just curious if what he said was true.

He glanced at me while driving and smirked at me.

“Of course, if you are okay with it, I’m okay with it. It’s your body and I love it either way. And I love you.”

“Aw I love you too. But don’t worry, I don’t plan to become a whale” I laughed.

“As I said, it wouldn’t matter lil’mama” He winked at me.

He was the best thing in my life.


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im asking you all the albums (And ep's) from the fall out boy ask meme

eowyg: say something nasty about your ex.
Lol I really dodged a bullet when we broke up because you’re not going anywhere with your life working part time at walmart & living at home

ttyyg: what are 5 things that make you angry?
People who are stupid… like how do you do that to yourself?
Not getting enough alone time
Repeating myself
When some sort of technology doesn’t work/malfunctions
Not having ideas for things

futct: what was your first major success?
Oh goodness i don’t even know… I’ve always just been a successfully average person in life with no major successes

ioh: what is your sexuality?
I’ve honestly been questioning it a lot, but i am at least somewhat on the ace spectrum

fad: are you mentally ill?
Not professionally diagnosed, but i would kinda like to know what they had to say… But i definitely have some sort of anxiety and depression and trich

srar: what was your greatest triumph?
i’ve already answered this one!

ab/ap: are you missing anyone?
MY DOGS! But no specific people. I wish I had someone to miss.

truth or dare

anon asked: Hi there darling! I love your writing so much! Could I please have a Minghao scenario where all of Seventeen knows that you two like each other so they make you confess during truth or dare and then maybe something else ;) happens? Thank you so much! <3

type: minghao scenario

genre: fluff

word count: 939

summary: being forced to confess through truth or dare is always a good time

“Joshua, truth or dare?” Jun asked from across the room. You had heard the question at least 20 times in the past 30 minutes, because someone thought it’d be a good idea to play.

So far, Wonwoo had his nails painted pink, Seungcheol had no pants or shirt on, and Jihoon was sitting in Mingyu’s lap. The other half of the game was stupid questions like “Do you wish you had a different roommate?” or “Who’s your favourite member?”

You were sat beside Jeonghan and Hansol on the couch, eating your way through a bowl of popcorn. It was around midnight, and even though they had schedules tomorrow, they all insisted on playing truth or dare. You went along with it because you really didn’t feel like arguing with them if you said you didn’t want to play.

You looked up from your popcorn when you heard your name being called by Mingyu, who was asking you the dreaded question – truth or dare. As you looked up, you briefly made eye contact with Minghao, who was sitting directly across from you. You felt a blush creep up onto your cheeks before you quickly looked away, answering Mingyu’s question with ‘truth.’ 

Minghao was the only member of Seventeen who you felt awkward talking to. It was probably because you had a tiny crush on him, and of course this was over-exaggerated when the rest of Seventeen found out about it. You only told Seungkwan, but he told everyone else after spending 15 minutes laughing about it. 

You had a really bad feeling that the only reason they decided to play this game was so that you’d have to confess your feelings about Minghao. Of course, you could’ve lied if the question ever came up but everybody except for Minghao, you hoped, already knew the truth. You’d liked him for a couple months now, but that didn’t mean that you wanted to do anything about it; although you were sure that Seventeen had complete ulterior motives.

“Who do you find the cutest out of us?” Mingyu asked with a wink, leaning back on his hands. All of the boys began ooo-ing and staring at you as your face flushed.

“I’m gonna offend 12 people no matter what I say, so I’m going to have to go with all of you. You’re all equally cute.” You laughed, throwing another piece of popcorn in your mouth.

“That’s not what you told me last week,” Seungkwan started with a smirk, causing everyone else to go silent. “Don’t lie, Y/N.”

You glared at him, and you knew that you were right. Either you were going to confess yourself, or someone was going to do it for you.

“I’m not lying, you’re all cute as a button.” You said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“We’ll get it out of her eventually.” Mingyu said, clapping his hands together and moving on with the game. 

They all went around again, exchanging truths and dares before it inevitably got back to you. You decided to pick dare this time because your confession was going to happen no matter what, so you figured you might as well have fun with it. You knew you were going to regret it.

“No backing out this time,” Seokmin started, staring directly at you as you nodded. “Go kiss the member you think is the cutest.”

It was now or never – do or die. You stood up from the couch and began walking over to Minghao with every pair of eyes on you. Your heart was beating so fast you thought it was going to burst out of your chest, and you could hear stifled laughter coming from everyone. You sat down cross-legged in front of Minghao and gave him a shy smile, causing him to go bright red.

You slowly leaned in and planted a kiss directly onto his lips, earning shouts and yelling from the rest of the boys. You both pulled away and somehow, Minghao was a brighter shade of red than he was before. You were sure you looked exactly the same.

“You-you really think I’m the cutest?” He stuttered, looking down at his lap.

“No, you idiot. I just kissed you because I think Joshua’s the cutest. Of course I think you’re the cutest.” You laughed, hitting his chest lightly.

“Hey!” Joshua yelled, causing everyone to laugh as he sat there with a pout on his face.

“Now, Minghao. Truth or dare?” You said quietly. He replied with a small ‘dare.’

“I dare you two to make out!” Seokmin yelled across the room, and everyone began shouting again in agreement.

He quickly pushed his lips against yours without hesitation, your hands going to the back of his neck as his pulled you into his lap. You wrapped your legs around his waist and began twisting the ends of his hair in your fingers as the kiss deepened. You didn’t care that everyone was watching, all that mattered in the moment was Minghao.

“Okay, okay. That’s enough. You have to come up for air sometime.” Seungcheol said, and you pulled away to see him covering Chan’s eyes with his hands.

“Y/N, truth or dare?” Minghao said breathlessly, and you turned back around to face him.


“I dare you to be my girlfriend.” He said, a big smile appearing on his face. All you could do was nod as the cheering resumed, and Minghao pulled you to his chest for a hug. 

Maybe truth or dare wasn’t such a bad thing after all, and maybe telling Seungkwan about your little crush wasn’t such a bad thing either. 

a/n: this is so paragraph-happy and really cheesy. i’m sorry for the ending i had no idea what to do also i hope i got ur lil ;) right i tried my best but minghao is literally 5

Gryffindors party, okay but imagine-

Slytherins have dinner parties to celebrate, they amuse themselves with telling tales of the stupid things they saw other Houses do.

Ravenclaws have book readings- sometimes a group choses a book to read and they come together to discuss it but other times it’s like story time (Tolkien is a long-standing favorite)- and ‘magic tournaments’ where they get to show off what they’ve learned, how well they learned and it’s not always classroom-taught.

They also, have games and it’s terrifying because they are competitive and someone thought it’d be a good idea to introduce Monopoly.

It was not but they enjoy it so…

Hufflepuffs have what is basically slumber parties; food is filched from the Kitchens, furniture from the common room is replaced by blankets and pillows, funny stories are told and games are played (Tonks is the reigning champion at charades) and books are read aloud, there’s even the occasional pillow fight. After the younger years are asleep though, the upper years try scaring each other with scary stories.

I'll Be Good

“Love,” Calum says before looking up at me instead of the white duvet. “I will let you go.”

Originally posted by teasecalum

Words: 3000+

Request: No

Rating: R

(Or the one were Calum already broke Y/N. But now, she finally leaves.)

Author Note: I got the idea from one of my favourite music groups Years & Years. (Song xx) I suggest you listen to the song before you read because then you would get the gist of it! (Or do whatever, I don’t control you!)

I should’ve known that he was lying the first time I found out, I just decided not to. I mean, how stupid can I be. I’ve always said that if a guy ever cheated on me I wouldn’t give him a second chance, but here I am and allowing a guy to break my heart again and again, and I just let him.

The first time I’ve heard about Calum cheating was when he was on his second world tour. Calum always told me not to listen to the tabloids and just listen to him, but it was quite hard to not listen to the tabloids when the pictures just seem so real.

“Cal?” I ask, my voice wavering as I look threw the magazine that has Calum kissing a girl in a nearly dark lit night club, except of the glowing neon lights that brighten somewhat of the picture, but it is enough for me to see this girl kissing Calum. “Hey love, what’s up?” Calum ask, his voice nonchalant like nothing happen, like he didn’t do anything. “So, I’m like in the grocery store right? And I see this picture of you and, and it says that your cheating on me,” I choke out, as I try my hardest not to cry my eyes out in the grocery store probably lurking around with paparazzi, like how it was outside.

“Love, you know I wouldn’t ever cheat on you,” Calum breaths into the phone. “But Calum they seem so real. Like you’re in a nightclub in one of photos and then there is one were your pulling a girl into the bathroom? Calum, if you’re doing it just tell me. It would hurt way less than me finding out.” I breathe, as I feel a tear run down my cheek and I quickly move my hand to wipe it off my cheeks.

“Jesus Christ, Y/N its Photoshop, you know this. And you also know that I would not do this to you. Love remember what I said when we first got together, you have to believe me, not the magazines, not the news, you have to believe me.” Calum speaks his voice stern and caring all in one. I take a huge breath before nodding my head and placing the magazine back onto the rack and tugging my way along the bread aisle. “I guess it was stupid for me to believe them, yeah?” I laugh as I hear Calum’s laugh also. “Y/N it’s not stupid. I mean it’s your first time being with person that’s like really famous, so I can’t blame you for getting this scared. I love you, just remember that,” Calum tells me. I speak back the words that Calum said to me before canceling the call and stuffing my phone into my purse.

The second time I’ve heard, well more like witness, Calum cheating before my eyes was when Calum came back home from his second tour.

“Love can you get my phone from the night stand please!” Calum calls as I see him walking to the fridge to get another beer while the soccer game is on commercial. “Yeah sure,” I breathe out as I finish the last article of clothing to get folded. I put the basket back onto the ground before dusting my hands and making my way upstairs and into Calum’s and I’s  room to get his phone on the nightstand.

As I grasp the phone in my small dainty hands, I feel Calum’s phone vibrate in my hand, as I stare down at it I see the text message run across the screen. ‘When are you coming back on tour? I miss you sooooooo much :( ‘I feel my breath hitch as I continue to re-read the message over and over again. I finally look at the contact name and it says Sandy. So I guess Sandy is the one that is seeing Calum while he has a few days off from tour.

“Love, what are you? What are you doing,” Calum ask as he makes his way over to me and takes the phone out of my hand. “Who’s Sandy, Calum?” I ask, as I place my hands on my hips and stare at Calum as he looks at the message before looking at me. “She’s just a fan that I met on tour,” Calum breaths out before placing his hands on his hips also.

“Oh is she now? Is this ‘fan’ of yours the one that you have been cheating with me on? Is this ‘fan’ of yours the person that you see when you have your days off tour instead of seeing me?” I state as I feel the tears in the back of my eyes. “Y/N do you hear yourself right now? You sound crazy! You know that I would never do that to you!” Calum exclaims before taking my hands in his.

“Do I? Do I actually know that you wouldn’t have done that,” I state before letting go of Calum’s hands and walking back into our room and begin packing my stuff. “Baby, where are you going?” Calum ask as he stands near the door way and looks at me packing my stuff. “I’m going to stay at Jessica’s house tonight? Clear my head, and maybe think.” I say my voice hollow and stern.

“What are you going to think about there? Can’t you think about it here?”Calum breaths, out while running his hand threw his chestnut hair. “I’m going to think about if I should stay with you or if I should go.”

There were many more but these memories were probably the ones that hit me more than any of the other ones because they were basically just repeated. The text messages, the tabloids and its pictures, and then the phone calls, and then the constant lying it’s just too much for me.

“Love, why are their suitcases by the door?” I hear Calum yell from downstairs before I hear his feet shuffling up the stairs and his footsteps padding along the hallway until they reach the front of our bedroom.  

“Whose stuff is in suitcase downstairs? Is your mom coming to stay a few days?” Calum asks as he places his case down in front of the closet doors. “It’s mine,” I speak while staring at Calum. Calum knots his eyes in confusion before speaking again.

“Where are you going? It looks like all your stuff is packed,” Calum breaths out. I nod my head while standing and making my way over to him. “All my stuff is packed Calum. I’m going to leave. Like for good. I can’t keep doing this anymore,” I say as I wave my hand between the both of us.

“All the stuff that you did to me, it ripped me apart. All the lying that you did to me, all the constant text messages, and arguing, it ripped me apart! God it did, and you still told me to listen to you and never the tabloids but god Calum you just ruined me, you know? You just lied to me every time I asked if you ever cheated on me. And the worst part is, is that I let you! I let you lie to me and hurt me; you broke my heart so much that I don’t think I even have a heart anymore. There just scattered around every room in this house that you lied to me in. I’m sorry Calum, but I’m done, I can’t do this anymore. This pain is just too much.  I played too many games with you,” I state.

“Love, I’m so sorry, but I can fix this. I swear I can fix this. I’ll stop everything just for you! You’ve been there for me at all my toughest moments but now it’s my turn for me to be there for you and all your toughest moments.” Calum breaths out before I see tears run down his cheeks. “I’m sorry Calum but you’re too late,” I breathe out.

“Love, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’ll make it better, I’ll be better. I’ll do what you like if you stay the night! Just don’t leave me, you’re all I have, and I know that I treated you like shit, like utter shit, but I’ll be good, just for you. I love you so much, love , just give me one more chance,” Calum cries out, and it breaks my heart to see him like this.

“I give you too many chances, Calum.” I breathe out, and my stern face and steady voice manages to disappear and I feel my cheeks begin to burn under my skin and tears begin to fall down my burning cheeks. I don’t even get to wipe my burning and tear soaked cheeks before I feel Calum hands wiping my tears away and pressing his lips against mine.

Here I am, crawling under his skin and trying to breathe as he continues to drag me back down with him, but he isn’t dragging me back down. I’m sinking. I’m pressing myself into him and holding his neck with all the passion that I crave for him. I’m pressing my lips against his like this will be the last time we will ever meet again, like the many times I have done when he is about to fly off to another city. “You hurt me Calum. You hurt me so fucking much,” I breathe against his lips as he continues to wipe the tears down my blazing cheeks before pressing his lips against mine. He has, Calum has hurt me so much and I just can’t seem to let him go because I’m just so in love with him and when you’re just in love with someone for so long, you just accept what they do and you don’t push them away, because for me I surely can’t.

“I know love, I hurt you so fucking much and I’m sorry about that, just don’t leave me, please,” Calum voice cracks as he speaks to me. I love him. I love him so much, and I have always seen a future with him. “I don’t want to leave you Calum, but I have to. I can’t keep on getting hurt by you.” I say to him while brushing the tears that run down his now blazing cheeks.  

“I just can’t let you go, fuck,” Calum huffs out before gasping me by my neck gently and pressing his lips against mine. His lips stay on mine until his tongue swipes my bottom lip and I grant his invitation before his tongue is dancing on mine. Swirling, and twirling around on my tongue. Calum removes his hands from my neck and grasp my hips into his hand and he picks me up like I weigh nothing.

From there he carries me to the bed and gently places me down on the bed before gently placing a kiss on my forehead and from their he cascades his lips down my lips to my neck and then my collarbones. I moan as his lips meet mine again before his sinful fingers begin to tug up blouse and throw it over my head. “You’re so beautiful. You have such a beautiful body. Beautiful face, beautiful personality, beautiful hair, beautiful lips. You’re just so beautiful,” Calum whispers to himself but loud enough for me to hear and my stomachs flutter but my heart also broke, because how many girls has he said that to.

A moan falls from my lips when I feel Calum’s burning lips press down my stomach before his long slender fingers begin to undo the belt, buttons, and zipper on my jeans before tugging them off with my panties. Calum leaned back down, opening me up and licking gently. “Fuck,” Calum whispered leaning further in and licking more, everywhere except my clit, where Calum knew I needed him the most.

“Calum, fuck,” I moaned brokenly. “Don’t fucking stop. Feels so good,” I whined as I buried my head into the bed and my hands into his now messy hair. I felt Calum’s hands move away from holding my thighs to running his hands down the curve of my body. Calum flicked my clit with the tip of his tongue, and I know that he felt me tense up a little.

“You’re so sensitive here, huh?” Calum asked, while he looks up from me in between his thighs and I just moan from the sight. And Calum does it again and again until he was licking my clit faster and faster, feeling my muscles tense up beneath him.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come,” I moan as my thighs begin to quiver against Calum’s face and my hips stuttering. “Don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m gonna come, baby.” I moan out, and I feel one of Calum’s arms let go of my stuttering hips and interlock his fingers with mine. “Calum, fuck,” I moan as my hips were bucking up to meet Calum’s tongue, and my words becoming a babbling mess. “Shit, fuck.” I whimpered, my hips moving faster until I came, crying out Calum’s name.

Calum worked me through my orgasm before rising up and licking his lips and pressing them against mine. I pull away from Calum’s lips, before getting on my knees and quickly peeling his t-shirt over his head, after Calum peels off his shirt he begins to tug of his pants and boxers off before pressing his lips against mine once again. And I know that I am not thinking, I know that I am not thinking clearly because the only person that I am thinking about right now is Calum. Calum is the only thing that I  am focusing on right now. I am only focusing on how Calum is staring at me as he presses his thick, heavy, member inside of me.

I moaned out at the feeling, only knowing that this will be the last time before I will ever be intimate with someone again. Calum begin thrusting, just gentle little bumps of his hips but every two or three strokes he’d circle his hips which would make me cry out. I widened my thighs as Calum’s muscles relaxed some more while also burying himself deeper in me.

“Fuck, Calum!” I gasped, wild with passion. “Fuck! Let me… love… you…” Calum panted out desperately while his eyes met mine. “Calum,” I whimper when Calum thrust into me. Calum grabbed my hips as he sank the farthest he could go. “Yes, fuck, right there” I groaned, flicking my hips to met with Calum’s thrusts.

Our sex was always like this, always intense, and mind-blowing but fuck! This was something else. Maybe it’s because I’m leaving, and never coming back, that Calum is putting all of his love and passion into me. And I wish that it didn’t have to be this way, but I’m tired and this love and passion that Calum is giving me right now, is only fueling me to stay with him, and I don’t want that.

“I love you,” Calum whispers, his voice ruined as tears begin to build up in his eyes before he presses a kiss to my lips and then begins to pick up his paste. It’s starting to get faster, and it’s starting to burn more, the feeling inside me is beginning to burn more, and the tears beginning to run down my cheeks. I gently reach up and grasp Calum’s neck in my hands and press his lips against mine. And they burn, his lips burn against mine, like they always have, like his lips are poison and he is trying to poison me and beat me and break me down, and the sad truth is, that they did.

“I’m gonna come, Calum,” I moan out and open my eyes and look into Calum’s eyes. And their red and Calum just presses his lips to mine before sucking a bruise onto my neck. “Let go love, let go,” Calum breaths before taking his hand and reaching down and rubbing my clit. All I see before I come is those brown eyes. Those brown eyes that use to stare at me constantly with love and happiness, and those brown eyes that use to make me cry with joy and love, but now those brown eyes are making me cry with sadness and worry.

“Fuck, Y/N please, just stay with me, I’ll be good. And I know I made it worse but love, I swear, I’ll be good, I’ll be better. Just give me another chance,” Calum cries out while hugging me tight to his body. And just like Calum, I break down and cry, this isn’t easy, leaving someone that you love, leaving someone that you told everything too, and leaving someone that you spent so much time with isn’t easy, but I have to go. I have to leave. This is for me.

“I’m sorry Calum but I have to go. I have to leave, I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry but I have to go,” I cry out before tugging out of Calum’s strong grip. I grasp the blanket that I have spent so many memories in, and wrap it around my body before picking up all my clothing and tugging them on my body.

“Love, I’ll change. I promise I will change, just don’t leave me,” Calum whispers as he sees me by the door to our bed room. “I thought you love me?” Calum ask, while he moved more of the blanket onto his lap.

“Believe me Calum, I love you, but I can’t, I can’t stay in this relationship that just keeps beating me up. I love you, Calum, and just maybe we could be together again but I don’t know.” I say my voice stern like when he first saw me today.

“Love,” Calum says before looking up at me instead of the white duvet. “I will let you go.”

road trips with luke would include
  • playing “I spy with my little eye”
  • him never letting you sleep because he always wants to talk to you
  • him giving you quick cheek kisses
  • holding hands and running his thumb over the back of your palm soothlingly 
  • All Time Low playing quietly in the backround
  • him making stupid jokes or telling you lame pick up lines
  • stopping to get you some cute flowers he saw
  • “hey Luke, can I drive please?”
  • “I don’t think that’s a very good idea.”
  • still letting you drive bc he can’t resist those puppy eyes
  • clinging to his seat belt and screaming silently
  • “we’re gonna die, we’re gonna die, we’re so gonna die”
  • “okay, that’s enough for one day”
  • him kissing every part of your face when he sees that you’re upset and making you giggle
  • tweeting something like “my girlfriend’s the worst driver ever. still love her though”
  • him singing to you your favourite songs
  • stopping to watch the sunset from the hood of the car
  • him kissing your forehead when you lay your head on his shoulder
  • quiet I love you’s


I think the thing that bothers me most about Cullen’s “redemption arc” is that it’s not a redemption arc. He just shows up in inquisition and we’re supposed to forget everything he did? They decided to make one of the epilogue outcomes in origins into a rumor just so they could make him easier to forgive. They’ll change their own canon just so they can have a likable fanservice character- and of course he’s a templar who was directly involved in mistreating mages. Meanwhile, blood mages are always villainized and killed. Mages turn to blood magic because they’re desperate, because they think there’s no other way they can be free from the templars  and the chantry. Blood magic isn’t exactly a good idea, but it gives them a fighting chance against the templars. But in the game blood mages are portrayed as crazy, stupid, and evil. They’re just people- very desperate people. The templars push them to this point, but we’re still supposed to sympathize with them. Cullen, a very minor character who is never portrayed as good through the first two games, is brought back and given a pretty face and a position as commander of one of the most powerful military forces in Thedas. Anders, a major character who fought against his oppression, is villainized in the games and by the fandom- and the default setting in the keep is where Hawke murders him. I don’t know why bioware is siding with the oppressors and calling it “””grey morality””” but I don’t like it.

anonymous asked:

Hi Dev. I have an important question. How do you know if an idea is good? I'm paranoid to really tell people a lot about mine because I'm paranoid they think its going to be stupid. I tell my family but my paranoia leads me to believe they could be patronizing without knowing it. So how do you know? Or is it just subjective? If I were to pitch them one day would they be laughed at?

My litmus test for whether an idea has merit has always been to ask myself “Can I make this happen by myself? If not, can I make it happen with a 1-3 people I know and can work with?” If the answer is “No”, then it’s probably time to toss the idea out or rework it until the answer is “Yes”. As I’ve gained experience and grown as a developer, the scope of ideas I can answer “Yes” to has steadily grown. I’ve also come to realize that a lot of my early ideas were stupid - they might have had some interesting aspects to them, but they were either too elaborate or just impossible to implement. Keep in mind that “make it happen” could mean “build a prototype to demonstrate the gameplay or principle at work”, not necessarily an entire finished product. Remember, ideas are only good if they can be made a reality.

Ideas are not special snowflakes that need to be nurtured and protected from the harsh realities of the world. Ideas are extremely common. You should always be ready to change or discard your ideas and come up with new ones - nothing is sacred. Ideas exist as potential solutions to a problem. If the idea cannot actually solve the problem, then you must discard them and move on to one that can or revise and fix your failed idea to make it work. To do this, you need to be able to evaluate your idea for feasibility. What are its possible failure points? What assumptions does the idea make? What happens if one or more of those assumptions is wrong?

Remember, pitching an idea is more than just getting someone to buy into the idea itself. Whenever you pitch an idea, what you are really pitching is your ability to make that idea a reality. Nobody is going to pay for someone else’s idea only to do all of the work themselves, not when they are fully capable of making their own ideas a reality. Which goes right back to my litmus test - if I can’t do it myself (or within a small team of people I actually know and can work with), then it’s not a feasible idea and I need to come up with something else that I can do. If you go into game development, you’ll often be asked to come up with ideas to solve problems. In those situations, coming up with an idea that doesn’t involve you solving the problem won’t fly. Any idea that actually gets used will almost certainly require you to make it happen. As your skills improve and you gain experience, the scope of ideas you can say “Yes” to, as well as your ability to determine an idea’s feasibility, will also increase.

Anything For You (Scenario/One Shot/Request)

*Yoonmin inspired by Swipe Left

Summary: Jimin just really wants to do all those cheesy cliches with Yoongi.

Original Scan: ©

“Hyung….hyung….Yoongi hyung…?” There’s an incessant poking at his side and while he dearly cares for the person on the other end of those well toned arms, he’s not below breaking those cute little fingers.

“Hyung…why are you ignoring me?” Jimin’s head is buried into the crook of his arm and torso with his face pressed against his shirt and ribs. They always end up like this, Jimin’s entertained for a few moments before crawling into Yoongi’s bed, looking for affection. Naturally Yoongi doesn’t mind, why else would he sit on his bed and pretend to ignore Jimin?

It’s his way of asking to cuddle, without voicing it out loud.

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im not saying that jotaro was the best father, especially when jolyne obviously has opinions on that, but as far as excuses for being absent, saving the world consistently in order to keep your daughter safe is a p good dad behavior

jolyne is a reliable narrator, one of the most reliable in jojo which is amazing when all of them except for johnny (gappy undetermined) are full of conviction, and she literally says “my father was always gone because he was trying to take care of me and my mom”

so the idea that he isn’t equipped for the responsibility of parenthood and wanting to take care of his family at whatever cost is, uhhh utterly fuckin stupid. while i wouldnt say his character has a great capacity for expressive love, he definitely shows it in a very dedicated way by taking up the responsibility to fight against any threats that could harm his family.

like lmao his last act in the series is to chose between saving the world and saving his daughter, and he goes with his daughter, losing his life in the process - he is entirely dedicated to his family and makes all his choices very deliberately regarding them, i think he makes his decisions entirely based on how much his family could be affected by his lack of action.

anyway, love that dad.

I love Taylor Swift. I will always love Taylor Swift. There’s never been a single day I would not shout it from the rooftops and there will never be a day I wouldn’t shout it from the rooftops. No matter what happens I’m going to defend her. Because I’ve met her and I think I can say that I know her, at least a little bit. That’s how I know that she’s a genuinely good and kind and generous person. Nothing anyone says about her can ever change that opinion. They will always be proven wrong by all the wonderful things she has done, not only for me, but for so many other people. I know we shouldn’t make a big deal about what haters say and what the media says because, let’s be honest, they have absolutely no idea. They’re always going to manipulate and blow everything out of proportion and make their stupid jokes but we are so much stronger as a family, as a fandom. What really makes us special is that we can react to this kind of hate and criticism with kindness and dignity. We have all said certain things in the heat of the moment but I hope that we can just spread love today, even though that’s not what we’re being given. In the end I genuinely hope that Taylor is okay and that Tom is okay.
And the day the media stops making entertainment out of the dating life of a 26 year old woman is gonna be the happiest day ever. Zoe out. Have a nice day guys.

Something I have noticed

I always see people from the left claim that people on the right are anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-poor, anti-black, etc. 

However, I have never stated that a Democrat or Liberal is anti-anything. You know why? Because I actually understand their position and attack their views and reasoning, rather than using stupid buzzwords to make my point. 

I think most Conservatives and Libertarians are really good about this.

I think half the time, liberals have no idea why we evil right-wingers believe what we believe. They just say we are anti-whatever because it’s easier. 

Bertolt is the type of person whose hands are always warm, even on the coldest winter days. Reiner uses this as a good excuse to hold hands whenever they’re out together, because he never seems to have any gloves with him. Bert knows Reiner isn’t stupid, and is convinced that Reiner’s leaving them at home on purpose…