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What do you think of JARVIS? Can he get inside your arm? Has he ever done so? Are you ever concerned about him taking over the world?

i like jarvis. hes everything nickel science fiction novels promised back when i was a kid.

 jarvis–and anyone else for that matter–cant get inside my arm because my arm has no ability to transmit or receive data, except for an internal data port under the armor plates which has to be accessed with a unique cable. so if you can get at it and you have the necessary equipment you can mess with my arm, but it’s impossible to hack while im out doing stuff. 

not that tony or i told anyone that for the first few months. i managed to knock steves glass out of his hands four times, throw things at clint six times, and smack sam upside the head twice before they realized that my arm was not being remotely controlled by ‘the evil Dr Dextrous.’ 

im not concerned about jarvis taking over the world because probably hed be a lot better at keeping things running smoothly that current management. jarvis has managed to keep tony stark mostly alive without actually having hands for like. several decades now. which probably qualifies him for sainthood, or at least a really nice retirement package. i figure after all that chaos managing a few billion non-geniuses without access to flying tanks is basically a cakewalk. 

but since jarvis has more sense than–well. basically any avenger–he knows that taking over the world would be way more stress than its worth.
jarvis is smart like that.

For some reason all I can imagine is when Combeferre admits to Courfeyrac that he likes him, Courf is so surprised and nervous and so didn’t see that coming that he just jazz hands away backwards and into a different room so he can hyperventilate ecstatically in peace and Combeferre is just bemused like that did not go as expected

i think what i’m missing out of taakitz in general is like

i don’t necessarily want Super Romantic Fluff from it- they’re just starting to date- I want Weird Dating Things that people do

i was talking with my roommate and we brought up that one scene from Bob’s Burgers with Linda like “you wanna mess around??? All these turkeys… makin me horny….’ and then like ‘wheeeww my pits are stinky, smell my stinky pits!’ 

like, that’s it, that’s the dating taako experience: he does weird shit that is for some reason endearing?? taako takes off his boots around kravitz and is like “listen, pal, my feet are heinous. just letting you know. like, if you weren’t sort of a dead guy already i’d worry about your safety” 

or taako like “hey, wait, here’s an idea: if i put something in your face while you’re all skulled up, where’s it gonna go when you get handsome again?”


Harrison Ford ☆ A filmography in gifsets and trivia.
[1/?] American Graffiti (1973, Dir. George Lucas), as Bob Falfa.

  • American Graffiti marked the first of Harrison Ford’s many collaborations with George Lucas, and the very first substantial role in his movie career.
  • Even though all the actors were supposed to be playing teenagers, Ford, 30 at the time, was the oldest cast member in a group whose ages ranged from 12 to 27.
  • He initially turned down the role after they offered him 485 dollars a week for it, claiming he could make twice as much as a carpenter, his day job at the time. He eventually accepted when the original offer was raised by just 15 dollars.
  • Falfa famously wore a cowboy hat after Ford himself refused to cut his hair in a ‘60s crew cut, feeling the part was too small and it was not worth the trouble of having to grow it back out for potential future parts.





THIS ISN’T ALLOWED I’M NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*gross sobbing*I can feel my inner dredd kicking in
—  Me, a person who suffers the kinning of that asshole

— and you want revenge.
— i want justice!


So it all worked out, happily ever after.

liquid cowardice

title: liquid cowardice
word count: 3030
summary: Gruvia. Please tell me that this could be easy, I’m tired of waiting for permission to love. Gray, Juvia, and 5 different drinks: gin, tequila, beer, champagne and cosmo Read Here 
tumblr: Part 1 Part 2
a/n: Please listen to Under the Table by BANKS as you read. Enjoy.

1. gin

night after Fantasia Parade

(it’s already started, I tried to stop it, but I already know)

Cana’s advices were always bad. Bad, bad, bad, with a capital B and in all italics.

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“You sent that music into my cell. Why?”
Rhysand’s voice was hoarse. “Because you were breaking. And I couldn’t find another way to save you.”

I could meta or I could just cry. I’m just going to cry. and also  a little bit of meta because just because okay:

Shared loneliness and shared trauma is an integral part of this ship’s dynamic, it just is. Rhys responds to Feyre’s PTSD and depression because he’s felt what she’s felt; he’s been where she’s been but while it’s something that helps them understand one another it isn’t their biggest connector.

Their biggest connector is empathy.

Every time they soften and really bond it’s in moments like this; moments of vulnerability and understanding and compassion. The trauma they’ve both experienced and the things it’s done to them isn’t the linchpin of their relationship, far more important is the fact that, between them, it gives rise to tenderness and hope and light which is what they find in each other.

They each gaze into the other’s soul, so full of darkness and despair, especially Feyre at this point, but they find light and hope in one another instead and give that to each other through their compassion.


Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.


Recently many people say that Kristao is out of time and the other Tao’s ships are the true love, the new general trend. But I think seeing is believing. In the few times when I saw Kris, the most impressive moment happened last December, in Renda’s underground parking garage. Actually at that time there were just a dozen of fans around the van, so I could see and heard clearly what Kris was doing or saying.Tao was ill at that time, I guessed it from his voice. I was about one meter behind his back and I heard him yelling “Wait for me, Kris!” then Kris replied “Yes” and after a while he added “Be careful,Tao-ah!” (Because some fans were about to knock into Tao when they were pushed by the security). Tao’s voice was soft and lightly whiny (like aegyo). Kris’s voice was gentle, like he’s was pampering Tao and really caring about him. At that time I felt that my support for Kristao was right and worthy, even if this kind of emotion just comes out as bromance, it still amazes me.

PS: I had a picture of Tris of that day, I failed to take a video of Tao because I was too close to him.


Translation by my friend Monica, thank you darling. 

I think the photo was taken the 131206 after or before the 6th Top Chinese Music Billboard Awards in Beijing. I recognized Kris’ suit. =) 

The Maze Runner Imagine - Minho

     You, Thomas and Newt stood between the two stone walls, staring out into the vacant Maze.  You looked up at the sky, and saw the sun beginning to set.

     "Where the hell is that shuckface?“  You sighed.  "The doors are gonna start to close any minute now!”

     "This is not like him,“ said Thomas nervously, shifting from side to side on his feet.

     "He’ll make it back,” Newt snapped, “this is the Keeper of the Runners we’re talking about here.”  The boy tried to sound confident, but a quick glance at his face showed that he was just as worried as you and Thomas. 

     You heard a deep rumble and looked up to see the big walls trembling, inching their way together. All three of you backed up a few feet, keeping your eyes glued on that final straight of the Maze.  You started to feel sick, Thomas crouched down on the ground.

     "C'mon Minho,“ you whispered.  As if on cue, a figure emerged around the corner, sprinting towards the exit. The doors were less than three feet apart when the Runner crossed the line into the Glade.

     "Bloody hell Min-” Newt began.

     "Excuse me,“ Minho interrupted, pushing his way between the three of you.

     "He’s not getting let off that easy,” Newt said.


     The three of you waited outside the map room until Minho was finished.

     "Care to explain what happened out there?“  Thomas asked when Minho finally exited the room.

     "What do you mean?”  Minho scoffed.

     "Of all the years you’ve been a Runner, never once have you come back this late!“  Newt exclaimed.

     "I uh, just had a bad day I guess,” Minho replied, looking distracted.

     "Are you hurt?“  You asked, not buying into his answer.

    "No,” he sighed, irritated.

     "Did you discover something new?“  Newt asked.

     "I wish.”

     "Did you get lost?“  Asked Thomas.

     "No!  I just made it back a little late, that’s all!  Don’t worry about it!”  Minho was now shouting.  You all went silent.

     "Obviously something happened,“ you said calmly, "we were worried something bad had happened to you in the Maze.  We’re your friends, Minho, you can tell us anything.”

     "Stop acting like my mother!  You guys really don’t listen, do you?  It’s no big deal!“  Minho walked away, leaving the three of you looking at each other in confusion.


     You found Minho sitting on his bed while everyone else was having fun by the bonfire that night.

     "Hey,” you said, walking up to him and taking a seat right next to him.

     "Hey, (y/n),“ he responded, not looking you in the eye.

     "What’s bugging you?”  You ask him.

     "It’s stupid,“

     "Is it an emotional issue?  Because if it is, it’s not stupid.  These shuckface Creators have taken everything from us, our memories, our families, our freedom.  So it’s totally understandable to feel a little down every now and then!”

     "Okay fine… I got a little distracted in the Maze today, thinking about life,“ Minho sighed.

   "Uh oh, Minho’s having feelings?  That’s not good,” you teased

     "Oh shut up,“ he said smirking, and gave you a light punch in the arm.  "When I look at the Glade, I see all the progress you guys have made.  Then I look at myself, running around, having fun in the Maze while you guys are working your butts off to keep us alive.  You guys have achieved so much over the years, and I can’t even pay you back for it, I haven’t found a way out yet!”

     "Are you kidding Minho?  You Runners are the reason we keep doing what we do here!  The fact that you’re still trying to solve the Maze gives us hope that we’ll get out one day!  So in the meantime, we make this as good a place possible until that day comes, which it will.  Now let’s go to the bonfire and have some fun with the other Gladers while we’re all together in this shuck place.“

     Minho stood up and made his way to the join his friends, you followed.  He turned around to face you.

     "You know why you’re my friend?”  He asked you, smiling.

     "Why?“  You asked back.

     "Cause you’re a girl, and girls know how to deal with these emotions.  You always know what to say.”       “That’s the only reason?”  You said, laughing.

     "And you’re hot too,“

     You rolled your eyes, and Minho ruffled your hair with his hand.