because stuff is happening in that tag i believe


Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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Hey chris! How are you? I was wondering if you know any fics where Derek and Stiles are in a secret relationship. I love this blog btw.


I am well :) I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Here are a few and the bigger list is here In case you missed it because I’ve been terrible at tagging stuff lately :p

When Nothing Else Works by  hannah_baker | 5.9K

Sheriff Stilinski is slowly and begrudgingly accepting the fact that werewolves exist, regular bad things still do happen sometimes, and his son may or may not be dating Derek Hale behind his back.

Or, the one where having Derek Hale in his bed is the only way Stiles can get to sleep. Much to his father’s annoyance.

You Made Me Believe by  kits_lightning | 747

Stiles has been promised to a Prince he’s never met before and they’re about to get married but he can’t stop thinking about the love of his life whom he’s had to leave behind for the good of the kingdom…. or so he believes.

Oh, The Places We’ll Go by  KeriArentikai  | 18.9K

The five friends sat at a table in the student union building, laughing over their fast-food lunches.

“Okay,” said Jackson, “which prof would you bang?”

“Hale,” Erica, Isaac and Stiles all said together. No one was surprised at their answer.

Acacia Honeymoon Hotel by  blue_fjords | 12.1K

After dancing around the attraction for years, Sheriff Stilinski and Melissa McCall have finally gotten together. Same goes for Derek and Stiles. Everything is aces. Except the Sheriff and Melissa haven’t told their sons about their relationship, and Stiles hasn’t told his father about Derek. Everything comes to a head during one crazy weekend at the Acacia Honeymoon Hotel.

It’s almost valentines day and I’ve wanted to do this for ages so what better time then now?!

Fist a special shoutout to a few friends who lighten my days (and dash) and this will get super repetative bc there are only so many combinations of the words “she’s amazing”, but here we go!

@oblviqte OMG YOU GUYS!! Ana is honestly the cutest and funniest person you could ever meet and she always sends me hypothetical frence fries and steak and chocolate and ice cream to save me from the hell that is having a vegetarian sister!! And time zones suck so much becuase we never have time to talk for more then a few minutes (only that is a reason u need to get a scholarship in england bc then we’d be almost in the same timezone and we could talk all the time (and meet honestly bc it’s just like two hours flight!!)) and she stands my constant rambling and freaking out over all kinds of weird stuff and she’s awesome and omg when this this turn into a love letter?! Ok…**collecting the pieces of my mind and heart that’s spread all over the place** long story short she’s the best and everyone should follow her!

@merlinssbeard Febe is my Fandom-Family-Partner-In-Crime (that might be the longest friendship title ever)(and btw you should rly take a look at said fandom fam) and I love her so much she’s so cute and we get along so well and I can’t wait to start up the fandom so we can pull our masterminds together and make it GREAT!!!

@howlingremusMy nr.1 Blackinnon pal (who’s probably so tired of me already bc I send you so many messages and I just don’t know when to shut up (I think everyone who’s ever talked to me has noticed that tbh) and I’m so sorry about that!! But however, she’s great!!

@golden-marauders OK Nyla is also amazing and wonderful and every other positive adjective there is in the english language!! and she talked me into reading commentarius (which you’ll have to keep nagging me about though bc my phone closed the tab and I keep forgetting about it!!) which is really good bc it really saved me on the way to school because it’s hard to be anxious when you read it bc it’s just so funny. Oh, right. I was not going to ramble. Well, that’s just going great isn’t it? Ok so this is my Blackinnon/wolfstar struggle supporter (I promise I’ll come vent to you about my frustration soon bc my fanfic is heading into periods where I’ll doubt decisions and I’ll need to talk about it, so just be prepared)

@rvenaravenclaw Ema, Ema, Ema where to start?! (honestly all I’m thinking about after writing that is Emma in friends. (That has nothing to do with this, why do I keep writing down everything I think)) I always feel so bad when I talk to you bc I’m on one side rambling on about meaningless stuff and you just listen and ask questions and really I should let you talk more, you’ll need to remind me of that because I know like nothing about you but you’ve probably gotten familiar with every single person in my class by now!! However, ily and we (you) need to talk more!!

@fjrebolt Where to begin?! Natalie is just so kind and amazing and wonderful and I don’t know her very well but I’d love to talk to her more (but we’re both so awkward I doubt that’ll happen). Thanks for taking the time to give me all that London advice though, where’re going in like a week!! OMG!! so EXCited!!  what more is there to say? (I already feel myself getting repetative omg) She deserves all the love and hugs in the world!!

@jilys​ I might or might not have had a very real moment of staring at disbelief at my phone and fangirling when Liyah followed me bc her blog is pure prefection and I’d admired her for so long and we haven’t actually talked like… ever, but she’s always lighting up my dash so I wanted to include her anyways!!

@pensieveforyourthoughts Maria is so sweet and I don’t rly know how we know each other really because we’ve never really talked but still when she show up on my dash I’m like “oh, I know her. We’re friends.” because she always sends me cute things and she’s amazing

@staganddoeforever Natalya was like my second follower on tumblr ever and we used to talk a lot and even though we haven’t really talked in like a year you’re still my friend (and I always watch your snapchat stories)! Also, you all should go read her fanfic because it is honestly so amazing and I am freaking out every time there’s a new chapter

@shutuppadfoot Another one of my first tumblr friends! Again, we don’t really talk much anymore but she always reblogs my stuff and puts rly cute stuff in the tags and don’t believe I don’t see them bc I do and it honestly makes my day! But omg the conversations we used to have!

Ok so I have no idea what happened there, some kind of mixup between love letter and shoutout but let’s just roll with it bc I’m a mess so who expected anyhting else from me?

Keep reading under the cut to see who all of my other amazing mutals are and maybe follow them because they’re all awesome and honestly every one of them deserve a love letter for following me and sticking out with my contant rambling and complaining but I only have so much time (Ok, jk, I have too much time and I’m always bored) I might do complimet’s/promos sometimes soon though.

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Idk if you've gotten this before but may I ask why do you like marichat so much?

I have written more of my reasons here.

But the main reason i like it so much is because it makes me happy. When I see posiive stuff about them in the tags i feel a warmth in my chest. I dont know exactly when that happened. I wasnt even in the fandom when I decided i liked that side of the square. I started paying attention to the show when Reflekta aired and fully invested myself with Jackady and Origins. 

It just happened. 

So I will continue creating content for the thing that makes me happy.If that happens to make other people happy too, then i think im doing a good job, dont you think?

Skinny Love {Bucky x Reader}

Summary: You’re in love with Bucky but you believe he only sees you as a friend. After you’re hurt on a mission, confessions happen. And some other cute stuff. AN: Hey guys! I did the thing! My first imagine ever, complete! Let me know what you guys think! Constructive criticism is appreciated! ALSO, IMPORTANT, THIS IS POSTED ON MY MAIN BLOG BECAUSE MY MARVEL/IMAGINES BLOG IS SO NEW THAT THE POSTS DON’T SHOW UP IN THE TAGS YET, BUT EVERY OTHER IMAGINE AFTER THIS WILL BE POSTED TO THAT ACCOUNT, SO IF YOU’RE HERE FOR IMAGINES/MARVEL/BUCKY/SEBASTIAN, FOLLOW @marvelingatthewonderNOT THIS BLOG. This blog is a mess of multi-fandom and the occasional Olicity fanfic. 

Word count: about 2100 words

Warnings: cursing, heavy-ish (not really) make out sesh

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

You were sitting on the island in the kitchen, legs dangling, watching Bucky nap on the red sofa in the tv area. He had just come back from a mission and he was so burned out, he had decided to take a short nap on the couch. He looked so peaceful in that moment, but you knew better. 

There were countless nights you’d wake to the sound of his screams. The nightmares plagued him relentlessly. Thankfully your room was right across from his on the third floor of the Avengers building and he never woke anyone else up. That made it a lot easier to justify those nights when you’d go into his room after hearing his screams and talk to him and play with his hair until he was calm enough to fall asleep again. So many times you wanted to stay with him, maybe that would make it easier for him, but he never asked and you never suggested. Friends. That’s what you two were. Best friends. It had taken a while, but Bucky talked to you. Opened up. As much as he could without falling into the bottomless pit of painful memories. You were extremely grateful for that, it made you feel like maybe you could help him. If only by him unburdening himself a little. Every time he told you something about his past, something sad, something bad, you liked to think the weight on his shoulders felt a little less crushing.

 “[Y/N], you’ve got to tell him someday.”

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Thanks for tagging me @kelbottumbles​ sorry it’s taken a million years to get this done D:

1. Have you ever been on a Rollercoaster? If so what and where was the best one? 

I have and I’m partial to the big one in California Adventures.

2. Do you believe in ghosts? If yes, why?

Yes because we’ve had weird stuff happen in our house before

3.if you were a Tolkien race, what would you be and why? Ps. I’m an Ent

I would be a human, I took a buzzfeed test xD

4. What is your Hogwarts house?

Slytherin :D

5. Favourite book or series of books?

My favorite series is Skulduggery Pleasant

6. Did you party hearty in high school? Wild child or good kid?

I was a good kid hahaha

7. Favourite kind of candy?

Jolly Ranchers

8. Dream vacation?

Europe or Egypt

9. Your first crush you remember having?

This random kid I grew up with that me and my best friend at the time fought over at the age of six xD

10. Do you refill the toilet paper roll so you pull from over or under?IMPORTANT! there is only 1 right answer

Under haha

11. Rank all the famous Chris actors from fave to least fave

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Pine
Chris Pratt
Chris Evans


Here are the new questions!

1. What is your favorite band and why?
2. Who has been your longest celebrity crush?
3. What game or movie universe would you like to live in?
4. What is one item you splurge on?
5. How would you like to be remembered?
6. What is the best thing that happened to you this week?
7. Who is your idol and why?
8. What is the one song that means the most to you?
9. If you were the last person on Earth what would you do?
10. What is one of your favorite smells?
11. Ice cream or Sorbet? Warm or Cold? Sunsets or Sunrises?

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Quick question! I don't follow the cast member drama much outside the show. I'm wondering why everyone hates James and Natalie so much? I get james, but i remember the tag liking Natalie during the show so what happened?

Well I believe Natalie’s troubling behavior began around the end of BBOTT.

She didn’t watch the season, but was happen when Megan won because she was a woman and thought it was a huge step for feminism. Which led to this iconic drag by Jun Song

Then she began tweeting weird stuff like Yay Trump and some other wired things. She was just doing the most when she just sat there and ate her food.

I feel like there’s more that I’m forgetting, but I know that was part of her downfall.

But there’s always been a large portion that thinks she was just using James and is hungry for attention so some of the post game actions kinds reinforce that idea.

I thought it was a plastic spider [fic]

Congrats to @bananannabeth for winning my Halloween fic giveaway! Her prompt was “I’m going to help you get over your phobia of spiders so you can properly enjoy this Halloween party. Look, see, it’s just plastic it can’t - OMG NO THAT’S A REAL SPIDER and I’ve just thrown it into the candy bowl, is nothing sacred.” I hope you like it! Also, thanks for everyone who entered, and don’t forget that I’m going to have another one when I hit 2k!

Happy Halloween!


Okay so in his defense, Percy hadn’t known Annabeth for that long.

He didn’t know that she was obsessed with Greek mythology until he picked her up at her apartment to take her to his best friend’s Halloween party and found her dressed as a goddess. And damn, did she look like one. Her hair was pulled back away from her face and clipped into this fancy up-do that Percy immediately wanted to mess up. Her eye make-up was dark, which made her gray eyes look devastating, as if they weren’t already. Percy was also pretty sure that her tan skin was fucking glowing because she looked so gorgeous and—

Anyway. He didn’t know that she loved olives and hated red punch until tonight. He didn’t realize that she listened to some of the same bands as he did or that she used to skateboard when she was younger even if she really didn’t think she could do it anymore.

He really didn’t know that she was terrified of spiders until tonight.

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Dear people on tumblr

If you think you’re going to somehow take down 4chan, you’re an idiot.

If you think people on 4chan are taking this shit as seriously as you, you’re an idiot.

If you think that 4chan as a collective is out to get you, you’re again, an idiot. 

If you think a website full of anonymous people care about you getting triggered or some kid dying, which I don’t fucking believe happened until I see actual proof, you’re an idiot.

This is literally a couple of people on at most 2 boards on 4chan out of like 63 boards, so fucking educate yourselves. 4chan isn’t this fucking scary disgusting place that’ll kill you the second you see it. You know what people on /co/ talk about? Comics and cartoons. /p/? Photography. /a/? Anime. No one there is talking about tumblr because NO ONE CARES. Seriously people, the best thing you can do is ignore and block the people that are posting all this gross stuff, stay off the tags for a bit, and just calm the hell down, because what these people want is a reaction from people. You aren’t going to hurt some anonymous person’s feelings.  

#kpoptwitterisgoingtojailparty: explained

what up kpop stans on tumblr, and any mildly curious people reading this - today i’m going to explain what the fuck was going on/is going on k-pop twitter. i’ll be updating this when i get more information.

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Just a quick report, coming to you live from a laptop in bed! I’m sorry I’ve worried so many people–thanks so much to everyone who poked me in my askbox to make sure I was okay, I wish I’d been able to muster the brainpower to respond sooner. The tl;dr version, I’m getting better! It started as just being sick at first. Bad bug, sinus stuff, nothing big. But a bit after that, when my fiance and I went to our storage unit to sort and pack, I threw out my back very, very badly, and I’ve been pretty useless since. Excellent timing, me, we’re aiming for moving in October, and some big furniture is a two-person job at least–I got super sunburned there to boot, even though it was an overcast day. Rude. :|.

I can’t really stay up and about for long just yet, but it’s a big improvement over when I first did it–I was pretty much a Crying Breakfast, Lunch, AND Dinner Friend at that point, unable to stand up straight. 

Other answers for the askbox:

For those inquiring here and at dA, I will be opening commissions again once I’m able to. Thank goodness I got the initial batch done and didn’t take on more just yet, that would have been a Steven-grade nightmare.

Yes, I saw that contact was made (sort of) between Peridot and Ronaldo in the KBCW post! I squeaked. I’m looking forward to the rest of the Stevenbomb and the art inspiration it brings!

As for why my askbox was closed, certain parts of the fandom had just gotten tiring. Not discouraging, but tiring. I’ll be reopening it once I’m back to full again. Ian collected a block list for me from the Pearl/Mayor Dewey  tags–I still can’t believe how far some people go against every message the show and the Crewniverse sends. But I’ll be sure to make my contribution to the positivity that has happened in the tag because of all the negativity, once I’m able! It really cheers me to see all that hate backfire so spectacularly.

Hope to draw more stuff for all of you soon! Until then, please enjoy my reblogs. :p