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The first time, he had wondered why she liked books so much, and if it had anything to do with why he liked spaceships. Because they could take you somewhere far, far away.
—  Marissa Meyer, Stars Above
Rick and Morty Headcanon #266

There’s a universe where Rick didn’t develop a portal gun or spaceship because he stuck around to be with Beth and her family. He ends up having to raise Morty/Morticia by himself after Beth, Jerry and Summer lose their lives in a car accident. Rick gives up alcohol when he realizes he can’t take care of his grandchild while piss drunk and depressed. He has to get an actual job to take care of Morty/Morticia. They stargaze every night, Rick promising one day they’ll get to adventure in space.

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The first time, he had wondered why she liked books so much, and if it had anything to do with why he liked spaceships. Because they could take you somewhere far, far away from here.
—  Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky (Stars Above #4) by Marissa Meyer
  • Officer Yamazami: So you are saying all those people disappeared because an alien spaceship flew over the building and abducted everyone?
  • Oikawa: Yup.
  • Officer Matsuoka: And you didn't disappear because you were tied to the bed during an S&M session, so you were restrained until the spaceship flew away.
  • Oikawa: Exactly.
  • Officer Aomine: How did you manage to free yourself then?
  • Oikawa: Do you really want to know all the details?
Star Trek/How they relate to flowers headcanons

Jim Kirk: loves flowers because he is sentimental. every flower reminds him of a different pretty lady. he’s always noticing flowers and going over to them to get a better look/smell. he WILL pick the flower and then carry it around, slotting it behind spock’s ear before he can notice. tried this once with bones and nearly got bit. swears a flower turned to look at him once.

Spock: acknowledges that flowers are aesthetically pleasing, but claims not to have a preference for a particular kind of flower. prefers to scan them and study them, leaving them to grow.

Dr. McCoy: flowers are great and all, but only if they smell good. he never picks flowers because he doesn’t want to hurt them. often gives plants as gifts when he doesn’t know what else to buy. wishes he could keep flowers on a spaceship because they remind him of Earth.

Scotty: is known for eating flowers. all flowers. any flowers. ate one on a dare once and didn’t die, so he figures he’s immune. once fixed a warp core breach with a rose petal.

Mr. Chekov: has a story about every flower. usually about Russia as well. likes to get bouquets and give 12 different women each a flower (usually getting himself in trouble). made a flower into alcohol once. scotty was impressed.

Lieutenant Uhura: usually sings to the flowers. loves putting flowers behind her ears and making flower crowns. she made flower crowns for everyone on the ship once–everyone. Over 400 people got a flower crown, all on the same day, all living crowns. it was amazing. 

Sulu: you kidding me, sir?


Another prompt, this one from @linda3m who wanted the boys to have a pet dragon. For some reason, I didn’t run with the ridiculousness of having a dragon on a spaceship. Probably because I have these elf sets lying around… (story-ish in the captions)

Space AUs

Imagine your OTP…

  • Are astronauts and going on their first mission together. 
  • Getting lost in space. 
  • One of them is an alien and helps the other find their way back to Earth. 
  • Are space pirates and they raid and steal other spaceships together. 
  • Travel and discover new worlds together. 
  • Character A is from another planet and has to marry character B for peace. 
  • Moves to live in a city built on the moon. 
  • Character B is a captain of a spaceship and character A is their adviser. 
  • Sneaks onto a spaceship because it was their dream to travel to space.
  • Are on opposite sides of a war in space.
Drain me until my veins wither, until my blood dehydrates and my system bends my knees. I’ll use my own spine to climb up my throat to get the words out: I love you. Too much. My brain always ends up counting the ways to forget, but I only found myself thinking about you more as I try to tell myself not to.

I don’t want to not think about you. It drives me insane as if my foot pressed on the pedal to go straight ahead so I can knock some sense in you that we should both fight for this, and not take flight on your own spaceship because you were afraid of living in my world. Now, all I know is I’m afraid of losing what I have even though I don’t have much; only statics of us too high-pitched to match the same wavelength, but you and I are both measured by nothing more but a maybe, or almost. 

Yet I still cling on the chances that no clouds could tell, if whether you’ll pour me storms of sadness and flood not just my heart, but my soul too, or if you’ll send your bright rays to escort me to your world and keep me close. I know, what we have was nothing but a false promise, a pot of gold at the foot of a rainbow, or a wish on a star. But nevertheless, I embraced it. I tossed a coin and took for myself a job that was supposed to be fate’s. 

Cause fairy tales wouldn’t prove themselves true, and so does facts. Tadpoles once wished to have legs, and caterpillars, wings. And if horses can wish for horn, then maybe me, too, is allowed to wish for you to love me just the same.
—  foolish wishes, socheesy x hishiddenletters

When the war arc (hopefully) comes in SU imagine the Gems teaching the cool kids how to use the scrounged up gem tech they got from the spaceship because they want to help dammit! It’s their town, their planet, EARTH FOREVER!

But also Sour Cream understanding the circuitry and rigging it up to its full potential- him and Pearl talking and getting all the tech details figured out.

Buck being taught to fight with the old Gem weapons and Garnets actually impressed.

Jenny and Amethyst learning to pilot the machines and fight with them (and having goop fights which they end up getting everyone else in on.)

Steven learning to fight side by side with humans to protect their home.

     “I’ve made this into my home away from home. It has most of my belongings. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I get in, go out into a field, and lie in the back. I call it ‘the spaceship’ because it looks a bit like a spaceship on the outside, but also like a mom’s van. Then you go inside, and it’s a totally different environment. It takes me so many different places that I feel like it brings me to outer space.”

     Brattleboro, VT

I spent most of last night making the Gems in Sims 3 and starting up a house for them. I really have no idea what I’m doing and trying to manage 4 people at once is, like, a lot but its been fun so far