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Zodiac facts I

Aries are always of valuable help when someone is in a bad mood or is not feeling well.

The Taurus love small gestures of love that mean everything.

Gemini don’t follow fashion, they create it.

The biggest fear of Cancer is to be ignored.

Behind their independence, the Leo hide their romantic side.

The Virgo may seem silent, but when you know them, they love to discuss.

The Libra are very nice with everyone, except with themselves.

In all situations, the Scorpio always have a good frame of mind. They don’t let anger or sadness obscure their judgment.

Sagittarius can sometimes be hated by others because they exude their confidence too much.

Capricorn are attracted by those who often return to the charge. They love their determination.

If an Aquarius surprise you lying, they will not stop harassing you until they know the whole truth.

The Pisces will not always approve what you do, but they will never judge you.



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Power Rangers Supportive Headcanons part 1
  • Zack and Trini are both bilingual and they sometimes forget what the particular word they’re looking for is in English, so they’ll say it in Mandarin/Spanish while making vague hand gestures. The rest of the Rangers quickly become masters at charades.
  • Kim is half Indian, but she actually doesn’t know all that much about her culture. After meeting Zack and Trini, she begins researching more about her roots, asking her mother questions, and learning more about herself and her identity.
    • After they start dating, Trini starts asking Kim questions too, just because she loves watching Kim’s face light up when she talks about her heritage
  • As an autistic black man, Billy is very passionate about and involved in social change. He often goes to protests, and Jason almost always goes with him to provide support and look out for Billy in case he gets sensory overload. Billy is the one who makes signs (since Jason is terrible at crafts), and Jason carries water and noise cancelling headphones.
    • At one protest, the police were starting to get confrontational, but the situation quickly de-escalated when they spotted several multicolored armored figures watching from a nearby roof.
  • One day Zack comes home from work to find Billy in the trailer, infodumping about geology to Zack’s mom. He explains that he came to look for Zack, and noticed their air conditioner was broken and decided to fix it. He starts ending up there more and more often, usually justifying it by saying that fixing stuff helps him relax. They all know that at that point there isn’t a single broken fixture in the trailer, and that Billy visits to keep Zack’s mom company
    • Zack’s mom isn’t very good with English, but of course Billy doesn’t mind. He explains that he also has trouble putting words together sometimes. She thinks he’s a very kind and sensitive young man, and teases Zack about how he managed to make such a nice friend.
  • Zack and Jason both struggle with Biology, so they ask Billy to tutor them, and they’re surprised when he says that Biology is more Trini’s subject (”just because i’m autistic doesn’t mean i know everything” “oh true… my bad, bro”). She’s a tough teacher, but their sessions definitely pay off, and by the end of the semester all of the boys are getting As and Bs on their tests. Occasionally Trini will get frustrated and start muttering about “la chancla”. The boys don’t know what that is, but they do know it is something to be feared.

nibeniel  asked:

I just wanted to tell you that your Spanish is pretty good and to encourage you to keep improving! I'm my case, I'm a native Spanish speaker and English is my second language, I love it and I'm always trying to read things to get better (the oral part is still my weakness, specially when it comes to listening). Learning a second/third/etc language(s) is tough and sometimes thankless because some people don't see the hard work and behind this, so I thought it would be kind to send nice words.

Thank you so much (mod des here). I’ve been learning Spanish for five years now (but I’ve had like 8 courses) and sometimes I get very frustrated with what feels like lack of progress so it’s nice to be appreciated when you try so hard just to be able to speak to other people and still end up floundering or still being stuck somewhere in the middle when you feel like with so much study, you should be fluent. You’ve really improved my day love.

langsandlit ha respondido a tu publicación “il locatore del mio appartamento a napoli mi ha messaggiato su…”

Perché stai tremando?

i’m going to answer in english if you don’t mind. the stereotypes, sometimes are true, sometimes not, and my landlady last year was neapolitan (yes, in spain) and she talked of me of italian students and she was like i prefer foreigners better than italian because italians never clean, they are loud and fight…. this is what she said, here hoping that my flatmates are nice.

on the other hand, it’s likely that they know how to cook better than me, and we have a very small frige, and  i hope they leave space enough for me….

anonymous asked:

what makes u think ur satsuki and ryuuko are ooc? i never thought that. i even thought that ur satsuki and ryuuko are most in character from the arts ive seen.

I’m not saying that Ryuko and Satsuki are always ooc in my drawings, just in the more serious ones! My Ryuko thinks and worries too much sometimes and my Satsuki acts too sad sometimes. And they both tend to dwell on the past, the one thing that is most ooc, as they are characters who look forward to the future and leave the past be. I know that the western fandom tends to portray them a lot like this so it doesn’t stand out too much, but that’s not how the two of them were written by the creators. 

That’s why their portrayals and the focus in fancontents in the Japanese fandom are so different! 

I only realized that after I began reading KlK doujins, the way Satsuki and Ryuko are acting there is really very different than how they are acting in western stories. 

It’s probably the language and cultural barrier we have, there are tiny hints in their speech patterns you can’t translate at all but which make big differences, and the Japanese fans get them but most of us don’t. It’s frustrating, but at the same time pretty awesome because this way we get two interpretations of the characters we love, and I enjoy it very much! 

I do like the more serious tone of english KlK creations, and I think it’s funny how western fans tend to over-analyze and interpret things (we sometimes can’t even help it because our education system is all about trying to analyze and see things in literature/art/music etc that were probably not so intended by the creators, while Japanese people don’t have that much interpretation in general, according to my Japanese teacher). Japanese fandom is more about the fun (which is nice bc you don’t get so much bullshit about some alleged hidden messages that are not existent in the show).

I’m fine with Ryuko or Satsuki being ooc, I actually welcome that! It makes my precious characters multi-faceted and more interesting. And I’m glad we still get KlK fanarts at all! Keep the characters alive! >__< 

dhrfavorites || 1. favourite humour fic

The Flatmate By: attica | After the Ministry seizes all of Draco Malfoy’s possessions - including his beloved Malfoy Manor - he takes up drinking and finds himself taking up temporary residence at Hermione Granger’s flat in Wizarding London. But what neither of them expect is that a lot can happen in 139 days in such close quarters - even the impossible.

Ok. I never, and when I say never, I mean motherfucking never, get tired of talking about this fic. Not only because Attica is one of my favourite fanfiction writers (because she is), or because I love when Draco and Hermione have to live in the same place… in a flat. Like flatmates. Roomates? I’m suspecting there is some british/american thing in here I’m not capable to understand. Is it like the plátano/banana thing for us, spanish speakers? I’ll never know, probably.

Anyway. Where was I? Oh, yes, I never get tired of this fanfic because is hilarious. Like really, really hilarious. And as a person that reads english but doesn’t share the culture that comes with that language, well, humour can be a very hard thing to grasp sometimes. But, fortunately, not only I’m a sucker for pop culture in general (and that means I watch too many american movies and tv shows), I’m also a big Harry Potter fan. Which means I read fanfiction and I get to learn a lot of british slang. That would look nice in my curriculum.

I’m rambling. Again. I’m sorry. So, I get to know the language. Great. I get the culture that accompanies it- sort of. But even when you have all that, you need a good writer to make the laughs happen. You know, I try to be a writer. I used to try harder in my early teen years, when I had a lot of time and I was like 100% more confident about my writing (Oh, the Good Ol’ Days). And writing something funny is always 90% harder than writing something sad. I used to wrote a lot of melodramatic shit (I’m a fucking latina, I grew up watching awfully tragic telenovelas with Thalia crying on them 103% of the time), and I did it without great difficulty. But writing something funny was way harder. At least for me. So Attica has my ulmost respect because she had made me laugh a lot with this one but also I cried a lot in other fics of her. So she’s good at both things. I kinda hate her a little. But, you know, If you are a writer, or trying to be, and another writer (Or someone who’s also trying) tells you that they hate you, you should feel proud. Some of us tend to be really competitive. No biggie.

So, I’m going to post here some quotes I like from the first chapter of The Flatmate, and I hope that if any of you didn’t read it, maybe this would make you want to do it, at least a little. I must warn you, though, this fic has a rather ironic, sarcastic, sense of humour, so it’s not like the most obvious thing.  Ok, here we go:

Draco, about himself


Draco, about Lucius

Draco, and Hermione

Soul Eater // Soul x Maka


Hope you all have a wonderful christmas time with lots of love from your family and friends and presents and nice food and just a great time. ;v; ♥