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Fictional characters can make you happier than real people. You can use them to cope with stuff. You can enjoy spending time with them, or thinking about them, or talking about them just as much or more than spending time with real people. It’s ok. You aren’t weird or creepy or bad. They mean something to you, and it’s important to hold onto them. You don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed because you like fiction better than reality sometimes, most times, or ALL the time. That’s what fiction is there for.

More Writing Prompts.

Because, instead of working on the stuff I already have, I thought, “Why not make more prompts?!”

Angst-y Love Prompts:

  • Sometimes lying is the right thing to do, so I lied to you.
  • Pretending like nothing is wrong is only going to make things worse.
  • I loved you, once upon a time.
  • What’ll happen when I wake up, and you’re not there?
  • You say you love me, but all you’ve ever done is hurt me!
  • I thought ignoring the way I feel would make me fall out of love.
  • You can’t do this to me! Not now!
  • I wonder if I’m better off without you.
  • I’ve done bad things, but let me ask you… am I that shitty of a person…?
  • They left me for a reason, you know…

Romantic Prompts:

  • I love you more than anything…
  • I’m so lucky to have you.
  • I love you! I’ve always loved you, and to have you look at me the way I look at you… Well… That’s my dream.
  • I’m never going to let you go, not without a fight.
  • What do you want me to do? Kiss you in the rain? Buy you a dozen roses? As long as you’re happy, I’ll do anything.
  • The way you make me feel is the way I felt when I ate all of the marshmallows out of a Lucky Charms box. Pure joy.
  • I look at you, and I see all of the things I wish I was…
  • I can feel my heart beat faster when I think about you.
  • Are you going to kiss me, or are you just going to stand there?
  • Marry me.

Fluffy Prompts:

  • This is my favorite song!
  • I don’t think that’s considered dancing, it’s more of a flailing action.
  • If you keep eating french fries, you’re going to turn into one.
  • Can I borrow a pillow?
  • So, that’s a no to the roller coaster?
  • You took my jacket like a month ago, can I have it back?
  • I’d split a candy bar with you.
  • Why are you shoes on the stove?
  • What if aliens really do exist? just… Think about it!
  • You set someone’s hair on fire in Chemistry last year.

I’m in love with my Best Friend Prompts:

  • I want to find someone and I want to tell them, “You deserve to be in an art museum because of how beautiful you are.”
  • Can I sleep here with you…? The movie really scared me…
  • I don’t have a date and I don’t want to go alone…
  • H-He’s not my boyfriend(alt: S-She’s not my girlfriend).
  • I remember when we first met…
  • When are you going to tell them that you love them?
  • You look really beau… nice…
  • I keep dating all these other people in hopes that my feelings for you would go away.
  • I never loved them, I love you.
  • I fell in love with my best friend… And i’m not ashamed that I have.

Roommates Prompts:

  • Let’s play a game to get to know each other.
  • It’s cheaper than living on your own, dude.
  • Stop leaving the toilet seat up!
  • What do you mean you ate my last hot pocket?
  • It’s your turn to do dishes tonight.
  • You lost the spare key to the apartment?
  • You’ve been in the bathroom for like, an hour.
  • The girl you brought over last night put a hole in our wall.
  • Give it a rest, I’m trying to sleep over here!

Totally Angst-y/Angry Prompts:

  • I can’t stop the bleeding.
  • They’re… dead…
  • I hate you!
  • I was sent here to kill you.
  • I thought there was good in you, but there’s nothing but disgust and hatred now.
  • I stopped feeling emotions a long time ago.
  • They weren’t strong enough to save you, and because of their foolishness, you’re mine now.
  • Nothing will bring them back! You can’t… turn back time!
  • You tore my heart out and crushed it with your own hands.
  • Fuck you.
Details about Genji’s appearance after cyberization.

…for the fanfic writers and fanartists. Because I’ve seen some works that make me scratch my head sometimes. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or any kind of physician. Take everything with scepticism and if there’s any doctor or knowledgable of head anatomy, go ahead and correct me.


Go suck your egg, youngling. Figuring out stuff like these is what fandom is about. If you don’t like it, shoo. 

Without further ado, let’s touch upon the three things that every Genji writer or fanartist has wondered when writing or drawing this darling greek cyborg sparrow-ninja. And not only. 

1. Genji actually wears armor. The silver plates are not supposed to be permanent on him and he can survive without them.

In the picture where he’s a newcomer in Overwatch along with Lena, Winston and (maybe?) Jesse, Genji has no metal on him except on his head:

(he smol)

Compared with his usual appearence…

Genji lacks the metal plates on his arms and his (rather tight) shirt doesn’t show that the ones on his pectoralis. However, he does have the ones on his collarbone, which is weird, since he lacks the ones on his nech and shoulders, which are attached to his collarbone ones. The back of his hands are different as well. 

What is more, moving lower on his body (mind off the gutter, pervs!), the round illuminating buttons on his abdominals seem to be missing as well.

So, arm, neck, chest and stomach metal plates are his armour, rather than a permanent part of his cyborg body. The collarbone ones, however, are.

Then, we have puffy pants for some reason (more on this later), but they end right at the knee and we can see that the plates under the knee are there normally. However, there’s a catch: The picture it too dark, but his lower legs seem too dark to be the metal plates we see in the second picture, especially if he consider that they have a lighter colour than his synthetic flesh, yet they look darker. 

So, even if they’re not these particular plates on his legs, he still wears something there. 

So, if you ever want to write Genji finding/having his sense of touch, it should return to that brown artificial tissue that looks like naked muscles, rather than on the silver plates of his body; that’s his armour and we can see that yes, he can take it off. 

2. Genji has no hair on his head whatsoever, including facial hair and most probably, not even a lower jaw.

That’s one of the big debates about Genji’s appearance: what does his face look like?

The only clue we have is from the Dragons animated short:

Again, comparing this with his younger skin…

We see no eyelashes in the upper picture and they’d be really hard to miss, as we see in the lower one. (Damn, he rocks that mascara!) 

Also, we see no eyebrows and he used to have some seriously strong eyebrow game there. 

It’s safe to assume that the lack of any facial hair, along with the marks and scars on his facial tissue mean that Genji was probably burnt enough to have his hair roots removed for good, thus leaving him bald all around his head. 


And now the other big question: does he have a mouth?

Now, Genji as a cyborg can obviously talk normally. For this to happen, he needs not only a mouth with lips, but also teeth, tongue, alveolar ridge, hard palate, velum (soft palate), uvulaglottis and of course vocal cords. Also, lungs, so that he can give out air to produce sound. 

Regarding the upper organs, it’s safe to assume he still has them, along with his upper face. 

The lower, however, tells a different story:

He doesn’t seem to have any vocal cords that could help him produce the vowels correcty; the place seems synthetic. Now, he could have the cords inside, supported by synthetic flesh, or he could have gotten synthetic cords as well. The latter would mean that Genji could not talk normally for a period of time. 

Also, looking again at the shot of his face from Dragons and comparing it to his younger skin…

…we see that Genji used to have a rather big jaw and the plates right now are too high to just cover the lower part of it.

What makes more sense is that Genji has no lower jaw, hence why the facial plates are so high and close to his cheekbones and eyes:

(please, excuse my shitty lines; I have only my mouse with me)

So, since he has no lower jaw, he ought to have no togue, since the tongue is rooted to the lower jaw. No lower teeth, either.

How could he speak, then?

Blizzard was crafty and made sure not to let Genji talk at all in the animated short while he had the mask off; he starts talking again only after he has put it back. So, while we know that he has a metallic voice with the mask on, we don’t know if the metallic effect was because of the mask, or any kind of artificial vocal cords that give it to his voice.

So, no lower lip to kiss either. Darn it.

To illustrate my point, I see Genji like a cross between these two:

Raiden, as we’ve seen him without a lower jaw in Metal Gear: Rising Revengance

And Murphy, the well-known Robocop with no hair whatsoever.

(…what a roadkill.)

This fanart by @ninjasexrobot is what I think Genji looks like.



Also, I think he has no ears either. It would make sense that they had melted off, givel how burnt the rest of his face looks like.

Weirdly enough, he seems to have a properly shaped nose. Things to ponder.

(oh and to clear this up: no dick)

And now, last but not least, all the above bring me to my biggest question:


 Unless Genji’s body is a result of him agreeing to actually get rid of almost all of his body to become a badass cyborg ninja (and I simply can’t see him agreeing to throw away his fucking vocal cords ffs!), it’s either:

  1. Hanzo actually did all of this. Not only did he cut him down, he pulled the dragons on him and opened him from jaw to belly. We know that Hanzo had used the sword to cut him; the fuck the dragons were for?!

  2. Hanzo might have just cut him enought to cause sever bleeding and leave him for dead and Genji was left dying for a long time before the Overwatch agents found him and Angela saved him. His body had started deteriorating and Angela had to cut off the pieces that had rotten away in order to save at least his brain.


The official story for Genji says this: 

“As Genji’s injuries left him clinging to life, Overwatch offered to rebuild his body in exchange for his help.”

In other words, what caused Genji to be on the verge of death and needing to have his body turned cybernetic, was his injuries. Which Hanzo inflicted on him.

…the fuck, Hanzo.

The fuck.

I drew this one for some anons who ask me about Bispups!

  • They are three and usually more calm that other kind of gemling, but still same as curious. Is easy to forgot that they are there and that got them sometimes in trouble.
  • Looks like their temper is on check by themselves cause if one of them is upset, the others are quickly to help to make her feel better.
  • Love to be tinkering with Peridot and Pearl stuff because big mama Bismuth don’t let them stay inside the forge since the day one of them go lost in a stream of lava. Garnet found her in a underground cave a week later.
  • Very strong teeth but gently bite. Never had an accident involving one of them hurting somebody.
  • All of them have her gems hidden by their hair, so they got some metal rings for they dreadlocks [steel, copper and brass], so they can be recognized easily and ended to be called by those names.
  • Gem positioning: Back between shoulder blades, nape and neck.
  • Bismuth was the carrier, but I´m not so sure about the sire. Maybe Pearl?
  • Their favorite game is building things. Sand castles in the beach especially.

some of y’all are so dumb like come into my inbox yelling at me if u want lol but yall live in this political bubble here on tumblr and dont seem to understand how the world works like YES i will accept the support of any republicans who speak out against trump because that’s IMPORTANT in order to defeat him. we need majorities to make sure what he wants to implement doesn’t go through. this isn’t some free you’re-perfect-now pass to republicans in congress/the goverhment but it IS important that we get their support too like sometimes i feel like you guys just type as many buzzwords as you possibly can into a post and click “post” knowing your dumbass opinions will be validated by other hive minded tumblr users reblogging your stuff but like…… i’m disgusted by like pretty much every republican lawmaker but i’m not a fucking IDIOT and i recognize that in order for this country to FUNCTION there needs to be a certain amount of bipartisanship, and we really should be calling up our republican senators/representatives etc and attempting to get them on our side because we alone cannot stop trump - not when the government is majority republican

Sometimes I get quite bleak thinking about the months to come, but then I remember that I’m going to get a Check Please kickstarter set some time in the coming months and I feel better.

anonymous asked:

Can you a make a scenario with the Sakamaki brothers (and Kino), where they have a very sweet and loving with their s/o, please? Just very fluffy and... stuff... I love your blog by the way

Thank you sweetie! I tried not to do too many cuddle but kind of sweet things you two would do together… there’s still cuddles because who can hate cuddles.


Shu - You two would more than likely be cuddling all the time since it’s one of his favorite hobbies. You swear sometimes you can feel him plant butterfly like kisses on your hair but you’re not quiet sure… just don’t listen to his mp3 player, we all know where that goes.

Reiji - Fluff time with Reiji is few and far between due to his busy schedule so soak it up while you have the chance! It’d probably be something where you two aren’t invading each other’s space, like maybe reading over a cup of hot (untainted) tea; it’s still very much intimate and just as darling without all the unnecessary touching and getting in each other’s way.

Ayato - His would be bossing you around making takoyaki, I know it just sounds like the usual Ayato stuff, and after you made it feeding you some every once in a while as you two watch a movie or play video games… I can see him liking The Walking Dead of maybe playing Dead Island, something with zombies so he can scare you into holding on to him, even if zombies aren’t that scary just humor him because it’s free Ayato time.

Kanato - Kanato and you would probably wind up at a desert shop, drinking something sweet (tricking him into sweetened coffee would be my goal) and warm with maybe some pastries or confectioneries at a booth in the back. Teddy’s there of course, he’s supervision so there’s no nasty stuff going on not like there would be though. It’s sweet because Kanato’s not actually yelling at you, he’s just being… sweet.

Laito - Laito would probably be trying to teach you piano, if you don’t already know how to play. His arms wrapped around your shoulders, hand on top of yours guiding your fingers over the keys while he teaches you a basic musical number. He’d probably bury his face in your hair once you got the hang of what keys to press just to be surrounded in your scent.

Subaru - Taking walks with Subaru through the rose garden is a good choice. He’d probably hold your hand and talk, or stay quiet and allowed you to, he wouldn’t get very deep though since he didn’t want to kill the mood. He probably brought you to the rose garden in the first place to get away from the noise in the mansion, so you’d probably be surrounded in a comforting silence. For once he would be a little tsundere…


Kino - I cannot see this guy paying you enough attention to even be fluffy with you, but I can probably see it if your were into video games or social media. If whatever he was playing had multiplayer you may be able to get close to him through whooping his ass at Mario Cart, he’d think it was the cutest thing if you won… but only once or twice! If it was pokemon you would be his world if you helped him fill up that dex.

(yeah help ME fill in my dex, damn I still need to finish like ten more for Moon… I wish my DS wasn’t broke T.T)

How BTS would react if they had periods

Requests are Open! Feel free to request!


You do not wanna mess with him during this time of the month! He would be mad at everyone & when someone gets in his way he will not hold back his anger.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts


He would be a total diva, always on a bitchy mood, talking smack about everyone, saying stuff like : “UGHH.. who does she think she is? She’s not even that pretty”

Originally posted by yoongichii


He would be moody, sometimes sad, sometimes angry, and sometimes even crying, it depends on the mood he is in.

Originally posted by sugaglos


Also like Taehyung, he would be a total diva & he would also probably eat lots of food to make himself feel better.

Originally posted by jjibooty


He would be a total bitch with everyone, a lot of cursing!!! (mostly laying in bed because of cramps)

Originally posted by jiminnejams


He is more mature so i think he would probably know how to handle/control himself at this time.

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He would probably eat all his feelings out tbh (lol)

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not requested!

-Alo <3

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The English side of the fandom sometimes feels oddly fixated on finding symbolism in TG, to the point where sometimes it seems like they're making up stuff for the sake of having it (finding tarot numbers where they might just be lines, or pulling at threads for literary references). Is the Japanese side of the fandom nearly as concerned about this?

Oh yes. I consider the Western fandom a bit worse at this because it tends to invent kanji on characters’ faces and ascribe Western meanings to Japanese concepts. But otoh some of the Japanese fandom’s theories are out of this world. My favorite was the one where Kaneki is secretly Jesus and V are Roman legionnaires. Mutsuki was Peter, iirc. There were charts.

Both fandoms tend to go a bit… too hard on the symbolism. Sometimes a banana is just a banana.

tbh people need to understand that i literally cannot empathise with them so?? sometimes giving advice or whatever is fucking exhausting because i can’t summon the effort to pretend to give a shit 

but at the same time i love being the person people come to with problems because it makes me feel like people look up to me?? so i have to force myself to fake caring and churn out all these boring phrases that i’ve stolen from movies and books and stuff so when the time comes they help me out if i need it 

honestly its so bizarre to know that other people dont work like this?? is empathy a myth?? im starting to think it might be a myth.

Leonard Cohen | 1934-2016

“[Country music] is the music I always reach for when I’m in the car. I like it because it’s a simple yet highly sophisticated music. It uses few chords, its simple structure lending it an attachment to austerity. Because of its simple structure, it has to be highly sophisticated if it is going to touch the heart without people saying yuk. Nobody gets away with anything in country lyrics. If you listen to them against pop lyrics, there’s no contest. Those guys know how to write a verse. It’s often complex stuff, about love and divorce and law and, eh, sometimes quite obscure feelings that make most pop music very, very kindergarten.”

a little over a year and a half ago when i came out as a trans boy publicly over facebook, it was out of a surge of sudden bravery and anger in response to a post that my aunt and uncle had made, about how trans people were wrong about feeling the way they do about their gender, and how they couldn’t exist because “god doesn’t make mistakes”, yadda yadda. and they were dead-set in this mindset

today i talked to them on the phone. my uncle in particular made a lot of efforts in particularly to refer to me by casual terms like “man” and “dude” and stuff like that and told me that he was 100% behind me and in support of me and the things i do that make me happy

sometimes people will never change their viewpoints and ideas but sometimes they do… and it’s a really wonderful and reassuring thing to see

Russia Character facts

🇷🇺He is the tallest nation, but is tied with Sweden

🇷🇺he loves people who cry and laugh easily.

🇷🇺He likes listening to people argue because of the long, quiet winters in his home and it reminds him that everybody is alive and makes him feel less lonely.

🇷🇺He greets people by kissing them on the lips.

🇷🇺He is very superstitious and believes in knocking on wood and other things related to that.

🇷🇺He loves to knit

🇷🇺He sometimes stuffs food in his pipe and eats it later

🇷🇺His heart sometimes will pop out of his chest randomly

🇷🇺Russia wants to punch England because he keeps stopping him from invading other countries to get vodka

🇷🇺He sometimes stalks Lithuania

🇷🇺An early design of Russia

🇷🇺Another early design of Russia was a large middle aged man with dark hair. He was supposed to be a crybaby type that drinks a lot.

tildetildetildetildetildetilde  asked:

do you guys ever get that super ableist moment when you flinch at something and someone immediately goes "ohmygod it's just [insert harmless object]" or "WOW CALM DOWN IT WASN'T THAT LOUD" and you're kinda crying because you legit can't control that

Ugh, this is something i get very often, I hate hearing it so much :/

Sometimes if I think the person genuinely doesn’t know, I’ll explain to them about how I’m a little different sensory-wise and use the “my nervous system doesn’t process stuff the same so ___ feels like ___”; it does sometimes work and people eventually get it. Sometimes they reject it outright, and I just shrug it off at that point because you can’t make people understand, and it’s not my fault if they don’t. 

Or if the person already knows and is just being rude, I might just say “it’s an instinct, I can’t control it. Stop picking at me over a split-second reaction.” and leave it at that. If they persist, I just roll my eyes and say, “Look, you’re the only person making a big deal out of anything right now. Can we move on?” 

Unfortunately, just like I can’t control how I flinch, I can’t control how other people react to me or might choose to understand or not understand. So sometimes you have to let it roll off you. I still might use the comebacks, but if a person refuses to leave you alone, remember that it’s not your fault. The problem is them for being rude. The ‘goal’ of these interactions shouldn’t be to make them understand, etc etc (anything for ‘them’); it should be for you. And if you don’t get the result you’re hoping for, just disengage and know that the problem is them, not you, but just like you can’t control your reactions, you can’t control the jerks in your life. Sometimes the best revenge we can get is refusing to acknowledge or sink down to someone’s level.

Hope that helps!


Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.

shoutout to @lilparfaitbun who is almost single-handedly keeping my notes from being zero most of the time ^^

like, continuing on the soundtrack thing, malachite’s theme was perfect - it was big, loud, had gentle parts as well but most of all, it was powerful

it was very fitting for malachite as a character, however, i cannot think of one soundtrack recently that has been super fitting for a scene going on in an episode

the last OK soundtrack i remember personally was the rapid music in barn mates when the rubies’ ship was after them and stuff

i dont remember a really good soundtrack for jasper corrupting or fighting the rubies or ANYTHING

the last song we had was “what’s the use of feeling blue” and obviously that song was trash, because it was made to try to make us sympathize colonists. and, in my opinion, though the pearls are cute and all, their singing was. Bad

cute little songs like peace and love would be great to have sometimes - i know writing and composing songs aren’t easy necessarily, but at least have a decent soundtrack

the first season of su’s soundtrack was SO GOOD and very enjoyable to listen to

one of the things i used to praise steven universe for was its music, i’d like to see it brought back

Happy Birthday Myungsoo

I feel a little bad because on Woohyun’s birthday I just felt like a ball of meh and didn’t do anything. But I think he knows he is loved… I hope so. But our Myungsoo… sometimes I don’t think he does.

Originally posted by eteru

I still think… how broken hearted he was during part of OGS and during Grow, how I wanted to beat people up for betraying him and hurting him and making him cry and worst of all making him think he could ever lose his place in Infinite or in the hearts of Inspirits.

Originally posted by taemint

But Myungsoo for me is very special. He’s the quiet thinker, the one who gets overwhelmed in crowds but feels safe with his members. He’s the one who is a silent perfectionist, beating himself up to get everything right. Watch him dance sometimes, his eyes are full of concentration and a little fear of getting it wrong. His photographs and thoughts are as beautiful as his face.

Originally posted by kpopisasin

Beyond that, he’s our precious dorky darling, the king of mental breakdowns, quirky expressions and beautiful sudden smiles.

Originally posted by thenames-jess

But in the end, he is not L to me, but always Myungsoo. Irreplaceable, unforgettable and very dear to me.

Originally posted by ifntsoo

Happy Birthday Myungsoo. I’m so proud of you and I love you dearly. <3 Please be happy in your life.


~special thanksgiving post~

Neither of them celebrate it, but Hol makes thanksgiving dinner anyway because look, he misses American holidays and sometimes he wants a special dinner in the manor that doesn’t consist of Dio eating a celebrity. He says it’s all about “togetherness… uh, sharing… scorin’ your girlfriend’s cute cousin’s phone number around the dinner table! Real meaningful stuff!”

Giorno finds it amusing, and honestly someone acting like a normal, non-evil person here makes him feel more at home. Dio clears his throat and stares pointedly at Hol.

“… an’ I robbed a blood bank for you, Lord Dio.”

Everyone has a nice dinner and then Giorno and Dio leave at midnight for Black Friday. They have to tag team for the nicest clothes and new shoes and another iPhone for Dio to break with his massive hands and lack of physical restraint.