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It’s a Twin Thing

Summary: You start to think that maybe the reason you never found romance was because you have a twin. Your brothers make you feel better about it.
Words: 762
Sam’s Twin!Reader (gender unspecified)
A/N: this came from nowhere but I haven’t written any actual spn fics in a long time so I’m back with a little drabble

“Hey, Sammy?” you called from the hallway. “Are you busy?”

Sam sighed, closing the book he’d only just opened in order to give you his full attention.

“No, just reading,” he called back as you entered the room. “What’s up?”

You bit your lip as you took a seat, pulling your knees up under your chin.

“Can I ask a question?” you murmured, picking at the hem of your jeans.

He nodded, waiting for you to continue.

“Apparently, a twin is less likely to have long lasting relationships or get married than a non-twin,” you stated, and he laughed softly.

“That’s not a question,” he reminded you, and you sighed.

“I know, I know, I just-” you shook your head. “Neither of us have had long lasting relationships, apart from college but that doesn’t count.”

Sam uncrossed his legs, leaning forward and resting his forearms on his thighs.

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I Need Your Help

Lin/Female Reader

Summary: your sister is getting married in two weeks, and your mother demand that you bring a date. Who better than broadway star, Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Word Count: 1612

Tags: @secretschuylersister

Warnings: a really crappy mom

“You’re coming home for your sister’s wedding, right?” Your mom asked. You had just answered the phone, and had been unable to get even a simple greeting out. “Because Kalena will be devastated if you don’t make it. And I will be disappointed.” You should have known that the concerning tone she had taken would not have lasted long.

“I am coming, Mom, I already told-”

“And are you bringing a date?” She asked, then made a tutting sound. “I should know better than to ask. You haven’t been on a date in maybe seven, eight months?”


“Just- find someone suitable. And get away from that Broadway show, you know how- how unsuccessful people can become in that business, and you aren’t even in a leading role-”

Mom!” You snapped, your tone harsher than you intended. “I will get a date, and I enjoy my work. Hamilton is doing really well.”

“Just bring a date– an attractive one, We can’t have an unattractive man at your sister’s wedding,” your mom said. “I have to go, wedding things. Goodbye Y/N.” She hung up, and you resisted the urge to throw your phone at the wall.

You hated talking to your mother. Kalena had always been her favourite– and it wasn’t her fault, either. She was the oldest, the smartest, and the prettiest. At least, in your mother’s eyes. Kalena had always told you how beautiful and smart you were, and that if she became anything like you, she’d be happy. Kalena wasn’t like your mother, and you were grateful for that everyday.

She was getting married in two weeks, to her high school sweetheart. Christopher was great, but you knew that any man you brought, your mother would compare to him. You wanted to scream in exasperation, but you couldn’t. You had a show to dance in three hours. A show your mother disapproved of– no, you had to put your mother out of your mind if you were going to survive the rest of the day.

You took a quick nap and showered before heading to the Richard Rodgers. You turned into your dressing room almost immediately– actually, Jasmines. You were taking over for her today, and you had to get into the zone before you even put on the red dress for act two. You had at least two hours before that would have to happen, so for now you settled with sinking into a chair and poking at some Chinese food.

Eventually, Pippa and Renée drifted in. You knew that they would be able to tell that something was up, so you did your best to hide your face in your Chinese food.

“Y/N?” Pippa asked. Your Chinese food disguise must not have helped your case, and you slowly raised your head. “Are you alright?” She asked, and you sighed.

“Have I told you about my mother?” You asked them, and they shook their heads.

“All you’ve said about her is that you don’t get along,” Renée supplied.

“My mother has been demanding that I be perfect, just like my sister– it isn’t her fault. I love Kalena a lot, it’s just. Mom favours her and not me,” you answered. “Anyway, Kalena is getting married is two weeks and mom is demanding that I bring a hot date.”

“Why is that?” Pippa asked, wrinkling her nose.

“I don’t know, she just– is. But I don’t have a date to bring and I have no money to pay an attractive prostitute to fake being my boyfriend so–”

“What about Lin?” Renée asked, her face spelling out that it was the obvious answer.

“What about Lin what now?” You asked, setting your now empty Chinese food container on the ground.

“Ask him to be your fake date,” she said. “I mean, Anthony is with Jasmine, Leslie is married, Oak has a girl, and Daveed has a huge puppy crush on an ensemble member–”

“Daveed what?” Pippa asked.

“Nothing,” Renée covered up quickly. “But, Lin is the obvious choice.”

“I’ll think about it,” you said, and checked the time. “We should start getting ready.”

You put off asking Lin for help for as long as you could. Finally, it was a few days before the wedding and you were leaving the next morning– you were out of options.

You anxiously knocked on Lin’s dressing room door, trying to keep from shaking. He opened it, looking adorably rumpled, his hair falling out of his ponytail and his shirt rucked up, like it had just been put on. “Y/N?”

You blinked, “yeah, uh– can I come in?”

“Of course.” He opened the door wider, allowing you to walk in and stand in his dressing room. He shut the door with a gentle click, leaning against it. “What can I do you for?” He asked, his eyebrows raised. How had you not noticed how cute he was?

“Um, my sister’s getting married in a few days– that’s why I won’t be here, but that’s besides the point,” you said, tripping over your words. “A-anyway, My mom is demanding that I bring a date and no one is available so–”

“You need me to be your fake boyfriend?” He asked, a smile on his face.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry for asking, I should have just gone and–”

“No, Y/N. I’m saying yes.”

“And I– wait, what?” You asked, stunned and momentarily at a loss for words.

He took a few steps toward you. “I’m saying yes. I don’t have a problem with playing your boyfriend so you can survive this.”

You pulled Lin into a hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ugh, I don’t know what I would do without you.” You pulled back, biting your lip, and knowing without a doubt that your face was bright red.

“Have you ever fake-dated anyone before?” Lin asked.

“Once in high school, but it was a long story and I don’t care to delve into it,” you answered, laughing.

“Okay, the one thing I know about this– exclusively from watching movies is that you have to work out the details.”

“Oh, I get it. You can come back to my place, and we can work it out there.” Lin nodded, grabbing his jacket. “Let’s go.”

“Okay, so, when did we meet.”

“Work, obviously,” he answered, throwing a handful of popcorn into his mouth. “When did we start going out is what we want to be asking ourselves.”

“Okay, what’s our story, playwright?”

He leaned forward, putting his elbows on her knees and rubbing his stubble. “So, I met you on The day you auditioned and through you were cute. You ended up getting hired– not because the cute thing, because you’re talented–”

“Good to know you value me for more than my dashing good looks,” you interjected, joking and eating a piece of popcorn.

“Shush, I’m telling you the story.” He held a finger up to his lips. “And then on your first day, I was so distracted by you on stage that Tommy yelled at me.”

“Yelling at the star, Tommy has guts.”

Lin gave you a look, but didn’t say anything. “I complimented you on your stellar first performance, we became friends, and I dug up the courage to ask you out. Voilà.”

“Okay, when did we get together?”

“Well, I am generally very shy and awkward, so about a year ago,” he said, then stopped. “Wait, your family–”

“Will totally believe that I didn’t tell them about you,” you answered. You knew it was true.

Lin furrowed his brow. “Why?”

“Because my mother is,” you paused. “Not the best.”

He nodded in an understanding way. “I get you,” he said. “Okay, the terms of this whole fake-dating scheme. What’s allowed, hand-holding, cheek kisses, what?”

“It has to seem real. So,” you paused, thinking it over. “Hand holding, Kissing– but only on the lips if you ask me first– We’ll probably have to share a bed, So be prepared.” You shrugged. “That’s all I got.”

“Alright.” He looked at the time, and cringed. “It’s almost midnight, I should probably head home.”

“You could stay,” you suggested, unable to stop yourself. “I mean, we’ll have to share a bed. Might as well get used to it a bit before hand.” He took a second to think it over, then nodded.

“I don’t see why not.”

“The bedroom is down the hall, I’m gonna take a shower.”

“I… will go get some pajamas.” Twenty minutes and a shower later, you were sitting on your couch when Lin came back.

“I had to get pajamas,” he explained, holding up the bag.

You laughed. “You can change in the bathroom, I’m going to bed.” You walked into your room while Lin headed for the bathroom. You slipped under the covers, checking your phone one last time before plugging it in.

Lin came in, wearing ninja turtle pajama pants and a black tank top. You wolf whistled. “Fancy, Miranda.” He smiled, walking over to the unoccupied side of the bed.

“Do I get a goodnight kiss?” He asked, and you snorted.

“Don’t push your luck, Miranda.” You settled in, facing Lin. You watched him lay down, tucking a arm under his pillow and closing his eyes. Suddenly, feeling incredibly bold, you moved forward, pressing a kiss to his cheek, before laying back down, facing away from Lin this time.

You heard him chuckle, before sliding an arm around your waist and pulling you flush against him. Okay, you thought, I could get used to this.

Your last thought before sleep consider you was that Lin smelled comfortable, like sandalwood and home. You fell asleep smiling.

Cynthia would be a really hilarious edition to the team bc she’d be fully capable of working with them, but based on her “this is some shit, dude” response being asked to help with Grodd’s army, the more she works with them, the more she’d be in a constant state of “okay what in the fuck”

  • “So…HR is the doppelganger of the doppelganger of the dude who’s body was stolen by the dude who killed Twinkletoes’ mom.” “Yeah” “Alright, then.” 
  • Her tutting and judging silently every time someone makes it past the shitty security. 
  • “You all are the most unorganized, inefficient, in over your head–”
  • Being the resident sparring person that the team trains against, “because none of you fight like you know what you’re doing.” 
  • “Literally anyone could walk in and see that suit just sitting there.” 
  • “That is a shark.” 
  • “Cisco, you died?”
  • “I don’t tell just anyone my secret” “I found out you were Earth 1′s Flash within literal seconds of meeting you.” 
  • Sharing law enforcement of color looks with Joe

i have finalsl very soon but im sck now so ithis is my excuse to do things i want like draw instead of studying…….. someone unclog my nose and throat for me pleas

ps i have progress shots for this muffet because someone asked me for a coloiuring tut a while ago!!!! im too busy to make a tut but i was thinking ill share progress shots and explain what im doing instead

Heathens : Mad Princess Last Part

Originally posted by ssquadupdates

Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Dig and Sparky
Part Three - Ugly on the inside
Part Four – Crazy ones
Part Five – Shoot to Kill
Part Six – - This is part six-

Captain Boomerang/George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptivefamily! Joker x Reader

Words: 4985

Spoilers for the film and excessive swearing.

The thing that made me think of the Horror movie scene is because I was thinking about my ex-partner and the nicest thing that they used to do for me is if I needed to go into a room after watching a horror film at night they would go in first and turn the lights on for me.

This is it guys, I’m sorry for the wait, life has been horrible and you’ve all been wonderful about it <3

There was no way you could run from this, well you could try but Killer Croc’s massive frame blocked the hallway behind you.
Digger stepped forward and squared his shoulders. It could have been the screaming and gunfire in the background or the intensity of his eyes fixed on you but for the first time in years you were scared. He glared down at you and you rolled your shoulders and straightened your back, you’d take what was coming. Whatever it was.

You expected him to hit you. You closed your eyes and waited for the blow, for the pain.

But he didn’t hit you.

The force of his whole body rushing at yours would have knocked you off of your feet if he hadn’t caught your legs and yanked them up to his hips. He pushed you against the wall the full force of his body weight slamming against yours. His lips crushed against yours catching your pained gasp. The slam of contact burst your lip, blood poured from the wound instantly and if the metallic sting bothered Digger then he didn’t let on. His fingers dug into your hips as he pushed his body against yours, his lips pushing against yours harshly.
Killer Croc gave a forced, awkward cough.

Digger responded only by moving one hand up to thread into your hair. His knuckles curled against your scalp as he continued to kiss your harshly. You let out a hiss of pain at your hair being pulled but he quickly swallowed it. The pain of your lip and Digger’s large hands on your hip and in your hair made you moan lowly.

“Y’all both know that we’re in the middle of a prison riot right?” Killer Croc teased from behind you both.
Digger released your lips and hair and pulled away so that he could take in the sight of you with your chest heaving, your lips plump and bloodied from his kisses. Your hair was a mess and your eyes half lidded as you tried to take in the sight of him.
You swallowed hard under his observations and sucked your busted lip in between your teeth.
“We need to go Digger.” You whispered, you could barely hear yourself over your own heartbeat.

He let your legs down somewhat reluctantly and stepped away from you and smoothed out his beard.
You took a moment leant against the wall to get your breath until Digger focused his glare on you and snapped, “Well, you leading the way or what?”
“Excuse me?” You hissed at him, “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking too?”
Digger glared at you and pointed angrily at you, “I think I’m talking to my ‘Get out of jail free card’ now move it doll.”
“Doll?” You snarled at him, your electric rushed across your skin as your anger hiked. You turned to face Killer Croc who’d been watching the exchange with a scowl.
“Killer head down that corridor, sharp left then straight until you hit a wall. Turn right and follow the gunfire. I think myself and Captain Boomerang need to talk about treating people with respect.” You snapped and threw your gun to Killer which he snatched mid-air and took off to follow your directions.

“Respect, eh? Is that what you call abandoning your family?” He snarled and went to move around you. You caught him with a hand on his chest and shocked him slightly so that he stepped back.

“If I didn’t leave then I wouldn’t be able to come back for you all now. I had no choice. I knew you’d be angry but you don’t get to kiss and touch me like that and then be a fucking asshole.” You roared.
His lip twisted angrily, “So fuckin’ sorry if I invaded someone else’s space?”
“What the fuck are you talking about? Do you think we have time for you to be like this?” You snapped back.

“We have fucking time for this! How was it? Eh? How was it livin’ it up while me and Crazy were stuck here? Did you wonder what was happening to us when you were taking back your Empire and seducing some poor fucker?” He barked.

That did it.

You snapped and flung your fist up smashing against his nose. It burst as instantly as your lip, both his hands shot to his nose and he fell back with a howl.
Seething with your electric running over your body you pointed at him, “Listen to me because I’m not repeating myself. I hated myself for what I did to you and Harley and the others. I’ve spent all of my time planning this to save you all. And seducing some poor fucker? Well at least now I know why you’re being like this. You’re jealous.”

What you could see of his expression as he covered his bleeding nose confirmed that you were right so you continued, “If I was with someone else would I have come to get you? You know me Dig. You have for a long time now and you know that if I didn’t give a fuck about you then I wouldn’t give two shits about leaving you here to rot. I expected you to be mad but being horrible because you’re jealous? When we should be escaping? Maybe I should have chosen someone else.”

You turned to leave but stopped when Diggers arms shot around your waist from behind and you felt him rest his head on the back of yours, his face buried into your hair. You didn’t shock him but did move your hands to try to prise his hands from one another of that you could step from his hold. You ignored the blood on his hands that came from his nose.
“Dig let me g-” You started but his deep rumbling voice cut you off.
“They told me that you were dead.” He admitted, his arms tensed to pull you back towards him more, “I couldn’t take it.”
No knowing what to say, you remained quiet.

You could feel him smelling your hair and then his lips on the back of your head.

“Then The Guard told me you were alive. I didn’t believe him until he showed me his bruises. Do you really have a fun house?” He asked.
You made an amused noise.
He tutted, “That’s my crazy girl.”
You rubbed your hands over his arms still around your waist but didn’t make a move to turn, you got the impression that he found it better to not see your face as he spoke.
“I’m you’re girl now? Because I wasn’t a minute ago.” You asked quietly, you were aware that you needed to get moving but also that you’d never get this moment back.

He laughed dryly behind you, “I’m sorry. I am. He told me that you’d found someone better and that you leaving behind your life of crime. I got so swept up in seeing you then remembered that you weren’t mine anymore.”
Wiggling in his arms you made him loosen his grip so that finally you could turn to face him. You adjusted so that you could slide your hands up his chest all the way up until you rested them on either of his cheeks.
Holding his face softly you made sure to catch his gaze, “Of course I am. Well I better be because I have no intention of letting you go. He was lying to you Dig, trying to mess with your head.”

“I’m going to kill him when I get my hands on him.” He growled.
“I’ll help.” You promised and pushed yourself up to push your lips to his. He groaned and one hand came from your waist to your head, this time his hand was a lot softer in your hair. You kissed softly, sure that you both must have looked a mess with your lip and his nose bleeding freely.

Within the Prison you heard an explosion that rocked the walls. You pulled away from Digger and gave him a wild, crazy grin that made your lip sting, “Time to go.”
With that you fled to The Joker’s plane, holding hands as you ran under a hail of gunfire and manic laughter.

Honestly, you had no clue what to expect after your plan had worked, you’d not given yourself much time to think about it beforehand for fear that it would distract you from the task at hand. But now that you’d escaped you realised you had no fucking clue what was going to happen next.
After a few days of lying low, Killer Croc had left you to find a nice swamp to hide out in; you’d made sure to give him all the contact details that you could for if he ever never needed anything. You wouldn’t admit that it had been an emotional goodbye, but Digger had been there and wouldn’t let you live down the tears you’d shed at saying bye to your friend.

He didn’t even stop when you shocked him; The Joker was ready to shoot him before Harley pointed out that he teasing was to distract you from your sadness.

After Killer Croc left you all moved back to Gotham into the ruins of Arkham Asylum to lay low for a while longer as the first place the police or Batman would look for you would be your usual hangs in Gotham. It didn’t stop your influence though as you and The Joker had been out a few times to make sure that your men weren’t running amok without guidance.
The Joker always took time on your trips to ask if you were really sure about Digger.

Which brought you to your most current issue, you may be living in hiding with your nearest and dearest but the men in your life hated each other and weren’t shy about sharing it.
The Joker for his part thought that Digger was unworthy of his Princess; he was inelegant and poorly-skilled in comparison to the few people that had caught your attention in the past. He would Leer at your openly in front of The Joker and worst of all he had pointed out that with the age difference there was no way that The Joker could be your father.
He’d then been more outraged to find that Harley and his Princess forbade him from killing Captain Boomerang.

What a stupid name.

Digger thought The Joker was fucking crazy, and not in the way that he’d come to love in you, he was mad and wanted to take credit for you when weren’t his child. He spent a lot of time antagonising The Joker with you and Harley separating them.

It left you in an awkward position where you tried to split your time equally between them. You and Digger left Arkham to go and stay in your Funhouse out of the way, which was good for both you and The Joker as you had both been reunited with your lovers and it was awkward constantly interrupting each other in the middle of –ahem- comprising situations.

But even though you had moved out, so to speak, you made time to see The Joker and Harley almost every day. It was one of these visits that The Joker managed to unnerve you about your plans for the future.
“So what now pumpkin?” Harley asked you as she poured all three of you a coffee.
“What do you mean Harls?” You asked as you focused on the newspaper in front of you, you liked to keep an eye out on the media in case there was ever anything about The Squad, or worse, Killer Croc being found.
“She means,” The Joker hissed, his eyes catching yours to make sure that he had your attention, “When does he leave?”
“Dig?” You asked confused and when The Joker grinned at you, you continued, “Why would he be leaving?”
“Hasn’t he got banks to rob somewhere?” The Joker asked.
“He wouldn’t leave without me.” You answered resolute.

It was true, after everything that you’d been through together the dynamic between you and Digger had changed. Now you could admit that you both loved and needed each other, you were no longer afraid of emotion intimacy, even if Digger was still a child about his feelings. You were more likely to catch him beating the fuck out of a guy for staring at you than him admitting that he was getting jealous.

But that was just his way.

“So he’s gonna stick around?” Harley asked, you could see that she was worried about how you’d react if he left.
“Why wouldn’t he?” You snapped.
“Well it doesn’t really seem in his nature pumpkin.” Harley told you solemnly.
You didn’t respond but instead focused on your coffee. It was obvious that Harley’s questions came from a worried loving place but The Joker was another matter entirely, he’d actively been trying to separate you.
“What if he leaves?” The Joker asked in a pseudo caring manner, but you knew your father, he wanted to spread doubt through your mind like plague. You loved him but lord he could be a fucking asshole.
Straightening your back, you spoke confidently, “Well then I guess I’d be leaving as well.”

The Joker lost his smile.

Finding a time to confront Digger about his plans for the future was tricky, in the end the opportunity came to you. When you’d both first moved into your Funhouse, you’d spent the day gutting a ‘great hall’ themed room and putting in a bed and tv, you used the kitchenette in the old staff room and you shocked him constantly until he helped you fix a cheap bathroom with a shower into one of the old utility rooms.
Now you were lying on the bed watching a Horror film, it was something that he’d chosen and whilst the adverts where playing he was insanely brave. He was lay flat on his back and had pulled you to lie on his chest with Pinky pulled against his arm, he gestured at the TV shouting that all the previewed films looked utterly shit.

But you knew that it wouldn’t last.

Digger was such a wimp when it came to horror films, it was adorable. Every time that you settled down to watch a film together you promised yourself that you wouldn’t laugh at him but you couldn’t help yourself.
Whenever the music became atmospheric you could feel him inclining his head so that your head and hair obscured his view. If the film got him with a jump scare he would spend the next half an hour swearing blind that the film didn’t make him jump but that you must have shocked him by accident.
If you called him out on it then he called you senile for forgetting when you’d used your own powers.

“You big coward,” You teased as you leaned up on his chest slightly so that you could pinch his cheek, “What would you do without me to protect you from the big bad scary films?”
“Shut it.” He snapped and slapped your hands away playfully.
You settled in to watch more of the film, it was cliché at best but you couldn’t stop your mind working overtime until finally you asked, “How much longer are you gonna stick around?”

You felt him go rigid beneath you before, with an air of false ease, he asked, “Sick of me already eh?”
“No, just something Dad said.” You mumbled and he let out a loud groan which told you what you needed to know. The Joker must have been bugging Digger about it as well.

Digger pulled himself up and back until he was sitting up on the bed with you folded up against his chest, his arms holding you tight to him.
“Okay, big emotional chat time, tell me about how ya mad for me.” Digger mocked and held your arms tighter when you tried to punch him.
“Shut up Dig or I’ll shock you.” You warned him as he started to rock you playfully in his arms.
He leaned down and rumbled with his deep voice in your ear, “Don’t be making promises like that Doll when we’re being serious.”
You flushed red instantly and growled at him when he laughed and put one hand on either side of your face to enjoy the heat in your cheeks.

“I hate you.” You snapped and he gave you a grin that showed off his gold tooth.

“Nah you don’t. I’ll lay out my cards, I can’t think of anything worse than sticking around Gotham with your psycho dad for much longer.” He admitted and when your expression fell he encouraged you to look up at him with his hands still on your cheeks.
“But I don’t want to leave on my own.” He whispered and leaned down to kiss you gently.

It took you a moment to regain your composure in the presence of Digger’s, often hidden, softer side but when you did your sarcasm returned with force, “Wow…that was almost romantic.”
“Shut up.” He grumbled and grabbed your backside.
Giggling you shocked him lightly before slipping your hands up in his hair and pulling his head down to you so that you could kiss him deeply. As it got more heated Digger lifted his hips to raise you off of the bed so that he could roll you over onto your back with him on top of you.

His hands and lips where everywhere, his stubble scratched down over your neck his lips following. You gasped at the sensation of his lips in the crook of your neck, they were hard and chapped from fights but pressed on your sensitive skin with a softness that took your breath away. They were touches that were just so Digger.

Then there was nothing.

Groaning at the lack of contact you forced yourself to open your eyes and pouted up at Digger who was holding himself up over you with a grin that screamed confidence but his eyes seemed soft and unsure.
“So?” He asked quietly as though anything loud would scare you away.
“Like I said, what would you do without me?” You gave him a smile before beckoning to him with your finger, “Now get back down here.”
He grinned and let his arms so limp so that he fell heavily onto you. With an ‘omph’ you hit him playfully before his hands and mouth were distracting you again making you giggle.
Just as his hands were ghosting over your stomach and beginning to push your shirt up over your stomach, the horror film screamed loudly.

“FUCK.”  Digger shouted and jumped so hard that he flew away from you and off of the other side of the bed. You jumped slightly in response before the grin spread over your face and you through your head back onto the pillows laughing.
“Help me up you fuck-” Digger started but you cut him off.
“Nope you stay down there, we’re comfy without you.” You grinned and curled yourself around Pinky to carry on watching the film and laughing at Digger’s stream of curse words from the floor.

The Joker was furious to hear of your plans to leave, you were his business partner.

His meta-human.

His weapon and daughter, your place was by him with your hand around his enemies throat. But yet, he found himself with an internal debate that not even Harley’s constant wanton behaviour could distract him from.

Part of him wanted you to go because he’d seen your smile when you were discussing your plans with Captain Imbecile. The other part of him desperately wanted to cling to you and just kill the idiot. Which is where his issue lay, one of The Joker’s fundamental beliefs was that nothing was sacred. Anyone and everyone could be used and disposed of as he saw fit but here you were still changing his live and holding his heart even after all these years when usually he’d have grown bored of a project.

He wouldn’t say it, couldn’t say it but in his own depraved, twisted, deplorable way The Joker truly loved you and wanted you to be happy. He might have hated Captain Witless but that oaf was loud with his affections for you. The Joker had seen Boomerang pour attention over you in waves and pounce at those who had anything less than pure intentions for you.

It was for these reasons that, beside himself, The Joker decided to help you both.


It was odd but you got some of the things that The Enchantress had tried to bribe you with, in a fashion.

You got Digger and he got you in turn.

Marriage wasn’t something that either of you were ready for, it just seemed a concept too dull to be boxed in by for either of you but that didn’t mean that you two weren’t serious. So you opted to go with an idea posed to you by Harley, you got tattoos.

No names, obviously.

Tattooing someone’s name on you wasn’t something that appealed to either of you and there was the issue that if either of you were captured by an enemy then having the others name on you could only lead to trouble for each other.

So you decided that pictures were the way forward.

The Joker made a jab that you were only having pictures tattooed because Digger couldn’t read; you wrestled your lover out of the room before he could flip too many tables.
He got a lightning bolt on his chest next to his MOM tattoo so that he had ‘Sparky close to his heart’, you punched him hard for the sentiment. And you had a small boomerang on the inside of your leg, Digger in particular loved the placement and made certain to kiss it every time he was kissing up your thigh.

It was during one of The Joker’s mocking sessions about your ‘brandings’ that he dropped in conversation that he and Harley had got you a leaving present. His plane.

When Rick Flag was informed of the Intel regarding Y/N Y/L/N and Captain Boomerang’s escape he was less than excited that this would be how they’d been reunited. Glancing over at Deadshot, who was stood in front of the rest of his men, he knew that he felt the same.
Since you’re escape you’d been watching over Deadshot’s daughter, heck word had got back to them that Digger had beat up her principle on your instruction because he had told Zoe that with her genes she’d grow up to be nothing.

That had entertained them.

So as they stood watching The Joker’s plane from a distance, both of them hoping that you’d surrender quietly.
As they stood at their distance, they waited until a small platoon of Soldiers advanced to the plane and gave them the signal.
“Get ready,” Rick warned Deadshot, “Official orders state dead or alive.”
“Let’s hope I don’t miss.” Deadshot mumbled.

The Soldiers shot open the plane door and kicked it the door, Deadshot and Rick watched dumbstruck through their scopes as the soldiers faced a plane defaced inside with paintings of Mad Grins. Empty save for the explosives strapped to a clown mannequin.

“Get out-” Rick tried to command into his communicator but it was too late. The plane and the soldiers exploded and spread throughout the runway.


The explosion was your signal to go; you put down your binoculars and gestured to the pilot to get you up in the air. You stepped from the cockpit and rushed back to your seat next to Digger.
The personal plane was smaller and not as lavish as The Joker’s had been but it had four beautiful seats, two sets of two facing each other. Initially the plan had been to sit opposite digger but when you’d seen his face pale at the thought of flying, you’d lied and said you hated flying and wanted to sit with him to feel better.

He knew you were lying but he let you rather than admit what you already knew.

“You can say it now.” You teased as you clipped your belt shut and placed your hand on top of his which was squeezing the armrest, “My plan was genius. The perfect distraction.”
“The only thing good about it was blowing up that Mad bastards plane.” Digger grumbled and you shocked his hand with your powers. He squeaked something out about not using electric on planes. You shook your head at him and raised one hand to guide his face to face you.
“What now Sparky?” He feigned annoyance that didn’t reach his features. If anything he looked down right playful.
“Just thinking how handsome you look.” You leaned over as much as far as the seat would allow you to kiss him. His hand found your hair again to hold you too him.
You’d not had much time for yourselves while planning this and fuck did he miss you. He continued to kiss you hungrily as the plane ascended and when the seatbelt light clicked off he barely glanced over at it before undoing his belt and reaching down to undo yours, all the while his lips remained on yours.

He guided you to a stand, and still kissing he guided you backwards until you interrupted him giggling at the absurdity of it all.
“Dig what’re you doing?” You laughed in that soft, light way that was reserved only for Digger.
He gave you a filthy smirk and nodded over your shoulder to the plane’s bathroom, “Whaddya think, ever fancy joining the mile high club?”
His voice was heavy with suggestion. Laughing you took his hand and the pair of you ran into the bathroom, already clawing at one another’s clothes.

Digger had to admit that he was much fonder of flying now. After you’d both officially joined the mile high club, he’d pulled you into his lap as you watched some awful comedy on the TV. You were curled up in his lap with his hand absentmindedly running up and down your arm. To say that neither of you were sure exactly where you’d be landing nor what it would bring, you were both content.

Digger kissed the top of your head and you teased him for being a softie and you were both blissful in your embrace until like always, something that to ruin it.
It was the Captain that interrupted your quality time, he called for you both to join him in the cock pit.
“So that’s the landing stripe.” The pilot gestured to the mass of space ahead.
Digger clapped sarcastically, “Well done, good to know. Enough space for ya, eh?”
You elbowed him in the ribs and gave him a small shock for good measure before asking, “Is that what you wanted us for?”
The Pilot shook his head, “No, as we flew over I noticed a mass of people. All following the plane, they looked like soldiers.”

You felt yourself pale and Digger swore loudly. You left the Captain without thanking him and instantly went about suiting up in case you needed to fight your way free.
“Did I say how much of a good plan it was?” Digger mocked you and you through Pinky at him angrily.

“Shut up arsehole.” You hissed and he sucked a dramatic breath in and brought his hand up to his chest where you knew his lightening tattoo was, “That hurt.”
“I hate you.” You told him as he scooped Pinky from the floor and tucked him inside his coat.
Digger gave you a dirty smirk, “You weren’t saying that earlier when I was wearing your thighs like earmuffs.”
Your face burned red instantly and you opened and closed your mouth several times as you tried to find words to use against him. His smug face only aggravated you further so you settled for shocking the fucker until he squealed.

The plane landed without incident, if you didn’t count Digger hissing every swear word he knew under his breath, and you exited the plane as soon as it touched down. You sprinted straight off of the run way and into the wild forest surrounding it. You could only guess that the runway must have been privately owned and God knows where you’d actually landed.

“Which way?” Digger breathed as you came to a stop for a moment.
“Any way we want.” You gave him a grin which he rewarded with a kiss.
Close behind you, you could hear shouting of what must have been the soldiers catching up with you, Digger inclined his head towards the noise, “Maybe not that way, eh?”
“Maybe not.” You agreed with a grin and he held out his hand which you took. You both laughed wildly.

And you ran to a life so madly perfect that it could have been one of The Enchantress’ visions.


So that’s it, Mad Princess has finished. I chose the nice ended opposed to killing off the reader. I hope you like it and any feedback is really appreciated as always <3
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Based on the prompt: “I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU”

I guess this is a hate to love trope? Anyway, this kind of ended up having similar parts with two of my previous drabbles (Lie and Yes). Anyway 2.0, this is unbeta’d. See you below! Thanks!!!!


The city is just stirring from its sleep but already Caroline is at the tail end of her shift, tired from serving and getting hit on by frat boys doing an all-nighter, and then prepping the shop for the morning crowd. Her coffee-stained fingers are sore from all the pulling, twisting and stirring, her face numb from smiling too much and yet she perseveres. She was a cheerleader after all. Once upon a time. When her life was still perfect. Anyway, at least her tip jar (aka her “rent fund”) is already full which makes the wicked kink on her neck worth tolerating for another hour before her replacement arrives.

Ten minutes before she clocks out, he walks in. Or swaggers in, more like, with the way he’s smiling as if he owns the place.


Must be new in town.

She’d remember dimples like that.

Nevertheless, she’s got him pegged in no time. It is after all part of the job to be able to read and gauge customers, especially the new ones.

With his blonde hair and blue eyes, he definitely has the pretty boy thing going on even though everything else about him tells otherwise–from the three-piece suit he’s wearing to his measured strides. He’s not too tall but he’s got an imposing, don’t-mess-with-me presence. He’s grinning but you can tell he’s all business. A Wallstreet banker? Or a lawyer maybe?

When he finally reaches the counter, he surprises her with two things:

1) he’s British. He’s got his ear pressed to his phone the whole time, talking about deposition and defense in his Downtown Abbey accent (yeah, she’s got the lawyer stuff right). But even though he’s standing in front of her, he’s not freaking ordering which is beyond annoying. There’s no line yet but he’s bound to create one if he takes any more longer and she’s already got her barista smile which is actually painful to hold.

2) after she clears her throat three times, he finally finds the heart to tear himself away from his call and give his order: A venti macchiato of all things. Not tea. Not even coffee. A venti macchiato. Heh. And then he says his name is ‘Claus’.


How very unexpected.

Anyway, she does her thing and he does his, namely going back to his uber important call. Whatever. She’s just glad this day is over… Or so she thinks.

When she hands Claus his order, he frowns, looking at his cup.

Uh-oh. What did she do now?

He whispers something to his phone before staring up to her.

“It’s with a K.” He tells her before he walks away, leaving her confused and weirded out.


It was his name.

He was talking about his name, she realizes later. Klaus with a K.

Well okay.

It’s not her fault the only Claus she’d known in her life was a big old red guy who likes giving gifts.

But it’s done. It’s an honest mistake, at least the first time.


The second time, however, he’s clearly asking for it.

She’ll go as far as to say she has already forgotten about him until he walks in the cafe again three days later. Funny how you go from not crossing paths with one person your whole life to suddenly being hyperaware when that person is near.

And yes, fine. No need to deny how a big factor of that is because he’s easy on the eyes but it’s also because he’s a huge prick. Shame. It’s always the pretty ones who turn out to be frogs.

He’s got his ear on his phone again, speaking somberly the whole time he falls in line and until he reaches the counter.

“Hello, s–.”

“Venti macchiato.” He says in rush, cutting her off, before immediately going back to his call.

Wow. Rude much?

She wants to roll her eyes so bad but she can’t. So instead, she begrudgingly punches in his order, pulls the Sharpie from her breast pocket but then she remembers that he didn’t give his name.

Caroline, of course, hasn’t forgotten his name because he’s on her personal shit list and then, on impulse, decides to write something else.

She thinks he’ll correct her just like he did before but he doesn’t. He barely even looks at her when he grabs his cup, leaves a tip, and exits the cafe, too immersed in his call.

Too bad. She would’ve wanted to see his face when he realizes that she’d written exactly what he told her before.

With a K.


It’s not the first time she misspelled a customer’s name on purpose but she’s never ever done it twice with same customer.

So when the next time he comes in and she writes “Clout” on his venti cup, she fully expects him to report her or even just make a scathing remark.

But he doesn’t.

Not even the next next time. Or the next next next time.

He still comes in, phone at his ear, and orders a macchiato without telling his name.

It’s so not possible that he hasn’t caught up on her shenanigans yet– even Alaric the security guard shoots her pointed looks every time Klaus walks out the cafe, holding his creatively-named cup. Plus, she’s sure she saw the guy reading the tag on her chest the other day, remembering her name (or he could have just been eyeing her boob). And the other other day, he even managed to remove his ear from his phone and mouthed what she’s written on his cup (it was “Clown” that day) before dimpling and leaving a sizable tip in her jar.

Seriously. What the hell is with this guy? He’s a lawyer for god’s sake. She pegged him as an arrogant hardass. He could’ve found an opening in the constitution and sued her ass for purposely misspelling his name just to make her stop.

But he isn’t suing so she isn’t stopping.

Besides, she’s having too much fun and he’s letting her. If she dares assume, she thinks he’s just as morbidly curious as she to know where the hell this game is going.


Kol burst into laughter when he walks in the office.

“Damn brother, back at it again with the venti macchiato!”

Klaus ignores him as he always does. Ever since a month ago when Klaus flew from the UK to join their family’s US firm, the scoundrel has found countless of ways to make fun of his acclimation to American culture.

Including his choice of drink.

But he knows Kol is becoming aware that it’s not just about the drink anymore. Well, who wouldn’t be bloody curious as to why he comes in almost everyday with a randomly labeled venti cup?

Today it’s “Clint”. Huh. Seems tame compared to the other day’s “Clam” or the classic “Closet”… Or so he thinks.

“You’re one letter away from becoming a delightful part of the female anatomy, my friend.” Kol remarks crassly.

Somehow, Klaus has a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before his rascal of a brother pays a visit to his coffee shop girl. Caroline. With her fair hair and challenging blue eyes.

He can’t let that happen, of course.


It’s just the beginning of her shift that day when he walks in, no phone in hand, and only a determined look on his face. He proceeds to march towards the counter, slaps a hand on the surface and, there on the wood, he leaves a card. His card.

Niklaus Mikaelson
Attorney At Law



Is she suing her finally?

She opens her mouth to ask but then he cuts her off.

“Niklaus Mikaelson. That’s my name. Though people call me Klaus. K-L-A-U-S.” He tells her with an adorable dimpled smile.

Wait, did she say adorable?

She means annoying.

“Soooo…” Caroline quirks a brow. “You want me to call you Klaus?”

“Yes, love. And also,” He taps a finger on the number in his card. “I want you to call me.”

Say what? Did he just use a line on her?

“You want me to call you.” She repeats incredulously.



“So you can ask me on a date.”

“You want me to ask you on a date?”

Someone behind him tuts irritatedly. Apparently Klaus is starting to hold the line. From the other side of the room, Enzo the manager gives her a reluctant nod and so she pulls Klaus aside on a vacant table as April temporarily mans the counter.

“You want me to ask you on a date?” She questions him with her arms akimbo.

Klaus, who has taken a seat on the chair, looks up to her with puppy dog eyes. Who knew that this guy could do puppy dog eyes?

“Well because if I’m correct in my assumption, you’re not the type to apologize, love. So you can just make it up to me by asking me on a date.”

Caroline’s jaw goes slack. Seriously? She lets out a nervous laugh because really, she expected his anger… Not his flirting. “You’re a weirdo, you know that?”

“Says the girl who wrote 'Crack’ on my venti cup.” quips Klaus as leans back on the chair. “Well no worries. Let’s chalk it all up to foreplay.”

“It’s not foreplay. You were really rude, you know? And I could’ve just spit on your drink but I didn’t. I let you go easy.” Caroline crosses her arms firmly. “Do you even know my name?”

“Of course, love. It’s Caroline. C-A-R-O-L-I-N-E. See, I got your name right.” He dimples, proud of himself and unfazed by her rant.


Damn him for being so charming.

She tries to hold a glare but she is just so weirded out by what’s happening right now. Like, is this really happening? Never in a million years did she expect that this thing between them would end up like this.

Taking a deep breath, Caroline eyes him. “You know what? You’re right. I won’t apologize. Why would I? You should be the one apologizing to me. You should be the one asking me for a date–”


She shushes him with a finger which just makes his grin even bigger. “I know what you are gonna say. You will ask me on a date. Well, my answer is 'Please go back to tomorrow.’ because seriously, I need a break and I need to think on it. Comprende?

And Klaus, who has always been good at knowing when he is dismissed, just nods quietly like a good boy.


The next day Klaus comes back to the cafe with his usual order and meets an unusually somber Caroline.

He doesn’t think on it and merely follows her lead until he gets his Venti cup and sees what she’s written on it.

YES it says and below it, is her contact number.

anonymous asked:

RFA members + V meet MC at a coffee shop? 😊

a/n you all seem to like autumnal things so here you go; & I’m assuming that they’ve never spoken before >////< 


  • college cafeterias were the way to go and save money
  • so as the new transfer student you’re hurled into the hallway by everyone behind you rushing in to trying to get the food that was considered.. edible
  • all the tables are packed too quickly and the food is pretty much gone so you go to line up at the coffee machine
  • but coffee machines either suck or don’t work (is it just machines round my area or is this a normal thing idk)
  • pressing random buttons you’re trying to get something into the cup 
  • for fuck sake.. come on.. why isn’t this.. damn it
  • you end up hitting the machine and sighing as you realise you won’t be able to have anything for lunch
  • suddenly a hand out of no where presses the mocha button and hits a few numbers
  • you turn around and its a blushing blonde boy smiling to himself because he just witnessed you fighting a machine..
  • “I-I hope you like mocha..”
  • you smile before laughing to yourself in embarrassment because oh god well done you’ve literally been here less than a day and someone thinks you’re weird
  • he pipes up saying you’re a good fighter!
  • & you snort before replying thanks and muttering under your breath something to do  with shit warriors in LOLOL and Yoosung tenses up
  • “you- you play LOLOL?”
  • you nod and his eyes light up as he guides you outside to a free bench where he starts rambling about his character
  • all of a sudden he notices how beautiful your eyes are and bites his lip oh god oh god oh god
  • you’re both sitting there with your mocha coffees getting excited over LOLOL before the bell rings
  • “hey.. I didn’t catch your name?”
  • “uh.. Yoosung and oh and my username is yoosung8(idk man thats his email soo)
  • “meet you here tommorow Yoosung?”
  • and you guys meet there every lunchtime.. for the rest of the school year


  • he was late for work.. like really late
  • to the point where he could just ditch saying he was ill because there was no point of coming in anymore
  • so he gets off at a random bus stop & he wanders around until he sees a cute coffee shop and since it was empty he goes in
  • walking up to the counter he sees you and his mouth goes dry as you look up at him???
  • what why whats going on
  • “I’m Zen”
  • “uh hi..Zen.. can I take your order?”
  • he does that cliche thing where he asks you to pick so you end up making a cappuccino
  • he doesn’t leave the counter though and watches you make the coffee you’re close to calling security
  • he ends up sitting down getting tiredand he pinches his arm because people are supposed to feel this way towards me not vice versa >;c
  • he doesn’t look up at you when you place the cup down as he’s overthinking but when he looks up to thank you you’ve already turned your back
  • shit does she think I have no manners now shit
  • before taking a sip of his drink he orders another cappuccino and you sigh and get to work
  • he’s hella cute but he’s really addicted to coffee man tf finish the first one at least
  • placing the second cappuccino dawn he grabs a ahold of your arm as you’re about to turn away and you nervously look at him
  • usually I know what to say to cute girls but I’ve seemed to forgotten all my manners.. drink with me?
  • he gestures to the second cup of coffee and you hesitate before sitting down as his pleading eyes made you give in
  • you both chat about your lives clicking instantly and you quickly have a small crush on the actor (how could u not dumbass)
  • he says he passes here everyday on the way to work (he doesn’t he has to get off early and walk 20 minutes in the opposite direction) but promises to come and get coffee here everyday
  • every day although he’s tired and a few minutes late to work he can’t help having a cappuccino with you at 9am


  • she goes to the same coffee shop every lunchtime because the smell of coffee and pastries instantly relaxes her
  • she collects her usual order of a flat white coffee with cream and turns to her usual table to see someone already sitting there
  • at first she’s pissed because what are you doing? (in my swamp.. omg i’m so sorry)
  • but she sees your tired expression with the laptop with your hand on your head and she can’t help but feel slightly sorry for you because same
  • she pulls the chair on the other side of the table and checks to see your reaction before sitting down
  • you don’t even notice her but you slam the laptop shut and a bit of her coffee spills over the edges
  • “oh my god I’m so sorry.. I’ll buy you a new one I apologise I-”
  • “It’s only a little bit, no need”
  • you smile sheepishly before getting up anyway and buying some cake and give it to her
  • …I’m sorry anyway
  • she’s slightly baffled but decides to pull out her own work and sips her coffee
  • you notice something on Jaehee’s face and bite your lip because do you tell her or…
  • “uh.. excuse me? you have some cream on your cheek”
  • omg she’s dead how do people turn this red
  • quickly wipes her cheek before looking straight down at her work praying that someone invents teleportation right this instant
  • you laugh to yourself at how cute she is and she lets hair fall infront of her face 
  • please don’t look at me
  • packing up your things she looks up to see your leave and you see her face fall but you have to go and give her a little wave
  • “bye..Jaehee”
  • omg how do they know my name and wait whats their name I never got to ask :(((
  • she gets up to leave a few moments later and notices that your coffee cup is still there and she tuts because why are you littering
  • but she sees a little note is stuck on the side???
  • “don’t freak out.. your name was on your cup.. and my name is on the other side of my cup too if you’re interested? ”
  • turning the cup slightly she sees your name and repeats it to herself blushing and smiling to herself
  • for some reason she can’t get you out of her head for the rest of the day ??


  • he’s having such a shitty day
  • his driver was sick so he has to take the bus home late at night and he’s in a baaaaaad mood
  • a client also pissed him off today by scamming him and he ends up getting off the bus angrily and walking round the corner slamming into you
  • you fall over backwards and scrape your knee but Jumin just stares down back at you
  • pulling yourself up and brushing yourself down you give him a dirty look before crossing the road and walking into a smallcafe to clean yourself up
  • basically you’re forcing yourself to clean up before you break down crying
  • he feels guilty and walks into the cafe a few minutes later and orders 2 chai lattes
  • he sits down at the table nervously holding his lattes rethinking about what he’s done and how stupid he was
  • damn it did I really just knock the girl over and stand there wow great
  • when you step out the bathroom you see him sitting there nervously with 2 drinks and you try walk past him but he manages to get up and swiftly block the exit
  • handing you the latte he mumbles a sorry under his breath
  • taking the drink slowly - you sip before making a face signalling that you don’t like the taste
  • he’s confused and also takes a sip and makes a weird face 
  • uh hey weird guy.. why did you get a drink you dislike?
  • i thought you might’ve liked it.. its supposed to be calming or something
  • you shrug and respond: well I like black coffee
  • oh.. so do i..
  • you give him a look as to say ‘well you know what to do then’ and he orders the coffee sitting down at your table and you both start chatting
  • “Allow me to apologise properly and introduce myself, my name is Jumin Han.”
  • and guess where he goes every evening from now on


  • dressed up as a cat Saeyoung is at a gaming convention!! (sorry call an ambulance please)
  • everyones looking at him because he looks cute?? excuse me why are you the cutest person here please stop
  • he’s just smiling at everyone 
  • but he locks eyes with you because omg are you a cat too???
  • you both gravitate towards each other and laugh because you’re both somehow wearing the same oversized kitten onesie
  • meow?
  • meow!
  • talk about instant friendship?!
  • you walk around the convention together and lots of people mistake you as a couple but you don’t even know his name
  • being cliche and cute you decide to go to a cat cafe for OBVIOUS reasons
  • you both order hot chocolate (it’s not coffee soz) and you both freak out when you say it at the same time and try jinx eachother
  • “I’m pawsitive we were destined to meet
  • eh im second guessing it now
  • when you ask for his name mid conversation he responds with “Saeyoung” and  hecovers his mouth because everyone knows him as Luciel 
  • why did I just let it slip out..
  • you’re confused and ask if he’s okay but he quickly leaves the cafe apologising .. what! just! happened?
  • you leave the cafe really disappointed that you left the Saeyoung kid on a low note or if that was really his name or something
  • you end up returning every day to the cafe but he’s never there and every day you return home disappointed with your hot chocolate
  • or so you think
  • one day you come in to the cafe and receive a text from an unknown number
  • “sorry for leaving you.. I’ll explain some things to you soon! and thanks for coming everyday to see if I was there.. - from.. Saeyoung.
  • you’re confused because how did he know you were here everyday? and how did the note get there wtf? how doES HE KNOW MY NUMBER
  • looking round the cafe you only see the barista and kittens and you’re confused
  • i swear to God is he a kitten??
  • you leave the store dazed and confused and Saeyoung watches through the computer at home smiling to himself because someone actually cared enough about him
  • see you soon MC.. :)


  • in a gallery you’re strolling around looking at the photographs and you’re feeling super intimidated surrounded by the elegant people chatting with glasses of wine
  • you don’t drink wine so you have a caramel macchiato from the coffee shop down the road and you couldn’t feel more out of place
  • you’re biting your nails staring at a photograph when someone taps your shoulder
  • get yourself together shit
  • “which one is your favourite?”
  • you point to the one in front of you and the man raises his eyebrows as if to say ..why?
  • startled you explain how the photograph of the field makes you feel free and close to nature and you see the man’s eyes light up - u okay bud?
  • looking down at your cup he chuckles at your innocence before nodding and saying caramel macchiato? nice choice!
  • and you blush because shit i should’ve got black coffee or wine damn it i look about 4
  • you’re about to turn away of embarrassment before he calls out
  • wait.. come with me to get a caramel macchiato with me?
  • since stranger doesn’t exist you accompany him to the small coffee shop down the road asking the barista for another caramel macchiato 
  • you listen carefully when the cute man says his name
  • “yes, my name is V”
  • V? tf kind of a name is that?
  • grabbing his cup he tells you to go back to the photograph and read the information and you frown because I did??? (no u didn’t)
  • he just smirks before you both go back to the gallery with your drinks and he walks off into the crowd without another word
  • strange but ok then
  • returning back to the photograph on the wall you peer at the information before seeing something that catches your eye
  • “photo taken by V”
  • you gasp and look into the crowd and catch his gaze before he winks 
  • shiiiiit

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I'm trying to get better at drawing faces, but unfortunately my drawing never look like their models.. Like for example, I try my best to draw JA but it just doesn't look like him :( Do you have any advice on that? And also on faces in general? Thank you so much for answering all of the asks you get, you're so nice and it's so helpful to have someone answering!!

Hi anon!

People already asked me questions about achieving likeness and drawing faces and it’s your lucky day because I did a Step by Step on how to draw Jensen precisely! Check out the following links to some asks I posted this year, it should help you a lot:

  • Drawing faces (with a link to a GREAT tut by artist Kleinmeli) >> Scroll down and go to question 7, I talk about my technique too.

Voilà! ^^ It’s a question that comes back often so I answered it in details in the links above. I really hope it will help you achieve likeness at last (it takes patience and practice, don’t forget!!)

Enjoy your Holiday Season!  ❤

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TITLE: The Girls

SUMMARY: In which the Konoha girls checks out the firemen team.


A/N: I’m just really bored tbh, and this thing popped up in my head when I was watching the news on TV.

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but imagine hermione and draco having an epic rivalry over their grades. draco interrupting hermione’s constant hand-raising by loudly giving the answer before she can open her mouth. hermione stealing all the books on the topic they’re covering from the library. the two of them studying at nearby tables late at night and waiting to see who will break and get up to go to bed first, and they’re both so damn stubborn they end up just falling asleep over their parchment. both of them slaving away over their essays and stressing over getting every detail perfect because ‘there’s no way i’m letting them one-up me again DIS FOOL IS GOING DOWN’. eventually they both resort to sabotaging each other to get ahead- draco starts this first obviously, but hermione eventually joins in just to even out the playing board (and because deep down there’s a part of her that’s really a vindictive queen bc come on who the heck doesn’t love getting revenge). draco slips a powder in hermione’s inkwell that makes it turn invisible the day after it’s put on paper, hermione makes draco’s bubotuber plant explode all over him in herbology, they both continually flick subtle spells at each other’s assignments in transfiguration (i swear it wasn’t me who gave my apple a duck’s bill! *glare*) then one day in potions when they’re stuck at a table together and are exchanging snarky comments about how poorly the other person is doing, hermione says something about how getting draco to screw up isn’t even a challenge and he scoffs and rolls his eyes and says ‘i’d like to see you try.’ and hermione just smirks and kisses him right on the cheek and draco’s so rattled he forgets to stir his potion clockwise six times and it starts smoking and turns dark grey and slughorn tut-tuts at him disappointedly while hermione smiles smugly. and then all of a sudden it’s a game of who can make the other person more flustered and they’re flirting and touching and cheek-pecking left and right until one day someone just groans in exasperation and says ‘for merlin’s bloody sake, just kiss already!’ which draco promptly does two seconds later. after, when hermione pulls away, the whole class is cheering and she’s blushing like crazy and she asks if draco’s gone insane, because at the moment she really believes he has, but he just puts on this devious cheshire cat grin that’s so reminiscent of the weasley twins it makes her actually reach for her wand and goes ‘nope. i’m getting revenge.’ and then proceeds to point to hermione’s potion, which is boiling over. she slaps him. (they both end up dating anyway ofc) (cause they’re really in love) (and after that kiss i mean it doesn’t take long for them to figure out ‘holy crap i enjoyed that and i think they did too we bloody like each other’)

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I finished something. I actually finished something. There will be revels and much rejoicing. And a nap, because I’m sick.

Steve spent a lot of his life being sick, so he knows sometimes you need someone to take care of you, even if you’re Natasha and don’t really need taking care of.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

It’s not all fighting aliens and rescuing hostages from terrorist cells – working for Shield that is. There’s training and research and the dreaded paper work. It takes time to set up missions, it’s not like they can just send in a Strike team without intel or a plan. So Steve has a lot of downtime between missions.

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    Starters. They can definitely be tricky, writing a starter and then not getting a response from anyone can be disheartening, we’ve all been there. This guide should help you make starters that will (theoretically) have replies from everyone in the roleplay. 

Note: you can’t sue me if that doesn’t happen, I said ‘theoretically’.

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"Whoa! excuse me! Didn't mean to bump into you." //Thank you for following back! This ask is for Zero because Omg yes

Feeling the female bump into him, he looked to her with those lavender orbs of his. “Watch out next time.” He told her as he took a glance to check and see if she was alright and not hurt from the bump.

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what is this quinnspiracy / gamergate thing i keep hearing about and what does it have to do with jontron? do you have an opinion on it?

oh christ

ok i think it goes something like this

a jilted ex posted a bunch of chat logs and a kinda spiteful-sounding story about how a female game developer, zoe quinn, had cheated on him with a few people in the game industry

reaction 1 was “omg what a dirty slut” because, y'know, gamers.  but that turned out to not be popular rhetoric.  this is the only place jontron is relevant: he retweeted a comic someone drew that starred zoe graphically in the middle of a gangbang.  (probably because he was also in the comic, presented as the voice of reason.  but wow.)

a couple of the accused people were writers for internet video game websites, so reaction 2 was a rallying cry for more ethics in game journalism.  which on its own would be okay except

(a) the worst dirty laundry by far in game journalism imnsho is how review scores are kept artificially inflated effectively by extortion — if you give a game a bad review, the publisher can just not give you early access to its games any more.  which is possibly why only 3% of games have a metascore under 33, versus 9% of movies.  but that’s a problem with the publishers, really, and not something journalists can directly control.

(b) none of the journalists zoe had a relationship with gave her game a good review, as was a common refrain.  as far as i can find, only one of them wrote about her game at all, and it was months before they were supposed to have hooked up.  even the jilted ex confirmed this.

so reaction 2 was kind of complete hogwash as well.

reaction 3 was to devolve rapidly into conspiracy theories and general mudslinging like: zoe was in cahoots with a reddit mod (evidence being that he tweeted at her asking to DM), explaining why tons of posts were deleted from /r/gaming (which the mods claim was to remove personal information); that zoe had actively doxxed and destroyed a gaming charity (based on a reddit comment from someone involved with the charity) (but the charity now explicitly says zoe was not involved); or that zoe had faked being hacked and doxxed (????) because the posted phone number was from a place she’d never lived (my phone number is from pennsylvania where i’ve never lived, welcome to cell phones).

meanwhile, with spectacular timing, anita sarkeesian released another “women vs tropes in video games” video, which i guess showcases a bunch of examples of women as decoration or sex objects in video games, and everyone exploded anew.

faced with all this, basically everyone with a voice shook their heads and tut-tutted at gamers for being big whiny woman-hating baby manchildren.  and then there came some murmurings that it might be time to hang up the “gamer” label altogether, because it’s become toxic and insular, and who never plays any games whatsoever?

which brings us, i think, to #gamergate.  i’m not actually sure, because its origins and goals and contributors are all incomprehensible.  i’ve been told two completely different things:

1. that #gamergate is about journalistic ethics, i.e. doubling down on reaction 2.  i was talking to someone last night and asked for an example of “misconduct” he was tired of; he linked me to an article by leigh alexander, one of the people suggesting “gamer” is obsolete.  apparently the problem is that she’s a journalist but also runs a consulting firm for game developers, but has never disclosed this “potential conflict of interest” in her articles.  i think that’s fucking ludicrous, because if she’s not writing about her clients, there’s not even potential for conflict of interest, right?  also, surprise, she’s a woman.

2. that #gamergate is about we’re not gonna take this disrespect of gamers any more.  some feathers got ruffled by the fact that the people with an audience in the gaming community are making fun of the people who think they are the gaming community.  (this is one of those awkward problems where, well, whose responsibility is it to ostracize toxic members of a group?  if anyone’s?)  my response to those people is that maybe they should try playing a game online with strangers for two minutes.  i tried getting back into tf2 recently and very clearly recall joining a server just in time to hear an exchange of rape jokes.  riot has had to pour untold manhours and UI tricks into tricking its players into not being complete assholes.  and xbox live is basically infamous.  navigating a minefield full of this kind of sludge is not really what i consider a good relaxing time, which is why i basically never play worldwide multiplayer anything.  (but thank god for mario kart.)  anyway given the long-running reputation self-labeled “gamers” have for being xenophobic and generally hostile to anyone who’s not a straight dude who loves FPSes, being taken aback when journalists point this out is kind of bewildering to me.

the one thing they do seem to agree on is that this isn’t about hating women, except a few thing it is about fighting “SJWs” or something, i don’t know.

a curious observation: most of the people replying to #gamergate tweets (and believe me, if you use the hashtag, you will get replies) are using accounts with a handful of follows/followers, three digits of tweets, and basically nothing except #gamergate replies and retweets.  so it’s a bunch of people who don’t even use twitter trying to do twitter activism over a thing they can’t decide the meaning of.

oh and naturally several of the accounts i looked at were also retweeting misogynistic garbage.  because gamers.

anyway stay tuned for further developments as the core gamer demographic burrows itself ever deeper up its own collective asshole

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Prompt: dimples

Daryl sat forward in his seat as Carol stood in front of him, her back turned and her hands holding her shirt halfway up her back. Darylsquinted, one hand on her hip as he inspected the little bump on the groove of her spine.

“Looks like just a freckle,” he said.

Carol shifted on her feet. “You sure?”

“Ain’t a dermatologist.” He smirked.

He leaned in closer and rubbed his index finger over the small dark spot.

“Yeah, just a raised freckle,” he concluded.

Before she lowered her shirt, he grasped both of her hips with his hands, holding her still.

“What’re you doing?” He could hear the smile in her voice as she kept her back turned.

“Just enjoying the view,” he remarked.

He ran one hand up her back until his fingers touched the fabric of her bra. He traced his hand back down, trailing a few fingers along the dip of her spine. She sighed, her shoulders relaxing. He rubbed his thumbs into the little dimples on either side of her spine right at the top off her backside, before his index finger made its way back to that new little freckle on her back.

He loved all of her freckles. He loved every single spot and birthmark and imperfection on her skin. He’d spent the past year memorizing her body like a map, and he loved that he could reach out a hand at night and touch her, and he would know immediately that it was her.

Licking his lips, Daryl leaned in and kissed the freckle, flicking his tongue against it once.

Carol giggled, and he sat back in his seat as she lowered her shirt. Straightening it, she turned around, eyes bright with mischief.

“Well, that’s a relief,” she said, folding her arms.

“Hm,” he hummed, watching her brazenly.

When she noticed his staring and smirked, he grinned back, getting his hands around the tops of her thighs and tugging her toward him. She stepped forward willingly, until she was standing between his legs where he sat.

“You got any new freckles that I need to look at?” she offered, unfolding her arms and trailing her hands over his forearms.

Her touch set his skin on fire, and he pulled her closer.

“Not that I know of,” he remarked, then pressed his entire face against her stomach, breathing in the warm smell of her.

She chuckled, ruffling his hair with both hands. “Well, I wasn’t sure about that freckle until I had you look at it. I couldn’t see it. How do you know there’s not something that needs looking at?”

He lifted his face and looked up at her slyly. “Put that way, I guess I don’t.”

She looked absolutely devilish. “You should have someone check you out.”

“And who would you suggest?” he asked lightly, rubbing his hands up and down her thighs. “It’d have to be someone thorough. I don’t want a half-assed assessment.”

“Oh, well, in that case,” she tutted, leaning down and kissing him on the mouth. “I better do it myself…because I am very…very thorough.”

That was it.

Daryl pulled her to him, standing and taking her off her feet. He wound his arms under her backside, and she laughed as she hopped up into his arms. She hooked her legs around his waist as he picked her up and carried her toward the bedroom.