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WWII Gay G.I.s recounts tale of losing their Lovers

Excerpt from the book Coming out under fire The history of gay Men and Women in World War Two: Combat soldiers often responded to each other’s personal losses with the deepest respect and understanding, allowing gay GIs to express openly their grief over the death of boyfriends or lovers. 

Jim Warren’s boyfriend was hit while trying to knock out a machine-gun nest on Saipan. “They brought him back,” Warren recalled, “and he was at the point of death. He was bleeding. He had been hit about three or four times. I stood there and he looked up at me and I looked down at him and he said, ‘Well, Jim, we didn’t make it, did we.’ And tears were just rolling down my cheeks. I don’t know when I’ve ever felt such a lump and such a waste. And he kind of gave me a boyish crooked grin and just said, ‘Well, maybe next time.’ And I said, ‘I’m going to miss you. And I’ll see your mother.’ There were people standing around, maybe seven or eight people standing there, and I was there touching his hand and we were talking. Somebody said later, ‘You were pretty good friends,’ because I had been openly crying and most people don’t do this. I said, ‘Yes, we were quite good friends.’ And nobody ever said anything. I guess as long as I supposedly upheld my end of the bargain, everything was all right.”

Ben Small was even less able to control himself when his boyfriend was killed in the Philippines. But he, too, was surprised by the other men’s compassion towards him. “We had a funny freak attack of a Japanese kamikaze plane,” he recalled, “and I guess he was getting rid of his last load of these baby cutter bomb, these little bombs that explode at about three feet high so if they went off through a tent they exploded at bed level. I had just been in the tent of a guy I had been going with at the time. He crawled into bed, and I said goodnight and walked out the tent. And this plane came overhead and all we heard was explosions and we fell to the ground. When I got up too see if he was all right, the trust of the bomb had gone through his tent and he was not there. I went into a three-day period of hysterics. I was treated with such kindness by the guys that I worked with, who were all totally aware of why I had gone hysterical. It wasn’t because we were bombed. It was because my boyfriend had been killed. And one guy in the tent came up to me and said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were gay? You could have talked to me.’ I said, ‘Well, I was afraid to.’ This big straight, macho guy. There was a sort of compassion then.”

After a raid in the Philippines, Ben Small remembered, a lieutenant who had been injured was being shipped back to the States, so the men “all went to the plane to see him off that night. It was an amazingly touching moment, when he and his lover said goodbye, because they embraced and kissed in front of all these straight guys and everyone dealt with it so well. I think it was just this basic thing about separation of someone you cared for, regardless of sex.” Small described this tender parting as “a little distilled moment out of time” when men’s “prejudices were suspended” and gay soldiers “could be a part of what this meant.”

Strangers PT.6

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Namjoon’s p.o.v 

I stood outside of the cafe, all covered up waiting for her arrival. I still felt bitter about our conversation last night, if it wasn’t obvious enough already anyone could probably tell that I was jealous. Jealous of the guy that Y/N misses. Jealous of someone I don’t even know. I wanted to see Y/N, I wanted to finally meet her in person and I was excited that I’m finally getting the opportunity to do so but I couldn’t take my mind off the idea that there’s someone better in her eyes, someone that has overtaken me to reach her heart. But so what if there’s someone she’s interested in? That shouldn’t bother me because she doesn’t know I have feelings for her, but it does. It shouldn’t have anything to do with me because it’s her life and her choices, but I want it to be. 

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Muddin’ *Requested* (Auston Matthews)

This was requested by @ortonsrevival who asked for prompt #119 “How is my wife more badass than me?”

I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope y’all enjoy reading it!

Requests: Open

Warnings: One swear word…think that’s it

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“Auston!!!” You yelled. “We’re going to miss our flight if you don’t hurry UP! This is why I woke you up two hours ago!” You and Auston were scheduled to fly to your hometown….well the closest airport to your hometown, for your parents 25th anniversary. In order to get through security and actually board the flight on time, you should have left 10 minutes ago.

“I’m COMING!!” He yelled back. You could hear him stomping around upstairs…he was such a monster in the morning. “It’s your fault that you scheduled a flight for 6am.”

You made a rude face and tapped your foot as he finally made his way down the stairs. “If you would have been packed before today, then you would’ve gotten more sleep! You’ve known about this since two weeks ago…I think that’s ample time.” You were in just as salty of a mood as he was. You hadn’t gone to bed because you knew you were going to get up less than three hours later. So you had a thermos in hand, bags under your eyes, and an attitude that was just asking for a fight.

“Let’s just go.” He grumbled. He blinked blurrily at your thermos before reaching for it. “Gimme.”

You stretched your arm out in the opposite direction. “Not a chance. You should have gotten up earlier if you wanted some. Get in the car.” He curled his lip at you and reached for your cup again. “NO!” Then you ran for the car with him in hot pursuit. “It’s mine, Auston. Back off!”

“We’re married. What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. I want a drink.” He growled as he boxed you in against the car.

“How about a deal?” He raised his eyebrow but gestured for you to go on. “If you get in the car so we can go, you can have the rest.”

“Promise? If you’re lying or it’s empty then I’m telling your mom.” He threatened.

Really? My mom? I’m a married adult…” He just looked at you. “Ok, yeah. She’s intimidating. But I promise.”

“Fine.” He walked over and got into the driver’s seat and once you  were both buckled in he turned to look at you expectantly. You pulled up the thermos you had placed in the car earlier and handed it to him. “You….”

“Yes. I am a great wife. You’re welcome. Now let’s go, we’re 30 minutes late.” Auston just laughed and pressed a kiss to your forehead before putting the car in gear and heading for the airport.

“Hi mom. Hi dad.” Your parents engulfed you in a hug. They hadn’t seen you in person since your wedding four months earlier, since after the season ended you and Auston went on vacation before heading to your apartment in Arizona. There was a house in Toronto, but it usually remained empty during the offseason, the two of you preferring to visit family and vacation when you could.

“Sweetie, you look so tired!” Your mom cooed fawning over you.

You shot Auston a look. “That’s because somebody,” He made a “who me??” face. “Was up late and then lollygagged around packing. We almost missed our flight.”

“I have no idea what she’s talking about. I was a model husband.”

Your mom turned and fussed over him. “I’m sure you were, Honey. She can be so temperamental in the mornings. You’ll have to forgive her.”

“MOM!!” You protested.

“Well, Y/N. It’s true…” She said. “Now let’s head out. I’m sure you’re both wanting a nap before the party this evening.”

“A nap sounds delightful.”

“You can sleep in your old room. Auston can sleep in the guest room.” Your dad told everyone.

“Dad…we’re married.”

“I know that…you’re just my little girl…”

“Dad…” You raised your eyebrows. “We’re not going to get frisky in my childhood bedroom if that’s your concern.”

He huffed but didn’t say anything else. You gave a small laugh and saw that Auston was shaking with silent laughter.

Frisky?” He mouthed. You stuck your tongue out. He just laughed harder. You rolled your eyes but cuddled up next to him as you headed for home.

After a much needed nap you woke up to the sounds of kids yelling and playing. The anniversary party was acting similar to a family reunion, so your cousins had all brought their kids and they were running around like wild beasts. It was great.

After a quick refresher in the bathroom you came out and smiled when you saw Auston tying his shoes. You traded places and two minutes later were walking out hand in hand to the backyard.

Cries of excitement escaped the kids as they rushed to greet the two of you. After agreeing to play a game of football later, they ran back to whatever they had been doing. You made the rounds with your aunts and uncles before lounging on some lawn chairs to watch some cousins play cornhole and horseshoes.

“Y/N!” Your cousin Danny yelled. “It rained yesterday, so we’re going muddin’! You in?”

“What is mudding?” Auston asked.

“It’s muddin’…and how have you never gone?? It’s so much fun!” We’re in Danny! Get my four-wheeler out. We’ll go get ready.” You tugged Auston up and pulled him into your laundry room before handing him an old pair of your dad’s river pants and a rain jacket.

“Y/N…It’s over 70 outside…I don’t think I need pants and a jacket to do whatever this muddin’ thing is.”

You chuckled. Poor little city boy. “Yes, you do. There should be an extra pair of goggles for you in the shed.” You quickly pulled on yours and after adding a pair of rainboots headed for the shed.

“Are you going muddin’, Y/N?” Your parents called out.

“Yep! Auston’s never been….figured I could enlighten him.” Your dad laughed heartily which caused Auston to draw his eyebrows down in concern.

“Is this dangerous? Because it doesn’t seem safe.” He asked.

“Of course not. I’ve driven those trails since I was eight. Stop being a weenie, Auston.”

How is my wife is more of a badass than me.” He mumbled. You laughed loudly and after tossing him a helmet and goggles secured your own.

“Let’s go!” You called. Quickly straddling your ride you patted the space behind and Auston sat down. “Since it’s your first time…I’ll take it easy on you.”

“Wow, thanks so much.” He sassed. You just rolled your eyes and fired up the engine. You hadn’t done this is a few years and you were ecstatic to get back out there.

A little more than an hour later you were doubled over in laughter at the look on Auston’s face. His eyes were huge and his face extremely pale. His hair that was normally styled was sticking everywhere because of the helmet and basically all of him was covered in mud. You weren’t in much better shape, but your hair looked better. Score one for ponytails.

“That’s muddin’?” Auston asked.

“Isn’t it great?!”

He appeared to be processing the event, slowly coming down from the adrenaline high. “It was. I’m glad I went.” You shot him a beaming smile. “Can we shower now?”

You laughed loudly. “Sure. We have a shower house next to the pool. I put a change of clothes in there before we headed out.”

“Hey, Y/N…” Auston called.


“Next time we go. I get to drive.”

“Not a chance!!” You called before taking off as he began to chase you, laughter coming from both of your mouths.

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #28

I Duplicated A Box Of Magic: The Gathering Cards

I have a deck of Magic cards themed around Elves that I dusted off to show a friend last night at my local game store. I haven’t opened this box in almost 2 years. It was my first deck. Before I left, I opened up the box and looked at the deck list that I had put in the box, and checked to make sure all the cards were there, which they were. 

I went up to my LGS and played some (with a different deck) and my friend had to leave before I could show him the deck, at which point I left too and came straight home. When I got home I played on my computer and went to bed, the deck remained in my bag.

This morning, I woke up and the deck box was sitting on my desk. I thought it was odd, but brushed it off figuring I had put it there last night and forgot to put it on my shelf where it sits. Well, I went to my bag to grab some cards I got last night to put in a different deck and there’s that box. It’s the same box. I thought that I had accidentally picked up someone else’s box. And so I look through it and it’s the same deck. Down to which cards are foil and what version it came from. No one but me has seen this deck since the last time I played it, 2 years ago.

Credits to: crushcastles23

Someone Was Missing

Me and four other friends of mine were hanging out after school because there was pizza or something- I don’t really remember why we stayed. We were bored and wandering the hallways when one of our guy friends excused himself to go to his sports practice. The locker room for that particular sport is in the basement, a place well known for its title, “The Dungeon”.

Now it was me and three other girls and we were just messing around the stairs, going down into The Dungeon, when one of the faculty members began coming down to where we were. We freaked out and got the hell out of there (because four girls messing around the guy’s locker room isn’t exactly “OK”).

As we were about to go back to the main part of the school, my friend stopped and said “Wait, somebody’s missing.”

At that point I got horrible goosebumps, like not the “oh that’s creepy haha” goosebumps, but the “something is terribly wrong here and we need to go NOW” goosebumps. The air just seemed dangerous and off and it still gives me goosebumps to this day.

We never figured out who was missing because it had been us four girls since our guy friend left, and we couldn’t figure out why we felt that way. I can only think that somebody had been with us and they were kind of “erased” from the universe, and we don’t remember.

Credits to: keikabug

Flash With Silhouettes

I must have seven or eight years old. That’s somewhere in the early 90′s. it must have been 11 pm or so and I was getting ready to sleep in my parents’ bedroom. I could see the dark sky out of the window. The lights were off. I was staring at the sky, when suddenly I saw 3 simultaneous and separate flashes in the sky, equidistant from each other, and a godlike figure in each of them. 

From what I can remember they looked like 3 Indian gods- Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). Just one flash and they disappeared. I cannot give you the exact description of the figures as it was long time ago and whenever I try to re-see it in my mind, I can see just 3 silhouettes. The reason I’d call it a ‘glitch’ is because I can clearly remember my eyes were wide open at the time (I wasn’t dreaming).

Credits to: tekenaki

My Clothes Keep Duplicating

A little backstory about me. I’m a male 23 year old who lives with his parents, brother and grandmother. The washing, putting away of clothes etc is done by my mom.

One day I noticed that one of my favourite pair of pants was missing. Black sweatpants with cuffed ankles that were the comfiest pair of pants to wear. At first I thought my mom had placed it in one of the other wardrobes in the house or was hidden away by my grandma who seems to move items into seemingly strange places due to her dementia. 

After about a month of searching, I thought the pants were a goner - alas I was wrong. As it turns out, I found the pair in the boot of my car buried under bags and other items that i kept hoarded in the back of my car. When I placed it back in my wardrobe for a split second I was confused. An exact pair of the same pants was in my wardrobe. I don’t recall ever buying a second pair nor did I recall ever picking someone else’s pair up from a party, nor does anyone else in the house wear these same kind of pants. I didn’t think much of it at the time as I was more happy at the fact that I had a second pair of my favourite pants. 

After a month however, another item of clothing went missing- a denim button up shirt. Again after about a month of searching, the shirt popped up in my closet… twice. The first time I saw it, I assumed my mom had finally found the shirt (there are 3 bathrooms with 3 separate laundry bins in my house) and after questioning her, this theory turned out to be correct. 

However, that day when I arrived home, threw the shirt in the laundry bin, showered and came back to my room, the exact same shirt was there. I questioned my mum about it and she recalls only cleaning one (albeit there are a lot of clothes my mum cleans and sometimes gets my grandma to help out as it helps give her a bit of structure with her illness). This however hasn’t stopped there. 

In the past two years I’ve had socks, a t-shirt, a jumper and a pair of underwear duplicate with each time just as perplexing as the last. I have a coat that has been currently missing for the past year (I might have genuinely lost that one) and am totally perplexed as to what’s been going on.

Credits to: roprobro

i guess this whole time i’ve been naive, but i really believed you cared for me. i really believed it was me you’d call when you were struggling, me you wanted to see after a long day, me who made you feel something. but i guess i realized just because i was always there doesn’t mean you wanted me to be. just because i’d drop everything for you doesn’t mean you wanted to see me. you can’t give all of yourself to someone and then reprimand them for not saying thank you, because maybe they never wanted all of you. maybe you never wanted all of me. maybe all you wanted was for me to stop trying. maybe i was just stupid in love, falling so hard for somebody who would never fall for me. maybe you settled because you knew i’d always be there for you waiting. maybe i’m waking up, finally realizing when you said you loved me, you could have been lying. when you said you missed me, you could have been thinking of her arms. when you said you never wanted to hurt me, it doesn’t mean you cared if you did, doesn’t mean it makes anything better; forgiving you doesn’t mean i have to excuse your behavior. sticking up for you is exhausting and you don’t deserve it. allowing you back into my life is stupid even if “no wait, this time i’ll be careful, i promise.” people as cruel as you don’t deserve people as kind as me. so i’m done. i’m done answering your text messages when you’re lonely, done hooking up with you just to feel ashamed afterwards, done putting you first, done always being the one who cares more. i mean it. i’m done being naive. it’s time i come to terms with the fact that you never loved me.
—  and maybe in the absence of naivety, i will finally be free

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(this is adexual) U HC KENT PARSON AS ACE??? pls tell me yr ace!kent headcannons if u havent already??? i thought i was the only one :')


kent really does make the whole “captain of the aces” joke every chance he gets. (his team used to punch him for it, but their arms started getting tired.) it’s a huge part of the reason he’s so confused/stuck on the whole situation with jack, because he doesn’t understand how people can just…have sex and not mean anything more by it?? he isn’t sex repulsed, he’ll do it with someone he really cares about, but miss me with this “kenny p hooks up every chance he gets” nonsense. he may put on a show for the media, but he doesn’t get sexually attracted to literally anyone and he’ll only have sex with somebody he loves. that being said, he really loves lingerie because it boosts his self esteem a lot. if anybody says lingerie is only a lead into sex they’re an idiot and kent will be the first to tell them so.

a list of excuses he’s used to get out of an unwanted one night stand:

- “sorry i have to wash my hair”
- “my cat gets really pissy when i don’t cuddle her after a game”
- “i’m on my period”
- “my mom said no”
- “i just got my dick pierced, ask me again in a month”
- “i can’t afford condoms”
- “car sex makes me carsick”
- “i’m allergic to latex”
- “mean girls is on tv tonight”
- “i just had dental work done, i can’t suck your dick” (that one was actually not a lie)

Rekindle // Archie Andrews

Hi!! Can I request an archie imagine where the reader and archie were really good friends and then everything with ms. g**dy happened and they kind of drifted. And then one day the reader hears from Betty or something that his parents are officially getting divorced and they go to see if he’s ok and it’s just really sweet and stuff? Thank you💗

Here’s another one! Sorry for all the Archie, but that’s literally all the requests I’m getting 😂 Also, I need a favour from you guys, try and be as descriptive and original as possible with your request so I can bring them to life, I want to make sure you’re all completely satisfied with what I write because I care for your guy’s opinions. Love you all very much 💕


Some say that friendships are a lifetime if they pass over the 7 year mark.

At this moment, I wasn’t sure I believed it.

Archie and I were always at the hip, always together protecting each other, making each other laugh and just being best friends. It was the four of us, Archie, Betty, Jughead and myself, we were a great group of friends.

That is until summer hit.

Archie became distant and oddly secretive, which put doubt and worry in my mind in what the hell he’d been up to. We were still great friends, but, he was never honest, it was always lies. Archie had this common tendency to never look you in the eye if he wasn’t being truthful, catching him out in a lie.

He did it every single day after summer. He’d disappear for hours on end, no calls or texts, he’d miss our Friday night dinners at Pop’s, it just became Jughead and myself who’d actually show up. I didn’t trust Archie anymore, I didn’t trust my best friend.

Until the truth came out when I caught him and Ms Grundy together.

I’d never been so livid and shocked in all my life. He was having sexual relations with a teacher, his music teacher. It happened over the summer and continued throughout school.

I remember screaming at him, pushing at his chest and shoving him, continuing to ask him why he would do this to himself, why he thought it was okay. He only just screamed right back, saying that he loved her and cared for her, not looking away from me for a second.

It was the first time he told the truth in weeks.

I knew she was using him, and I knew deep down Archie knew it too. But, he refused to accept it, continuing the relationship like it was okay.

It came down to it; her or me.

He chose her.

I walked away.

To be honest, it felt weird without being close with Archie, distancing ourselves from each other, more so me hiding from him like the plague. Betty, Ronnie, who I later became friends with, and Kevin all pushed for me to start talking to him again, but I refused. He chose a illegal relationship over his best friend since we were three years old, how can someone come back from that?

Jughead understood why I wouldn’t and supported me in whatever decision I made. He’d also caught them together and knew where I was coming from. He forgave Archie for ditching him over the summer, but never forced me to forgive him too.

It wasn’t until a certain lunch time that changed it all completely.

‘So, did you guys hear about Archie?’ Betty oddly spoke louder than usual. I pretended as though I wasn’t listening, reading my literature book when I was dying to know what happened.

'No, what’s going on?’ Ronnie asked.

'His parents are officially getting a divorce.’ I stopped reading, swallowing hard at the news.

Archie had hoped that his parents one day would get back together and make it work, that was all he wished for. I could only imagine how he was taking the news.

'Whoa, that’s rough.’ Ronnie sighed. I lifted my head, seeing four pairs of eyes looking at me.

'What?’ I asked, raising an eyebrow.

'You need to talk to him, Y/N. He won’t talk to anyone else, maybe you can get through to him?’

I sighed, closing my book and running my fingers through my hair. 'Look, he lied to me and said some pretty hurtful things…I don’t know how I can.’

'You know deep down he didn’t mean it. Besides, they’re over. She’s gone, you guys can be the duo again.’ Betty encouraged. Everyone’s eyes were still on me, waiting for me to change my mind.

'I don’t know, Betty…’

'Y/N, you know that you miss Archie and he misses you, why can’t you just talk to each other?’ Veronica asked, resting a hand on my shoulder.

'Because…he said he hated me. How do we come back from that?’ I shook my head, looking down into my lap.

'You know deep down he didn’t mean it. But, he needs you, he just won’t admit it.’ Veronica pulled me in for a comforting side hug, making me rest my head on her shoulder.

'Fine, I’ll go. If, somebody comes with me.’ I compromised.

'I’ll go. I found out, so I’ll come.’ Betty smiled encouragingly. I knew she was trying to make me feel better.

On the outside, I was calm, on the inside, my anxiety was already skyrocketing.


'What if he’s not home?’

'He is, Y/N. I just texted him.’ Betty sighed, pulling me by the sleeve of my jacket.

'Okay, what if he doesn’t want to talk to anyone?’

'Y/N, stop making excuses,’ Betty and I reached his doorstep, Betty knocking on the door. 'You’re gonna be just fine.’

'In theory.’ I muttered under my breath, crossing my arms over my chest and looking at my shoes. I heard the door open, lifting my head to come face to face with Archie.

Archie’s eyes widened in surprise, seeing me at the doorstep with Betty. 'Betty and…Y/N. What are you doing here?’

'Y/N came to see you, I was just giving her a lift.’ My eyes widened, glaring at Betty. She gave me a smirk from the corner of her eye, making me want to hit her. 'I’ll let you two talk.’

With that, she turned around and walked down his porch steps, leaving the two of us in awkward silence. Archie opened the door wider, giving me a small smile, 'Come on in.’

I sighed, taking a few steps to enter the Andrews household, smiling a little to myself. I headed for the living room, sitting on the couch, Vegas making his way in. He walked over to me, resting his head on my lap as I scratched his head, smiling a little.

'Why are you here, Y/N?’ I lifted my head to see Archie leaning against the door frame.

'I heard about what’s happening with your parents…I’m really sorry, Arch.’ I looked down into my lap, not really knowing what else to say.


I shrugged, 'I miss you.’ I whispered, lifting my head to meet his gaze. His harsh glare dropped, walking over to sit next to me on the couch, sitting in the same position as me.

'I miss you too…it’s all my fault we stopped talking. I was just - I was so confused with everything. Dealing with football and then music, it all became too much.’ He explained. 'I know that’s not an excuse for what I said to you, what I said was really, really hurtful…’

'You think?’ I asked, chuckling sarcastically.

'I know and I’m sorry.’ He sighed, grabbing my hand. 'You’re my best friend…and I took you for granted. I’m so sorry for everything. Can you find it somewhere in that warm heart to forgive me and we can continue where we left off?’

I licked my bottom lip, giving him a small nod. 'Yes, I guess we can attempt it at least.’ He grinned, pulling me in for a bone crushing hug as I laughed, hugging him back just as tight. 'Oh, by the way, you owe me so many milkshakes and Friday night chats.’

He chuckled, 'Okay, that’s fair.’

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Everything’s Fine (Poly!Hamilsquad x reader)

Warnings/Triggers: ANGST, Suicide mention, vodka

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern :P

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 Hope you like it!

If there’s a warning I need to add, please let me know! I want you to feel safe and comfortable reading my stories! Thanks!

Part 2

You sat on the roof of your apartment, a half empty bottle of vodka beside you. Jumping seemed like a good option, but for now, you’d just settle for drunk.

You took another swig of vodka, ignoring yet another phone call from one of your boyfriends. You sighed. Was everyday going to be this hard? It was 9:42, and you had been out there since 4:00 that afternoon.

You had had another anxiety attack at work. You loved your job, of course, you had gone to school for it.
However, anxiety sometimes got in the way. It had only become a problem recently. And you rarely drank, but sometimes you couldn’t help it.

Another call. That makes 24 calls and most likely hundreds of texts. Maybe you should go back in. But you were fine. Well, that depended on your definition of ‘fine’.

Drunk? Check.

Depression? Check.

Anxiety? Check.

Suicide? Not yet, at least.

See? Fine. Well, good enough.

Just jump, nobody would miss you. You told yourself. You wanted to, but part of you was to scared. Maybe someone else would help.

You decided to call Peggy, your best friend. It was just to say goodbye, somebody should know.

“Hello?” She responded almost immediately.

“Peggy, I’m leaving. I wanted to say goodbye.” You said, trying to sound like you didn’t have tears pouring down your face. It must have worked, because she didn’t say anything about crying.

“Going? You couldn’t tell me yourself? We’re in the same apartment!” She laughed on the other line. “Y/N? You okay?” The tears poured faster. You choked out a sob, quickly covering your mouth.

“Oh my goodness! What is it? What’s wrong? Is Alex there? Or maybe John?” Her slew of questions only made you cry harder.

“I can’t do it anymore. I’m on the roof. Could we talk?”

Peggy gasped, “Of course! Wait for me to get up, alright? Please?” You agreed, putting the vodka to your lips once again.

A matter of seconds later, Peggy arrived on the roof, Eliza and Angelica following her. The sisters were all close friends of yours, you were just glad to talk to someone. Everything seemed fine now.

Everything was not fine! Alex had spent the last hour pacing the living room. The boys had called your phone 24 times! Alex alone had sent you 77 texts. Most of them were him worrying. You hadn’t read a single one.

He gripped his hair once again, ignoring one of his boyfriends trying to calm him down.

“We’ve tried everything. We even called her friends. Not one of them has seen them.” Lafayette said from the couch. Hercules was scrolling through his contacts, calling everyone a second time.

“Is there anything we could do?!” Alex screamed. You hadn’t even come home from work. You were always the first home. Should he call the police? Could he file a missing person report yet?

“They are?! Thank god. We were so worried.” Alex heard Herc say as a look of relief crossed his face. Alex immediately walk over to him.

“Thanks, bye Eliza.” Herc looked up at Alex. “She’s on the roof with the Schuylers. Everything’s fine.” He said, confidently. Alex heard John and Laf sigh, finally putting away their phones.

“Fine? We’ve been worried all day! We need to go get her.” Alex didn’t wait to hear anyone’s response as he rushed to the roof.

The roof’s door swung open, narrowly missing Eliza’s hand.

“Y/N? There you are!” He said, anger evident in his eyes. Your other boyfriends trailed close behind him. John stood towards the back, tears in his eyes. Laf and Herc were trying to keep Alex calm.

You just looked up at him, backing into Angelica when you saw the anger in his eyes.

“We’ve been worried for hours! We thought you were dead! Or kidnapped! Or worse!” Tears gathered in his eyes, but the anger in them did not waver.


“No Y/N!” He stopped, seeing the vodka on the other side of Angelica. “Drunk too? What is with you today?!” Angelica stood up as Peggy hugged you.

“Okay Alex. Too far.” She said. She stepped between Alex and you as John moved towards the front a bit.

You had enough.

“Quit yelling at me! I’m done with everything!” You screamed at his, the tears shamelessly pouring down your face, Alex took a step back.

“You know what? I’m leaving.” You took the handle of the door as you felt a hand grip your shoulder, you turned as you recognized john’s hand, Laf next to him. You shrugged his hand off and marched to the Schuyler’s apartment. You hoped they wouldn’t mind.

“What was that?!” Angelica yelled.


“You what?” Angelica stared at the group. “Look what you’ve done now! Congratulations!” She opened the door, slamming it shut behind her.

Peggy looked back, the same angry look on her face. She shook her head, opening the door and leaving. Eliza looked back at the boys, sighing as she left.

Alex looked at the ground.

“What did I do?”

Gasoline: Part 6

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count:
Language, minor fluff – nothing really
You parted ways with Jensen in the hopes of staying in contact. 6 weeks after the convention, you and your friend are wondering through New Orleans and stumble into Jared and Jensen, with an equally ‘stumbling’ surprise.
I know this is totally not what you were expecting but this was legitimately the only inspiration I had for this series and to hell with it – I like where I’m taking it and I hope you do, too. Thanks for sticking around long enough to actually see me continue this series. I love you all !!!!

Feedback always appreciated. Seriously. Send me asks. And reblogs. Feed my ego pls.

Gasoline Masterlist

6 Weeks Later

“I’m telling you, JJ is a god. His voice is every angel’s halo and my lord almighty will I pray to just say hi,” you gushed to Julia.

While Julia had been a major fan of Supernatural, and even more so of a fan of Jared Padalecki, she had no clue who Kaleo was, so it was your duty to show her. Kaleo was set to play in the French Quarter for a benefit, raising money for charity and the second you heard about it, you pounced on it. You didn’t even give Julia the chance to decline, despite the fact that you two hadn’t been in the same city for 6 weeks now.

You had parted ways the morning after the convention, not too long after parting ways with Jensen, and it was hard.

You made the commitment and the promise to the both of them that you would stay in contact.

With Julia, it was easy; you two texted like best friends every damn day of the week, and she now knew every secret you’d ever had since you were born, and vice versa.

Jensen on the other hand, was harder to keep in contact with.

He sent the odd text message here and there, but honestly, it was hard. What made things harder, was the giant secret you were now keeping from him. You didn’t talk every day, but you talked at least once a week. Your most recent message was earlier today, and you were buzzing with nerves and wanting to talk to Jensen about it, but you knew it was a conversation best for in person.

For now, you were taking each day as it comes, and today just so happened to be your second favourite day of the year and you were celebrating it with your best friend.

“Which is your song again?” She asked, sipping on her slurpee as she skipped along the pavement.

The sounds of jazz music flooded your ears and you had never felt so at peace. This was your first visit to New Orleans, and you had to agree that it was one of the most beautiful places you’d ever been to. You loved the Jazz era, even more so with New Orleans’ infamous history, and so you found yourself in awe as you skipped the streets with Julia.

“Way down we go,” you quoted happily. “His voice, ahh.” Yep, you were swooning.

You grabbed Julia’s hands and started down the street, heading for the first bar you could find. It’s not that you wanted to drink, but you heard that New Orleans was all about the party, and truthfully, you wanted to sing karaoke despite your not-so-great voice and sing your worries away.

Looking up, you could see the American flag flying from its post above one of the shops, and several international flags flying above shops parallel to it. You felt like you were thrust into a street of culture. People were thriving here; there was at least another thirty people around you, bustling quickly in and out of stores. There was a man to the left of you playing a saxophone, and you quickly fished for some money from your pocket and dropped it in his case. He nodded in thanks and you smiled in return, happily following Julia back down the street as your heart swelled with pride and love.

This is what it feels like to belong, and to be happy.

Since the convention, you had taken a happier approach to life. You were no longer stressed at work, and you didn’t yell obscenities at terrible drivers and people illegally jay-walking in front of you. You took life’s punches and kept on your way. You had no idea whether Jensen had anything to do with it, or even Julia, but you were thankful for knowing them.

It was moments like these that you really became thankful for the life that you had.

“Y/N, in here! They’re not playing jazz music thank god,” Julia groaned.
You frowned. “Hey, jazz is tasteful.”
“To you, maybe. I want me some Zedd!” She clapped her hands excitedly and as soon as you walked inside the bar, the EDM music boomed all around you. The surround system had your entire being vibrating even though the actual music wasn’t very loud, but you could tell Julia was excited so you let her have it.

“I think I know this song actually,” you said.
Julia cocked her head to the side as her hips started swaying to the music. You pulled her up the front where the DJ spun the music, and you sang to her. The music was soft enough that you were able to hear yourself sing.

“I don’t care if we get too loud
Sexy, I want you now
Bet I could take you there
Whispering in your ear
What do you wanna feel?
Let’s just enjoy the thrill
I’ll take over the wheel
And give you the touch you’re missing.”

Of course, Julia was as surprised as you were that you were singing this freely, but fuck it, this is what you came here for.

“I didn’t know you could sing!”
You rolled your eyes. “Barely!”

You swayed your hips and threw your hands in the air, grabbing Julia’s hands and moving together to the music.

You suddenly felt a body move up behind you and heard a man singing the bridge of the song.
“I like the way you take me there
I like the way you touch yourself
Don’t hold back, I want that
When the water come down, I'mma get in that.”

Julia’s eyes widened and she immediately pulled away from you.

You knew that voice anywhere.

Your heart dropped in your chest and you found yourself frozen in your spot, but Julia was quick to intervene. She pushed your torso around so that you spun in front of the one man you hadn’t expected to see here tonight.
Jensen froze, his eyes widening as he took you in.

“Y/N!” Jared boomed from behind him. He swarmed in and wrapped you in his large arms, pulling your weight and crushing you to his chest as he swung you around in his bear hug. “It’s been way too long sweetheart, how have you been?!”

“Yo, give her a chance dude!” Jensen warned. “Darlin, hey.”
“Shit, uh, hey! What are you guys doing here?”
“Kaleo! You?”
“NO WAY!” Julia screamed. “We are too! Actually, Y/N is making me because I’ve never heard of them before.”

Jensen and Jared froze again, their mouths dropping open in a mixture of disgust and surprise. “They are brilliant, you’ll love them,” they both said.

“Also, buggy!” Julia said in a baby-voice as she poked Jared in the chest.”
Jared laughed awkwardly. “Ayy, ladybug! How you doin’?”
“Better now that my best friends are all together!”
Jensen frowned. “Again with the ladybug, somebody tell me!”

You and Julia erupted into a fit of giggles. “Ask Julia,” you repeated. “But seriously, I can’t believe I’m seeing you right now. I’ve … I’ve missed you.”
Jensen nodded and pulled you into a hug. “I’ve missed you too. Let’s say we all grab a drink and have dinner, huh?”

You nodded and the four of you walked to restaurant side of the bar and, with a quick talk to the waitress, grabbed the last table. You sat next to Julia and Jared, with Jensen across from you.

For the first few moments, it was awkward. Nobody quite knew what to say.

Thank god for Jared.

“Jensen and I are here for a couple days, it’ll be good to catch up. What do you say?”

“I thought you were heading to Austin yesterday?” You asked, leaning forward and fiddling with the napkin on the table.

Jensen leaned back in his chair. “Gen agreed for Jared to come to Kaleo and then head over there on Saturday, because plans changed or something. Big family BBQ isn’t until Sunday.”

“Don’t you have to work?” Piped up Julia, who was looking at the menu as if her life depended on it; the hunger in her eyes was mildly frightening.

Jensen nodded. “Next Thursday. Got a week off!” He grinned.

“And I go back then as well, so, gonna make the most of it,” Jared hollered. He reached forward for the menu and started scanning for items.

“I thought you were working, too?” Jensen scolded, but you knew he was only teasing. His eyes shone with mischief as he questioned you.
“I did last night. We both flew out super early this morning and I’ve had close to no sleep for this shit so,” you shrugged.

The waitress walked over and began taking the drink orders. As soon as everyone was finished ordering, she turned to you. “Just water, please.”
“No problem, I’ll be right back with your drinks.”
Jared raised his eyebrow. “No drink?”
“I-I don’t really feel like getting drunk. Want to remember Kaleo for all it’s gloriousness,” you stuttered. You weren’t lying.

Jensen’s mouth turned upside down but he ignored it, and you sighed in response. You felt Julia’s leg nudging you under the table and you turned to her. She leaned towards you with her menu in front of her face.
“When are you going to tell him?”
“Tell me what?” Jensen said.
You shoved the menu town and threw your hands up in the air. “Woman, you wouldn’t know quiet if it whipped you in the ass.”

You sighed again and shook your head. “It’s nothing, I’ll tell you later.”

Jensen lowered his menu and turned his full attention on you. You loved and hated when he focused all of his attention on you; his eyes sparkled in the dim light and you felt hot under his gaze. You wanted to tell him, but this was not the place nor the time. You knew you had been keeping it to yourself for too long, and you owed it to yourself and Jensen to be honest but…. godfuckdamnitshit.

“You’re not drinking, and you have something to tell me. Wait – fuck – you’re not…”

You clenched your jaw, licking your lips and rubbing a hand down your face. You could feel the unwanted emotion starting to explode within your chest and fill your eyes with tears. “I am.”
“What?” Jared asked, clearly not following.
“I’m uh… I’m pregnant.”

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Dear Ex boyfriend,

I think about you constantly. I think about your laugh, smile, eyed, body, mind, soul, I think about the way your face would light up when you would talk about Star Wars, baseball, or your job. You were so passionate, so inspiring, so driven. You never gave up on anything even after things got hard and that made me love you even more. I think about how protective you were of me, how supportive you were of me, how you loved me for me, and did whatever you could to see my smile. It took me a long time to realize that you did give me everything that I needed and wanted. You gave me fights over little things, great makeup sex, you were my shoulder to cry on, you tried to help me even if it wasn’t in the way I wanted, your love for me never wavered, and you never gave up. You always told me you loved me even if I needed you to say 50x a day, you always said it so I knew. Every morning when you left before I did you would hand me my elephant, give me a hug, kiss my forehead, then my lips, and then tucked me into bed, kissing my forehead one more time, then you would say “I love you” and go about your day. It was the small things like these that made me fall so much more in love with you than I already was.
I miss you. I haven’t stopped missing you and I don’t think I ever will and it makes me sick. I want to move on, I want to stop missing you, but my heart and gut are telling me not to give up, not to let go, there is still hope, and like I said that makes me sick. It makes me sick because you have moved on, you are happy, you love somebody else and here I am still loving you with all of my heart. “Once upon a time, you loved me, I loved you, but one day you stopped loving me and here I am still loving you.”
With all of that finally said, I need you to know that I want you to be happy. I want you to live your life to the fullest, I want you to love this girl in the way you loved me, appreciate her, hold her, love her, be there for her, never let her go. I want you to succeed and get everything you ever wanted out of life, push yourself in the way I know you can, the way I know that you will. Don’t give up. You can get through anything and no matter what happens I will always be in your corner. I will never give up on you, why? Because I believe in you and what you can do.
You never lost me my love, I am still here, but I have lost you and to that girl, it is the greatest thing that has ever happened to her. You are a special young man and I am proud to say I dated you. You are so kind, passionate, loving, caring, smart, funny, determined, driven, inspiring, an amazing son and brother. I am glad you came into my life and I don’t ever want you to leave. Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for every smile, every laugh, every moment, every memory, every ounce of love, every promise, every date, every kiss, every cuddle, every fight/argument. Thank you for changing my life. I love you always.

I miss her Part [3/...]

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 1268
Warning: sad and angry reader

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


Another punch hit the thick punching bag and a great amount of sand spilled out of it. Sighing [Y/N] pick it up and threw it to the pile of broken punching bags next to the door. Some of them were also kind of frozen.  

After the experiment with Howard in the 40s, [Y/N]’s body temperature was below the average. First Howard thought that she might die but after he made a few quick tests they both finally realized that [Y/N] had the power to control ice and had the ability to heal very fast. Just like Steve. At first she didn’t know what to do and how to control it but shortly after Steve found her and she started training, Wanda helped her with her powers because the brunette knew how it was to be afraid of this great responsibility.

“Wow, you smashed more of them than I” Steve came into the training room and laughed quietly as she stretched herself. [Y/N] looked over her left shoulder while Steve examined the punching bags that were laying next to him “It’s hard to control the power but…it gets easier with time. Wanda helped me a lot”

“Good. I’m glad that you and the others get along. First I was worried that you might be a little bit shy or scared because of your new surrounding.” Steve smiled softly and throw some of the old punching bags over his shoulder and took the others in his free hands.

[Y/N] gave him a tight smile when Steve winked and nodded towards the door “I bring them outside. You should take a shower and get some rest. You know because of the mission”

Nodding, she took her bag and made her way back to her bedroom where [Y/N] decided to take a shower.

Dressed in a white top and gray sweats, [Y/N] went to the great archive that was in the basement. She had to prepare for the new mission on Wednesday. Tony told her she had to take down another Hydra base together with Wanda and Vision which was located in the north of America because there were still some agents who worked for the organisation.

[Y/N] sat down in front of the desk and went through old files of Hydra because since the 40s some things had changed. Red Skull was dead and Alexander Pierce as well.

While [Y/N] read some of the reports, she saw a file that was laying in the back of the archive. With a puzzled look, she stood up from her spot and picked the old and yellowed file up.

The Winter Soldier.

“The Winter Soldier?…” she mumbled to herself and laid the file on the others she had read a few minutes ago. She worked with the others for so long and against Hydra but she never heard something about the Winter Soldier.

She sat back down and opened the file.

Shocked [Y/N] read the reports of the soldier. He was an assassin and was responsible for many assassinations through the years. The file said that many agents called him a ghost, someone who doesn’t exist because he was set to kill people for 50 years and still wasn’t dead.

But when she turned the last page of the file, she noticed that some pages were missing. Like somebody ripped them out on purpose.

“Friday, could you show me all the things you can find out about the Winter Soldier? Bring it on the big screen.” [Y/N] went to the big screen next to the table and waited until some pictures and documents appeared on it while Friday gave her a little speech “The Winter Soldier is an assassin who worked for Hydra for over 50 years. Shortly after the attack on the Triskelion, he disappeared just like the other Hydra agents. No one ever saw him again.

In 2014 he was identified as James Buchanan Barnes by Agent Steven Rogers, a soldier from the Second World War. He was-”

“Wait!” [Y/N] stopped the computer system and stared at the picture of Bucky that was shimmering on the screen in front of her. It felt like her soul left her body as she sank back on the stool. Tears flooded right into her eyes but before she could began to cry, rage began to form. Furious, she  swang the door open and stamped through the hallway “Friday, tell me the location of Agent Rogers”

“Agent Rogers is in the living room together with Agent Wilson and Agent Barton” the system answered quickly while [Y/N] made her way into the elevator and pushed the button to the third floor where the living room was.

“I swear, she didn’t even look my way” Sam laughed and put his beer down on the table when they heard the sound of the elevator. Clint closed the fridge and smiled when he saw [Y/N] coming but it changed rapidly when he saw her facial expression.

Just like Steve who stood up and wanted to ask her what’s wrong when she pushed him against the next wall.

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” she screamed at him. Her eyes were full of hate and sadness at the same time “You knew that Bucky was alive the whole time and you thought not telling me is a good idea!?”
Sam’s eyes went wide as he whispered “Fuck I knew it…”

“[Y/N], I can explain” Steve coughed as she hold him by his throat and let go in the next second. He gasped and held his side before he stood straight again and met the gaze of [Y/N] who now started to cry.

Just in that moment, Sam and Clint decided to leave them alone and went outside.

“So?” [Y/N] sniffed while Steve noticed how the room became a few degrees colder. He sighed and closed his eyes before he spoke again “I can’t explain it. I think I just wanted to protect you. He changed, [Y/N]. Hydra changed him. When I met him one year ago, he couldn’t remember me. He looked at me like I was a total stranger. I found out that Hydra found him shortly after his fall from the train. Because of the experiments he survived the fall but they started to wipe him.

After the Triskelion was destroyed, Bucky and I fought against each other until I was down and fell into the river. But he pulled me out and disappeared shortly after. Since that day Sam and I look for him.”

A few tears rolled down her cheeks “You should have told me. I could have helped you”

“You were just starting to get comfortable with this new world. I didn’t want to…burden you with this…story” his gaze turned to the ground and closed his eyes in shame.

When he looked up again, [Y/N] was gone.

[Y/N] put some fresh clothes in her bag and the rest of the things she needed for the long trip. Together with Friday, she made out a few locations where Bucky could be and now it was up to her to find him. She put on her jacket and laced up her shoes before [Y/N] went to the door.

For the last time, she took a glance at her bedroom before [Y/N] left without a goodbye.

Standing at the gate right before boarding that would bring her to her first destination, [Y/N] looked down at the picture she kept of Bucky.

He always said that he would find a way to get back to her and now it was her mission to find him and get him back.

Part 4

I’m sorry that it took me so long to post a new chapter of my series but I was very busy and I couldn’t write anything down….
I hope you still liked this crappy chapter - next time we will meet Bucky again ;)

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Would you miss me if I disappeared ?

Summary : After you read a poem for your english class, you start wondering if anybody would miss you if you were gone.
Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader
Words : 1.184

It all started of with you having to read a poem for your English class.
When you started you didn’t really think much of it, it was just another Poem that you had to read as a homework.
Once you finished the Poem you felt like something had changed inside of you, but you didn’t really pay attention to that feeling, so you just continued to do the rest of your homework.
As you wanted to go to bed, you saw the piece of paper lying next to your bed, so you picked up, lay in bed and read it again to make sure that you really understood everything, and  that you new what it was about incase your teacher asked you a question, which he usually did when you had homework like that.
After reading it for the second time you felt something shift inside of you, just like it did the first time you read it, only that this time you couldn’t just ignore it.
It was a much stronger feeling than before.
A feeling that you haven’t had in your entire life.
The poem made you think about everything live, love, friends, family your future.
You hadn’t realised that you started to cry until your tears fell onto the sheet of paper.
With one quick move you wiped away your tears because you didn’t want to cry, it makes you weak and that was a thing you really didn’t want to be, even though you were sitting alone in your room on your bed.
After you put the paper onto your nightstand, you decided to go to sleep.

“Nobody would miss you“, those were the words that were repeated in your dream until you woke up crying.
“Would they miss me? Would they even care? Probably not, who would miss me? Your a burden“, you though to yourself, and with that you went back to sleep.
As you woke up the next morning you decided to start distancing yourself from your friends.
The way to school was harder than it usually was, because you just simply couldn’t stop thinking.
Nobody would miss you, Archie had Veronica, Jughead had Betty and Kevin had his hook ups and Betty, Archie, Veronica.
Everyone had someone, apart from you.
Suddenly you heard somebody calling your name, so you turned around to see that it was your friend Jughead.
He hugged you and you continued to walk to school together.
The two of you talked about the progress Jughead had made with writing his novel.
Once you reached the hallways of your school, all of your other friends came towards you.
Today it was different though, like everything had changed without the others noticing.
“Is everything okay with you Y/N? You usually talk a lot more. No offence“ Jughead asked you as you were walking to your english class.
“Everything is okay Juggie, I’m just a little tired because I watched Netflix all night“, and with that you entered your classroom.
Jughead and you didn’t talk again until lunch break when he asked you and the others whether they would like to go to Pop’s with him later.
“Sorry Juggie I’ll have to pass, I’m just too tired and i don’t want my face to fall into my fries because I fell asleep.“ you said with a sad smile.
“Oh, okay, that’s not I wanted to hear, but I’ll let you get away with it this time“ and with that you got up and left the cafeteria.
You decided to just go home since you weren’t feeling to great.
Once you got home you decided to go back to bed.
The feeling didn’t go away though, you started to dream the same thing as you did the night before.

This went on for the next few weeks.
You started distancing yourself from your friends.
It started of with you finding excuses for not going to Pop’s anymore.
Then you slowly stopped hanging out with them at school, until you didn’t do anything with them at all, and it didn’t really look like they seemed to care.
This made you happy and sad at the same time.
At school you would sit alone at the table during the lunch break, watching your friends laugh, being happy and having fun.
This hurt you more than you wanted to admit, but it was your own decision.

Two weeks had passed since you made your decision.
It was Friday afternoon and you were sitting on your bed when you suddenly heard somebody knocking on your window.
As you looked to your window you saw Jughead.
You walked over and opened the window to let Jughead in.
Before he was inside your room he started talking.
“I want to know what’s wrong, and don’t you dare tell me that it is nothing, because that would be a lie.I’m your best friend, I know you better than anyone so just tell me the truth.                                                                                         You haven’t talked to me in 2 weeks and you haven’t been to Pop’s in a month. I miss you Y/N. I really miss my best friend, the only person that understands me without judging me. So please, please tell me what’s wrong, you know that you can trust me and tell me anything, I won’t judge you, no matter what.“
Tears started running down your face while Jughead was talking.
Once he saw that, he pulled you into a tight hug.
“You wouldn’t miss me“, you said.
“What?“, he said and let you go, so that he could look you in the face.
“You…you wouldn’t miss me. I mean who could care about somebody like me. I’m pathetic. A waste of space.  A burden. No one could miss me“, you said and with that you started to cry again.
Jughead was shocked and he shook his head in disbelief until you were finished.
“Why would you think something like that?“
“The poem we had to read a few weeks ago during english class…“                “Oh my god, Y/N you are nothing like that person in that poem.                      You are NOT a waste of space. I couldn’t live without you, because I… I…. I love you“                                                                                                          “You do?“                                                                                                            “Yes“, and with that he pulled you into a kiss.
“I love you more then anything in the world“, he said once he let you go.         You started crying again, but not because you were sad, in fact in that moment you were the happiest girl in the world.                                                                   “I love you too, Jughead Jones the 3rd“                                                           Jughead wiped away your tears and started hugging you again.                           He even stayed the night, slept with you in your bed and hugged you the whole time, because he was afraid of letting you go, and he wanted to show you that you are the complete opposite of the person in that poem.

Yuri!! on Stage Part 1

Sooo, I was able to watch the evening show of Yuri!! on Stage. I’m gonna share some highlights, but these are all based on my memory and messy notes.

It’s difficult to function when you’re 30+ hours awake, need to understand what everybody is saying (especially when they all start talking at the same time!!), and write in the dark. OTL

Anyway, here it goes.

The event started with a VTR, then the seiyuus went out one by one while saying a line from their character. Mitsurou Kubo-sensei was also introduced.

The most memorable introduction was, of course, done by Suwabe Junichi. He did the skating pose of Victor’s figure many times lol. “Hello everybody! Hello to those who are at the living viewing… I can’t hear you. (laughs)”

Ono Kensho greeted everyone with “Sawadika.” Nojima Kenji did another word play and said “Everyone, tanoshimi Seung Gil masu ka?”

Murase Ayumu caught everyone off guard because he started introducing himself in English, “Hello, boys and girls. Maihama Amphitheater…” then somebody stopped him, but I can’t remember who. Fukuyama Jun purposedly said a word play too, “Everyone, yoru desu kara, yarushi– yoroshiku onegaishimasu.”

First Corner: Favorite Scene
MC: Hatano Wataru

(The problem with this corner is they compiled and showed all the scenes in one video. It was difficult to recall. They could’ve done it one by one, but that’s just me complaining. OTL)

They were divided into 3 teams.
→ Tada Tada Kawaii Team
→ _____! My Pace Team (I missed the first part of their team name. Sorry.)
→ Gap ni Doki Team

① Tada Tada Kawaii Team

When Tada Tada Kawaii Team went on stage, everybody was saying “kawaii” then Murase Ayumu said in a feminine voice “Everyone is also cute.” The funny part is when Yasumoto Hiroki came out because his face was like “What am I doing in this team?” As he proceeded to his seat, he faced back and emphasized on his ass like his character. Even the MCs were confused. LMAO.

For Murase Ayumu, he said something about “Is this shoujo manga?” because Minami’s eyes always have sparkles and he admires Yuri so much. Afterward, Hatano Wataru tried to do Minami’s steps. Murase Ayumu said “Hatano-san is also cute.”

Sorry, I skipped the other two (Yutaro Honjou and Shunichi Toki) because I was trying to find an extra paper to write on, but in the end, I only had the envelope – the one you get when you print your tickets at 7-Eleven. OTL

Anyway, as for Yasumoto Hiroki, he introduced himself with “Domo, kawaii Yasumoto desu.” Everybody laughed, then he said to call him cute again lol. For a while, their topic was “What’s cute about Yasumoto-san?” and Ayumu said it has to be his voice. I think it was Shunichi Toki who said that “It has to be the clothes.” For some reason, they started talking about Chris’ ass again then Yasumoto said that he needs to take care of his (ass), too.

② ____! My Pace Team

When My Pace Team entered the stage, they literally stood up for their name lol. Suwabe (with Makachin) and Ono Kensho went in front of the stage to greet everyone and waved instead of going directly to their seat. Hino Satoshi went beside Hatano Wataru, acting like a co-MC.

Hino Satoshi mentioned how his character kept on mentioning Mickey (Michele Crispino) and Sara. I think because that’s where most of his lines go. ww

For Ono Kensho, he said that it’s very Phichit-like to say “Kekkon, omedetou!” Kubo-sensei said that even she is surprised by the fans’ reaction because at the live viewing (not sure what kind of live viewing this), she said that a lot of fans stood up and clapped. It’s like, “Yesss, that’s all we wanted to hear. That’s all we wanted you to say.”

For Suwabe Junichi, if I remember correctly, he said he can’t choose a favorite scene so he chose Makachin instead. It’s the scene when Victor and Yuri was leaving Hasetsu, the one with the lines “Don’t go overeating manju again.” (?) or something like that. Afterward, he said that some of the audience brought a Makachin with them as well. Makachin fell and Suwabe said sorry and I love you to Makachin. ♡

③ Gap ni Doki Team

Toshiyuki’s favorite scene is, of course, Yuri’s eros performance. The one when Victor whistled. Nojima Kenji chose the scene when Seung Gil cried.

As for Uchiyama Kouki, he chose the scene when Yurio gave Yuri a tonkatsu pirozhki. He was actually conflicted because he wanted to choose the scene with Yurio’s grandfather, but he said that it has be the pirozhki scene. He added that “Yurio is really cute” because of that scene, especially the smile.

Fukuyama Jun’s part was interesting. The favorite scene he gave… wasn’t found by the staff. Why? Because it wasn’t part of the story lol. He made up his own story. It was long, so I wasn’t able to catch it, but it has something to do with naming children: Accel, Toeloop, and Lutz.

(Corrections are welcome! Will post the second half of the event when I’m not busy here.)

RWBY + love songs analysis (part 2)

Now that the full version of Like Morning Follows Night is out, I can say one thing:

I definitely think it’s not a love song. The only word of love that’s used is from Sun’s point of view. This decidedly elevates it to a one-sided thing. Just listen to it - does this sound like two people saying “I love you/etc” to one another? If, for whatever reason, the answer is yes…I now ask you: if you compare it to Bmblb, which one sounds MORE like two people saying “I love you/etc”?

My answer is one hundred percent Bmblb, and that’s why I don’t put Bmblb on the level of one-sided because the lyrics definitely make it seem that’s there’s two points of view, and it’s got a much happier vibe, one of realisation on both parts.

LMFN does not have this realisation, in fact, the lyrics push the concept that Sun wishes Blake would realise how much he cares for her - but until then, he will follow her. Like Morning Follows Night. The song isn’t called like Night follows morning for a reason. Nowhere does this song say Blake needs him like he wants her to.

Still, I like the duet, because it reinforces the meaning of what we saw in V4. It’s a strong song that, to me, showcases the struggle that Blake and Sun have had - trying to understand each other’s points of view.

I genuinely am glad that somebody is telling Blake she needs to stop her lone wolf act. Sun’s stepped in as the voice of reason she needs, which used to be her teammates - particularly Yang. Obviously Blake is missing them dearly, and what she’s said proves that she never wanted to leave.
I believe Sun cannot fill the shoes of Ruby, Weiss and especially Yang. He isn’t going to become Blake’s partner, he’s got his own team he needs to lead, and a partner of his own. Blake was more than happy where she was before - who she was with before. When it boils down to it, I’m thinking there’s an underlying reason to the story as to why she chose Yang at the beginning.

Anyway, this is purely my opinion on the context of the song, and I don’t intend to tear down those that want to view it differently as a way to hype themselves. Not at all, in fact, I just want people that might have a harder time believing in Bumbleby to take this into consideration. I’m trying to be as subjective as possible using the lyrics, tone, and when it was used in the show to gauge what it’s implying.

Until Bmblb is used, if it is at all, I keep my judgement that it’s a solid romanctic song implying Bumbleby.

The Volunteer

This is for @bettsjuggie, who had the idea. 

“Forsythe, why don’t you go to the nurse’s office with Betty?”

I looked up from my math paper, my stomach sinking. I’d been waiting all day for my teacher to get the call that it was my turn to get a tetanus shot. I’d missed the day the whole third grade got their shots, so the nurse was fitting me in after her morning appointments.

I felt my face get hot because everyone was looking at me. They all knew why Mrs. Willis was sending somebody with me; they’d all been there the last time we’d had vaccines at school, and I’d gotten so panicked the nurse had called my mom and sent me home. Shaking, crying, the whole nine yards—I’d been a basket case. The nurse said I had a needle phobia, that it wasn’t my fault. But I hated drawing attention to myself, and I hated not being perfect.

“Sure.” Jughead was a tall kid, even in third grade. He stood up from his desk and stretched. “Come on, Betts.” I followed him out of the room, but I felt bad. I figured the only reason Mrs. Willis had made him come with me was that he was finished with his work. He always finished before the rest of us, because he was the smartest kid in our class, not that he made a big deal about it or anything.

The school hallway was long, and I heard my Mary Janes echoing on the ugly beige tile. I tried to be brave. My mom had looked up some deep breathing techniques, and I tried to do them, but I really just wished the floor would swallow me whole.

“It’s okay if you’re scared.” Jughead walked along beside me, slouching in his hoodie and jeans. “I don’t like heights. My dad took me on the roof of the water tower once, and I almost threw up.”

I looked over at him, and he smiled his lopsided half-smile. Even back then, he didn’t smile a lot, but he smiled at me.

The pathway from Jason’s room through the rest of the Blossoms’ creepy, gothic horror house was too long. I wanted to get away, but I knew if I didn’t show back up, everyone would wonder where I’d gone, and my parents would freak out.

“Betts, are you ok?” Jughead was at my elbow, walking beside me, not touching me.

“Of course I am,” I snapped, and my voice sounded a little too fast and a little too brittle.

“If you say so,” he mumbled, clearly not believing a word of it.

“Sorry,” I said quickly. “I’m sorry, Jug.”

“Don’t be.” He held out his arm, and I put my hand under it, just like in old-fashioned movies when the men escort the women in to dinner. But it felt like more than a hand on an arm. It felt like a lifeline.

“I’m ready to administer the shot now. Hold Elizabeth’s hand, Forsythe.” Miss Paulsen, the nurse, looked at Jughead through her horn-rimmed glasses. She could see that I was on the verge of another breakdown. My eyes were filled with tears, and I was willing them not to spill over.

Jughead wrapped his right hand around my left. “Look at me, Betty. Tell me what you’re going to study for our history test next week.”

I focused on his warm, long fingers and the smile hovering around his greenish blue eyes, and I made myself think about social studies. “The United States has three branches of government,” I said, “Executive, legislative, and jud—” Miss Paulsen plunged her needle into my right shoulder, and the breath was knocked out of me.

I went silent, but instead of a full-on panic attack, I just had a couple of tears fall down my cheeks, and I wiped them away as quickly as I could with the back of my hand. “You did really well, Honey,” said the nurse, cleaning up her supplies. “Thank you, Forsythe. That was very helpful.”

Jughead didn’t let go of my hand until I stood up on my own. “Come on, Juggie,” I said, trying not to cry more. “Let’s get out of here.”

“This house is so freaking huge,” I said. I was holding onto Jughead’s arm with a vice grip.

“We’re almost there,” he answered, pointing up ahead, toward the room where everyone was gathered for the creepy after-memorial get-together.

“I miss Polly,” I finally said, softly. It was a non-sequitur, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop thinking about my sister, not now that I knew she’d been engaged, that her story was even sadder than I’d ever realized. I prided myself on my self-control, on never being the crazy one, never being the problem. But my head was swimming, and I couldn’t get my equilibrium back.

Jughead stopped me in the middle of the hallway, facing me and cradling my face in his hands. “Betty, look at me.” I blinked hard, trying not to cry, forcing myself to meet his eyes.

“It’s okay not to be the strong one every time.”

I closed my eyes, breathed hard, tried to push my out-of-control feelings out of myself and into the big, warm hands against my face. But it was too late. The sobs wouldn’t stop coming.

“I’m sorry for being such a baby,” I said, still a little teary. We walked back down the long hallway to Mrs. Willis’s classroom, and I tried to calm down.

“I don’t think you were a baby,” Jughead answered, shaking his head emphatically. “You were really brave.” He stopped in the middle of the hallway and hugged me. It was the quick, awkward hug of a third-grade boy and a third-grade girl, but he was a couple of inches taller than me, and it felt kind of nice.

“Thanks, Juggie,” I said. “I—couldn’t have done it without you.”

He smiled, and I smiled, and I wasn’t anxious any more.

As soon as I started really crying, Jughead pulled me into his arms, right in the middle of a weird hallway in the weird house owned by the weird Blossoms. He hugged me, and I expected him to let go, but he didn’t.

“Let it out,” he said, patting my back with one hand and cradling my head against his shoulder with the other. “You’ve been holding it in for way too long.”

He wasn’t letting me go, and I really didn’t want to get away, so I closed my eyes and focused on the sensations of the rough fabric of his jacket against my cheek, the sound of his calm breathing underneath my ear, the feeling of finally being held that I realized I’d needed for so long.

I wanted to ask when he’d gone from being a couple of inches taller than me to half a foot, when he’d gotten strong enough to make me feel like nothing could hurt me in his arms, how he’d somehow gone from being a kid to being a man overnight. But I didn’t know how to say any of it, so I just let him hold me.

“I’m sorry, Jug,” I said after a while, my voice a whisper muffled against his shoulder.

“None of that, Betty Cooper,” he answered. “You’re the bravest person I know.”

Just then, I heard someone coming toward us. I couldn’t see who it was, but I heard a voice say, “Poor thing; she must be so cut up about that Blossom boy. I see you’re still doing your job well, Forsythe.”

“Yes, Mrs. Willis.”

Mrs. Willis, our third-grade teacher, long since retired and pretty much out of the loop of anything going on in Riverdale. I figured the Blossoms must have invited her because she’d been Jason’s teacher too.

Once she was long past us, headed for a bathroom somewhere in the environs of the mansion, I finally extricated myself from Juggie’s arms, my calm restored. “Thanks,” I said, trying to wipe my eyes without completely wrecking my makeup. “But what in the world did she mean about your job?”

Jughead smiled his lopsided smile. “You remember that time in third grade, when we had tetanus boosters?”

I nodded. “Yeah, you were so good at keeping me calm that the teachers made you my shot buddy after that.”

He shook his head shyly, lowering his chin and glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. “They—they didn’t make me. After you had your panic attack, I told Mrs. Willis I wanted to be the one who always went with you. I volunteered, Betts.”

“Of course you did,” I said, unable to help the grin that broke across my face.

“Of course I did,” he answered, grinning back.

The two of us finally rejoined the somber memorial party for Jason Blossom, shoulder to shoulder and side by side. Like always.

Gay texts for gay muses pt 2

(Because part 1 was so popular. Don’t send me more hate for not using ‘queer’, thank you)

[Text] Any advice for coming out? You’re the only other LGBT person I know

[Text] (relation/name) said they wouldn’t come to my wedding if I married a guy/girl so I guess there’s more cake for me

[Text] Somebody just asked my gender instead of just assuming. I’m so happy

[Text]  Do you ever seen a film and it just confirms your sexuality?

[Text] Someone just called me (sir/miss/ma’am) and I feel so good right now

[Text] Straight people

[Text] I don’t suppose you know where the nearest gay bar is?

[Text] If God didn’t want me to be a lesbian/bi/pan then why did he create girls?

[Text] We should get a discount on rainbow items

[Text] I’m not out to my (mum/dad/parents/family/etc) so please use my birth name and call me your girlfriend/boyfriend instead

[Text] I need a sign that reads ‘they pronouns exist’

weallhaveouruniqueobsessions  asked:

Prompt: Steve finally works up the courage to ask the man he loves to marry him in an unconventional but romantic way. The day before their wedding, a tragic event takes Sam away from Steve.

💞 Sam🌟 Wilson💞: I just got a delivery of cookies
💞 Sam🌟 Wilson💞: What kind of weird ass gesture of love is this steve
💞 Sam🌟 Wilson💞: ITS 2:51AM
Steve Rogers: I knew you’d be up!
Steve Rogers: Happy Birthday Sam!
Steve Rogers: ❤️🎁🎂🎈
💞 Sam🌟 Wilson💞: Steve…….
💞 Sam🌟 Wilson💞: Are you tryin to kill me?
Steve Rogers: What?
💞 Sam🌟 Wilson💞: I’m allergic to macadamia nuts

Steve almost dropped his phone, gasped so loud he could have been a damsel in distress in a B horror film, and slapped his hand over his mouth. He called Sam.

Sam laughed as he picked up. “You’re so gullible, man! I told you two days ago macadamia nut cookies are my favorite.”

“Sam, don’t do that.”

“What? Fragile old man heart can’t take a joke?”

“Don’t get started with that. Just because you’re Captain America doesn’t mean you can call me old.”

Sam snorted and Steve imagined Sam dropping his head with that smile on his face like he was a little embarrassed. Steve’s chest swelled with a mix of adoration and that pang of pain when you miss somebody even though they’ve only been gone a couple days.

“I love you, Steve,” came Sam’s voice from the other end, as if reading his thoughts.

Steve shut his eyes, let out and inaudible sigh, and looked up at the ceiling of his apartment. “I love you too.” They said it the most when they were apart.

“Hey, I better g–” Sam said.

“Sam, when you get back–” Steve said at the same time.


“Do you wanna get married?”


There’s not even a second of hesitation, and the way Sam’s voice so emphatically replied sent a chill down Steve’s spine. He felt hot and cold all at once, and a big stupid grin crossed his face.

“I really do, Steve. We’ll talk more later, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. Save a cookie for me. Bye, Sam.”

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My ereri fanfic rec list

Udapte: 16/10/15

In alphabetical order:


Mature - Modern Setting / Slice of Life / Sport / College / Slow Build

The Misadventures of College and finding out your soccer coach is a porn star.

UNGOING - 17/? - 170,018 words

- Anonymous Asked by peralta

Teen and Up Audience - Modern Setting / Fluff / College / Tumblr

In a horribly inept attempt at flirting, Levi accidentally sends Eren anon hate. Well, in his defense, it’s not his fault Eren’s smile is so damn pretty.

ONESHOT - 8206 words

- Art of War by catonfire

Mature - Modern Setting / Humor / Neighbors

Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.

COMPLETE - 11/11 - 52597 words

- Berlin by Yuu_chi

Explicit - Modern Setting / Age Difference / Photographer-Model

When he was younger Levi spent one unforgettable summer in Berlin - one month and a mistake later he goes and doesn’t look back.

Fast forward ten years and Levi is now a successful fashion photographer and Berlin is just one thing in a line of many he has managed to run from - except the past has a funny habit of never staying where it should and Eren Jaeger isn’t somebody content with just being a memory.

ONESHOT- 13530 words

- Blood Sticks by Blue_Thallium

Explicit - Canon Setting / Age Difference / Masochism

“I asked you if you needed to hit me again. Because. In court, you said Sir, you said that you were going to.”

Levi blinked at him. He’d only told Eren he’d missed a spot.

COMPLETE - 02/02 - 10771 words

- Charnelle by madchilla

Explicit - Modern Setting / Prostitution

It had started as a joke, but became much more as Eren began to fall in love with a prostitute.

COMPLETE - 04/04 - 24732 words

- Chasing Disaster by freshia

Teen and Up Audience - Modern Setting / Fluff / Humor

Eren crashes into Levi’s life. Literally. And he takes out a fence and a mailbox along the way.

ONESHOT - 3753 words

- Dear Santa by 4TAE

Explicit - Modern Setting / Public Sex / Mall Santa!Levi

Eren sexually assaults smacks lips with the mall Santa.

Santa decides he’s been a very, very bad boy this year.

ONESHOT - 6347 words

- Holding Hands In The Rain by twisting_vine_x ❤

Explicit - Modern Setting / Slice of Life / Fluff / Slow Build

A/N: Basically the one with thousands of words of Eren and Levi crushing like crazy on each other, and being absolutely freaking ridiculous together, and slowly falling in love against the backdrop of modern-day Vancouver.

Levi only realizes how much he’s not paying attention to anything around him when there are shoes beside the puddle he’s drawing. Looks up to find Eren standing right there in the rain, the hood on his jacket pulled back, and his hair plastered down against his head. He’s just standing there, and – he’s watching Levi with an expression that looks so fond it actually hurts; and Levi’s just managed to get his breath back and open his mouth when Eren moves closer, and Levi loses his air all over again.

ONGOING - 30/21 - 103558 words

- In The Midst Of Youth by acidtowns

Explicit - Modern Setting / Lapdance / Public Sex / College

Eren wasn’t made to be a fratboy. Levi didn’t mind.

COMPLETE (?) - 03/03 -13,592 words

- House of Echoes by shotgunsinlace

Explicit - Modern Setting / Surnatural / Horror

Two years after the murder, Levi is finally ready to let it go. The house at the end of Ashbury Lane is quaint and peaceful ― a gift from an old time friend meant to grant him a new beginning. However, when the shadows begin to move at the dead of night, taking on the form of a treasure thought lost, Levi begins to fear for both his sanity and his life. Suddenly, the road to recovery becomes a game of kill or be killed.

COMPLETE - 21/21 - 124903 words

- It’s Fine by erentitanjaeger

Mature - Modern Setting / Age Difference / Teacher-Student

Isn’t that a cliché for you; the teacher falling in love with the student. I hated myself for it. I hated how I wasn’t just romantically attracted to him anymore, but physically as well. Mornings became awkward for me as I found myself having more cold showers than warm. Though I was ashamed to say sometimes I just didn’t even bother and gave in, imaging his breath on my face and his hand around me as I pumped myself under the sheets.

ONESHOT - 10173 words

- Junkyard Dogs by acidtowns

Explicit - Modern Setting / Angst / Prison

Autocracy — a system where one leader has absolute power — is the only government that exists in prison. Levi is the current ‘Top Dog,’ and for years, no one has had the mind to challenge his position — at least, no one until now. Enter: Eren Jaeger, a new inmate with indefinite mentalities and obscure motives. With the power to shake Levi’s throne, Eren becomes the one exception of everything.

COMPLETE - 17/17 - 70431 words

- King of the Carrot Flowers by unhappy_turtle ❤

Mature - Modern Setting / Angst / Fluff

It’s a Sunday. He’s washing his favorite mug and trying not to pay too much attention to the funeral that’s going on across the street.

COMPLETE - 13/13 - 23637 words

- Love’s a Menace by seaofteeth

Not Rated - Modern Setting / Tatto Parlor / Fluff

“Your favorite customer is here!” Hanji continued and damn them, Levi could practically hear their shit-eating grin. That could only mean one thing.

COMPLETE - 05/05 - 17322 words

- Lend me Your Ear by foreverautumn ❤

Explicit - Modern Setting / Humor / Phone sex

Eren’s not a vindictive person. Really, he’s not. In fact, he considers himself a big supporter of doing the right thing, fighting the good fight (literally, if need be); basically, he’s a big proponent of justice.

Sitting here with Jean’s credit card clutched in his hand, Eren’s sure this is just the beginning of a long and prosperous road full of justice.

COMPLETE - 04/04 - 20410 words

- Light of My Life by doujinbag ❤

Mature - Modern Setting /1940’s/ Nobokov’s Lolita / Pedophilia

It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight

Levi is an English professor from France who comes to America in hopes of finding a new job. However, once he meets the woman whose house he will be rooming in for a short time, he falls hopelessly in love with her son, Eren— who is only fifteen years old.
Levi does anything he can to keep Eren with him forever and ever. This is a tale of lust and obsession, and the feeling which most people confuse to be love.

COMPLETE - 08/08 - 23683 words

- Meeting People is Easy by foreverautomn

Not Rated - Modern Setting / Fluff / Bling Date

He’s been sitting in his car for the past fifteen minutes, trying to muster up the courage to walk inside the restaurant.

“He’ll be sitting by the window. Try to have a good time, won’t you, Eren?”

Eren groans, slumping forward until his head rests against the wheel.

ONESHOT - 4079 words

- My Old Friend by mongoose_bite

Mature - Modern Setting / Fluff / Age Reversal / DILF!Eren

When Levi was a teenager, the unrequited love of his life was Eren, his best friend’s father. Fifteen years later, Levi finds himself back in Whitecrest Cove to sell his late uncle’s house.

COMPLETE - 08/08 - 12851 words

- Night Drive by shotgunsinlace

Explicit - Modern Setting / Office / Cheating

Working as a desk clerk for Sina Enterprises isn’t the most grandiose job out there, but it sure beats every other option Eren had jotted down since graduation. Troubled past behind him, Eren strives to make a name for himself by not fucking up the only good thing he has going for him. But when a certain foul-mouthed and dapper executive waltzes through the lobby doors, Eren is more than willing to set aside his “no fraternizing with the higher-ups” rule. However, the engagement ring on Levi’s finger proves to be a deal breaker. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one night to get each other out of their systems, but the two of them bit off more than they could chew.

COMPLETE - 03/03 - 50596 words

- Normality by kyowjin

Mature - Modern Setting / Angst / Prostitution

‘But normal for me is a stranger’s bed and pitiful looks from people that don’t know my full story when they pass me on the street corner. If I wanted to stop this, I would. I physically could. I mean, heck, it’s not like I’m short on cash or anything. I just choose to. It’s my body after all, and what I choose to do with it is up to me and me alone. There’s just something so exciting and different and not normal about doing something that’s so sacred with someone whose last name you’ll probably never know. The money is only a bonus.’

COMPLETE - 07/07 - 9670 words

- Odd Affections Framework by ninanna

Mature - Modern Setting / fluff / Nerds / Xkit-guy!Eren

Eren is a 22 years old recent college graduate who is driven by passions about social justice and making his favourite social network more accessible to its millions of users. He might be a crypto genius on the side and sought after by many companies, but reality is harsh when his idealism is relentless and he wants to make a change in the world, not just succumb to its shitty rules.

Enter Levi, 35 years old newly promoted front-end software architect at the said social network, with a history of hacktivism and a current hobby of making encrypted chatting tools for journalists and activists. Also a long-time fan of Eren’s very own 'extension framework’. He might also be a casual stalker of Eren’s personal blog. And perhaps has a wee bit of a (healthy) crush on the young man.

But there is no way that they can actually meet and connect… Or is there?

COMPLETE - 07/07 - 24798 words

- Paper Boy by PresquePommes

Mature - Modern Setting / Slice of Life / Neighbors

I tried to work as many ridiculous cliches into this as possible and somehow came out with the most awkwardly endearing neighbours AU I never knew I could write.

Now with extra awkward and a side of “You Probably Shouldn’t Make Important Life Choices Based On That One Dude You Met, Like, A Month Ago.”

UNGOING - 09/? - 38366 words

- Pardon the Mess by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles

Explicit - Modern Setting / Strippers

Eren has an embarrassing – and memorable – first visit to a strip club when he receives his first lap dance from a gorgeous man named Levi.

COMPLETE - 05/05 - 28632 words

- Serendipity by seaofteeth

Explicit - Modern Setting / Age Difference

After rejecting his sixteen year old neighbor seven years ago, Levi figured he would never see him again. So when Levi decides it’s time to get back in shape, it figures Eren would be his new personal trainer.

COMPLETE - 04/04 - 10483 words

- Star Boy byshulkie

Mature - Modern Setting / Supernatural

In 1996, my boyfriend Eren Jaeger was abducted. In 2014, he suddenly reappeared. Only, he’s still sixteen and what’s more, he doesn’t remember anything that happened to him during his disappearance. This is a story about first loves, humanity, and maybe-alien boyfriends.

COMPLETE - 10/10 - 26996 words

- Stohess Park by KeroseneShowers

Mature - Modern Setting / Slow Build / Neighbors / Spoilers

Yuppies. Wannabe hippies. Hipsters in denial. Levi is just about done with the city of Sina. That is, until a young Adonis moves up the block from his house and offers to be his handyman. Eren Jaeger. Yeah, he’ll have to keep an eye on him…

UNGOING - 07/? - 28862 words

- Swept Me Off My Feet by LaurelNymph

Mature - Modern Setting / Fluff / Slice of Life

Eren makes the mistake of forgetting to move his car on street sweeping day.

It’s a mistake he won’t regret when he meets the man driving the street sweeping truck.

UNGOING - 21/? - 60233 words

- The 6th Yard by coldmackerel (aka Satan themself) ❤

Mature - Modern Setting / Ansgt / Hospital

A comedy about being dead.

Levi is finally returning to work as a nurse after recovering from a car crash that nearly killed him. Nothing says “welcome back” like realizing he’s lost his marbles and can see the disembodied spirits of the comatose patients in the 6th ward. He begrudgingly helps them learn how to be dead. Eren, the newest coma patient in the 6th ward, has six months to learn how to be dead. Good luck, kid.

COMPLETE - 28/28 - 93897 words

- The Minutes of the Red People by throneofwaste

Mature - Modern Setting / Angst / Slow Build / Suspense / Hitmen

Levi is better at killing people than keeping them safe. He follows his routine - 7 hours of sleep, study the blueprints, pack the tools of the trade, carry out the assassination, mop up the blood and leave no speck of evidence. It isn’t too long before he finds his routine in shambles when Erwin Smith assigns him a mission riddled with “classified” and “no further details disclosed”. Levi doesn’t kill kids. It gets his conscience dirty.

UNGOING - 19/? - 96747 words

- The Red Long Johns, Or “Be Sure to Dress in Layers” by shulkie ❤

Mature - Modern Setting / Humor / Teachers

It’s the week of the yearly Trust Initiative Teen Action Network (T.I.T.A.N.) retreat but this year Levi is left out in the cold when Hanji breaks her leg. To make things worse, Principal Smith gets a replacement chaperone—the new, very green English teacher Eren Jaeger. Levi and Eren butt heads over every little thing from professional to personal. Despite all of this, Levi finds himself distracted by the red long johns the fashion-challenged Eren wears under all of his winter gear and just how to get into them…

COMPLETE - 08/08 - 32026 words

- The Talk by WhiteSilverandMercury (aka Satan’s right-hand person) ❤

Mature - Modern Setting / Complicated Relationships / Radio DJ-Stripper

Sometimes all you need to fall in love is some advice from a stripper.

COMPLETE - 21/21 - 109139 words

- Time After Time by foreverautumn

Not Rated - Modern Setting / Fluff / Pet Shop

“Who tells someone they look like a cat?”

“No, I said the cat looked like you,” Eren corrects, looking back to the cat and ignoring Levi’s mounting confusion.

ONESHOT - 5003 words

- Typo by melooshkah, undercovermoffat

Mature - Modern Setting / Texting / Dialogue-Only

Eren texts the wrong number and Levi’s just really lonely.

UNGOING - 11/? - 16281 words

- What’s Eating You? by TheSpazzBot

Mature - Modern Setting / Angst / Fluff / Slow Build / Humor / Zombie

As far as accepting one’s death goes, Eren Jaeger thinks he’s doing pretty well. Except for the fact that he should have turned days ago. Why was his bite healing, when he had witnessed several others’ turn them into the soulless monsters now consuming the streets? It doesn’t help that he has been separated from everyone he could call a friend, only to be found by a mysterious group of survivors. Including one who has a personality not far off from the creatures he is trying so hard to avoid.

UNGOING - 31/? - 177625 words

- When I’m no Longer Young and Pretty by Trick_Fantasy

Mature - Modern Setting / Yandere!Levi / Pedophilia

Levi never wants Eren to grow up.

“Let’s see if I can make you pretty again.”

ONESHOT - 2323 words

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I request a headcanon of the RFA+V+Saeran would act like while living in a haunted house (like who will be like the movie characters who are completely oblivious, who will call an exorcist, who ends up killed idk 😂)

This request is so good!I’ll do another part of this (Maybe how they would be alone in the house, or with MC)
This is just that cliche horror film, ghosts, a murderer

Killer Party

You guys are in a haunted house, you and they were exploring that house that nobody ever wanted to go, they said this house was haunted, that was a killer living in there, but nobody ever spotted someone.
“Guys…I think we should get out of here…"Yoosung said, trembling, he’s scared, he was dragged into this, he didn’t want to come, but Zen kept saying that he was a coward, for his pride, he goes.
Zen laugh at him, whispering “coward” to him, after some while something was thrown from the second floor, everybody jumped (especially Zen,he screamed too), 707 laugh from the second floor, he did it, he has thrown that to scare us.
Zen is red because of that scream “Coward.” Jumin whisper to him, taking the revenge for Yoosung, everyone is laughing (Beside Jaehee and Saeran) a vase breaking,and some painting falling on the ground “IDIOT BROTHER..!STOP WITH THIS THING!!” Seven walked to them “…That wasn’t me”
Everybody starts to look at each other, and Yoosung run to the door, trying to get it open, it was a steel door “We’re locked in!”, everybody starts to panic, just V was calm “Everybody…Stay calm, that’s nothing to be worried about”.
“WE’RE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE, THOSE GHROSTS WILL CHASE US, I WARNED YOU GUYS, I SAID THAT THIS WAS A BAD IDEA” Yoosung said, panicking,is time to Zen be your hero, your knight “If some ghost come near me or MC, i will punch them” He said, making a heroic pose “You can’t punch a ghost.” Jumin said, serious “Huh?What?SHUT UP TRUSTFUND KID…Then I will…I will…KICK THE GHOST”
“PLEASE TAKE ME GHOST,” Saeran said, he rather dies than being locked with those people “Assistant Kang, cancel all my meetings, looks like we’re going to be trapped in here.” Really Jumin?When Jaehee picked her phone, she sees that is without signal “I don’t have signal”, after that everybody checked their signal, everybody was without one “OH REALLY?THIS IS SO CLICHE” Shut up Saeran, stop.
“Everybody stay calm that no need to–” V was cut out when they heard a table flipping out “RUN” Everybody started to run to the second floor,Yoosung,Jaehee and V enter one room, Jumin,Zen,Saeran,7 and you in other one,you guys were in a bedroom, 7 goes to the bathroom in their and see a corpse on the bathtub “I envy her” Zen look to that ans scream, while Jumin was sitting on the floor seeing a picture of Elizabeth on his phone “I’ll come back Elizabeth, don’t worry…” and Saeran’s still like “KILL ME NOW GHROST”.
Seven’s laughting about how Zen was screaming, and Zen was like “WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?BE HAPPY ABOUT FINDIND A CORPSE?”.
While this was happening in the other room things were better “Please, let’s remain calm” V said, smiling, trying to mantain the sanity of the group,Yoosung “Now i’m sure that you’re not seeing that is happening” “Yoosung…Are you going to make those blind jokes again” “Oh, i’m sorry V, i f you can’t see all your bullshit, you should smell it.”
While they were “discussing” (V being atacked by Yoosung blind jokes), Jaehee is walking thinking, and after that she started to pray “Please, dear lord, protect all of us, especially Zen and Jumin…Zen’s my idol and Jumin is my boss, i don’t want to be fired”.
After a while, you guys hearded screaming, was Jaehee, Yoosung and V screaming, you guys got scared,b ut after hearing some footsteps, you guys were certain, somebody was running, probrably they, but running because of what?
“So this has gotten serious…” Seven said, with a serious expression now, Zen looked at him, with a open mouth “SO YOU WERE TAKING THIS AS A JOKE?!”
You were in the ground, sitting in there, while Jumin was hugging you, he’s missing Elizabeth, he must have something to be his, you’re the chosen one “AND BESIDES THAT, THAT TRUSTFUND KID IS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION!” Zen said, really angry at Jumin who just looks at him and be like “Get out.”
Now Zen’s really angry “IT MUST BE ME WHO PROTECTED HER, I SAID IT FIRST” Saeran is sitting on the bed “…If the killer kill me now…I’ll be thankful”.