because so many of you responded positively to this

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positive!

“What makes the stitched creature happy. Well my Ziabear for one. He’s the only honest and most caring lover I ever had. So if you sneaky shadows try taking his heart. I’ll kill you. New torture toys, can’t go causing others harm with broken tools. That simply will not do. Spending time with Nissa because she is my best friend. How many is that.. Three? Yes okay. Then there is creating pain on others. After all many wanted me to be a monster so I aim to live to those expectations. Finally miss Wolf lady, she took me into her ranks when I had nothing. I am happy to finally figure out why my sister loves her so much and I think she secretly likes me.. But shhhh…”

mentions: @ziasilverstar , @vynnisa , @wolf-queen , @forgottenvixen

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hello!! just passing by to tell you that you rock for answering everyone's asks and being so reassuring. ts has been a douchebag and you made it just a bit better for me at least because just by responding to us you made me feel better. ts is monstrous. i pity our B.A.P babes. T_T

You are so incredibly sweet ♡ Thank you, Nonnie ♡

We should send our boys many positive thoughts and positive energy. Hope for the best.


This is a response to ashleymardell’s video Cutting off All My Hair.

[i was going to record my face just as a quick thing and done, but i’m still really anxious about putting my actual face up online publicly since i’ve been so careful about it all these years, so instead have these crappy sketches i did while thinking about this issue and writing up text for this response.]

it’s long so i’m putting it under a cut

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