because shit just got real

I just can’t get over that scene on the helicarrier like…

The entire time they were fighting, Sam’s calling Steve “Cap”.

Up until Bucky knocks him “off” the helicarrier.

Then he screams “STEVE!”

Because he’s absolutely terrified for his friend. Shit just got realer than real.

This is more frightening than Steve voluntarily jumping off the previous helicarrier with no warning. It didn’t scare him the way this does… neither of them were prepared this time around.

Here's another friend and partner falling out of the fucking sky.

But here’s one he CAN save if he moves fast enough.

And if you notice, he’s not actively trying to shoot Bucky down dead after Bucky hinders him the first time, he’s trying to distract Bucky and get him to move enough out of the way so that he can immediately fly down to save Steve.

That’s his priority.

Then Bucky clips his wings and sends him falling.

He saves himself and yet his immediate worry is for Steve.

Even when he gets grounded, Steve’s nowhere in sight so he’s looking for him. He’s back to “Cap” when it comes to communications. But that one terrifying moment where it wasn’t Captain America that was falling… it was Steve… that shakes him up a bit.

He’s glad Steve was able to avoid the fall but he’s permanently out of the helicarrier fight so he can’t be there anymore and he’s so regretful over that.

But Maria Hill calls and he’s on Rumlow because that’s something he can do. Every little bit helps. He can do this.

He does what he can- the best that he can- so that others may live.

I fucking love Sam Wilson so much.

oh my lord- @queen-mabs-revenge you had to say dark hook appreciation week….

Cos I am all. fucking. for it.

Give me it all.

Give me fics where Captain Swan are both still dark and while Emma’s trying, Killian is just being a right fucking dick.

Like, imagine them trying to have dinner with the family???

Emma’s like “We’re going to try and have dinner with my family tonight, okay?”

He just rubs his hands together “Splendid! Feasting with a table full of thieves and murderers. This will be worth attending.” 

Everyone sitting uncomfortably around the loft dinner table, and on one side you’ve got two leather clad goths with one smiling politely and the other giving them all chillingly cold smiles.

And there’s awkward silences but Snow tries small talk like

“So, Killian… how are you?”

“Well I haven’t felt the urge to murder anyone today but it’s only 6 o clock. How about you, love? Felt the bloodlust since Cora’s demise?”

And David jumps in “Hey! Don’t talk to my wife like that.”

“Now now, Dave. That short temper might just ruin that holier than thou attitude of yours. It might just be your fall from grace.” 

The cocky fucker is just calling everyone out and Regina is purposely sitting there quiet AF cos homie’s got way too much dirt on her.

“That’s it. I want you out of my house.”

“And here was me hoping to invite you out on a fishing trip. I thought we could go fillet some mermaids. You seemed rather keen on the sport in Neverland if I recall.”

Emma tries reasoning with him “killian. please.”

“Sorry, love! It seems i’m not in the mood for pleasantries tonight. Save me a slice of pie and I’ll see you back at home.” and he gives the charming’s an evil smirk before saying to her on a seductive voice “and we can do some of our own family bonding.” before giving her a soft kiss on the cheek before poofing out. 

I just want loads of Dark Hook terrorising everyone around town by calling out their history. Can I have it? Please? 

Like, poofing into Game of Thorns and scaring Moe, asking for two dozen of his finest dark red roses. And Moe wraps them up, stutters out a price and Killian’s like

“Really? And here was me thinking you’d have another daughter to barter with. Swan and I could do with a maid. Never mind. Do you take doubloons?”

Or fitting himself into the booth with Marco and Archie.

“Ah, it’s lovely to see such a solid friendship between you both. Although I do find it rather ironic that the cricket made wooden puppets out of the woodcarver’s parents. Have you carved them a little wooden house to live in? Perhaps a wooden casket. Give them a proper send off.”

And of course the two he terrorises the most are Gold and Regina. But this post would be way too fucking long if I delved into that….

Envy 🔓💛 , Part 1

I heard the door open. I heard her sneak in the house. It’s 5:45 in the morning and she has lost her fucking mind if she thinks she getting any sleep in this bed tonight.

“You have fun out there bein’ a thot?”, as I sit up straight on my side of the bed, following her every move with my eyes.

She laughs to herself, “I was with the guys, visiting different spots that want us to perform for them.”

“What in the blue fuck makes you think I give a damn what you were doing. That’s not the point. It’s 6 o'clock in the morning, you should be home with me, you should be with me at this time of night and you know that! Not out there, hoeing around.”

“You know Kaia, you’re always talking about me being a hoe or a thot. How you know that’s what I be doing out there instead of trying to make money to provide for your ungrateful ass?”

“Ungrateful? Un-fucking-grategul? I wasn’t fucking ungrateful when I spread my legs for you last night. You’re the one who’s ungrateful.. thinkin’ you can just come home at any time of the night. Let me see yo phone since I’m so fucking ungrateful.”

“What? Nah. Hell nah! There ain’t nothin’ in my phone that concerns you.”

I laugh, shaking my head. Standing there nibbling on my thumb, trying to calm myself so I don’t strangle her.

“Move.”, I shove her. “You not sleepin’ with me tonight baby. You wanna come home all late like a bitch ain’t at home waitin’ for you then take yo ass to the couch homeboy.”, I block her from getting to the bed.

“You got issues man. You got such fucking issues.”, she mumbles.
“Yup. This whole relationship is a motherfucking issue because of yo disrespectful ass..”

“Lucky I don’t fucking leave you..”, I whisper to myself as I sit down on the bed watching her walk down the hall.

“Leave me? You say you wanna leave me?!”, with her pillow and blanket dropped on the floor, she marches back over to me.

“You leave me and I’ll make sure no one will ever want to stay with you. You leave my ass and I will never let you forget all the clothes I bought you, all the food we’ve ate, all the places we’ve gone, all the people I introduced you to, all the love we’ve made..”, she grabs my thighs hard. “You will never be able to leave me. So fuck you for thinking you could.” I can see her boiling insides through her eyes. I’m silent.

Couple hours later.

She comes out of her sleep squirming to breathe, in the dark.

“Don’t you ever threaten me again! You understand me? I can do whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want with whoever the fuck I want whether you’re my girl or not. You don’t own me, you entertain me. You satisfy me, you put up with me, you take care of me. That’s what the fuck I keep you around for. You are an accessory Gracen.”, I push down on the pillow harder. “Try me if you want to. You’ll be starving for me for the rest of your life if you don’t watch yourself. I’m not the one and you fucking know that.”, I let her breathe and walk away.

She coughs for 15 minutes.

“Shut the fuck up.”, I yell from the bedroom.

It’s morning and she’s in the shower. I wait and watch by the door. She sees me… she stops scrubbing and stares.

“What?”, her voice is compromised by the glass box she’s standing in.

“Can I come in?”, I slowly slip out of my clothes and the silence they make as they hit the floor soothes me. She doesn’t say anything.. she just stares. I look into her eyes and I see the sorrow. I wasn’t going to kill her, I would never but she needed to be frightened. I needed to get the last word. She knew it was coming, after being intertwined with someone’s soul for six years you start to know their ways… even if you suddenly begin to test them.

“Why you be trynna make me mad Gray? Why you wanna fuck with me like this?”, my head is one her chest as we sway from side to side. The water piercing our shoulders.

“I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t putting you first.”

“You know I always come first. If I come first, you come first. Say it. If I come first, you come first. If I come first, you come first.

She repeats, "If I come first, you come first. If I come first, you come first. If I come first, you come first. If I come first, you..uhh ohh, you come first.”

I’m on my knees in the water. Licking her from the insides of her knees to the tops of her thighs.

“Tell me you love me.”, I demand softly.

“I love you Kaia. God, I love you Kaia. I love you. Yes Kaia, I love you..”, she moans to me.

When I taste her, it makes my heart pound. With every stroke of my tounge, I feel like there’s nothing else in the world that matters. It’s just me and her. She pulls my hair towards her. I lick faster. She’s so juicy, so tender. I’m not gonna stop, I wanna stay here forever. On my knees, eating her - I wanna eat her forever. Her thigh quivers. I slide my finger inside her tight pussy and commence her juices. I grab at her from inside of her, deep. She’s pulling on my ear. I look up to get a glimpse of her. Her mouth sits open as the water spills over as if her lip is the edge of a waterfall.

“That’s right baby, you love me baby. Cum for my baby.”, I slide a second finger inside of her.

She’s yelling that she loves me. I fuck her faster. I reposition my knees to better support myself because shit just got real. With my mouth smothering her pussy and my fingers gently digging for her pleasure, her leg is wrapped around my body. We slide down to the bottom of the shower. She bites my neck and sucks on my skin. I can still hear her saying ‘I love you’ in my head. The water is in my eyes. She wraps her thighs around my neck. I dig my fingers into her back. Her clit isn’t my only focus, it’s her labia, it’s her hymen. I love it all. I love how it feels soaked in my saliva as she arches her back and begs for more. She begs for more of me and it displays how much more I want of her. I climb ontop of my prey and she grabs my hips and slides herself against me. I lay my arm next to her ear and place my hand on the top of her head. Forehead to forehead, we kiss. It feels like someone pulled the string of a party popper and the release of confetti on my body leaves tingles everywhere. She’s about to cum with me, on me. I grab her neck. She squeezes her eyes shut and another party popper is set off inside of me. Our confetti mixes together.

ok so Haylee reblogged a thing from me about “spin the bottle except instead of kissing each other you fight” and I can see this going down in The Glade on another bonfire night where everyone’s a little buzzed on Gally’s recipe. 

There’s a crummy old bottle someone locates and it gets placed on a piece of board and everyone surrounds it–and at first what happens, you get dared to kiss whoever it lands on. Someone volunteers the newbie to go first and Thomas screams internally, but he obliges because peer pressure. 

It lands on Gally and everyone’s hollering and laughing, and Jeff’s like “what’s it gonna be, Greenbean?” and Thomas is like “nah” and punches Gally because the option came up to kiss or fight and he gets to choose. They don’t get bloodied up–Gally throws him off and Thomas has a swollen jaw and Gally’s mostly unscathed, but hell, they’re both smiling at each other. 

The rules become: Not below the belt. No longer than two minutes. No major injuries. Try not punch someone in the eye

Gally fights Alby, and he definitely is hurting after that. Alby takes it easy on fighting Chuck when the bottle lands on him. He put him in the most intense noogie ever. It goes on for a little bit–some boys fight, and some boys kiss. 

It’s mostly catcalls and gleeful snickers when Fry and Winston lean over on the grass and exchange a quick, soft kiss. But no one gives them accusing or revolted looks. They are the first to kiss–and from there, the other Gladers warm up to the first option. Minho kisses Ben, and daaaamn it was hot, Thomas realizes, but Minho fights Newt. He pins Newt down with a smug look on his face and gets elbowed in the nose. Newt spins, lands on Thomas. 

From there it’s just boys screaming and bawling with laughter, because shit just got real, and they all remember the last bonfire and how Newt and Thomas were almost attached to the hip. Newt’s got a bloody lip, and Thomas is fine with being roughed up, though he knows Newt could beat him easily. 

He climbs on his feet, and Minho shouting half-ass encouragements, and Newt’s already facing him and raising his fist. Newt’s fingers curl open and he snatches Thomas’s chin, and oh wow, now Thomas is tasting blood because Newt’s lips slide against his, pressing closer and opening up a little. Thomas just kind of stands there, frozen and unresponsive, like a dumb shank. His veins are definitely buzzing now when Newt looks him over, good-naturedly rolling his eyes and walking away, yelling, “I think he needs another!” and all the boys are bright-eyed and grinning and slapping Thomas on his back.

Watching sense8 season 1
  • Episode 1: shit just got real.
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Jealous Steve tho
  • Danny: I'll take Grover for 20. Just because.
  • Steve: *is surprised that his boyfriend won't take his side*
  • Danny: *smirks* No? Alright, I'll take Grover for 40.
  • Steve: *almost has steam blowing out of his ears*
  • Grover: What's it gonna be?
  • Everyone: *is waiting with a bated breath because shit just got real*
  • Danny: *is proud of himself because he loves getting on his boyfriend's nerves*
  • Steve: *contemplates about how he's going to take Grover down* You're on.