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Name: DK

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Harry, laughing with the others, was glad to have an innocent reason to look at Ginny; he had received several more Bludgers injuries during practice because he had not been keeping his eyes on the snitch.
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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it’s so cute at the end of me3 how sheppy and garrus can get married and adopt babies and sleep in til whenever because they’re retired. hahaha haha..hah :I


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"Please! Stop it! All of you!"

Thanks to McGonagall’s goal of house unity, Harry was sitting in a room full of gryffindors, ravenclaws, hufflepuffs, and slytherins. After one too many fights between himself and Malfoy, McGonagall declared a party between all the upperclassmen (Years 6 and up). It was meant to be an innocent, let’s stop trying to kill each other, party. That changed when someone brought alcohol into the mix. Everyone should know alcohol and gryffindors so not mix.

Seamus was on a table with his shirt off, dancing to music that wasn’t there. On the side you could see Dean watching him with a glazed look on his face. Lavender was going around kissing everyone person, regardless of house or gender. Ron was giving a piggy-back ride to a giggling Hermione. They kept swaying back and forth and Harry thought it might be a good idea to stop them before they got hurt.

As he got up to do just that, he heard something behind him that made him feel a chill that ran to his bones.

“They may as well just bring people straight from Azkaban to this school. Letting death-eater scum like you in,” a boy said. Harry thought it sounded awfully like Micheal Corner. He turned to see Malfoy staring down Micheal with his teeth clenched. His heart ached at the sight. Micheal shoved Malfoy slightly back, and before Harry knew it, he was stalking up to them and drawing his wand.

In a blink of an eye, Micheal was laying on the floor, a full body binding curse keeping him in place. Malfoy looked down at his body and then up again to meet Harry’s face. If possible, his face became harder than it was before. Harry gulped as Malfoy stepped up to him.

“I can handle myself, Potter,” Malfoy spat. Anger was swimming in his eyes and for a moment, Harry couldn’t look away.

“I’m sure you can, Malfoy. I’ve wanted to do that to that little gut since fifth year. It isn’t about you,” Harry snapped back. He let his jaw clench and his hands formed fists at his sides.

Pansy stepped up next to Malfoy and said, “Leave us alone Potter. None of us want to see your ‘heroics’ tonight.”

Harry could feel a crowd forming. He was regretting making such a scene.

“Is there a problem, Harry?” Dean asked. He had stepped up to back up Harry, along with Seamus (still shirtless), Ron, Ginny, and Luna. Though, Luna didn’t seem to notice the tension; Harry assumed she was following her girlfriend, Ginny.

Harry opened his mouth to say 'No,’ but someone else spoke before he could.

“There wouldn’t be if Savior boy would just mind his own damn business,” a new voice, Blaise Zabini, said. Harry looked back to Malfoy to see apprehension clouding his gaze. Neither of them wanted this. There was more slytherins and gryffindors coming up to face each other. Alcohol had made everyone more confrontational it seemed.

Harry wasn’t sure who casts first, but soon hexes and jinxes were flying throughout the room. Instinctively, Harry cast a Protego charm to surround him and Draco. Draco who had wide eyes and a look of fear in his face.

“Hey,” Harry said softly.

“Harry,” Draco said in an apologetic tone. Harry nodded in understanding. He took down the protective shield and held his wand up. They began to cast spell at each, all “missing” their intended target.

“Expelliarmus!” Harry cast and Draco’s wand shot out of his hand and towards him. Harry gave a small apologetic smile that only Draco could see and then turned to see the utter chaos around them. Distracted, he don’t see Draco move towards him. He reached for his wand and then they were struggling. They were so close. If Harry moved just a little closer… but no, he couldn’t do that.

Right as Draco regained contour of his wand, Hermione’s voice sprung out into the room, “Please! Stop it! All of you!” Everyone froze at the witches words. No one wanted to cross the brightest with of their age.

As everyone stared at Hermione, Harry’s me Draco stared at each other. Millions of thoughts and emotions running across both their faces. Harry wished with all he had that he could just move and close the small gap between them. It was only a couple of inches. They stared into each other’s eyes and Harry saw Draco give the smallest of nods.

“You guys act like you’re five years old! The war is over, if you haven’t noticed. We all need to grow up and move on. No more animosity. It’s childish and-” Hermione cut off with a gasp, staring at Harry.

Harry who was snogging Draco Malfoy on the other side of the room.

Everyone followed her gaze. Their was an eruption of disgusted sounds, exclamations, and even cheers. Harry and Draco didn’t stop.

“Alright everyone,” Hermione called, gaining everyone’s attention once more. “I think it’s time to go to our dormitories and get some sleep.”
To everyone’s dismay, she filed everyone out and placed a quick silencing charm on the room they just exited.

“Harry,” Draco gasped, breaking the kiss. They stared at each other in disbelief for a few seconds. Looking around, they saw that they were alone.

“I think we just came out to everyone,” Harry said. Draco’s eyes widened in realization.

“Oh god,” he let out. His breathing was becoming shallow and Harry quickly released him.

“Hey breathe,” Harry said. “Count with me: 1, 4, 7…”

Draco counted with him all the way to 100 and the. 200. His heart was till beating rapidly, but his breathing was slowly returning to normal.

“Do we need to try something else?” Harry asked. Draco nodded fervently and Harry took a calming breath.

“Okay let’s breath in long and slow,” Harry said and Draco did. “Feel the tension in your muscles.” Draco focused on the tenseness of his body.

“Now breathe out slowly, allowing the tension to leave your body. Tell your body relax and focus on loosening your body,” Harry said. He did it as Draco did.

“Do this until you feel better,” Harry instructed and Draco followed through everything again. After about five times, his body felt more relaxed. His breathing was normal and although his heartbeat wasn’t exactly normal, it was slower.

“Better?” Harry asked. Draco nodded and moved towards him. His arms opened to accommodate Draco and they embraced.

“Everything will be okay. It’ll be crazy at first, but soon they’ll get another piece of gossip and leave is alone,” Harry soothed. Draco hummed.

“It’ll be okay,” Harry said.

Crazily enough, it was okay, because they were together.

I got a commission to draw a daiMACura, and here it is :) I had a lot of fun with this one. Thanks to patchesotron-art for commissioning me, this was a total blast!!! After they order one I may see about making prints myself ;)

kitsunelover142  asked:

Your human Sidon is so cute! He has so many freckles and I just wanna kiss every single one of them! And I just wanna play with his long hair all the time!

ME TOO HHH I want to draw him more tbh he’s just as fun as drawing regular sharky Sidon because I love drawing big guys with long hair. 

wipsydreams  asked:

How would Error and Ink react if Ink somehow started glitching? Would Ink freak the Hell- I mean the heck out?

Ink starting to glitch?

He got his own kind of glitches the whole time! (And he’s good at deceiving himself that they’re “just tatoos”.)

  • Being his anchor
  • Huge make out sessions
  • Wearing his lacrosse jersey
  • Showing you off
  • “Leave Liam alone”
  • “But why?!”
  •  “Because I said so” “Fine”
  • Him whining when you tell him off
  • Racing each other
  • Him letting you win the races because you’re human 
  • Shirtless Brett 24/7
  • Hot make out sessions
  • Attending every lacrosse game
  • Staring at his wolf eyes for ages
  • Sweet kisses
  • Playing with his hair
  • Him playing with your hair
  • Spoiling you
  • Treating you like a Queen
  • Kisses everywhere 
  • Arms around you
  • Polaroid pictures
  • Breaking up fights between him and Liam
  • Hands on your waist
  • Mumbling in your ear
  • “I love you a lot”
  • “Thanks. Just kidding. I love you more Brett”
  • Jealous Brett
  • “Don’t say Liam’s cute”
  • Calling Brett a puppy dog
  • Playful growling
  • Teaching you lacrosse

good morning boys!! (●´艸`) peach punch!! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))


Gladio groaned, favouring his right shoulder as he exited the camper. He was happy to be reunited with his friends again, and seeing all of their faces made him nostalgic for the good ol’ days.

But damn, they were loud.

Noctis and Prompto were sitting by the plastic picnic table just outside the trailer, their phones on high volume as they tapped away at the screens. Prompto pumped his fist in the air as Noctis groaned. They must have been playing King’s Knight.

Nothing ever really changes, Gladio mused.

Ignis sat with them as well, legs crossed with a small smile on his face as he listened to their idle chatter and trash talking. He chuckled here and there as an insult was thrown, followed by a less-than-witty retort.

“Hey,” Gladio decided to make his presence known. The breeze hit his bare abdomen and shivered ever so slightly, the thin layer of sweat that had coated his skin cooling against the wind. “You guys mind keeping it down?”

Noctis looked up from his phone. “Oh. Yeah, sorry, Big Guy.”

Prompto tilted his head, looking at his friend with curious eyes. “You turning in early or something?”

“Something like that,” he agreed, his eyes casually flitting back to the camper. 

Prompto eyed him curiously. He was about to speak when the camper door swung open and you poked your head out into the cool night air, a bed sheet wrapped around your middle like a toga.

“Please do as he says,” you yawned from the mouth of the camper. “I’m very tired and very sore and I would like my portable furnace to come back to bed.” You eyed Gladio, the sheet slipping ever so slightly. “Now, please.”

Gladio smirked and turned back to join you inside. He grinned over his shoulder at his friends as he set a foot inside the threshold. “Just remember. Keep it quiet, kids.”

“Yeah, you too,” Prompto retorted, rolling his eyes. He went back to his phone, and muttered to the others under his breath, “We have really got to find them a separate camper on the other side of Hammerhead.”