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There are only 5 girls at my school who like girls and two of them are dating, one of them I don't like because she's quite annoying and rude, and the last is my best friend hee hee wonderfulllll

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Hey it's me how ya doin, I talked to my friends and I'm still kinda upset because they explained it and they took a bunch of tiny things out of context and ignored me for 2 weeks over them. I'm still hurt and idk if I'll be able to be friends with one of them because she was being irritable soon and she was my best friend :( ~Red (sorry I'm depressing do you happen to have advice my fren?)

All I can say is maybe this happened for a reason, if they are acting like this then they certainly aren’t your friends! Friends are supposed to be kind and nice and supportive of each other !! And the way they’re treating you is not okay. Things like this happen and who knows maybe you’re about to make new friends that are even better than them and actually treat you like their friend !! It’s okay to be sad about this bc hey you had an emotional connection with them and probably have a lot of good memories with them but just tell yourself that you’re better off without that gross negative stuff around u !! I really hope this helps u babe ❤️ best of luck to you 🌹🌹 and I’m always here for you !!


So, are you ready, you think? To start dating? No, definitely not. My grief group said that I wouldn’t be ready until I can get through the whole story of Michael’s death without tearing up.


favourite steroline moments

Reblog if you have stretch marks

My best friend was in tears today because she has stretch marks and she doesn’t believe me that literally 99.9% of the population have them and I’m trying to show her it’s okay


One day I was shopping with my best friend( a girl) and another friend. (a boy).
Because I like boy clothes we where on the men’s department, I wanted to try a blouse, I did it on and I came out the dressing, I asked to my best friend what she thought about it, because I care about what her opinion is but the girl who worked there looked at us with a look of’’ this two girls are together what cute’’ She wanted to help us and acted as she was helping a couple, after that I had bought something we leaved, we laughed because we aren’t together.But maybe for some people looked it like we were.  Then we came with an idea, what would people do if we where holding hands? So we did. We walked by town holding hands, we saw that a few people (mostly men) stared at us, one time a group of men walked pass us, and our other friend told us that he looked over the shoulder and pointed. But when we needed to wait for the traffic light a girl looked at us and saw that we where holding hands.She gave us a great big smile , a smile like’’ Awwh it is brave that you two are proud and let others show that you two are together’’ You saw that she was totally accepting. What I want to say, even when me and my best friend weren’t together as a real couple, I want to say to you that you shouldn’t be afraid to hold hands with your girl , be proud that you walk next to her. People will stare, but so what?, at the same time there will always be people like that girl by the traffic lights , people who will not care and even be friendly to you ! You are just as normal as a straight couple. So don’t hold back, if you want to hold hands do it. 

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Do you believe that you can stay friends with your ex girlfriend if you've truly loved each other and seen her as your soulmate?

Yeah I do because honestly she’s my best friend and we’ve gone through so much together and the hardest part of the break up is over now and we’re both okay and we’ve both moved on and we talk basically every day and it’s no drama my dude. All I want is for her to be happy and I’m gonna support her and be here for her along the way whenever she may need me and to whoever is lucky enough to date her next I’d say you’re a lucky girl and you better treat her like a queen because she deserves nothing less.

Relationships change - so does love, but that doesn’t mean that it has to go away. Fight to keep the important people in your life my friend, they’re worth it.

Dirty Call

Got7 Yugyeom


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I came home and my apartment was sadly empty since Yugyeom was away on tour. It has been around 3 weeks now and I missed him a little more everyday. It was Friday and usually Yugyeom and I went out for eat or just to walk hand in hand. But today it was cold outside and I couldn’t feel the warm of his arms around me. Even the shower felt cold. I was just  so depressed today. I was missing him more than usually maybe because I had a bad day. I dropped cafe on my shirt in the morning, I lost my keys, and my best friend cancelled our lunch because she was sick…. Anyway I was finally at home after a long day and could have some rest.

I was watching the TV lied on the couch when my phone ringed.

“Hi Y/N~” “Gyeomie !” I was suddenly really happy. “How are you princess ?” I sighed “I miss you too much so I will say that I am actually trying to survive” He laughed which made me smile like a five years old little girl. “I miss this laugh Yugyeom” “I know baby. I miss you too” “You are certainly too busy to think of me and miss me the way I miss you” “Don’t say such stupid thing with the beautiful mouth of yours Y/N. I can not stop thinking of you. So much that it’s confusing. Sometimes I can’t even be concentrated” I smirked “Oh really ?” “Yeah. It’s been too long now since I heard you moan my name” I blushed. “Remember when our movie night turned in a sex night on the couch ? I’m sure you do. I made you moan mine name so many time on this night baby”  Moments of our last night together crossed my mind and it was such a turn on hearing him talked about it as I reminded how much I loved his touch and the way he could make me cum just with his fingers… I could feel that I was getting wet as my heart beating faster. “You can touch yourself for me babygirl. I’m sure you’re already wet, ain’t you ?” “Yes I am Gyeomie.” I could feel that he smirked when he heard my answer. “And you may be hard if you want me like I want you right now” “Hearing your sexy voice say my name always make me hard baby” I bit my lips before telling his name in a moan. “God Y/N. I must take care of myself now. Let’s do it together baby, okay ?” “I thought you’d never ask” I said as I moved one of my hand under my short to caress myself. “What color is your panties ?” “I don’t have one” He chuckled “Bad girl” A soft moan left my lips as I was going faster “Yugyeom…” “You can insert one finger baby” I did and bit my lip by plaisure. “Go faster” “I did baby. This still ain’t good as feeling your mouth on it” His dirty talk drove me crazy, I was burning in desire for him and moan his name again. “I want to feel you in my pussy Yugyeom…” “I know Y/N. I missed the feeling of your walls tighten around my cock when you’re near to come. Just add a finger babygirl” I added one as he said. At this point I was a moaning mess I was getting closer as Yugyeom told me to go faster and added a third finger. I could hear that he also had a lot of pleasure by himself and hearing him just excited me more. “Yugyeom please…” I managed to say. “I know baby, me too. Come for me Y/N” My fingers trusted faster as I added pressure on my clit and I quickly came at the same time as Yugyeom did. “I should call you more at night honey. I love you, you and your moans” I laughed. “I love you too you dirty boyfriend”

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I’m a biromantic asexual girl dating and very much in love with my bisexual best friend. We met online because she found my writing, and became best friends pretty quickly. When we first met, I didn’t know I was bi, and my feelings for her were actually what helped me realize. I assumed she would never feel the same way, so I repressed them (dumb move, I know lol) and started dating someone else, while she pursued a crush of her own. Months later, I started to realize that my feelings for her had only grown over time, and broke up with my then girlfriend. I started writing poetry as an emotional outlet and one day, my best friend called me up sounding nervous, which was strange since we usually told each other (almost) everything. She said “If it isn’t, feel free to just pretend this conversation never happened, but is your latest love poem about me?” Instantly I wasn’t worried anymore, about how I felt, or that she might not reciprocate. I’d been in love with her for months. I laughed and said “they’re all about you. I can’t believe it took you so long to notice.” Surprise!! She felt the same way, and now we’re happily in love and dating. My last relationship was also long distance and communication made things difficult, so I assumed ours would be hard too, but we talk everyday and we’re still best friends. She makes everything easy. She makes sure to ask what I’m comfortable with re: sex and pda as well, taking care to respect my boundaries. I’m pretty sure she’s my soul mate, and (even if its not romantic) I hope everyone else finds theirs too. Happy Valentine’s Day 💕

“Did you block me lol?”
That was the last messages I sent to my best friend from high school before I knew she had blocked me everywhere. I didn’t know if it was a mistake but then she just stopped talking to me. She ghosted. We didn’t even have a fight and she just left. I asked my friends if she was mad and they said she told them that we ended our friendship. What hurts the most is the fact she never told me what happened or why she did it, and to this day it hurts because she was my best friend

I don’t understand people who don’t let their dogs on the furniture. I get pissed when my dog doesn’t want to spoon with me at night and you wont even let them sit next to you??? How do you even snuggle? 


Me and my best friend (both girls playing girls) are part of a campaign and one of the guys (playing a guy) picks up a ring and

DM: You have now been changed into a woman.

Guy: …Am I hot?

DM: How high’s your charisma?

Apparently pretty high because she’s a 10/10

My best friend: Okay, but like into a woman physically, or actually a woman.

Guy: What?

Me: Like, just giving you breasts wouldn’t make you a woman. Does your character identify as a woman?

DM: It’s a woman.

My best friend: But, is the transformation just physical or did it change their identity?

Guy and DM: Continue to not understand.

My best friend and I: Give up and continue with the game under the assumption her gender identity is consistent with her gender presentation

My lesbian character: Hey. How you doing?

My best friend’s also-not-heterosexual character: If you need any help figuring out how to use that body, I can help.

Me: Holy shit that’s smooth