because shes gorgeous

Royalty AU - Princess Alya of the Césaire Kingdom

(Marinette, Adrien) (other classmates coming soon)

buckysleftarm  asked:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with him (except that he can't speak because holy fuck she's gorgeous).

Even on a standard day she made his mind run laughingly poetic: she was the light of his life, the calm in the storm, his guiding star. Today, though, she is heart stopping, driving him catatonic in the best of ways, jaw slack like an idiot. She’s looking at him, one eye slowing raising, and carefully she frowns. “Oh, shit,” he says, a quote that will be referenced for years, “yeah, I do.”

And fortunately for him, his bride laughs.

Sophia looks so grown up, I can’t take it😭

a list of things that everyone should consider

  • percy with an undercut
  • percy platonically kissing all of his friends on their foreheads
  • percy always introducing his school friends from Goode to his camp friends and both groups are always like “you hang out with this loser too?”
  • re: when his hs friends meet annabeth they think it’s some kind of joke because holy shit she is gorgeous percy wtf
  • percy with an undercut
  • percy swimming for his high school and life guarding in the summer months at the local pool when he has time
  • buying excess amounts of skinny jeans because annabeth they make my butt look great
  • she doesn’t disagree
  • also he finds out that oversized sweaters are really fucking comfortable so that’s all he begins to wear during the winter
  • and beanies, don’t forget beanies
  • percy with an u n d e r c u t

Keith Week day 3: angst By @fonbella

A space AU Klance piece Bella made for me, because of course I can always count on her to shatter my smol heart with angst 8′) Except that I FIRMLY BELIEVE THEY BOTH WILL MAKE IT AND ALL ENDS WELL!! *sobs* Right…? Lance won’t let Keith go no matter what… Even if they’d go down together

(translation) 170218 ♡ elle taiwan interview

jessica: i shop with krystal very often and i recently realized that she looks good wearing dark red lipstick. i would recommend the hollywood red #857 to her. i’m definitely better at makeup because she only started putting it on recently, but that’s only because she looks gorgeous even without it! (laughs). (source)