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hey! so i'm fairly new too bootlegs and i don't have anything to trade with. how do i start if i have nothing? i don't want to trick someone into giving me something, i want to do it fair and square.

a lot of people are really nice and will try to give you a bootleg you want even if you don’t have anything in return and then you’ll have something to trade in the future!! if you message me off anon im sure we can work something out because i think that everyone should be able to see the shows they really want to 

heres a lil nina who knows that sharing is caring :)

Saying Things

Peter Parker x Reader

So this is for the precious, most adorable person @dej-okay because she deserves only good things.

Summary: You’d lost count of how many times you’d thought of kissing him. You had never let yourself imagine that maybe, he thought of it, too.

“Or how badly I’ve wanted you like this,” and he didn’t have to explain what he meant…”

Warnings: None. Just A LOT OF FLUFF AND CHEDDAR CHEESE. Words: 3.6k

“Parker,” you cautioned as he not-so-gingerly picked up the beaker that was mostly full of blue liquid that resembled and even smelt a little like Windex, shaky hands bringing it over to your side of the lab table, mixture sloshing around the insides, goggles beginning to steam up around his eyes from how heavily he was breathing, tiny rogue hairs from fallen waves at his forehead fluttering as warm puffs of air escaped from the spaces between funny eye wear.

It had taken the two of you nearly half an hour to mix the contents in said beaker just right, waiting for the telltale appearance of that crystal blue to color the glass and signal the correct chemical change.

You’d both laughed excitedly as you’d watched with anxious eyes, two pairs of goggles level with the table; forgetting that you were still holding glass tubes and going in for a high five, catching yourself with a sheepish expression just in time. He’d offered an air five instead.

“Peter, carefully,” you urged when the clumsy boy caught a sneakered foot on the corner of the table, neon blue peeking at the edge of its container as it swayed inside, nearly raining down on top of the shiny black below it.

“I know, I know, I’ve got this,” a tiny smirk following his words, and you found yourself believing him despite the sound of glass clanking together as he began pouring that blue liquid into the compound you’d just finished mixing up. The puffs of air fogging up both of your goggles stopped as blue hit green and you held your breaths, the whole feel of him changing when that red precipitate formed in uneven clumps at the bottom of the beaker. Bubbly laughter spilled from his lips in a rush of air as the tension released from his lungs and the smile that lit up the whole of his face kept you from doing the same, kept you from breathing, and you weren’t sure if you would ever be able to bring yourself to draw air into tingling lungs again if he were going to smile like that around you, at you.

Because he was looking at you with the sun in his eyes and happiness making up the whole of his features in a way that warmed your heart entirely and made your body feel sluggish and uneven like the mess of chemicals in that beaker. The longer you looked, the more aware you became of how the color of your cheeks must match the color of that clump, and oh, but his eyes were glowing, and you were glowing, and his lips were pink and stretched prettily across white, mostly-even teeth in that charming way that only his lips could.

And that was the first time you realized that Peter Parker was someone that you could kiss. Peter Parker was someone you wanted to be kissing.

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charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

Babysitting Together {BTS Scenario’s}


Originally posted by savethepeebees

When your best friend called you to ask if you could babysit her three-year-old daughter, you immediately said yes. When your boyfriend called to ask if you could hang out five minutes later, you decided he could just come with. 

The toddler in question was a handful. You knew how to handle her, as you’d known her her entire life, but you were glad to have some help.
Jin spent most of his time trying to make the young girl laugh. You watched with amusement as he played peek-a-boo with her. The child was almost crying because she was laughing so hard and honestly, it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen.
You had to put her to bed because she would not calm down when Jin was around. When you finally made sure she was comfortable, you walked back to your boyfriend, who was lying on the couch.
“I could get used to this, Jagi. Could you?”


Originally posted by jeonbase

Yoongi called you in a panic. He was stuck babysitting a child he did not know how to handle, and he was pretty sick of it. 

After laughing at him over the phone for a good amount of time, you packed some stuff and drove over to the house he was babysitting at.
You walked in on your boyfriend laying on the floor, empty eyes looking at the ceiling, and a small child sitting on his stomach, bouncing up and down.
When he heard the door shut, he stood up quickly, causing the child to tumble off of him and land on the floor.
The little boy started to cry immediately and you rushed over, glaring at your boyfriend in the process.
After you took care of the boy and laid him in his bed, Yoongi and you just laid on the couch for the rest of the night.
Yoongi looked at the back of your head resting against his shoulder. “Man, children are terrible.”
You chuckled. “Not if you know how to handle them.”
He just smiled and kissed your shoulder.


Originally posted by kimthwriter

You and your boyfriend, Hoseok, had agreed to babysit your niece for the evening. You were pretty tired from work this day, but Hoseok had had the day off, and he was full of energy.

The evening consisted of you making dinner for the three of you while Hoseok and your niece were endlessly running around the house, screaming and yelling and laughing.
When dinner was ready, you all sat around the small round table and talked about small things.
You could tell that both Hoseok and your niece were starting to get tired, but neither of them was ready to admit it.
After dinner, the two kept messing around a bit, but when Hoseok started to chase after the young girl, causing her to find shelter in your arms, it only took minutes for her to fall asleep.
You decided to put her to bed, which obviously wasn’t a struggle, and walked back to the living room. You found your boyfriend fast asleep on the couch, one arm wrapped around a pillow.
You smiled and lay down beside him. You were really happy that your boyfriend went along with your family so greatly. You couldn’t wait for the day he’d actually be a part of it.

Rap Monster

Originally posted by rapnamjoon

Namjoon called you from his sister’s house. He had agreed to babysit her little son but was already regretting the decision. The toddler, quote, was ‘destroying the house and my will to live, with it’. It looked like you were going to have to cancel your plans to sit in a bath for the evening and pay a visit to your boyfriend.

Namjoon opened the door more disheveled than you’d ever seen him and you had to stifle your laughter. His hair was sticking out like a mad scientist’s and his clothes were obviously tugged on too many times to count. He looked completely exhausted.
The house looked no better. Magazines were spread over the entire floor, there was a puddle of what seemed to be lemonade on the floor, and the pillows that belonged on the couch were nowhere to be seen. In the middle of the chaos sat a tiny human being, smiling like he was having the time of his life.
At this point, you couldn’t contain your laughter at the insane scene in front of you and you had to hold on to the doorpost to keep from falling to the floor.
Namjoon was awkwardly standing behind you, obviously too embarrassed to say anything.
When you calmed down a bit, you turned around and gave him a quick peck on the lips.
“Let’s get this mess cleaned up, shall we?”


Originally posted by nnochu

You and your boyfriend were enjoying a nice evening on the couch together when your best friend called you in a panic. Her babysitter had canceled last minute and she was supposed to be in a meeting in half an hour.

Of course, you told her she could just drop the girl off at your house. You and Jimin would keep her entertained until the meeting was over and she would be picked up again.
Sure enough, your friend showed up at your door minutes later, thanking you over and over again before leaving.
Jimin and you spent the evening watching movies while the small girl was cuddled up between you. The movies were mostly Disney, and neither of you minded. At one point during Cinderella, you heard soft snores coming out of the girl’s mouth and you both awed out loud.
When you looked up from the toddler you saw Jimin staring at you. He leaned in and kissed you softly.
“I love this,” he whispered, “and I could get used to this.”


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Taehyung had agreed to come babysit with you the second you asked him. It was no secret he loved children and you could use some company other than your older brother’s three-year-old son. 

As expected, your nephew was completely fascinated by your boyfriend, and your boyfriend by him.
You felt like the luckiest girl in the world while playing games with Tae and your nephew. He was just so.. sweet with the little boy, and it was obvious that he already loved the boy, despite just having met him.
Your nephew insisted that Taehyung would bring him to bed and tuck him in. You didn’t mind and just waited for your boyfriend’s return on the couch.
Taehyung walked into the living room with the biggest smile on his face. He felt as though he had been enchanted by the little kid. He had always known he wanted kids, but after spending the evening with you and a child, he was even surer.
The moment he saw you on the couch, he couldn’t contain himself and walked over, bending over you before kissing you gently. His hand cupped your face as you shifted slightly, making it easier for him to lean over your small figure. The kiss was sweet and gentle and the both of you made no move to deepen it, it was just right for the moment.
“Y/N,” Tae murmured against your lips, “I love you so much.”
You’d heard him say the words before but they still made your insides chutter.
“I love you, too, Tae. So, so much.”


Originally posted by jjang-pandaa

It was Jungkook’s first time babysitting, and to say he was nervous was an understatement. The fact that the child he’d be babysitting didn’t know him at all didn’t help the matter. It seemed only logical to him to call you. Of course, you decided to help your boyfriend out and show him some of the tricks you’d learned in your years of experience with babysitting.

You arrived a bit late, half an hour or so, and the scene you saw when you walked through the door surprised you.
Jungkook was laying on the couch with the toddler in his arms. Both were sound asleep.
The sight was the most adorable thing you’d ever seen and you couldn’t help but take some photos.
After you’d taken at least forty pictures, you decided to make some dinner for when the two would wake up.
When they didn’t you walked over to the couch and kissed Jungkooks forehead lightly. He stirred a bit, and you giggled.
“Looks like you didn’t need much help, after all.” You smiled at him.
He looked up at you and kissed your lips gently.
“Maybe not, but I’m still glad you came.”

One Big Family || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jungkookpresent

Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Fluff

Y/D/N - Your Daughters Name

Y/S/N - Your Sons Name

It was late in the morning when Jungkook finally realized what was happening. Normally, his alarm would have gone off early in the morning and he would give his wife a kiss goodbye and sneak into his children’s rooms to give the secret kisses and then leave to go and practice with the rest of his band.

The pitter patter of footsteps on the hardwood floor and the door creaking open was what brought Jungkook back to reality. It was the reminder of why he was still in bed and why he wasn’t at work. He was about to roll over when the bed bounced beside him and somebody else had landed on the bed beside him.


Jungkook quickly reached out and snatched his three year old daughter into his arms, pulling her close and holding her captive under his chest. Her giggle sounded like music to Jungkook’s ears and he couldn’t help but laugh.

You stood in the doorway and watched the interaction between your husband and your daughter, a smile wide on your face. In your arms you held the newest addition to the family. Your two month old son was cradled in your arms, making small soft noises as he dozed.

The sight was adorable and warmed your heart, reminding you how much you loved your children. You looked up and saw Jungkook sitting up in bed. Y/D/N was sitting in his lap, excitedly telling him about what she had been doing all morning. Her vocabulary had been expanding recently and she was excited to tell anybody who was listening.

You walked over and gave your husband a chaste kiss as he looked up at you. You could hear your daughter continue to go on and on, not even noticing the exchange between Jungkook and yourself.

“What are we doing today?” You asked quietly, making sure not to interrupt Y/D/N in her speech.

“The guys are coming over today, remember? They’re supposed to be meeting Y/S/N today.” Jungkook filled in. You nodded and made a sound of affirmation as the memories flooded back to you. They had called a few days ago, all letting you know how excited they were to finally meet Y/S/N.

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Raped MC before knowing the RFA

Hey i´m here again! I almost forget how to post on tumblr! Please stay alert! Angst warning! And please, watch out! The world is evil….


  • He didn´t knew.
  • it was his mistake
  • he wanted to try something new and so he told you erotic things while making love to you
  • but one thing was to hard for you  
  • ,,Cry as much as you want. I will never let you go and you will never forget me and the things I´ve done to you.´´
  • your raper said the same thing. 
  • But Jumin said it because he is madly in love with you!
  • the raper because he wanted you to cry to get even harder.
  • Jumin did´t realize that you were afraid and wanted to stop. 
  • but luckily he saw the tears in your eyes. 
  • you screamed stop 
  • he stopped when you told him,that you were against it. 
  • *break down*
  • ,,No! Stop! Stop now! I don´t want it! I dislike that!´´
  • ,,What? Mc,darling! I´m sorry! Did I hurt you?´´
  • Jumin stopped and held your trembling body while he kissed your tears. 
  • ,,Please…stop! I hate you!´´
  • he was shocked! His wife hated him? 
  • no..the hate in her voice wasn´t for him. 
  • ,,I hate him! Jumin! Please….I want to forget him….´´
  • ,,Who?´´
  • ,,My teacher!´´
  • ,,Why sweetheart?´´
  • His heart ached 
  • ,,My teacher raped me…a whole week! he…told me the same things you said to me!´´
  • he had to throw up. He said the same things a raper said to his wife. How disgusting. 
  • He was quiet. 
  • ,,I´m sorry.´´the only thing he could say to her. 
  • He embraced you and told you sweet things. 
  • you told him everything, that your father wanted to kill him and that your mother was angry at the school. That the teacher got into prison and that he is still in there. 
  • You cried a long time before falling asleep.
  • He knew what to do. 
  • The next day you could speak with a psychiatrist while he was in your hometown. 
  • He searched for your teacher. 
  • When he found the prison he talked with friends of friends. 
  • They gave him poison, like Jumin wanted.
  • It looked like self harming. 
  • And they got a lot of cash. 
  • ,,If somebody hurts my family ever again….´´
  • Nobody asked, nobody knew. 
  • And Jumin lived happily the way he wanted with you.


  • Zen got a new role. He had to play a boyfriend whose girlfriend got raped from her father. 
  • ,,Wha! Mc…I can´t put my feelings in it.´´
  • He didn’t knew the pain his girlfriend had. 
  • ,,Why?´´
  • he explained, that he really could´t imagine having a raped girlfriend and how he would feel. He only knew the pain of being unloved. 
  • ,,What would you do,if I would tell you now,that my father raped me when I was 15 and my mother didn’t believe me?´´
  • he didn´t know
  • he looked at you. Was that your past?
  • ,,Mc…don´t tell me…´´
  • you looked away, embarrassed by the fact, that your father did something like that to you. 
  • But in the next moment you were in his arms. 
  • He stroke your head and you cried. Your past came up
  • ,,Please tell me if you like.“
  • You explained everything. 
  • In the night he came in your room and raped you while your mother was at work. 
  • your teacher saw that something was wrong with you. 
  • Your father died in prison and your mother killed herself because she    did´t believe you. 
  • You lived alone since them. 
  • ,,Mc. I now know how to act.´´
  • This was the best movie he ever acted in
  • he even startet a new project for girls who are to afraid to tell  about their raper. 
  • Even the RFA does donations to his organization 
  • you were never so proud. 
  • you just loved your prince.


  • She was your best friend and you were living together. 
  • Neither of you had boyfriends. 
  • She was interested in Zen but you?
  • ,,Mc. Do you like somebody?´´
  • You looked at her. Was it okay to tell her? 
  • ,,No. And I will never love somebody again.´´
  • that was your answer. 
  • And it was the truth. 
  • The only one in your life betrayed you and so you could´t trust anyone 
  • ,,Why?´´
  • Jaehee den´t realized that you disliked the idea to talk about it.
  • ,,I was raped with 17 years. My boyfriend brought me to a party with only boys and let them all rape me. So I don´t love anymore.´´
  • That was so cold that Jaehee was afraid of asking you more questions. 
  • Her only friend had such an experience? 
  • No way! 
  • But she hugged you. Because you were the most adorable person after Zen in her life.


  • When he checked your information there was nothing about  rape
  • Who would write something like that down?
  • You don’t know why you told him that 
  • but you knew It was wrong 
  • He was angry 
  • He broked everything 
  • Even the Roboter Dog was afraid 
  • He crushed his mobile phone and went away. 
  • Searan went with him 
  • While you just cried on the floor. 
  • ,,Is this really your wish?! Your fiancé was raped in the past and you are feeling down?!”
  • Seayoung was quiet. 
  • ,,Don’t you know how she’s feeling right now? She’s the one with pain. She’s crying. Alone"
  • Seayoung came home again. 
  • ,,You haven’t told the police?“
  • ,,Nobody believed me. I didn’t knew his name.”
  • Seayoung knew he could do everything. 
  • Even Searan helped him.
  • You were sleeping while the Choi brothers searched for the guy. 
  • When they finally found him they crushed his life. 

I´m sorry for this crazy hc. Please stay safe and don´t be afraid! It´s not your fault! 

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  • Trini constantly nick herself on her fangs and Kimberly just laughs every time it happens
    • One day Kim is in her room and Trini is in the hall and you just hear Trini go, “Oh, fuck.” 
    • Kimberly laughs so hard that when she opens her door to make sure if Trini is okay she accidentally breaks the door and Trini is just standing there with bloody lips
  • Zack is disappointed when he can still see himself in the mirror. Kimberly just rolls her eyes and takes him to one of the older mirrors in their house and when he can’t see himself he starts screaming.
    • Billy’s in the background explaining how it has something to do with how the mirrors are made that affects if they can see themselves or not.
    • Zack steals that mirror and puts it in his room
  • Zack also makes ‘you suck’ puns at the rest of them and laughs at himself every time.
  • Billy asks Kimberly if being a vampire means he’s going to have to sleep in a coffin. Kimberly promises that he doesn’t.
    • He asks her if she used to sleep in a coffin and when she says yes all four of them are listening to her tell the story like a bunch of little kids 
    • Kimberly doesn’t sleep in a coffin anymore but she still has it and so Zack tries sleeping in it 
      • He hates it and him and Kim bond over how awful it was
  • Jason can’t turn into a bat right away so he gets a pet bat and Kimberly is just wondering why she bit such a weird selection of people.
    • She ends up loving Jason’s bat though because all he does is laugh at Jason being an idiot and they bond over that
  • Kimberly has a HUGE selection of vampire movies (including twilight don’t judge her) and they all watch them together. whenever a vampire is being hunted you just hear one of them go, “Watch out behind you!!!”
    • Her and Trini watch Buffy together and one night Trini just goes, “I’d let Buffy or Faith stake me.” 
      • Kim just goes “Same.” and they debate over who is the better slayer 
  • The rest they are all surprised when Kimberly tells them they can still go into the sun (as long as they have a amulet)
  • Trini is lowkey self conscious about her bite mark and Kimberly apologizes and tells Trini how she was bit and it’s a cute bonding moment
  • Trini falls asleep in Kimberly’s room all the time and Trini just grumbles something like “I’m dead why do i sleep so much” 
    • Kimberly doesn’t mind because she thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever
  • Jason misses garlic bread. Zack gets him fake garlic to make up for it.
  • And on halloween they make a haunted house and scare the little kiddos. Zack feels really bad when he scares one so bad that he started crying, so he gave him all of the candy they had 

How to Make Friends with Actual Charming Puppy Nyssa al Ghul

Interview (Tom Holland x Reader)

A/n thank you @newtafidoscamander for requesting this. I hope you like it! 😁😁

Tom’s P.O.V
One interview, that’s all I want, one interview that I don’t have to talk about Y/n. Ever since we broke up that’s all anyone wants to talk about. I miss her more than anything in the world and whenever someone brings her up I try my hardest not to break down. I sat in my chair as the hair stylist pushed a few hairs out of my face, thinking about Y/n. What is she doing right now? Does she miss me too?

Does she miss all of the things that we used to do? Does she miss staying in and cuddling all day? Or our weekly trips to the coffee shop? How we could sit the back booth and talk for hours? Does she miss me when it’s late at night and she’s in bed alone? That’s when I miss her most. When I roll over and she’s not there to snuggle into my chest. Not only did that keep her warm but it kept me warm and it reassured me that everything was going to be okay. Does she miss dancing around the house with me? Wearing my t-shirts that are to big for her but who cares because she looks so adorable in them? Most of all does she miss us?

“ Tom? Are you ready? ” the stylist pulled me out of my trance, “ they’re ready for you. I stood up and thanked her quickly. Harrison patted me on the shoulder and pushed me out onto the stage that the live interview was being held on.

” So Tom I have to ask, how have you been since the break up? Can you tell us anything?“ My heart sunk the second those words left the interviewers mouth. I almost made it threw a whole interview without talking about her. My head fell as I began to talk, ” I’m doing okay. I’m trying my best to stay positive. I still love Y/n with my whole heart and I always will. But I want her to be happy and if she’s happy now then I’m happy for her.“ He obviously wasn’t satisfied with my answer because the interviewer continued to question me. ” If given the chance would you get back together with Y/n?“ I shook my head with a slight laugh, ” of course I would get back with her but I can’t force her to do anything.“ Hopefully that will satisfy him. ” I respect you for that man, Thank you for spending time with me today Tom.“ I shook his hand and smiled ” Thank you for having me “

” I’m sorry he brought her up man", Harrison and I are sitting in the car on the way back to my apartment, “ I know how much it upsets you.”
My eyes went to my hands automatically, “ it’s alright man, I just wish I could talk to her one more time. Just to clear everything up, make sure she knows I care about her more than all of this fame.” Harrison nodded but didn’t respond, he tried to understand what it was like to love someone that doesn’t even want to talk to you anymore, but he can’t. He never will.

For the rest of the day Harrison and I decided to lay on the couch and watch movies. I kept wondering what y/n would think if she saw the video. She would probably be freaked out and hate me even more.

Y/n P.O.V
My phone buzzed in my pocket so I pulled it out to see who it was. It wasn’t anyone but it is an article, *Tom Holland Gets Upset Over Ex-Girlfriend Y/n In Interview* I had to click the link to see what had happened. It lead me to an interview that Tom had today, I tapped the play button and turned my volume up.

I cant believe that he would get back together with me. I thought that when I broke up with Tom that he hated me. I didn’t even want to break up with him, I just felt like he was better off without me getting in his way. I wonder if he knew I would see this interview, maybe I should text him. What if he was lying and he really does hate me? If it means I’ll have him back, I have to take the risk. Hesitantly, I opened my contacts and clicked Tom’s name. I must have sat for 10 minutes before tapping the call button. It took only a few seconds before I heard the voice that brought butterflies to my stomach.

“ Hello? Y/n is this you? Did you see it?”

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Annie leonhardt habits?

  • Annie is very introverted, and sometimes just really needs to be alone. She has no problem just walking away from a group of people, disappearing into a quieter space. People are often very confused by her abilities to “turn invisible” or “disappear.”
  • She always has a jacket with her because she gets cold very easily. Even in the middle of summer, she’ll still keep one close by in case the temperature drops suddenly. 
  • She always makes a point to smile at dogs or cats. Rarely the owners, though. 
  • She has a really intense sweet tooth, but is often able to control it. But she’s weak when it comes to sweets, so if people ever wanted to bribe her, that’d be an easy ticket in. 
  • She keeps her room/things in a very precise order. She likes it when things are clean and organized, and often fights the impulse to organize other people’s things. 
  • She talks in her sleep. It only happens once every two weeks, but her roommates get a kick out of it. 

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Even MORE old Winx Club fan art. (I used to be a big fan of the show, can’t you tell?). This was the only couple I gave two shits about in the show, but I still stopped watching after season two. Flora was my favorite character in the 4kids dub, because she had the sweetest, most adorable voice, but when I heard the audio in the new localization, I nearly drove a screwdriver through my ear to make it stop. 4Kids Flora/Helia forever.

Dating Kitty Pryde would include...

Originally posted by singfromthehair

•Kitty phasing through the walls to sneak into your dorm at night

•Cuddling up in your bed. Btw you’re definitely the big spoon

•Sneaking out at night is a breeze with Kitty’s powers so you two share a lot of late night adventures

•Kitty giving you really cute pet names

•You always telling Kitty how cute she is because honestly she’s the sweetest most adorable person

•Lot’s of silly little kisses that leave you both giggling excessively

•You tickle Kitty a lot! You just love her little giggles so much and Kitty loves a good tickle fight

•Kitty loves to scare you. She’ll hide behind doors, in closets, under your bed, she’ll even phase into a room randomly just to jump out and make you shriek

•You guys basically have a really goofy and fun relationship. You two always seem to be laughing or smiling while you’re around each other

•Most dates include going to some fast food joint, going to the movies, of hanging out at the mall. That’s all you two really need to have a good time

•Kitty showing off her X-Men uniform to you

•After every mission when Kitty returns to the mansion she makes sure to tell you about ever detail. You listen because you know how much she loves being an X-Man and it makes her happy when you tell her how proud you are of her for doing good on a mission

•You two hardly ever fight

•You both always lifting each other’s confidence. Each of you go out of your way to make the one another feel good about themselves

Critical Role modern kid AU, where they’re all elementary school age. Keyleth is the girl who loves to wear dresses and then play in the dirt, gardening and happily making up stories for the squirrels and snails. Vax is the sneaky prankster who has an adorable little kid crush on Keyleth. Vex has all of the adults and most of the kids wrapped around her little finger; she knows how to get pretty much anything and spends lunchtime bartering with other kids for the best food. She also takes her puppy, Trinket, with her basically everywhere (even school sometimes, sneaking him in her backpack; it never works out well, because he wriggles and barks, but she tries). Grog and Pike are the most adorable pair in the neighborhood, best friends since birth, even though now he’s the biggest kid and she’s the tiniest. Scanlan is a scamp who constantly causes trouble but always somehow convinces the adults that he and his friends are totally innocent; he spends most of his time with Pike and Grog, frequently pulling Pike’s pigtails and bragging that he’s her boyfriend. Percy is the quieter kid who is great in school, and he loves building things, even though most of the things he builds wind up going terribly awry. He’ll fix your toys, but they might come back a little… different.

The gang goes on “adventures” like rescuing Keyleth’s kitten from a tree, dealing with the bullies down the street, and exploring the ~haunted~ woods behind the neighborhood. When something bad happens - someone gets hurt or sick, or someone’s family has a crisis - they all band together to help and support each other. They’re the bestest of friends and always will be.