because she's the best ever

the signs holiday shopping

spends all her money on everyone else because she wants to get her loved ones the best gifts ever: libra, aquarius, cancer, capricorn

buys everyone else cheapy gifts so she can spend money on herself: leo, sagittarius, scorpio, pisces

what holiday shopping?: virgo, taurus, gemini, aries


This is Dr. Josephine Meowmuffins, M.D. She’s been living in the bathroom at the shelter I help out at for over a month now and she’s still looking for a good home where she can continue losing some weight. She’s one of the best cat ever because she loves belly rubs and will talk to you and give you kisses!!! She truly heals which is why she’s a doctor. The world needs to know about her.

Feliz aniversario casada! Pra provar o meu amor, toma aqui o nosso garoto zuadinho <3

Isn’t it amazing that my wife’s birthday is right in the middle of Nursey Week?? This is her birthday present, because she is basically one of the best things that ever happened to me <3

Flash Cast at LA TomCon... er, ComicCon

Q. I want to hear your favorite on-set Tom Cavanagh stories, because he seems hilarious.

Teddy Sears: Where do you start? I don’t know.

Danielle Panabaker: So many. I mean, I always attribute it to the fact that he has 4 kids at home, but he has an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm, and he’s the best. Always singing, so much guitar playing…

Candice Patton: Never mind that he gets up in the morning, does practically a triathlon, bikes, swims, comes to work, works 14 hours, entertains us for 14 hours, has 4 kids… But I do want to say about Tom, this iteration of Harrison Wells, H.R., is by far my favorite. The way I cannot contain myself on set when he is coming up with this H.R. is so great and I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do, because it’s hilarious. Hilarious.

Liam McIntyre: The hipster one?

Candice: Is he a hipster? Yeah he’s kinda hipstery. Drumstick guy.

Teddy: Off the top of my head, one of the best things about Tom is his ability to think on his feet, and he and Carlos Valdes last season were constantly reshaping bits of scenes to riff off each other, specifically with pop culture references. They were probably my most favorite part of going to work, because they were always keeping you - us, who are opposite them - on your toes too because you constantly had to keep up with them. And also it was a challenge not to laugh. Tom’s always trying to get us to play the most popular card game in China. He treats us like we’re his kids, like he takes that energy at home and brings it to set, and I don’t think there’s an on or off switch with Tom.

Candice: But I do agree. As an actor, he’s probably one of my favorites in the sense that I can’t ever not listen when I’m on set with Tom when the cameras are rolling, cause I don’t know what’s going to come out of his mouth, and as Iris West I have to just improv with him. We all do. And so he’s, for me, one of the few actors where I have to be present. I can’t just coast with Tom. Which makes it extraordinarily exciting for me, three seasons in, that I still have that excitement when I come to work. And Tom is a huge part of that for me.

Liam: My biggest compliment… I didn’t get to work with him much, but when I first got on the show… this is true of everyone in the cast, but he’s sort of the shining light example of it… as soon as I got on set, I didn’t even know if I had a scene with him, I didn’t know what we were doing, he found me and he was the most welcoming presence. And I’ve got other friends who’ve been on the show since, like Todd Lasance and stuff, and he just goes out of his way to make it feel like you’ve been on set with everyone forever. So that speaks so much, beyond his great acting, which is apparent, as a human being it’s just kind of amazing. He’s just a great person, which is better than anything else.


anyway sanvers is gonna need to take a backseat because right now i urgently need to grab alex danvers by the shoulders and yell words of reassurance at her until she believes that nothing she did was a mistake and she’s a wonderful lesbian and this is just the beginning and her feelings are important and valid and not only the good ones because heartbreak is a part of it i just need to be like 100% sure that she does not legitimately think it was a mistake to embrace her sexuality because it was the single best thing she’s ever done and she just needs to go through this by herself first


things that surprised me about The Darkest Place: a list by me
  • Hank Henshaw. what a great misdirect! using the white martian blood plotline as a smokescreen was pretty brilliant, and a really thoughtful way to use an episode break, and a teaser, really effectively. it’s always fun to have thoughtful surprises
  • Alex’s speech. WHAT A BRAVE MUFFIN. I really thought she would let it fester and be unhealthy for a while, but she faced it head on and was clear and honest and it was so, so lovely.
  • Maggie Sawyer. honestly, her just friends schtick kind of surprised me, too. I didn’t think the writers could resist rewarding Alex and instead they doubled down on the slow burn and it’s so delicious. NOT surprised by the way Maggie continues to warmly, softly glow at Alex every time she faces her, looking at her like Alex is literally the best thing she has ever fucking seen, because me too buddy me too

things that delighted me:

  • m’gann’s line about wanting to die looking like a human, not like a white martian. THE TRANS METAPHOR FROM YOUNG JUSTICE LIIIIIIIIIIIVES
  • maggie literally never missing a beat when it comes to listening to alex and trusting her just because she’s alex
  • off-the-cuff digs at Batman
  • clarity on the whole “internment camps always lead to eugenics and death” issue. you’re a good egg, show.
  • tell me more about what you can do with your index finger, Alex

and in other news

  • i still don’t understand why kara and james aren’t dating
block b baking
  • Jiho: Doubles the ovens temperature to "minimize baking time", because that seems way more efficient. Everything is burned yet raw and he doesn't understand.
  • Kyung: says he "doesn't need measurements", just eyeballs everything. turns out he really, really, really needs measurements
  • Taeil: experimental baker. Would chili paste taste good in lemon cake? Taeil gotta find out. Makes the rest eat his creations later and smiles a little too much while they gag.
  • Jihoon: licks the bowl clean and wants to put sprinkles on the cake. Writes "I love Taeil" in pink icing. he's so cute.
  • Jaehyo: Was ridiculously exact with measurements, temperature and time, yet somehow manages to burn all his cookies. He tried though, he really did.
  • Yukwon: Calls Sunhye every 5 minutes for advice, because "she makes the best cakes like, ever", ends up having a 2 hour phone call with her next door.
  • Minhyuk: takes pictures, makes comments from the side, doesn't actually join the baking. He can't get flour on his YSL Blazer, duh.

I know that it was offered once before, but I felt that I still had something to learn in patrol. And I’m glad that I stayed, yeah. But if the opportunity ever presented itself again I… I just want you to know that it would be the best decison that you ever made. To have me be a part of your unity. That’s all.

You left her stranded alone when she needed you the most, you completely tore her to pieces and then got annoyed at her for not being whole. Don’t ever tell me you didn’t know what you were doing because we both know you knew exactly what you were doing, tell me, was it because you know she’s the best you could ever get so in your sick twisted mind you decided that you didn’t want her to realise her worth because you know she will leave you, was it all just a game to you? How dare you come in like a tsunami and rip her world apart, how can you possibly have a clear conscious? I can’t wait for the day she realises you’re not worth shit, and stops crying over a boy who isn’t worth a tear. She has this unique beauty about her and guess what? You’re never going to find it in anyone else, she was one of a kind and you lost her.
—  B.L letters I never sent

I’m so fucking upset.

Like…it’s cool to hate a character but to put that character’s actor in the “Overrated” category when that actor is arguably one of the best on the entire show just highlights once again the ingrained racism present in fandom.

A/d/c is the best actor ever because she portrayed a lesbian for 16 episodes. If anyone were writing her in as “Overrated” we would be called lesbophobic (even though her acting was subpar on The 100, because her directions appeared to mostly consist of “be stoic and a badass”).

And yet, putting Bob Morley (who is an ACTUAL MINORITY IN REAL LIFE) in the overrated category is perfectly fine because ?????????

But yeah, there’s no racism involved in this at all.

frisk control yourself please 

theamazingflyinglion  asked:

:O I just had another headcanon... Jacques never let the Schnee siblings have pets. Sure a horse to ride in stables. But a dog so Weiss could bond and actually hug and interact with? Hell no. Thus why Weiss, despite being an ice queen actually fucking loves Zwei. And despite not knowing how she attempts to walk him and bathe him and pick up after him as instructed by Ruby and Yang because she loves dogs that much.

Headcanon: Weiss is the best dogsitter ever. 

Maybe if she lived on Earth with the rest of us, she would probably be a veterinarian! 


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taylor swift is the best person ever in the world because she wrote holy ground all by herself and put it on her album RED which is coincidentally the greatest album ever released 


in a galaxy far, far away challenge

day 4: favorite relationshipanakin & padme (anidala)

“you love me? i thought we had decided not to fall in love. that we’d be forced to live a lie and that it would destroy our lives.”

“i think our lives are about to be destroyed anyway. i truly… deeply… love you and before we die i want you to know.”

I miss her… I miss holding her in my arms, against my body. I miss just laying beside her and listening to her breathe. I miss kissing her. I miss the way she tastes. How she would stain my lips and ruin them for anyone else and everything else because she’s the best taste I’ve ever tasted. I miss making love to her. How we would compete to make the other orgasm and how we knew just where to touch, where to lick to make the other go crazy. I miss being wrapped in her body. I miss just laying naked beside her and not touching each other, to just gaze at her beauty. I miss that. I miss her. I miss laughing and smiling because of her ridiculous jokes. I miss seeing her smile because her smile makes me feel like the world is at peace. I miss having everything I love and cared about right beside me. I miss waking up and calling her just to hear half awake voice, that dream like voice of hers. I miss hearing her say my name. I miss seeing her eyes light up when she’s happy. I miss her yelling at me because I ate her stash of cookies. I miss her hugs and how warm her arms are. I miss how she’d call me an idiot because I say the wrong things sometimes. But I am an idiot. I’m an idiot for letting her get away. I’m an idiot for not loving her right. And all I can do now is miss her.

And I would give anything, everything to not miss her.

—  Oko Ninjah (missing)