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My commission piece by @sometrashland of some half-naked Templars training in the courtyard. :D

So, uhhh…Rylen?” Barris started uncertainly as he swung his practice sword through the air in wide arcs.

“Yeah, Barris?” Rylen replied nonchalantly. He had watched the younger man’s face draw pensively in the same way that told him exactly what was coming next. After the last thousand questions Barris had asked about Rylen’s relationship with the Inquisitor, he could only smile and wait patiently for his next opportunity to embarrass the lad.

“How do…how do the horns…y’know…work?”



Verrrrry well.”

“Oh…” Just as desired, Barris flushed bright crimson.

“How did I manage to miss this sparring session?” Keram’s voice suddenly chimed from behind them.

Rylen spun to face his woman, his fingers already pulling through his hair, and after the appreciative rove of her eyes, he flashed her a wide smile.

Behind him, Barris emitted a high-pitched squeak that would put a nug to shame.

Ahhhh, EGADS! I love it! :D

Safe (1/1)

So I should be sleeping.  Or editing the last of chapter 10 of The Darling Affair.  But I can’t get this little plot bunny out of my head, so it’s getting written.  It’s not beta’ed or even read through, but it’s out of my head now.  SPOILERS for the latest episode, so don’t read until you’ve watched.

~1000 words, spoiler heavy, Captain Swan, will probably posted on AO3 and FFN tomorrow when I’m updating The Darling Affair.

Summary: He knows what he promised her.  And he still has every intention of following through.  But the details on that plan may have gotten improved upon  a little bit.  Canon compliant missing scene.  SPOILERS for 6x05

tagging: @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable (don’t read it until you’ve watched the episode!), @bleebug, @lenfaz (because it mentions Liam BUT IT IS CANON COMPLIANT), @woofiefangirl, @xhookswenchx, @killian-whump (emotional whump, but it’s more than we’ve gotten in canon lately), @kiwistreetswan, @midnightswans


He sits in the bowels of the Jolly Roger, atop a barrel of rum that has aged almost as much as he has.  There is naught but a single candle to light the hold, and even its happy little flickers are almost enough to make him pinch out the flame.


He can’t stand the darkness.  Not the physical manifestation that comes with being below the water line, nor with the emotional and metaphorical darkness that has lurked in the very being of his heart for so long.

When Emma made that choice for him, it nearly broke him - being consumed by the Darkness he had fought against for so long was almost enough to make him cave.

But her light - even when she was under the same curse as he was - it saved him.

It is the only thing that can save him from himself.

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so this larry on twitter wrote that melissa was niall's best gf because she and niall we co-captains for larry, i never wanted to puke so bad seriously i wanted to scream

Chasing Trolls

A/N: So a few days ago the lovely, kind and amazing @kat2609 gave me the prompt from this list, of “Don’t you ever do that again,” and I wrote this. It was pure crack, and cute, but I wasn’t super happy with it. And I felt I could better for my amazing beta! This idea also came to me with the prompt so, I decided to write this too. So, I hope you like this one too Miss @kat2609. I must thank @disastergirl for filling in for Kath as my beta, since I couldn’t very well have her read it when it was a surprise. Enjoy! And let me know what you think. 

“Ow! That hurts!” Emma whined, wincing and pulling back from Killian’s hand, which held a cotton  ball that had been soaked in rubbing alcohol.

“Aye,” he nodded, sticking his hook back under her chin to keep her head still. “But you refused to see the surgeon, so you’ll have to deal with me.”

Emma let out a hiss as he dabbed the cut on her forehead again. “I’m not letting Dr. Frankenstein near me with a needle,” she groaned. “I don’t want to look like some creature from the Black Lagoon.”

Killian raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re making a reference to something, aren’t you?”

“It’s an old horror movie about a swamp monster or something,” Emma explained.

“Well, I doubt you could ever look like a swamp monster,” Killian chuckled. “But, should one appear perhaps you’ll call for backup before trying to take it on yourself?” He said, looking down at her a bit sternly.

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I thought I was coming here to cry about Neil and Andrew bUT JOKES ON ME IM HERE TO CRY ABOUT WYMACK


let’s just look at how wonderful this man is

  • first off he is the human version of grumpy cat (guess we know where kevin gets it from HAhaHah im crying)
  • he literally takes in athletes that people write off or have given up on and gives them a second chances
  • he paid OUT OF HIS OWN DAMN POCKET to have stalls put into the locker room showers because he knew that there would be some people with body issues/scars that couldnt shower in the open and he wanted to respect that 
  • the man literally made a girl the captain of his team because she was the best even though he knew he would get bad press over it and he always supported her and helped her through all of the sexist bullshit she had to go through and basically became her DAD IM SCREAMING
  • he also never once kicked andrew out even though he had every right to give up on him he DIDNT 
  • he always waits to hear everyone’s side of the story and that is just everything
  • he basically forces neil to come to palmetto, never lets him run, constantly shows him how much they need/care about him even though sensitivity isnt his strong suit
  • he’s so in tune with his team that he literally knows andrew likes neil before neil does and 100% DOESNT CARE/SUPPORTS THEM 
  • when he finds out about kevin he’s shocked and hurt but he doesnt let it consume him and he continues coaching 
  • ((also he and abby are the cutest like they are mom and dad))

“swan…what did you do ?”