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"crazy detention stories"...go

They’re really not that crazy I don’t think but fine- but as I had detention at least once a week for 3 years you’re only getting the highlights here:

  • So again, I only ever got detentions because I was late to school basically every day. Every single day, the office wrote me a late slip with my name spelled horrendously wrong. Different spelling every day. The most famous butchering was writing my name as “Millie Hoagie”. On my very last day of high school, I was predictably late, and they spelled my name perfectly correctly.
  • So listen my ‘reputation’ in school was basically “quiet good girl who’s never done anything wrong, ever, in her life” and “teacher’s pet” and the like. And despite the fact I was there every time all the ‘Bad Kids™’ who were also always in detention were always incredibly surprised to see me??? Like they never got over it. Every time I walked into the damn room at least half the class would be like “MOLLY YOU DON’T BELONG HERE YOU’RE INNOCENT!!” 😂
  • Also despite the fact I was basically invisible in the school as a whole all the trouble makers knew me by name because, and I quote a kid from my 10th grade Spanish class who was trying to hook up with me at the time here, “Guys like me are afraid of you, Girl, we’re just plain out scared that we gonna corrupt you!” and I still don’t know what he actually meant by that???
  • Bu anyway, this apparent rep usually gave me an upper hand with the teachers monitoring the detentions. Because, you know, some were fine, some were bitchy, some were insane. But all of them were pissed about the fact they had to be there instead of heading home.
  • The rules of detention were literally just ‘stare at the wall and don’t talk’, depending on which teacher they might let the students do homework. But since I was apparently a great person and always had the class’ incredulous response to me being in the room, they usually let me get away with sleeping or reading a book lol.
  • Of course…no one said any of the other kids were inclined to following the rules lmao. These were like, all the class clowns™ shoved into one room. Things always got real funny real fast.
  • It would always start off with the coughing game. If you’ve ever stepped into a school you should know what that is.
  • It would then escalate to everyone in the room playing catch whenever the teacher looked away for a brief moment
  • Detention was always in the health classroom so someone always tried to steal a limb off the skeleton without being to obvious
  • Some teachers would let people talk ‘quietly’ so jokes were fucking abound
  • One time I was minding my own damn business and a kid slides me a note saying ‘in like five minutes ask to go to the bathroom but head downstairs to the English wing’ before he snuck out without the teacher noticing. I get down there and he’s at one end of the hallway and another boy is at the other end. Upon seeing me, these boys run full speed down the hall at each other, leap up in the air when they get to the direct center, high five with full force, both scream in pain, and then hit the floor, clutching their hands. I was cracking the fuck up and trying to convince them to go to the nurse but they wouldn’t listen. I asked the guy why the hell they did that. He told me ‘because we wanted a witness and no one will ever believe you’ 😂😂
  • One time my sorta-neighbor Mike comes in and the teacher asked why he had detention and apparently, the principal had asked him where to find his friend Jose, and Mike responded “he’s out picking cotton” and the principal flipped out at what he perceived to be a racist joke and gave him a month detention. But the thing was, Jose was in an agriculture class and he was literally outside picking cotton that they had planted there earlier. Jose found it fucking hilarious and refused to tell the principal to get his friend out of trouble.
  • As I haven’t been inside a school building for quite some time now I don’t know if turtling is still a thing but it was…quite an epidemic for my senior class.
  • It’s when you turn someone’s backpack inside out right? But it was a full blown war with these kids. Trust no one. Never leave the room. Never look away. Holy shit. One of the best moments of this occurred in detention, when a boy reached to get a book out of his backpack to find it was gone. After 15 minutes of searching the room, he found it, turtled, hidden in a filing cabinet in the front of the room. Everyone, including the teacher, was loosing their shit, because how did someone pull that off so quietly and invisibly without someone noticing??? No one fessed up. The class was in fear of the turtle ninja for the rest of the month, but they never struck again. No one ever discovered who it was.
  • Guys: It was me.
  • One time it was raining and the teacher was in a bad mood so he insisted all the windows stay open. He left for a bathroom break or something and this one poor kid, who was now completely soaked as he was stuck with a window seat, just said “fucking bye” and just…climbed out the damn window. Left his backpack and everything. Didn’t see him again for at least a month.
  • There was one guy who always sold ice cream out of his bag when the teachers weren’t looking. Where he was getting it from and how it stayed frozen is beyond me.
  • Oh my God sometimes all the indie singer kids would just come and sit on the floor outside the classroom and talk loudly to annoy us??? The hell were they trying to accomplish??? Your singing ain’t special and you won’t be famous, please let us die in peace.
  • One kid had detention because when we were running laps in gym class he jumped up to hit the arch of the ceiling and accidentally set off the fire alarm. The teacher that day insisted on continuously referring to him as ‘the delinquent’, as if no one else in the room had broken the rules or something
  • One time one of the gym teachers was in charge of it and long story short he started doing the jersey turnpike. True horror.
  • One time the teacher got a call and she had to go down to the office and the second she was gone this one kid’s friend runs in with a huge tray going “Y’ALL I STOLE THE LASAGNE CUPCAKES FROM THE FOOD AND NUTRITION CLASSROOM” and we dined like kings.
  • Everyone would sometimes just break out in song for no God damn reason
  • One time one of the guys in charge of the detention was A) Not someone anyone recognized as a teacher and B) Potentially Stanley Tucci. Like…I was about 80% certain that this guy was Stanley Tucci.
  • He refused to confirm or deny or even give a name
  • One time I was really absorbed in my book when all the sudden a letter flew onto my desk, an anonymous sender that just said “You have a soft, sexy voice.” Neither of which is true, I’m pretty sure, and I could not for the life of me figure out who sent it omfg
  • One time a teacher was freaking out because he went to a psychic over the weekend and was told there was a lot of activity around him so I looked him straight in the eyes and told him I’m a medium and I can see that the devil had marked his soul and he threw me out of the room and refused to take that class for detention ever again😂
  • It was a hot summers day. The ceiling fans were on their highest setting. A boy nudges me, with a small carton of ice cream in his hands under his desk. “What do you think would happen if I scooped out a huge chunk of this and threw it at the fan?” he whispered. “Jamil, no.” I pleaded, but it fell on deaf ears. Soon, the room was filled with confused screams.
  • Apparently all the other regulars™ had bought me candy grams around Christmas time so they were confused when I showed up to detention with no candy and apparently the student council member sent them all to the other Molly in the grade because she was the popular one and this lead to about 12 boys grumbling for two and a half hours like “The one damn time I attempt to be a gentleman” and “I know where she lives” and “Gonna gingerbread her fucking locker” I could not stop laughing
  • Oh God okay one time the teacher we had was literally. Off the charts.
  • Like there’s the chill teachers, and then the bitchy teachers. And then this lady. She literally reminded me of Stubel
  • So I didn’t even know who she was but I walk in and do my shy smile/quiet ‘hello’ thing and take out my book so she immediately zeros in on me as ‘the good kid’ as usual
  • But she literally seemed to think every other person in this class was a hardened criminal holy shit. She was all over the place barking orders and yelling. And of course, you’ve got a room full of class clowns, like they feed off teachers like this. So the madder she got the more ridiculous they got. I was literally almost in tears trying to force myself not to laugh because I didn’t want to risk her turning on me omfg
  • So she yelled and flailed about the room and they kept going with jokes and paper wasps and lying about their names and just doing literally every thing they could possibly do so this woman wouldn’t have the chance to rest
  • This escalated with every minute and came to a resounding end when the teacher decided the Australian Kid™ was chewing gum and picked up the trashcan and shoved his face in it, screaming at him to spit it out as he yelled back “YOU’RE ONLY DOING THIS BECAUSE IM AN IMMIGRANT
  • he was in charge of all the bullshit that day and it was hysterical but he wasn’t the one chewing gum loudly that was me
  • The vp came in to see what all the yelling was about to find a teacher shoving a boy’s head in the trash, one boy shirtless as another drew tattoos on him, the phone off the line with it’s cord wrapped around a kid’s neck, two boys dueling with skeleton arms, one kid with her leg out the window, a kid tying a skeleton foot to the ceiling fan, rubber bands and paper wasps flying from every angle, three people turtling backpacks, someone brandishing an epi-pen, sexual hangman being played on the chalkboard, someone eating ice cream and fanning himself with money, and me, crying into my book with my hand literally bleeding from all my efforts to not laugh at what I was witnessing
  • We never saw her in detention again😂
  • My one younger friend got a detention for being late and was really shaken up about it and I tried to tell her she’d be fine but then she got caught sliding me chocolate animal crackers during it, and subsequently got another detention because of this; somehow I was not viewed as an equally guilty party and didn’t get in trouble
  • This one guy came in complaining “You guys all told me to get a twitter and I get thrown in twitter jail my first day!” “That’s like a thousand tweets in one day, how the fuck did you mange that?” “Bitch I had a lot to say about McDonalds!”
  • One teacher came in and was like “I don’t feel like helping with homework but does anyone wanna learn how to hack a computer?”
  • Someone got caught pouring water out the window but when the teacher looked to see why she saw the youngest of the goats™ standing under the window with it’s mouth open waiting for more
  • One time the teacher wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom and after I asked for like the 5th time he said “It can’t be that important!” so I just pulled a pad out of my backpack and silently sat it on my desk while glaring at him and this 40 year old man looked like he was about to pass out and he finally let me go
  • I remember our final detention of senior year we were told that if we skip it we can’t graduate so everyone went into that room with a ridiculously nostalgic attitude and one guy finally stole the skull off the skeleton and we fucking tossed it around the entire time while singing and blatantly ignoring the teacher’s complaining lmao
  • I know there’s more but it’s 7am and this is long so all in all like…I do not miss high school but some memories are bearable lmao

so this is basically what i think about the school systems policies on bullying… when i was in like middle school there was this girl who was mentally ill and poor, and she was relentlessly bullied by pretty much all the kids in my school and one day she sat at the only spot open at a lunch table to eat and every kid at the table got up and left, and so like I yelled at them for being fucking assholes because … it was.. obviously fucked up?

and you know what the teacher who saw this did… they rewarded me for doing the literal bare minimum. I got like some voucher for food you could buy at the school instead of getting regular school lunch. 

they didn’t reprimand the students who were being fucking assholes and they literally never asked the girl if she was okay or talked to her about it or tried to stop the bullying themselves, as they stood there the entire time this happened.

They rewarded me … who had absolutely nothing to lose, and was not harmed by any of the actions.

From what I’ve seen in school the teachers literally don’t care about the victims of bullying, they simply want to act like they do lmao. In my experience everything they do to stop bullying is performative, nothing more.

I’d even go as far as to say some teachers actively engage in, and encourage, bullying. Lets be honest, it’s been said before, people are bullied typically because they’re members of marginalized groups, and the fastest way for a teacher to become liked by the majority of their students is to pick on the kids they already know the other students hate.

Teachers absolutely have something to lose when defending marginalized children, and they’d rather appeal to those students who aren’t marginalized because it makes their job easier when the majority of their students like and respect them.

So in grade 4, the class had this reading point system. For every half hour you read, you would get 5 points. You had to record the book name, number of pages and the time you read. One of the rewards was that you could eat lunch with a friend, this normally was not allowed on regular days. So I showed my teacher. She said yes, until she saw what book I had been reading, after which she sent me to the principal’s office. My parents were called and told that I was reading a book too advanced. My parents said ok, (they still gave me advanced books without the school knowing). And I was sent to the counsellor’s office because “my reading was affecting my education”. It was, but in a good way, my marks had went from a 60-70 to a 90+ but the teachers refused to see things my way. The next year, I was no longer allowed to read library books for 6 months. This made me fall into a depressed state. I refused to get a hair cut, my eating had declined and my grades were falling below 60%. The teachers and staff were fucking OK with this. The next year, the school board changed and I was given 10 free books for my exemplary reading?!? I passed grade 4 with an above 80% average. In grade 5, I was banned from reading library books and ended in a depressed state, passed, barely with 65%. In grade 6, I received free books and passed with 90+%. Ya, reading advanced books totally discourages education.

just a short list of:

all the things we do not know about detective maggie sawyer 

why the ncpd science division? what inspired maggie to go there? does maggie have a partner? or does maggie’s captain keep sticking her with rookies because she’s a great teacher? and does maggie pretend to hate it, but actually she loves it and keeps in touch with all her rookies, because she’s creating the change from within? or does maggie have a partner who she has to buy dinner every time she goes off to the deo and they cover for her? 

and maggie was a regular at the alien bar, and you’re telling me she doesn’t miss m’gann? how did they start talking? did m’gann show maggie all the different types of alien methods of intoxication that the bar sells? letting maggie try the ones that wouldn’t kill her? did m’gann ever take maggie’s keys and call her a cab? did maggie show up the next day sheepish, but never got a smidge of judgement from m’gann? does maggie miss m’gann? 

what about maggie’s aunt? do they still talk? is she close with her aunt? did maggie’s aunt come to her police academy graduation? does maggie keep a photo of her and her aunt the day she graduated? or do they not talk? does maggie feel like she’s to blame for why her aunt doesn’t talk to the rest of the family and maggie thinks if she keeps herself away from her aunt, her aunt could fix things? did maggie call her aunt after alex was taken, after they got her back and did maggie call her aunt because alex is it, alex is the one? did maggie tell her aunt that? 

does maggie have siblings? does she have an older sister who shunned her just as fast as her family did? or is there is a little sibling out there that maggie was never allowed contact with again, so having kara danvers over time, adopt maggie as a big sister, fill something of the hole in her heart? is there a cousin who thinks they might be gay and reaches out to maggie because they don’t know where else to go? 

why the police? you can’t tell me that non-white, non-straight maggie sawyer growing up in corn country nebraska didn’t face some discrimination. that there’s a chance she wasn’t utterly let down by the police. so what made her turn and say join them? was it to make change from within? was it to be better than the cops who let her down? where is maggie talking about her past?

who else does maggie talk to? are she and james slowly becoming friends, debates over him becoming guardian one minute, going to the gym the next? what about other officers? does maggie have friends on the force? or is she at odds with most of the science division? was maggie talked into yoga by a friend on the force who’s long since moved to another city, but maggie likes the yoga, when she can make it? does she have friends there, who smile, who say “it’s good to see you back” when she can’t make it for a few weeks about work? 

all this to say: maggie sawyer almost doesn’t exist as a character outside of alex. and i would like the show to try and work on that. 

i’m laughing because what if this Even and Isak making out business in Biology lap or whatever is like a regular thing. and the mean, bra-less teacher has multiple times tried to come up and intervene and get them to stop making out, only the first time she does it, Isak gets very embarrassed and sort of hides his face in Even’s chest and frowns, which Even obviously can’t have so he just stares the teacher down in silence. And we all know Even’s weird laser-beam gaze when he’s intense about something. So Even and the teacher and just having a stare off until the teacher sort of… grimaces and walks away. And then Even grins and continues his make out session with Isak. And this was like- a daily occurrence for about a week and now the teacher steers clear.

The Bad Parent // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: slight angst, fluff, domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.2k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: swearing

Summary: Dan is worried that he’s too hard on his kids sometimes. Of course Phil is always there to cheer him up.

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Just some happy ending fluffy shit because why not?

- Sinclair teaching Eleanor how to drive but it’s been, like, thirty years since he’s actually driven a car and he had chauffeurs so he totally forgets and it’s a mess.

- Delta at Eleanor’s school plays and he can barely fit in the chairs but he’s super into it. She could be, like, the tree in the background and he’s screeching.

- Delta and Sinclair at the parent teacher conferences.

- Grace Holloway lives with them.

- Stanley’s that creepy ass ‘uncle’ who no one likes but he shows up anyway.

- Jack takes his girls whale watching and Alex the Great just comes up like a great white shark lmao.

- Eleanor throws a party while Delta is gone because she wants to fit in and Sinclair wants to be the cool dad and then Stanley shows up.

- It goes downhill fast. Someone brings a pony, a car is crashed in the pool, Sinclair has an acid trip after he mistakes pot brownies for regular brownies, Little Sisters are passed out under the tables after an overdose on pixie sticks. The cops come and everyone runs out including Stanley, but, like, why is he running he’s over 21?

- Grace and Delta come home to chaos.

- It’s the late 60’s- early 70’s so Jack grows a porn stache and everyone hates it. Everyone.

- Terrible family photos.

- All Sinclair wanted was an island and he thinks about that a lot as he’s stuck at Chucky Cheese for every Little Sister’s classmate’s birthday because why do they all have to go to Chucky Cheese?

Learning Disabled and How The American Public School System Failed Me

Arc I - Special Ed

Okay, so I’m learning disabled. The earliest age they can actually test for that sort of thing, with the exception of speech tests which was done much earlier, was in 2nd grade, but it was apparent before then, too. I was put into multiple Special Ed type classes.

  1. Alphaphonics
  2. Some English class? Different from Alphaphonics?
  3. A Math class
  4. Speech therapy

Apart from speech therapy that I had started when I was 2 years old and continued to sometime at the end of 4th grade when I finally graduated, these classes felt…


I mean, there was definitely a need for special education, but the way my elementary school went about it, it felt absolutely useless. I can’t even remember doing any work in my English class. I remember once the teacher read to us a book, and another time the teachers wanted to see if glasses with tinted colours could help me read better, but for the most part, this “English” class was just used as a free time for us kids. We’d just hang out and play lots of games.

Alphaphonics was particularly awful due to its repetition, and it wasn’t until I was an adult trying to explain to my friend how redundant and awful it was that I discovered that it really was a bullshit class, in the sense that it was a ciriculum made by an ableist man that went around trying to sell off this bullshit to schools and not many schools took the bait, but mine did. Every single day from 2nd grade to the end of elementary school, we spent the mornings cycling through flashcards, “U. Umbrella. OO. Book. OO. Moon.” Etc. Every day. For years.

And then the math class… That class did do something. Just. Not efficiently enough, I think.

Now, before I go on in this story, I want to stress that at this time I was a lawful-good goody-goody-tooshoos that was afraid of breaking a single rule in class. I was also nearly a straight A student, with a couple of B’s hanging out here or there. Thinking about that annoying teachers pet in elementary school? Good, that was me.

Okay well, this math class, this special ed class, it was patronizing as all get out! We were so behind the regular class and where they were in math. And it wasn’t because we weren’t doing well or learning the material, it’s because the teacher kept kiddy gloves on while teaching us, constantly, and she kept us behind. We’d be working on work sheets with subtraction of larger numbers, and all of us at my table would make a 100% on it… but meanwhile, at that very moment, the regular math class, the students were already on basic division

And this was upsetting. Especially given just how often you have to be told by the grown ups around you that “You’re not stupid! You’re just special! You’re.. you’re GIFTED!” when you know that you’re just being told this to placate you, and you feel worlds behind all the “normal kids”. It doesn’t mean anything to be told that you’re not stupid, when you’re taught that grades represent your worth as a child, and you’re not even being taught the same things as the other kids your age. Being “gifted” means literally nothing when you know there’s no worth to those words.

So, being a typically quiet child who always raises their hand to speak in class and who always does the “right thing”, one day I just snapped.

Arc II - Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!

I stood on the table and yelled at my special ed teachers in that math class. How DARE they treat us like we’re stupid! WE’RE NOT STUPID! We’re smart just like everyone else! We already learned this stuff months ago!! But you don’t let us move on to the next thing! We’re NOT STUPID! WE’RE NOT STUPID! STOP TREATING US LIKE WE’RE STUPID! I wanna learn what everyone else is learning! WE’RE NOT STUPID!

All of the other kids in class cheered and wooted, but the head teacher in that class was livid. I know she tried her best to make sure we didn’t feel stupid, with words like “gifted” and all that, but actions were louder than words, and I wasn’t very remorseful to her hard work. She asked me if I wanted to leave Special Ed. If I wanted to be dumped in normal class. She told me I’d fail. That I would want to come back. But I was determined, and my pride was hurt, and I wanted to be treated normal. So, she arranged it so that I was no longer in Special Ed for math. (Where was my mom in all this? I forget!)

It was 5th grade and I was very much so behind the regular class. I was given no bridge to prepare me for division. I mean, I eventually learned multiplication and division, and, my poor teacher tried to help me all she could but, I was already beginning to fall like a rock. I went from getting consistent A’s to consistent F’s. I was heartbroken.

This is when I first discovered my perfectionist tendencies, and, also, the first time those tendencies began to ruin my life. Because I couldn’t do it. And I gave up. I stopped doing my homework, first in math, then in everything. I tried what I could in class, but I never reached high. I just… gave up and quit. But I refused to go back to special ed. I’d prefer to fail on my own.

Arc III - Conspiracy

Finally, 7th grade. Middle school. I was gonna start a new here! I wouldn’t be bullied, I wouldn’t be a failure, I would do my best! Clean slate!

Well. The principle of this middle school approached me at some point. “I noticed in your papers that you were in special ed in elementary school, but then you got out? Would you like to be listed as learning disabled to make school here a little easier for you?”

Honestly, I didn’t know what that would mean, how it would be “easier”, but I knew is that I wanted nothing to do with that! I didn’t want that! I wanted to get far far away from being treated differently because of how my brain was wired. I had already been treated differently my entire life for it, and the way I was treated differently wasn’t very fun. I was scared. And prideful! I refused.

I had no idea that refusing this offer would start a little war in the school between the staff and my mom and me.

After that my grades started getting mysteriously lowered. Homework that I turned in was getting marked as “missing”. I was being sabotaged. The school kept calling in my mom to talk to her, to tell her how poor I’m doing, and try to get her to agree to have me set as Learning Disabled but, she actually respected my wishes to be free of that label. I tried to tell her, too, that “No! I really did do the work, Mom!” but she doubted me a lot. I don’t blame her.

And then, one day, my history teacher had messed up. He returned a test that we had done, all graded and everything, and I had made like, a B or something. But later, when I saw my progress report, the grade that was entered into the computer was significantly lower.

I had proof.

I showed it to my mom and she got pissed. She started showing up at the school every day to try and get them to fess up and to stop treating me this way. Meanwhile, the principle would hound me down in the halls between classes, or when I was trying to go home, to tell me how terrible I am at school and how I needed to sign up as learning disabled.

One day, in first period, I was thinking about my mom and the teachers, and all of a sudden I started breathing really hard and I couldn’t stop. It disrupted the class and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was hyperventilating for the first time. My first panic attack before many, many more in the near and far future.

Arc IV - It All Comes Down To Money

My homeroom teacher asked me what I was thinking of, I said “Mom!” and he told me to stop thinking about it, and had the student sitting next to me walk to the nurse.

My homeroom teacher called my mom and told her to meet him after school. There, he confessed everything. He admitted that the principle was threatening all of their jobs over this. That they had meetings about how to deal with me and how to deal with my mom separately. How they were told to lie about my grades, and then tell me to my face that I really was a bad student so that I may believe them. All because the government pays more money to a public school that has learning disabled students. The more learning disabled students, the more money the school gets. And I guess when I got pulled out of special ed in elementary school, that’s how my teacher had done it, by removing me off of the list for learning disabled. I don’t understand honestly, but what I do understand, was that my principle was specifically targeting and hurting me out of greed.

After my teacher finished up explaining all of this, he said he wasn’t going to take part in it anymore, and that when the school year ends, he was going to move back to Russia and teach there, again. I really appreciated that he came forward with this at risk of his job, and that he couldn’t stand to watch this happen anymore.

I had several more panic attacks after this, including after being chased to by the principle whom, when she made it to the car I got in to go home, when the window was rolled down she stuck her head in just to continue telling me how poor of a student I was.

But it didn’t matter. Now that we knew what was going on, we would fix it.

And Mom pulled me out in that first semester and home schooled me for the rest of my middle school days.

Arc V - But the damage had been done

That was elementary school and middle school. I was sent back to public school for high school because my mom felt there were so many missed opportunities if I stayed home schooled, things she couldn’t teach me, and interactions I’d never have. I was doing very well being taught one-on-one and I learned years worth of material per semester. But- high school had art class… sooooooo…..

Unfortunately though, I just couldn’t do as well in a public setting, and I started slipping through the cracks again. It’s incredibly disheartening to know that you were the only one who cared about your German class, and you were also the only one who failed it, for example. It wasn’t that long after, when I started making all F’s and C’s again (there aren’t D’s in Texas) that I was approached and was given the offer again.

“If we label you as learning disabled, then you’ll need less credits to graduate with and you’ll be given more time during tests.”

And for everything I worked for to be cleared of that, for everything my mom did to protect me from this, I took the offer, and then continued to fail in school, but now properly as a learning disabled kid.

I had already forgotten how to do well in school, after all. And whenever I tried, and I failed, I’d just continue to fail cause I’d give up like the perfectionist I became after leaving special ed.

Public school just really isn’t designed for people like me, which is why people with some of my disabilities have such a high ratio of dropping out of school. We’re set up for failure from our early years. Even if I hadn’t left special ed, what do you think happened to all the kids int here that were behind that were being dropped in schools that didn’t have those classes? I don’t know. I mean, I can’t justify it. Like, even if I say “It’s my fault for leaving special ed”, I was also a kid. Like, 10 years old! It shouldn’t be my fault for wanting to be treated like a normal human being and doing everything in my power for that result.

I could also say it’s my fault for just not trying hard enough, but, I also can’t justify saying that, either! Heh. Cause my behavior was very much so learned.

Anyway, I graduated by the skin of my teeth through a computer remedial class and that’s better than what my mom had and I feel really fortunate for graduating at all.

Ok for more than half the year my forensics teacher would often have us wipe down desks our period because she teaches chem and it gets messy sometimes. We walk into her class one day and instead there’s these shitty little packets of dry sanitary wipes instead of regular ol wet wipes.
Before I continue, we’ve had no issues like this before. Wet wipes were normal in classes, usually in science rooms and art because science or art = mess, duh.
So back to a few days ago, the class is complaining because the little towlettes aren’t working and we’re out of paper towels. finally, fiinally someone asks why the hell we don’t have wet wipes like usual because the desks are rly messy.
our forensics teacher breaths in thru her nose and glares at the desk before going off about how much admin is frustrating her.
Apparently some kid actually tried eating wet wipes and now admin won’t allow them in classrooms

also, not in school but on my bus theres this kid, we’ll call him mike. Mike has bright green hair, he’s like 10 years old and he has a hobby. Mikes hobby is eating or licking or just putting in his mouth literally everything that does not belong in your body. So far he’s been caught eating markers and licking deodorant. pIf it wasn’t for his age I’d assume he was the kid who ate wet wipes.

I absolutely love this! Go Mirio ♡

I couldn’t help but think of how sweet it would be if Mirio started to look after her when everything was done.
Like, because of this situation, Eri has become really trusting of Mirio. She feels most comfortable beside him, shes most talkative to him, and she feels like she finally has someone to look up to, and go to for anything.

Mirio absolutely loves it, too. He loves playing with her, and being along side her is helping her start to open up more.
After Eri starts to warm up to the new environment, others start to come by and say hello. Some more often than not. One of the regulars, along side Mirio is Tamaki. And he’s super unsure and shy when first meeting her, but the more often he visits, the closer he and Eri become. Maybe people in school (even teachers) tease them because shes closest to them two. They call Mirio and Tamaki her “true” parents. Tamaki gets shy about it and Mirio laughs it off, however, they don’t deny it. They really like hearing others call them that.







SO SHE SAYS “Anna did you really throw up” AND I WAS LIKE “WTF YES”








AND SHE SAID “well if she said no I’m sure she knows best”









“oh she’ll be fine just send her back”


“just lie down for a bit and go back to class”






SUB GETS PHONE CALL AND SAYS “Anna did you contact your dad”







Dream Daddy; Pokémon AU

Because it’s fun!!!

Dadsona/player character - Ditto (with glasses)
Player’s daughter, Amanda - Eevee
-At the end of the game, she evolves depending on how well you treat her. If you get the best ending with her, she evolves into a sylveon.

Craig (Health Nut dad) - Machamp
Briar, Hazel and River - 2 Machops and a meditite

Brian (rival/redhead dad) - Ursaring
Daisy - Teddiursa

Damien (Goth dad) - Mega Houndoom
-Less Goth version of him is a regular houndoom… with glasses… he’s a Therapy Houndoom.
Lucien - Shiny Houndour

Hugo (Smart/Teacher dad) - Hawlucha
Ernest - Murkrow

Joseph (White Collar Dad) Gallade
Mary - Gardevoir
Chris, Christian, Christie and Crish (creepy children) - 3 Kirlia and a Ralts

Matt (Coffee Dad) - Sawsbuck (like Starbucks)
Carmensita - Deerling

Robert (Hardcore/Whiskey Dad) - Gengar
Val (Estranged adult Daughter) - Mismagius

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Hello! Can you do an imagine or a oneshot (whatever you prefer) of a George Weasley X Reader during Umbridge's time at Hogwarts? Can be angst, fluff, whatever you feel like!

Absolutely! I love George so I’ll will try my best on this one! I still don’t know what exactly to write so it will buit up as I go! But I’ll make the Reader a Hufflepuff bc I just love Hufflepuff!

Normally you liked going to School because for one it was always fun going to School when you are not going to some ordinary School but Hogwarts and second you had an incredible boyfriend who happend to got to the same School. And this boyfriend wasn’t just someone but George Weasley so you practicly hit the Jackpot. Since the two of you started Dating he was the perfect Gentleman; taking you on small but very romantic Dates, small kisses between classes and so on and so on. In short form he was the perfect boyfriend.

 But this year was different than any other year and that because of one huge, horrible toad called Umbridge who ruined everything with her Little Slytherin puppets by terrorizing students and teacher. And the only silver lining were the regular DA Meetings where she couldn’t reach you.And today was one of the days you had an DA Meeting.

You just had come down for breakfast when George took a seat beside you.

“Good morning, my lovely Lady.” he grinned at you but as you are no morning Person just “Hmm"ed at him making him chuckle and place a kiss on your cheek. But it seemed like George really wanted to talk this morning even though he should know better cause on time you actually hit him with one of your books so he would stop talking. But he clearly didn’t.

“It’s a lovely morning, right?”


“You look pretty today as always.”

Is he doing this on purpose?

“Have you seen Malfoy slipping in a puddle of spilled milk?”

“Coffee, please.”

“I think today is gonna be a good day.” he said while filling your mug.

“Does this conversation have a Point or are you just being annoying?” you said slightly relaxed as the first sip of coffee ran down your throat.

“Good you noticed. Yes, it has because I have good News.”

You raised one eyebrow at him as a sign for him to continue.

“Today is going to be another DA Meeting.” he whispered in your direction. And as soon as you processed this this Information a huge smile spread across your face.

“That, Mr. Weasley, indeed are good News.” you said while giving him a quick kiss on the lips. But you hadn’t much time to talk some more because first period was about to start so both of you had to get going.

And so after a quiet and normal day you found yourself making your way to the seventh floor with some of your Hufflepuff friends to attend the DA Meeting, all pretty excited and curious about what you are going to learn today. Finally in the room of requirement you took a look around searching for a certain redhead when someone wrapped their arms around your waist.

“Found you first.” whispered George in your ear making you smile. Still in his arms you turned around to face him. You placed your hands on his face slowly leaning in when you two were interrupted by Harry starting today’s lesson about the Patronus charm, it’s importance and how difficult it is to conjure a shaped Patronus. And after a short introduction he let all of you have their first try. You yourself leaned on a wall at first watching everyone with their focused faces, a lot of them with closed eyes trying to remember a very happy memory. Then you thought you should give it a tr. So you walked over to George and simply took his Hand in yours while looking him deeply into his eyes.

“What are you doing?” he asked a bit puzzeled but still smiling.

“Psscht! I want to remember all of our happy memories.” you whispered Standing on your tip toes to actually be face to face.

“Well if that’s the case, then I will of course help you with great pleasure.”

He leaned in and after what felt like hours he finally touched your lips. And your lips fitted perfectly together like they were meant to be together. They even moved in complete sync. You forgot everything surrounding you and actually remembered a lot of the things George and you did. Like your first date at the three broomsticks where he also kissed you for the first time. You remembered the Moment George gave you your very first Weasley Jumper for Christmas with ears red like a tomato making you smile into the kiss while thinking about all this small and big memories. But you had to end the kiss because of the lack of Oxygen. You grinned at him.

“I think I got everything I Need.”

And after you placed on last kiss on his lips you made the same movement Harry taught you and something silvery broke out of your wand. You were in total awe when you saw the form of your Patronus.

“You did it, love!” George exclaimed, “I’m so proud of you!”

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I hope this Kind of is what you wanted. I hope you like it! And sorry for my mistakes English is not my first language..  I would love to get some Feedback and if you like my writing you can send in a request as well!

Dangerous: Part One

Introvert!Reader x OOC Pietro Maximoff

Word Count: 2520ish

Warnings: sexual innuendos (like a lot of dirty jokes), cursing, alcohol

Regular World AU

Prompt: I was ten years-old when my teacher taught my class that the most colorful animals were often the most dangerous. I was eighteen when I looked into your eyes and realized how right she was.

A/N: wow this be long, also like many fic writers im using Russian as a substitute for Sokovian cause it doesn’t exist.

If there is one thing you could go without in your college experience, it was the parties. And there were plenty of parties in your house because of your older brother, Tony Stark. You were only a freshman and he was a senior, which meant to him that he needed to throw as many parties as he could before he left college forever.

Luckily for him, he was a brainiac that was able to do so and get good grades.

Unluckily for you, your house was a ten-minute walk from the main campus and your parents were rarely ever home. It was the perfect concoction that allowed your brother to do what he wanted, which was have a party basically every two days. All you could hope for is that people would respect the rule that no one was allowed on the third floor.

Sometimes, you wish you had the guts to live on your own, but you don’t think you and your brother could be apart for too long. You’ve relied on each other since the two of you realized that no matter how much your parents loved you, they loved their job a little bit more.

The only good thing about how many parties your brother throws, is the fact that if he didn’t have people in the house, you most likely wouldn’t meet any new people. In fact, you met a good friend, Natasha, at one of Tony’s parties when you witnessed her quite literally throwing out some drunk guy who kept sexually assaulting girls. After that you thanked her yourself and bought her a box of donuts the next time you saw her.

From there she introduced you to her good friend, Clint, who you had seen around other parties. Apparently, she was friends with your brother too, and at first you were iffy on the fact that you and your brother are sharing a friend but when you saw that she didn’t take any of Tony’s shit, you liked her even more. She was pretty much the only true friend you had besides Tony, everyone else was an acquaintance.

You knew most of Tony’s usual party friends, the Regulars as you liked to call them in your head. They were downstairs right now; you could tell by how every now and then there would be a loud laugh or a shout. The loudness of his friends you could handle from a distance or one on one, and then you get put in with their group, you freeze up. Where Tony is confident and outgoing, your shy and quiet. You’re quite the pair together though; Tony does usually bring out the talkative side in people.

The Regulars were still downstairs when you got hungry, which meant that you had to risk the chance of one of them seeing you and dragging you into the conversation. You knew if they had, you’d be too nice to decline. No wonder Tony calls you a pushover.

The kitchen had basically anything you were craving; a perk of your parents being, in simpler terms, rich as fuck. It was in the back-left corner of the house with a diagonal wall cutting across and two large doorways on opposite ends of the wall. The doorways led to the what you called the Lonely Eating Room, a room where there was one table with two chairs for eating meals that didn’t require the dining room. On the other side of the L.E.R. was a way to the living room. That’s where the Regulars hung out most often.

All the counters in the kitchen were black marble, all appliances were stainless steel, and the fridge, your favorite part, was three feet taller than you and two feet wider. It was one of your most visited places in the big ass, three-story house other than your room.

With a peak in the living room, you quickly did a headcount to make sure no one would be in the kitchen. You were three steps into the kitchen, your hand reaching out to open the fridge when you realized you weren’t alone.

“What the fuck?!” you screamed, instantly backing up so you had your back to the counter. The guy was leaning against the opposite counter, his arms crossed, a smirk resting on his face and his hair was silver. “Who the shit are you?!”

Tony’s voice rang out from across the house, “That’s Pietro, my dear sister. Be nice.”

‘Pietro’ did a small wave with his hand, the damn smirk never leaving. Now that you knew you weren’t about to be murdered, you could finally take a breather and slightly relax your tense position. Instead of awkwardly standing there with a stranger, you went back to your original purpose; get milk and cookies before back up to your room and finishing any remaining homework. You got what you needed and without acknowledging Pietro, you made your way to the exit.

“Where are you going, printsessa?” You were tempted to just continue on and ignore him but you paused halfway through the doorway at the accent he had.

Turning back to face him, you asked, “Russian?”

“Sokovian. But people usually get those confused.” He sounded like he was trying to make you feel better for making that mistake. You did a small nod in acknowledgement before turning back to leave. “Wait, I thought we were getting somewhere, printsessa.”

Rolling your eyes, you went to turn back to him again only to recoil when you saw that he was standing right in front of you. He stared at you expectantly for a response.

“You’re quiet and fast,” you observed.

“Only where it counts,” he said with a wink, the meaning palpable from the mischievous gleam in his eye.

You don’t know what did it, whether it be the sly look on his face or the dirty way he said it, but something caused you to just let out a snort of a laugh. Your hands were full with cookies and a cup so you couldn’t even cover up your mouth.

“That was the only emotion you’ve showed me other than your angry and terrified one.” You couldn’t tell whether or not you hated the victorious smile.

“Well, you gotta try harder then.” That was a mistake to say and you knew as soon as Pietro raised his eyebrow. A smile was fighting its way onto your face as you desperately tried to not to give away any of your emotions.

What are you doing?! He’s a complete and arrogant stranger. You knew your inner thoughts were right but you’re looking into his eyes and you’re realizing for the first time that they’re ice blue and not a light gray as you thought they were.

“Y/N, can you come here for a minute?” Tony’s voice once more rang out.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec,” you shouted back. With one last glance at Pietro, you exited the kitchen.

Tony was standing in the entryway to the foyer, which was to the front of the L.E.R., and motioned for you to move faster. Sticking your tongue out at him, you obliged and sped past him into the foyer, Tony following after you. The two of you sat on the first steps of the stairs, it was the unspoken place you and your brother went to when someone needed to say something.

Tony waited a moment before speaking, his knee knocking into yours. “Don’t get too involved with Pietro, okay?”

You were totally not expecting that to be the topic of conversation. “Uh, do you want to explain why you thought I was? And why I need to not get involved? Not that I would but I’m – I’m curious.”

“If you weren’t going to get involved with him, you would’ve left the kitchen as soon as you found out he wasn’t some stranger in the house.” Although you wanted to protest, Tony continued on to answer your other question. “And Pietro is known to be a lady’s man and I’m just trying to look out for you.”

“Aw, you do care,” you said, trying to deflect the attention from the previous topic. He gave you a look that told you he wasn’t buying it but he stood up anyway.

“You going to come out and hang with us?”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m going to head up to my room,” you said, getting up yourself, already starting up the stairs.

“Don’t say I didn’t ask.”  

“Who would I tell? The only person I talk to is Nat and we’ve already had the ‘Tony is a secret sweetheart’ conversation.” You could hear Tony’s laugh coming from the L.E.R. as he went back to the living room.

If anyone were to ask you why you were dressing up for Tony’s party tonight when you’ve never dressed up for one before, you would only shrug your shoulders and leave it at that. Especially since you didn’t want to admit it to yourself, that deep down you knew that the only reason you were putting on a party dress right now was because you were hoping that Pietro would come to the party.

The dress had been tucked away in your closet for a while after you bought it impulsively a couple months ago. It was a deep blue, almost black, with only a wide strap holding it up on your right side. The soft fabric stuck to your body, making it comfortable and fucking sexy.

While waiting for the party to get going, you couldn’t help but think of the past couple of weeks after you first met Pietro. You had talked to him more than once and had seen him around campus when you went to your classes, but not enough to get his number or anything. At least you thought it was too early to ask for his number. Maybe you shouldn’t go down; it wasn’t a complete waste in time, dressing up. You still enjoyed it, and had a great time doing your make up, it’s just now you’re wondering what you were even hoping to gain from going down.

After considering not going down for a couple minutes, you decided that even if you didn’t see Pietro at the party, you might as well enjoy yourself anyway.

The music got louder the more you went down the two flights of stairs, almost to the point that when you reached the ground floor, you could swear you felt the vibrations through the floor.

You spotted Tony out of the corner of your eye, talking to a girl in the entrance to the dining room. He saw you walking towards him, his eyes widening most likely at your dress, and whispered to the girl something that made her scowl then walk away before he returned his attention back on you. Grabbing your arm, he basically dragged you to an almost secluded corner before looking at you.

“Do you want to tell me why you are even down here? You rarely come down when my friends are here, much less a party.” He continued on before you could even answer the question. “Also, where the hell did you get that dress? And why haven’t you worn it until now?”

“Hold up, Tony,” you laughed out. “I’m down here because I wanted a little bit of fun. And I bought this a couple months ago. I don’t see the big deal.”

Tony sighed, knowing that he couldn’t stop you from staying down here. “Fine, but please don’t drink anything someone gives you, in fact, don’t drink anything but soda or water. Also, now that I think about it, don’t even eat anything. Don’t talk to strangers. But, now that I’m saying that, everyone here is probably a stranger except some of my friends. Don’t even talk to them, they might like you better.”

“Tony! Stop stressing!” you said through a smile, but still finally having enough. “It’s a party for Christ’s sake; relax.”

You could tell that he didn’t want to let you out of his sight but before he could object once more, another girl came over and grabbed his arm. Seeing this as an opportunity to escape, you quickly made your way to the kitchen.

There a couple small groups of people hanging about, none of whom you recognize. Thankfully, no one was by the cooler fool of beer and water bottles so you didn’t have to worry about any small talk. You grabbed a water bottle and walked out towards the living room. That’s when you remembered why you stayed in your room when this shit happens.

There were too many people surrounding you in the room that you didn’t even know what to do. No familiar faces. No people coming over to introduce themselves. And there was no way in hell you could gather up the courage to do it yourself. Just when you thought you were going to start to fully panic and go hideaway in your room, you saw Natasha standing in the back corner of the living room.

You a made a beeline towards her, calling her name in a whisper-yell. Her head whipped in your direction when she heard your voice, which was basically when you were speaking into her ear because of the music.

“Y/N! Oh my God, it’s been so long,” she yelled over the music as she wrapped her arms around your neck to pull you in for a hug.

“I texted you this morning,” you shouted back, practically beaming.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen you in person, dumbass. You’re too busy doing college shit and whatever it is you do in your room.”

“You know I prefer not to talk to other people.”

“Yeah, so, why exactly are you down here during a party?” she asked as though she just realized just how unusual you’re being.

“Oh, no particular reason,” you tried to play it off. “I guess I just wanted to take a break from…homework.”

“Y/N, you have no weekend classes and today’s Sunday. If knew you at all, you’d have your homework done by last night.” Damnit.

“I’m just-“ your eyes, glanced away from Nat’s for a second before quickly going back to the sight that was in the L.E.R; Pietro talking to a pretty girl. You were about continue talking when the girl leant up and started kissing Pietro, and what looked like him responding enthusiastically. That’s what made you stop in your tracks.

The realization of what you had been doing for the past couple hours came down on you. God, Tony was right.

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Nat. She was asking you a question.

Turning back to her quickly, you tried to be convincing. “Yeah, yeah. Uh, totally. You know what, I don’t-don’t know what I’m doing down here. I think I’ll be going up-upstairs now.”

“Wait, what were you looking at?!”

A crowd of people surged into the living room as the music seemed to get even louder. There was a vague call of your name from what you thought was Tony as you ran up the stairs.

We had a few regular substitute teachers at my high school but there was this one who was infamous for sewing together children’s dolls or knitting and generally paying no attention to the class whatsoever.
One time my senior year, she subbed for my chemistry teacher for about a week. She yelled at us multiple times for “not studying biochemistry” while we were going through the power point our teacher provided that was clearly about biochem. Granted she may have been confused because we were talking to ask each other questions about the content but it was definitely a wtf time for us all

I also had this one sub in middle school who refused to correct her pronunciation of the students’ names, saying “it is her interpretation of the spelling”

AU prompts 3

- “we’ve been best friends since high school, you’ve been in a relationship all of that time. you share with me that you’re going to propose but now I realize I’m fucking in love with you please feel the same” au

- “we meet each other at a concert and really hit it off, you give me your number but when I try to call you the next day, it isn’t actually your number. I’m crushed because you obviously have me the wrong number on purpose. but we just so happen to see each other at another concert months later and it turns out you fucked up when you typed it in my phone and you were bummed because you thought I blew you off” au

- “you’re the new kid and your assigned seat is next to me, I always sit by myself since I have no friends because I push them all away but you’re way too determined to get to know me” au

- “you’re an exchange student and my family is hosting you, we might become just a little too close during your stay” au

- “I hate absolutely everything about you and constantly let you know it but then you get sick of me. you’re gone now and all the things I hated are now what I miss the most” au

- “we were best friends a few years back but you left. now you’re back and you’re dating my new best friend, why the hell do I feel so uneasy when the two of you are together?” au

- “your parents hire me to babysit your little brother because you refuse to do it, you always tease me and make fun of me but now that your little brother is in bed, you’re pulling me into you and whispering things that I can’t make out because you’re making me so dizzy” au

- “you’re married and I’m divorced AND still into my ex, our affair is a casual distraction but you reveal that it’s so much more to you as soon as you file for divorce” au

- “you’re a single parent and I’m a kindergarten teacher right out of college, your little girl is my problem student and we always have to do private meetings to discuss her behavior. but something seems really strange when your daughter mentions something about getting candy if she misbehaves” au

- “you work in a music store, I’m your favorite regular and you always reserve the albums of my favorite bands and give me a discount if and only if we can hang out and listen to whatever album I buy together” au


Shu Sakamaki

(Name) watched the two little boys run carefree through the field of flowers. A benefit to visiting a past event the girl had the chance to interact with anybody or anything. The possibilities were endless of what could or would happen if she decides to interrupt. This specific scene wasn’t new to (Name); Yuma’s past was dark, but his memories with Shu were the only light he in them. When she had visited the first time a nine-year-old Yuma declared he’d make her his fiancée. “Hey Shu look, there’s a pretty lady over there!” Yuma shouted pointing over to where (Name) was sitting; pushing the blond down he took off to the young lady. She couldn’t help the giggles that came out from that event, Shu quickly got up and joined in the race. Shu smirked watching his friend breathe heavily trying to catch his breath, ‘No one could beat a vampire’ the blond thought. “Excuse me do you have a husband?” Yuma asked after he finally could speak again and making Shu hit him in the back of the head. (Name) giggled this was precious that the two loves of her life were so adorable and fighting for her affection. “I’m sorry young man, but I’m already engaged to someone.” (Name) informed the red head who’s smiled drop; Shu must have had a sixth sense due to the smirk that appeared on his face. “Well don’t worry I Edgar will steal your heart away!” Yuma declared making his best friend face palm and (Name) to laugh so hard she almost fainted.

Reiji Sakamaki

“Yuuto stop spending all your time reading dull academic books.” (Name) lectured her eight-year-old son who was currently enjoying a novel over psychoanalysis. Viewing the future wasn’t (Name)’s intention, but after a fight with Reiji, she couldn’t suppress the urge. Upon seeing her handsome son Yuuto Sakamaki all her anger melted. He looked and acted exactly like his father, his (e/c) eyes were from his mother. “Father says playing isn’t how a prefect child should act.” Yuuto stated his eyes never leaving the text of the book; yanking the object away (Name) gave the look every man or boy knows all too well. Even though she hadn’t been a mother for too long (Name) didn’t want her son not enjoying being a kid. “Go play with you cousins or you won’t live long enough to taste your first drop of blood.” (Name) threatened making the young boy leave without hesitation and was soon tackled to the ground by his three younger cousins. “His IQ will sharply decline if he plays with those heathens.” Reiji sneered as he placed his arm around his wife who simply ignored him and watched the children play. “Even if he’s not perfect we can always have another for you to ruin.” (Name) smiled placing Reiji’s hand on her stomach where there was a small bump forming. Even though the couple had their issues (Name) wouldn’t give up this future for anything.

Ayato Sakamaki

(Name) was woken up with a knock coming from her door; stumbling to the source of noise she picked up a white button-down shirt to cover herself. Opening the door, she was a not surprised to see Reiji standing there, or the irritating expression he wore when he saw her appearance. “How may I help you this early Mr. Perfectionist?” (Name) yawned not caring if she didn’t use proper manners due to it being so early and having no respect for the uptight male. “A young lady should never open the door almost naked.” Reiji scolded the girl who just rolled her eyes in response. “In the future as our guest the household would not like to be informed of you and Ayato’s private activities.” He added making it clear the Sakamaki family had heard the screaming and moans from her room last night. “I’ll let Ayato know he should quiet down next time. Thank you all for caring so much about our healthy sex life.” (Name) sarcastically remarked shutting the door in Reiji’s face and then locking it. Taking off the shirt (Name) crawled back underneath the covers to get more sleep. Before beautiful darkness could overtake her, an arm slowly wrapped around her bringing her to a broad naked chest. “I told you that I should’ve put a ball gag in your mouth.” Ayato smirked proud knowing his brothers knew who (Name) belonged to. “It must run in the Sakamaki family that the males never know when to shut up.” She sneered pushing the male off the bed and wrapping herself in all the blankets annoyed with the brothers.

Laito Sakamaki

(Name) was a regular visitor in Laito’s past, even though it was full of pain and suffering there was something beautiful about it. One day while visiting the past (Name) didn’t take enough precaution hiding from Cordelia. The older woman threatened to murder the girl unless she proved to be an asset to the family. And that is how (Name) became Laito’s piano teacher, ironic situation isn’t it? Laito thought (Name) was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen superior to his mother, because she was both alluring inside and out. (Name) thought it was so adorable that the brunet would bring her a pink rose every lesson. For a reward, she’d let the little boy sit in her lap to play for the last ten minutes of the day. “(Name) will you become my wife?” Laito asked after they finished for the day; it’s darling that even at a young age the brunet loved her. (Name) gave the boy a sad smile knowing this would have to be her last visit or should could alter her own fate horribly. “Oh, my dear Laito I would love to be your wife.” She spoke lovingly making Laito break out in a big grin. “But I have someone else to return to my dear.” She added watching the happiness drain from his sweet face. “Don’t worry when I get older I’ll find you, then your husband will regret the day he stole your heart.” Laito declared sending (Name) in a fit of giggles of his younger self wanting to steal her from himself.

Kanato Sakamaki

(Name) could only stare at herself in the mirror not believing this would be the day she foresaw A knock on the door broke the (h/c) hair girl from her trance. Stealing one last glance at the gorgeous wedding dress, she was ready to face the world. It was a tradition in (Name)’s family that the bride must take a long journey to arrive altar. This was supposed to be the time the young woman reflects on her decision if this was the right person to marry. Every woman who married or was born into the family had ran away from their first wedding. Marriage in the vampire culture truly meant death until do us part. The Sakamaki siblings guarded every entrance that (Name) passed as to taunt her there no escape. After all a deal is a deal no matter if someone agrees or disagrees. With Kanato as the groom who knows what type of fit he’d fly into if he was rejected. Arriving at the ceremony’s entrance (Name) was greeted by the man who only donated the sperm to make her. “There’s still a chance to walk away.” Ezra told his youngest daughter who just walked right past, but only stopped to send a warning to him. “I finally have a man who loves me without using me for a power gain or use me to fix their own mistakes. If I see you knew this family again I won’t hesitate to kill you father.” (Name) threatened pushing the doors open to marry the one person who loves her.

Subaru Sakamaki

(Name) was marveling her new addition to her own little section of the garden. The Cebera Odollam or the Suicide Tree was a quiet grandeur as it demanded attention from standing out among the roses. Gardening was her peaceful hobby to get away from all the testosterone household and if she felt like killing an enemy it wouldn’t be hard. She made it deathly clear to Yui to stay away of her flowers or she’d end up dead. Of course, living with a bunch of sadists meant that (Name) kept a close eye on her beauties. She only planted the most elegant and poisonous flowers the world had to offer. Reiji had no issue with the hobby as it helped his own research and potion creations. “You should stop planting flowers that kill people or Kanato may get a new tea recipe.” Subaru commented as he appeared behind (Name) looking at her collection and new addition. “You may see death in my oasis, but allure always comes with a price. Besides most my blossoms are only dangerous if someone consumes them. Your brothers have enough brain cells to know not to touch my garden.” She stated before watering the Aconitum. Subaru will never admit this, but watching the girl work was adorable. Sometimes he would spy on her from a secret hiding place and catch (Name) talking to the blooms. “If it will soothe your nerves I do take care of none deadly flora.” (Name) reminded Subaru by pointing to the healthy and vibrant white roses.

JULY 13: Danitra Vance (1954-1994)

Comedy legend and the very first lesbian ever cast on Saturday Night Live, Danitra Vance, was born on July 13, 1954 and would have celebrated her 63rd birthday today!

Throughout her career, Danitra was awarded an NAACP Image Award, an Obie Award, and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award (x). 

Danitra was born in Chicago, Illinois and attended Thornton Township High School. Despite having struggled with dyslexia in elementary school, she thrived as a member of her high school’s theater program. After graduating high school she attended Roosevelt University, where she studied playwriting and acting; a play she wrote in college titled “Skylark” is an iconic piece still performed on the campus today. Danitra also went to London to receive her MFA in acting, returning home to Chicago in 1971 determined to get her big break.

One of her recurring characters on SNL was “That Black Girl,” an actress who was constantly denied starring roles because of her race. The skit was a parody of the 1960s sitcom That Girl (x). 

A teacher by day and a performer by night, Danitra developed her comedic voice in nightclubs throughout the 1970s. She was a member of the successful Second City Comedy Troupe for a while before deciding to move to New York City in 1981. Her big break came four years later when she was accepted into the cast of Saturday Night Live! Danitra made history as the first black woman to become an SNL series regular, the first SNL member to have a learning disability, and the very first lesbian to ever be cast on SNL – and still to this date is the only black lesbian to ever perform on the series. SNL made Danitra Vance a household name, but she left after only season with the show due to the writers consistently giving her racist stereotypical roles like “That Black Girl” and Cabrini Jackson the teenage mother.

Danitra laughs with Ray Charles, who she co-starred with in the 1989 film Limit Up (x).

Having left SNL, Danitra began a career on Broadway that would eventually earn her both an NAACP Award and an Obie Award. Her award-winning turns were in two George C. Wolfe plays, The Colored Museum and Spunk. She also starred in four movies during her post-SNL career, one being Little Man Tate alongside fellow lesbian icon, Jodie Foster. In 1990, when Danitra was diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer, she penned the semi-autobiographical play The Radical Girl’s Guide to Mastectomy. The cancer eventually overtook her on August 21, 1994 when she was 40-years-old. It was only revealed after her death that Danitra was a lesbian who had been with her partner, Jones Miller, for over ten years.


Lai Guanlin [Basketball Fluff]

Anon: hi i really enjoyed your baejin fluff ;) could you do one for guanlin. maybe like a basketball player guanlin ;) or whatever you like ! thank you so much !

Okay this is just a cute idea I’m actually becoming soft inside??? Like just thinking about it makes me love him even more > <

(credits to owner)


“Y/N I want to go to the park~” my 5 year old sister, Hwasung, whines. 

“In a little bit, okay?” I tell her while pulling her onto my lap. “Let me rest from our game of tag.”

Hwasung nods but pouts while staring at my phone screen with me.

The truth is, I don’t want to go because it’s the same park where my long-time crush is playing basketball… Lai Guanlin. I was sort of stalking his Snapchat when I saw one of his friends, Samuel I think, hacked his Snapchat and recorded him shooting a basket at the park.

Guanlin and I have only really talked to each other once. I wouldn’t even call it talking. We were chosen by our teacher to act this part of a play out in our literature class and let me tell you that that has ruined my life of becoming an actress because I had to face him and I just became so flustered that I could barely speak and our teacher had to help me.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Hwasung asks while looking at my home screen.

“Uhm, yes?”

Hwasung giggles and pokes at the screen. “He’s so handsome~”

“Isn’t he?”

She nods. “Can we go now~??”

All I can do is laugh and ruffle her hair while getting up. “Let’s get ready.”

After many outfit changes, I stick with a messy ponytail, a regular white sleeveless shirt tucked into ripped high-waisted shorts, and black Converse high-tops. I pick out an outfit for Hwasung and have her change, then I start to braid her hair while humming ‘Oh Little Girl’. Finishing off Hwasung’s braid, I sling on a small backpack with snacks and my wallet in it and take her hand.

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