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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Goodbye space eyes.

We lost a housekeeper today who during her 3 days here I had taken to calling space eyes, not because she was drugged up but she had so much nervous energy she could look at 6 things at once.

She had several problems which were as follows (but not limited to):

The first time I spoke to her properly she decided to wait until me head was in the safe counting money before she asked for room keys to start cleaning them then got upset when I told her she could wait until I was ready.

We recently started a new sign in/out sheet for housekeeping getting keys as we still use physical keys and sometimes they get lost. Space eyes came up to me and again while I was halfway through something told me I hadn’t given her one of the keys she had asked for. I told her that if she asked me for it I gave it to her and she told me she had written it on the sheet. Now I get on with our HK team but if you don’t actually ask me for the key your not getting the key and I don’t care if you have written it anyway.

She was caught by one of our team (stripping beds for HK as it was a busy morning) sat on the stairs with her headphones in and later sat on the edge of one of the beds again with her headphones in. Her excuse? She was on the phone to her mum… That’s nice but unless it’s an emergency do your damn job, you’re paid per room per hour.

The real kicker came today though when she declared she had cleaned her rooms which upon inspection turned out to be less then accurate. She had 9 rooms today because we were full last night, while this is a large amount for someone who has been on the job a few days it’s not a crazy amount.

She hadn’t cleaned the shower screens because ‘they didn’t look that bad’. She hadn’t vacuumed because 'the floor wasn’t that dirty’ and she had made the beds up with the linen from last night!!! Because 'it looks clean so it’s ok’

It also took her 5 hours to not clean 2 rooms so she couldn’t blame it on speed either. On the plus side she did hand in a phone charger that was left in a room that she had kindly verified worked first.

Fare well space eyes. God speed.

By: Spallboy

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I came into the fandom a year or so ago so I missed the Harry and Paige drama. I assumed 'Haige' was the sort of thing where they were seen in public once and the tabloids went wild. But I did some searching and it seems that there was more to it than that? I looked for some info on your blog (I used the search function and tags, promise!) but couldn't find much. Do you remember / have links to anything about it? I'm not insinuating that I think it's real at all, just curious. ;)

This is my third attempt to make this masterpost and I’m going to scream if it doesn’t work. Anyway, here is the story of Haige.

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"The Next Doctor" Really Did Tell Us Everything About The Next Doctor(s)

There is this one episode that I keep coming back to time and time again, because the hints and references are so precise, it is ridiculous. And it’s not even a Moffat episode. I am talking, of course, about The Next Doctor

I can hear my long-term followers in the distance sigh “not again”. But bear with me here, I have news! This theory is all about how we could have seen Missy coming and what the heck she has to do with the Doctor’s family.

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Here is Kelly Brook on account of her extreme hotness.  Sometimes it strikes me as odd that I have posted her as many times as I can because she is not exactly a huge star, I guess maybe in her homeland she’s a bigger deal because photographers follow her everywhere.  But here in the US not as much.  I have seen plenty of things with her in them and happen to think she is very pretty but… well, I am bad at favorites in general.  I have to tell someone this at least once a week, the most common question I get from new followers is, “Who are your top X number of celebrities?”  To which I have no good answer because if I could do that I wouldn’t run this blog.  The entire point is that I am pretty indecisive, who I like best changes pretty frequently.  Plus, as my friend @wildflagsure can attest, I am a commitmentphobe.  I can’t be tied down with an actual list of favorites, it holds me back too much.  This bird you cannot chain! But the truth is only a handful of people have been posted more often than Kelly Brook on this blog.  And I don’t know why other than… high quality pics of her latest calendar came out recently and I was like wow.  And that is what seems to happen, pictures of her that are well shot and her looking hot and I guess she just clicks for me.  She is British.  Everyone knows I have a thing for that.  I can’t explain that one either.  I just do.  Today I want to fuck Kelly Brook.