because she's kawaii


REALLY STUPID COMIC I AM SORRY. Present day AU older Mav and Benny are THE most dysfunctonial couple and they’re DUMB AS HELL. I am also dumb as hell.

(Also demonstates rather well why I don’t do comics on my own.)

Spawned by this drawing.

@allesiathehedge Oh don’t die just yet. I have a BONE to pick up with you! THIS BONE HERE!!!! >:3c Mwuhahaha!

So, no secret I LOVE Timetale and hearing things like Timetale!Alph gonna have a child…guess what I did!?

So say hi to Arial (just pick a font for name, changing it acceptable). It started with that pink casual dress, it kept growing with more pictures. So, since Alph is a lizard…dino….thing and Sans is a skely, they might be have skelezard (pun insert). She love science and anime (because she’s kawaii ID). She has cooking skill. And can be as scary and serious as Sans….

To be honest, she remind me a Gaster Blaster….damn it!

The lyrics she’s singing from “Fishy Love” by Griffinilla.

Timetale and all AU characters @allesiathehedge

The sketch up here @foxymcdorks


Ayachan in SKE48 Senbatsu: From the back row in “Sansei Kawaii!” to the first row in “Coquettish Juutai Chuu”

STOP believing any shit you read!

I know we’re on the “losing side” but stop believing every little piece of info that might look real.

That’s it. It’s done. Kishi went for the money. Stop expecting explanations and miracles around the corner, there’s nothing. 

Real life is shit, this world is shit. Everything is. Ta-da, big fucking surprise!

Really now it hurts my brains and my soul when I see people believing every piece of apparently “true” info surfaces and people start jumping hope.

No, there’s NONE!

They had two years to prepare all this. Don’t you see they’re trying to shove down our throats this shitty finale and paint it shiny, releasing it all over the globe and all that, so that they can cover-up the fact that in Japan is badly received because they know in the west everyone is gonna jump on baby Hinata-sama’s princess ass because she kawaii and all the shit SP made her?

Really, stop hurting yourselves… Move to better things, let this goddamn stupid franchise die and rot in the fucking hell where it’s its place.

You deserve better than this.

After all, even the negative publicity is publicity. And there’s a saying in the marketing world that says “There’s no bad publicity. Just publicity”.

Because no matter how good or bad we talk about them, they have their mindless otakus and beta males and whatnot to milk of money and plus it even makes other people curious to go see what’s happening, you know, people like neutrals or people that have nothing to do with the franchise.

We talking about it only serves them good. Brings them new audience, aka more money which is the fucking purpose!

This plague won’t stop for many years now. The Boruto shit it’s just the beginning… They have all this strategically planned, trust me. Now I understood it all, too bad it was that late but meh.

However, this shit is going to be milked fom many years now and you know that, so instead of wasting your energy on this, really, move to better things.

Take care of yourselves,