because she's kawaii

@allesiathehedge Oh don’t die just yet. I have a BONE to pick up with you! THIS BONE HERE!!!! >:3c Mwuhahaha!

So, no secret I LOVE Timetale and hearing things like Timetale!Alph gonna have a child…guess what I did!?

So say hi to Arial (just pick a font for name, changing it acceptable). It started with that pink casual dress, it kept growing with more pictures. So, since Alph is a lizard…dino….thing and Sans is a skely, they might be have skelezard (pun insert). She love science and anime (because she’s kawaii ID). She has cooking skill. And can be as scary and serious as Sans….

To be honest, she remind me a Gaster Blaster….damn it!

The lyrics she’s singing from “Fishy Love” by Griffinilla.

Timetale and all AU characters @allesiathehedge

The sketch up here @foxymcdorks


Ayachan in SKE48 Senbatsu: From the back row in “Sansei Kawaii!” to the first row in “Coquettish Juutai Chuu”