because she's in the background like a creeper

anonymous asked:

imagine an au in which derek is unhappily engaged to new york socialite kate argents and then stiles moves in across from him in an equally small slightly crappy apartment and ~*love*`~

or, imagine an au where Derek has just broken up with Kate, and moved into an equally crappy apartment opposite Stiles’. and the first night he’s there, sitting on a cardboard box full of his belongings— the ones he managed to insist on keeping because if she got the damn dog, he was allowed to take his baseball paraphernalia— and he’s feeling super sorry for himself, gazing drearily out of the window, and completely oblivious to an audience, Stiles is getting ready to go out. Scott keeps appearing in the background, throwing random clothes at Stiles and laughing when they hit him in the face, and Derek keeps seeing this beautiful, bright smile and maybe Stiles is shimmying around to music Derek can’t hear, and it makes him feel better, knowing people are out there that do have happy lives, that can be filled with joy. 

but he feels like a creeper after a fully fledged ten minutes just staring at this kid. and goes to start unpacking. 

and maybe he doesn’t notice Stiles catching sight of Derek across the space that separates their apartment blocks, and spends a good two minutes admiring Derek moving boxes around until Scott physically drags him from his own apartment. 

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