because she's helping him like rose helped him

Notes about the imaginary friend AU
  • Takes place in a universe where sburb didnt happen, but the trolls are kind of ghosts from a universe where it did and they’re “haunting” their kids in a way.
  • Each kid is around 6 and sees their patron troll as their “imaginary friend”, they’re all in the same pre-school.

  • Just to get things straight the imaginary friend and kid duos are: Vriska Serket and John Egbert, Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope and Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas and Jade Harley 

  • The trolls still have full memories of things like sburb in their past lives, and are not imaginary at all, it’s just that only their patron can see them.

  • The kids can’t see each others’ trolls but they describe them to one another and the trolls talk through there kids.

  • Vriska isnt a fan of kids at all but john is an acception to her, though, shes kinda bossy and tends to expect too much of the kid, john still thinks shes nice and helpful even if she can be bossy though.

  • Kanaya, of course, is a natural with looking after kids, and she really does love little Rose, who claims that one day she will marry Kanaya when she grows up because she’s pretty. Kanaya finds this cute and tells her that once, she did.

  • Terezi thinks Dave is the coolest little around, and Dave finds a lot of comfort with having a friend around, even if she’s just “imaginary”. She likes to draw some funny comics with him, Dave gets into way into drawing because of this.

  • Karkat isn’t great with kids but Jade loves him because he’s so funny. He’s grumpy and quick to snap, sure, but he’s also really sweet and caring of her, Jade knows this, she’s a smart kid, and she likes her grumpy “imaginary friend”.

  • When Jade describes Karkat to Dave he instantly gets a puppy crush on this imaginary friend of hers that he’d never met, Karkat finds this pretty funny.

  • Terezi and Vriska use Dave and John as a way to talk to each other, and sometimes they still do have little “whos kid will do better” contests” as jokes. 

  • Kanaya likes to help Rose write little stories and gave her the idea of vampires being phosphorescent.

  • Karkat likes to watch movies with Jade, though she isn’t as much a fan of romcoms, she’d still happily watch one with him.

  • Dave finds a lot of comfort in Terezi because at home there’s really no one else who can provide him with that.

  • John gets pushed a lot by Vriska to do things just a little out of his comfort zone, which helps him a lot in the longrun, and helped him make friends with the rest of the kids.

  • Jades grandpa is dead and she is still basically raised by her dog, but Bec isn’t a god in this universe, so Karkat is a big reason she’s able to take care of herself.

  • Mom thinks it’s very cute how Rose seems to have a crush on her imaginary friend.

  • Dave has never told Bro about Terezi, and he has no intention to, he’d rather keep her a secret. 

  • John talks about Vriska a lot to his dad, to the point where his dad had to make a Vriska themed cake for his 6th birthday last April. 

  • The trolls all have their own ways of telling the kids what they were like in their past lives. Karkat builds it up like a big movie, Kanaya tells it to Rose like a bedtime story, Vriska explains it to John as if they were superheros, and Terezi tells it pretty straight to Dave like real history. Each of the kids has this big romanticized version of themselves in their past lives because of this, but in different ways.

  • The teacher in their class grows concerned when she sees the 4 kids playing together and pretending the the world ended and all their parents are dead and they just met  12 aliens and 4 that are their imaginary friends there too.

  • All 4 kids are kind of outcasts from the class because of this, but they are best friends, and sometimes, they think that in their dreams, memories surface. 

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Suggestion: davekat flower shop au. Kk works at the flower shop w Rose and Jade. Rose isn't very good at gardening but she's interested in learning how. Jade puts her at the counter but it's fine because she can see kanaya every day as she takes care of the flowers in the front room. Dave comes in all the time to talk to rose n Jade and also eye the cute boy working there I mean have you seen him Jade what's his name he's beautiful. 1/2

2/2 dave also gets help from the girls when Dave and Karkat do start dating. They help him get the perfect bouquet of flowers for special occasions with flowers that mean specific things like love and passion and adoration and happiness. It’s cheesy and romantic and Karkat fucking eats that shit up. Also he looks adorable in his apron and little sunhat. He’s very good at arranging the flowers and he also deals with the weirdest customers. It’s adorable and romantic and they’re in LOVE

this is really cute and pure and i support it wholeheartedly. heres a pretty flowers karkat i whipped up just now

  • tumblr post: Pearl has made a lot of mistakes with steven, largely because she's still upset about rose's death and doesn't know how to be a parent
  • me, nodding my head: good post op
  • tumblr post: pearl is a terrible person who wishes steven was dead and has literally tried to kill him, she doesn't love him at all
  • me, backing away slowly: bad post op
[Mark] Racing Hearts (Chapter 5)

All Chapters

My jaw nearly drops. This kid, that doesn’t seem like he can think, of anything than himself, has a baby? Someone that literally has to come first before himself?

“You have a child?” I blurt out, incredulous.



I take a closer look at the little baby girl. She’s dressed in a white top, black sweatpants, and white high Converse shoes. She is mixed, and by the curly ponytail that holds her mane, her big, very big but slanted eyes and her olive skin, I guess that the mother is black. She looks adorable. She’s pressed against her dad’s chest, her arms folded against herself as she suckles on her round pacifier. She’s looking at le in silence, blinking sleepily from time to time. If I was expressive enough, I would have heart eyes.

“I guess the brunette isn’t the mother.” I sate, unable to tear my eyes of this jewel. She looks like she’s around one year old.

“Who, Alice?” Tuna asks.

“Her name is Alice?”

I hear him sigh, and I wave at Rose.

“Where is Kameron?” He asks, exasperated.

“I don’t know.” I reply, looking up at him. He looks rally annoyed. And in a rush. There’s a baby seat on the desk, along with a hug bag that I assume is the bay bag.

“Do you need help?” I propose, not because I want to help him, but because I guess that his problem involves the fact that Rose is here, and I’m not against a little babysitting today. Really, I just want the baby, I don’t care about what the fuck he has to do.

“You want to help me?” He says impassively.

“No.” I reply. “But there’s a baby involved.”

“I’m no letting you touch my daughter.” He declares coolly, his words mirroring mine from when he drove my car.

“Very mature of you.” I mutter. I don’t know why I’m losing my time with some 26 or 27-year-old kid. Really, he just needs to grow the fuck up.

“It has nothing to do with maturity. I only let Kameron touch her.” He retorts.


“You want to know my story, now?”

“Fuck you.“

"Don’t swear around my daughter!” He shouts, startling the sleepy darling girl. She jumps and starts crying second later. Good job, Tuna. The poor princess is tired and he’s here yelling at me.

“Oh, god.” He groans, hoisting the weeping child up so her head rests on his shoulder. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I’m so sorry.” He coos while rocking her, his tone sweet and honey-like and so not what I’m used to. I nearly gag, but it works;

I hear incoming footsteps behind me and turn around to find Kameron arriving to his office.

“Kameron.” Tuna sighs in relief. He walks to him, almost pushing me aside so he’s in front of him.

“Kam, I need you to take care of Rose for me. I have an interview in an hour.” He states matter-of-factly. He’s not asking for a favor, he’s demanding. Dickhead. Kam looks at him and then at Rose who has stopped crying and is looking at him.

“Hi.” He gently pokes her cheek and smiles. So he can touch her, but I can’t.

“Why did you bring her in today?” I ask him. He turns to me and gives me the most exasperated, annoyed and frustrated look I’ve ever seen him wear.

“I didn’t.” He mutters dryly. “Her mom is gone on a two week trip and just dropped her in front of my house.”

“Why don’t you call a babysitter?” I propose. There are so many solutions to his problem, but he’s being an idiot. He shoots me a glare without answering and Kam speaks.

“I can’t take care of her, I have to see all the sponsors today. And I’m late.” He says, and Tuna’s face falls in despair.

“I’m free.” I remind him.

“Yeah, because you’re a has-been. What are you still doing here?“ He snaps back. If he didn’t have a baby in his arm I would have punched him.

“You motherfuc-“

"Sivan is really good with babies.” Kam cuts me off.

“She’s violent.” Tuna retorts. “Can’t you see what she did to my face?” He points at the cut on his lip.

“She doesn’t hit babies.” Kam says calmly. He sighs.

“Plus, you don’t have a choice.” I add pointedly. He turns to me.

“She won’t like you.” He states. Fuck him.

“Only one way to find out.” I murmur and holds my hands open for Rose. She looks up at me and blinks really slowly, her pacifier bobbing up and down as she registers my offer.

“Come here, you cute little chunk."  I encourage. She shifts and reaches out to me as well, making me proud and my chest warm. Being appreciated by a baby like that the first time meeting her is something even more satisfying than winning any Grand Prix.

"Oh, you like me.” I gush, taking her out of her dad’s arms and holding her to my chest. She leans he head against my beasts and just stays there, still slowly falling asleep. “You’re not like your dad at all.”

I look up and see Tuan glaring at me, but still confused by what just happened. He doesn’t comment the fact that his daughter likes me, his ego probably blocking any word that might come out.

“She’s sleepy, but she won’t fall asleep without her blankie.” He explains, taking a step back. “I’ll go get it. Don’t move.” He says before exiting the room. Blankie? What blankie? I’ll get the little one to sleep myself.

I move her so she’s laying horizontally in my arms and rock her gently. I have a secret weapon that works on every single baby on earth. I t worked for me even as a teenager.

“Layla haru'ach goveret.” I sing softly, watching her as he looks up at me, eyes barely kept open.

“Layla layla homa hatzameret. Layla layla kochav mezamer.” Kam signs with me knowing the power of this Hebrew lullaby. It’s so soothing that by the time I sing the last verse, she had her tiny fingers on my nose and she can’t keep her eyes open.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

“Numi numi kabi et haner. Numi numi kabi et haner.” I murmur, and she drifts off to sleep, the movements of her pacifier becoming slow and gentle. "Layla, Layla.”

The door opens, and Tuna walks in with a blue rug in his hand.

“Here.” He says before realizing she’s already sleeping. He frowns. “What did you do?”

“I sang her a lullaby.” I shrug. He frowns even harder, at complete loss.

“Alright.” He says, more to himself than to him. I circle Kam’s desk and put Rose down in her baby seat so she can sleep better.

“Everything you will need is in this bag.” Tuna points at the black baby bag. “Food, diapers, clothes, wipes, toys, headbands, whatever.”

When I look up at him, he’s pointing a threatening finger at me.

“You can take her for a walk but don’t tell anyone it’s my daughter and don’t let them touch her.” He says. I really want to spend time with this baby, but if he doesn’t stop being bossy and doesn’t look a little bit more thankful, I will throw the baby bag at him.

He says it has nothing to do with maturity, but only a child would still sound pissed and angry towards someone who’s doing them a favor just because he doesn’t like them. I pity Rose. His father has a shitty personality.

Tuna leans across the desk while I stare at him, unimpressed, my arms crossed over my chest, an eyebrow arched in a challenging manner. His face is inches from mine, but I’m not backing down.

“If I see the smallest bruise on her, Sivan, I will end your life.” He says quietly.

“Go fuck yourself.”

“You swear around my daughter one more time, and I swear to god-”

“Mark.” Kam interrupts. He turns his head and looks at him. “She’s got it. Trust me.”

He says nothing, his lips forming a grim line as he pulls his phone out of his pocket.

“Give me your number so I can check up on her.” He orders. God, I hate that he has authority on me. If his daughter wasn’t so goddamned cute I would make his life a living hell.

“Make sure you delete it afterwards.” I mutter.

“Count on me for that.” He retorts. I almost want to stick my tongue out at him just to be on his level of maturity.

After I give him my number, he sighs and puts his phone back in his pocket. He has one last look for his daughter, and that’s when I see his eyes change and drastically soften. He runs a finger across her soft cheek in silence. I understand Rose is probably the only one who will ever get that kind of thing from him; I understand why.

He turns on his heels without a word, without a ‘thank you for doing this’, nothing. He really is the rudest person I’ve ever met in my entire fucking life.

“You’re welcome.” I say to his back, and he flips me the bird over his shoulder. Now, I really need to find a way to have my revenge. He must think he just made me his bitch, but I’m only doing this because I love babies. I don’t want him to think h won the war or something like that, I still hate him, I haven’t forgotten what he’s done to me, but I’m mature enough to distinguish him from his daughter who needs a babysitter. He closes the door behind him, and I look down at the sleeping beauty on the desk.

“Your father is an asshole.” I whisper to her, because she has to know.

 “Go easy on him.” Kam says, standing next to me. “I really takes him a lot to let anyone take care of Rose.”

I scoff and roll my eyes.

“Really, Sivan. I’ve only been able to hold her for a few weeks.” He argues. Really?

“And what? Should I feel honored?” I challenge. To my surprise, I see him actually think for a moment.

“Maybe.” He says, his words hanging in the air with a lot of other untold things.


After her morning nap, Rose wakes up hungry and grumpy. She doesn’t let me put her down after I feed her. She just sits on my lap, her head against my chest while I read a book on my phone. But she’s something like one year old, it doesn’t last very long. After fifteen minutes she wriggles out of my hold and explores the office. Her dad calls me then, cold, bossy, to check up on her.

I lay down a few toys for her and go back to my reading. Occasionally, I ask for a hug or two, and she willingly gives them to me. I make her laugh, realize she has the cutest dimples ever, and then she plays again. Her father calls, again. But then she gets bored, and a little bit claustrophobic. I decide to let her explore and open the door of the office. I don’t lead her anywhere, just let her walk wherever she feels like it with her pacifier and blankie in her tiny hands. When she aims for the stairs, I pick u=her up and help her down, and then she walks off on her own.

We land in the locker room, and she opens a locker or two before wanting to get out. She makes a U tur and I follow, and on my right I see a beam of light and here a faint noise. When I look in that direction, I find a paparazzi snapping pictures of me. I don’t think about how he got in, I just pick up the child and hide her face, trying to protect her.

“What are you doing?!” I yell at him, running away, needing to lock myself somewhere. He follows us, and with the baby in my arms I can’t stop him, I get punch him or knock his camera off. I’m helpless.

“Get out!” I yell, running up the stairs.

“Is it your baby?” He asks from behind me and calls my name.

“Fuck you!” I reply and lock myself in Kam’s office. I drop Rose to the floor, cursing to myself, out of breath and furious. I hadn’t missed this at all, the lack of privacy, the invasion of my personal space, the fact that it affects people who didn’t choose it. I hate paparazzis.

I take my phone out and call Elijah to warn him.

“Hey, Siv. Why aren’t you on the track?” He asks as he picks up.

“Eli, a paparazzi got in.” I reply dryly.

“I’ll call security.” He declares and I hang up.

I look down and see that the little Rose is crouched down of the floor, her facial expression straight and unexpressive. She’s pooping.


After about three hours in total, Tuna comes back. He barges in the office, almost startling us both.

“Dada!” Ros squeaks happily, and takes wobbly steps towards her father.

“Hey!” Tuna says, mouth open wide, the corner of his lips tugged up and his eyes smaller than usual. He as a few wrinkles around them and he’s showing his teeth.

He’s smiling.

It’s the first time I see him smile ever since I’ve met him.

“Cm’here.” He says, kneeling down and holding his arms open for her.  “Give me a big hug.”

Her little legs carry her to him and she presses herself against his chest, trying to get her short arms around his neck, and climbing up his thigh. He enfolds her in his arms, humming in satisfaction.

“Good girl. I missed you.” He praises, kissing her head repeatedly.

The guy is only human with his baby girl. That’s almost cute, if it didn’t mean he was a dick towards everyone else.

I get up from my seat, shrug my jacket on and grab my own bag while the two of them reunite, and walk towards the exit.

“Thanks for watching her today.” Tuna says, almost surprising me. I’m not going to tell him he’s welcome because he’s not.

He rises to his feet with Rose in his arms, and I take a last look at the lovely little girl.

“You should think about hiring a babysitter.” I advise him. Rose twists and reaches out to me. Tuna lets me take her in my arms one last time.

“She really likes me.” I say to myself.

“Because she doesn’t know you.” Tuna mutters, fishing his buzzing phone out of his pocket. I poke Rose’s cheek and watch her dimples appear as she smiles to me. She smells like baby and cuteness. She’s a real jewel, unlike her father.

“What the hell is this?” Tuna asks, and when I look at him I realize he’s talking to his phone. But then he looks up at me, horrified. “What did you do?”

I frown, confused, and he shoves his phone in my face. I take it in my hand, too curious to see what’s making him mad that I barely notice him taking Rose away from me.

On his phone I read a press article.

“Triple car race world champion Sivan O’shea seen with her new man’s baby? O’shea babysits while Tuan recovers from bad fall that left him bruised on the face. What about Alice?”

The former racer let us know of her return when she was seen hanging out with Mark Tuan and Lewis Hamilton to celebrate the start if the season, and has been seen today again with Tuan’s baby girl Rose. One thing that we know is that Tuan is an overprotective dad and wouldn’t let O’shea touch her unless he trusted her.

This makes us think that there must be something between them, but Alice, Tuan’s official girlfriend was also seen at the bar with him two days ago.

This story sure needs to be cleared up.


There she goes again

I’m sure they only met like a week ago, and he lets her around his child smh. Overprotective, my ass

He just lets her play with the baby so he can bang her

Did she not get dick in Israel for her to be that thirsty?

What is she doing this season beside babysitting?

Headcanon: Angela is okay-ish in Japanese. She isn’t entirely fluent, but she learned a bit to help out Genji during his early Overwatch years to make him feel more at home because she genuinely likes most of her patients.
Years later after Genji and Hanzo reconciled, they are discussing Hanzo’s crush on Jesse in Japanese (Read: Genji teases him.) Still, Genji tries to help his brother out to finally find love and suggests to get Jesse something romantic like roses.
Angela never meant to eveasdrop, but if you know a language that isn’t your mother tongue, you tend to zoom in on it. So without thinking about it, she simply says “Jesse is allergic to roses, but he loves lillies.”
Hanzo can’t look at Angela without going red in embarrassment for the next few days and Genji is cracking up.

scared to be lonely

my paper roses contest submission @v-0-3​ it’s a fic! 

I started this yesterday and im literally screaming b/c I was able to finish it. Inspired completely by the artwork you posted for 4k subscribers. I loved it so much and was craving to write something for it. Thankfully I finally did. 

here is a song to go with it ->

Story below~

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We need to talk about Natasha and Bucky in Black Widow: Deadly Origin

It frustrates me so much that this run is never mentioned in anyone’s analysis/meta on why Bucky and Nat make such a great couple! To me, this run completely sums up why they make such a great team. Sure, there are others that sum it up pretty well (Name of the Rose, CA&B 624) and those are discussed often, but I feel like this comic has been completely neglected by the Buckynat fandom and that makes me really sad!

First off, this comic is far from perfect. There were some plot points I was uncomfortable with (mainly the whole Ivan plot) and the real time art is frankly terrible. Not the mention some of the gross ultra-porny covers (looking at you Greg Land!) But the Buckynat scenes really manage to stand out.

Excluding the flashbacks, when we first see Bucky in Deadly Origin, he comes to Natasha in the morgue after her father figure Ivan has been brutally murdered. 

He comes to offer his help, much like he does in name of the rose (”If I offered myself up, would you take my help?”) But he gives her the option to turn him down. And she does.

Natasha asks him for moral support, and that’s what he gives her. He willingly takes the back seat and lets Nat do her damn job, because he knows she does’t need help. But he wants her to know that if she ever needs someone else, he’ll be there. And that blows me away.

Moving on to further in the plot, Nat figures out that everyone she has had prolonged contact with during the course of her life in in danger, including all her old boyfriends. So the story basically becomes Natasha going on a road trip to visit all her past loves and make sure they’re safe (Clint, Matt, Alexi, even Hercules). Does Bucky ever get jealous? Does he step in because he’s insecure?

BITCH NOPE. He’s the super supportive boyfriend who waits for her at his apartment with beer and warm embraces and moral support and never ONCE does he act jealous or petty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I just love how this comic portrays so well that Bucky thinks the world of Natasha. There’s never any sort of power imbalance between them. They’re never have one of those plots where Nat encounters an old love and Bucky plays the role of jealous boyfriend. They most certainly could have made Bucky like this in this run, but they didn’t. And that’s amazing.

Honestly Deadly Origin is so underrated by Buckynat fans in terms of how it perfectly portrays this relationship and I would really love it if we talked about this run more!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

The One I Really Want

Tentoo/Rose. ~2k. This was inspired by something Billie may or may not have said at Montreal con about Rose ditching Tentoo. My bae shutupandlovetennant​ was very upset and really needed some cheering up, so I hope this helps her, and anyone else who was offended by even the idea of her saying this (i’m still not convinced tbh, I want a video). I hope this can help you a little bit! Unashamedly fluffy, though it starts out rough. I won’t mess with you guys right now!

The Doctor fidgets a little with his bowtie in the floor mirror, pulling the ends then loosening it again at the collar in a vicious cycle. He’s never like wearing these unlucky tuxedos, but Rose changed all that the first night they came home from a Vitex event and she thanked him gratuitously for dressing up for her. With her mouth. He shivers pleasantly at the memory even now, though that was weeks ago now, and shakes his head to will away a stiffie before it can make them late. He’s much less hesitant to go anywhere ‘black tie’ now that he’ll always have Rose to save him from any misfortune that may arise. Still, the bowties always rub his neck the wrong way. They just feel tighter than the regular ties he likes.

“Doctor!” Rose calls from somewhere outside their bedroom.

“Sorry, love, I’m nearly done!” he calls back, remembering how frustrated she was the last time they planned a proper date and he made them miss the play by fussing a minute too long with his hair.

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zahranamazis  asked:

Can you imagine if the characters could be mutants like the X-men OMG !!

Okay so I’m pretty sure that there’s already some stuff catalogued for an X-Men AU on this blog already but heck if I don’t want to write some more. I’ve been working on this on/off for the past few days and also bickering with Moon about power choices, and I also just saw X-Men: Apocalypse!!!! It was a really great movie btw, and the theater erupted in applause twice during it and I swear to god I need “Turn Down for What” playing in the background of like five scenes. It was so amazing. You all should watch it immediately if you haven’t already.

  • Marinette can manipulate probability to an extent. It’s literally all because of this post. I mean, she basically already molds reality to her will with Lucky Charm and Miraculous Ladybug, and she’s also a designer. It’s in her nature to change and create things to fit her design. She’s very wary of her powers and her own desires, because anything that happens that aligns with what she wants could easily just be her powers affecting others. She’s very careful when using her powers, because one small mis-step could easily mean a whole bunch of death and destruction.
  • Adrien can destroy any corporeal object he touches with his hands (excluding himself). He has to wear a special kind of glove to prevent the destruction of basically everything. It’s fine if people touch him so long as they stay away from his hands. It’s kind of cute on an aesthetic level because he basically has to wear convertible mittens in fights. But on an emotional level, it’s hard for Adrien to get close to anyone while holding onto the fear that he might accidentally hurt them.
  • Nino’s power is similar to Gambit’s but instead of playing cards, he manipulates bubbles and turns them into explosives. Not always harmful explosions though. Sometimes it’s just fireworks. He uses those to entertain the little kids when they’re being rambunctious, or to cheer them up when they’re sad or homesick.
  • Alya produces light beams from her fingertips that freeze moving objects, but since she can’t really control them, she usually needs a conductor to use it properly. At the moment, she uses a special phone tailor-made to handle the transfer of power.
  • Chloé can mimic just about any mutant ability used against her. As soon as she sees a physical trait or power being used against her, she can easily replicate it. The only things she can’t replicate are mental powers, such as telepathy, mind control, and telekinesis.
  • Sabrina can turn invisible, but she is very bad at controlling it. Either she can’t turn invisible when she wants, she turns invisible when she doesn’t want to, or she gets stuck in a state of invisibility, and then can’t change back because she freaks out. She can only change back after she calms down, but the only person to successfully get Sabrina out of that state is Chloé. Because of this, they’re very close.
  • Max is a technopath, and is a complete butt about his powers. He uses them all the time to hack into computers, videogames, and even to screw around with lights and electrical appliances. It gets him into trouble with the other kids sometimes. One time Ivan punched Max square across the jaw because Max had used the lights to convince Mylène that he was a ghost.
  • Alix has superspeed and basic time manipulation powers. If she runs fast enough, she can go back in time. So far, the furthest she’s managed to travel is two and a half minutes, but she’s constantly pushing for longer. Thankfully, the future Alix pops up on the other side of the campus from the past Alix, which avoids a lot of confusion.
  • Kim has wings, and he absolutely loves them. They’re black and red, which are his two favorite colors, and look super awesome. He pretends not to care when he accidentally smacks someone in the face, or when his wings destroy one of his favorite shirts. And to make up for not having any combat-related abilities, he tends to use a bow and arrow combination to become an aerial sniper guy.
  • Rose can release a hypnotic gas that bends people’s minds to her will. She hates using her powers because she’s disgusted with the idea that she can take away people’s free will (save for the one time when she snapped and almost took over half the city). She’s still learning how to use it, and only uses it when it’s in dire situations, such as self-preservation, or getting the littler kids to go the heck to sleep.
  • Juleka can create copies of herself. They’re all mentally connected, and when the copies recombine with the original Juleka, all of their memories and experiences are shared into one form. A lot of the time, Juleka uses her powers to get out of things that she doesn’t want to do (which doesn’t really make a lot of sense because technically she ends up doing them anyway), or to let Rose give her copies makeovers and haircuts and stuff.
  • Nathanaël can create constructs from his imagination. Like Alya, he needs a conductor to help him out, so he uses a special drawing tablet to help him focus on what he wants to create, and then to get rid of it when he’s done. Sometimes he and Marinette team up with her fashion designs to create cool outfits for their friends. It’s a lot of fun.
  • Ivan has sort of a Colossus-type deal, except he can turn his skin into rock instead of metal. His powers make him virtually invulnerable and give him super strength. And when Mylène has one of her fits, he’s the only one strong enough to help her calm down enough so she can transform back. They’re very cute together.
  • Mylène can transform into a giant hulking monster. Usually her transformations are tied to actively negative emotions, so if she gets too angry or scared, she’ll turn into a large purple creature. On a good day, she can transform at will, allowing her invulnerability and super strength. She hates her other form, though. It’s large, and scary, and everything she despises in the world. Gradually (and with Ivan’s help), she’s come to accept it, and even embrace it.
  • Lila can create highly realistic illusions, and she’s not above abusing her powers. She uses it all the time, whether it’s to get the last slice of pizza or to pick the movie on movie night, she’ll use it. But that leads people to tend to not trust her, because literally anything coming out of her mouth could be a lie. Lila is mostly fine with that.
  • Aurore can manipulate ice and snow, and is very good at controlling her powers. The only time she ever loses control is if she gets too emotional and then accidentally causes a large blizzard. Usually she only uses her powers to entertain kids if she’s not fighting something. All the kids love her. All of them.
  • Manon is an extremely powerful mutant with telepathic powers that mostly manifest as mind control. She’s not good at controlling her powers yet, and so she uses dolls and toys as stand-ins for people when she controls them. For Adrien, she uses a black cat toy, for Nathanaël, a purple doll, for Alya, a barbie, and so on and so forth. None of the other kids really like her, and the adults don’t know how to handle her because she ends up controlling them to do her bidding anyway. Only Marinette and Rose can (usually) handle her if it comes down to it.
  • Theo is a shapeshifter. His true form is similar to Mystique’s, only with pitch-black skin, bright green eyes, and a shock of blonde hair. His preferred form has olive skin, dark green eyes, and brown hair. At one point, he fell in love with Marinette (because physically they’re the same age but with his decelerated aging, he’s about five-ten years older than her) and got extremely jealous when Adrien noticed and tried to put a stop to it. Eventually everyone kinda got over it and moved on to better things, and Marinette and Theo maintain a good friendship now.

Alright that was fun!!!! If you guys have questions on specific relationships and mutations feel free to shoot me an ask and I’d be more than happy to answer it!!!!


One year for Valentines, Rose got a bouquet of lilies while Lily received one of roses. They thought it was a mistake and that someone had accidentally switched them but they were actually from the Scamander twins who knew how much the girls hated being given the flowers they were named after because it was “tacky and unoriginal”. 

“If I got a Sickle for every rose I’ve ever received, I swear I’d be as rich as your dad, Lily.” Rose griped as she, Lily, and the twins sat in the dining hall discussing this year’s upcoming Valentines celebration. Lorcan and Lysander shared a glance and smiled.

“Its fine that Steven forgave his bigoted uncle! Jasper, Bismuth and Eyeball all tried to murder him.”

First things first, they tried to kill ROSE. Not Steven.

And are we forgetting that Lapis tried to drown him? That Peridot tried to kill him with death lasers and came very close to crushing Pearl and Garnet?

“But….but….but there’s a good reason that. We can explain why Lapis/Peridot did those things.”

Yeah….you can do that with Jasper, Bismuth and Eyeball too. I know you people wanna pretend that those three are just plain evil. Which tells me that you have no fucking clue what message this show is trying to convey.

Jasper behaved the way she did for a reason. You’ve chosen to ignore it.

Bismuth behaved the way she did for a reason. You’ve chosen to ignore it.

Eyeball behaved the way she did for a reason. You’ve chosen to ignore it.

And don’t you dare try to fucking tell me that Steven tried to help them.

Because he didn’t.

He spent the entire episode trying to convince Eyeball that he was Rose. How’s that helping? If anything, its a dumbass move since Eyeball tells him that she wanted closure just like Jasper. Which should have told him all he needed to know given the recent events with Jasper. Sure, he healed her gem. But that was out of necessity. Not because of some bigger reason.

As for Jasper, Steven only “tried to help” when Jasper was already being corrupted. Before that, he had dismissed her as being terrible. Without even caring to see things from her perspective. And don’t give me the “Stevonnie asked her to apologize” excuse. Because while that may say something for future episodes, it meant nothing in the context of the episode in which it was said. You can’t demand an apology from someone who doesn’t think they’re in the wrong. Not to mention, demanding an apology isn’t always “helping”

As for Bismuth….frankly SHE helped him more than he helped her. He spent most of the episode being uncomfortable with the “old ways” of the Crystal Gems and then his pleading with her at the end was nothing more than him trying to talk his attacker down. I guess he did her a favor by telling her that he would tell the others…..But helping?

Frankly, the fandom (and the show) give Steven way too much credit when it comes to these three characters. And when you don’t have your head up your ass, you will notice the disconnect between those three and other people that Steven encounters.

dameofpowellestate-deactivated2  asked:

Nine/Rose AU Rose is a dance teacher and the rest is up to you. ;)

From the five years she had been teaching her class, Rose knew the difference between a person who paid for the class and a friend or an unwilling partner.

The blue-eyed soldier standing next to the ginger was one of the latter. He was only there because his partner seemed to have dragged him there, and Rose smiled. She wouldn’t put him in the limelight, but it was a dancing class, so she couldn’t let him stand around. “Alright, everyone, we’re starting with a very basic waltz,” she announced when it finally came time to start. “It’s a very easy pattern, so those with two left feet can get acclimatized,” Rose grinned. There were a few chuckles. “Get into a hold that feels the most comfortable- this is about footwork, not what you’re doing with your hands.”

She watched as the man stayed as far from his partner as he could. “Ok, now, watch the steps I take. Both the male and female steps are the same, so I don’t need a volunteer. Feel free to copy me if you think you have it down,” Rose said.

After demonstrating the moves a few times, she told them to try. it and corrected those who were doing it wrong. The entire time she kept an eye on the man and his ginger partner, the woman fussing at him when he was too slow to move. 

Rose eventually took pity on them. “Donna and John, right?” She asked as she walked up to them. They immediately dropped each other’s hands and nodded. “You’re doing magnificently, Donna, and though you’re a bit stiff you’ll learn to relax in time. As for you…” she smiled at John. “I know she dragged you here, but you might as well lighten up. Here-” she placed one of his hands on her waist. “Dancing isn’t just counting and movement. It’s like foreplay. Every motion is meant to further the mood of the piece, so that when you’re done both parties can walk away satisfied. Now. Think of your body as an extension of the music." 

"Donna’s the one getting married, I’m only here because her fiancee got stuck in traffic,” he grumbled. “Why do I have to do this?”

“Because one day, John, there will be someone who will ask you to dance. And you should learn how to do so when they do,” she said. “Ready?”

He nodded, and she led him, adjusting for his pauses fluidly and gently correcting him as he stepped wrong. A few moments later he was making the motions like they were second nature, and Rose grinned. “See? Not so hard. Now go back and try it with Donna.”

“I might need your help again,” he admitted, gruffly.

She patted his arm. “I’ll be here. But there are other couples who need my help, even if they aren’t as handsome,” she winked, and twirled off to help another couple who were all hands and little feet.

If Rose noticed that John seemed to be paying more attention to her than Donna, she didn’t mention it. And he didn’t seem to mind when she paid him more attention than the others, as well.

Donna simply smirked and wondered if Lee could come up with another excuse.

*SU Spoiler* How Rose Got the Idea to Have Steven

“Greg the Babysitter” is going to reveal more than just how Greg got the car wash.

From the recent video and picture leaks we see Greg and Rose spending time together.

Since “We Need to Talk” they are trying to build their relationship more. This will also help Rose understand humans through their interactions.

However, Greg doesn’t have a job and can’t really provide for himself. Since Gems do not need physical necessities and Greg is hiding his struggle, she doesn’t seem to see the problem. Greg showering in the ocean, eating out of a trashcan, clothes being ripped, etc. At first, he won’t see the problem yet because he is dedicated to Rose and is not a materialistic person (difference between buying materials and keeping mementos).

Before finding a job, Vidalia will ask Greg if he can help babysit and take care of Sour Cream. He might not want to help at first because Greg wants to spend time with Rose. However, Vidalia might guilt trip him because of his relation to Marty or use her a fiercer tactic to scare him into helping.

Greg is pretty good or at least relaxed about babysitting Sour Cream. Sour Cream seems like an easy baby or at least very chill compared to most. However, that might change when Rose decides to join in. She will learn more about babies and children and have a fun babysitting date.

Things will soon become troublesome when Sour Cream goes missing and Greg has to find him quick before he gets hurt. Seems Sour Cream is on one of the rides and Greg tries to save him but gets stuck. Rose comes in and helps them out of the dangerous situation. (Might make it worse at first, and uses her strength to save the day).

Now remember that Rose did not know anything about human culture in “We Need to Talk.” In fact, it was kind of like her going to a zoo without fact cards or stands. Kind of like exotic animals that are fun to play with. It was Greg that got her to see that humans have more complex lives than she initially thought.

This is why she is spending her free time with Greg because she wants to learn more about the culture of humans. How they live, what they do, different emotions, ideologies, etc. She already thinks of life as previous but did not know how humans lived their life. Especially since humans have very short life spans. At least compared to Gems who don’t die unless shattered or are forever doomed to be corrupted.

Rose will learn one of the most complex parts of humans: infancy and childhood. Rose does have a vague understanding of human beings but not about how they are born.

Remember from “Keeping it Together” Gems are created by drilling a geode into the Earth’s crust and sucking the life out of Earth. It is a very parasitic way of being made. They are already fully matured Gems and take on the role depending on Gem types; Quartz, Rubies, Pearls, Peridots, etc.

Once she observes Sour Cream she will understand the difference between the creation of Gems and humans. Instead of fully grown and accepting the role, human babies are born like new and have to learn about themselves without roles. Biological, psychological, emotional, everything is learned and takes time to process in humans. Especially in children depending on the environment they live in. Not only that but babies do not need to necessarily feed off or at least drain life (again depending on situation). They are dependent on nutrients from the mother but that does not kill anyone. Once Rose sees that babies are not parasitic towards anyone and have to develop skills and personalities slowly as infants, she will wonder if she could create one.

That is where the idea of Steven comes in! Greg said he started working at the carwash 15 years ago! One year before Steven was born which is not a coincidence. Babies can grow up and learn without expected roles right away. Rose was able to see that with Sour Cream and learn more from Greg

Once Greg hears that Rose wants a child maybe that is what got him to work at the car wash. If they are successful at having a child (which they are), Greg needs to earn money to take care of his baby. He was fine with not having much and living what he can get. But he decided to be able to financially support his future child and luckily finds a job at the car wash.

Now one wonders if she knew was going to die from this pregnancy. She already had this idea but to what extent did she know the consequences? If she did know before, then she is willing to sacrifice herself to bring Steven into the world. If she did not know and found out during the pregnancy, then she accepts her position and prepares for the time to come. Both will probably stem from guilt for starting the war and not being able to help other Gems, but has hopes that Steven will be better at taking care of the Gems and the humans than she did.

This episode is going to reveal much more than we think. At least it will show how Rose came to the idea of having Steven and maybe a possible why. We shall see Friday.

fic: what in the world, (3/4)

Note that for the this totally not canon-compliant series, the implications that the Master mistreats Lucy in The Sound of Drums/ Last of the Time Lords do not apply here. There is no domestic violence, implied or otherwise, in this series of ficlets.

Part One - Part Two

“Thank you for today,” Lucy said to Rose, giving her a quick hug. “It was nice to have you here to help me keep an eye on my new husband. And thanks for talking him out of exploding the cake.”

Rose laughed. “Yeah, he’s quite a handful. Time Lords are like that.”

They both looked towards said Time Lords, who were standing nearby currently arguing about the properties of Ascopian glue. The women shared a fond smile.

“So, you and the Doctor,” Lucy said next.

“Yeah?” replied Rose, reaching up to fiddle with her earring.

“Harry said that the Doctor refused to tell him what you are to one another.”

Rose nodded. “That sounds like him.” She sat down at the table, and gestured for Lucy to join her. They were currently at the Master and Lucy’s wedding reception, and everyone else was up dancing having finished the four course meal of various alien delicacies.

“I mean, it’s obvious that you’re both besotted. And, well, you let slip to me the other day that you’ve been sleeping together.” She paused, smiling, then said, “And don’t think I haven’t noticed the mark on your neck.”

Rose blushed. “Yeah…”

“But have you talked about it? The two of you?”

“We did, actually. This morning.”

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I know that not many people are fans of John Winchester. Neither am I, honestly. But that doesn’t mean we can never talk of his character outside of his (in my opinion fairly blatant) abuse of his sons.

No one I’ve seen has really talked about how John was in the Marines during the Vietnam war. The Vietnam war and how it relates to John’s role in the show is actually fascinating to me because of how it plays in thematically.

We all know the show has a history of being cyclical thematically, running a similar storyline through the seasons as the go by. It’s actually quite self-referential to this; in The Song Remains the Same, Michael tells Dean that their story goes back to Cain and Abel; in the same way, seasons 9-11 have been playing with the revisiting and recycling of old stories in Genesis. 

In John’s case, it’s interesting to me in the context of being essentially forced into a losing war against impossible enemies, and when you finally crawl out and make a life for yourself, your history still haunts you and you are eventually dragged back into the unending fight.

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Out of the Ashes, First Day

Out of the Ashes, part 5/?
Rose Tyler, human!Tenth Doctor (AU)

Rose Tyler is used to being alone, having learned the hard way that, eventually, everyone disappears.  After losing the one person she dared to believe wouldn’t leave her, she stops trying to believe that anything will last.  She’s determined that no one will hurt her or her son again.

Genres: hurt/comfort/romance
Rating: teen
Beta: rudennotgingr

tumblr A03

At seven thirty, Monday morning, James was bouncing on the balls of his feet outside Rose’s flat after giving the door a “shave and a haircut” knock.

“You’re early,” she said as she opened the door, looking at him in confusion.

“Yes, I am,” he said.  “But…I brought doughnuts.”

She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously, but he simply gave her a smile and held up the bag in his right hand.

“Yeah, alright then,” she said after a moment, opening the door wide for him.  “God, I don’t know which of you is more excited.”

“Hard to tell,” he admitted, following her further into the flat.

“James!” Ian cried happily, sliding off his chair and running to him, wrapping his arms around James’ knees.  James immediately put the doughnuts and various items under his other arm on the table, then reached down and swung the boy up onto his hip.

“You’re not gonna make me learn about trees, are you?” Ian asked, anxiety all over his little face.

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Honestly this update is just. Vriska’s problem in a nutshell. She never learns from her mistakes! She feels bad, she says sorry, she tries to fix it, but she misses that crucial last step of “don’t do it again”.

She’s doing the same thing here with Jake that she was doing with Tavros. She’s got this tough love mindset, she pushes people to do better by pushing them, she insults and sneers and tries to make them FACE THE AWFUL REALITY. Sometimes that’s okay! Some people aren’t as hurt by that, some people are inspired to fight back and prove her wrong. It seems to have helped out Terezi and Rose! But it did not help Tavros. It hurt him so badly, again and again, it killed him.

And Vriska feels bad about that! She doesn’t like that she hurt him, she regrets his death, she tried to make it up by bringing him back to life.

But she’s just turning the exact same harmful attitudes on the other page instead. This time is different because at least she was specifically trying to help Tavros, whereas right now it seems like she’s lecturing Jake just because that’s what she does? But it’s the same lecture, the same world view, the same attitude that was so harmful to Tavros.

Vriska doesn’t learn. She feels bad for doing wrong!

But she never quite figures out what the wrong was.
My Life As a Young Thug "by" Mike Tyson

My favorite parts:

  • Mike Tyson stopped going to school at age 7 because some kid tried to steal his meatballs at lunch. Not because they were constantly robbing him of change, not because they made fun of his lisp, not because one bully stole his glasses and put them down a truck’s gas tank, but because they tried to steal his cafeteria meat balls
  • “Flying pigeons was a big sport in Brooklyn. Everyone from Mafia dons to little ghetto kids did it. It’s unexplainable; it just gets in your blood.”
  • He was inducted into the sport of flying pigeons after a couple of street kids tried to rob him. Finding no money on his person, they asked “do you want to come fly with us?" 
  • He thought attending a party with these people while covered in bird shit would make him fit in. He started to cry when they made fun of him for being covered in bird shit.
  • "One day I went into this neighborhood in Crown Heights and I robbed a house with this older guy. We found $2,200 in cash, and he cut me in for $600. So I went to a pet store and bought a hundred bucks’ worth of birds.They put them in a crate for me, and the owner helped me get them on the subway. When I got off, I had somebody from my neighborhood help me drag the crate to the condemned building where I was hiding my pigeons.”
  • He got into his first fight because a guy named Gary Flowers broke the neck of one of his pigeons.
  • His mother let him sleep in her bed until she was 15 (????), but she never liked him, she was only drunk.
  • He asked to take home roses once when he went to a nice house because he had never seen roses before
  • “I was this useless, Thorazined-out nigga who was diagnosed as retarded, and this old white guy gets ahold of me and gives me an ego.”