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HEY IT’S A FURRY or maybe a pinchy?  It’s miss Kali Crab!  I haven’t made a ‘sona to draw in like 10 years lmao.  anyway I love crabs and I like drawing crab critters so this is her anthro design, there’s also an actual hermit crab design + cool monster crab design that I’ll post later because SHE IS  A VERY FAB CRAB

+ DID U KNO: some species of hermit crab form a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones!  A crab will peel off an anemone(s) from somewhere and plant it firmly on it’s shell.  The stinging tendrils of the anemone provide protection from the crab’s many predators.  In return, the anemone gets plenty of scraps from the crab’s meals.  IT’S SUPER CUTE and I love it and that’s why she has 2 friends with her lol.  

when you came from a shampoo world and somehow your ex-villain-weirdly-buddy ended up getting the most perfect shampoo. 

Petra is just mad because…It’s Petra. Jessie is unsure what to say about that. Lukas is writing down about that world, yep, including Ivor’s moment. lmao. 

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Hey there! So I'm not sure if requests are open, but if they are would you mind writing a marvel oneshot where Loki and reader have been best friends for years but recently he is mean to her and makes fun of her because he she is also friends with Thor and they've become closer and he thinks they like each other and is jealous. But one time he goes too far and really upsets the reader and Thor confronts Loki about his behaviour and how much it hurt the reader because she likes him. Fab! Thanks!

Pairing: Loki x Reader / Thor x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: angst + cliffhanger

A/N: THIS IS GOING TO HAVE A PART 2! (also, thank you so much for your request my love <3)


“Are you ready?” Thor asked, patiently waiting outside of your room.

His breath got stuck in his throat when you opened the door, his mouth forming an ‘O’ and admiring your beauty.

The red dress looked like it was a second skin. It suited you perfectly and made you look like a goddess. Like a goddess that would fit Thor’s side perfectly.

“Is this okay?” you asked self-consciously.

“You look like a queen, (Y/N),” he kissed your hand and then grinned at you.

“Oh stop it, you..,” you laughed and hooked your arm with his, then you both went down to where the party was being held.

A lot of eyes were on the two of you when you entered and even more people started whispering immediately. 

You really did look like you were made for each other.

And one man in particular wasn’t thrilled about that.

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Man I LOVE that Tex and Chuck fusion! He looks awesome! Ah ~<3 I think I am in love again. If you are doing all manner of fusions... What would a Tennie, Claire mix be like?

YESSSSS more fusions you guys are my favorite enablers oh my god.

I have no idea what what would lead these guys to fuse but oh my god

Tenaire is 2 good 4 u


Inspired by the buzzfeed video “Try Guys Try High Heels”

Ayato saw Yui in heels and got jealous because she looked way more fab than him.
So he decided to prove to the world he was the most fabulous.

Something like that anyway.

I’ll probably do a continuation of this.

Ayato belongs to the wonderful rejet, go support them so we can have more of our lovely vampire bois

Art belongs to me, do not repost and claim as your own.

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Hello hello! I am here with an ask about modern fashion for law, ace, sabo, and chopper! If you don't mind!

Hey! I really loved the modern AU you did with what the op characters would wear. I was wondering if you could do the same for ASL, Usopp, Hancock, and Robin?

Not at all lovelies! :D And thank you!


  • Oh mighty lord, you know Law could be stylish, he does have great taste
  • The potential is there, but he just still so often sticks with dark hoodies, dammit
  • Hasn’t changed his haircut for the past six years
  • Sometimes tho he really manages to to look fashionable as heck
  • Wears dark shoes and form-fitting pants and looks fantastic in them
  • He’s one of the dudes who wear multiple rings on his fingers
  • When he actually looks pretty decent with tight pants, dark boots, and a shirt with deep clevage that shows off both his muscles and his tattoes he finds a way to ruin everything with a stupid animal print cap


  • Ace kinda has a sporty/lumberjack style
  • His fave color is orange and his fave colors to wear are orange, black and red
  • He kinda likes vests for colder weather
  • He would walk around naked if he could tho, that’s how comfortable clothing is important to him
  • Likes hoodies and sleevles shirts a lot too
  • Would probably have an tattoo that would cover his entire shoulder + upper arm
  • Wears a lot of bracelets
  • Over the years his good friend Izo gave him a bit of an insight in fashion so Ace can pull off to look proper for parties and festivities


  • Has much more taste than his brothers, he didn’t intend to but he grew up with rich ass parents after all
  • He has a preppy/casual style
  • He really only wears dark, plain colors, all just different shades of blue, black, white and grey
  • Likes chelsea/oxfort boots
  • Would wear more colorful comfortable hoodies and shirts at home tho
  • Has a smaller tattoo that covers a bit of his upper arm
  • He’s one of the few men in the world, who can look sexy wearing a turtleneck sweater


  • Do you know these russian Shapka hats, lumberjacks wear during winter?
  • He’s a fan of them
  • The keyword is really ‘lumberjack’, much more than Ace
  • A lot checkered shirts in dark warm colors (pink and red most often)
  • And boots, in all shades of brown
  • Chopper loves winter and doesn’t dress overly appropiate for the summer
  • “It’s so hot in here.”
  • “Well then why don’t you take off the fucking fur hat, Chopper
  • Guess who the second person here is


  • Luffy wants it sporty, boyish, comfortable and comedic
  • He wears every color of the rainbow except maybe pink
  • 50% of his clothing is red
  • Of course he still proudly wears the strawhat, but mostly during summer
  • That said in contrast to Chopper, Luffy is a summer guy and doesn’t dress that appropiately for winter
  • But hey he manages to wear his beloved Sandals while it’s snowing without getting cold so let him be
  • His shirts he wears mostly have funny lines on them or he wears movie themed shirts and hoodies
  • He loves sneakers and converse a lot too


  • pretty stylish
  • not afraid to wear plain grey or dark green skirts
  • He has the best bohemian style you could come across
  • loose pirate esque shirts with deep clevage and such
  • wears sunglasses a lot
  • I’m pretty sure Usopp has dreads 
  • Wears a lot of rings and necklaces and bracelets, but not bling more earthy stuff and things he made himself
  • Also has a bunch of fandom shirts, like Marvel, Starwars, DC and such
  • Wears all kinds of shoes he’s always dressed appropiately, but his fave shoes are sporty sneakers and boots


  • stylish as fuck
  • this lady wears a lot of sunglasses, for one, she looks hella awesome and two she doesn’t always want to be recognized by her fans in public
  • formfitting short dresses that show off her glorious legs are totally her thing
  • Really loves leather jackets
  • fave colors to wear are dark pink, red, dark blue and dark green, she looks awesome in every color tho
  • Wears high heels and dark long boots most of the time
  • Hancock is chinese, so I bet during movie premiers she would wear chinese themed dresses in the most ravishing colors
  • Huge fan of heavy earings


  • kinda all over the place, Robin does not have the best taste
  • She likes to wear dark colors the most for sure
  • Wears plain heels and boots often, she doesn’t like flat shoes too much
  • Robin loves a nice leather jacket but at the same time she loves to wear very long flowerprint skirts, so like I said Robin is not that fashionable
  • wears glasses, A because she has long-sighted vision and B because she looks fab with glasses
  • Robin is Indian so she totally wears a beautiful purple Sari with a Bindi during parties 
  • Tries a different hairstyle every month probably

2/ favorite female tv characters

Abbie Mills [Sleepy Hollow]

mmm yeah ok but what if the great witch is actually a good person and just think humans are just jealous af on magic users so she went all like “well shit fuck you guys, we’re out of this world” so the sanctuary that Chiron made was a legit sanctuary 

imagine NC meeting The Great Witch and Chiron though, they’d probs teach them about magic and how to properly run a haven LMAO