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“But turn around, oh they’ve surrounded you/ It’s a showdown and nobody comes to save you now/ But you’ve got something they don’t/ Yeah you’ve got something they don’t." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - Eyes Open

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.

One thing that drives me nuts in Daredevil, because the show/Matt never acknowledges it:

Matt can’t tell when Elektra is lying.

Not ever! And you would think that he would have caught on by this point, but no, he still says things like ‘your heartbeat is always loud and clear’ and falls for lines like ‘listen to my heartbeat, you know it’s true’* without a blink.

Like, at this point I just admire Elektra for having the chutzpah to pull all this off, but damn Matthew. You never learn.

Some examples:

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30 Day Writing Challenge Day 5: Rain

The first thing Yuuri registered when he woke up was the soft pitter-patter of rain outside.

He smiled. Rain meant he could stay in bed just a little longer, since Victor liked to drag him out for a morning run. He liked running, but he also liked the feeling of just waking up, when your bed’s still warm and it’s the most comfortable place on Earth.

Yuuri pulled the sheets up to his neck and burrowed into his bed. He felt so nice, so warm and boneless. He could almost fall asleep again…

An ice cold hand traced over his side.

Yuuri shrieked and tried to wiggle away from the intrusion. An arm wrapped around his middle and pulled him back against a hard chest.

Yuuri turned over and saw a slightly blurred Victor. He smiled down at Yuuri and bent forward to kiss his forehead. Yuuri smiled and pushed his face into Victor’s neck. The hickey he left there last night stood out on his pale skin.

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Tacos and Tequila - Ch.1

Said I wasn’t gonna post this till I’d written it all but hey I’m a big lying liar. This is a College AU inspired by a ridiculous prompt from @bugheadjonesiii which happens to be the title of this fic. So yeah, there’s that.

Betty drives almost four hours in a snowstorm to visit her best friend, Archie Andrews, at college, only to arrive and find out that Archie isn’t home, won’t be returning, and hadn’t even told his roommate she was coming. Snowed in and less than happy about it, Betty might come to learn that 48 hours trapped with Jughead Jones won’t be that bad after all.

Ch.2 / Ch.3 / Read on AO3


Betty is out of breath by the time she makes it to the top of the staircase, dragging her uncooperative suitcase behind her – it had gotten stuck on every obstacle possible, flipping over more than once and nipping at the backs of her heels the rest of the time. She’d stood outside the student apartment building for a good ten minutes before someone had come by to let her in, her persistent pressing of Archie’s buzzer going entirely unanswered.

“Oh, hey, hold the door please!” she’d yelled, hurrying to catch it before it swung shut on her once again. She’d stepped away in the hopes of reaching Archie on his cell phone instead, but had once again had no luck. The disinterested student barely stopped to slide his hand across the glass, pinning it open for a fraction of a second longer, Betty managing to catch the heavy weight with the tips of her frostbitten fingers. “Thanks,” she had huffed under her breath, sarcasm laced heavily in her tone.

To add to her plight the elevator had had a bright white sign slapped across it that read ‘out of order’, forcing her to take the stairs. Betty wasn’t unfit by any means, but right now she was tired, drained even, and wanted nothing more than to get inside her best friend’s room and just collapse on the nearest soft surface.

It wasn’t exactly how she’d wanted to arrive either. Bags beneath her eyes, drenched from standing in the flurry of snow that had started to come down mid-drive. The same snow that had already set her nerves on edge as she felt the road slicken beneath her tires. She pauses, trying to catch her breath and swipe some of the hair stuck to her damp skin away, before continuing down the hallway in search of Archie’s room, hoping the flush in her cheeks would fade by the time she found it.

The numbers 403 flash before her eyes and she knocks, fingers of her free hand fiddling with the sleeve of her sweater while she waits.

The door swings open and the first thing Betty thinks is naked.

Her eyes widen comically as she is met with an expanse of skin, wet and glistening slightly under the fluorescent lighting above. She rakes her gaze over the hard planes of the stranger’s chest before she can stop herself, noting the subtle ridges of abs – not nearly as defined as the ones she was used to catching glimpses of out of her bedroom window, but definitely still there – and a smattering of dark hair trailing down below a soft, white towel…

Her head snaps up, all efforts to rid her cheeks of their previous flush now in vein as she swallows nervously. The stranger is staring back at her, face unnervingly guarded. Betty clears her throat, holding her chin a fraction higher in an attempt to seem more put together than she is feeling. The stranger runs a hand through his wet hair, pushing back the long, ebony curls from in front of steady blue eyes. He has really long eyelashes, Betty thinks distractedly, before scrambling to pull her mind back from the diversion it had decided to take.

“Um, hi. I’m looking for Archie Andrews? I’m…”

“Betty Cooper.” Betty’s head bounces back in surprise at the sound of her name on his lips, snapping her mouth closed instantly. The corner of his own mouth tilts upwards minutely into an upper-handed smirk. “The blonde from the pictures,” he says by way of explanation, gesturing vaguely behind him.

Betty can’t stop the warmth that spreads throughout her chest at this statement; the knowledge that Archie had pictures up of her in his college room, had told people her name, settles comfortably in her stomach. The vague recollection of a name in a phone call pokes around the edges of her memory.

“And you’re… Jughead?” she asks warily, the nickname feeling foreign on her tongue.

“The one and only,” Jughead replies. There is a beat of silence as neither make a move to continue the conversation.

“Forgive my asking, but what exactly are you doing here?” Jughead finally questions, tilting his head inquisitively. The warmth in Betty’s chest turns to ice. His eyes feel intrusive as they stare back at her, making her want to curl in on herself until she becomes invisible.

“I… Archie didn’t say anything?” she mumbles, willing the prickle in the corner of her eyes not to turn to tears. Jughead shakes his head slightly. Betty nods, fingernails slipping from the hem of her sweater to the soft skin of her palm, poised just above the flesh. He’s just busy, it’s first semester after all, a reassuring voice tries to tell her. “I’m visiting for the weekend,” she tells Jughead, plastering an overly bright smile on her face. Jughead’s expression falters at her words.

“Archie isn’t here,” he says slowly, eyes taking on a certain wariness as he watches a range of emotions flit across Betty’s features. “He took off with some girl a few days ago and hasn’t come back yet.”

Some girl. There was always some girl, Betty thinks dejectedly, but that girl was never her. Embarrassment strikes white hot down her spine, glazing her eyes over as her nails pierce the skin of her palms. “Oh,” she whispers, unable to make her voice come out any louder.

“Do you want to hit me?” The unusual question snaps Betty out of her sudden spiral. Her brow furrows delicately and it’s her turn to regard him warily.

“Excuse me?”

His eyes lower pointedly to her clenched fists. She follows his gaze, immediately flexing her fingers. “Because, hey, I’d understand.” Betty shuts her eyes briefly, exhaling slowly out of her nose before looking back at the boy in the doorway.

“No, I don’t want to hit you,” she says in a more even tone, hints of amusement creeping in around the edges. He smiles at that, and Betty can’t help but note that the simple action softens his whole demeanour. A lump catches in her throat. “I just… I drove three and a half hours to see my best friend, who I haven’t seen in months, and he isn’t even here. And it’s snowing, and I nearly crashed on the way over here because some drivers are assholes, and students are assholes, and so are professors for that matter; did you know that one of mine sprung a surprise paper on us the other day and I had to complete it early before leaving to come here? Only to find out, as I’ve said before, Archie isn’t here and didn’t tell his roommate I was even coming,” she exhales, feeling her body lighten with every word that passes her lips, sagging against the handle of her suitcase.

Jughead’s eyes have crinkled around the corners as he regards her with mild enjoyment, leaning nonchalantly against the doorframe. He looks as if he’s about to say something before changing his mind and pulling his lower lip between his teeth.

“What?” Betty asks with a sigh, sensing his hesitation. She doesn’t even care that she’s just unloaded her every frustration on this unsuspecting man, clad only in his towel, in the doorway of his college residence.

“You blink when you say the word ‘asshole’,” he tells her, that devilish smirk slipping back onto his face. Betty looks at him indignantly.

“No, I don’t,” she retorts before even figuring out why she feels she should be offended by his accusation. “I’m perfectly capable of saying ‘asshole’ without blinking.”

“You blinked again.” She purses her lips together because damn it, he’s right. She did blink. She supposes it was many years of Alice Cooper telling her that ladies didn’t use such foul language. She scoffed internally – she’s certainly heard her mother using more than a few choice words during the less than quiet arguments she had with Betty’s father, Hal.

There’s that silence again as both of them continue to stare, neither moving as Betty rocks back on her heels. Eventually, she sighs, ready to admit defeat.

“Well, I better be going; long drive back,” she murmurs as she grips the handle of her suitcase more firmly and turns to head back towards the stairs. Jughead stares at her retreating figure before his manners suddenly kick in.

“Oh, man. Shit–  Betty! Wait, you can’t drive all the way back now,” Jughead calls after her, starting to step out into the hallway, one hand clutching at the knot in his towel. She turns to face him, teeth chewing on the plush skin of her lower lip. He flushes, looking up and down the corridor before stepping out towards her.

“I don’t mean to be an asshole,” he begins, pointedly exaggerating the curse while he looks at her unblinkingly, garnering a laugh. “But you look exhausted, and the weather is hell. You shouldn’t be out driving. Just… come inside for a while, okay?” he asks, ducking his head to meet her eyes better. The stray fly-aways framing her face are dampened with melting snowflakes. Betty looks up at him from beneath her lashes, debating his request. In all actuality there’s no real debate. She is exhausted and the thought of rolling her tires over the absolute death trap once called roads outside sets her teeth on edge. She sighs again, nodding quickly before following him back towards the room.

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Elorcan for first time!

First Time Headcanon

- Elide is nervous as she stands in the bedroom waiting for Lorcan.

- Ever since her Uncle Vernon tried to force her to be some sort breeding tools for the Valg…Elide can’t help the shiver of revulsion that goes down her spine.

- But she knows Lorcan isn’t like that. He’s been so kind and patient. Never taking more than what is given.

- And tonight Elide wants to give him everything.

- Lorcan walks into his bedroom and sees that Elide is standing on the rug.

- It’s not odd for Elide to be in his room or to share a bed when nightmares plague her mind, but something in her eyes tells Lorcan that this is not one of her usual visits.

- Elide removes her robe. Leaving her in nothing, but a skimpy lace nightgown that Aelin helped her pick out. Something that not even the strongest fae male couldn’t resist.

- Lorcan knows Elide’s intentions in that moment. He walks to her and asks if she is absolutely sure. To which she nods and gives a confident yes.

- He sweeps her off her feet. Carrying her in muscular arms and placing her delicately on the bed.

- Lorcan removes his shoes, gear and shirt before crawling onto the bed.

- He starts off slow. Lorcan cradles one of Elide’s injured ankled in his hand. She looks so frail in his large hand, but he knows Elide is perhaps the strongest female he has ever encountered.

- Still he gently kisses her ankle. Murmuring sweet words that Elide can barely catch.

- As Lorcan moves upward, so does the hem of Elide’s nightgown. Up and up and up until Lorcan reaches her thigh.

- Tonight he will show Elide the pleasures of the bedroom. And he will take his time in doing so.

- Lorcan places kisses atop the silk fabric that cover Elide’s sensitive spot. She jerks her hips at the contact, but finds that she wants more.

- In seconds her panties are removed and Lorcan begins to use his fingers to prepare Elide for what is to come. One. Then two. All the while Lorcan’s mouth is now occupied with licking her as well. Making sure to swirl his tongue on that pleasure point that has Elide breathing faster with each flick of the tongue.

- Elide’s hands unconsciously move to grip Lorcan’s long dark hair. Urging him to take her over the edge.

- Lorcan groans as Elide tugs his hair. His cock stirring at her actions that make him hitch her leg over his shoulder so he has better access.

- It takes a few more licks before Elide finally cries out as pleasure overtakes her. Lorcan continues to lick up every last drop as he growls in satisfaction.

- His hips grind into the mattress to ease the tension in his pants.

- Elide sits up once she recovers. Her eyes are full of such happiness that Lorcan is almost blinded by it. But he can’t think about that too long as Elide reaches for the band of his pants. She helps Lorcan free himself and he too helps remove the nightgown. He tosses it aside without a care as he lowers her back onto the mattress.

- Lorcan is careful as he positions himself at her entrance. Asking her again if she’s ready. Worry lacing the warrior’s tone. Not because he is afraid of her refusal, but he wants this to be her choice. And he wants her to choose him- to trust him with her heart.

“I want this Lorcan. And trust you.” 

- The words warm Lorcan’s heart and he feels Elide’s tiny hand wrap around his free hand as he gently pushes inside her. 

- It takes all of Lorcan’s control not to plunge hard and fast. To not let primal instincts take over, because she is so damn tight and he almost loses it right there.

- His strokes are slow and deeper with each thrust of the hips.

- Lorcan and Elide’s moans mix together and as she wraps her arms around him.

“Please Lorcan I need-”

“I know love. And I’ll give it to you. Whatever you want. All you have to do is say it.”

“More. Faster. Harder.” Elide says between each thrust a bit breathless than the last. “I need you Lorcan. Please.”

- Lorcan obliges Elide’s demands. His thrusts become harder and faster. Almost frantic. And soon they are both tumbling into the abyss. Elide gasping for breath and Lorcan roaring. He might have roared Elide’s name, but at the moment she is otherwise distracted by the feel of Lorcan inside her.

- They stay in bed for hours. Elide curled up on Lorcan’s broad chest as he plays with her dark hair.

“Now I see why Aelin and Rowan are always leaving meetings.” Elide whispers in content. “I would too if this was what was waiting for them.”

“I’m a far better lover than Whitethorn,” Lorcan grumbles though the smile on his face and teasing tone lessons the serious effect.

- Elide pauses. “Can you teach me more?”

- Lorcan groans. His cock already stirring at the ideas of a night full of lovemaking. But he knows he and Elide won’t settle for one lone night. They have eternity ahead of them. And Lorcan will be more than happy to show Elide a few more things…starting with another round tonight.

I realized during the scene that because Iris gave Joe the ring to give back to Barry, she didn’t have a ring on her finger when she died. Barry thought it was because he didn’t propose yet (in the vibe).. but he did. He proposed, but Iris wanted to make sure the ring got back to Barry.

And you remember all the angst we got? Iris wanted a proper proposal, but then Barry not re-accepting because he thought she was right? All the angst for no damn reason except for the musical lmao. 

Obsessed| Part ONE

Negan x Y/N x Daryl

Words: 1253

Summary: The reader is the 20 years old daughter of Rick, in a relationship with Daryl for some months now. When Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, Daryl attacked him because Negan was interested in you.

Warning: Coming Chapters contain smut, drugs and suggested rape


Everything started so good. This day started so good. We all were happy, we all were safe and now, nothing good was left. 

I was scared but I guess this was normal in a situation like this. We were on our knees, surrounded by those men, who pointed their guns to our heads and the worst part was: All my loved ones were here and could die, everyone except Judith. My baby sister could lost her whole family right now, this thought made me sick.

“Calm down, Y/N. I am here, I won’t let anyone hurt you,” Daryl whispered, who was kneeling next to me and I tried to calm down, but it wasn’t that easy. I just was happy he was here. So many days we were separated and I had hoped to see him today again. My wish came true, but this wasn’t what I imagined.

“You can’t promise something like that,” I whispered and looked to my dad, who was next to Carl. Jesus, when I lose one of them I would die.

“Pissing our pants yet?” Scared I looked to the man, who got out of a bus and in his hand he had a fucking baseball bat, “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close. It’s gonna be pee-pee pants city here real soon.” Shit. All I could thought about was that this guy here was completely crazy. He smiled like something great just happened, walked to the circle, where our people were kneeling and I knew exactly who he was. This has to be Negan. The real Negan.

“So, which of you pricks is the leader?” The man who took all our weapons pointed to my father and I closed my eyes, when the man I was fucking sure about he was Negan, walked to him. My strong father, who was my little hero my whole life, he was pale and I never saw him this scared. He wasn’t scared he might could die, no, he was scared because everyone knew we won’t make it out alive, not all of us.

“…give me your shit or I will kill you,” Negan said in a cold voice to my dad, “Today was career day. We invested in a lot, so you would know who I am and what I can do. You work for me now. You have shit, you give it to me. That’s your job. Now, I know that is a mighty big, nasty pill to swallow, but swallow it you most certainly will. You ruled the roost. You built something. You thought you were safe. I get it. But the word is out. You are not safe. Not even close. In fact, you are pegged, more pegged if you don’t do what I want. And what I want is half your shit.” He started to walk and looked at each one of us. When he was in front of me I drop my gaze. I didn’t want to look into his eyes. I didn’t want to see his face in the nightmares I have and I had many of them, every single fucking night. I saw walkers, I saw the dead and the faces of men like him, who were just crazy. Without Daryl I would have lost my mind a long time ago.

“You don’t really think that you were gonna get through this without being  punished, now, did you?,” Negan asked amused and I could hear my heart breaking into pieces. He will kill us all. I looked to Maggie, one of my best friends, pregnant, she deserved so much better and now she could die and even if Negan won’t kill her or us, she might die tonight, she wasn’t in a really good settle.

“So now… I’m gonna beat the holy hell outta one of you,” he said happily and I was glad when Daryl took my hand in his one, even when his grip was painful but he tried to calm down, before he might do something stupid. I knew him very well to see that he was about to do some mistakes. Negan walked from my father to Abraham and over to Carl, who looked to this dangerous man like he was about to kill him. Jesus, my family was crazy.

“Shit kid, lighten up. At least cry a little.” Nope Carl won’t cry. My little brother had more guts than I could ever have, but I just saw so much more pain in my life. I was broken, not completely but a part of me just was broken. I was too much in my own thoughts and when Glenn screamed ‘No’ I just was confused about what happened when Negan’s men pushed him back in line. At least Negan showed mercy and didn’t kill him right now for this move.

“All right listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions. First one’es free, it’s an emotional moment I get it,” Negan explained and in the moment he decided to sing a fucking song and chose in that way who is going to die, I closed my eyes, let my hair fall in front of my face like a curtain and tried not to cry when Negan stopped his little game “and you… are… it.” I opened my eyes, saw it was Abraham and closed my eyes again when I heard the other cry, when I heard the sound of his head squishing and I thought I’m gonna puke but I managed it. Abraham was dead. I started to cry with this thought and opened my eyes slowly, looked horrified to all the blood and how Negan stopped hitting Abraham’s head which wasn’t even a head anymore.

“Look at my dirty girl,” he laughed, meant his baseball bat Lucille he introduced earlier  and I winced when Negan suddenly looked to me, “Oh sweetheart, you hid your pretty face from me and now look at you. A beauty with doll eyes.” He smiled and I had no idea what I should do. Now I looked to the man who was able to kill us all, who just killed Abraham for fun and I imagined a monster, but he was just a handsome man with the smile of the devil. I didn’t know what to do when he looked to my hand which was still clasped with Daryl’s.

“Was he a friend of yours?”, Negan asked amused and scared I look to my father, who looked like he will pass out soon.

“Y-yes,” I answered and winced even more, when he stroke a strand of my hair back and I saw that Daryl will explode in some seconds. O god we will die.

“And your name is?”
“Y/N,” I said quietly and Daryl shouted: “Get the hell away from her!”

“Daryl!,” I whispered scared and Negan started to laugh.

“You worried I could find interest in your little girl? Because you are damn fucking right when she looks at me with this big fucking eyes, I just wanna take her and…” That was too much. Daryl jumped up, released my hand and hit Negan in his face. I started to scream and just felt how Michonne grabbed my arm, pushed me back, when Negan’s men took Daryl to one of his cars. Negan’s attention went to Glenn and the punishment for Daryl’s action was Glenn’s dead. 


I know my english is bad but I hope you guys like it somehow. The gif is not mine xx

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(With frank castle plz n thank) "did you seriously break into some woman's car to get her dog out, JUST because she had the windows closed?"

“Damn right I did,” he grumbles, cradling the small dog against his chest, scratching lazily behind her ears. “The hell you think I am, huh? You really think I was gonna let this poor thing suffer in there?”

“Frank, it’s the middle of the night,” you sigh. “There’s a million reasons why that dog could’ve been in there.”

He turns to you then, and he glares at you. “You tellin’ me that I shoulda left this girl in there? Let her die of heatstroke or starvation or something?”

“Well, no,” you almost stutter, biting your lip as he takes a step forward. “I was just…you know…what if she comes back soon, you know? No? Oh, never mind.”

“Good, that’s what I thought,” he mumbles. “Come on, we’re goin’.”

“Frank you can’t take the dog.”

“What am I supposed to do with her, huh, hotshot? I’m takin’ the dog whether you say no or not.”


“I’m takin’ the dog.”


“Takin’ the dog, baby girl. Deal with it.”

“I Will Always Protect You” -- Kara and Alex Post 2x20

@two-x-chromosomes wrote: “Did anyone else see the look on Alex’s face when Rhea was insulting Kara on the phone? I feel like she would definitely have comforted Kara after that. Danvers sisters ftw“ and @statuepuppie wrote “Any Kara/Alex interaction, Eve something subtle. Alex seems to be on ‘desk duty'” and @natp wrote “Kara freaking out over the fact lena was abducted especially so soon after heer sister was taken. Maybe emotional reprecussions of this lena being manipulated again” and @hunseckerde wrote “Kara not forgetting about Lena at the end :) What happened to 'i will always protect you’?“

She hears her heartbeat.

She hears her heartbeat, steady, steady, and it’s the only thing that keeps Kara still breathing. 

That keeps Kara from killing Rhea, damn her kind exterior, damn her capacity for forgiveness, damn her righteousness.

If Lena had been dead instead of unconscious, Kara would damn all that to hell.

She’d show Rhea what Supergirl being righteous really is.

But Lena is breathing.

Breathing. Alive.

Just like Alex is alive. She’s alive.

Both of these women, these women that she’s living for. Both of these women are alive.

And if Lena were conscious, Kara knows what she’d want her to do: stop Rhea.

So she flies off to that damn device, and she tries, she tries, to stop it, to do Lena proud, to do her sister proud, to be stronger than the woman who said she thirsted for humans’ worship because without it, her survival was worth nothing.

Her survival was not worth nothing.

Her survival was…

Alex says there’s no shame in survival.

Alex is sometimes wrong.

Kara tries to stop that damn device – the device that had Lena babbling so adorably about physics that Kara had to pretend she had no grasp on, that damn device that Lena wanted to use to save the world, that Lena was played, played, played by Rhea for, and damn it all, Kara would happily throttle her for using that woman, that fragile, powerful woman, who just wanted to do good, who just wanted to be good, who just wanted to be loved – Kara tries, and she fails.

She fails, and as she slams back into the dirt, she listens for Lena’s heartbeat.

She can still hear it, slow but steady and strong, and it’s her one comfort.

Her one comfort as the Daxamite ships start pouring through the portal, as Kara can do nothing but stare, just as helpless, just as worthless, as Rhea had said she was.

Because maybe her survival was nothing after all.

But Lena’s heart is still beating. 

And at the DEO, Alex is still figuring out how to stop all this. How to fix what Kara couldn’t.

Just like she couldn’t, last week, fix what Rick had done. 

Just like she couldn’t stop Alex’s nightmares, prevent Alex from going to work even if it meant she was restricted from field duty, couldn’t force Alex to let herself properly heal.

The ships don’t attack right away, and anyway, they need a plan.

They need a plan, and Kara needs to get back to Lena.

But suddenly, she can’t hear her heartbeat. Suddenly, it’s gone, gone, gone.

But so is Rhea’s heartbeat.

Kara speeds back to the lab, and they’re not dead. They’re just… gone. There’s a metallic tang of teleport energy in the air, and Kara knows immediately what Rhea has done.

She’s taken Lena.

Kara balls her fists and narrows her eyes and shoots heat at everything in sight, and Kara just screams.

She doesn’t know how long she screams – because she promised she’d always protect her, she’d promised, she’d promised, but she couldn’t, she didn’t, just like she couldn’t, she didn’t, protect Alex – and she doesn’t know how long she heat visions every piece of equipment in sight.

She doesn’t know how long it takes Winn to realize what’s happening, what Kara must be going through, and send Alex to her location in the DEO’s fastest chopper.

She doesn’t know how long it takes to scream her throat raw, doesn’t know how long it takes until Alex is suddenly there, there, wrapping her arms around her and loving her, loving her, holding her, cradling her, holding back her clenched fists, grabbing her body to hers, giving her the pressure she needs around her torso to calm her, soothe her, make her feel, somehow, a little bit, safe.

“I got you, Kara. I got you,” Alex keeps repeating, and Kara screams again without warning.

Because Alex shouldn’t be comforting her.

Because she failed Alex, just like she failed Lena, and now Lena’s in captivity, like Alex was, and Alex nearly died, and it was Kara’s fault, and Rao, what if Lena… no.



She doesn’t know when she starts sobbing, but she knows Alex’s arms are strong.

She doesn’t know when she starts grabbing at the back of Alex’s shirt, but she knows Alex doesn’t care about the bruises she accidentally is leaving with the strength of her grasp.

She doesn’t know when she starts gasping for air and apologizing over, and over, and over, partially to Alex, partially to Lena, partially to the whole damn world, the whole damn universe, because Rao, Rhea was right, wasn’t she?

Right that Kara Danvers – Kara Zor-El, or had she really forgotten that part of her being? – had no meaning? Had had no right to survive?

That she was nothing but self-righteous, that her survival meant nothing, nothing. 

Less than nothing.

That her survival – when everyone else died, everyone else she had known, everyone else she had loved – was a waste.

Everyone else had died, and the Daxamites?

They had thousands of people, hundreds of ships.

They had, at least a little bit, each other.

Kara had no one. No one. 

No one except the woman whose arms are wrapped around her wracking body.

No one except the man the world had spent the day – and every day, too many damn days – dismissing.

No one except the man who flinched when someone yelled at him because he, too, had been kicked too many times.

No one except the man who, too, was the last of his people.

No one except the woman who cared for her, loved her, and then left to dive into her own life, and that was fine, it was good, most of the time, because she deserves to take care of herself, of her son, but Rao, how Kara misses her.

No one except the woman who was trapped on one of those spaceships, and it was Kara’s fault, her fault, her own damn fault.

It’s a good list, she supposes.

Of people. People she has. Family she’s grown.

It’s a good list, but she’s failed them all.

“We’ll get her back, Kara,” Alex whispers, and she’s not sure how Alex knows.

“We’ll get her back, and I promise you, you are nothing that that… woman… said to you. You are kind and you have the heart of a hero, Kara. Because you are a hero. Your survival brings honor to all the people you lost, no matter what humans think of you, no matter what Rhea thinks of you. You are everything, Kara, do you hear me? Everything. And we are going to get her back. I promise you.”

Kara sniffles and Kara smiles slightly when Alex wipes her nose with the back of her own hand without hesitating.

“You could use your sleeve, you know,” Kara splutters, and Alex pffts and shrugs, kissing Kara’s forehead.

“You know alien snot is apparently a lot less gross than human snot?”

“That’s not true of all of us, have you seen Brian sneeze?”

“Ugh, that poor man, we really need to leave him alone, don’t we?”

They share a soft, quiet laugh, Kara still a shaking ball in her big sister’s arms.

“We’re going to bring her back, Kara. And none of this is your fault. None of what Rhea has done is your fault. And none of what Rick did was your fault, either. You understand me?”

Kara shudders at his name, and she clutches at Alex tighter. Alex is careful not to flinch, not to reveal how sore her body still is from… from what he did to her.

“You promise?” Kara asks, because she needs to hear it from one person whose faith she needs more than that cape, more than anything in the entire universe.

“I promise,” Alex kisses her hair, and Kara lets herself believe it.


Can I tell you a secret?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 1,147

Request:  “ Can I get a bucky reader request. Where the reader is messed up and no one understands her. She runs away plenty times then comes back. One night the reader sleeps under a train and Bucky finds her (or they meet however you like) and he understands her and starts to love her.” by @rebel-different

In the tower. Out the tower. In again. Back out. This was the cycle for (Y/N). The cycle of trying to find peace, any sliver of hope which would support her wreckage of life. Everyone noticed how it was a regular routine - she would be happy for a short period of time, go on a mission, something dreadful occurs (no matter how big or small), then she says that she’s going for a drive to clear her mind then comes back to the tower hours later. But surely, if they’re staying over at Clint’s and Laura’s then she can’t just drive away, can she? How they were proved atrociously wrong.

“Thanks again Laura for letting us bunk here, I know there’s more of us this time but you still took us in.” Natasha’s arms wrapped around her shoulders in gratitude, pulling apart when Laura laughed at how she found the thought of the avengers feeling guilty because of this.

“Nonsense, you know I treat you all like family, even if there are newer team members. Just one thing - is everything alright with James?” Just like any mother with a newborn baby, Laura worried about Bucky’s mental stability. Natasha calmed her nerves down, explaining how she was definite that Bucky wouldn’t do anything at all.

“Alright so, the kids will be bunking in our room tonight. Nat, Steve, Tony, Thor, and Bruce: do you guys wanna stay in the same rooms as last time?” Upon enquiry, they all agreed. Clint proceeded to assort us into the newer guest rooms - Thor and Loki offered to stay downstairs so that Pietro and wanda can stay in the Kids room. Sam decided to bunk in with Tony and Steve - “it’ll be fun, we’ll tell stories and have a sleepover.” Which left Bucky and I to be in the loft which Clint ever so kindly cleared out for us.

“If you want, I can stay with Bucky. You can stay with Tony and Sam.” I understood that Steve probably thought I felt uncomfortable being in a room alone with Bucky - given his history, but honestly that was not the case at all.

“No, it’s alright. I think Bucky might get fed up of me though, I gotta warn you that I’m a night owl.” A small chuckle left my lips as I lightly elbowed Bucky, a diminutive smile made its way to his face.

Unpacking the contents from my single bag, a ring slipped out from the jeans I had packed. A dainty silver ring with a single ruby heart gem.
“So this one is for you, and I got one for me, I know you’re going to be thousands of miles away but remember that I’m always here… With you. You’re my best friend, (Y/N) and you’ve always been there for me but now you’re going to put yourself in dangerous situations and… And what if I can’t be there for you?” This was goodbye to the only person who cares for me, my best friend who picked me up when I was falling. This was the last time I’d see her.
“Gosh (Y/N) you’re lost in thought aren’t you? I’ve been calling your name for ages.”

Breaking me out of my trance, Bucky strolled into our temporary room. “I was wondering where you wanted to sleep, you can have the bed and I’ll be on the floor.”

Bucky and I were friends but he still had that old fashioned mentality where a guy shouldn’t be next to a girl no matter what. “There’s no need for that Bucky, we can both be on the bed. Gosh, I don’t bite.” When we both got into bed, a feeling of panic settled in. 1…2…3…4…5… My heartbeat increased rapidly. I kept my eyes shut. My breathing became unsteady and ragged. I’m shaking.

“(Y/N)? Are you okay? (Y/N)?” I could hear Bucky’s voice, but it’s like my body lost its control to answer. I felt his hands wrap around me, allowing me to sit up. “It’s okay, just breathe” I couldn’t even do that. The heaving slowed down to a more relaxed state. I had to go outside. I slowly pulled myself up from the bed - dressing myself in jeans and a hoodie I had previously packed.

“(Y/N) it’s almost 3am, where do you think your going?” Bucky towered over me, taking on his protective persona.

“Going Out. You can come with me if you like, but please don’t stop me.” He did nothing but pick up my car keys.

“I’m driving though.”

We both sat on the roof of the closest abandoned building we could find - an hour away from the farm house. The sun-deprived air tickled my bare face, silence surrounding me. I just can’t do it anymore. The vulnerability I refuse to give into, feasts on my past. I live every damn day knowing that I can’t live my life the same, it wasn’t perfect but it was everything.

“I’ve seen you… Walk out like you did tonight. I’ve seen you return hours later. What’s going on?” His voice sounded like home, a feeling I’ve being yearning for. It was enough to allow my tears to fall.

“When I joined, I left my whole life behind. My family, my friends, everything. Yes I know that’s what everyone here had to do so I’m not any different, some of you went through hell too. But just knowing that you can never meet the people from your past makes me realise that I took everything for granted. So every time I feel like shit, I go to the top of a roof and watch the sunrise or just look at the scenery because it reminds me that’s there’s always another day.” I stopped speaking just in time to see the sun rise, specks of sunlight first scattered through the trees, before touching everything else. The new warmth caressed me, welcomed me.

Bucky’s POV

I watched how her lips moved while she spoke, the way her teeth graze her bottom lip as the sun rises. The light made her tears visible, the way they coated her lashes and floated in her eyes. I knew how it felt to want peace, I understood what it meant to leave everything behind knowing that you can’t turn back.

My hands lingered around her waist before she moved closer, allowing me to embrace her. I felt peace. Not in the scenery before me, but in (Y/N). She looked up at me, those eyes held unheard stories. She brought herself closer and laid her head on my chest, I knew she could hear my heartbeat because it was beating damn fast. My right hand slowly touched her hair.

“Can I tell you a secret?” She didn’t move from where she was, I didn’t want her to.

“Of course, doll.”

“You are my peace, Bucky.”

Have I mentioned that I love @feylen? Because I do. Doesn’t matter what I throw at her or ask for patreon she goes above and beyond and delivers!

Eerie and her girls (Dusty on the left belonging to @juuneaux and Liv on the right belonging to @princetheirins) would be ALL OVER that ChocoMog Festival like you wouldn’t believe. You probably wouldn’t get them to leave honestly and don’t leave them alone with the chocobo chicks. They may try to smuggle one back into the city

So the background of my phone says “there are no dogs allowed on the moon–they just run right off the damn thing” and my mom was using my phone to look something up and was like “…what does that even mean?”

and I had to be like “so in my d&d podcast they go to a secret society whose base is on the moon and this one character wants to buy a dog at the fantasy costco but the dm said dogs aren’t allowed on the moon…

…because they’ll run right off the damn thing.”

she wanted to know WHY they would run right off the damn thing and it’s like idk mom I’m not a moon scientist

anonymous asked:

What are Clint, Natasha, Loki, Bruce, Hulk, Loki, and Thor's orientations in the Monster AU?

Monsters are kind of fluid with their orientations simply because they’re typically solitary, but it basically goes like this:

Clint: Sex-Repulsed Asexual. His trauma has fucked him up that he can’t stand that kind of intimacy. He loves cuddles though. He’ll cuddle anyone. He once tried to cuddle Hulk but since Hulk is twice his size it went as well as you’d expect. (Hulk was a good sport about it though. Hulk has been through a lot but Hulk can sense that Clint’s suffering was different but also somehow worse.)
Natasha: Straight. A literal Man-Eater. She prefers male partners for the most part. It doesn’t help that the most contact she’s had with human women has been with very intimidating women. She’s had contact with Russian snipers in WWII and Pepper Potts. Russian women at War are very frightening. And Pepper Potts could intimidate anyone. (Pepper Potts does intimidate the monsters, more than she will probably ever know.)
Loki: Pansexual, though he doesn’t have sex for the most part. Sometimes he’ll indulge in sex but it’s not really something he needs. When it comes to sex, he doesn’t discriminate. Men, women, transgender, genderfluid–he can change his gender at will still so he doesn’t see a problem with it, as long as there’s a connection.
Bruce: Straight, but he doesn’t act on it. He’s missing over sixty years of his life and he’s kind of fucked up about it. He prefers being the Hulk anyway.
Hulk: Asexuallllll???? Maybe. Hulk doesn’t strike me as a particularly sexual being lol. I mean I’m sure if someone offered he wouldn’t say no if he was in the mood, but he probably doesn’t actively seek it out.
Thor: Pansexual, although he loves the ladies an awful lot. Like he’s not going to send anyone away just because of their gender/sex but honestly ladies are his favorite because they’re so soft and delicate. (Natasha punches him in the face when he says this. Thor waves at Pepper in confusion. “I am certain that Lady Pepper could kill me but she is still soft and delicate.” Pepper stands straighter because damn right she’s soft and delicate and can still kill a man or monster.)
Sam: Bisexual leaning toward men. Avian monsters are the exception to the rule and will typically stay in pairs or small family groups. He and Riley were a couple until Riley sacrificed himself to save Sam from hunters.

If anyone cares the pairings in this AU are:

Loki/Natasha/Hulk(and Bruce)
Clint/Sam (This is quite honestly a mix of romantic and platonic. Sam is still mourning Riley and Clint is still fucked up, but they feel better when they’re together. Clint comes to love Sam as much as he is able and Sam doesn’t love him the same way he loved Riley but he still loves him.)