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Nothing To Worry About - A Lydia Martin Imagine

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“Hello wonderful writer! I was wondering if you could please possibly write an imagine where Jackson comes back and plans to get Lydia back but she is dating the reader which surprises Jackson and he thinks it’ll be really easy to get Lydia back because he doesn’t believe that she’s actually gay. Stiles and Scott, who are the reader’s best friends, reassure her that she won’t lose Lydia. Maybe a bit of jealous reader here and there” @swanqueens-child

A/N: I have an imagine similar to this request so I tried to make it a bit different. Ethan and Jackson are coming back in season 6b (according to the trailer) so this is basically what happens when they show up. Also, I know that in the request you mentioned Stiles but I don’t think Stiles will show up that much in this part of the season so I’m trying to make it a bit realistic lmao. I hope you like it regardless!

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I really just saw this bitch say she hates when gay people get mad at her for saying faggot because shes trans? I never even hear other gay people use that word because it’s disgusting so idk where her mentality for that came from but I definitely feel like that’s pretty similar to white people using the N word because they “feel gangster” or “have black friends” or some shit like that

Anyways nobody is going to see this but I wanted to get it off my chest

Ariana Grande fans can be so annoying. This one person keeps insisting that she’s some sorta revolutionary or w/e because she “advocates” for LGBT people. Buddy, she also called us faggots. And she’s racist but that’s a different post.

Quit passing over lgbt artists like Against Me! who published a whole album about being transgender. Hetero/cis allies are appreciated but they will never be as revolutionary or meaningful as an actual lgbt person

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My Grandmother called me a faggot just because i'm gender fluid but she never bothers my goth older brother. He wears more makeup than me and she loves him,she called me a faggot again and i lost it and tried to hit her but she gave me a black eye and then my older brother beat my ass and threw me out so now i have to stay at my friends place and suck non binary cock to earn my keep. Worst weekend ever.

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How to Hate a Houseguest!

The guide to knowing the problematic behavior of the Big Brother 17 Houseguests and (hopefully not) basing their close-minded principles on their game!

Audrey: (almost) spread a rumor about Becky being a racist as a means of game against Da'Vonne

Austin: sexually harassed Liz until she basically returned the feelings (although Liz doesn’t like him romantically); cheated on his girlfriend on the feeds and on TV (and admitted he wanted to break up with her but didn’t have the willpower)

Becky: demonized Audrey during the 12- houseguest house meeting (without the aforementioned there to defend herself)

Clay: has tweeted racist things in the past pre-Big Brother; was annoyed by everything Da'Vonne did after their blowup; was microaggressive towards Da'Vonne; had a conversation with Jace and Shelli about dating black women, thought it was funny to date a black girl, and referred to light-skin women as “yellow bone”; slut-shamed the twins for wearing bikinis

Da'Vonne: apparently made transphobic comments (about Audrey); accidentally misgendered her in the diary room

Jace: sexist, bullied Steve onto the verge of tears for a vote; masturbated next to John (rather gross than problematic); had a conversation with Shelli and Clay about dating black women and used the terms “mulatto” and “redbone” to refer to the different shade of black women’s skin color (granted he mentioned that he didn’t know whether or not the term “redbone” was derogatory or not)

Jackie: nothing to date yet

James: sexist; basically raped an inflatable giraffe

Jason: has a history of posting transphobic tweets from 5 years ago; has made transphobic comments (towards/about Audrey); called the twins fat in order to differentiate between the two; apparently body shamed Audrey because she didn’t want to wear a bikini

Jeff: sexist; called Jason a faggot; sexually harassed Liz; masturbated next to Liz and wiped his cum on her back; made advances towards Liz and told her that they would get her to jury so that they could all sleep with her; indirected Da'Vonne and said (black) people shouldn’t fear the police if they aren’t doing anything wrong

John: jokingly said to Steve that he didn’t have to ask permission for a kiss but to just take it

Julia: nothing to date yet

Liz: made fun of Jason’s financial situation; said the N-word (and apparently apologized for it right after); was microaggressive towards Da'Vonne and stated that if she wanted to fight she should’ve joined the BGC (even though Day wasn’t even fighting like she kept you safe for a week Liz); talked with Shelli about Da'Vonne being aggressive in general

Meg: has made transphobic comments about Audrey

Shelli: was microaggressive towards Da'Vonne and stated that she was handling her being on the block really well as if Da'Vonne was supposed to be an angry black woman; talked with Liz about Da'Vonne being aggressive; had a conversation with Clay and Jace about dating black women, saying to be careful when dating a black girl, and referred to light skin women as “lattes”

Steve: made/mentioned a homophobic comment (about/towards Jason); made fun of/stated James’ apparent inability to read his HOH letter

Vanessa: didn’t want to evict Audrey because of her status and offered her LGBT+ solidarity but didn’t offer Jason LGBT+ solidarity when she put him up as a replacement nominee; also placed a sexual orientation microaggresion on Jason saying that he should’ve just been the happy, funny gay guy and be quiet (about him being on the block I suppose)

This list is off of the knowledge of the fandom picking up and noticing the HGs’ behavior and it would annoy me so much when people would nit pick at a HG they didn’t like and would throw their problematic behavior in but their fave would do or say something just as problematic. The idea came to me when everyone was wondering how Shelli was racist so here’s the list. Please tell me NON-AGGRESSIVELY if I didn’t mention or missed anything on the list. This is completely unbiased and I spared no one, not even my faves. I truly haven’t seen anything about Jackie or Julia doing anything problematic, and Johnny Mac and Vanessa’s were kinda little things. But tell me if you disagree with any of these.

Letters From London: Chapter 27

HI. Here is the new chapter to my very long multichapter hartbig fic! I think there are two chapters left! EEKKK. I think the last one will be a lot shorter though, and more of an epilogue. You can find the first chapter here

I hope you are enjoying it! Thank you to the anon who pointed out s little mistake last time :P I appreciated it! I am also shocked at the number of likes the most recent chapters have. It is crazy. And super exciting for me! It probably isn’t that many, but I don’t care!

Oh and in case some of you forgot, the letter that is near the end (spoilers ;P ) Hannah wrote in chapter 21

Hartbig, SFW, NSFF, Chapter 27

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