because she was lorelai's maid of honor and jess was luke's best man


Ok, deep breath, let’s do this. (Wow, it’s like when I watched the HIMYM Finale, oh my God).

So, I didn’t like the Revival. I just didn’t. I mean, I thought the purpose of it was fixing things that needed to be fixed, ie L/L’s wedding, Rory finding whatever her way was, etc. And all of that didn’t happen. Or some things DID happen but not in the way I expected them to.

First of all, what I hated the most: Rory.
I’m sorry but who the hell was that? Because sure as hell it wasn’t Rory Gilmore. I know she couldn’t be the perfect angel she was in the first 3 seasons of the show, and I liked the fact she was also flawed, but one thing is showing her flaws and weaknesses, and another is destroying her character. And the Revival did just that. I’m not gonna lie, after the Dean business in S4 and her relationship with Logan, I ended up not liking her that much. I thought she became another person completely, but at least in S7 she seemed to getting back on track. Then the Revival happened and what the hell? She had a boyfriend everyone always forgot about (and yes, at first the “who’s Paul?” gag was funny but they dragged it for 4 episodes and became annoying and I felt sorry for him, because he was such a sweet guy), she cheated on him repeatedly with Logan, who was… in a serious relationship with another person? And the worst thing, the thing that disgusted me, is that both Logan and Rory didn’t feel bad about it. They just didn’t care about their partners. Like… wow. Why didn’t they break up with their partners and got back together if they couldn’t stay away from each other like that? Why did Logan remain engaged to the girl he was in a relationship with and was still going to marry her? Why was Rory okay with the whole thing? What was Paul’s role? Why did Rory need to sleep with Logan if she was already in another relationship? And on top of that, she had a one night-stand with a random guy in a wookie costume, while still with Paul… and Logan? W H Y. And what was all that mess about her career? I didn’t understand a damn thing.

Jesus, the immaturity of Rory baffled me to no end. She seemed more mature when she was 16 than now.  She had no respect for the people that sorrounded her, she had no dreams, no goals, she is now a cheater, a selfish, heartless woman. I don’t like characters like that. She had no control over her life and she ended up pregnant with Logan’s child. Are you serious? “It ended full circle” my ass, sorry. Just because Lorelai had a child with the wrong guy, that doesn’t mean Rory had to follow the same route. In the last episode of S5, when Lorelai was telling Luke about Rory dropping out of Yale, she said: “she should have had more than me. She should have had everything”. Because Rory wasn’t supposed to be the copy of Lorelai. She was supposed to follow her path. Yeah, definitely what happened. Right.

But let’s move on. Let’s talk about Jess Mariano for a moment. Once again, Jess was the jolly card for Rory to use in case of need. In S6 he convinced her to go back to Yale, and in the Revival he convinced her to write a book. And what did he have in return? Nothing. As usual. The show wasted 15 minutes on that pointless musical thing (literally WHY) while Jess had like three/four brief scenes in 2 episodes? Logan was there for 4 episodes doing basically nothing but I didn’t get to see Jess more than 30 seconds for scene? And don’t get me started on the face he made while watching Rory during his last scene because it broke my heart. He didn’t deserve that. He turned out to be an amazing guy, and Rory definitely doesn’t deserve him. I’m sorry, Literati is one of my biggest OTPs, but I don’t even care at this point if they will end up together in the future because he’s “her Luke” or whatever. Jess needs to be with someone who truly loves him, and that someone is not Rory.

Now, since I’m talking about OTPs, I have to mention Paris & Doyle. Someone please, PLEASE, explain WHY Amy decided to ruin them. They were the ultimate power couple, they were in love, they were stable, why did she do that? What was the purpose?

L/L’s wedding. Oh boy. Ooooh boy. Like, are you freaking kidding me? All I wanted to see was Lorelai with her beautiful bridal dress, Emily walking her down the aisle, Rory as her Maid Of Honor, Jess as Luke’s Best Man, and all their families and friends invited. And what did Amy do, instead? An eloping? With no vows, Michel, Lane (oh, Lane… I’m so sorry they didn’t give justice to your character. AGAIN) and Rory only, while Emily was drinking alone in the garden? WHAT? 9 YEARS OF WAITING… FOR THAT? And how was it even possible that Luke and Lorelai waited so long to get married, c'mon.

Also, The episodes were slow, heavy and Spring and Summer were unbearable to watch. 90 minutes were definitely too much. Amy, I get it. You wanted to do like Sherlock (by the way, one of the things I liked was the “Sherlock is gay?” thing, thanks for that), but you failed miserably.  Too ambitious, maybe?

Anyway, the ending of S7 was better than the ending of the Revival, imo. It made sense, with Lorelai and Luke together and Rory finding her first job as journalist. A good ending doesn’t need to be extremely shocking to be a good one. I’d just love for the writers to realize that.

anonymous asked:

All I want is confirmation that Jess was Luke's best man. There's no way it was anyone else like Kirk or Taylor haha. I would have wanted to see that scene too where he asks him. Jess would be sooo happy for Luke, too. He knew Luke's been wanting to be with Lorelai since Season 3! XD

Yes! Like…I know some of the scripts ended up running too long and they had to write some things out/not include things…but would it have been too much to, idk, maybe cut down the length of the Life and Death Brigade scene or another long running scene and fit in something as simple as Luke asking Jess to be his best man? or just more jess scenes in general but whatever

and Jess WAS Luke’s best man. I firmly believe that’s a fact. AND HERE’S A LIST OF REASONS WHY:

  1. Luke doesn’t know very many people
  2. Luke isn’t close to very many people
  3. The only other viable (I use that word lightly) options I can think of are Kirk and T.J., and I can only imagine Luke picking either of them as a last resort because he really couldn’t find anyone…or because he was tricked/forced into picking one of them and didn’t care enough/was too exasperated to say no lol
  4. THE GUEST LIST. We need to talk about the guest list. When Lorelai is trying to put the seating chart together, she mentions that they need to finalize the guest list. She lists off all the people she’s inviting which includes the entire town, Rory’s friends, Emily and Emily’s friends. When she gets to Luke’s side of the list, she says that the only people on it are Liz, T.J., one of Luke’s uncles and “Cousin Billy” (though Luke is insistent that he doesn’t even have a cousin Billy, so i’m pretty sure that’s just some random dude Lorelai invited lol) and….that’s it. She doesn’t mention Jess at all. Which I thought, unless he wasn’t going to be at the wedding (which would have been ABSURD) was really weird, but then a few scenes later we see Jess hanging out at Lorelai’s house the day before the wedding, where we find out he was going to spend the night before Kirk, Lorelai and Rory showed up and it became a “full house” (which is bullshit but w/e) and before he leaves to Liz and T.J.’s, he tells Lorelai and Luke “I’ll see you guys tomorrow” and that he’ll meet Luke back at the GG house at 10:00 the next morning….which means he’s 100% going to be at the wedding. Now going back to the guest list, Lorelai also didn’t say anything about Rory and April, who we know are also 100% going to be at the wedding, so my theory is that certain people weren’t mentioned on the list because not only is it a given that they’re going to be there so it didn’t need to be mentioned, but because they’re actually IN the wedding. As in, Rory is Lorelai’s maid of honor, April’s one of the bridesmaids or a flower girl or something, and Jess is Luke’s best man.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that Luke didn’t even have a best man but, if he did have one, I think all evidence points to that person being Jess.