because she was a birthday gift when i turned five

Okay, so… I can tell this little story because my little sister doesn’t have a Tumblr, (Age 10 turning 11) So, she was adopted when she was 7 by my awesome parents from my Aunt and there is a 16 year age difference but she is my favourite person in the world. 

So, I try to be there for her… even thought I live in Northern Alberta and she is in Southern Ontario. (It’s a five day drive.) She’s having a bit of a rough time with school and because my sick grandma moved into the house recently… 

And well, I got her the most amazing gift for her birthday in July because I haven’t seen her since November.

Two tickets to see our favourite singer ever together in Toronto in October… 


I am so excited!!! 

I was hoping that maybe, if you aren’t too busy… and you see this, Taylor. You could record a quick Birthday message on July 11th for her to tell her that she is going to the concert! It would like, make her life! 

But, shhhh… it’s a secret until July 11th. :P

P.S. Her name is Hannah Shewfelt