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“The fan reaction to this show has been like massive, I mean, people are obsessed with it. I told you, like my entire office every Wednesday is like “Oh, it’s The Handmaid’s Tale day!” I mean, have you started to noticed, you know, because you were on a show that had a very, very, very, rabid fan base and still does to this day in a lot of ways. Have you noticed like a wavering in the amount of people coming up to you now and being like “Serena Joy is the worst. I love you”? Just like that – it’s more Handmaid’s Tale now that people are getting into it?” []



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Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo 

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

I’m tagging @plumb-barb, @simtasia, @simgallery@touchmypixels, @cakenoodles​, @girl-just-simming-around​, @fanaskher​, @buckleysims​, @obsimmian​, @pixelddump​, @freckled-pixels​, @lanyxie​, @narusasu-simblr​, @gohliath​, @itsniiaa-simblr 

Notes: I did a girls edition (or at least the more relevant girls that I have). Fenix looks like god either way and tbh for the sake of this I gave her a little more makeup than usual because I normally don’t have her wear lipstick. With Ani I’m very happy I did this because I didn’t realize how much I actually LOVE her with a complete bare face. She looks so different and kind of like this one girl I wanted to model her after.. so she might just wear some tiny lashes from now on and call it a day because I’m into it. And finally there’s Jaide.. she wears the most in game makeup because I spent the least amount of time on her custom skin. I wish I could get her lips the same texture as the one she wears in game.. also her eyes look so different without eyeshadow lol.

P.S. If you did this already then please disregard.. and if I didn’t tag you it’s because I already seen you do it ^_^


is she alright?


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Ooh I thought of something fun!! What do you think are the 5 worst Neal caffrey outfits!! (Making it hard because most were 🔥)

Ohhhh boy…ooookay….well….here we go!

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Obvs the one where he went undercover as a naughty vampire. Pffff gross.

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And then the time he posed as a stripper, UGH.

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There was this one where he was a seal, wtf.

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Some kinda weird undercover stoner space freak?!

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…but wow, really anon, this is tough D: I couldn’t do it. I failed you!

Neal has the best outfits <3

Thank you for letting me make so many new friends, Shuka ;__;

this is for captainallegra who invited me to stay with her and schmooplesdeux​ so that i could go to PAX prime 2014. i’d never flown alone before, much less across the whole country, but these two ladies followed my flight closely and then welcomed me home with hugs and stories like i was their family. c’:

allegra is an incredible friend and actress, and i’m so excited that everyone has gotten to meet josephine now!

Inquisitor Solveig Sorgenfri, Bringer of the Sun, Free of Sorrows

or better known as Sol

thought I could do some light background info

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….but I started a one shot this morning……it’s a slow process but…I like it so far! perhaps, if i dont decide i hate it and throw my notebook and/or laptop across the room I’ll have a one shot posted by…say….the end of the week

open to: m/f/nb

‘listen, it is none of your concern what i do with my life, i’m certainly not a child anymore.’ lily crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at them. sure, she didn’t expect them to agree with what she was doing, but she wasn’t about to just leave the world she was a part of…she couldn’t. ‘you don’t think i haven’t tried to get out? i can’t.”

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Break down ship- Kenna/Diavolos

• How did they they meet?
She released him from her dungeons (well they were his dungeons first) and invited him to a dinner party. They moment their eyes met, they were both stunned by the instant connection and the idea that the enemy could look so good.
• Who developed romantic feelings first?
It was pretty much an instant thing for both of them. Neither of them wanted it, but the moment they set eyes on each other, they were fascinated by one another. That night in the airship, Diavolos opened up to her in a way he never had with another person and knew he would never be able to think of Kenna as the enemy. She felt the same way, listening to him talk about his past and his brothers… It was hard to think of him just another Nevrakis.
• Who is their biggest “shipper?”
Most of his soldiers (and friends) are pretty supportive and they think they are both legends and deserve each other. Annelyse was the first of Kenna’s friends to come around and she thinks it’s a super romantic story.
• When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?
They kissed in Kenna’s bedroom after their heart-to-heart. She kissed him out of impulse and because she needed to know what it would feel like. She immediately knew that one kiss would never be enough and that this man was going to change her whole life.
• Who confessed their feelings first?
Diavolos was the first to confess attraction, admitting that he had been thinking of kissing her since the first time he’d seen her, inviting her out on the scouting mission and telling her that he couldn’t get her out of his mind.
• What was their first official date?
They never really had one. The closest they came to a date was the “scouting mission” the night before the battle with Azura.
• How do they feel about double dates/group dates?
They enjoy having dinner with their friends, though sometimes with mixed results, depending on the company. Things have a tendancy to catch on fire when they dine with Sei and Dom and Kenna is amazed everyone makes it out unscathed after the first family dinner with Zenobia and Tevan, but Diavolos tells her that it was tame for a Nevrakis family dinner.  
• What do they do in their down time?
They love to practice swordplay and go for rides on Hector’s Shadow (Kenna points out that she does have her own horse, but she enjoys being with her husband, so it’s only a token protest).
• What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?
Well, between their first time together and their engagement, his father tried to kill her and Diavolos killed him instead. Diavolos thinks that Luther would be thrilled by the marriage, as twisted as that sounds, because it joins two powerful kingdoms and puts his bloodline on top. Diavolos tries to think about that too often. Kenna thinks her mother would be happy for her and that her mother would appreciate that the kingdoms were being joined in a peaceful way, putting the tensions between Abanthus and Stormholt to rest for good.
• What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?
Their first fight is over making the deal with Adder and Zenobia without consulting him. It’s a small fight, but he points out that she’s not a solo leader anymore, they are a team (especially since Abanthus is her kingdom) not his. Then he comments that she handled it exactly the way he would have.
• Which one is more easily made jealous?
Diavolos is more jealous. He’s never been in love before. Sometimes he can’t believe that Kenna would choose him, that someone like her could really love him. 
• What is their favourite thing to get to eat?
They both like venison.
• Who’s the cuddly one? What their favourite cuddling position?
They both are. Diavolos is surprised by how much he loves touching Kenna, because he was never big on touching before her, but he has a hard time keeping his hands off her. He loves holding her and she loves it too. They like spooning. Kenna feels so safe and protected in his big arms and he loves cradling her there, knowing that she’s safe beside him. Once she becomes pregnant, they enjoy the position even more because it lets Diavolos rest his hands on her growing belly and feel their child.
• Are they hand holders?
Yes. They try to limit the displays of affection in public, but they do often hold hands around the castle or during meetings.
• How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances?
No time at all, they sleep together within a week of meeting. It all happens so fast, plus there is the threat of impending death. They both know that they will regret it if they don’t give into their physical desire for each other before the battle with Azura.
• Who tops?
Generally Diavolos. He’s a dominant lover and Kenna enjoys that, but every once in a while she likes turning the tables on him and giving some of his own back, which he finds quite enjoyable.
• What’s the worst fight they’ve ever gotten into?
The first fight is a couple years into their marriage. They are dealing with a traitorous baron and have drastically different ways of dealing with the situation. Kenna wants to be diplomatic, Diavolos doesn’t think they should show mercy. It gets heated and she ends up saying that he’s just like his father. He gets cold and just leaves. She regrets it immediately, knowing this isn’t one of their normal fights. She finds him in the nursery, just staring at Leon and she immediately apologizes and tells him that he’s nothing like Luther. He doesn’t look at her for a long moment and then asks ‘what if he is” and comments that he still sees the world in such harsh terms, that you have to conquer or be conquered and he doesn’t know how to turn it off. He doesn’t know how to be compassionate and he worries that if something happened to her, he’d turn out to be as much of a monster as his father. She wraps her arms around him and tells him that she believes him in and that he has proven to be a good king.
• Who does the shopping and the cooking?
Neither of them. They have servants for that.
• Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?
Diavolos, though Kenna swears it’s her and it’s not her fault that people keep moving her things.
• Who proposes?
Kenna. Diavolos doesn’t actually know how to bring it up. “I know our kingdoms have been at war for years and my father just tried to kill you, but I’m in love with you and want to marry you” isn’t the easiest thing to say, but if she hadn’t, he would have gotten around to it. Eventually.
• Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?
Separate. The night before the wedding, Annelyse and Val drag Kenna away for some drinking and girl time. They end up inviting Sei, Zenobia, Aurynn, Kai, and Adder along as well. Helene is invited, but declines. Zenobia is on surprisingly good behavior (maybe because she is terrified of everyone lol). Val starts to tease Aurynn about Raydan, but Kenna intervenes, though not before Adder gets a few comments in. Adder then turns the table on Val by flirting with her.  Sei makes caustic comments about silly celebrations, but secretly has a good time.
While the women are drinking, Raydan and Dom decide this is a good time to get to know Diavolos better. He had planned on having drinks with a few of his men, but he knows it’s important to Kenna that he get to know her friends (especially Dom), so he goes along with the plan. Noa, Tevan, Jackson, Anton and Whitlock tag along, as does Magnus, Diavolos closest friend and second in command. There are some not-so idle threats made over what would happen to him if he hurt Kenna and he accepts it good naturedly. There is a lot of drinking and then a discussion of sword-fighting skills, but Whitlock (who is sober) puts an end to that before anyone can challenge anyone else. Dom amuses Diavolos with some childhood stories about Kenna and Magnus shares some stories about Diavolos, despite the glare he gets from his commander.
[in my mind the conversation between Zenobia and Kenna happens before the wedding, not the day of]
• Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids?
Annelyse is the maid of honor, Magnus (his second in command) is the best man.
• Big Ceremony or Small?
Big. This is a joining of two kingdoms and official end to the war between Abanthus and Stormholt, it’s a huge celebration. It represents the beginning of a new era of peace for the Five Kingdoms.
• Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?  
No because they are busy rebuilding their kingdoms to get away. Once things settle down though, Diavolos takes her to Abanthus, not to Lykos, but to the smaller castle in the mountains. Some of his few happy memories take place in that castle as it was his mother’s favorite and he and Kenna steal some time away for themselves there, enjoying the mountains and the quiet.
• Do they have children? How many?
They have four children. Leon Cassian comes just over a year after their wedding [in my world, the end of the finale takes place two years after the wedding, not one] and then Rys Gabriel comes two years later. Three years after that, Adrianna Zenobia makes her way into the world and then a mere 18 month later it’s Livia Annelyse’s turn.

y’all i have been busting ass at work for the past 2 weeks because of a corporate visit we had on Friday, and now it is time for Christmas setup for the next 2 weeks and then I get a WHOLE WEEK OFF after my birthday on the 22nd so just fyi i am going to be sorta kinda free for a week to uh, actually draw if anyone wants to propose commissions or trades or something it would probably be a good time luv u thx

headcanon o15

          veronica has trust issues stemming from the fact that her parents are shady, and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they keep their wealth and her friends back in new york. she’s seen first hand what her mother is willing to do ( i. e forge her name and forge a letter in hiram’s name ). not only that her mother went back on her word about her no one being able to take her name. she did exactly that when she forged her signature. she’s still unsure about her father, but there’s already doubt planted in her head before his arrival. she wants to believe in him, the father she looks up to so much, but she doesn’t know whether her trust can lie with hiram or if he truly loves their family as she thinks he does. her memories of him are mostly of him spoiling her with presents whether it be from him not showing up to support her, an apology, or just because he can. it’s the dishonesty from her mother that really has damaged veronica’s ability to trust people easily as she used to. not only are her parents a contributing factor, but her environment back home when she was leading spence’s paved the way for her trust issues. when the scandal broke at first, she truly saw how alone she was. the people she “trusted”, the people she claimed were her “best friends” were quick to turn on her for being a criminal. but it is these issues with her parents that have also led veronica to try and be less like them. she’d rather be blunt, quick to the point rather than hiding behind her privilege. 
       for veronica, as she currently is, she’d rather focus on her friends problems, helping them in any way she can by using her past experiences to guide others. it’s her way of deflecting opening up to anyone easily. veronica strives to be someone dependable because she can’t get that from either of her parents. furthermore, if veronica has to break down she’d rather do it in the privacy of her own room or away from people. she’d rather not have anyone see her when she’s vulnerable.  she doesn’t want to make a big deal about it because she’s seen when she needs people and they usually don’t deliver. she can depend on herself. 

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First cover girl of first ever country edition of Rolling Stone First cover girl of first ever country edition for Cosmo. Guess who the 👑 of country MLL.

I’m sorry, but is there a reason you’re telling me this? I disagree (regarding the ‘queen’ thing) and think there are bigger and better female country singers out there, but good for her for those covers. That’s great for her. *shrugs*

(Seriously, do you expect me to start crying because she got some magazine covers, lol? Bless. Anyway, I’m so glad you such high regard for those magazines, though! Feel free to check out the MANY MANY covers Gwen’s gotten over at my website. 😘 )

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She sat up. What happened? She’d just accidentally dropped her notebook, and down into the hole it had tumbled. Her attempt to reach out to grab it before it had gotten too far had ended with her… tumbling in after it. 

And then she had landed… here? 

Sophia looked above. There was the tiniest hole up there, open to the world, where a small pillar of light shone down onto her. Oh, good. Good. This was just great. Now how was she supposed to get back up? She couldn’t climb up, it was too high and she was too short. Oh, no. She was gonna be in so much trouble… 

But how did flowers get down here? She didn’t think anything could grow down here. There wasn’t any light anywhere except here as far as she could see. But wait… If there were flowers here, maybe there were people! 

“He… Hello?” she called anxiously. “Can… can anyone help me? Hello?” 


this love ain’t made for the faint of heart