because she saved his world

alright you know what i got mad anyway sorry

  • sally jackson is a phenomenal mother but she does a fucking lot more than bake cookies okay
  • this woman lost her family when she was five
  • this woman grew up being neglected
  • and then proceeded to drop out of high school to take care of the man who neglected her
  • and then she raised a fucking baby entirely on her own, with no family at all
  • a baby that had a death warrant on his head since the day he was conceived, no less
  • she had nothing and she worked her ass off to make a good life for her son, and she did a fucking good job of it
  • and then she spent years in an abusive relationship all while continuing to work her ass off and make a good life for her son, despite being verbally and physically abused about everything she did
  • and then she fucking got herself out of that abusive relationship, and there is nothing fucking cute about sally jackson feeling so desperate and afraid of her abuser that her only way out was to kill him okay
  • and then she uses her new money to get a new apartment for herself
  • and then she fucking saved up enough to fulfill her lifelong dream of going to college to become a writer
  • and she still routinely has to let her son risk his life to save the world because she knows it wouldn’t be fair of her to try and beg him not to, it’s part of who he is and she knows she needs to respect that, so instead of guilting him and giving him ultimatums, she fucking gives him her blessing
  • do you know how fucking hard that must be for her though? and do you ever hear her guilt him or take it out on him? n e v e r
  • so like fuck yeah she’s kind and beautiful and loving but she aint soft and sweet this woman is tough as fucking nails, she’s strong, she gets fucked over and over again and she still never gives up
  • she pulled herself out of tons and tons of extremely tedious and difficult situations even when literally all the odds were stacked against her
  • percy even says that there’s steel in her, that she has a rebellious streak that’s just like him
  • and like i really don’t wanna ever hear anyone forgetting this part of her ever again
  • so next time you talk about her baking cookies remember that she’s also an orphan who grew up in an abusive household, dropped out of highschool, became a single mother, survived an abusive marriage, and worked her ass off to get herself to where she is today

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How do you think Ymir's idea/founding of Freedom in 89 connects or contributes thematically throughout the series and how it may come up in future chapters? Or what Isayama has left to address in these final arcs/chapters. Honestly I'd just love to read your thoughts/writings on the characters, the details you've noticed that are tying it all together and where it may end up. (not concrete predictions, your chapter 90 thoughts highlighted the joy in the spontaneity and odd choices the writing)

This question is my new favorite.

The intensely interesting thing about Ymir is that in her story, it is spelled out as explicitly as you ever could ask for that Paradis is her freedom.

Chronologically, at this point in the story, everyone is running around screaming over their home being destroyed. They’re buckling down and racing further inside the walls as fast as they can, filling their cage to max capacity and throwing people out to die so the rest of them can survive.

Ymir opens her eyes in this place, and she sees freedom. She’s alive, and she has her mind back, and there’s no one nearby who wants her dead. She can do whatever she wants, and it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever seen.

That’s the vision we’re presented with as Paradis comes to grips with the fact that they’re hated by the entire world. Ymir doesn’t see the walls closing in; she looks up at the sky and finds life.

And she opens that statement with how little individual humans matter. They’re sort of meaningless, right? There’s no real value in any of her flailing, or anyone else’s.

Except when she reaches Paradis, she can choose.

She doesn’t matter. There’s no significance to her struggles.

She still has the power to do whatever the heck she wants.

That’s so cool.

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💔 just fuckin kill me

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  • 💔- Send for our last kiss

Under the cut because of spoilers for V route day 10!! It’s an alternate ending to what actually happens, but I don’t want people getting mad at me for ruining things for them. :’)

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Ezekiel, as a Librarian, didn’t always have that silver streak in his hair – in fact, Eve never saw him with it. It grew in shortly after he lost Eve, forced to watch her die without any way to save her, his body numb from the gas Dulac had used on them.

Despite their bickering and bantering, they had grown close in the ten years they had worked together. She was probably the closest that he’d let anyone be in a very long time, and though he wasn’t always the greatest at expressing that sentiment, Ezekiel knew that they had an unspoken understanding when it came to each other.

But then she was gone – ripped away from him, her blood slipping through his fingers no matter how hard he tried to cap the wound. It tore him apart to lose the one person that had believed in him and convinced him that he was someone that could save the world.

And maybe losing Eve had been why he hadn’t been able to put down the wishing house the way he should have. Ezekiel just couldn’t quash down the irrational hope that maybe, just maybe, the house could grant his wish of bringing Eve back.

Though that thought was sucker punched into the void pretty quickly when the whole ghost epidemic started. No way would he want Eve to possess someone like that.

But his silver streak – well, fate had a cruel way of messing with him, didn’t it? Ezekiel could never forget what he had lost, the worst day of his life – because he had to face the bitter silver reminder every time he looked in the mirror, whether he liked it or not.

20 reasons why I love Superman

In order to celebrate Superman Day today, June 12th, I decided to share with all of you a list of 20 reasons why I love Superman.

But before I start I must say that the order displayed here does not mean any type of preference. I love everything about Supes. Therefore, these 20 reasons are parts of a whole.

So let’s go…

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Why IchiHime will not happen.

Mkay, I may lose followers for this but I don’t care because I like getting my thoughts out into type. If you are an IH fan, feel free to continue reading. I’m not going to spew hate because I don’t actually hate IH at all, I’m simply giving concrete reasons why it is definite that the pairing will not happen.

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I do not senselessly hate the IchiHime pairing and I have taken care to understand their moments as carefully as I have observed the IchiRuki moments. In my bio, it says I ship IchiHime. I honestly put that there because sometimes I reblog IH fanart and edits, simply because I like the look of them. Is it so wrong to like a pairing because of how they look? But I don’t ship the pairing in the hope that it will become canon, because I know it won’t. So now that you know I’m writing this as both an IchiRuki AND IchiHime fan, let’s continue.

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