because she never had a mother and cat is the best mother of all time basically

Fairy Tail Chapter 527 Review

This Chapter my god.

Our cover page is… eh. I mean it’s not bad but it’s just kinda standard Natsu, Lucy, and Happy. Not much to say.

So we open on a crying Larcade. Oh man ever sense you showed up again it’s been really pathetic. Please someone put an end to this.

ouch. Brutal Zeref, very brutal. Also Natsu I think friends stop mattering after a hole has been blown in.

That. Was pretty badass.

We cut away to the fight with Gildarts and August.

August’s speech is really odd here. When he says born with a mighty power, is he talking about what he’s going to do now, because he says he’s neglected it. Also this barrier all living things meet, I guess he means death because he took Crash head on with no like defense or anything like that. Also, were going to see this magic that has the power to kill everyone right now, why didn’t you lead of with it? You called this ragnorak, the norse term for the end of the world, what took you so long?

Oh shit he’s going Vegeta, you know he means business.

Even when your trying to help, you are a pain to read Mavis. Seriously, defense mode, I didn’t know magic ran on a yugioh mechanics. Also yes this was kinda referenced that someone could shut them off, but it doesn’t really give who in the chapter did it. I guess it tries to imply it’s August but it’s not clear.

Okay Gildarts I don’t think you can stop the oxygen from leaving her body and now we get to the toughest thing about this chapter. (Okay first there seems to be a translation issue as August is talking down to Jellal and it seems like he’s saying that Jellal has a ruler who will have a child of light, but it’s just an error) and this is the reference of how the only one who can beat August is his mom.

He just gives up. Like what? Okay, first things first this does make more sense then Irene’s bullshit “I always loved you” but this doesn’t make sense as “only his mother could beat him”. Mavis did nothing. I want to assume that he meant he never felt love from his father so his mother finally showing it would cause him to stop but Mavis does nothing.

Well Gray and Lucy reunite with Mavis. Even though it makes no sense to leave him because you seem to be back there at the end of the chapter, oh forget it, here’s the big thing with this chapter.

Okay first Mavis has the book of END, you think zeref who loves his brother would want to keep an eye on his life force. Then, HOW THE FUCK DOES MAVIS KNOW ABOUT END? I don’t ever recall her knwing, let alone natsu is END. And then We have Mavis saying Natsu will beat Zeref which okay fine we know END is suppose to beat Zeref but then she goes on to say she’ll erase him, I want to assume that she got the idea of erasing from Jacob’s magic because later she will say something really stupid that almost makes it seem like there was no point to Jacob. Finally, Why the hell would you call away Gray and Lucy to save Natsu’s life if you are basically saying he’ll need them at his side, you inconsistent bitch.

We cut away to the Natsu vs Zeref fight.

Y’know Natsu is on point this chapter of putting Zeref in his place. However, this does fel lessened as this and the last 4 chapters have been really laying on the family message.

Again, thank you Natsu.

So after the both go super saiyan we get the part of the chapter that probably made me the angriest. And it’s Mavis saying she’s found a way to beat Zeref. Okay, Mavis you said the reason that you wanted out of the lumen histoire is because after the Jacob fight you said you found a way to beat Zeref, but you then go on to say that Natsu will definitely win but by the way this is written is implying that you only now have put all the pieces together to form a plan and for the rest of the time you’ve been bull shiting your way through this plan. That’s not a strategist that’s a not thought out gambler. But I’m not surprised as Mavis’s strategies are like this, no actual plan just have faith and see how it turns out, fuck you Mavis, fuck you.

And then we get our next chapter titled “Dragon Demon” Oh god i’ll mention this in the post chapter follow up.

Post chapter follow up: I genuinely wanted to like this chapter but god there is some problems. I’ve said everything about Mavis that I needed to and if your curious why I hate her so much this chapter is because it’s the typical Mavis shit. Mavis is an idiot, all of her plans don’t have actual strategy just hedging her bet that FT will somehow figure it out. Why this makes me so mad is look at Natsu, he is an idiot. But imagine he has a moment when he’s fighting villain with a tricky power and says he’s found a way around all of his attacks and I planned this whole thing out and just results in him punching hard. That sounds horrible and makes no sense as a strategy. That is Mavis. Someone built as this grand genius but always comes through because of not actual planning or tricking the opponent into a false sense of Security no she bull shits her way through and claims it’s smart. Another thing is this “she’s a mother”. She’s done nothing motherly, you Mavis haven’t raised or taught or stood beside these kids. In fact Makarov, who actually acts like a parent, mentions how she only saw them as soldiers not children. And in this moment with August where she needs to be a mom, she does nothing.

Another thing, I don’t know how to feel for this ending of the August fight. We know Mavis would be why he goes down but it doesn’t seem to add up as they don’t even exchange any dialogue whatsoever. But I guess saying Gildarts beat him with Absolute Heaven was okay, I wish it went longer but I’ll take it.

Dragon Demon. SO much for building “I’m human” because now it seems like it’s just going to be “yeah I need those powers to win” oh, I so hope he doesn’t turn into a demon dragon because that would make that big moment he had in his heart pointless.

On to the good stuff, Natsu is amazing this chapter. I’m serious he is handling this better than I thought it be, I expected standard “were fairy tail” or “I have friends” but bringing in the family thing is just great.

Zeref again is crazy but again it’s really entertaining  to see him lose it.

Also, THANK GOD, END is back. I’m so happy because if that thing did not make an appearance again I was going to groan in pain.

I also acknowledge a lot of my dislike is stemmed from Mavis and that some do like her  but I just can’t. I really wanted to like this chapter because ever since the “I choose human” thing, Hiro hasn’t put out a below average chapter or at worst average, it’s honestly great because he’s the end of the ending should be good.

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • It has some problems
  • It has quite questionable moments
  • Natsu is the best thing this chapter and carries the good quality
About why INFPs aren’t always pure and sometimes downright dangerous

I usually don’t post anything about MBTI on this blog, but there’s something I really need to get off my chest about INFP.

I’m INFP myself, and what I hate the most is that we’re mostly portrayed as kind, daydreaming beings, too good for this world, too pure. No. We aren’t.

Our dominant Fi means we’re lead by our own ethical agenda and our corresponding emotions - in a lot of cases, this makes us understanding, peaceful, and mindful of others because we believe that’s the right thing to do. We are perceived as Good Beings™ because society values compassion.

But remember, it’s because we believe in this agenda, and made it our very core.

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realheartbreak  asked:

why do you have a vendetta against him? he's not too bad. i liked him

You’re totally entitled to your own opinion. However, since you asked, I know Ross to be the worse human being since the creation of time because that phrase applies to people who:

are terrible friends: possibly my most hated Ross moment happens in 4.02 when Phoebe finds a cat that she believes is her mother reincarnated and Ross is a totally asshole about it. Believe what you want, but when your friend is clearly grieving over the loss of her mother, perhaps give being supportive instead of a condescending fuckboy a try. Or after the infamous Ross and Rachel we were on a break thing, he guilt trips the other friends for hanging out with Rachel. Breakups are shitty, but why he would drag their MUTUAL friends into the middle of it always baffled me

are judgmental: literally it never ends. It hasn’t been a Friends episode if Ross doesn’t make a condescending comment to at least someone. I dare you to find one. It can’t be done

make everything about themselves: it doesn’t matter what your issue is. It’s happened to Ross and it’s been worse. He is so egotistical it is almost impressive

are possessive/jealous: Mark, Pablo, any male that looks that any woman. In 2.16 Rachel feels the need to hide her plans to get a tattoo from Ross because he wouldn’t like it. Why Ross feels like he has the right to make any decisions about RACHEL’S body is beyond me. In 3.05 he makes a LAMINATED list of celebrities he would have sex with (they should be so lucky). Plus in 2.08 he writes the world’s grossest pro/con list about Julie and Rachel (HUMAN BEINGS) as if he was deciding what car to buy, not which woman to grace with his presence

are horrific boyfriends: well since you brought up Ross and Rachel, that relationship is the most toxic thing I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. The way Ross treats/yells at Rachel when she is getting ready for his gala in 3.02 gives me heart palpations. In 3.15 Ross is so grossly un-supportive of Rachel’s job at Bloomingdale’s, it’s laughable. She tells him that it “is the first time in [her] life [she’s] doing something [she] actually care[s] about.” His response? He is “tired of having a relationship with [her] answering machine.” Ahh, nothing like making your girlfriend feel guilty for being successful. And then, when Rachel stands up to him (you go gurl!) Ross has the gall to accuse her of cheating on him with Mark. Which, somewhat hypocritically, actually brings me to my next point…

are cheaters: Phoebe’s friend (the bald girl), Julie, and basically Emily all get cheated on by Ross (maybe even Rachel, but they were on a break so I’ll give Ross the benefit of the doubt on that one)

are sexist: in 9.06, Ross gets angry at Rachel when she hires a male nanny. He uses the phrase, “That’s like a woman being a…”. BEING WHAT ROSS. PLEASE FINISH THAT THOUGHT. In 3.04 Ross loses his mind when Ben opts to play with dolls (a girl toy) and basically forces his young son to confirm to gender norms with the G.I. Joe. Also, episode 3.01 The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy exists

are homophobic: Ross literally never once misses the opportunity to remind anyone listening that his ex-wife left him FOR A WOMAN. The fact he doesn’t see himself as having anything to do with why Carol left him speaks to how flawed of a character he is (never mind that she makes it super clear it wasn’t about her sexuality alone). On top of that he constantly belittles the importance of Susan’s and Carol’s relationship. In 1.02 when he, Carol, and Susan, are at the doctor for the sonogram, he literally tells Susan it’s “not her baby,” and that she “can’t be the mother of the child.” In the same episode he plays the “sperm card” implying he’s (or at least he thinks he is) more valuable in this situation.

Honestly, he acts like Carol’s acts lesbianism was something she choose to do to spite him

are shitty parents: he brings up Ben to win an argument or to avoid helping his friends move, like in 6.06. He basically uses his son solely a prop to suit his own needs. Which is actually for the best because when he does see his son, he spends his time explaining the whole we were on a break thing to the poor kid. And oh yeah, he does this to his daughter as well (way to shit talk your daughter’s mother Ross….)

are terrible siblings: Monica essentially grew up being verbally abused by her mother and I think it’s so tragic that her own brother continues this pattern of abuse into her adulthood. Ross constantly tries to undermine Monica successes, and never misses an opportunity to define her by her current or previous weight. Friends is pretty problematic with the ongoing “Monica used to be fat!” jokes anyways (but I mean it was the 90s and nothing is perfect), but Ross is by far the worst of them. He jokes about how she never had a boyfriend because FAT and how she threatened to sit on him (never mind that skinny Monica could still totally whoop Ross’ terrible ass). Any time he feels like he is losing an argument, he immediately brings up her weight. Aside from all of this, he is grossly unsupportive when Monica and Chandler start dating (which is why they try to hide it from him for so long I am sure)

In addition to all of this:

  2. He doesn’t annul his and Rachel’s wedding AND LIES ABOUT IT
  4. He didn’t read the letter
  5. WE WERE ON A BREAK (if Ross thought he and Rachel were on a break and he did nothing wrong, why did he hide the girl from the copy place behind the door? Urgh, brb rage spiraling)
  6. He kept track of how many times he and Rachel had sex
  7. He is whiney
  8. He constantly belittles the accomplishments of others
  9. He has anger management issues
  10. He suffers from the Nice Guy Syndrome (NGS); fun fact, Friends coined the term the friendzone, this is no coincidence
  11. The whole turkey sandwich thing
  12. When he got caught getting high in highschool, he throws his oldest friend under the bus
  13. Unagi
  14. He dates a student
  15. He’s never been in a relationship where he hasn’t lied
  16. The “We Hate Rachel Club” and the rumor that he and Will started in high school

This list is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive. I think Ross is an extremely troubled human being. Granted, I do think a lot of his trust and self-esteem issues stem from his failed relationship with Carol. A lot of Ross’ personality deficits come from his own fear of his own crushing inadequacy. However, that doesn’t give him carte blanche to be shitty guy.

Skinny ink

Keith Kogane x fem! reader

Request: ‘Can u do Voltron writing prompt 44 with Keith? Thanks!’ – mythic anon

Prompt: “Let me love you…and if that means writing on your skin all the reasons why, then so be it.”                                                                                                                                    

A/N: I’ve started giving my numerous anon requestors names now, so yeah. Also! I started a prompts list so you can find that on my blog somewhere, I will reblog it every once in a while. I wrote all of them so far and I’ve only used one of them so far so I hope you enjoy them. I’ve already got two requests for a prompt including this one. The other one is number 26 with Hunk so that one is going to be a smut ;) Anyway, enjoy my fellow paladins!

Modern! Soulmate! Au


I can’t change it since it is a major part of the story but if you feel uncomfortable i could try and create another version of this story altogether but it won’t be classed as a request.

Originally posted by zxrkon

This all started with the words…the three simple words that you didn’t think about writing on your skin…the ones that you meant for yourself but didn’t expect a response erupted from your very own skin. It wasn’t supposed to be there, but when you asked your neighbours. They told you when they found the person who gave them the soulmate’s ‘skinny ink’ they fell in love and lived in their happily ever after. Good for them, you thought. Who would marry and have kids with someone who wrote ‘I love you’ on their wrist to stop them from doing other things to their ugly skin when you get a sort of text back on your own skin saying ‘I love you too.’

Who the hell even was this guy?

Was it even a sarcastic response? Or was he serious?

Will you ever get to fucking know for sure?

Who the fuck knows in this messed up universe?

But there was one way of finding out for sure.

As you gripped the aqua blue sharpie in your hand, you tried to think of something to say, pressing the pen to the inside of your arm, creating a blue dot that could represent earth from very, very far away. You felt nostalgic after looking at it for a while…until some black ink on your wrist caught your eye again. It was underneath the previous conversation that you had had with your ‘soulmate’ the day before.


Was that all?

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Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x

Part: 30/? 

Pairing: Jamilton 

Inspiration: this post and this song 

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs) 

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color. 

Warning: cussing, mentions of depression 

Word Count: 3,367 

Dedication: @midnigtartist bc I love Aimee 

Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @kinkshamer2k16, @lukasspresents, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @cometviolet, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @focusofthememes, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @sugarshark420, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @doot-doot-cats, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @siguikinworld, @evil-weasel, @bad-l-ands, @lukadovemcm, @not-spider-man, @thedisneyderp, @aphamericanhero, @rose-is-in-the-void, @hosanna-is-the-name, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @oli-is-perfect, @trash-sicle, @theflowerprinces, @beycutebabe, @ichbindeindod, @awkwardly-inactive, @thekaymeister, @dvddggs, @dreamingpastelcolors, @theluckyjinx2170, @atomicprinceling, @aheadfullofglassbees, @jefffersons, @sweetlyminiaturesublime, @anitheunicorn, @catsouitrash, @omlwhatamidoing, @creativescapist, @bees-and-shotguns 

A/N: more squish and sad Pip

Eliza couldn’t have picked a worse day to tell Philip that she wasn’t going to see him anymore. They were close, rather close, and learning that he wouldn’t see his mother was something almost traumatic to him.

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anonymous asked:

hi could i request a headcanon of the rfa taking care of mc while they dealing with a cold

Hiya anon! Thank you so much for sending in our first request.(*^o^*) Mod DK and I were so excited to see this! We’re not 100% sure what we’re doing yet but we’re giving it a shot.

(No one asked for them but V and Saeran are under the cut.)

Zen -    

  • There was one time where you caught a cold and Zen had no idea what to do.
  • Since his body recovers at inhuman speed he’s gotten over the cold in like 2 hours.
  • He frantically messaged everyone at 3am asking what he should do because, “ GUYS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MC IS DYING.”
  • Someone help this poor boy.
  • After getting some useful advice from the other members, i.e. Jaehee, he went out and almost bought all the medicine he could find at the pharmacy.
  • After raiding the store he busted through the front door exclaiming that “ZEN THE KNIGHT IS HERE TO SAVE HIS PRINCESS!”
  • He was actually really sweet and caring though.
  • He clung to you like a Koala bear, constantly cuddling you and giving sweet kisses making sure that you were always comfortable.
  • During the nights where you would have nightmares induced from the fever he would gently sing to you and play with your hair until you went back to bed.
  • After you recovered he forced you to start eating better, take multivitamins, and work out with him.
  • His reasoning was that although he enjoyed playing the part of your knight in shinning armor he never wants to see you in pain ever again .
  • Now who would be able to get mad at that? Although you hated it, you haven’t been sick.

Yoosung -

  • You had once gotten sick from someone when buying groceries.
  • This boy has a 6th sense for this kind of thing and noticed the signs that you were sick before you did.
  • Because Yoosung has a little sister he is used to taking care of people and is a natural when it comes to nursing you back to health.
  • He called his mother the day you were sick and asked for her famous chicken noodle soup recipe and made it for you that night.
  • Yoosung is constantly there for anything you need, it was kinda freaky.
  • He’d be minding his own business, playing LOLOL, and before you even spoke up he would be by your side handing you more tissues or getting you something to drink.
  • You swear he has super powers.
  • Because you didn’t want him to get sick you insisted that he wore a face mask whenever he was around you
  • He still ended up giving you small kisses whenever he got a chance because he couldn’t help it, you are so damn adorable.

Jahee -

  • Mama Jaehee to the rescue
  • The first time you even sneezed she was by your side tissues in hand checking your temperature.
  • She wore a face mask all the time because she could not afford to get sick, not with her work piling up since Jumin decided to open up a new cat toy business.
  • Every surface of the house was lysoled and every four hours on the dot you were given your medicine.
  • Does not matter if she was at work or not she would call you and stay on the phone till you took your medicine.
  • When at home she was always mothering you, making sure you drank enough liquids, slept a lot, and changed the cooling pad on your head.
  • In order to cheer you up she would bake your favorite cookies and bring you the coffee she knew you adored.
  • “Coffee cures everything” she said with a completely straight face, to this day you still cannot tell if she was joking or not.
  • She wasn’t joking.
  • When you couldn’t sleep at night she would stay up with you no matter how tired she was and you two would talk till morning about your future plans and dreams for the coffee shop.
  • After you fell asleep she gave you a small kiss and told you to get better soon.
  • Jaehee is careful but efficient, within two days you were completely healed and you still have no idea how that happened exactly.

707 -

  • One day you had to call into work because you were feeling under the weather and could not leave the bed without passing out.
  • Seven understandably freaks the fuck out.
  • He first gets really angsty beating himself up for not noticing that you were sick until it was too late.
  • The minute you start having coughing fits all these negative thoughts fly out of his head and he is by your side in an instant.
  • The next thing you know you are covered from head to toes with band-aids looking like a poorly concealed mummy with a runny nose.
  • Since he has looked after himself for a while he has no idea what to do because, “The famous 707, defender of justice, never gets sick.”
  • His first solution was to feed you Honey Buddha Chips and let you drink PH D. Pepper because this heavenly combination can cure even the sickest people.
  • Everything is not going according to Keikaku
  • Authors Note: Keikaku means plan
  • When that obviously doesn’t help and the shock wears off that you were not instantly cured, instincts kicked in from when he had to nurse Saeran back to health when they were kids.
  • He does a 180 degree change and is actually feeding you soup and giving you tea with lemon and honey.
  • He refused to leave your side no matter what. Anything you asked he would get it for you in a minute.
  • He moved his computer to your side and worked while you were sleeping and gave you small kisses even though you got “mad” every time he did.
  • Before bed he would stop work and you would talk for hours about your future wedding at the space station.

-Mod DK

Jumin -

  • If you even so much as cough this boy is on the phone with the doctor.
  • He researches exactly what to do for a sick person.
  • Rich boy always had someone taking care of him when he was sick.
  • Jumin’s probably the type to send home sick people from work.
  • Get your g e r m s out of his workplace.
  • It’s a whole different story when you catch a cold h̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶g̶l̶u̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶s̶i̶d̶e̶.
  • “Jaehee, cancel all of my meetings, MC just sneezed.”
  • He’s totally not worried about getting sick if it’s you he catches it from.
  • Sends the chef home and makes chicken noodle soup ,by himself, just for you.
  • It is surprisingly delicious soup.
  • Always has a hot cup of tea ready for you.
  • He makes the best tea.
  • Will draw you a bath and wash your hair for you to help you feel better.
  • Cuddles you forever.
  • checks your temp like three times an hour.

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Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Yay for friday! I love how you all look forward to these updates, it makes me so happy and more than willing to write this lovely series! Here’s to the new CB chapter; merry christmas eve eve! 

Warning: Ben cusses a bit and it’s some good shit

Word Count: 4K+

“A concert?” Sitting on the bar stool as your mother worked around the kitchen, you nodded. “How much?” Stopping in her tracks to look at you, you shook your head.

“Absolutely free! There’s no fee since they’re not like a profiting band, they just do small gigs.” You smiled, in hopes she’d say yes.

“A band? Is this that band you listen to on repeat? The only rock band out of all your music?” Slumping your shoulders, you slowly nodded. “What was it again? Knights of…Knights of…”

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Random Ren family headcanons

- 97% of the Ren family is bisexual.

- Their theme naming thing has been going on for literal centuries, because no branch/generation of the family wants to be the one who breaks tradition.

- Hakutoku and Koutoku’s relationship was basically like Mufasa and Scar’s from The Lion King, except if Scar was the one who was favored by their father (the father, Tokuma, was kind of a huge asshole, and Koutoku took after him a lot. Hakutoku was the odd one out most of the time).

- Hakuren loved any and all dogs with a fiery passion, but especially loved big fluffy ones. He would take his younger siblings to play with the palace dogs whenever he could. (Tiny Hakuryuu was once run over by what was basically a giant mountain of fluff. His older siblings freaked out, but he couldn’t have been happier.) By contrast, Hakuyuu, Kouha, and Kougyoku prefer cats.

- The reason we never get to see Hakutoku’s face is that he’s just too damn pretty to be looked upon by mortal eyes.

- Gyokuen was the one who trained Hakuyuu and Hakuren in swordplay, and before they caught on to what a shady bitch she was, she took the job surprisingly seriously (and Hakuyuu bordered on idolizing her for her skill). Post-fire, she took only a mild interest in training Hakuei, and with Hakuryuu she was basically like, “Good luck, asshole :)”

- Just like Hakuyuu seems to be Hakuryuu’s favorite older brother, Hakuren was Hakuei’s favorite.

- Speaking of favoritism, pre-fire, Hakuryuu was the only one of his siblings who preferred their mother over their father. (Hakuei in particular used to be quite the daddy’s girl. Gyokuen was somewhat put out by this.)

- Hakuren would do literally anything to impress his younger siblings. Preserving his image as their #1 Cool Big Bro was very high on his list of priorities.

- 99% of the time, Hakutoku was a cold, driven, and quiet person. But, he was also very self-conscious about the fact that he could come off as uncaring, and was very worried about being a good father, especially considering that he didn’t have the best example. He didn’t need to worry: he ended up reaching “Dear Theodosia” levels of doting dad after each of his kids were born. (“LOOK AT MY SON! <3 <3 <3″; while an exasperated Gyokuen downs several glasses of wine.) Probably the best way to get him to show emotion was to involve his family in something.

- Hakuyuu was a shameless bookworm. His family could usually find him holed up in a corner of the palace library, and more than once he fell asleep in random places with a book over his face.

- Hakutoku’s pet name for his wife was “jewel” or “shining jewel.” Privately, Gyokuen didn’t think just using the literal meaning of her name was all that creative, but since the only pet name she could think of was “Toku,” she couldn’t complain. (And she definitely preferred it over Koutoku calling her his “lovely little sister.”)

- Seriously or not, at least half the family has considered cutting Kouen’s goatee off in his sleep.

- Arba possessed the real Gyokuen when she was nineteen years old, only a couple weeks after she’d given birth to Hakuren. And until canon says otherwise, Gyokuen willingly let her mother possess her and worked alongside her (until Arba’s sudden but inevitable betrayal), because she and Arba are both terrible people in their own right, but that’s another set of headcanons.

- At some point when the Kou siblings were all home post-Sindria Arc, Kouha noticed Kougyoku making her flower crowns (she’d been excited to try some with flowers native to Kou), was fascinated, and went over to find out what his sister was doing. Two minutes later, they were both cross-legged in the grass, making flower crowns for each other and for Kouha’s girls.

- If Hakuren were still alive, he would either want to be Yamato Takeruhiko’s best friend, or fight him. Or both. He tended to show his approval of strong people by declaring his desire to fight them, with a big smile on his face. 

- Hakutoku had very bright blue eyes. Like, think Yato from Noragami

- Hakuren loved bad puns. He judged how good (bad?) they were on how fast and how hard Hakuyuu would Yuu Chop him hit him with a book after hearing them.

- Ever since their father and brothers were killed, Hakuryuu and Hakuei have both been very restless sleepers and prone to nightmares. More often than not, they’ll toss and turn in their sleep, whimpering, crying out, and occasionally talking. If one sibling happens to notice the other having an especially difficult time in their sleep, they stay with them and try to calm them down. It’s not something they talk about when they’re both awake, it’s just what they do for each other as siblings still working through trauma.

- Most of the younger Kou siblings (Kouha and Kougyoku in particular) see Kouen as more of a father figure than their actual father. Kouen won’t say so out loud, but he approves of this.

Can I help you, kid?

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Pairing: Bobbyxdaughter!reader
Word count: 2,146
Warnings: None that I saw.

Bobby had helped raise the Winchester boys. They were grown now. One thing he never expected was to be raising a kid again.

Let alone his own. That he didn’t even know about until that morning.

Early that morning, you had been dressed in your favorite pink dress. It made you feel like a princess. Your hair was in two french braids, one resting on each shoulder. At five years old, you were going to meet your father. That was what the nice lady told you. Other than your mother, you weren’t close to any of your relatives. Your aunt lived far away and was always busy. Your grandfather was old, and in no shape to raise a child. The nice lady, Marie, had taken the trip with you. In your little hand you had a light blue suit case. Of course half of that was taken up by a stuffed cat you had won at the fair. The rest of your belongings were to be shipped after you. What they hadn’t told you was that he didn’t even know you were coming.

Your mother hadn’t told you much about him. You knew that his name was Bobby, he liked ball caps, he had two sons, and that he was funny. You stared out the window as the black car pulled into what looked like a giant trash can to you. There were broken cars everywhere. As the car pulled up to the front of the house, you unbuckled and climbed out.

Without waiting for Marie, you ran up the steps and rang the doorbell. You stood straight, like you were taught, your hands clasped behind your back. A moment later, the door was open. The man that stood there gave you an odd look. You mimicked it. “Can I help you, kid?” He said, his voice scruffy.

“Hi. I’m Y/N.” You beamed, wondering why he was acting so funny.

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How would BAP take care of their wife during her pregnancy? The whole mood swings, hormones, stress, and morning sickness stuff

Gah. I’m the biggest sucker for imagining such things. Perhaps it’s because I’m at the age where all my friends are getting married and starting families while I’m here like, “I have a career… and a cat.”

Anyway, I made this into mini scenarios.  I hope you enjoy.  If you’d prefer a gif reaction, feel free to let me know and I’ll change it. (I’m on my phone, so it’s a bit easier to not add gifs at the moment)

Yongguk: 3AM and he’s at the convenient store looking for pudding because you had awoken with a ravenous craving.  Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he sighs in relief as he finds a small collection of puddings.  Deciding on a safe bet, he grabbed a couple packs of each flavor and brings them to the front to checkout.  The elderly cashier looks up from her magazine and grins knowingly to herself as she rings up the food.  “You should probably grab her something salty as well,” the lady kindly suggested.  Yongguk did not question her suggestion as stepped back to survey the selection of snacks below the counter, grabbing a small bag of pretzels and adding that to the small collection on the counter.  “Trust me, Dear.  The real fun hasn’t even started yet,” the woman chuckled, placing his purchases into a small plastic bag.  Yongguk smiled and thanked her, silently chuckling to himself thinking about how he really didn’t mind the late-night run to the store because it’s the least he could do for the woman carrying his child.
Upon arriving back home, Yongguk was careful to enter as quietly as he could in case you had fallen back asleep.  Instead, he was surprised to find you pacing the living room with your arms hugged around yourself and stress clearly written all over your face.  “Jagiya?” he questioned, setting the bag of food on the sofa before placing his hands on your shoulder to closely read your expression.  “What’s wrong?”
“My craving changed and I tried to call you so you wouldn’t go through the trouble, but you had left your phone at home.  Then you were taking forever and I started to worry that maybe you were fed up with my pregnant self and weren’t coming back and I didn’t know what to do because I couldn’t get a hold of you to apologize or tell you I wanted something salty.  And now look at me; I’m an emotional, weak ass b-”
Yongguk cut you off with a gentle chuckle before pulling you into a tight embrace.  “I swear, the thought of leaving you has not and will not ever cross my mind.  I love you, in all your pregnant glory. And I love those cravings and mood swings because that means there’s a healthy, happy little one in there growing bigger and stronger everyday.”  He kissed the top of your head and petted your hair as your sobs subsided.  “I’m sorry I forgot my phone and worried you.”  He pulled away and wiped away the wet trails on your face left behind from your face.  “Now, will pretzels kill that craving or shall I ran back to the store… this time with my phone in hand?”

Basically, Yongguk would be the kind of man to do anything and everything in his power to help his pregnant wife be as comfortable as possible.  Those random, odd cravings in the middle of the night and those whiplash inducing mood swings wouldn’t really phase him much at all.  He would have no trouble remembering that those were simply symptoms of his upcoming fatherhood.  His only concern is making sure his wife is well cared for since she is already burdened with baring their child.

Himchan: “Do you want some water, juice, crackers, soup…?” Himchan frantically offered as he rubbed your back while you emptied the contents of your stomach into the toilet.  Despite your current disposition, you smiled to yourself amongst the tears that had reflexively welled in your eyes upon decorating the inside of the porcelain throne.  Since the moment you had told your husband that you were expecting, Mama Himchan had come to stay.  You could hardly sneeze without him panicking and offering to hurry you into the emergency room to check on you and the baby.  As overbearing as he could be in this state, it was also heartwarming at the same time.  He had the best intentions, even if they got on your last nerve from time to time.
Sitting up, your flushed the toilet and wiped your eyes before smiling at your man whom continued to stare worryingly over you.  “Actually, I could really go for some pizza right now.  With pickles.  Do you think that would taste good?”  You couldn’t help but to laugh aloud at the utterly appalled look on Himchan’s face.  
“You were just sick. Do you think pizza is really a great idea?”
Again, you laughed at his worry.  “Himchan, My Love, I’m still not dying… Just pregnant,” you assured him before standing up with his hands ready to aid you if need be.  You could only roll your eyes as his incessant need to hover over you every second.  It amused you how you were the one carrying around a little alien in your stomach yet he was the one acting as if the sky was falling.  You could only imagine what things were going to be like once the child actually arrived.  There was no doubt you would suddenly be a mother of two.  But honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

This guy is going to be a worry wart throughout the whole thing.  As much as he tries to keep a level head and tries to keep himself composed, he simply cannot help himself from mothering over his wife.  He feels rather guilty that she has to go through so much in carrying the child that he just wants to do whatever he can to make things better and easier for her, but his worry can get a little overbearing in itself.  His heart is in the right place, but his mind is another story.

Daehyun: You have never seen Daehyun shine as brightly as he has ever since you relayed the news of your pregnancy.  There seemed to not be a single thing that could put a damper to his mood, and it’s been nearly six months since that time.  And you truly couldn’t be more grateful for that.  Any time you had a moment of self doubt or panicked yourself over what was to come, he was right there beside you with a wide smile and the most reassuring words.  There was no doubt in your mind he was going to be an amazing father, and imagining him with your unborn child had your heart fluttering with excitement every time.
“Jagiya! Look look look what one of our fans made for the baby,” Dae excitedly called as he entered your shared home.  He glowed with pure joy as he held up a little onsie with a customized matoki to symbolize your child.  Of course Daehyun couldn’t help but to announce the expected birth of his first child to his Babyz, and you were most pleasantly surprised to find that instead of ridicule and jealousy, you received an abundance of praises and congratulations along with a plethora of gifts for your growing family.  
You couldn’t help but to smile back at Dae as he knelt in front of you and placed his hands over your growing stomach.  “Hey there Baby Girl.  There are so many people that are so excited to meet you, but no one more than Daddy.  You keep growing and come meet us soon, okay?” he spoke softly before his eyes grew wide and his smile nearly took over his face as he looked up at you.  “She kicked!  I felt it, did you?” You laughed outwardly at his childish surprise and ran a hand through his hair.  He quickly kissed your stomach and stood up to pull you into his arms and lay a kiss upon your lips as well.  “I can’t wait to meet her, and all her future brothers and sisters.”  You laughed aloud to yourself, so grateful to have this ever joyous man beside you to keep you sane during all the big changes you’re facing.  It fascinated you how utterly happy at at ease he could be with all the things that were to come, but it was his optimism that kept you put together whenever your stress began to rise.
“Don’t you think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself?” you teased with a grin of your own; though, you would be lying if you said you weren’t also looking forward to creating a big happy family with your ball of energy and fluff a husband.

Dae is going to be one that just so excited to start a family that that in itself will be a sweet consolation to all the changes and hardships his wife must go through with the pregnancy.  He will be one that cannot help but to be overly zealous with buying baby items and sweetly talking/singing to the unborn child.  All the while, he will also be great at taking care of his wife as well.  Like Bang, he wouldn’t mind those random trips to the store to help with cravings (Hell, he’ll probably buy enough for the three of you because ‘how fair is it that you can eat whatever you want just because you’re pregnant? I’m expecting too.’)  

Youngjae: Though the corners of his lips were pulled into a small smile, you knew that sigh that had just passed them was his release of a scolding.  “You went shopping, didn’t you?” he accurately assumed, staring at your swollen ankles.
You could only pout in response, knowing you had overdone it a bit.  But damn it, you were going stir crazy alone at home and one of your friends had suggested a little day out.  You simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some time out with friends when soon enough you would be too busy with a newborn to go out for who knows how long.  It had been a pleasant enough day and you felt accomplished with your purchases; though, now your feet and ankles were protesting the amount of time spent on them.
A breath of a chuckle escaped Youngjae as he took your hand and lead you to the couch where he forced you to sit at one end and put your feet up before he momentarily moved them to seat himself and place them over his lap.  “If I remember correctly, a certain someone’s doctor told them to take it easy or they’ll end up on bed rest,” he chastised, sending a judgemental glance your way, receiving a huff and a pout from you in response.
He was right.  The first trimester of your pregnancy had been a rough one to say the least and for quite a while you had heard your doctors repeatedly saying ‘high risk pregnancy’.  It was stressful to say the least, but things had smoothed out since then and you were feeling perfectly able to stop by a few stores and gush over tiny baby clothes with a couple of your friends.  Insanity due to boredom was becoming an increasing threat with each passing day you spent home alone with Youngjae tended to his work.  “If this is the kind of punishment I’m going to get for going out and getting swollen feet, I’m hardly inclined to behave,” you teased as his hands tenderly massaged your aching limbs.  Youngjae shot you a warning glance, but did not cease the glorious attention he was giving your plump little toes.  
“Don’t make me have to call a babysitter before I’m even officially a father.”

Youngjae will be pretty good about keeping a level head throughout the whole thing.  At the same time, he’s not exactly going to let you use your pregnancy as an excuse for every little thing.  He’ll be great about reading up on the weekly stages of your pregnancy and keeping up with all the little changes your little one should be making.  He’ll also be dang good at taking care of all your needs and keeping you comfortable without going too far out of his way to do so.  You can also expect some sweet lullabies to your stomach every now and then.

Jongup: He was near the point of tears.  Six hours, several painful hammer slams to various fingers, three cups of coffee and finally a call for help to Himchan later, Jongup found himself before the Ikea crib to find that he had managed to put one of the ends on upside down.  He scratched at the back of his head, contemplating throwing the damn thing in a fire and buying a bassinet instead.  But no.  His kid was going to sleep in a crib of his making.  It’s the least he could provide in comparison to you offering your body as a safe haven for the child until it’s born.  Part of being a father is being able to make something out of nothing and solving your problems head on.  He needs to start setting the best example for his son now.  This crib will not defeat him!  Nor will the bookshelf, or the rocking chair, or the changing table, or the dresser…
“Guppie, why don’t you give yourself a break and come have dinner,” you suggested, wrapping your arms around your stressed husband and leaning your head against his shoulder from behind.  “I ordered your favorite and you have plenty of time to battle with the furniture before he gets here.”
Jongup turned in your hold and rested a hand on the small bump of your stomach.  “Let him know he can take his time because this battle is far from over.”  You couldn’t help but to giggle at his forlorn expression.
“You know you don’t have to do it alone.  There’s five other boys more than willing to help you,” you reminded him.  Jongup shot you a frown.
“But this isn’t their kid.”  He was practically whining and you couldn’t help but to giggle again.  At times, it seemed like he suffered more from the mood swings and nesting craze than you did.  Not that you minded.  The backaches and extra weight holding you down was more than enough without the hormones adding to it.
Placing a hand on his cheek you smile lovingly at your determined husband.  “You know you’re going to be a great father, My Love.  Now come eat with me or I’m going to devour it all.  Your little man is a hungry hungry hippo and I can hardly keep up with his appetite.”
Jongup needed no further encouragement to leave the mess of the nursery behind as he laced his fingers with yours and followed you down the stairs to the waiting food on the coffee table and inviting movie paused and ready to play on the living room screen.  

Guppie is going to be one of those ‘along for the ride’ kind of guys.  He’s definitely always there to lend you a hand whenever needed and has a constant watchful eye over you with an undeniable worry for you and the child’s safety at all times, but he’s also pretty good at not being too overbearing about it.  His biggest dilemma will be facing those mood swings; the poor guy won’t know what to do with himself as soon as the tears spring, not to mention the kicked puppy look he’ll give you with the spontaneous rage.  And though he may not know how to react, he will always be understanding and sympathetic to all the things you have to go through in order to have a family together.  He is 1000% committed to helping you be as comfortable as possible and making sure everything is in order for when your little one comes into the world.

Zelo: Zelo’s face paled as his eyes grew wide, yet they remained glued to the graphic images upon the screen.  A million and a half questions raced through his mind, but the most prominent being ‘how did I get talked into coming to these classes?’ and ‘how does anyone stomach childbirth?’.  The poor guy nearly forgot how to breathe until you laid a hand over his and smiled at his stressed expression.  It was clear he was having difficulty grasping the concept of childbirth at the moment.  The young man looked ready to run out the door and hide in a dark corner until it was all over.  Yet he remained seated and you couldn’t help but to feel a mixture of pride and amusement at his expense.  
After you have shared the news of your pregnancy with Junhong, he had a never-ending list of questions and concerns over the pregnancy and the upcoming change to your lives.  You had figured the best way to handle things would be a few parenting classes that would do you both some good.  You’d be lying if you said you were completely prepared for parenthood yourself.  Still, you were both excited to start the next chapter in your lives, not to mention the rest of B.A.P was more than a little ecstatic that their baby was finally having a baby of his own.
Walking out of the building once the class ended, Zelo looked more than mildly relieved to put that hour behind him.  As he wrapped a protective arm around you and glanced about for any dangers that may come your way, you couldn’t help but to smile up at him.  
After learning you were carrying his child, he quickly became slightly more cautious with you and a bit more protective.  Whenever you left the house, he was sure to have your hand in his grasp or an arm wrapped around you to assure himself that you were safely in his guard.  It was a side of him you hadn’t seen since your relationship first went public and you had to constantly battle hordes of media and fans with camera and phones ready to capture any image they could of the maknae and his lady.  
You were pretty well spent by the time you made it home and Junhong was rather in tune with your exhaustion.  He gave you no room for argument as he pulled you up the stairs to your bedroom and laid you down beside him.  “Get some rest.  You and our little girl need your energy,” he sweetly demands, placing a kiss on your forehead as he pulled you into himself.  There was no sense in arguing and the thought of a nap was more than a little appealing; you were out within minutes.  Zelo, on the other hand, remained awake with a content smile upon his lips as he gazed down at your beautiful face then let his eyes wander to your growing stomach.  As scarring at that class was, he suddenly found himself all the more excited for the day of your little girl’s arrival.  There was no doubt in his mind that she would have him wrapped around her finger upon her first breath and he was ready to hold her and protect her along with her mother.

Zelo would probably take a minute to fully wrap his head around the idea of becoming a father, but once he warms up to the idea he’ll be ready to take on whatever challenge and changes that child will bring.  He will be an absolute champ at trying to make you as comfortable as possible, but he will also be one to have a difficult time with some of the mood swings.  Panic central when you cry, flustered and frustrated when you’re angry, confused and amused when you’re giddy.  He will also be a bit dependant on you to soothe his worries when he starts to overthink his upcoming fatherhood; though, he will be extremely subtle about this because he doesn’t want to add any stress atop your own.  His hyungs will be a great help to the both of you during this time since I’m sure most of them would probably have already gone through this.

We need to talk about this.

Lucas: Acknowledges that while Maya loves to make fun of him, she cared about his safety in Texas (so much so that she was willing to blow up their friendship to keep him safe, if you recall). Maya believed Lucas was someone to be proud of WITHOUT having to risk his neck on the back of a bull he didn’t truly want to ride anyway. Maya didn’t want Lucas on that bull because she cared so much about him and his safety (more than anyone else in that rodeo tent, tbh). In his conversation with Katy, Lucas attributes Maya’s delight in teasing him as well as her CARING NATURE (which is part and parcel of a capacity for love) to her mother’s influence.

Josh: Thinks Maya voluntarily gave up her identity in order to “become Riley” so she could get to know Lucas the “same way” Riley does and “understand Riley’s feelings.” (lol). He thinks Maya did this to “protect Riley” and that it’s evidence of what a great friend Maya is. (Josh isn’t wrong that Maya’s a great friend, but his reasoning is a bunch of nonsense.) Josh attributes this utterly insane scenario to Maya’s father abandoning her. Josh thinks Maya has never “felt that love,” and that’s why her capacity for love was great enough for Maya to “become Riley” to “protect her.”

Josh is basically telling Maya that her positive growth as a person in S2-early S3 (embracing hope, getting up and fighting for the arts, liking a teacher, appreciating what she has, doing better in school, forgiving herself for her father leaving, etc) was simply a Riley impersonation all done in service of “test driving” Lucas for Riley. Josh is saying that everything Maya did in S2-early S3 was about Riley rather than about Maya herself, that it was a product of “being Riley” because Maya was abandoned, and he is ADMIRING that behavior (which would be CRAZY UNHEALTHY if he were actually correct, btw). Yikes.

Josh also believes that Maya talking about Lucas as if he is an object Riley owns is an “adult way of thinking.” 🙄

He also “doesn’t know everything.” He’s also a college student confessing romantic feelings to a 14/15 year-old high school freshman. I get that he feels what he feels and he’s in a weird place and a state of flux maturity-wise at the moment, but this dude clearly doesn’t have the best judgment.

Look: ONLY ONE of these guys can be correct about Maya. Either Maya’s feelings about Lucas (caring deeply about him and his safety even though she loves to make fun of him) are something she learned from her mother and felt for herself in Texas (and before/after), or she was simply “impersonating Riley” because her father abandoned her. Either Maya was herself in Texas (a product of her mother’s influence), or she was a “Riley clone” because her father left.

Either Lucas is right that loving to make fun of him while also caring deeply about his safety is something Maya learned from her mom (and logically felt for HERSELF), or Josh is right that Maya “became Riley” and absorbed Riley’s exact same feelings for Lucas because Maya’s dad abandoned her. It can’t be both.

The writers presented us with both points of a view for a REASON. Logically, they cannot both be correct. It’s either Lucas or Josh. Either Maya has her own feelings and they are influenced by her mother and NOT her father, or Maya “became Riley” because of her father.

Considering how Maya and Riley had POLAR OPPOSITE reactions to the bull ride once the danger became clear, considering how Maya still believed Riley & Lucas to be siblingesque as of Texas 2 even though she’d allegedly “been Riley” since Hurricane, considering the STARK difference in the SL1 movies, and considering that Lucas has been around Maya almost every day for 2+ years while Josh has seen her maybe five times…I’m gonna say Lucas is the one who’s actually got it right.

Too bad Josh is the only one who actually said anything to Maya’s face.

Anyway, unless Disney Channel royally screwed GMW (which I doubt), I’m quite, quite confident that eventually they’ll clear up the contradiction here—in Lucas’s favor.

And no, I don’t think it’s “just bad writing.” I think the writers know exactly what they’re doing—and they’ve got a lot of people eagerly eating up Josh’s insane “explanation” even though Lucas’s take on things makes WAY more sense. “Turning into someone else to feel what they feel in order to protect them because you love them so much because your father left” is not a Thing. That’s not real. Prince Baji isn’t real, you guys—and he’s not sending $30 million.

(And yes: I acknowledge that Maya herself put forward a version of Josh’s explanation in the SL Bay Window with Riley, but Maya searching for an explanation as to why she “became Riley” hinges on it being true that Maya ever “turned into Riley” to begin with. Just because Maya’s been shouted down and talked over into believing her growth wasn’t her own doesn’t mean she’s right to believe it.)

Don’t take an irrational explanation as truth just because it’s convenient to the point of “too good to be true.” Don’t fall for Jexica. Think critically and trust the writers to make things clear/right in the end. They already admitted that the characters didn’t make the right decisions in SL2, and I highly, highly doubt the series will end before the characters learn a big lesson about the consequences of those wrong decisions.

(This post is brought to you by The Campaign to Move Everyone to Brooklyn Until Mr. Jackson Teaches Riley Matthews There’s a World Beyond Purple Cats.)

I Am Mad About Rose Lalonde And I Have Lots Of Reasons Why

No post that starts with abuse and recovery is important, no really, but i’m still fucking upset, is going to sound good, but that’s basically where my thoughts are at.  I mean I get it.  I get why it’s important, I get why Dave’s recovery is being emphasized so much, I get how Dirk’s reflection is so much more important now that it’s not just a facet of his self-loathing, I get how many strides they’ve made and I get that they’re in so much better of a place now than they ever were before.

I totally get it.

I don’t think this is a bad update.  I think it’s a great update, an astounding update, one of the best homestuck updates in such a very long time, and it’s for that reason this particular update gets me so upset, because it has to sit there next to all of the other updates I’ve been reading through.  It has the honor of being judged against every Vriska-log that I’ve hated, or underwhelming John-Terezi interaction.  (I don’t care for the ship, but that’s off-topic, and not the thing that has seized my shrill bearded livestock tonight.)

I don’t think that Rose’s development matters anymore.  I mean, it presumably should, and may well do, but it feels diminished in scope.  Small.  

This is the part that kind of got to me.  Because I understand that this is Dave’s perspective on the matter.  And what it says about him– how robbed he feels, never having had a real childhood, and the obvious symptoms of PTSD he explains having had, the horrifyingly cruel irony of his land being “heat and clockwork” when the sight of blood and metal both terrify him– that is some heavy shit.  “Trumped up nonsense” is pretty bitter and dismissive.  It says a couple things to me:

  1. Dave and Rose never really had much time together, despite being siblings and best friends prior to SBURB.  They never respectively talked about their respective parental issues.
  2. Dave did, however, come to this conclusion elsewhere.  Either having communicated via charades with the mayor, or far more likely, spending time with Karkat.  I presume that Vriska didn’t barge in on him, smack a Cool Kid katana out of his hand and shout at him for having issues, but canon may prove me wrong on this count as well.
  3. Dave kind of resents Rose and John for their childhoods.  I mean, this is some pretty emotional, candid language right here.  He feels like he bought it, like his thirteen-year-old friends were doing their very best to make him believe that they were worse off than he was, and he had been lied to about their situations.  They had what he didn’t all along, and how could he have trusted them for all this time?

This didn’t really click with me.  I know that we’re supposed to believe that Rose is just cured–

That she went through some deep soul-searching about her place in Paradox space, went from addicted to not-addicted, while maintaining her relationships–

But it honestly didn’t feel right to me.  Maybe it’s because it felt like Dirk and Dave had a very comprehensive and cathartic conversation, one that dug through every one of their lingering hang-ups regarding one another, but even before this update happened, I could feel a little bit off about how the meeting went down.

Because Love wasn’t really enough in that relationship.  Rose does not trust other people.  Worse, she does not really trust herself.  Everything felt like something that could be twisted and exaggerated into a gruesome mockery of her feelings– a stuffed cat in a grand mausoleum, a gigantic sculpture of a grizzled and ancient wizard guarding her door– little velvet pillows. 

One can easily say that Rose was behaving immaturely towards her mother, who was just doing the best that she could.  I can grant you that.  However, hypothetical dissenter who exists only to serve as a poorly-erected straw enemy, rose was thirteen years old.  She was even younger when the crusade of passive-aggression must have began.  And the real kicker about all of this?

She doesn’t even really get what was so fucked up about all of that.  She doesn’t trust herself to be open or honest.  She hates the fact that Jasprose is basically spouting her every thought at rapidfire, many of which are thoughts she can undeniably claim to be her own.  

Humanizing your parent makes sense.  But at some point Rose is going to have to accept that it’s not just her own fault her relationship with her mother deteriorated.  That maybe her home life still wasn’t all that happy, and it wasn’t just her own determined crusade to be miserable.  But there is not a single page written that shows Rose accepts that.  She gets that alcoholism is by nature self-destructive, but not that it appeared to have any influence on her life growing up, and not that she understood that maybe there was a little bit more to it than just being nervous.  Because it made her feel different.  Like a better person who was happier and more charming and had more fun, let her giggle out loud and say silly things without feeling like she was stupid for even bothering.

Why do I get the feeling that Vriska’s advice to Rose, upon smashing her bottle, was to ironically “8ottle that shit up and don’t tell no one!!!!!!!!”  Because it feels like it.  

Another thing I wanted to say before I put this very long post to rest and stop writing–

Kanaya supposedly helped her through her addiction,

But their relationship is scarcely even touched upon.  We are told in no uncertain terms, yes, they are dating, and continue to date one another many times throughout the story.  Kanaya firmly rejects the idea that she’d want to break up with her over her alcoholism in the doomed timeline.  They reaffirm several times through the recent updates– yes, Kanaya and Rose are dating, yes, they like each other and remain quite close.

We are told.

And we are shown none of it.

Kanaya’s presence is near to nil in Roxy’s conversation with Rose, and she disappears from it soon after that.  More time is spent with Dave conversing with Roxy– interesting, in its own right, sure– than with Kanaya talking to or about either of them.  Basically Kanaya helped her through an addiction, and she trusts her and remains grateful to her, aside from the fact that they seem to remain incredibly awkward and barely able to talk to one another.  

Their relationship is just taken as read.  Like the invisible red string of fate is just tying them together, even though they have shit-all to do with one another most of the time.  Even though there is barely any intersection between their respective relationships and goals, we just nod at the fact that they’re together.

We just kind of assume that they have a good relationship somewhere off screen. 

I mean.



Okay okay okay I really do like the relationship.  I love Rose and Kanaya together.  I ship them to incredible degrees and I love stories about them, I love pictures of them, I love Rose and Kanaya in general as my favorites in homestuck.  I just hate the fandom trend to make it totally and completely uncomplicated, as though they have nothing to work through and just spend their days and nights with one another in smiling complacence, because that’s what their relationship feels like in the retconned timeline.  Just a couple of happy lesbians together with no problems whatsoever, because gosh, who’d want something like depth in a relationship like that???

Also, this line reminds me of one thing and one thing alone–

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Seijou Headcanons
  • Kyoutani has OCD —> that’s why his black stripes are so perfect and neat (he does them himself) and why his eyeliner is always spot-on; ALSO that’s the reason he learned to write and do things with both arms (like when he spiked Yahaba’s toss with his left arm)
  • He also reads a lot when he can, more than Makki (that came out as a shocker to everybody), so when he, Yahaba and Watari got closer in their third year and started doing sleepovers like the previous third years, little pyramids of books started forming in Watari’s and Yahaba’s houses
  • Yahaba, like Oikawa, has a natural look and he only ever burshes his hair in the morning, though he has a nervous habit of re-arranging his bangs when he’s nervous
  • Oikawa is so good at science it’s terrifying, like he’s never had a lower grade than A+ on those subjects
  • Makki hacks stuff for fun
  • Mattsun likes honey cakes with loads of syrup but usually preffers salty food (like his soul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
  • Kindaichi basically lives by himself because his parents split, remarried and have new families (so when the shit with Kageyama happened, it hurt even more) –> he’s like the kid nobody really wants to take care of and they just send them money every month; because of that, he has 2 cats and a dog —> when he turns 18 he invites Kunimi to live with him because he’s all alone in the house and because their uni’s are close
  • Once, Iwa dislocated his shoulder  (when he was 12) but before his parents could get him to the hospital, along with a crying Oikawa in the back seat with him (who was bawling his eyes out, saying “Iwa-chan’s going to die!!“), Iwa was sick of all the noise and just fixed his shoulder himself; needless to say, everybody froze when they heard the crack, his father actually had to stop the car; then Iwa turned to Oikawa, smacked his forehead and told him to ctop crying and being so damn loud because he’s fine now —> Oikawa didn’t dare make fun of Iwa for a whole week
  • Iwa has a high tolerance of pain because of a slight abnormality in his brain so he basically has more stamina than Bokuto and Hinata combined; PLUS he just naturally builds muslce mass faster, like his mother
  • Makki loves giving people close to him little gifts - like buying his mother her favourite chocolate, a candle that smells great for his father (the house is filled with candles everywhere and sometimes they turn off all the lights and light the candles up), a cool book or music mix for Mattsun, milkbread for Oikawa and he was the one who gave Iwa the Godzilla phone case
  • Watari loves spicy food, once Yahaba stole a bite from his rice with vegetables and almost fainted while Watari shoved milk down his throat and scolded him for not asking; Kyoutani learned that Watari was harcore
  • Oikawa, even if he’s a petty little shit, always gets eaten up for almost hitting Kageyama back in Kitagawa Daiichi and is to this day grateful that Iwa stepped in when he did
  • Kunimi really loves coffee, but for some reason it only makes him sleepy instead of waking him up
  • Kyoutani’s father isn’t bad and is really supportive of him because his mother died when Kyou was young (haha, i guess I’m the only person who has that kind of headcanon for him); since Kyou had anger issues, his dad got him two dogs from the animal shelter to cheer him up a bit (it did work, Kyou stopped coming back with bruised knuckles) AND they helped him with his OCD too, to an extent; when his dad found out about Kyou’s Depression and Insomnia, he talked with him about it and they stayed up until 6 am
  • ACTUALLY, that’s how Kyoutani and Yahaba first met - they have the same psychiatrist since Yahaba has Body Dysmorphic Disorder (at first, they didn’t even acknowledge each other, played “pretend you don’t see him or that he’s not there” and started avoiding one another at school; that is, until the High School Tournament happen)
  • Makki’s mother is a psychiatrist too while his father is a surgeon so he knows a lot of stuff about medicine and when Mattsun comes over, he sometimes asks Makki’s parents random questions he finds interesting; Makki doesn’t mind, he even enjoys it when they all spend the night in the living room talking about random shit
  • He’s also an extremely kind person and since his big sister suffered from Depression for not so few years, he gave Kyoutani subtile advices and always covered for him when he could
  • Kindaichi is a good soul and always helps the old people from his neighbourhood, he even buys groceries for the granny next door and takes care of her garden when he can since he was about 10 years old, he even drinks tea with her when he’s free on Sunday afternoons (because of that, he was a part of her will - he basically took better care of her than hew own family did - and he “inherited” a cool house in the mountains, along with most of her stuff while her actual familly got nada, hah)
  • Kunimi once fell asleep during practice on his feet and Watari was the only one who noticed for the first two minutes
  • Kindaichi learned sign language for when Kunimi’s “I don’t want to talk, please don’t make me“ episodes occured (and because he was aware of the fact that Kunimi knew it for when he went to visit his deaf auntie); the first time he used his hands to sign, Kunimi was at loss of words (no pun intended) and maybe that’s when he figured out that he didn’t feel sick and was in fact in love with the cute moron in front of him
  • Makki decided to learn how to play the piano, even if he was 18 and a gazillion years too late to start; he did so, of course, secretly from Mattsun, and all because his best friend really likes Jazz; so you can guess how ecstatic Mattsun was when he found out —> when they moved in together after uni, Mattsun took his grandmother’s piano because she didn’t need it anymore and they play together
  • CAN YOU PLEASE just imagine them one afternoon, the light streaming through the open windows in their spacious living room, Makki playing the piano while Mattsun is on the drums and refreshing air is coming from outside; when they’re done they hear applauses from all directions from their neighbours ( who ocassionally slip polite little notes with requests for songs) +゚*。:゚+(人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+.
Top 10 Bleach flashbacks I’d like to see

As requested by anon. :)

Tite Kubo likes flashbacks. And if I had my way, these ten would definitely be included! Somehow.

#10: The Kido Corps

I haven’t forgotten about them! They appeared in the TBTP arc, and they seemed cool. Tite Kubo seems to disagree, because he’s not really that into kido. But where did the kido corps go?? What were they like?? I’d love to find out.

What I’d NEED to see:

Hachigen: Sir, about this dress code…

Tessai: What about it?

Hachigen: It’s only two words.

Tessai: I am concise.

Hachigen: It just says “like wizards.”

Tessai: Yeah.

Hachigen: …

Hachigen: Well okay then.

#9: Iba

I know Iba’s not a super major character right now, but I feel like he’s due to be fleshed out. I’d take really any flashback with Iba - him as a tiny manly child, him with his mom, him starting the MSRA, him in Squad 11, him getting to know Komamura, any of that!

What I’d NEED to see:

Iba: My dream is….shirtless men in a circle, wearing sunglasses, drinking sake, being men.

Iba: I want to start a club.

Ikkaku: So not a sex thing then? I was wondering.

#8: Hikifune and Hiyori

I regret that we never actually got see Hikifune being Hiyori’s captain. Because I bet it was fucking adorable.

What I’d NEED to see:

Hiyori: [eating cookies in ANGER]

Hikifune (cheerfully): You’re welcome!

#7: The espada as humans

I would take really any of the espada as humans. I’m just really curious - what were they like as humans? What made them turn into hollows? There’s that theory that their hollow hole corresponds to where they were killed - is that legit?

What I’d NEED to see:

Random dude: Wow….do you have like fifteen cats?

Human Grimmjow: YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY?!?!

#6: Everybody gets hair cuts

If the anime comes back, I think a series of omake about everybody getting hair cuts during the time skip would be awesome. Because seriously. Did they all go together? Who started the trend? Did anybody get a really terrible hair cut initially and then have to get it redone? I think we need to know.

What I’d NEED to see:

Hinamori: …

Rukia: …

Hinamori: …

Rukia: …

Hinamori: Um, did we accidentally get the same haircut?

Rukia: I think we did.

Rukia: We sure have good taste!

Hinamori: For real!

#5: The visored get used to the human world

Okay…so probably this ship has sailed because the visored arc is well and truly over. But still. I would LOVE to see what it was like for the visored, getting adapted to the human world. By the time we saw them, they already knew about human clothing and cooking and basic customs. But when they first arrived, there must have been such a steep learning curve! And I’d like to see that, because shinigami reacting to the human world is never not amusing to me.

What I’d NEED to see:

Shinji: If we are going to survive here, we need…

Shinji: Guys, we have to go shopping.

Kensei: I’ll only go if I can get just ONE outfit that I wear FOREVER!

Shinji: How else would we shop?

Kensei: Also I want to SHOW OFF MY ARMS and LOOK COOL.

Shinji: Um, sure, we can see about…


Lisa: I call Kensei as shopping buddy.

#4: Isane and Kiyone’s backstory

I just really like that there are sisters in the Gotei-13, and I want to see more of Isane and Kiyone’s relationship. My headcanon is that they are Rukongai siblings - they found each other in death but are not biologically related. But I’m not married to that idea. I just want to see more of them!

What I’d NEED to see:

Isane: What are all of these posters? Is that a rock star?

Kiyone: No, he’s a captain of the Gotei-13! Isn’t he dreamy? I’m gonna work for him someday!

Isane: That’s good!

Isane: But, uh, where did you get all of these?

Kiyone: Not from stalking him, that’s for sure!

Isane: …I am concerned.

#3: Aizen as a child

Seriously, where did Aizen come from? When did he decide to start wearing fake glasses? Did Shinji really know his pregnant mother or was that just a saying? I feel like we still need some more info about baby Aizen. Also, I want to see baby Aizen.

What I’d NEED to see:

Aizen: Mother, my vision needed correcting, so I got these glasses.

Aizen’s mom: Sosuke, please tell me you didn’t murder someone for those glasses.

Aizen: Mother, I am three.

Aizen’s mom: Sosuke…

Aizen: …

Aizen: I found them. They happened to be my prescription. I am a precocious child.

Aizen’s mom: Well that’s all right then!

#2: Yoruichi and her kitty power

Let’s not even TALK about the clusterfuck that is the current Yourichi story line. Instead, let’s imagine that we get a cool flashback that explains how Yoruichi got her ability to turn into a cat! Bonus if it’s NOT a non-consensual horrible experiment by her “friend” Urahara!

What I’d NEED to see:

Yoruichi: This is the best decision I have ever made.

Yoruichi: Purring is fucking amazing.

#1: The visored subdue their inner hollows 

Sorry to do two visored ones! But even more than seeing them figure out the human world, I’d really love to see how they subdued their inner hollows. Because I love inner hollows. And I still regret that we never got to see the design for all of the visored’s hollows!

What I’d NEED to see:

Mashiro: Um….why would I need to subdue my inner hollow?

Mashiro: She and I are good!


Curiosity Killed The Cat. Liam Dunbar. Part 5. (Teen Wolf)

Disclaimer: Mention of death and euthanasia.

Sorry this is so delayed, but school has been pretty busy and I hadn’t had a chance to watch Teen Wolf until yesterday night.


Request Part 6 Here!.

Curiosity Killed The Cat. Liam Dunbar. (Teen Wolf) (**)

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*GIFS ARENT MINE.* “You did what, Y/N?” Stiles gasped, revealing himself in the threshold. His large calloused hand covering his mouth as traitor tears streamed down his flushed cheeks. His eyes filled with betrayal and anger. How could she have done such a thing?

Eventually, Y/N and Liam completely rekindled their friendship. Y/N decided to try not to focus on Hayden and Liam, because she knew Hayden made Liam happy and if she kept hating Hayden, Liam wouldn’t be so happy anymore.

She loved Liam, in a platonic way, too much to hurt him. She knew that she’d just have to ignore their differences and try not to rip her throat out. Seems easy enough, but it sure as hell wasn’t.

Y/N looked up at the full moon, her eyes flickering from the blue that reminded her of her actions all those years ago. She tried to keep control, so that Brett, Kira, Stiles, Liam, Mason and Malia wouldn’t notice that she had took an innocent life.

Truth be told Y/N never wanted to take the life. The victim practically begged her, at the time she didn’t understand what she was doing. She was barely 5 and she had killed someone.

Y/N sat beside her mother’s bed in the hospital. The strangely familiar sound of beeping machines filled Y/N’s ears as she watched her mother’s heart rate on the monitor beside her.

After watching the heart for a few seconds, she glanced at her mother’s weak body.

“Mummy, are you getting better?” Y/N asked, causing her mother to glance at her with pained eyes.

“I’m afraid not, Baby. I’m too poorly. But I’ll always be with you. Always by your side though it may not seem like it.”

Y/N’s mother knew that she couldn’t ask her husband to help her and she sure as hell knew Stiles was too smart to know that it wouldn’t be helping her.

“Baby, do me a favour? Get that syringe and inject it into the little nub,
Please. My love, it’ll make me sleepy is all. I can’t sleep due to the bed and the doctor said that when I want to sleep, I need someone to inject it into the little nub.” Her mother lied.

It wasn’t to help her to sleep, it was to make the pain eventually go away and her heart stop breathing. The drug caused the vital organs to shut down in the least painful of ways. Y/N’s mother had been planning it for days. She knew she couldn’t ask Stilinksi because he wouldn’t allow her to give up on her life so quickly. She also couldn’t ask Stiles to do it, because he was far too smart to know that it didn’t make her go to sleep, but it killed her. She was left with the last resort of asking her youngest child, 5 year old Y/N, to perform the act. She knew that Y/N wouldn’t understand what was going on and would purely think her mother was just going to sleep. Y/N’s mother didn’t want to make her daughter to do this, to commit the burden, however it was her only option. She knew that it would hurt them less now then it would in a few months.

Her mother knew that her brain would slowly deteriorate and she’d slowly begin to forget who they were and go insane due to the confusion. This was their best option.

Y/N, being the obedient child she was, picked up the syringe and slowly crept towards her mother’s IV drip. She was unsure of what to do, glancing at her sickly mother. She gave Y/N a reassuring nod and Y/N gently drove the syringe into the top, before pressing down and allowing the fluids to flow and enter her mother’s veins.

“I love you, my baby. Quickly, g- go find your brother…” Her mother gasped out. Y/N quickly put the syringe into her hoodie pocket, not knowing where to dispose of it. She jogged out of the room just as the machines went flat and a loud beeping began to fill the air. Y/N watched as many nurses and doctors rushed into the room where her mother laid.

She looked over to see her brother clutching her father and crying into his hip. She slouched as she strolled over to them.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” Y/N asked, tugging on her daddy’s large calloused hand. Stilinksi glanced up at the hospital room where his wife laid dead, the nurses, after checking her pulse, leaving the room. Their heads held low in sadness.

“Mummy has gone to heaven, my baby.”

Y/N staggered up the stairs, quickly uttering out that she felt tired and wanted to take a nap. Liam, being her best friend, was quick to notice the lie and hastily followed her.

He watched as she practically tore open her bedroom door and rushed in, not bothering to shut the door. As Liam tip-toed closer, the sound of rapid breathes and broken howls filled his ears. He broke out into a sprint. He got to Y/N’s door and saw her hunched over her desk, her claws digging into the oak furniture.

Liam strolled up behind her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She whipped around and he instantly retracted his hand. Her eyes glowing blue in the dark, her bared teeth visible and glistening with drool.

“Your eyes…” Liam gasped out in shock. “How?”

“I killed my mother when I was 5. She asked me to - begged even. I was just doing what she said. I didn’t know that she was going to die. She told me it made her go to sleep. I basically performed euthanasia on her.” Y/N cried out, tears escaping her glowing eyes.

“You did what, Y/N?” Stiles gasped, revealing Himself from the threshold, his large calloused hand covering his mouth as traitor tears streamed down his flushed cheeks. His eyes filled with betrayal and anger.

“Stiles…” Y/N whimpered.


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Part 6.


So, I’m rewriting this since my last one got taken down, but I wanted to introduce myself and let you get to know me since you did just recently follow me! taylorswift

So lets begin.

My name is Gabriella, you can call me Gabby or Gabs, or whatever suits you(Bae). I’m 19 from Massachusetts. I work at the N. Dartmouth Hollister, 30390 forever where currently, actually ending today I believe, they have I Wish You Would on the playlist and I die every time I hear it. I’ve been a dedicated Swiftie since I first heard Our Song. That moment changed my life forever and I’m pretty sure without you or your music I wouldn’t be around to write this for you today; and you also wouldn’t be able to follow my FABULOUS blog. I have a cat named Smokey who is basically nuts. He has mitten like paws, it’s adorable but he has this weird habit of running around and jumping off everything between 1-3AM. Like you would’ve assumed he just had catnip prior to that but he hadn’t! I also have a German Shepherd who’s full black and named Brandy. I know both of these pet names are dull, in the time of naming them I panic and can never remember the name I wanted to give them. I don’t even want to think about naming a child if I panic naming a pet lol. You’ve helped me get through some really tough times in my life. I struggled with my weight and body image since junior year and I’m only finally being able to see myself for what I really am, not for what society expects a female to look like. And that’s all thanks to you teaching me how to love myself first through your interviews, speeches and lyrics. I also have this great guy in my life, not in any relationship wise he’s just my best friend who means the world to me. His name is Nick, he’s the one who made me that homemade gift you’ve probably been seeing all over your dash but have yet to acknowledge. He’s been there for me through everything, and I’ve been there for him for everything. He’s definitely kept me levelheaded and is a blessing in disguise. I’m grateful to have become friends with this boy, he’s another person I feel that without him I don’t know where I’d be either. I got him through the passing of his father this past July and right now he’s helping me get through my mom’s breast cancer battle. He loves you, maybe not as much as I do but I know he’d love it if you ever noticed the gift he made me, just as much as I would love it too. So as you just read, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer right before Thanksgiving. It’s been a tough battle and I had really wanted to bring her for a mother/daughter day to the second night of the 1989 tour at Gillette but she isn’t up for it, so I’ll be going alone the second night. I pray that she recovers soon, it’s hereditary and both my grandmother and great aunt survived so I have faith she will too! So I’m planning on attending both nights of the tour at Gillette. Right now I have tickets for 7.24.15 in C3 and I plan to dress up as the SIO cheerleader so I cannot wait to see you then! I’m looking for a single for 7.25.15 and I WILL find one because I want to see you for both nights! I really hope I can meet you soon because this post doesn’t do justice for how much you mean to me and how much you’ve helped me throughout my life. Through breakups with boys named John(literally), the loss of several family members and a friend to suicide, through heartbreak and through the struggle of body image, you’ve gotten me through it all. I want to take a moment to thank you so much for always being there for me even when you don’t respond, thank you for loving me and showing me how to love myself and teach me it’s okay to be single and love cats. I love you so so much, thank you for the follow and for everything.

Lets meet soon?

I love you,


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If Littlefinger were to die, do you think Sansa would be the one to kill him?

I think Littlefinger will die- or if not, end up powerless/losing it all.

Do you think Sansa would be the one to kill him?

I think that it’s incredibly likely that LF’s downfall will be tied to Sansa’s actions. Do I think she will kill him? Maybe, probably. When will this happen though? Next book? That’s a huge jump from where she is now in terms of trusting and relying on LF. Especially in regards to how she’s blocked out LF’s misdeeds, thinks of him as her father in her thoughts, and believes that Littlefinger is the evil forced facade of loving Petyr.

And yet the thought of leaving frightened her almost as much as it frightened Robert. She only hid it better. Her father said there was no shame in being afraid, only in showing your fear. “All men live with fear,” he said. Alayne was not certain she believed that. Nothing frightened Petyr Baelish. He only said that to make me brave. Sansa, AFFC

This part is eerily reminiscent to how Arya, Jon, ect. use Ned’s words in times of fear to reassure themselves.  Sansa thinks even in her thoughts (like LF told her to) that he’s her father. She refers to him that way:

Petyr had brokered the match himself. The bride’s dower was said to be staggering; it had to be, since she was of common birth. Corbray’s vassals would be there, with the Lords Waxley, Grafton, Lynderly, some petty lords and landed knights… and Lord Belmore, who had lately reconciled with her father…  

Colemon only wanted the best for his charge, Alayne knew, but what was best for Robert the boy and what was best for Lord Arryn were not always the same. Petyr had said as much, and it was true. Maester Colemon cares only for the boy, though. Father and I have larger concerns… 

By the time they finally reached her father’s castle, Lady Myranda was drowsing too, and Alayne was dreaming of her bed.  

And then just this when she starts to doubt LF in the beginning of AFFC:

…Littlefinger never lifted so much as his little finger for her.

Except to get me out. He did that for me. I thought it was Ser Dontos, my poor old drunken Florian, but it was Petyr all the while. Littlefinger was only a mask he had to wear. Only sometimes Sansa found it hard to tell where the man ended and the mask began. Littlefinger and Lord Petyr looked so very much alike. She would have fled them both, perhaps, but there was nowhere for her to go. Winterfell was burned and desolate, Bran and Rickon dead and cold. Robb had been betrayed and murdered at the Twins, along with their lady mother. Tyrion had been put to death for killing Joffrey, and if she ever returned to King’s Landing the queen would have her head as well. The aunt she’d hoped would keep her safe had tried to murder her instead. Her uncle Edmure was a captive of the Freys, while her great-uncle the Blackfish was under siege at Riverrun. I have no place but here, Sansa thought miserably, and no true friend but Petyr.

This is before she becomes Alayne in her thoughts, too. Something big is going to have to change to get Sansa trusting her instincts again and realizing how bad LF is for her. Keep in mind that Sansa does have these notions, she just blocks them out. She blocks out negativity about LF as part of her repression and coping mechanism.

Basically, Sansa just needs to become Sansa again and learn to trust herself and her instincts and find a way to not have to be dependent on LF.

All that being said, I can say I’m firmly in the camp of those who see Sansa as bringing about LF’s downfall (though there are a variety of different ways this can go down.)

If you think about it, Sansa has been intertwined with Littlefinger since the get go. Not just their initial AGoT interactions, not just the fact that she looks just like Catelyn (which he comments on,)

“No, “ Sansa said, horrified. “I’m not, I’d never… I wouldn’t betray Joffrey, I love him, I swear it, I do.”

“Oh, so poignant,” said Varys. “And yet, it is truly said that blood runs truer than oaths.”

“She reminds me of the mother, not the father,” Lord Petyr Baelish said quietly. “Look at her. The hair, the eyes. She is the very image of Cat at the same age.” Sansa, AGoT

but just the FakeArya plot in general. LF takes her best friend to force her to post as her sister to take control of her home- more than that, she’s present when it begins:

Queen Cersei looked at each of the councillors in turn. “I won’t have Sansa fretting needlessly. What shall we do with this little friend of hers, my lords?”

Lord Petyr leaned forward. “I’ll find a place for her.”
“Not in the city,” said the queen.
“Do you take me for a fool?”
The queen ignored that. “Ser Boros, escort this girl to Lord Petyr’s apartments and instruct his

people to keep her there until he comes for her. Tell her that Littlefinger will be taking her to see her father, that ought to calm her down. I want her gone before Sansa returns to her chamber.”

“As you command, Your Grace,” Ser Boros said. He bowed deeply, spun on his heel, and took his leave, his long white cloak stirring the air behind him.

Sansa was confused. “I don’t understand,” she said. “Where is Jeyne’s father? Why can’t Ser Boros take her to him instead of Lord Petyr having to do it?”  Sansa, AGoT

It’s more than that. Sansa’s new life take is borne of Petyr Baelish in some ways:

Sansa stared hard at his ugly face, remembering how he had thrown down her father for Ser Ilyn to behead, wishing she could hurt him, wishing that some hero would throw him down and cut off his head. But a voice inside her whispered, There are no heroes, and she remembered what Lord Petyr had said to her, here in this very hall. “Life is not a song, sweetling,” he’d told her. “You may learn that one day to your sorrow.” In life, the monsters win, she told herself. Sansa, AGoT

I think that it would also be very poetic. Sansa inadvertently played a role in her father’s death… and she takes down the man truly responsible? The one behind the scenes? Sansa begins a terrible liar and a pawn in the “game”… and brings down one of the biggest manipulators, game players, and liars in the series. Someone who manipulated and lied to her and her family? Who thinks he can feed her lies and use her as some replacement?

Totally poetic in my opinion.

Really the questions worth asking in my opinion are:

  1. When? Like I said, that’s worth noting. Is this going to be her big climax while many other characters are off at the Wall/fighting the Others? Because I don’t know how I feel about that. If it’s not next book though, it’d be in the last and I don’t see how the timetable will work out. Can/will LF go down so quickly (meaning his downfall will begin and end in TWoW)? Oh yeah, Ned’s sure did. The Robb Stark campaign as well.
  2. How? Will Sansa kill him? If so, poetic would be using poison given his involvement in Joffrey and Jon Arryn’s deaths by poison and using Sansa for the former’s. Plus, it’s more of the political style of death, and he taught Sansa much in the way of politics. Moon door? Also poetic given Lysa’s death and his forced takeover of the Eyrie where he doesn’t belong really. Will it just be his downfall not his death? I doubt that one to be honest, but it’d be cool to see Sansa turn 
  3. What will make Sansa turn? She’s team Petyr Baelish 100% now due to her repressed memories and identity as Alayne. What will change this? Robert Arryn’s death maybe since she’s already killed him possibly and knows LF wanted that. That’d explain the rushe timetable for TWoW.

So those are my questions. My guess is that for #1, Sansa takes him down at the end of TWoW, for #2, killing him likely with poison somehow (though I don’t know where she’d get it from,) and for #3, Sweetrobin’s death or maybe just LF’s reaction to it. That’s just my take though.

What Lies Behind The Throne Chapter 3/??

First // AO3 Link // Link // Tumblr Master Post

- Massive credit to my beta readers, razerathane and bluvixen Who are both magnificent, beautiful tropical fish.

- Chapter Rating: T

- Summary: Roselyn’s first visit into Denerim as Prince Alistair’s future bride does not go as planned, but in the aftermath they are afforded a moment alone.

Month: Drakonis. Two months to the wedding.

The following morning Roselyn awoke before her mother did and found a surprise waiting for her on the table at her bed side: a pink rose with a note folded and creased around its stem. It was placed next to the first rose Alistair gave her, which sat in a small glass vase filled with water. Roselyn reached for the gift while pushing herself up in bed and clearing her wild hair away from her face.

She smelled the rose’s sweet perfume, holding it close to her face while letting the petals graze against her lips. Unfolding the note, she read the one line written there in a confident, square hand:

“A rose for a rose.

Fighting to keep back her smile, Roselyn skimmed the words a few more times. She turned the bloom around in her fingers and relinquished to the grin that broke out across her mouth. Giggling she fell back against her pillows, her face growing hot and her heart fluttering in her chest. She pressed the note to her lips. Still giddy she climbed out of bed, suddenly eager to see the Prince again.

The same ritual occurred every morning for the two weeks that followed. Roselyn woke up to a note and a flower on her bedside table. The note’s content changed from simple morning greetings to invitations to go riding. The flowers were always roses until one morning she woke to find a dark purple daisy folded in the paper and the words:

"No more roses until the summer. Will this suffice?

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