because she needs some more richie


I am so ready for dark!Kate, and what changes this brings for her. I feel like the writers did this for 3 very specific purposes:

1. Tie Kate into the mythology more. For Kate to continue being a relevant part of the series, and not just ‘the love interest’ or Scott’s sister they had to find a way to draw her in. The blood well will most likely spin out into even more plot going forward, and my dark queen Kate will be front and center. I cannot wait. This means there will definitely be Kate/Santanico scenes!

2. Katie-cakes had to die. She had to fully step away from being the Godly preacher’s daughter. This season started her along that path already, and be slowly saw her innocence stripped away - but her goodness remained resolute. Everything she did she did for love of her brother. She could have walked away into a sunshiney life with that money, but she didn’t. She died sacrificing for those she loved. Her resurrection opens a whole new ball game. Her goodness will always be in question now. Her morality will no longer only be swayed by selfless love, but most likely by selfish instincts inside of her. For Kate to grow her humanity had to shift or there was no way she could live with the choices that will come next with Seth/Richie/Santanico/Scott. The Preacher’s daughter is dead, long live.

3. For romantical reasons, obviously. ;) No, seriously. The writers have gone there already in many subtle and not so subtle ways with both Kate/Seth and Kate/Richie, but her youth was a huge drawback in going forward. I don’t mean simply her age - because look at Scott - but Kate’s youth in life experiences, her emotional maturity, etc. If they were going to set her on a path with the Gecko brothers to some fucked up love mess (which they are) then they needed her to be on a bit more of a level playing field. She’s no longer strictly human. She’s a supernatural force because of the blood well which puts her on par with Richie, and Santanico as well. The old Kate is gone. She died and came back, and that experience, that darkness, puts her on par with Seth. If they were ever going to explore those relationships to their full potential Kate had to grow up quick, and now she’s been reborn.

I cannot wait until next season. There is no telling where this is going, and the combination of characters we’ll get to see. This season was a lot of separate storylines so I’m hoping next season will be more connected. I’m dying for the mirror they’ve created with Kate and Santanico to be more developed. Both started out as young innocents, and both were turned into supernatural goddesses. Their goodness was replaced with darkness, and we’ve seen the cost of that to Santanico. Also, so excited for more Richie/Kate/Seth continuing to be the most fucked up ot3 I’ve ever had. FDTD leveled up!