because she made the church look bad

So, we’re reaching the season finale of the show…

And I want to, feel the need to adress certain things that haven’t been before, about certain characters.

James (Guardian)

I believe is common agreement between everyone his screen time has been redused a lot, and his plot has been leaving me edgy, and unsure.

James is the kind of man who’s strong, fiercy, who’s not afraid of fighting for what’s right, even if it coasts. However, he is still a man. Under the suit, he’s still vulnerable to outside perils. He’s human. Those who watched Teen Wolf will indentify themselves with it. Stiles was the only human of the show. And that brought a huge depth to his character. 

James might have a awesome suit and the skills. But just that can’t save him on the real world. Just being brave, smart and a good guy doesn’t mean he’s safe of danger. Just wanting to save the world doesn’t mean being able to. As I fully discoussed in another post, heroes have journeys. 

As someone deeply in love with myths, psychollogy and histroy, we all know the greek great heroes had their weekness. Aquiles with the ankle, Zeus with his pride. And if we look closely, in spite of where we live, our culture or beliefs, some of our legends, histories and myths are very similar (collective unconscious). James’s weekness is his humanity. I believe somewhere along the way he might loose the core of who he is as a hero, and something can push him in a path of redescovering himself - bulding up a new ego and self -. Because although he had a calling, he’s still has some thendecies he had previously. James will be the character that might have a moraly grey choice to atone. Because his story seem to be leading him towards that path of self sacrifice, abdicationg and pain. However, his fight will be different than others. He will be the one who will have to fight himself, the darkness that might be underneath.¹

He will have his inner monters to relinquish. And that is not as easy as it appears to be. Light versus darkness might be what set’s him up to be a great hero. Embracing both as his own self will be his path to make.

James is the man who might crumble due to the consequences of a mislead action. He will be the one to take a huge blow. Because being human not only means being vulnerable in flesh but in soul as well. He knows very well what he wants, who he is and what his mission on this planet. He’s the hero that already embraced his calling. But, if he fails, not only that might be a stake, but also his own identity. Not as Guardian. But as a man. Because beneath the mask there is a person whose life might be wrecked.

However, he can also be the hero that get’s up and fight. That after realizing this darkness is also a part of who he is, might use it as a shield. 

Lena Luthor (The lost daughter of the doomed family)

As we say in psychology, Lena Luthor throughout a great ammount of the season suffered what we call generalization. She’s a Luthor, therefore she can only be evil. 

Is she?

Lena is the embodiment of a strong woman. She carries within the archetype of Arthemis and Atena. Strong, brave, analytical, clever, witty. She’s not affraid to stand up and fight.

Raised as a Luthor, she has all the traits of one, but she also is the one person who fights with everything she has. When she first appeared, she wanted it to prove she was not like her parents. Will she? Or will she only become what society hopes she become.

Although some may believe she will be revelead as a bad person, I believe things go deeper than that. When analyzing certain character, we should never stop at the surfice of his actions. Lena has a past that is hard to let go. That itelself is a huge influence on who she is now - to quote Sarte:  Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you. 

Lena has the potential to overcome the generalization she faces as a Luthor. She can be the hero that stripes out or her past, the persona she created in order to surive, and fully embrace a new person. She has the inteligence necessary to take her mother down and let go of the chains of her past.

However, this is not a easy path. Looking into the eyes of someone that was suppose to love and understand that won’t happen is not easy. Because she can look at Lillian and see herself. The woman she struggles not to become.

Is like looking between past and future. Between the pain and the insanety. The path Lena has to take is to find out who she is. Is she a Luthor - a bad woman whose past made her that way -, is she Lena, the woman that is trying to hard do overcome prejudices and misconceptions. 

Or is she both?

Because in the end. Darkness and light both live within. The incessant fight between good and evil is a conception the Catholic Church helped to create. We all, as Sirius so amazingly put it, have darkness and light inside of us. We all, even being good people, did things we aren’t proud off. 

Lena can represent the chance people with horribles histories have to own them up. Embrace them so they can let them go. She can prove that a last name doesn’t define who we are. She could be the hero that is not afraid to look at her past - which is a basis to ehr future - and learn from it. She can be the person who doesn’t have to pay for her father’s sins,

Mon-El (The fallen hero, the one who brings freedom)

We all must remember Moises. Yeah, that one. The biblical saviour.

As some may know, he was raised by the Egypcian imperator, grow up surronded by beautiful things and his family until one day he finds out his true origin. 

As hebrew.

Meanwhile, his people worked hours to no end as slaves in a broken empiry. In one of the greatest tales ever told, Moises goes from a coward, silent man, to the person that saved his people from slavery and delivered them to the Promised Land.

I bet it sounds familiar right?

Because it is. 

Mon-El came from a broken monarchy. Not only that but a ditactorship. A place where women were objetified, where he would rather not do anything and live in this beautiful castle while he’s own people suffered. Yeah, we all know that. He was a shitty person, that’s putting lightly.

However, his own story was meant to be this way. As I said hundred times already, Mon-El is the perfect defintion of the Hero Archetype. He came from to sky - symbolyzes regression, the ego going back to a more regress stated, means going towards the darkness and unknown -. Mon-El has a trajetory that’s a cicle,  he came as a coward, as someone who would run and hide if needed. And by each passing day, his ego builds himself up, forming a new identity, a new persona, someone braver, stronger, kinder.


Someone of great courage, power, someone who deserves it. He’s not that person yet. But he can be. With the flying ring, he can rise - which literally means to go towards the sun, ilumination, rebirth, a new person-. Like hundreds of hero before, Mon-El will had to fall - die, change -, in order to rise.

He, the former Prince of Daxam, will be the one to go back to his home, and deliver his people.

The tree together can formate the triplice of the Hero Archetype. The fight between light and darkness, past and present, between who he was and who he is now. 

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