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Original Request:

Can I have something cute where the reader is basically always hiding behind dean or buries her face in his chest because she’s really awkward with PDA and it’s like her way of hiding herself and dean teases her but secretly loves the corkiness this trait gives her. She’s a bad ass hunter but terrible in public with affection.

Word Count: 448

Summary: Sometimes it isn’t monsters that hunters are most afraid of.

You pressed your foot onto the chest of the demon and pulled out the demon blade from its chest with a solid tug. You had thrown it across the room and luckily nailed it with a kill shot. Dean and Sam smiled as they watched you wipe off the blood on your pants. You flipped it around and handed it blade first to Dean.

“Thanks.” You smiled and wiped off your hands on your already stained jeans.

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Friendly Advice

Description: Fluffy Dean x reader. Reader is out with her hunting partner and friend at a bar when talk turns to the Winchesters, her friend clearly has ideas on how to set them up…
Words: 1,431
Warnings: Alcohol?
Author’s Note: Second fluffy fic on a trot? I must be coming down with something. Tagging @autoblocked​ because she unknowingly helped me decide which fic to do next and I love her to bits!

Request 1: Could I possibly get a Reader x Spn? Maybe the reader is talking with an hunter friend and somehow they end up talking their friend asks if the reader is dating anyone. Reader tells them nope, but their friend asks about all the guys the reader’s met. Basically the reader talking about what they think each of the guys in terms of lovers, maybe throw in something they specifically like about the guy? I was also wondering if you could add in the spn guys end up hearing the reader and her friend, maybe the guys are flattered idk
Request 2: @assassinsenpai​ What do you think about a story of dean & sam liking the same girl hunter who’s sams age and she kinda likes dean ? Thank you :D

If a person had told you when you were a kid that you’d end up driving around the country in an old banger with never more than a couple hundred dollars to your name, you would have given up run away there and then. Something in you had always thought you were going to break out of your family’s old habits when you grew up… Some kids want to be astronauts, some wanted to be doctors and some changed every day of the week. And that’s the way it should be when you’re 8, but you’d been 8 going on 18 and your only dream was a normal life with a normal family. That was all dashed long ago, but sometimes when you got lost in thought, your mind wandered back to those days, roaming around the ideas of picket fences and watching the sunset with a beer at your neighbourhood barbecue.

It wasn’t that the drink in front of you wasn’t chilled and fresh, and you couldn’t be in better company really, but it wasn’t what you’d wanted. But when life gives you lemons, slice them up and use them for a cocktail, right?
It’d be unfair to say you didn’t enjoy your life as it was, you had friends - friends so close they’d become family. It was just you liked to reminisce sometimes on how things could’ve been.

One of these said friends returned from the toilet as you sat there, staring aimlessly at the knots of wood in the table. You glanced up and cracked a smile, “took your time?”

“Had to powder my nose,” Bex sassed back. Truthfully, she’d probably rather use it to dust for fingerprints but you laughed along. She sat back down on the stool and took a sip from her drink, closing her eyes and letting out a brief sigh as the cool liquid washed down, “we definitely don’t get enough time to relax these days.”

“Tell me about it,” you muttered, “you know we’ve not stayed anywhere for more than a week in the past year?”

“What about in Austin?”

“We only stayed 5 nights before the coven broke down and betrayed each other, probably seemed longer because we barely slept?”

“True,” she grimaced and nodded her head as she remembered. “Why’d you bring that up anyway? Got itchy feet, going to leave me at the altar?” She winked and took a sip of her drink.

“I just don’t see you that way,” you laughed, before pulling a serious face and giving her exaggerated puppy dog eyes, “I’m sorry, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Bex feigned offence before grinning to herself, “ah well, you’re still my best wing woman.”

You stuck your tongue out and slouched back a little in your chair, “nah, I only brought it up because… I don’t know, just thinking I s'pose.”

“Don’t strain yourself, you’ve been doing a lot of that lately.“

You nodded and shrugged your shoulders, "I guess I just always assumed I’d be in a different place by now. A boyfriend, a house, a job? I don’t know, just forget about it.”

“You’ve not dated anyone in a year now, Y/N,” she said simply before she raised an eyebrow, “wait, you’re thinking about those Winchester guys from back in Kansas, aren’t you?”

“No?” You replied in a tone that didn’t even really convince yourself, “okay fine. Maybe a little. I was just thinking we should work out a way of getting a base sometime. That bunker of theirs, it was homely, settled, y'know?”

“Yeah,” she smirked, “but you know that’s not what I meant. You’ve barely shut up about them.”

“You shut up.”

Bex ignored your seemingly immature response and held up her hands in defense, “Hey, I can see why you’d like them, but really? Haven’t you heard enough of how much trouble those boys get in?”

You nodded and took a sip of your drink. Any hunter would be a fool not to have known of the Winchesters worth what they got up to, however, Bex and you had the joy of working with them a few times in the past year. She didn’t view them differently to any other hunters you’d paired up with but there was something about them that you enjoyed more than normal. Maybe it was the family feeling they gave off or maybe it was the danger but whatever it was, you found it harder to drive away each time.

“We should hunt again with them sometime though, they’re the only ones who consistently get in as many predicaments as we do,” you muttered, but on seeing her grin you shook your head, “no, no! Not like that, I’m just saying-”

“Why not date one of them?” She said quickly, as you threw her a deadpan look. “Come on, if you were wanting to date someone, no one would understand this life more than them, and seeing as you so cruelly threw me off the cards…”

You laughed and stuck your tongue out at her, “nah, I don’t know-”

“Oh you so do! Be honest, why not?” She threw back at you, crossing her arms and giving you a challenging look.

“Well,” you trailed off and pursed your lips for a moment, “Sam is exactly my age… he’s so sweet and he constantly has hair that you just want to stroke but-”

“But what?” Bex said excitedly sitting forwards, “what’s wrong with that?!”

“Nothing! God, nothing!” You groaned, “he’s basically Greek God too, but I don’t know. Dean on the other hand, he might not have the same body but I found myself staring into his eyes a lot on that last hunt, they were just so dreamy?” You giggled in embarrassment at the memory, “and he noticed me looking.”

“What? You didn’t tell me that!”

You smirked, “Yeah… he made some comment about it too, he is such a flirt, seriously. I think out of the pair of them I could just talk to Dean for hours, I mean, I could tell he’s not a talk-about-your-feelings type, but we just sort of gelled?” Bex raised an eyebrow and you raised a warning finger at her before talking again quickly, “this doesn’t mean anything, alright? Just between us.”

“I solemnly swear,” she said letting out a laugh, before adding a quiet, “that I’m up to no good… Although seriously what have you got to lose apart from clothes?“

"I hate you sometimes,” you laughed, “I do think Dean would be a cuddler though…”

“Really?” She said, screwing up her nose, “I would’ve put him down as the type to get embarrassed by that… but then what do I know about guys? Why not give one of him a call and you can find out!”

“What are we? 12? No, they’re too busy with whatever apocalypse they’re starting this time.”

“It won’t be long, I’ve seen the way both of them watch you. And I’m not sure if you noticed but they’ve been mysteriously needing help from us a lot lately. We never hear of them before and suddenly it’s 3 times in the past month, face it Y/N, we’re amazing and they can’t live without us,” she winked before taking a long swig from her drink.

“I like how you say ‘we’ there,” you smiled, “fine, I’ll consider it if we hunt with them again, happy?” She nodded enthusiastically, judging by her reaction, you’d have thought she was the one with the crush, “anyway, next round’s on me, do you want another drink?”

She gave you a thumbs up, “another half pint for me, I’m trying to take it easy lately.”

“Yeah, yeah,” you muttered as you grabbed your purse and headed up for the bar.

There weren’t many queues so you didn’t have a problem in flagging down the barman to get you a drink, it was only as he turned his back to find a glass that you felt your phone buzz in your pocket. Expecting some jokey comment from Bex you dug it out and glanced at the screen, feeling yourself blush as you realised who it was from. You checked yourself and bit your lip, quickly paying for your drinks and heading back to the table, phone still in hand.

“What?” Bex said suspiciously, “you’re blushing, what did you do?”

“Nothing!” you scoffed before setting the drinks down and taking your seat, you let her get completely confused as to your sudden embarrassment before sliding your phone over to her and grinning, “last drink, I need to rest up for the morning.”

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

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Knocking on Heaven’s Door


Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Dean x reader. Its like season 5 ep 16 where when the hunters kill Sam and Dean they leave the reader alive because they don’t think shes a threat and from deans perspective in heaven the reader is there as well with Mary and Zacariah is all handsy and the boys are fuming and when the boys come back alive the reader is a mess and covered in blood and bruises because she killed the hunters that killed the boys. And when she realises theyre alive she just holds them and doesn’t stop crying. Thanks

Authors Note:



He felt something move his pillow, at first he didn’t think anything of it. He figured it was just Y/N, rolling onto his side he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight. It was then he realised she was facing away from him. That didn’t bother him, not in his half asleep state. He buried his head into her neck, breathing her in as he drifted back off to sleep.

Then the voices came, breaking through the quiet of the night. At first he thought he was dreaming. Then reality hit as he realised someone was in the room.

He stirred again, reaching for his gun, realising it wasn’t there, he swore and threw himself up in bed, his arm outstretched, trying to shield Y/N.

‘What the hell?’ he growled, his eyes growing wide as the two men standing at the bottom of their beds looked at them and talked quietly among themselves. ‘Walt? Roy?’

He looked at them both, ski masks on. If they hadn’t of spoken, they’d have no idea who it was.

‘We’re sorry, Dean. We really are.’

Sam stirred and woke up, seeing the two hunters he jumped up.


‘He started this, maybe his death can stop it. Lucifer then won’t have a vessel and-.’

‘Are you kidding me?’ Dean growled. ‘He’ll just find another one.’

Y/N started to stir and Dean panicked, glancing down at his girlfriend.

‘Let’s go hoping she doesn’t wake up,’ Roy warned.

Dean ran his hand over her head, leaning down he kissed her temple.

‘It’s ok, Baby, it’s just Sammy. Go back to sleep.’

They four men watched as she settled again.

‘Rather trusting girlfriend,’ Walt commented.

‘She knows I’d never let anyone touch her,’ Dean’s tone made his position clear. No one was touching his girl.

‘We got no intention on hurting her. We just want to stop this before it go’s too far. We’re not the only ones looking you know,’ Roy warned.

‘I can explain,’ Sam tried, going to stand up.

Walk pumped his shotgun and fired, hitting Sam in the chest. Dean screamed and jumped up.

‘Sit the hell down,’ Roy growled.

Y/N sat up and looked around, seeing Sam she screamed.

‘Shut the bitch up!’ Roy warned.

Dean turned and looked at her. His heart broke all over again. Sam was Y/N’s closest friend and the pain in her eyes was killing him.

‘Baby,’ he whispered. ‘shhh,’ he pulled her into a hug, kissing her neck. ‘It’s ok. I’ll get us out of this and we’ll get him help. Just calm down.’

He pulled back and cupped her face, looking right into her eyes. He watched as her lip quivered, as she tried to gain control of herself.

‘It’ll be ok.’

He looked up as the two men started whispering again. Turning so he could face them.

‘I’d leave. Now,’ he growled.

Roy nudged Walt, and Dean watched the two carefully. He needed them out. He needed to help Sam, he needed Y/N safe.

‘Do it. He’s made us. Can you imagine trying to hide form him?’

Dean watched in horror was Walt raised the gun, he heard Y/N scream as the shot echoed in his ears. Time seemed to slow down. The pain in his chest hurt worse than any injury.

He watched as Y/N face appeared, her tears, he thought her heartbreak over Sam was bad, but this this was so much worse. He could feel her pushing on his chest, screaming at him to hold on. He tried to raise a hand to wipe her tears but couldn’t.

‘Dean!’ she cried. ‘Don’t you leave me, please,’ she sobbed, he saw her drop her head to his chest. But never felt it his whole body was numb.

‘The girl!’ Roy yelled.

The next thing Dean knew he was sitting in the impala. Climbing out he saw a teenage Sam pulling fireworks out the boot.

‘Dude, lets go,’ Sam grinned, so full of happiness.

Dean nodded and followed, helping his brother set them up and light them. He watched as the fireworks lit up the sky and Sam danced around under the falling sparks. He felt a smile form on his lips. Sam wasn’t happy like this often.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang and a white hot explosion, Dean saw flashes of him being shot, of Y/N’s face. Of the gun now pointed at her. Then nothing he was back in a vacant field.

He took off for the impala. Climbing in he turned over the engine and the radio came on, crackling and coated with interference. He could barely make out the words.

‘Dean?’ Castiel’s voice broke through the noise.



‘Dude, get out of my head. Let me sleep in peace.’

‘Dean, this isn’t a dream.’

‘This what?’

Images flashed through his mind again. First Sam being shot, then him, then the threat to Y/N.

‘I’m dead.’

‘You have my condolences.’

‘Where the am I?’

‘Heaven, well your heaven.’

‘Where’s Sam? Where’s Y/N?’ Dean cried out, panicked.

‘What do you see?’

‘A road.’

‘Follow the road, Dean,’ Cas’s voice cut in and out, the connection wavering.

‘Where are they?’

‘Follow the road and you’ll find Sam.’

‘What about Y/N?’

‘She’s…’ and he was gone.

Dean screamed, slamming his fist into the dash. All he could do was pray she was alive or in her own heaven. He couldn’t think of anything that she had done that would lead her to hell.

Dean pulled up outside a house and went inside.

‘Wow, Sam,’ he groaned.

He took in the room, Sam was having thanks giving dinner with some girl and her family. He jumped up and ran over to his brother.

‘Dude, what happened are we…?’

‘Dead, yeah. Welcome to heaven.’

‘They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die,’ Sam mused.

‘This is?’

‘One of my favourite memories, my first real thanksgiving. You?’

‘Woke up on July 4th, where we burnt down that field,’ Dean grinned. ‘Good times.’

A deep dark rumble, came from out side, the lights flickered and Sam looked over to his brother as the lights go out.

‘I don’t remember this,’ Sam said quietly as the house started to shake.

The two boys look around and duck for cover as a search light moves through the window. They hide until it disappeared and the lights come on, the watch as the family continues to eat like nothing happened.

Dean ran over the radio and started trying to dial out.

‘Cas!’ he called.

‘Did you bump your head or something?’ Sam frowned at him.

‘No, he used it before. I’m hoping we can phone home or something. Cas!’

The tv turned on and Cas’s face appears, cutting in and out along with his voice.

‘I can hear…’

‘Great, I found Sam. And something happened, some weird beam of light-.’

‘Don’t go into the light!’ Cas yelled.

‘Ya think!’ Dean growled.

‘You don’t under-…it’s Zacariah… you can’t say yes to Michael and Lucifer if your dead.’

‘Great, lets find Zac and go home.’

‘No, you don’t-… you’re behind the veil. Find Joshua. He’s an angel.’

‘No, thanks,’ Dean growled.

‘Please. Talk to him. Find out the word of God.’

‘You do it.’

‘I can’t return to heaven, Dean. Now go find out what the hell God has been saying!’

The two Winchesters exchanged looks.

‘Follow the road.’

‘What road?’ Sam asked.

‘The one outside, it runs through heave to the garden. Find Joshua.’

The picture started to break up.

‘What about Y/N?’ Dean yelled, but it was too late, the TV died and Cas disappeared.

‘Is she…?’ Sam panicked.

‘I don’t know. Last thing I remember they shot me, her face and a gun pointing at her,’ Dean said quietly, trying to control his fear and anger.

He could feel Sam watching him, he knew he was worried not just about Y/N but about Dean as well.

‘Right. Road then his Joshua guy.’

‘Really? You want to talk to God?’

‘We’re royally boned and right now I need to find a way back to my girl. I will give anything a shot. Prayer right? The final act of a desperate man.’

They opened a door and stepped out to see woods where the road once was. Dean went back inside and started opening every door looking for his road.

‘Really in a closest?’

‘Nothings gone according to plan so far. It’s all screwed up, Cas is on TV and dreams are coming true.’

‘Fair enough.’

‘Huh,’ Sam frowned. ‘There’s a hot wheels set here. I don’t remember that.’

Dean came over and looked at it, picking up the blue car.

‘I used to have one of these.’

They boys move through to Dean’s heaven and watch as Mary prepares Dean lunch. Both boys stare in awe at their Mother. Dean felt the tears run down his face.

‘Hey Mom.’

For a second it’s like she recognises him, but then the memory continues as it once was. John calling, a fight, Mary crying.

Sam dragged Dean away reluctantly knowing that they had to keep moving they can’t be caught by Zacariah.

They moved into Sam’s memory of him meeting Y/N for the first time, when he was 11. Dean watched as 13 yr old Y/N, stepped in and helped his brother out when he was being picked on.

‘Don’t let them get to you,’ Y/N smiled. ‘Give it a few years and they will be the drop kicks that can’t even hold down a job at Walmart.’

Sam smiled fondly at the memory.

‘This is a good book,’ Y/N commented, holding up To Kill A Mockingbird. ‘The English assignment that came with it, not so much.’

Dean smiled at the way she screwed up her face. She hadn’t changed any.

Both men struggled to leave. Their fears for her safety growing again. Eventually, they pulled themselves away and through the door into Dean’s memory.

He recognised this place, he smiled knowing what was coming. The banging on the door. He went to open it when Sam stopped him.

‘It’s ok. I know who it is,’ Dean smiled.

He opened it and saw Y/N standing there.

‘Would you believe that the damn witch I just killed 10 miles out exploded and I really need a shower.’

Dean stood watching her, he fought back the tears. Sending out a silent prayer to God, begging him to keep her safe.

‘Dean, enough with the lecture, please. I get it, I do. You promised Sam and blah, blah. But I’m a big girl and if my parents didn’t want me hunting alone then… I’d probably still do it,’ she grinned cheekily.

Dean chuckled, and watched as she disappeared to use his shower. As she came out with a towel around her after.

‘Can I be weird and borrow a shirt? Everything I own is filthy.’

Dean knew what was coming. He often replayed the moment in his head. He walked over to her, unable to stop himself. Pushing his hand back behind her head he leant down and kissed her.

Sam put his hand on Dean’s arm.

‘It’s not her. And we have to go. For so many reasons. Including I don’t need to see what’s happening,’ he turned away quickly as Y/N’s towel dropped to the floor.

Dean cleared his throat and looked at her again, ‘Right.’

They ran through another door, and found themselves at home in Kansas.


‘We’re home.’

Dean turns to see his Mom and he felt a familiar tug at his heart. She was talking about nightmares. God, she was such a good Mom.

Then things changed. She started telling Dean she was glad she was dead, how it was good to be away from him. How no matter what everyone will leave him.

He watched in horror as Y/N walked through the door, looking at him, surprised.  

‘Dean? Sam? What…?’

‘Oh Baby,’ Dean whispered, she was dead. His heart broke. His girl. She didn’t deserve this.

‘You’re both here?’

‘Yeah, but we can get out. It’s ok. We’ll get you back I swear.’

‘You’re kidding right? I don’t want to go back.’


‘I have all I need here, and let’s be honest. You’re not exactly a keeper,’ she explained, screwing up her nose.

Dean looked at her in shock.

‘I mean come on,’ she groaned, rolling her head. ‘You’re pathetic. Those men came in and you didn’t save me. You didn’t even try. I’m not going back. Here. Here I like.’

Dean watched as she walked over to Mary and stood there watching him.

‘Like hell you do,’ Dean tried to growl, but couldn’t. His voice was more shock than anything. ‘You love it down there, with me.’

‘Aw,’ she pouted, ‘Are your feelings hurt?’

Dean watched as Zacariah appeared behind the two woman and Y/N stepped to one side. He felt his blood run cold as Zacariah’s hand slipped around Y/N’s waist.

‘I have to say, I was quite fond of the memory of your Mom, until Y/N came into the picture. And well that memory you have of her Dean that first night you two were together. I mean. I tried it and Wow.’

White hot rage ran through Dean, every muscle in his body tensed.

‘You did this?’ Sam gasped.

‘You think you can run through heaven without getting caught or me finding you? Please.’

The boys watched as Zacariah’s hand went up Y/N’s top and he started groping her, kissing her neck and lips.

‘Get the hell off her!’ Dean screamed, throwing himself forward.

Zacariah spun and punched Dean in the stomach causing him to double over. The angel clicked his fingers and Mary disappeared.

‘Baby,’ Dean gasped, trying to stand.

‘You know, I’m still trying to decide if I should leave her here as a play thing or send her to hell. What do you think?’

Dean watched as Zacariah ran his hands over Y/N again, and kissed her.

‘Hell, seems more fun.’

He clicked his fingers and watched as a fire started to consume her. The fear in her eyes as she looked down at her hands before looking back up.

‘What? Dean? What’s happening?’ she screamed.

‘Y/N!’ he screamed, trying to get to her. His cries cut out as she burst completely into flames before him. Despite being in heaven, the smell of her burning flesh filled his nose. He fell to the ground sobbing.

‘Now, we should talk.’

Zacariah took to beating Dean up, as he tried to get the boys to agree to being Michael and Lucifers vessels. Sam tried to step in and help but the angels Zacariah brought with him, stopped him.

‘Excuse me, Sir,’ a voice cut through the noise of Zacariah’s fist slamming into Dean face.

‘I’m busy.’

‘I know, I understand. But I need to talk to the Winchesters.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘I know you are busy with them and it’s a bad time. But the boss asked. His orders.’

‘You’re lying?’

‘I wouldn’t. And soon enough he will come home, and well we know how he is about the whole wrath thing.’

Dean watched as Zacariah looked at the new angel shocked. He glared at the boys and then the new angel and disappeared.

Sam drops to the ground to help Dean and the next thing they know; they are in Heaven’s garden.

‘You’re Joshua?’ Sam asked.

The angel nodded.

‘You talk to God. We need to talk to him,’ Sam gushed.

‘I do. And God can’t talk to you. He has a message though. Back off, stop looking for him. He’s not getting involved. He knows what’s going on and he’s done. He’s helped more than he has in a long time. Just leave him out of this.’

‘What?’ Sam gasped.

‘He’s just another drop kick Dad who can’t be stuffed pulling his brats into line?’ Dean stammered.

‘I’m sorry, Dean. I am. But this isn’t his fight. Back off and leave him alone.

Dean went to talk again but they were interrupted by a blinding light.

He woke with a start, throwing himself up, he crashed into Y/N who was still trying to get him to breathe.

His arms automatically went around her, pulling her in tight.

‘Baby?’ he sobbed. He felt her sobbing into his neck.

‘I thought… Oh my God. You died,’ she cried hysterical.

‘Are you ok?’ he asked, pulling back, barely looking at her before crashing his lips into hers.

She tried answering but gave up. He didn’t care. She was alive.

‘Sam,’ she sobbed, pulling back, turning to see Sam sitting up in bed.

Dean watched as she threw herself at him, hugging him.

‘Hey Y/N/N,’ Sam said quietly, hugging her while she cried some more.

Dean looked down at the ground and saw the Walt and Roy on the ground dead.

‘Sweetheart?’ he asked quietly.

She left go of Sam and turned around. Dean took in her appearance, her light blue tank top and pants were covered in blood, she had it running freely from a wound on her arm, and a bruise on her face. Her tears leaving clean trails through the blood that was smeared on her cheeks from when she had collapsed against Dean’s chest.

He watched as she couldn’t stop crying. He reached out and pulled her into his arms.

‘What happened?’

‘They…they shot…I wasn’t a threat apparently.’

Dean he pulled her in tighter as her tears fell heavier. He watched as she reached out and grabbed Sam’s hand.

‘You’re both ok?’ she sobbed.

‘Yeah, Baby. We’re fine.’

Dean looked over at Sam and then at the bodies on the floor. The guilt from this was going to eat at her when she calmed down. But he knew he could deal with that. He could help her through it. He was just glad he was home. As for the rest of it, God, the apocalypse all of it. They could rot in hell. He was going to stop this thing one way or another. And for only two reasons. Y/N and Sam. After that, his days of helping God were over.