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A Cover Worth Blowing

summary: requested by @gilinskymaloley:

Hope I’m not bothering you but I was hoping for a Peter Parker imagine where the reader likes him & thinks he likes Liz and one day he invites you for ice cream but blows you off because he fights crime & u get upset with him and ignore him UNTIL your on the railing to ur roof and Spider Man comes and you’re surprised to see and decide to try to get guy advice cuz u think Peter blew you off for Liz and confess to Spider Man that’s ur in love with your bestie but you don’t it’s Peter. Thanks xx❤️

(angst with a happy ending)

word count: 3k

A/N: hello this is a very emo fic but,,,welcome to my True Writing mes amis my requests are also open and you can send me an ask if you’d like to be added to my tag-list !! also pls come tell me how you feel about this bc i tried to be more vulnerable in my writing and expose multiple p.o.v’s in one story and i’m very Insecure so pls just,,,validate me if u want and i’ll,,,,i’ll love u

warnings: slight mentions of anxiety !! not a lot but idk what triggers people and i just want y’all to be safe okay !! don’t read this one if it’ll be too much i have a fluffy one coming up that u can look forward to i love u

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headcanon: naruto

so i don’t know if they would have used vows in their wedding, but imagine Naruto trying to write his if they did. imagine him pacing the room, practicing out loud the words he’d already written down, and then dramatically dropping to the floor to scratch them out because damn it they’re not good enough

imagine him carrying a little notepad around with him for an entire week, jotting things down and scribbling down a really good thought when it came to him in a moment of ah-ha! inspiration. maybe while he was walking with Hinata, or watching her prune and plant flowers, or seeing her pause to help someone while they were out shopping, imagine him just being repeatedly floored by her and ending up with a notebook full of one-liners and single thoughts on why he loves her and what she means to him.

imagine him sitting up at night trying to string everything together, to make it sound perfect and flow perfectly, instead of the choppy sentences he’d managed so far. imagine him getting frustrated and disappointed in himself, ripping the pages and angrily crumpling them up before throwing them into the growing pile in the corner. 

imagine him wishing Jiraya were around because damn that man may have been a perv but he could string words like no other. so maybe he goes to Iruka instead and paces in his living room, just rambling about Hinata and what she means to him, how he was in idiot all those years, how much he loves her and how he always, in some way he didn’t understand, always loved her and imagine Iruka writing it all down and the two piecing together the perfect vow for Naruto to recite tomorrow

now just imagine him standing before his beautiful beautiful bride and completely blanking on everything and just whispering “I love you”.

(he ends up reciting the vow to her later on their honeymoon)

Drabble: Puppy!Kakashi

silvercaffiene had a sad day, so I wrote her a little thing, because she deserves love and fluffy puppies. 

Fighting with his own brain wasn’t an unfamiliar problem for Kakashi, but the argument was usually something complex. Like whether it was justifiable to violently defenestrate a civilian for the greater good, or whether it was worth Minato’s wrath to allow Naruto to stay up late to watch The Blob That Ate Hokkaido. 

(Yes and no, in that order. Though it had been a good movie.) 

Right now his brain was telling him to roll over and beg for a tummy-rub. This was a problem. 

The jutsu was also a problem, but one he was caring less about with each passing, unpetted second. Parts of his brain were whining. Other parts had given up and closed shop, notably the parts that involved ‘paranoia’, 'survival instinct’, and 'ninja training’. 

The world was a lot, lot bigger, and he was a lot, lot smaller. And fluffier. And his priorities had changed. 

Crucial political mission? Eh. 

Pinning down Ryouma’s arm and gnawing on his wrist? Gold-star winner.  

There was still a kernel of willpower rattling around just enough to make a racket, but it weakened when Katsuko’s fingers scritched alllll the way down his backbone. Happy sparks cascaded. Kakashi flopped sideways over Ryouma’s arm, one back leg kicking uncontrollably. 

Katsuko made a strangled sound of delight. Ryouma cupped a broad hand – a really, really broad hand – over Kakashi’s entire head and rumpled his ears, which had elongated into silver triangular sails that were entirely too big for the rest of him. 

“Can we keep him, taichou?” Ryouma asked. 

“We’ll take him for walks every day,” Katsuko promised devoutly. 

“And buy him the prettiest collar,” Ryouma said. 

“The prettiest collar." 

Raidou rolled his eyes and leaned down to scoop Kakashi up. The world did a rolling swoop, and then Kakashi was tucked comfortably against a chest built like a wall, which put him in perfect range to lean up and chew on the lieutenant’s long hair, since Genma always liked to stand by Raidou’s shoulder. 

"This is not permanent,” Raidou said firmly, but his hand was warm on Kakashi’s back. 

Genma smiled, disentangled his hair, and reached over to gently turn Kakashi in Raidou’s arms, until he could rub Kakashi’s belly. Dignity surrendered. Kakashi’s tail thumped against Raidou’s elbow. 

“I don’t know,” Genma said. “I kind of like this new model." 

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I know people have this thing with Daryl and Beth having a dog but can you imagine Daryl finding a stray kitten and bringing it back to Beth? Daryl with a little tiny kitty?


a/n- I suck at smut but even I don’t know what happened here.

Finn doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Valentine’s Day. He never has and he never will.

When he was a younger lad, he hated the stupid little parties and Valentines because his dad would force him to make him to make a box covered in hearts and write out the names of each of his classmates on a Valentine while being careful that none of the more romantic one (“I want YOU, Valentine”) ended up in the hands of the wrong girl or, worse yet, one of the lads. (Finn always ended up with the most romantic Valentines in class and all the girls would stare at him, hoping he liked theirs the best).

He spends the majority of his teenage years hiding out from the holiday with Chop and Archer in his parent’s basement. They had a rule that they didn’t date anyone the week before, the week of, or the week after Valentine’s Day (because girls needed that much time to get it out of their system). Finn becomes a pro at dodging girls the entire month of February (they all fantasize that he’s so grumpy because he’s ate up with longing for them).

It’s different this year, though. Chop’s got Iz and Archer has a date with someone (it’s always just someone; no name, no description, just someone) and Finn finally has a girlfriend at the worst holiday of all.

He figures she’s not going to want to do anything (someone decorated the school in little paper hearts and Rae ripped them off and said something about ‘just another mass consumer holiday’) but they’ve both got an empty and he’s thinking maybe movies at his wouldn’t be so bad and maybe a little kissing and (if he’s honest) sex anytime is great but maybe Valentine’s Day sex is like super magical.

“You wanna do something tomorrow?” He blurts out. It takes approximately one second for him to realize that it wasn’t Rae who picked up and he just sort of asked her mother out. Fuck.

“Finn, I’m flattered. I’m sure it would be great fun but in the end, I don’t think it would be worth hurting both Karim and Rae. Maybe you should ask her, hm?”

He makes a noise but he’s not sure what it’s supposed to be because as Linda passes the phone to Rae, he hears ‘Your boyfriend just asked me out’.

“Did you ask my mother out on a Valentine’s Day date?”

“No!” He rubs a hand through his hair. Oh, this was already turning into absolute shit. “I just sort of rushed it out. She sounds a bit like-“

“Don’t finish that.”


There’s a lengthy pause. “Well?”


“Finn, I’m hanging up!”

“No! I- do you want to come round mine and watch a movie tomorrow? Like, Valentine’s Day is stupid but we usually hang out on Friday and it’s seems sort of dumb to avoid each other just because-“

“I’d love to.”

“Great!” And his voice cracks. Fuck. He clears his throat and tries again. “Alright.” (He lays on the floor in the hall a long time after they hang up trying to figure out exactly when he became a complete and utter idiot.)

Movies at his were fine, right? It didn’t have to be over the top. Rae wasn’t that kind of girl. She didn’t need a particular day of the year for him to prove his love, he showed he loved her every day… right?

It’s two in the morning when this though has him wide awake, sitting on the edge of his bed, mind running through the last 6 months of their relationship. He had done romantic stuff. Or had he?
Well, there was their secret communication. That was romantic, sort of. I mean, yeah, it was mostly because he was too terrified to tell her some stuff and other times it was because he couldn’t say Chop was bangin’ on or Archer was being a bore out loud.

But, what about the love caravan? That was romantic. He had done that for her (and, well, sort of for him, too) but he had put a lot of effort into it (and was rewarded in the best of ways).
He told her he loved her all the time, now that was definitely romantic. Well, not really. He told her he loved her because that’s how he felt and every time he said those words it was like putting ice on a burn- instant relief.

So, he spends all night writing her a love letter (not like the one in his underwear drawer- that one had grown to 21 pages and was full of deeply embarrassing emotion that he couldn’t even face) and he tells her about the love songs his heart sings to him at night and at school and really everywhere about her and how he knows he’s not good with words but that’s because she makes his brain all wonky and he just really fucking loves her.

When he realizes it’s 4 am and he has 3 hours to get some sleep, he folds the note up (and tries not to think about all the hearts he’s doodle in the margin like he’s a fucking girl high off of Cupid’s arrow) and slips it into his jacket.

They don’t say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to each other when he sees her at school but he kisses her extra long and she pulls him back for another when the bell rings (they spend their first hour of school locked together in the upstairs girl’s room).

“What are you two doing tonight?” Chloe asks when they meet after their last class.

Finn shrugs (because he doesn’t want Chloe to know) and Rae does the same but adds, “Probably just watch movies.”

“Well, how romantic,” she rolls her eyes.

“Valentine’s Day is too mainstream,” Rae shakes her head and Finn knows she feels this way and he feels this way, too, so he isn’t so sure why he’s got such a sinking feeling in his gut (it may have been because he had devised a plan for seeing if she tasted any different in a room filled with candles). “Like, can you imagine how cheesy it must be to get a love letter on the worst possible holiday ever?”

Yep, that was it. His hand instantly clamps for the lover letter in his pocket.

He’s in the kitchen, about to throw the letter away when he decides to re-read it. Heart palpitations and his hands start to sweat. What the hell was he on about in this letter? Did he think that Rae, his feisty Rae who hated love letters (he had momentarily forgotten that), would somehow enjoy reading the shit his brain spilled at 3 in the morning?

The doorbell rings and he puts the letter in his back pocket (he’s debating whether to put it in the drawer with his other shameful letter and mix tape or just burn it). He thinks it’s Rae and it is but she’s got Chloe and Archer in tow. She shrugs at him apologetically and Chloe pipes up, “Since you two weren’t doing anything of consequence, thought I’d tag along.”

Archer holds up some beer. “Date bailed. I brought drinks, though.”

Well, fuck him sideways. Not only was his love letter idea shot all to hell but now there was absolutely no chance of sex (Valentine’s Day sex or otherwise) with the Cockblock Crew on his couch. Rae leans up and kisses him, tracing S-O-R-R-Y-! on his stomach. He catches her fingers and brings them up to his mouth, kissing them. “It’s alright.” It wasn’t but he wasn’t going to blame her because he hadn’t the guts to tell her he wanted a proper Valentine’s Day date (because he could barely admit it to himself).

Chloe and Rae are chattering through the first movie (Braveheart) and Finn thinks about feigning being sleepy to kick the two stragglers out but he doesn’t have the heart to do it. He loves his friends (even when they are encroaching on his time with Rae) so he offers to make everyone drinks. Rae offers to help and they leave Archer and Rae to fight about the next movie.

“You’re being really great,” she kisses the corner of his mouth as he pulls glasses out of the cabinet. “I know this is exactly what you expected but… I have an empty tomorrow night, too. Mum and Karim won’t be back until Monday.”

Well, at least they have that. “It hasn’t been too terrible with them around.”

“Nah,” she kisses him properly on the mouth and he has to set the glass down because he’s suddenly wrapped up in her and his hand is shaking enough that he might drop it. Her hands move around him to do that thing he secretly loves and just he before his brain can catch up and panic, she’s giving his bottom a healthy squeeze and the love letter crackles in his back pocket. Fuck.

“What’s in your pocket, Finnley?”

Is he wasn’t absolutely pissing himself, he might have made a corny (and horny) joke but he can only stare wide eyed as she pulls the letter out. “Don’t.”

“Someone send you another love letter?” She asks, briefly glancing towards the living room.

“No. It’s, um, it’s a homework assignment I wrote down.”

“You draw hearts on all your assignments?”

“Only if it’s a class I love,” he tries weakly.

She’s unfolding the note and his hands are over his mouth (to hold in a scream he thinks). He shrinks away from her, folding himself into the corner of the counter. He wants to tell her to stop, that it’s a joke but he can’t because his throat has closed.


“I’m sorry,” he blurts out. “I know you hate love letters, I just-“

“I don’t hate them!”

“You do. In the pub that time you said they were stupid and then today-“

“I love anything you give me.” She reads it again and he’s dying of embarrassment all over. “You really feel this way?”

All he can do is nod.

She’s out of the kitchen and he hears her say, “As lovely as this has been, it’s time for you two to go celebrate together.” Then she’s got him by the front of his shirt, pulling him upstairs before their friends are even out the door.

He’s half-naked and he’s feverish all over for her and his mind tells him that maybe he should give her the mix tape or the big love letter but then his pants are around his ankles and he’s in her hand and then her mouth and his brain completely shuts down. He doesn’t get to find out if she tastes different in the candle light but she’s exquisite the way she is and he’s strumming her like she’s a guitar (and she makes the most beautiful music in the world) while he’s writing another love letter between her thighs.
They tumble around in his sheets until they’re both so tired they can barely pull the blanket over their flushed bodies. She’s in the nook of his arm and he’s kissing her hair, heart belting a love song she can hear against her ear.



“Write me another love letter someday?”

And his eyes land on his underwear drawer and he thinks about telling her that he’s been writing her one since he punched Big G but then she’s asleep against his chest so there’s no point. “Yeah, I will.”

Fitzsimmons in 3x07 analysis [2/3]

The continuation of my previous meta (part 1 can be found here) this time about the recordings and everything up to Fitz finding the symbol.

3. Recovering data

First thing first, the fact that Jemma let Fitz look through ALL her phone data is huge. Just think about it, would you let someone go through each and every file on your phone? The fact that Fitz feels comfortable doing this is huge too - he knows she’s okay with that. This is a really deep trust level if you ask me. Fitzsimmons may have unresolved problems, but they still know each other and their trust is still there. 

(Let’s not dwell on the fact that normal people don’t store data on SIM car and that you can take out SIM card from a phone without putting it all apart).

Doctor Jemma Simmons, two PhDs took a selfie on an alien planet :D We all know Jemma loves selfies. 

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