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So, for some context, this is the very last performance of Petite Etrangere. As people who have experience in theatre can attest, the last showing is usually pretty emotional because the cast is sad that their experience is over. Sailor Pluto’s actress, Mikako Ishii, was given the opportunity to speak about her feelings during the curtain call and gave this amazing speech.

First of all, she said “They let me play Sailor Pluto,” not “I’m playing Sailor Pluto.” It’s obvious that she sees her role as a great honor and is very grateful for it. I also love how, because Sailor Moon is now over 20 years old, there are actually people who loved Sailor Moon in their childhoods now being given the opportunity to be a part of it.

Mikako is literally crying throughout her entire speech (both with joy and sorrow), which shows just how much she and the rest of the cast love and care about Sailor Moon, and every person who came to watch them shared that love with them. It’s no wonder that they can feel the love all around them! And then OMG CHIBIUSA AND PLUTO. Even out of character, they still show so much love for each other. 

I just love everything about this so much. Sailor Moon will always live on!


Okay, but this musical does Minako justice. Minako is a ham, she is silly, she is ridiculous and opprotunistic and over-the-top, but at her core, she is also a WARRIOR and a LEADER. When shit gets serious, she snaps into that mode without hesitation, and keeps a cool head and knows exactly what to do. Minako is multifaceted. She is direct and battle-hardened. She has a great love for the people around her, but she is tough and pragmatic and does not sugarcoat things.

Here is Minako at her direct, tough love best. She assures Usagi this is not her fault, but she has to turn her attention to the most pressing problem now- retrieving the team, retrieving the friends. She knows Chibiusa knows. So after making sure she’s not hurt, she pretty much tells Chibiusa “you need to tell us right now, because this shit is serious”. She says it gently, because she knows Chibiusa is a kid, but she says it directly and gets to the bottom of this. 

Usagi’s answer to this is to blame herself. Minako’s answer is to solve the problem and get shit done. And that’s the difference between them. Minako is pragmatic and strategic where Usagi is sort of a being of pure emotion at times.

I love it. I love how deeply this musical gets these characters.




Okay, first of all, I love how they included one of my favorite scenes from the manga.

(it’s read from left to right; I used Mixx’s translation because I like it the best for this particular scene)

But more than that, I love how Pluto spends the last moments of her life telling Black Lady/Chibiusa how much she loves her, how sorry she is that she wasn’t able to protect her, and how thankful she is for their friendship. Black Lady/Chibiusa is literally the reason why she’s dying (if Black Lady hadn’t stolen Usagi’s Ginzuishou, Pluto would have never had to stop time to prevent the Silver Crystals of the past and future from meeting and destroying the world) and Pluto doesn’t do anything but assure Chibiusa of her love for her.

In turn, Black Lady is so devastated by the death of her most precious friend that her grief cuts through Wiseman’s evil influence over her and restores her to her true self. Their love for one another is what beat the bad guys.

I get a little testy when people try to argue that the 90s anime “fixed” this situation by making Usagi and Mamoru (in the forms of Neo-Queen Serenity and Endymion) the ones who saved Chibiusa from herself. According to them, it makes more sense to have Chibiusa’s parents be the ones to save her. But they don’t understand that, while this works out perfectly in the anime, it wouldn’t make sense in the manga (or in Petite Etrangere). In the anime, Chibiusa and Pluto’s relationship was rather unexplored and underdeveloped until the S season. She had a much closer relationship with her parents.

But in the manga and Petite Etrangere, Chibiusa’s relationship with her parents is somewhat strained. She adores them, but she also respects them to the point where she feels like she’s not good enough for them and will never live up to their achievements, especially regarding her mother. Chibiusa and NQS’s relationship is in no way unloving or filled with conflict, but Chibiusa just looks up to her so much that she can’t bear to let her mother know that she’s anything but a perfect lady. 

Her closest, warmest relationship is with Sailor Pluto, who acts like a second mother to her. With Pluto, Chibiusa isn’t afraid to voice her insecurities and fears and doubts because she knows she won’t be judged, and in return, Pluto comforts and encourages her. They cheer each other up and have fun together, each one filling in something that the other needs.

This scene represents just how strong and profound their relationship is. Pluto loves Chibiusa enough to die for her and Chibiusa’s love for Pluto rescues her from Wiseman’s manipulation. I’m so happy that Petite Etrangere gave this friendship the attention it deserves!

femmerosa  asked:

Do you have any Utena/Sailor Moon crossover ships? I want this discussion to happen so bad, but I feel I'm not quite yet at the point of understanding Utena well enough to do the shipping myself. X

Oohh this is SUCH an interesting thought. I’m not really sure I’m one to ship romantically across two series, but I love thinking through what would come of the two casts meeting. Below are some quick things that came to mind thinking about the characters - I’d love to hear what others think, especially if you have actual ships!

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this for me is a lot like mamoru’s moment later on where he says he feels like he just gave away his daughter on her wedding day. this is a moment for usagi where she realizes just how much chibs has grown. she also sees just what hotaru already measn to her and that means without a doubt that usagi will protect hotaru from harm. she will always stand for the innocent aND PROTECT thos who cannot protect themselves. even vefgore she knows that hotaru is saturn she makes a vow to protect her, because she isd sweet and innocent aND SHE’S CHIBIUSA’A FRIEND. IF SHE’S IMPORTANT TO CHIBS, SHE’S IMPORTANT TO HER AS WELL.