because she lies a lot

@cottoncqndy would…. make up boyfriends she supposedly had…. and caused lots of drama w others because she just lied all the time….. was a very good liar but i could tell when…. also she would take things from everybody and lose them…. lol. she is interesting though. and does weird things…. she kissed me when she saw my SAT score (or …. snatched the paper from my hands). and…. yes i am pretty sure she did. but just a little not a big chunk like with other people………..

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am i the only one who didn't understand a word from will and bedelia's conversation?! what was it all about?(

It’s a dense conversation, that’s for sure. And one I fully expect we’ll return to after the finale and go OOOOOH THAT’S what they were setting up. 

Here’s how I understand it at the moment. I’ll focus on the four acts of Bedelia/Will and (mostly) skip the intervening parts with Bedelia’s patient, even though they are important. 

Act I

Bedelia and Will accept that Hannibal does what he does because that’s who he is. Will calls Bedelia out for lying a lot. Bedelia says she lies because she’s hiding the fact that she’s continuing to work as Hannibal’s psychiatrist. She knows she’s caused harm (technically) and that she’s lost objectivity because of caring for Hannibal. 

[interlude: Bedelia’s patient complains that Hannibal made him worse and that it wasn’t a seizure caused by phototherapy]

Act II

Bedelia and Will admit they have not been morally consistent about who gets compassion (patients for Bedelia, murderers for Will). Will asks you’ve already killed once, why not kill Hannibal? 

Bedelia counters that she didn’t feel as strongly as Will and oh, does your wife know the full truth about your feelings for Hannibal? Will insists she knows enough. 

Bedelia states that Will cannot think rationally where Hannibal is concerned.

[interlude: patient calls Bedelia out for not reporting Hannibal. Bedelia says she’d recommend the same medication Hannibal did. Patient fails to run off to join Scientology like he should; they’d likely help more.]


Will’s first instinct when seeing something vulnerable is to try to help it. Bedelia’s is to crush it. Both are natural instincts.

[interlude: Patient chokes on his own tongue, Bedelia helps him die.]

Act IV

Bedelia tells Will he’s not a killer, despite Hannibal trying to convince him of it. He is capable of righteous violence because of his compassion. And next time he sees a wounded bird, he might consider following the instinct to crush it instead of save it. 

Extreme acts of cruelty require a high level of empathy. The next time you have an instinct to help someone, you might consider crushing them instead. It might save you a great deal of trouble.

I love the first sentence, since it’s painfully true. It takes truly understanding someone to know how to be extremely cruel to them, to know what will hurt them the most. 

The real question of the whole conversation is whether Bedelia actually trying to help Will, or is she still acting as Hannibal’s cooperative psychiatrist, or as she did with her patient, is she trying to do both? 

I don’t know if I made it any clearer, Nonnie. I do believe this is one of those conversations that’s meant to leave us with a lot of questions. There’s just enough to build several theories of what will happen next. 

LOL. I am so interested in things this season that I had COMPLETELY forgotten I had read a scene that says who dies in ep.6. I just re-read it and went "DUUUH!".

It’s a former President or Secretary of State who dies, hence why that funeral set up at City Hall, that is NOT for anyone CIA, or military, but for someone who was in office or member of Congress/Senate. Makes perfect sense and I had entirely forgotten about the scene.

LOL NO ONE IMPORTANT EVER dies on Scandal… this must ALWAYS be kept in mind.

There’s a whole scene with his widow being cast, speaking with someone presumably from the White House, and she talks about the fact that they’re gonna tell a lot of lies at his funeral because SHE did everything and he did nothing, because he had ADD and was also not so bright.

She then goes in detail explaining the various reforms and accomplishments she was behind, and she’s all angry for not getting the credit and for having done all the job and getting nothing.

Given the specific references to Brezhnev (former USSR President for many of you who probably weren’t even born then LOL) and treaties, it’s clear it’s a former President or Secretary of State. Because there are references to things that have nothing to do with foreign policy a well, like taxes etc, I’d say former President is the safest bet.

LOL the USUAL SR story where men can only be lapdogs and never accomplish anything, it’s only the women. BUT CAREFUL because if you dare being pretty and accomplish things, she will only make you start like that and then DESTROY your character. LOL. Cause being pretty and intelligent and accomplished IS A CRIME, quite clearly. Let’s not even get into why.