because she learned that it was a weakness

Slayer!Lardo AU

In honor of Halloween, indulge me in this Buffy/Check Please fusion ridiculousness.

Lardo becomes the Slayer at 16, and honestly she’s not shocked by the vampires and demons so much as she’s annoyed because she had Plans that didn’t really involve loitering around graveyards at night. But her Watcher comes around and convinces her (and her parents–which is actually more impressive, tbh) that she has an important calling, so she goes along with it.  She learns how to fight and what a vampire’s weaknesses are, and if her Watcher is strict, and if hand-to-hand combat feels a little awkward to her, and if she doesn’t have time anymore for art or friends, well…saving people is still pretty cool, right?

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I am sick of the girl being pretty once her glasses come off. I’m sick of the boy suddenly staring at her because she’s taken her hair out of a bun. I’m sick of the dances that she said she didn’t want to attend suddenly being the place where she shows up and learns to live.
I want a movie where she gets kissed because her lab goggles left circles around her eye sockets. Where she doesn’t go to the dance and isn’t ashamed of it. Where she wins the science fair and the way the blue ribbon looks on her makes somebody’s knees weak.
I want a movie where the girl doesn’t get tamed. Where she’s still a badass bitch at the end of it. Where she doesn’t need a man because she has a killer girlfriend who is a cute nerdy radio technician. Where her freckles don’t get concealed on the big night. Where she shows up to prom in a suit and a model on her arm.
I want a movie where the queen bee is also a 4.0 student. Where she wears makeup and styles her hair and gets her work done. Where the pretty girl is also pure of heart, works on the weekends at soup kitchens, shows up with heels on. Where the queen bee lets the new girl have the boy because she doesn’t see the point in trying to compete. Where they end up friends at the end and the boy ends up with nothing.
I want a movie where girls are art without having to be painted over. Where we are beautiful without reason, where we don’t need to prove ourselves as being worth a boy’s affections. I want a movie where we don’t have to be secretly fuckable in order to get a happy ending.
—  We look good in a red ballgown and also while reading a book and also while burning this whole thing down. // r.i.d

But let’s look at it this way: Steven’s image of Rose Quartz- put on his head by the CG and Greg, with all the best intentions- is getting demystified. This is a process that  will hurt him deeply. He’ll be dissapointed, lost, angry and frustrated, more likely will go through an identity crisis, but at the end, it’s the best that can happen to him.

He’ll finally understand he doesn’t need to measure up to anyone because the person who put that mark that fucking high doesn’t exist, and never existed. 

Sure, Rose is still kind, compassionate, adorable and loving. she’s also calculating, secretive, manipulative and- if it’s true she killed PD- a murderer. She’s a real person. With flaws and virtues and when Steven learns and embraces his mother’s flaws, he’ll be more forgiving with himself and his weaknesses and start rocking by his own code, his own way.

So yeah, the best for Steven is to get out of his mother’s shadow and that can only be donde by telling him the whole truth about who really was Rose Quartz, the truth will set our baby free.

i never really understood why people complain about how brotherhood/the manga treated and depicted winry? like okay they depicted her as the typical housewife or whatever who cooked and waited at home for the love of her life, but honestly, what’s so wrong with that? what’s wrong with wanting to be a stay-at-home mom and housewife? women can do that and STILL be independent without people labeling them as weak-minded (being dependent isn’t bad nor makes you weak-minded either)

and it’s not like the manga/brotherhood makes winry look dependent or the typical housewife anyways. her ENTIRE CHARACTER is built around her being independent. she began learning about automail at like age 5, she was literally able to peform automail surgery at age 11, and even built an entire automail arm and leg for ed. she did what she wanted not because ed or anyone told her to; everything she does in the series is HER CHOICE

when she decides to ask dominic if she can be his apprentice or gets an apprenticeship from garfiel or hell, DELIVERS A FREAKING BABY, it all shapes her into an independent and capable woman. she even teaches hughes, A GROWN MAN, a lesson about emotions and why just saying and talking about how you feel is okay and makes misunderstandings harder to come by

yeah, she decides to let ed go save the country while she waits at home to bake him an apple pie, but it’s HER choice in the end. and besides, she’s just a human being????? do you really expect her to go and fight a bunch of homunculi? no, you don’t, and that’s /okay/. strong female characters aren’t just badass-kicking ladies who can fight monsters. just because she wants to wait for ed to beat the bad guys and bake him a pie when he gets home doesn’t make her ANY LESS independent or capable as a woman. not to mention she still has to run her automail business in resembool

winry has obviously had SO MUCH influence on ed too, and same with ed for her. she inspires ed and is the reason he keeps on going. when she delivered the baby, when she came up with the plan to be scar’s hostage, when she freaking walked up to scar like he hadn’t killed a bunch of people, it’s obvious she is the reason ed is able to mature throughout the series. she isn’t just his “waiting back at home housewife.” she has affected his life so much, and they both learned so much from each other throughout the series in their character development. brotherhood did not skim over those qualities at all


No one probably cares but this is a bunch of sketches for Nalu’s kid, Wisp. I decided that I will always put out previews for my fairy tail generation for every hundred followers.

Trivial facts:

  • Nalu has their kid later than the others because Lucy didn’t feel like they were ready for kids
  • Wisp wanted to learn celestial magic but never got the hang of it, but as a result from her training, she is now able to summon the easiest celestial spirit, Plue.
  • Wisp learned fire magic from Romeo since learning dragon slaying magic is hard without the two known methods.
  • Wisp also uses a type of magic called blending magic. She is able to blend two magic together (think of a weak unison raid). Wisp blends her fire magic with magic from a lacrima bracelet or with a teammate. Wisp currently has three lacrimas (one was a gift, one she bought, one she found). 
  • Sometimes Natsu and Wisp gets carried away and start fires. Nastu tries to blame Wisp but Lucy knows it’s not because Natsu isn’t eating the flames.
  • Wisp likes to dress cute but still has a tomboy nature.
  • Wisp gets into a lot of fights that usually ends with Natsu carry her away. This doesn’t stop when Wisp gets older.
  • Gruvia’s son got a misconception that Wisp likes him so he rejects Wisp on a daily basic. Wisp thinks he’s crazy.
  • Wisp picks fights with Galevy’s daughter all the time, and all the time she gets her butt handed to her.
  • Miraxus’s daughter got all the bad qualities from her parents (kind of like Mirajane when she was younger) so she doesn’t get along with the guild that much; WIsp is her only friend.

Rebornica’s AU isn’t canon, no fucking shit. No one ever claimed that it was.

This AU may seem like nothing to you but for your information it helped a lot of people. It helped ME too. I used to be awkward because I love eating and everyone told me to stop eating so much because it’s bad. After seeing Rebornica’s interpretation of Fritz, I learned to not give a shit and eat as much as I want. Now I’m happier and I’m not as weak as before.

It also helped my friend fight depression when she started drawing Rebornica’s Jeremy.

So, if you don’t like it then don’t look. It’s simple as that. You don’t have to go as far as to sending death & rape threats, make up fake skype convos, fake rumors and accuse them of supporting things they don’t support just because of this. Rebornica never claimed anything except their interpretations. It was even said in bold and italic that they only own some things with the characters.

Grow up and stop ruining someone’s fun just because a lot of people enjoy it.

You must learn her.

You must know the reason why she is silent. You must trace her weakest spots. You must write to her. You must remind her that you are there. You must know how long it takes for her to give up. You must be there to hold her when she is about to.

You must love her because many have tried and failed. And she wants to know that she is worthy to be loved, that she is worthy to be kept.

And, this is how you keep her.

—  Junot Diaz

Ram is important because

  • rough jerk guy trope turned on it’s head
  • he openly cries several times
  • he GRIEVES 
  • he loses his leg and has to deal with recovery alone. No ONE HELPS HIM WITH LEARNING HOW TO USE HIS PROSTHETIC I CANNOT BELIEVE
  • hard core jerk guy who doesn’t turn his back on the nerds in a dire situation like most tropes have because he’s a damn Human being
  • is kind and protective of his surrogate nerdy lil sister Tanya
  • seeks help when he’s ready and from said lil sister, she’s his confidante and he NEVER makes some tacky comment about being weak wanting help from a girl or any gross shit
  • is so damn traumatised and he deals with it in a realistic way rather than being suddenly fine an episode later
  • really, really cares okay, he just cares so much
It's so sad how much hate Sakura gets

Okay listen. She was weak, guess what, most of the characters were, most of US were. As we grow up we learn more and we grow as people -we become stronger. The rate of that varies and that’s okay.

It’s unfair to hate someone purely because they WERE so useless.

She’s not anymore!

And if your reason to hate her is because she ended up with Sasuke…? My advice for you would be grow up. You shouldn’t judge a character with who they’re paired with, she’s her own person. If Sasuke didn’t end up with the pair you shipped, isn’t that as much of his doing as Sakura’s? Yep.

You hate her because of her rivalry with Ino….? They were TWELVE. Twelve guys. What 12 year old knows what she wants in life? c'mon now, don’t be like that.

Put yourself in her shoe for a sec, say you’re smart but you lack in other areas. You’re put in a group with your crush -with two guys that are so much better than you that you’re constantly lacking behind. And you become good friends with both of these guys, you start to feel like a family -and then one goes ahead and leaves. You’ll be hurt too, wether he’s your crush or not.

And then the other one leaves and you’re left behind. Not only are you weak, but also alone.

It’ll feel pretty disparate. But you know what Sakura did? She didn’t sit around crying because she has no team, she went to Tsunade and trained hard to become strong too so she could protect the people she cares about. What’s so bad about that?

She depends on her teammates alright. But who fucking doesn’t? Imagine you had a group project for school, don’t you ask stuff of your group?

And okay, she made a few stupid decisions. Who DOESN’T? Sasuke freaking defected his village. That’s pretty stupid. He went to Orochimaru, that’s ever stupider.

Just because she rejected Naruto that doesn’t make her a bitch wtf? If she doesn’t like him like that, she doesn’t. It has nothing to do with how nice he is. And even if she was mean to him before. Guys, again, she was TWELVE. Are we really forever going to hate someone for what they did when they were TWELVE?

Whenever she does ANYTHING, everyone jumps at her ass, calling her weak, pathetic whatever. She’s not. There’s nothing wrong with being emotional.

If she cries a lot it’s fucking okay. Crying is human. Its a body’s response to overwhelming feelings. Let it go dammit. If she cries over her teammates it means she cares.

She could never surpass Tsunade blah blah blah. Well, guess what? she can. The new generation always surpasses the previous generation. Sakura was the only one that mastered Tsunade’s technique. Give her some credits.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter WHO’s stronger. Strength doesn’t define your existence.

You can compare her to Tsunade and Hinata and Naruto and Sasuke all you want. That won’t change that she’s an awesome hardworking character who’s trying to overcome her weaknesses.

Look at Lee, he was weak before. He had no strength. He was desperate too and Gai guided him. That’s what Tsunade did with Sakura! Even if much later.

Honestly I don’t know what more to say. Just stop being hateful. Stop. Stop calling her whore. Stop calling her useless. Stop calling her weak. Just s t o p.

None of us is in a position to judge anyone be it real or fictional. Before you start shitting on a character’s being, please reflect and look at your own past. You’ll know that no one’s perfect and that we all once were weak. We all fucked up many times. You can’t succeed if you don’t fail.

Poofed Peridot’s Design didn’t Change!

Did anyone else notice that when Peridot got poofed, the design under her limbs didn’t change?

Is it because she didn’t know what happened to her? She did afterall emerge from her gem practically mid sentence.

She probably never learned how to regenerate into a stronger version of herself. Poofing into a new design must be a way for primarily combat gems to accommodate for weaknesses.

That could also be the reason why Garnet gave Amethyst a lecture telling her she had to take time to consider her form.

Listen, like… I know that Lexa’s love for Clarke has always been so clear. Like we all know she loves Clarke, and Clarke knows too. So I know some people are okay with her not saying “I love you” in the finale.

But I really really wish she’d has the chance to say that, because her whole arc was about learning that love ISN’T weakness. like imo that would have been more powerful

Touka’s whole talk with Ayato! I’m so happy at least someone there has grown up. Ayato telling Hinami that she isn’t “weak” for not being able to kill, too - Kirishimas are smart people who learn from their mistakes, dammit. Remember when he thought Touka was weak because she didn’t want to kill humans left and right?

you told me you kissed a girl
the day you told me you were sick
with the flu and didn’t come to support me

i went along with it
not realizing the lie at first
i said that was great
and congratulated you

i asked who she was
you wouldn’t tell me
because i wouldn’t know who she was
and i probably wouldn’t have

i dont know why it bugs me
i tell everyone we’re just friends
because we’ve known each other
for nearly eight years

but the thought of you
kissing someone else
just doesn’t seem to settle easy

i dont think id ever tell you
that you were my weakness
because i learned liking you
would only ruin a friendship

but you were my weakness
and you made me weak every day
the thought that haunted my dreams
that maybe you thought of me more than a friend

yet in the end i did the same thing
i gave up on you
and went to find someone else
and repeated the same process
until i wore myself out

because the thought of you
will only ever haunt me

—  her. by fivepizzasauce
The 100 Rulers IMO

Thermostat Jaha is a self proclaimed martyr. He does not take what others advise him into consideration because he will always trust/love himself more than others. He has mostly ruled because of the high he feels when he ‘sacrifices’ himself for the greater good. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A crazy one at that. 

Abbey Griffin is weak-hearted. She mostly ruled with emotions and warmth. She tried to take care of everyone, and heal everyone, and forgot that no one was trying to heal her, not even herself. Doesn’t want the power, but misses it when it’s gone. 

Marcus Kane is a learner. He can follow, and he learns from his mistakes. But he does not have the aura of a leader. I would not follow him into a war because he needs constant guidance and reassurance that he’s doing the ‘right’ thing. Wants power, but doesn’t know how to use it. 

Charles Pike is a disease. He will rule with hatred and anger as his fuel. He has this belief that can only be described as a terrorist’s ideology. Retaliation against any who shows power. Blinded by his own agenda. Sees his own men as killing machines. 

Heda Lexa is reason. She rules with a level-headed mind. Doesn’t let emotions guide her, which isn’t always the best thing, but it’s what made her strong. Everything she does is for her people. In a way it is the people who are commanding her, and not the other way around. Trusted by a few, feared by many, questioned by everyone else. 

Clarke Griffin is a combination of all of these characters. She has her mother’s compassion. Her father’s duty to help others. She has Kane’s ability to learn from past mistakes, and she has Lexa’s reason. She sacrifices herself without expecting anything in return. She is also very flawed, and broken, but that does not make her weak. I would follow her into war. 

Queen Nia is dead, is what she is. She’s dead meat. Home girl took a spear to the chest. Currently has no power even if she wanted some. Could arise from the dead to haunt Lexa, but we’ve already had that storyline with Clarke and Finn. I would not follow her into war, unless it’s the skeleton war. Nice outfit, though, but ba-bye. Bitch You Tried. 

Now we know the ‘evil’ half that Jekyll’s potion separates is actually the part of you that you’re afraid to show to the world. So what part of Regina is the Evil Queen? She’s not her temper or her snark or her will to fight. She’s not her love - the EQ seems to love Henry every bit as much as Regina does. Cora taught that love is weakness but Regina’s learned better.

I think the Evil Queen is Regina’s desire. Regina’s terrified to admit what she wants because the things she most wants are always taken away from her. And she’s terrified of *herself* when she wants because the version of her that took and didn’t ask permission was a monster.

And what’s the one thing Regina wants that she knows she can’t have and believes she doesn’t deserve? It has to be Emma. It’s the one desire she can’t admit even to Snow, who’s forgiven the very worst of her. Snow would be horrified, wouldn’t she? Snow would reject her without a thought and Regina would accept that rejection as just.

No wonder the Evil Queen seems to despise Emma. Emma’s the reason Regina tore her out and threw her away.


Consider this:

Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people wasn’t intended to be a long-term goodbye or a distant hope for an unobtainable future. Maybe Clarke leaves Polis because she’s growing. She learns that other people, Lexa included, can’t keep fighting her own battles. Maybe she leaves Lexa because she needs to confront her past, her people, and the burgeoning threat of Pike’s chancellorship. Lexa can’t keep the 12 clans submissive forever. They may be her subjects, but to temper the brewing war, Clarke needs to start taking action. She thinks she owes it to her people. So maybe this goodbye isn’t a reference to another lifetime where they may meet again. This is a goodbye, a vow, that promises they will meet again. Just like love does not mean weakness, duty does not mean loss. Lexa is crying because now that she finally feels completely and mutually connected to Clarke, she has to let her go. Even if only for a little while. 


  • going to clinics and seeing ultrasounds of the baby growing
  • going to maternity classes and learning labor tactics
  • learning how to hold a baby and change it properly, learning how to feed it properly
  • feeling the baby kick in her stomach the first time and not being able to share the next moment it happened with John
  • having severe morning sickness
  • having false labour contractions in her third trimester and terrible cramps that left her gasping and weak and terrified, unable to move
  • trying to maintain her anxiety and stress level because she knows that doing otherwise can put herself and the baby at risk
  • wondering if she’s going to be a fit single mother, wondering how her child will cope with having only one parent, wondering how she can raise a child in a world that she knows to be filled with evil, wondering how she’ll shield her child from her past
  • going to various clothing stores and looking at babies clothes and looking in hardware stores wondering how she’ll design the nursery, turning to her side to share her joy but no one is there
  • having cravings in the middle of the night for the strangest food combinations but not being able to get it because of pains, turning to her side to ask John, but he’s not there
  • having body image issues because no one is there to reassure her that she’s still beautiful, no one but herself to hold her stomach as it grows larger as weeks pass by, and having resolved not to look to her side because there will be no one there…

And she experience all of these things by herself for about six months because John was silent for months. He wasn’t there. I can’t stand how perfectly flawed these characters are.

Lily Evans in DADA Headcannons
  • So, in their 4th year their DADA teacher decided that they should learn some hand to hand self defense since the muggleborns kept clocking the purebloods in duels instead of casting spells.
  • Lily Evans isn’t much of a fighter, but damn her if any boy in that class thinks she is weak so she gives it her all.
  • Sirius is laughing at her, because he says she’s the size of an acorn, so she partners up with him, and gives it her best.
  • Before class ends both her and Sirius have tons of bruises and are forced to switch partners.
  • Lily gets James.
  • Today they are doing a basic review of everything so they have the pads out and one partner hits while the other just stands there, and James will not hit Lily hard. He won’t do it.
  • Now, Lily is not down for this, so when it’s her turn she clocks him as hard as she can, and when he ask why she did it, so tells him to hit her.
  • “HIT ME POTTER! WHAT FRESH SEXISM IS THIS! I am playing your attacker dammit fear me!
  • And James is just taken back by this little five foot girl in front of him. Because she wants to be hit? Why?
  • “TO LEARN IDIOT” Lily yells at him the next round. How can you fight if you never learn to do it. If you never practice like it’s real life?
  • James assures her that he knows damn well how to fight, but this time he actually hits her, and she falls back, but to his suprise she gets up within seconds and tells him to do it again.
  • So, they do, and they both pass the top of their class,
  • and while Sirius and Lily still have sparing matches every once in a while in the common room. James made two mental notes:
  • He was in love,
  • and to never cross Lily Evans
To Whomever It May Concern

She probably wants for you 
To be a man, so I’d advise
That you learn to play rough-
You should learn the places
That it’s okay to pull on, and 
Never hesitate to touch-
Personally, I like to spread
My fingers to grip the curve
Between her ass and hip, and
To pull with more than just
A suggestion to move her
Close enough to feel 
The murmur of her heart
Growing into a rumble, and
Never, never, never
Have weak hands. 
Because you’ll have to learn
To contain earthquakes
With this one.


Though she’s older than her twin brother by just a scant few minutes, Evie and Jacob Frye are nearly polar opposites. Where Jacob is brutish and headstrong, Evie is patient. She plans. She considers every angle to ensure her mission has the best chance of success. She never leaves anything unfinished. But sometimes her careful nature gets in her way. Evie could probably afford to think a little less, just as Jacob should think a little more. Throughout Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, the Frye twins will often need to meet in the middle, because while they have their own personal weaknesses, they’re a force to be reckoned with when they work together.


Evie Frye is a firm believer in the teachings of the Assassin Order, and wants to use what she’s learned to take on the Templars. Jacob believes the path to victory over the Templars is to use the Rooks to force them out of power. So while he’s on his own personal mission, Evie is gathering clues to the whereabouts of a Piece of Eden known as the Shroud – an incredibly powerful, incredibly mysterious artifact that can’t be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

In the Gamescom demo for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, those wrong hands belong to Templar lieutenant Lucy Thorne. A consummate Templar (and therefore Evie’s target), Lucy is haughty and overconfident – although you might be too, if you had enough influence to effectively occupy the Tower of London while searching for the Shroud. “Evie wants to get her hands on the Shroud before Lucy, and the best way to ensure she does that is to eliminate Lucy,” Associate Producer Andrée-Anne Boisvert tells us. Getting to Lucy takes every tool at Evie’s disposal – and even when the two have their final, postmortem conversation in the series’ familiar White Room, Lucy remains uncooperative, even ominous about the Shroud’s true power.


One of the questions we’ve seen a lot is, Why make the main characters twins? Wouldn’t it also make sense to have them be a couple whose children also go on to be Assassins? Sure, but the series has already been there, done that. They wanted Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s story to feel as fresh as its gameplay.

“We’ve already done the romance angle in the past, and when we started making this game, we asked ourselves how we could make the story different,” explains Creative Director Marc-Alexis Coté. “We know our fans, and this is something they want. They want the experience to feel fresh year after year, and this kind of dynamic is not one we have really explored at all in the franchise. So much of the Assassin’s Creed brand has to do with human DNA, and seeing into the past through that DNA. Having a brother and sister – twins who share the same DNA – feels like something that really plays into the strengths of the franchise.”

Together, these two very different individuals form the ideal Assassin and though their means are seemingly at odds, their motivations are the same. Through their trials, they both realize they need the other to see their mission through. “Evie is very clinical,” actor Paul Amos (Jacob) says of his in-game twin. “She’s very ordered and precise and she likes to plan, but don’t mess with Evie because once she gets going she is lethal. Between Evie and Jacob, they’ve got all the skills that make up the perfect Master Assassin. As they learn to work together as twins, they’re a powerful force.”

“Jacob is much more like, ‘Let’s get it over with. I’m going to get my guys and we’re going to end this,’” says Boisvert. “Evie, on the other hand, sees London and everything around it as a political spider web that needs to be studied. She needs to have a perfect understanding of the situation before she jumps in. Of course, this is going to spark some heavy discussions between them. But their differences are complementary, and I think this will provide a lot of freedom to the players – plus, it’s a fun story to see unfold.”

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will be making its way onto PS4 and Xbox One on October 23 and PC on November 19th.