because she knows how it feels to be lonely

And ooooh Amethyst. Amethyst my precious darling. Even though she’s hurting a lot and feels inferior and like she is a huge mistake and that she isn’t good enough to be fused with (and even though Sardonyx made some jabs her way) STILL tried to defend Pearl…because…Amethyst understands how much it hurts to feel unloved and lonely and she knows how GREAT it feels to be with someone that powerful and how it feels to FINALLY feel like you have control…she knows that’s how Pearl feels too and!!! Oooooooh my gosh.

1. I think I wake up thinking of you. i check my phone notifications and even if I’m too tired to know what I’m looking for yet, when I don’t see your name I’m disappointed.

2. What’s it like? to have someone be so honest with you, all the time. how does it feel to know everything?

3. I can never tell if you look at me anymore. i want you to. i want it to stop hurting when you don’t.

4. I almost bought a new bra this weekend but I didn’t because I have no one left to show it to. i’ve run out of places to go when I’m lonely.

5. i bet you guys are good together. i bet she doesn’t hurt you like I did.

6. did i? did I hurt you? there’s no blood on my hands. my conscience is clear.

7. i wonder if you can say the same.

—  i bet you can, there’s no one at fault– lily rain

What’s so freaking upsetting is that you totally understood every single gems feelings in “Cry for Help”

Pearl is incredibly lonely and loves being better and cooler with garnet as sardonyx! It wasn’t right of her to lie, but you can understand why she did it. She is clearly trying to compensate for her loss of rose quartz.

Amethyst was of course jealous of pearl because she thought garnet liked pearl better, and amethyst loves being with garnet to and feels more special and stronger. They love fusing with her, almost to an unhealthy point. There may be more to the effects of fusing then we know.

And garnet… my god how violated must she feel. She already IS a fusion, and while she is garnet and does what has to be done I imagine it must be EXTREMELY wrong to not have a consensual reason to fuse. Garnet had every right to be furious for being lied to about something SO SACRED to her.

you know why i love rey so much and how daisy acted as her. just look at her introduction and the first few minutes we spend with her. She is all alone, she doesn’t speak until she finds BB-8 and yet we know everything she is feeling. Just with the first few minutes with Rey I know who she is, I don’t know everything about how she became this lonely person but I do know who she is and that is just so good because with only her eyes Daisy Ridley made me love and know a character that doesn’t speak to anyone for the first few minutes and is all alone.

But…can we talk about how lonely and out of place Lukas probably was before Philip?
With a father who declared is not good at feelings and who probably taught him not to show his own, “real men” don’t show their feelings and never cry”, right?
We know he has a girlfriend, except he doesn’t seem to care for her at all, even before he kisses Philip, it’s more like he tolerates her because she’s cool and thus it’s the right thing. (and since he’s gay but he obviously never thought of it, but he seems not to have any sexual attraction to her, or at least not to care, how many times must he have wondered that something must be wrong with him? ). And then there are “friends”, basically the ones he sees at school, basically the cool guys, Rose’s friends. They’re not that, not by far, so much that he’s cool because he doesn’t talk, except he doesn’t because he has nothing to say to them, because they’ve nothing in common! 
Lukas is a teen who spends his time on a bike because it’s the only thing he has. Before Philip he had no one to even talk to, to open up to. No wonder that when he saw him at school, so deeply different, he secretly followed him like a puppy waiting to talk to him and ask for photos. Philip is the only one, ever, that Lukas felt he had a chance to talk with and to, like a normal human being. Up to a point is not even about love, is about human interaction, about a deep and primal need, about something he doesn’t even fully understand nor he knows how it works.
I blame him for a few things, but how painful must have been for him to realize that only thing, that only person, was going to get taken from him forever?
Basically… Lukas is my baby, don’t touch him, he needs tons of cuddles and love! 

listen friends whatever you do do NOT imagine

  • bellamy starting to get lonely a few months after clarke leaves because the kids are sort of settling into routines and finding families and starting to laugh again and he feels like he isn’t needed quite as much. octavia is there, but she has lincoln now and they’re always off hunting or training the kids or whatever
  • so bellamy being kind of off because he doesn’t really know how to deal with everything that’s happened, and spending way too much time thinking
  • like he just gets up and does his job and goes back to his tent but he isn’t sleeping well and he’s always thinking about the blood on his hands
  • which means he’s always thinking about clarke, too,
  • because they were supposed to carry the burden together
  • and he spends a lot of time trying to think about what she was like before everything went to shit
  • he feels terrible for wishing they could go back tot he days when they were at the dropship, because it wasn’t like things were a whole lot better there. kids were still dying and life was still hard
  • but he was needed and he and clarke handled the camp together
  • so one day kane gets all father-figure on him and is all like “son you need a break. go take a walk or something” and bell just nods and takes a gun and goes on a walk and finds himself back at the dropship
  • more importantly at the graves of the kids they lost
  • and so he sits by the graves in silence for a few hours and goes back to camp
  • but he comes back the next day
  • and for some reason (and God knows he feels so stupid doing it) he starts to talk- to Wells.
  • because Wells would understand
  • Wells was Clarke’s best friend. Bellamy knows he would understand (he has to)
  • and Bellamy goes every day and he starts telling Wells everything that happened and he apologizes to the kid because looking back he can see how good he truly was
  • and so every day he has lunch with Wells and he talks to him about Clarke- Bell had teased him once about his love for the girl but now he laughs and says he’ll try and keep protecting her for him when she decides to come back
  • even though they both know by now she sure as hell doesn’t need protecting
  • he talks to the other kids, too, though. and even though he can hardly remember their names he talks. 
  • he tells them stories like he used to tell octavia sometimes- old myths and fairy tales
  • he starts to make headstones and works on construction of a proper cemetery like the humans did before the apocalypse
  • he wonders if this is what Hades felt like; the keeper of the souls and the friend to the dead
  • sometimes he brings monty with him and monty scours the forest in silence (he doesn’t talk much now, either. Bellamy wasn’t the only one not coping) and carefully picks and arranges bouquets for all of the graves
  • in the spring bellamy and monty plant a garden and they start to heal
  • eventually monty starts talking, too, about the things they did and how much he misses clarke
  • bellamy forgets sometimes how young monty is- how young all of them are
  • but when he sees monty smiling at the progress they’ve made in the garden, and he starts to joke, and he even talks to wells now (although bell isn’t quite sure that chatting with a dead kid shows a clean bill of health) and bellamy just feels so proud
  • and he feels needed again
  • because even though he isn’t sure how much he’s helping the living, he’s making sure the dead are remembered

do N O T imagine it DONT

don’t think about rey doing everything she can so she can come back to finn because she knows how it feels like to be left behind and to wait and to never know when you’ll stop feeling lonely. especially don’t think about rey thinking of finn as they first person she’s felt close to ever since she can remember and how she definitely doesn’t want to lose him.

just don’t.

‘You don’t love me.’ She whispered, just loud enough for him to hear.

‘What? I do.’ He laughed quietly and looked at her.

'No, you don’t.
We’re both just lonely souls wandering around on this planet, searching for someone whose loneliness fits ours. And when we met, you saw this loneliness in my eyes, first glance and you knew. You just knew that I could make you much less lonely because I would know how it feels like. And I did. I did everything to embrace your lonely soul. You didn’t fall in love with me, you fell in love with company.’

He paused for a minute before asking his next question.
'Then how about you, did you fall in love with me?’

She exhaled slowly, let go of the pressure that had built up inside of her.

'Well, I wanted someone to embrace my lonely soul.’

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write.

“The most terrible poverty is l o n e l i n e s s" 

L o n e l i n e s s is never more cruel than when it is felt in close propinquity with someone who has ceased to communicate"

“The worst l o n e l i n e s s is not to be comfortable with yourself”


I actually think that the Marichat pair is the best way for both Adrien and Marinette to learn and love the other side of themselves that they desperately hide from the other.

I always felt that Marinette only loving Adrien was pretty shallow because she loves the façade he keeps showing to people. Sure she knows how lonely he can be and how fatherless he is, but that’s it. She doesn’t know much more than that. She doesn’t know how goofy he can be, how boyish he yearns to be.

As for Adrien, he loves Ladybug but he doesn’t love Marinette. He just respects her and holds a sort of “big-brother” feeling towards her. Very platonic, really. He’s not that close to her but he does get proud of her when she stands up for herself. He loves the strong and sassy Ladybug but shy Marinette is totally inexistant for him. He loves Ladybug for what he wishes he was.

And this is not what I call being in love with someone. Only loving sides of someone is not loving that person. It’s crushing on someone from afar.

I think that no Adrienette could possibly work without them knowing these hidden sides of each other.

If Chat fell in love with shy Marinette and Marinette fell in love with cheeky Chat, then they would really be in love with each other. Not only crushing.

Every single part of each other. Their flaws and qualities. Their fears and ambitions. Their nightmares and dreams.

And that’s why I also think that Marichat is probably the most constructive ship for Adrien and Marinette because they gain maturity throughout it.

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Usagi’s determination to protect Ami, her anger on behalf of someone taking advantage of Ami and using her so coldly like that was a major strike to my fannish heart in the first place.

But then you have Ami standing off to the side, blank-eyed and glassy, dazed and not really there, except that she’s clutching the pen that she couldn’t be stopped from picking up.  Even as she saw Usagi transform, she doesn’t move, she just stays there, her eyes out of focus and her hands clutched around the pen.

But then Usagi says I WON’T LET YOU HURT MY FRIEND ANYMORE and that gets through to Ami, softely repeating the word back and nope, that’s it, I’m out of here, I can’t take these feelings anymore.

Because, for Ami, she doesn’t really have any friends, she’s lonely and doesn’t really have the time or know how to make them, she doesn’t know how to interact with friends.  But along comes Usagi and, oh, Ami likes her so much and Usagi just beams all this sunshine right into Ami’s life and then she stands up and angrily says YOU WON’T GET TO HURT MY FRIEND ANYMORE, this is Usagi who is so determined because AMI IS HER FRIEND, and that’s what really cracks the hold over Ami.

That Usagi called her friend and meant it, that Usagi stood up for her and defended her, that Usagi was angry at the way the youma hurt Ami like this.

Just.  That’s everything Ami has ever deserved to have, RIGHT THERE, because she is wonderful and Usagi gets that.  Because Usagi is so wonderful, because he loves Ami, even if she doesn’t know it yet or knows why she loves Ami yet, but SHE DOES and AMI LOVES HER, TOO.

I have too many feelings about this moment and they are all trying to burst out of me at once because YOU CANNOT DEFEAT THIS FRIENDSHIP, NOTHING YOU CAN THROW AT IT CAN DEFEAT THIS FRIENDSHIP, and that is just right there in my heart.

Melting a frozen heart (closed rp with queenschnee)

Day in and day out Ruby felt she like she began to live a repetitive life. Always going to class then training everyday the same old schedule. She felt herself becoming lonely even though her team was there with her. She guessed it was because Yang and Blake had been an item for a while, and were always together. It always made Ruby feel left out, mainly because she was always to scared to even bring up the subject of dating around Weiss.

Yang always encouraged her little sis to just go ‘claim her territory’ as Yang would say, but Ruby didn’t know how. That is until the announcement of prom was made earlier in the week.

Ruby sat alone in the team dorm contemplating how she would talk to Weiss about the whole thing. “No no no she would never fall for a lame trick like that, oh maybe….oh shoot…hey Weiss.”

I loved you. damn it, I still love you. Im in love with you. But you chose her over me and you hurt me after all that we’ve been through after how you know regardless of what we have been through and the mistakes I’ve made I’ve never stopped loving you…I’m tearing my heart apart even more by walking away just so it stops us from hurting each other because you know damn well we can never be “just friends.” I am strong and I deserve happiness. You hurt me through this more than I have ever hurt you. I hope you kiss her and think of me and I hope you feel her and feel empty and lonely because her touch is not mine. I hope when you love her you think of the promises we made and how her body doesn’t react like mind would when you touch her. You hurt me. All she is is a rebound and if you want to mistake loneliness for something else that’s fine. You chose her because she’s there with you and there’s almost 3,000 miles between us. After 2 years distance tore us apart. We had something that truly mattered. We had the love that people search forever to find. We had a great love but now you’re loving her and I’m sitting here alone and pathetically crying over you. I hope you miss me. I hope you are happy.
—  I think I’ll always love you..

I think a lot about Yang’s life before Beacon. Before she and Ruby even got into Signal and after Summer’s death? Like who took care of Yang? We know Qrow did teach Ruby to fight with her scythe but was he the one that taught Yang how to use her fists??? How did she fucking discovered her semblance? Was it because she was angry and lonely and kept punching walls and trees to hurt herself until at some point she punched holes in them??? Did she feel alienated because after all she wasn’t Summer’s biological child and her actual mom left? gIVE ME SOME FUCKING YANG DEVELOPPEMENT GOD FUCKING DAMNIT

And now is where Sadie feels guilty about what she’s done and everything becomes awkward and I wanna bang my head on the table.

Can we go back to the songs please?

I really don’t know how to feel about Lars to be honest. He’s such an asshole and yet I feel compelled to like him for my past.

And now I’m sad because he’s sad which is understandable because this is a shitty situation, and yet…

“Do you ever feel lonely, even when you’re with other people?”

Welp, hold on while I go lay down in my bed and cry for a while. As if he didn’t remind me of myself already.

Which makes it kind of awkward because my friend once told me Lars was her least favorite character.

And Sadie is now screaming internally.

And if you don’t think that just remember that she trapped him on a fucking island for the sole purpose of jumping his bones.

I mean, it could’ve been the monster or Steven but that seems less likely with every minute passing.



Oh wait you were.

Never mind.

I really wish there was a scene where Isabelle tells Clary that she envies Clary. Clary had the choice of if she was going to be a Shadowhunter once the mess with Valentine was over, but Isabelle never got that choice. She sees how Clary was able to grow up like a normal kid and have a best friend without having to worry if their next hunt would be the last time she saw her friend alive. Clary didn’t have to worry about possibly dying every night when she went out to hunt. Then Isabelle would tell Clary that she knows that most Shadowhunters feel the same way, but Isabelle felt that she had to keep her feelings about this inside because she had to be strong for Max and not let him see how dangerous and sometimes lonely the Shadowhunter life can be. (And I say lonely because Isabelle doesn’t have any friends prior to Clary and Simon). 

Of course, Clary would be all “you’re Isabelle Lightwood and every guy is in love with you” and Isabelle is like “yeah, but I’d rather have been given the choice to choose my own destiny than have all the boys falling for me.”

I get that Isabelle likes being a Shadowhunter, but I think that having her life chosen for her the minute she was born is something that she would have resentment about, especially given her personality - she does what she wants to do because that’s just who she is. Maybe she is so closed off because she doesn’t want to be close to any Shadowhunters because she knows there’s a high chance of them dying in battle. Maybe now, that’s one of the fears she’s always going to have when Simon becomes a Shadowhunter. I feel like these feelings are amplified after Max died and she worries about her parents, her siblings, Simon, and Clary when they’re fighting because she knows that they could die at any second. I just have a lot of feelings about Isabelle Lightwood. 

i. She’s got a boyfriend but he never pays attention and when she feels lonely she pulls you into the back and teaches you how to feel alive.

ii. She’s the sort that has a mouthful of hurricanes and she blew you away a long time ago, but this is just supposed to be about how the taste of her lips set you on fire.

iii. You can’t love and you shouldn’t love her because she’s only looking for a good fuck and so were you until you fell in love.

iv. Don’t let her see you fall.

v. But I know how it feels. To fall anyways. Because she looks like an angel but kisses like Sin itself. You ask yourself if she’ll send you to heaven or hell, but does it even matter anymore?

vi. You know she’s fucking the whole town and she’s the craziest bitch you’ve ever met. But she has the eyes you can figure out and she has fingers that had your skin memorized before you even met and she looks at the stars and wonders if she can fly and you love her, holy shit.

vii. It’s a scary feeling, isn’t it?

viii. Because you always thought you had the game beat. How can you fall in love when you never even talk? But darling, souls don’t need words to intertwine. And she’s on top of you and they call her a slut but you see a porcelain doll with iron fists and cracked lips.

ix. Get ready to be the broken one for once.

x. She’ll tear you apart. And you know it. But you don’t mind.

—  If boys were the ones always making the fall

I was lurking the lucaya tag for a while now and after watching the latest episode I would like to share my personal thoughts with you


- did anyone notice how Lucas goes straight up to Maya to sit next to her? It’s a bit strange that he outright kinda ignores Riley, Farkle, his classmates and even his hosts the Matthews. He directly goes up to her because she’s like all alone and looking a bit sad. I mean they’re still very awkward and can’t talk around each other so he could’ve taken some of his friends with him but he rather goes alone to her. I have the feeling that he knows that Maya is overthinking some stuff right there and he doesn’t want to bother her but he also doesn’t want her to be lonely.

- it was hilarious how they ate their cards in the couple game. So Lucas is still confused about his feelings and can’t decide between “campfire” and “library” aka Maya or Riley and Maya is probably asking hersef the question whether you can love two people at the same time. Does she love Lucas and Josh? Does Lucas love her and Riley?

- when Maya talks to Topanga she kinda takes a moment and looks at her and then at Cory and that’s the moment, where I think she realised that she wants that too. One day she also wants to have a happy family with the right guy, so she stands up goes up to the roof and marchs directly to Lucas. She sees Riley sitting all alone and Charlie sitting there with Augie but still she allows herself one moment of selfishness to go to the boy whom she really cares about, the boy who’s the right guy. After two years of hiding her true feeling for the sake of Rileys happiness, she now for the first time put her feelings before Rileys. Also Lucas must have heard the whole conversation between Riley and Charlie, why didn’t he go to Riley after they split up? There was his chance if he did still love her but now he’s not so sure anymore. Now’s his turn to overthink stuff.


- when Lucas ends Charlies sentence about going to the cinema with Riley. I don’t know why, but I just don like the concept of Rvkas. I love Rileys and Lucas character because they’re the nicest people in the world but I don’t see them as a couple. Such perfect people shouldn’t be wasted on one another. Those couples are nice but boring as hell. They should be with someone not so perfect and also start to show their own imperections. Lucas interest in Riley also clearly hurt Maya as she’s the only one who stays behind and doesn’t go up to the roof with the others.


- first I was shocked that Farkle outed Rileys feelings in front of everyone. Like what kind of friend does that? So does he support Riley more than Maya or what? But then I realized that he actually did the right thing. So if he wouldn’t have said that, Riley would’ve never said it either. Lucas would have accepted Rileys feelings towards him as brotherly/sisterly and moved on. He and Maya would have finally become a couple. Riley would have distanced herself and their friendship wouldve finally fallen apart. So he did what’s best for all. He wanted them to play with open cards and not to lie with each other..

I’m sorry for all that but I saw everyone freaking out and wanted to share my oppinion with you :-D

Jumin Imagine:

If you wanna know how my writing is like, you could see it here although I won’t guarantee it’s the best.

Imagine: Jumin’s s/o trying to convince him to buy a puppy because she feels lonely without Jumin.

As soon as you entered the C&R building, a wave of greetings flowed in your ears.

“Good evening, Mrs. Han.”

“Long time no see, Mrs. Han.”

“Welcome back, Mrs. Han.”

Every employee in the C&R addressed you as Mrs. Han ever since Jumin publicly announced that you two got married.

You didn’t want him to announce it publicly since it would cause a ruckus but he insisted saying that he wants everyone to know that your his.

“Hello Mrs. Han.” The reception lady asked as you approached her with a smile.

“Is Jumin still working?” You ask.

“Yes, Mrs. Han. He’s in his office, should I tell him that you’re here?” The receptionist was about to grab the landline just before you wave your hand.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go surprise him.” You beam a smile towards the receptionist before taking the elevator and walking towards Jumin’s office.

You knock on his office door, a wide grin on your face.

“Mr. Han, someone is looking for you.” You said in a high pitched voice, trying to sound like one of his workers.

“Who is it?” Jumin asked on the other side of the door.

You turn the doorknob and jump inside while grinning ear to ear.

“It’s your one and only jagi!” You exclaim.

“s/o? What are you doing here?” He ask, standing up from his desk and walking over to you.

“Oh nothing,” You answered as you make small circles with your right foot. “I just noticed you were coming home late recently.” 

“I see. As you noticed, I’ve got a workload of business deals. I was stressed with all the work until you came.” He uttered before cupping your cheek and placing a gentle peck on your forehead. “Just plainly seeing you is enough to relieve my stress.”

“Thank you for saying that. I actually came here to ask for something..” You muttered the last sentence, lowering your head in the process.

“Oh? Really? You could have told me over the phone.” He says as he slid his hands down just to grab yours.

“I-I know but I think I should ask for it in person.” You stuttered out.

“Hmm, alright. Whatever you want, honey.” He says with a smile just before you take a deep breath and say…

“I want a puppy.”

Jumin furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head.

“A puppy? But honey, we have Elizabeth 3rd. Why would you want a puppy?” He asks, tucking a stand of hair behind your ear.

“You see,” You look up to him with determination in your eyes “I love Elizabeth 3rd and all but I want a pet whom I could play with and take outside. By outside, I don’t mean your office or at parties. I want a pet whom I could take to the park to play with. You know, what I mean?” 

“I see,” He stroked your hair lovingly. “But why a puppy all of a sudden?” 

“You’ve been coming late recently so I was lonely most of the time but I was watching this movie about a dog and a man. I thought that maybe having a dog wasn’t so bad…and there was this saying the a dog is man’s best friend.” You explained, hoping that you convinced him. 

He let go of your hands and rubbed the bridge of his nose, letting out a sigh.

You started to worry if you pressured him or stressed him some more so you stutter out “B-but it’s fine if you don’t want to have one..I could just cope up with Elizabeth..”

He lowered his hand before putting his hands on his hips.”So you want a puppy because you’ve been feeling lonely lately?” He asks as you avoided eye contact with him.

“Well..y-yeah. To sum it up, that’s practically it.” Just then, a pair of arms was wrapped around your figure.


He placed his head on his shoulders, releasing a sigh once again.

“I’m sorry that I have been coming home late, my love. I’ll try to finish my work as soon as possible next time.” His whispers tickled your ears as he held you in his arms.

“You don’t have to do that…I can just buy a pup-” 

“No.” He said quickly and sharply, interrupting your sentence.

“Your precious time shall be spent only with me and not with a little puppy, alright?” He declared, tightening his grip around you.

“A-alright..” You couldn’t help but nod at his sudden statement.

“Would you like to help finish up my work? After, we could go home together.” He pulls away from the hug, gazing down at you.

“Sure, that sounds lovely.” You say with a smile just before he leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips.

Phew~ I’m finally done~ I hope you liked it ! ^.^ Just send in your request but read the rules before, okay? 

Jagi=Short for Honey in Korean