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can we ,, talk about ,, how fucking powerful Kesha is?

she signed with a goddamn abusive manager and producer and has - in a sense - been legally confined to this prick since she was 18.

Fucking. 18.

She doesn’t produce music for 4 years. Four goddamn years of her life that was being held on a string because she didn’t want to work with a shitty person who did shitty things to her


and literally, this fucking song “Praying” is the goddamn most powerful thing I’ve ever heard.

Yknow when I first heard Kesha? 2009. When all of her songs were about sex and getting hammered everyday.

And now she sings this powerful ass song about self worth that made mE WONDER WHY I EVER QUESTIONED MY O W N SELF WORTH

She isn’t credited enough because she started as just another pop artist that sang about the same shit as everyone else and now she is coming back and she is coming back stRONG

fuck everyone who hurt her. fuck everyone who hurt me. fuck everyone who hurt you.

be a Kesha, come back when you get knocked on your ass and show everyone what you’re made of.

T H A T is what I call inspirational.

You will always be the person who I will forever adore.” she said. “Someone I will always treasure. And I am always thankful for meeting you unexpectedly. You will always be someone who I can’t stop staring at. Those eyes I will always want to dive right into. Someone I will always silently look for. Someone who makes me feel the things I thought I will never have.” she paused and sincerely looked at him. Then with teary eyes, she said. “You are one of those memories I don’t want to lose. Because that’s the only way for me to have you.
—  ma.c.a // The Sky is Blue

[For Gay Pride Month, Billboard asked numerous pop culture luminaries to write ‘love letters’ to the LGBTQ community. Below, Brendon Urie, frontman of Panic! at The Disco and star of Kinky Boots on Broadway, shares his.]

Love is beautiful. I know this because of my fans. They have shown me countless times what it means to accept someone for who they are. That is pure love. The last tour we just finished was the most inspiring I’ve ever been a part of.

During “Girls/Girls/Boys” fans would hold up brightly colored paper hearts against their phone lights to show their support of a community they may or may not have even been a part of. But this showed me that we ARE a part of the same community: Human beings.

I recently received a letter from one fan in particular named Vivian. She professed her gratitude for the concert and especially this incredible moment of love. It had given her the courage to be herself and admit to her parents who she felt she was. I can think of no greater gifts than love and acceptance.

So I want to say thank you. Thank you to all of you for being who you are. You’re beautiful and I love you. (x)


This is sorta lame and cheesy, but it’s basically just a fluffy Imagine about Tom being a cute boyfriend and taking care of his drunk girlfriend💗
Author’s Note: This is a oneshot inspired by sorta me? My mom had a party and made a ton of mixed drinks, and because I’m a dumb baby that never drinks, I forgot that vodka literally punches you in a face when you drink too much of it? Anyways, I got drunk and ended up crying to one of my cousins for about 40 minutes about all the reasons why I love Tom? Apparently, I’m even more cheesy and sentimental drunk than I am sober, who knew lol?

She giggled to herself, ankles knocking into each other as she braced herself on the door of her apartment. She was absolutely, completely, and undeniably smashed. Truly, she couldn’t even remember how she’d gotten this way, but then again, she could barely recall her uber ride home.
Her hands kept shaking and she couldn’t find the correct key to fit itself into the doorknob. At this rate, she’d be out all night.
Tom paused the film he was watching and glanced back towards the front door. He was pretty sure that he could hear someone out there, but it was probably just their neighbor’s being noisy. Allowing the film to regain his full attention, he did his best to ignore the strange sounds outside, until he heard something that replicated her giggle.
His eyebrows knitted together in confusion. She was supposed to be at a sleepover with her best friends, not coming home at one in the morning? Tom got up and made his way over to the window by the door. Peeking out, he saw that the giggle outside indeed belonged to her, and she appeared to be struggling hugely with the task of opening the door.
Quickly crossing to help her inside, Tom yanked open the door and barely had time to catch her as she crashed in on top of him.
“Tom!” She yelped excitedly, making no effort to move off of him, instead cuddling further into him, while he laid sprawled across the floor with her lying on his chest. “Do you wanna hear a joke? It’s so dirty and I know how you love dirty things!” She explained innocently, her eyelashes tickling his neck.
Tom chuckled, “Darling, come on up here. We’ve gotta close the door.”
“Okay, I’ll tell you!” She leaned over him, “What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball?”
“You’re absolutely wrecked.” Tom laughed, taking in her mussed up appearance. She still looked good, how could she not? Her skirt was just shorter, her breasts were more exposed than she’d be comfortable with sober, and her eyemakeup was slightly smudged. Her hair tumbled down her back in messy waves and she teetered on her high heels.
If she had come home sober, Tom would’ve dragged her off to bed with him, but alas, she was drunk and needed to be taken care of.
“She gagged!” His girlfriend giggled, finishing up the butt of her joke. “Do you get it?”
Tom burst out laughing and cradled the back of her head as he rolled her onto her side so that he could get up to lock the door. “Yes, baby, I do. Where’d you hear that one?”
She didn’t even seem to have registered what he asked her because, in response, she said, “I don’t think I’d be Cinderella if I was a disney princess. She gags, but not me. I don’t gag, unless you make me.”
“Oh my gosh, you’re going to be so embarrassed in the morning.” Tom said, slipping his hands beneath her arms to pick her up. Helping her down the hallway to their bedroom, he asked, “Darling, how come you’re not with your friends right now?”
She blinked her eyes slowly and licked her lips. “We were all talking, and drinking. So, so, so much drinking. Did you know that vodka is strong? Like, it’s so strong, because, I’m not sure if you can tell, but,” She leaned closer to his chest and pressed herself up onto her tippy toes to whisper in his ear, “I’m kinda drunk right now.”
Turning his head towards her, he decided to play along, “Are you serious? I’d had no clue.”
“Well, yes! Anywho,” She dragged out the last letter of anywho before she tripped over herself again.
Tom caught her and slipped a firmer hand around her waist. “Anywho?” He pressed.
“We were all talking about our boyfriends, and how much we love them, because, I love you so much. And then, we started talking about the stuff we do with our boyfriends.” She paused in the hallway to poke Tom’s chest, “That’s my favorite shirt on you.”
“Darling, I’m not wearing a shirt?” Tom said, cocking his head to the side.
“I know,” She smiled, “That’s why it’s my favorite.” She gestured to Tom’s exposed midriff, “This is all great. Like, you look so good. The best.”
Tom dissolved into laughter and shook his head, “My silly, drunk girl. What are we going to do with you?”
“Well, you see, what I’d like you to do with me is make-out. That’s really why I came home. We started talking about some things,” She cupped her hand around Tom’s ear and whispered, “Sexy time things. And we all agreed that I should come home to you so that we could do the sexy time things. Because, I wanna do them, with you.”
Finally crossing the threshold of their bedroom, Tom placed her gently onto the bed and tried to ignore her last statement. Yes, she was his girlfriend. Yes, she’d just told him that she wanted him, and yes, he obviously wanted her too. But, she was drunk, much too drunk to consent to sex with him.
Tonight, Tom would be a good boyfriend and take care of her, but, in the morning, Tom would be a good boyfriend and he’d give her at least 2 orgasms with 2 advil pills to chase away her headache before breakfast.
“Sweet girl, we can’t right now. You’ve been drinking too much, you’re absolutely wasted.” Tom tried to reason with her.
“No, no I’m not. If I was drunk, could I do this?” She took a deep breath, “‘May I feel said he/ (I’ll squeal said she/ just once said he) It’s fun said she/ (May I touch said he/ How much said she/ A lot said he) Why not said she.”
Tom cut her off, “Sweetheart, nothing you say matters right now, you’re too drunk. Now just let me help you out of that dress.” Shaking his head, Tom laughed as he walked over to her with an oversized sweatshirt of his in his hand. Only she would be able to quote E.E. Cummings completely inebriated.
Kneeling in front of her, Tom lifted one of her feet onto his lap to unbuckled her high heeled shoe. Undoing the clasp and carefully removing the heel, he pressed a tender kiss to the top of her foot.
“You know, I like it a lot better when you’re on your knees for a different reason.” She pouted, sitting up to watch him.
Tom chuckled again as he began to remove her other shoe, “Trust me darling, so do I. Roll over-” He didn’t even get to finish his sentence when she interjected.
“Are you gonna spank me?” She asked, rolling over. Her tiny dress had ridden up even more and Tom had to bite down on his lower lip and clasp his hands together to prevent himself from doing just that.
“You’re making this really difficult.” Tom muttered.
“Then do something about it. I thought bad girls got spankings?” She teased him, eyeing the hardness growing within his pajama bottoms.
“Stop it, I’m trying to take care of you and you’re making it really hard.” Tom groaned.
“I can tell,” She giggled.
“For fucks sake,” Tom rolled his eyes, “I’m going to help you out of the dress, and that’s all the touching I’m going to do tonight. Then, I’m going to take off your makeup, and you’re going to go to sleep.”
“Tom,” She whined, wriggling around on the bed, “I don’t wanna. I want you to do me.”
Tom laughed, “You’re going to die in the morning, oh my gosh. You’re such a child.”
“Ugh!” She whined and flattened out onto the mattress.
Sitting down behind her on the bed, Tom rolled her over and unzipped the back of her dress. He did his best to not look, but the zipper kept getting caught in her hair, and he couldn’t ignore the soft skin of her back. He saw that she’d chosen to wear the pretty, light pink, lace bra that she’d been wearing the first time they’d had sex. Groaning over the memories, he helped her rid her body of the confining fabric of her dress and had slid his sweatshirt over her body.
She turned to lay on her back, “Will you at least kiss me?”
“Yes,” Tom placed a soft kiss on her mouth, “Do you wanna get up to go to the bathroom to take off your makeup, or do you want me to do it for you here?”
“Hmmm, here.” She sat up and stuck her hands inside of the sweatshirt, only to toss her bra off seconds later.
Tom’s eye lingered on her chest as he got up to retrieve her makeup wipes.
“I love youuuuu.” She said, hugging herself to his chest after Tom had successfully cleansed her face of all traces of makeup. “You’re my favorite, even though you refuse to fuck me.”
Tom tucked the duvet under her chin and crawled in behind her. He kissed her temple and curled an arm around her, “I love you too darling.”
He prayed to the high heavens above that she wouldn’t feel his excitement poking her in the back while she drifted off and into dreamland.

And then she stopped his heart.

She lifted her head, her chest heaving as she panted and she shot him a triumphant look, her bluebell eyes sparkling from under the reach of her dark fringe. And she smirked.

And right then and there Adrien knew he was absolutely screwed.

Because he wasn’t playing Dodge Ball with Marinette.

He was playing with Ladybug.

Inspired by this fic!


my hands wanted to touch your hands

because we had hands.

Frank Bidart, from “In the Western Night”            (a tiny little something for @tristealven for her birthday. you are wonderful! and i adore you.)

It’s on days that I have to fight the hardest to stay alive that I remind myself that maybe, just maybe, it’s the ones who have to fight the hardest that God has the biggest plans for.

I am inlove with a boy who likes kicking stones on the ground; he never looks up.

I am inlove with a boy who never keeps eye contact because he thinks it’s dangerous to let people see his eyes, but by some miracle I saw it; it was beautiful.

I am inlove with a boy who smiles and hides it; but little does he know, I see it all; I see the way his eyes sparkle just before he looks down and smiles at the ground.

I am inlove with a boy who likes to get lost in a book, so he doesn’t have to deal with the world; much like the way I do.

I am inlove with a boy who doesn’t have all the right words to say, but says it anyway; and he’s so beautiful I always find myself catching my breath.

I am inlove with a boy who feels trap; but he laughs with that laugh that keeps me on my feet; and I’m happy I’m one of the few ones who gets to see it; and I’m secretly foolishly selfishly hoping he won’t show it to anyone else.

I am inlove with a boy who feels so much of everything; and keeps himself from showing that he does; but I know and I understand.

I am inlove with a boy who never sees me; because he only looks up for one person; she’s his only exception.

I am inlove with a boy who’s in love with someone else; he’s secretly hoping maybe she’ll see him despite him hiding; but she doesn’t.

I am inlove with a boy who’s heart is breaking; the same way as mine.

—  waferqueen, I am in love with a boy who will never get to read this. I am in love with a boy who will never know.

Watching over them

Last but most certainly not least for AAM is the lovely and talented @velocesmells~ I only discovered her art and comic a year or so ago, but she has jumped into my top inspirations very quickly. Her art always fills me with awe and her comic is one I have fallen in love with and recommend to everyone. For her tribute drawing, I had trouble picking who to draw because her characters are all so compelling, but in the end I decided on Begonia because she is a goddess~

Judy, thank you for all the inspiration and hours of enjoyment your work has brought me! I can’t wait to see more from you as you continue to grow and develop :)

I like the expression that you can give through them, I like keeping the meanings usually personal to me […] if you think something’s cool, just get it; it’s your body, it doesn’t have to have such a strong meaning. The tattoo on my finger has no meaning, but all of my others do. Louis and Lottie didn’t really inspire me to get I don’t think… I mean, Louis wasn’t too happy at first… Lottie inspired me to get the first one about my Mum because she has one related to my Mum too and I thought that the first one should definitely be dedicated to her…
—  Fizzy about her tattoos, what Louis thought of them and who she got inspired by (video coming soon)

tozierbinch  asked:

can you do a hc where it compares how eddie acts when one of the losers are sick vs when richie is sick (bc reddie of course)

oh heeeell yeah im love this one. dedicated to my gf @latinxrichie who is currently sick and i wish i could be taking care of her (also inspired by her because she literally is telling me she’s on her deathbed)

• thanks to all the bullshit w his mom eddie has basically reacted to sickness in the same way for as long as any of the losers can remember
• if someone’s sick it triggers his inner ‘mom friend’
• he’ll go out of his way to do nice things
• drop off a care package full of tissues or medicine, flowers, a thermos full of soup
• but because of his paranoia he won’t actually go near them
• he can’t stand the thought of his friends being sick
• but he doesn’t want to be sick himself
• its…. complicated
• in fact he usually wears a face mask and gloves if he comes into any contact with them
• he actually brought soup directly to bill when he was sick once
• when he was sure that bill had “coughed on him” he never did it again
• however, the losers notice this begin to change during later years of high school
• but the changes are only revolving around richie
• touching his forehead if he says he doesn’t feel well, or walking him to the drinking fountain or bathroom to splash water on his face
• sometimes richie will cough or sneeze before throwing an arm around eddie, and the smaller boy will seem completely unfazed and just continue talking
• one day in particular richie is out of school
• eddie is ready to bitch and moan about how he “shouldn’t be ditching school, ive told him a thousand times” when stan mentions he stayed home sick
• eddie goes home early that day
• when the losers stop by richie’s later to see how he’s doing they’re all shocked to find that eddie is already there
• sitting on the edge of his bed and feeding him soup… not even wearing a face mask
• richie, despite being sick and weak, seems pretty damn smug lying there with a damp cloth on his forehead
• “thanks for checking on me, guys. im dying, and i hope you’ll all remember me fondly, but as you can see i have the cutest nurse-”
• eddie is beyond embarrassed
• “okay visiting hours are over”
• grumbles and tries to nudge their friends to go, who are all laughing
• “eddie.. did you really ditch school to take care of richie?”
• “goodbye stanley”
• he closes the door behind them to return to richie, who just smirks at him
• “dying, rich?”
• “i am, but at least this is how i get to go”
• eddie sighs and averts his gaze in irritation, but his cheeks turn a bright pink, and he simply sits on the edge of the bed again
• “by the way, don’t call me cute”

Warm - hearted


Title: Warm - hearted  

Pairing: Peter Quill x reader

Words: 2.5K +

Warnings: after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Angst, romantic, funny lines.

Summary: after Yondu’s funeral, the reader can’t find the courage to talk to Peter, because she almost lost him thanks to Ego, so Gamora speaks with her in order to make her discuss it with Peter. But there’s also more than this.  

Notes: I just needed to write something about Peter, after I’ve read this beautiful story by Thanks for inspiring me x Feedback is always appreciated! 


His words were stuck in her head. She kept reliving that scene, again and again, in her mind. She felt like throwing up endless times in those two days. She couldn’t sleep, because the memories were always with her. She knew him and thinking that a person who she talked to, she fought side by side, was dead… that nauseated her. But mostly, what really upset her, was that he was important to one of her friends and there was nothing she could do to make him feel better. He was real, one day and the day after that, he was just… gone. She knew the feeling, because that’s what hit her when her friend didn’t come back on the ship. The fear, the pain in her bones, the burning in the contours of her eyes, full of red blood for being so tired, she felt them all in those minutes in which she believed he was dead and he was never coming back.

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While you’re out there flirting with all those other girls, she’s sitting at home cluelessly bragging to her best friend about how amazing you are. Don’t mess this one up again, don’t take advantage of her kindness. Don’t end up being like the rest of the guys in her past. Because I promise that she will move on and get over you. And when she does find someone who respects her, you’ll have no one else to blame but yourself.
—  Excerpt #74

So I was thinking about how I looked like a taurus venus girl and my rising is taurus, so the other day I saw a girl who the looked very much like my sister who is an aries rising so I reached the girl’s venus and she was an aries venus. So I thought of something funny, is it just me or does anyone else feel like girls of the same rising and venus sign kinda look alike?

Here I’ve got some exemples to my theory (I love theories tho, and this is my second one of many because I’m on an inspired vibe so stay in tune lmao)

So, there’s Kate Winslet, who is a Libra rising

There you go, and then Emma Stone, which is a Libra venus.

Wow. I know, right? The jawline, the shape of the face (some people say libra risings has a heart shape of face, I see it more like a square shape but I don’t know, both make sense to me)

Then we got Emma Watson now, wich is a Virgo rising:

Soft features, smol face, kinda triangular shape, a wise vibe in general, right?

Now Charlize Theron, who is a Virgo venus:

And GODDAMNIT KSWKDUALA SAME same sAmE wise vibe and all!!!! Now DO



Damn this shit is really really real to me. And now,

The one and only, Natalie fucking Portman, do I even gotta say her rising? The LOOK GUYS, THE LOOK: Of course, a Scorpio rising look.

Now, the last one to prove my theory, here’s Anne Hathaway, a Scorpio venus muse.

Same look, same vibe, a different rising. She’s a sagittarius rising.

So, feel free to ask me or talk to me about it if you feel like I’m right or I’m wrong or if you also think like I’m oddly accurate or if you’ve thought about it before too or if is an actual thing and I haven’t discovered anything. That’s all for today folks, thank u.


Molly: You look sad… When you think he can’t see you. Are you okay? Don’t just say you are, because I know what that means, looking sad when you think no one can see you. 

Sherlock: But, you can see me.

My mother told me when I was young that there are two types of girls that will love me:

1. The girl who makes me happy but makes me feel unloved.
2. The girl who makes me sad but makes me feel loved.

She told me that on rare occasions I’d find both qualities in one girl. But not every boy is lucky to find both qualities in one girl. So if I ever have to choose between the two, she told me, to always choose the girl who makes me happy because that’s what she always wanted for me.

Yet I don’t want a girl who makes me happy. I want a girl who makes me feel loved. So if I ever have to choose between the two, I will always choose the girl who makes me sad.


The Girl I Love by Juansen Dizon 

(Inspired by Lang Leav’s “Choose Love”)


hey so does anyone remember how a long time ago i made a redesign of Lapis? (i deleted my old blog so i just linked a rb of the old ref)

well after a while, i wasn’t rly happy w/ it, so i decided to make a re-redesign of her! (my ideas behind it + rewrite ideas are under the cut, just as a warning it’s rly long, it took me forever to write everything kjdshfkjghkj)

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