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Holy crap I drew art!! Shocking I know.

I feel like a bazillion years ago SailorFailures said it’d be an interesting idea if people took those fashion photosets where the models heads are cropped off and tried to pick what outfit a senshi would wear, and well, I found this photoset of Zuhair Murad’s dresses and…here we are!

The inners the outers and some villains for good measure. Dark Mercury made it in because she is my bae and PGSM is the greatest thing ever.

The Harry Potter series was a huge part of my life growing up, and I looked up to JK Rowling for the longest time because she was this brilliant writer and my greatest goal was to be like her, even greater than her. Yet now, with all the stuff she´s posting and just her attitudes in general, how she dealt with the Cursed Child and all of that, I just don´t admire her anymore, To me, she´s no longer the wonderful person that inspired people across the world.

Yona’s crush on Hak is the paragon of purity. 

Like……. she just really likes it when he smiles, and ponders to herself that she should try harder so he can do it more. She’s literally happier to hear someone praise him than to hear them praise her. She thinks he’s got the cutest sleeping face, and spends all the money Yun gave her (meant for her to spend on herself) to buy him a charm of protection. And how does she realize she loves him in the first place? 

Because he told her his greatest happiness is to see her happy. Yona, you’re so cute. 

honestly I love diana prince because she’s singlehandedly one of the greatest warriors of all time, has fought against monsters and entities that others could only DREAM of beating, and has thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom and yet,,,,,,,,,,,she doesn’t know how to use a revolving door,,,,,,,,,,i love it


you didn’t let me down, I just grew up. thank you for saving me that first time. and for everything else after. I love you, marcel.

Well, Jane, it just goes to show you it’s always something. It’s like my father used to say to me before I went to bed. He’d say, “My little Roseanne Roseannadanna, make sure you don’t end up being one of those people who have some saliva on your lip, right here in the middle. ‘Cause sometimes when they talk a little thin string of it goes up and down and up and down and up and down and catches all around. And nobody hears what they’re saying! 'Cause they’re too busy watching the spit! Going up and down and up and down and up and down like that. Good night, my little Roseanne Roseannadanna.”

Saturday Night Live 3x12

The Girl Who Never Backed Down

I honestly do not care if people want to paint Taylor Swift as the girl who dates men just to get good music because to me, she is deservingly the greatest songwriter that ever walked this Earth.

She creates her narrative so beautifully, in a way that provokes significant parallels. We discover early on in her career that she regrets how she ignored when they said “run as fast as you can” and learn years after exploring the world around her that “she knows the bravest thing she ever did was run”.

Throughout her self-discovery, we find that she’d “like to be her old self again, but she’s still trying to find it”, until one day she decided she’d live life on her own terms, believing she was “finally clean” as she “found herself and somehow that was everything”.

She would always love to dance with the person she loved for everything they’d been through, but “didn’t want to dance if she’s not dancing with them”. But after vast exposure to the world unknown, and years of learning how to live, she began to not care about the opinions of people who don’t know or care about her, and begun “dancing on her own, making the moves up as she goes”. We see a young girl who is conscious of the world around her and who is worried what people will say about her, transform into a young woman who exhibits confidence and happiness in her life and who is comfortable in her own skin.

Most importantly, in the 10 year journey full of triumphs and tribulations, we discover that Taylor Swift decides to end her narrative standing on her own two feet and walking away on her own terms. We find that she ends how she begun; as an outstanding young songwriter from Nashville, who likes to tell a story.

Things I want to see in the Halloween Episode of Miraculous Ladybug...

1. Ladybug and Chat Noir having to track down the Akuma in the Catacombs of Paris.

2. A Halloween party/ get together where they watch scary movies. Adrienette huddled under a blanket together, both trying not to act terrified even though they are. Alya deliberately choosing the scariest movies she can find to set this up (because she is the greatest wing-woman ever). OR….

3. A costume party where Adrien dresses up as Ladybug and Marinette dresses up as Chat Noir. They pretend to act in character. Both are impressed by the others acting being spot on. Both are still oblivious.

4. LB and Chat protecting adorable kids who are dressed up like them. One rambunctious little boy is dressed up as Chat Noir and tries to follow them throughout the episode, insisting he’s Ladybug’s partner and can help. They have to save him a lot, but LB loves him. Chat gets pouty “you never call ME adorable My Lady!”

5. Chat [singing]: If there’s something strange, in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? CHAT NOIR!
Ladybug: Uuuuugh *facepalm*

6. ALLL of the Halloween puns (”we saved the day! Let’s go out for Ice Scream to celebrate” “It’s OCTOBER Chat!” “ok then how about some Spook-ghetti instead?” “I’m leaving”/ “looks like you’ve hit a DEAD end!” / “ Hey zombies! I read your horror-scope and it said you should have stayed buried!”/ “seems like a no-brainer!”/ “I didn’t expect a game of hide and shriek when I woke up this morning”)

7.  Chat Noir getting spooked, Ladybug calling him a fraidy-cat (”ghosts aren’t real it’s just an Akuma!”).

8. Like, 5 seconds later, Ladybug getting spooked herself and jumping closer to Chat subconsciously, maybe even grabbing his arm (*cough* Ladynoir *cough*) Chat teasing her about getting scared after she mocked him but still flirtatiously telling her he’ll protect her.

9. Chat, discovers he’s more powerful on Halloween, which impresses Ladybug. Chat internally screaming at her praise.

10. Chat: “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” (Immediately after he says this, several zombies/ghosts/creepy things appear). Then he makes this face again:

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Okay but Mike’s knees finally keep him from playing, and his first week as a sportscaster he accidentally tells the world he’s in love with Ginny Baker. And then he doubles down on it because he’s Mike Lawson.

“Listen, you can ask me fifty questions about Baker, all day, every day, and I’ll answer every single one with single minded focus because she’s the greatest woman on the planet. I’ll annoy you all to death talking about how Baker plays the game. I can’t be held accountable for my obvious bias. You’ll never get me to shut up about her.”

“That’s great Mike, but actually I was just asking you about your tie.”

I know Setsuna is supposed to be a calm, all knowing goddess but like she’s been at the time door all her life and now in mortal body and I just think that she’s gets really excited over trying new earth things she hasn’t had the chance before

like Haruka and Michiru are sleeping peacefully and all of sudden at 3am she breaks down their door screaming about how she tried her first jelly donut and holy SHIT GUYS HAVE YOU HAD THIS???? I’VE SEEN CIVILIZATIONS RISE AND FALL I KNOW WHAT WAS IN THE LIBRARY OF ALEXANDRIA BUT NONE OF THAT COMPARES TO WHAT I JUST PUT IN MY MOUTH

To which Haruka nearly throws Michiru off the bed as she gets up because FUCK RIGHT??? RIGHT?????? JELLY DONUTS ARE OUR GREATEST CREATION AS A SPECIES



Michiru thought Setsuna was finally someone she could find kinship in. Now she has to wake up in the morning and deal with her kitchen being over run with boxes of cheap pastries 

she sighs and closes her eyes because she’s not dealing with this right now nope

Fanfic Author Rec: Fleurlicorne

Guys, I very rarely do fanfic recommendations, mostly because (a) I get almost no time to read them, and (b) you all seem to know all the good ones already, so what’s even the point and ( c) it would probably be mostly Tempestt recommendations anyways, haha. BUT, this author may be slipping under your radar and that is truly a crime because, and I’m not even exaggerating here, she’s probably one of the greatest writers I’ve ever read.
If you’re a vegebul fanfic fan, and also love reading beautiful, poetic writing, do yourself a favor and check out fleurlicorne. As of now she only has two stories up, but both are a fucking treat

Seriously, the way she uses the English language is fucking masterful. Here I am with my stories, slapped together like a papier-mâché house, while Fleur is over there, modestly constructing the goddamn Taj Mahal of fanfic literature. Read it, weep, and fall in love with the wonder of her writing.

sombra became the world’s greatest blackmailer because she can just gently caress somebody’s laptop and it’ll give up their secrets

this isn’t a joke post like she literally is wearing gloves capable of issuing commands from her mind to a computer with a gentle touch, i hate her, she’s my new favorite character


What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Can Yatori even have a truly happy ending? Yato is immortal and Hiyori isn’t. Say they get through everything together unscathed and trash dad is no longer a problem. Hiyori will grow older and will eventually die of old age, leaving Yato alone. But what if through some unfortunate circumstance, Hiyori died and Yato made her into his shinki? They could be together forever in that situation, right? Sure, but she wouldn’t remember anything, and he could never tell her who she was and just how important she is to him because of the God’s Greatest Secret. It’s just too risky and she might not even fall back in love with him, anyway! Also, as a shinki, Hiyori would be a constant reminder of how Yato failed to protect her (in his point of view, even if it wasn’t his fault). So no matter what, everything is just fUCKED AND IDK WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE WHY CAN’T THEY JUST BE HAPPY DAMMIT