because she is perfect for annie okay

My Loft 89 Experience

I don’t even know where to begin with this. July 19, 2015 completely changed my life.

If you didn’t know, about two weeks ago Taylor followed me on tumblr after I posted a picture of mine & my friend Annie’s outfits (click here to see the post!) for the second night of the 1989 World Tour in Chicago. That gave me so much hope and I was so excited, but I soon realized that there usually isn’t a Loft 89 on the second night in the same city, I kind of lost hope after I knew that, but obviously I was still pumped to even see Taylor live. Like, what?

I went to the first show in Chicago with my friends Isabelle, Sandra, and Alex, and right after the show I heard that there wasn’t a loft that night and I started freaking out because that meant there would probably be one the next night and I had a chance. I was forcing myself not to get my hopes up, though, because the show is about having a blast and dancing your heart out, not worrying about loft 89.

After two train delays and a long walk in the awful heat, Annie and I arrived to Soldier Field and immediately got in line for the Taylor Nation booth. We waited for nearly TWO HOURS, but it was okay because we had time to kill and it was more fun standing in line and singing with other die hard fans than sitting in a seat and waiting. We couldn’t find Kevin or Sierra but we were trying to talk to the other workers there but a bunch of girls were crowding around and we just decided we’d be better off getting to our seats. And let me tell you, our seats were AMAZING. I cried a little when I saw how close we were. We were the aisle seats right next to the B Stage pit and it was absolutely perfect. Right before Taylor came on, everyone was turning around and taking pictures and then I realized Calvin was there. I literally died because Tayvin gives me life. 

The next thing I knew, everyone was turning around again and I caught a glimpse of Andrea. THE Mama Swift. I wrote her and Taylor each a letter, and I thought, “this is my chance”. So I grabbed my letter out of my bag and ran. It was really crowded and I didnt want to mob her or bother her or anything. People were taking pictures everywhere and it was just a mess, so I just said “Andrea, I have a letter for you!” and she turned around and said “aw, thank you so much!” and then I got a quick hug then left because I didn’t want to crowd around her.

Then the lights went out and Taylor came on. Oh. My. God.

The lights, the bracelets, the music, seeing her on that giant screen and watching her walk down the runway toward me. It was all too much. We turned our light up signs on and just danced our hearts out until I felt like I was going to explode. During the 4th song, IKYWT, Annie tapped me on the shoulder and pointed behind us. Two rows behind, we saw Andrea giving these girls Loft! they were dressed up like Starbucks and it was super cute. I turned around again to watch Taylor and then I saw Andrea next to me and I LOST IT. She said “hi again!” and I said hi and then she put her arm around me and leaned in and asked “Have you ever met Taylor?” and that’s when the tears came. “You promise?” She asked, and we screamed and nodded profusely. And then she told us she’s giving us Loft 89. We got our wristbands and the pass and I literally fell to the floor sobbing.

The whole show went by in what felt like five minutes. We were so close that during the acoustic set she was literally flying over our heads! She played Mean as a surprise song, which was AMAZING. She played Fifteen the night before, so I was just a very happy camper. It was just all so great, and I don’t think I stopped dancing for a second.

Shake It Off came to a close and we met up at the designated section where they gave us all the rules (no videos, only one picture, yadda yadda yadda), and then they took our full names and birthdays. Then they brought us backstage to Loft 89 which was so cute. Everyone says it’s smaller than it seems, so I was kind of expecting that. Usually they say there’s like 30 girls, but it was only like 18 for us. There was pizza and coke and cookies and it was just great. About five minutes before Taylor came in, we were told to put all phones away and only take them out to take the picture with Taylor. We were told to find a spot and Taylor would come to us. 

Taylor walked in and was like, “I’m not on vocal rest anymore WOO” and then went to the first group. I was in shock but strangely calm as we waited. Andrea came to us while we were waiting for Taylor and I hugged her and was like omg I’m so sorry for running up to you earlier I just wanted to make sure you got my letter and she was like “no! don’t worry about it it was so sweet!” and we hugged again and then she asked if we wanted to take a selfie (omg) so we stood by her but I was on her left and I literally can’t do anything with my left hand for my life so I was trying to give it to annie to take the selfie and Andrea was like “here I got this” and then she took our picture. Then she told me she loved me and we hugged AGAIN. Side note: everyone talks about how good Taylor smells but we really need to take a second and talk about how her MOM smells because omg. amazing.

Taylor came up to us not long after and the first thing she said was “AYYYYYYYYE” and then hugged each of us. I said “oh my god how are you perfect like what” and she said “um NO STOP but thank you!” and then Annie gave her the cat socks she bought her and Taylor was like “….. You mean I get to have these?” And we’re like YES and she said “Oh my god. My boyfriend is going to fight me for these” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then she handed them to someone official looking and said “look at these. Adam is going to flip” like… what? okay. And then the song Tear in My Heart came on and I was like OMG I LOVE THIS SONG and Taylor’s like “me too! Twenty one pilots are so great!” and I said “yeah I’m seeing them next month!”. She said “woah I hear their shows are like SO SICK” and I said “Yeah well hey if you wanna go to Lolla to see them just come on over!” and she’s like “Hmmm yeah well I sort of have my own shows to do” omg. And I said “nah it’s no biggie!!” and she just laughed. Then she asked us what she wanted signed so I gave her my ticket and she asked how I spell my name and she wrote “I <3 Sarah!” and then I asked her to write out a lyric because I want to get it tattooed but I’m super scared!!! So I asked her to write out “it’s been waiting for you” because I really relate to welcome to NY bc I’m moving to LA in august all by myself and Taylor & NYC really inspired me to follow my dream and go where I think I’ll be the most happy. And she said “well should I write this neatly? Is it going to be something permanent?” and I said “well I don’t know I want it tattooed but I’m terrified of needles and commitment” and she laughed and said “write it on your body everyday for six months. If you still love it by then, then get it tattooed.” so she wrote that out for me and it’s so cute. Then she signed annie’s, I let her have the loft pass and she wrote out “you’re my best friend” aw aw aw. It was ADORABLE. While she was signing Annie’s, I said that i had a question on behalf of the tumblr community, because everyone wants to know what perfume she wears. And she laughed and said that she changes it every night just to throw people off and I was like wow you truly are shifty swifty. And she did this cute lil dance and was like “yeah I have to live up to that name” omg. but she told us that the one she was wearing currently was Tom Ford, so there ya go tumblr. and then she bent down and took one of our capes that was sitting on the floor and was like “lets do a picture!” and she held the cape up which was what we were going to ask her to do for our picture anyways but she just read our minds! And then we hugged again and said goodbye and she said to me “I’ll see you online”. Dead.

We stuck around for awhile and ate pizza (I talked to Andrea by the food about Chicago deep dish) and went in the photobooth and then it was time to go. Before she went another girl asked about the perfume thing too, and then she said goodbye and we were escorted out. We got out at about 1 am, and then we took the train home (it was sketchy but worth it). I got home at like 3 because it was a long walk and train ride and I woke up my mom and told her EVERYTHING. 

Thank you so much, Taylor & Andrea. I had the time of my life with you.