because she is my idol

so my friend @morlipie sent me a drawing of her ridiculously gorgeous miqo S’hanti a lil while back and she showed up in my sketches today~

My favorite thing about Taylor swift is she is ageless. It doesn’t matter how old you are. She relates to people from 96 to babies. And that’s why she’s my idol because people from all over the world, any age, any one. And she brings us all together. Thank you for bringing people together Taylor, it is truly SO BEAUTIFUL.


I know im going to get ALOT of shit for this but I don’t care.
Taylor Momsen is my idol. 
I look up to her because she is so fearless and badass and just owns the fucking stage when she performs. She also has an amazing voice that can take on many styles as shown in all 3 albums released so far.
Also you cant forget this:
She is one of the top females in a mostly male dominated genre. 
If these things don’t make her an insperation and an idol what does.

I just watched a video named “Ellen pranks celebrities” and I realized that every person Ellen joked is just like “oh god” and screams. But Taylor hits the ground. This is probably because of she’s my idol.

One of my favorite things to do is listen to my friends talk about the things they love, even if I don’t care about what they’re telling me about it still pay attention because I know it’ll make them happy


This is really sad because she’s crying and I have no idea if it’s because she’s just really into the song or if it hits close to home because someone she loves is really sick.

This is Serena Williams, she is a professional tennis player who is ranked No. 1 in women’s single tennis. She has been victorious in a variety of tournaments, her most recent victory being winning the Roland Garros tournament.

She is one of my idols, not because I’m interested in playing tennis professionally, but because despite the fact that she has had to endure racist and sexist comments about her body her entire career, she continues to stand tall.

I’ve read the criticism Serena has received about her muscular physique, how it somehow makes her ugly and too masculine. I’ve read the vulgar comments on her breasts and butt, because God knows it’s impossible for a black woman’s anatomy to not be oversexualized. I’ve laughed at the descriptions of her playing style, how her frightening black figure “pummels” and “crushes” her “frail and powerless” white female opponents. I’ve seen the tweets describing her as looking and sounding gorilla, and how she is labeled as an ANGRY BLACK WOMAN when she expresses outrage at these remarks.

But she keeps on going, because she knows that while she keeps on raking in the cash and making history, you’re stuck in your dull, sad life, too pathetically ingrained in your own self-loathing to realize what a fucking piece of shit you are.

You can find the full article on her on the Yahoo homepage, and I advise you to read it and get fucking woke.

my auntie is my idol and inspiration in life because she took a week off work and didn’t tell anyone so she wouldn’t be bothered by anyone and just slept the whole week like same caroline same

Friendly reminder that you can write fanfiction however you want!!

Fanfics are a fantastic outlet for exploring ideas, exploring writing styles- don’t let anybody hold you back from trying something out or even trying something new and different! Here are some words of wisdom from my literary idol, Anne Rice (because she has been on fire with writing quotes lately):

“Believe in yourself.  Believe in your own vision.  Believe in your own style.  Learn from everybody.  Choose your mentors where ever you want. Imitate no one.  Remember that being a writer takes nerve.  It takes guts.  It takes faith.  There are no real rules for writers.  Even what I am telling you here can be totally disregarded.  And even after writing 23 books, I need faith and courage every day.  I read Charles Dickens to give me courage.  I read Hemingway to give me courage.  I read Emily and Charlotte Brontë to give me courage.  You have to choose your sources of inspiration and write, write, write.”

“Writers have to go to extremes.  That’s the only way I know how to write: to go to extremes, to make a friend of excess, not to be afraid of excess.  When I sit down to write, the voices that stop me and inhibit me are the voices telling me, ‘You’re going too far.  A six year old vampire?  That’s just too far!  You can’t make a six year old vampire.’  Well, of course, I did make a six year old vampire: Claudia, in interview with the vampire.  I have to repeatedly go all the way with my ideas and not stifle them.  Take an example: queen of the damned is an incredibly intricate book, in which people’s lives and thoughts are interwoven in a unique way.  It was very difficult to write that book, but I had a dream, I had a vision of what would it be like if I could get all these different points of view in different characters, and have them all converge on one moment.  It was worth going to excess with that.  It was worth going out on a limb.  It was worth not saying, 'Oh, well, that’s too much to attempt here,’ or 'maybe that’s too much for the reader.’  I had to follow my feelings.  I had to be true to that vision.”

“I will go to any length in style to get the point across.  If it takes 50 adjectives, I will use them, because I’m always trying to capture an image, a character, a mood, an emotion; and because I’m doing that with language, I will go to extremes.  I will break any rule.  I do not believe in any rule about style except that that style has to work for you reader.  It has to bring your reader right into what you’re trying to do.”

So KEEP ON WRITING, FRIENDS!!! Don’t let anyone, or anything, hold you back!! :)

  • My friend: I'm only watching Unpretty because of Jimin.
  • Me: :)
  • My friend: The other girls are so mean just because she's an idol.
  • Me: (:
  • My friend: I want Jimin to win because everyone else are bitchy.
  • Me: :) :) :) (:(:(:
  • Me: *unfriends*

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​So I was so freaking excited because it was my first Warped Tour and I got to meet New Years Day and Cody Carson from Set It Off at the Auburn date.

So I went to the New Years Day meet&greet and I got signatures from all of them and I asked Nikki about three things he hates and he just said Eve. Ry. Thing. Ash was a total sweet heart and apologist for being late to the meet&greet and was so tired. I was so nervous to meet her because she is my idol and she was so sweet and made me feel so comfortable it was amazing.
I was also super lucky to be able to go to Cody’s Think TEI class. He was so down to earth and gave the best advice on song writing. He was so chill and was cracking jokes the whole time. And while the class was going on All of BVB walk by and he was saying hi to everyone and was super happy. It was awesome. And at the end he let me talk to him and I felt awesome because I was the only one he talked to. I just was internally fangirling the entire time and he noticed and made me feel better by talking to me. I just love him and he read some of my lyrics and told me that he can’t wait to hear me on the radio.
And when we were leaving the class I took a really creepy stalker pic of you because I didn’t get to go to the meet&greet.