because she is just so much more determined and motivated and chivalrous than me

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I would love to read ur list of why u think Jason is gryfindor! I haven't really placed him in a house in my mind (though I am leaning in favor of slytherin or hufflepuff) I could see whys you'd place him in gryfindor tho. Like everyone in the pjo/hoo series has huge amounts of courage and dedication

oh gosh bless your soul and i am so sorry in advance. i’ve thought about this entirely too hard so hERE GOES: drilla’s pointlessly long list of why she thinks jason grace would be a gryffindor. 

now. going back to what you said about everyone having huge amounts of courage/dedication–you’re absolutely right!! all of the demigods possess an incredible amount of strength and willpower!! but it stems from a load of different sources/motivations for all of them and JASON’S comes from things i think are specifically gryffindor.
“Bravery; Nerve; Chivalry; Courage; Daring; Strength of Will; Just; Honour; Courteous” is how their traits are put down for the most part, and jason ticks off each box. so lemme just go thru that list (for starters).

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