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What a Week

So, the other day my father started chemo on his birthday….

Tonight at dinner I decided to tell the kids that he has cancer because it’s going to be pretty obvious soon and we’re going over there for lunch tomorrow….

… and my son handles it all well (though I was brilliant in explaining it, I must say)… but my daughter just walked away and went into her room…

… which is where I then discovered that she just got her (first) period.

Awesome week. Thanks, God.

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hiii i have a prompt for chetty if you are still accepting them that is! it's super simple and cute it's just Betty carrying Cheryl bridal style!!! bc god help me i can't get it out of my head! it could be cheryl twisting her ankle durig vixens practice or the scooby gang snooping around somewhere and she missteps idk I JUST NEED IT. sorry this is probably very messy. whether you do it or not you are awesome and i love your blog and writing very much! have a nice day! :)

umm thank u so much???? i love writing for these two assholes and like,,literally send me anything you want for them because my god i love it. also im always accepting prompts so like never hesitate. i hope this is what you wanted, if not, let me know and ill see what i can do! thank you again for the sweet message and prompt!:))))

Cheryl Blossom prides herself on being The Queen of Riverdale High.

She prides herself on the way a whole hallway can separate within seconds so that she can walk through with ease, how people will dive out of her way so they can be spared from her famous tongue lashings, how she carries herself with such grace and poise that people question whether or not she’s human.

(meaning for a solid three years in elementary, Jughead and Archie were convinced she was a robot that that Blossoms had created so Jason wouldn’t get lonely and that only stopped after they saw her cry after Jason fell down and broke his leg in the second grade)

So when she falls one day on the field as all of her little minions (read: the River Vixens) are filing out, she can’t help but feel a hot shame fill her as relief that no one saw her actually fall battles that shame. She attempts to get up but as soon as she puts weight on her right foot, she hisses and falls back to the ground, slamming her left knee against the grass.


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Why Carrie Fisher is such an awesome Star Wars cast member

  • Endured the double bun hairstyle even though she hated it because she thought she’d lose her job if she complained
  • Made Mark Hamill put her Leia clothes on all the time (she prob even tried to get him to wear the golden bikini)
  • Immediately said “I’m in!” when George Lucas asked her and Mark if they were interested in doing more movies
  • Once referred to herself as Jewish Space Princess
  • Multiple BTS pics of her in the 80s kissing droids, Chewbacca, and touching them inappropriately
  • Tried Harrison’s pot while filming and it made her give up on pot completely
  • Partied with the Rolling Stones & Harrison before filming on Cloud City
  • Was still drunk while filming said scenes
  • Remembers Leia’s complicated lines from the first film
  • Warned Daisy Ridley and John Boyega that they would have stalkers after doing SW movies
  • When filming the scenes as Jabba’s slave, she said “So just because I’m wearing a bikini I can’t speak anymore?”
  • Has called herself Mrs. Han Solo on more than one occasion
  • Filmed the scenes as Boushh even though she was sick and couldn’t breathe under that mask
  • Admits she’s Princess Leia’s protector
  • Has a big slave Leia doll in her house
  • Called Jabba an ‘ignorant slug’ on a Return of the Jedi blooper
  • Harrison once pranked her and pretended he was hanging himself in her dressing room and he was naked and she told the world this story, thank you Carrie
  • Agreed to do commentary for the original trilogy first DVD release in the 2000s when George Lucas gave her a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special filmed in 1978
  • Shows said Holiday Special when she wants guests to leave her parties
  • Refers to Han Solo and Princess Leia as space dates
  • Once called Kylo Ren “my little Hitler”
things i loved about moana

-chief moana, not princess moana
-david bowie crab was fab
-moana and maui putting their hair up in BUNS while doing shit like wow that’s such a little thing but so realistic
-moana cried A LOT and i loved it like it wasn’t really ever a “helpless princess moment” where they cry because it’s the low point of the movie. she cried when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was angry, when she was confused like a lot but it was just really nice to see from someone who cries like 24/7
-the music holy shit
-like from the opening song my jaw dropped it was just so beautiful
-stingray grandma every damn time was beautiful
-sassy beautiful ocean
-moana and maui’s friendship
-te fiti and te ka are AWESOME

Just a lot of good shit honestly go watch moana

okay, but…

kara totally didn’t tell alex where she was going right? because there is no way in hell that alexandra “i die, you die” danvers would let kara go to ANOTHER WHOLE EARTH by herself to meet a bunch of idiots who she doesn’t know to help them fight aliens. 

so like, kara gets back to her apartment, and there’s alex, just fuming. 

and kara knows that face, that face is bad so she immediately starts fidgeting with her glasses, and nervously chuckling, and stumbling over her words to try and explain. (”it was to help my friend!”, “it was a sort of time-is-of-the-essence-situation”, “you were sort of busy making out with maggie”, “which, YOU MADE OUT WITH MAGGIE! alex! that’s awesome! let’s talk about that) but alex shuts that shit right down and before kara can make some sort of escape attempt, because there is no way that this is going to be a short lecture, the door opens and literally EVERYONE pours right on in. and kara panics and totally gets ready to fly out of the window but j’onn, mon-el (if we have to include this pasty fucking moron) and james all grab her and try to hold her in place. 

(winn helps by clutching at kara’s legs, getting repeatedly and accidentally kicked in the face and glaring both at alex and kara the entire time.)

alex starts pacing and lecturing and it’s glorious. and it’s hilarious. and some of it is Very Personal and Not Really Stuff That EVERYONE Needs to Know Alexandra. and maggie is standing just behind alex fucking trying so hard not to burst out laughing. because what kind of nerd shit did she get herself into? (she loves it. and she’s very relieved to find out that supergirl isn’t in any way shape or form someone that she needs to be jealous of, but instead, alex’s baby sister. which, makes so many things make sense.) what makes less sense is why lena luthor is standing to her right as alex paces in front of them, arms crossed, lips pressed tightly together, worry and fear and anger in her eyes directed towards kara. but, now is clearly not the time to ask. plus, the look on lena’s face tells her more than lena herself probably would anyway. 

and, this lecture goes on and on and on. alex never once loses a bit of steam, kara starts actually kinda trying to get out of here and mon-el takes an elbow to the face. and then, alex takes a deep breath and finally stops talking. kara sags with relief, but no one lets her go, in fact lena, alex, and maggie all turn towards kara’s apartment door expectantly. lena actually smirks at kara and it…. it cannot mean anything good. 

and then the door opens, and cat grant struts inside, looking fabulous as always. “just what the hell have you been up to keira?” 

kara gulps, all the boys hold her tighter, alex looks positively delighted, maggie rolls her eyes and takes a seat because this doesn’t seem like it’s going to come to an end anytime soon, and lena doesn’t take her eyes off kara even for a second. 

cat flips her hair, places her hands onto her hips, and gives kara a lecture that clocks in an hour and forty-seven minutes longer than alex’s already incredibly long thirty-nine full minute one. 

kara wistfully hopes that sara lance will show up with her spaceship and get her the hell out of here. 

YIKES! I just found out I’m the longest resident EVER at the animal control shelter  in Athens, Georgia.

Hi, I’m Biz, and I asked my best volunteer friend why no one had picked me. She said it’s really just because everyone at the shelter loves me too much to let me go! AWWWW!

Then she admitted that was selfish and she ran right out and asked the Shelter Pet Project to feature me, and here I am!

As you can tell, I’m super-happy. I love to give kisses and play  with the other dogs at the shelter. I’m cheerful, affectionate, and playful. I have a great sense of humor and some pretty awesome ears!

I haven’t mastered that “fetch” game the humans like so much, but I can toss my own ball in the air and catch it all day! Also, when I feel like some love, I will just lie right next to you and plop my paws in your lap! BEST. THING. EVER. Guaranteed!

And when I know you have treats? Wait til you see my puppy dog eyes!

I’m two years old, healthy, neutered, and weigh 45 pounds of pure sweetness. To learn more or meet me, just email my buds at

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The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

Supergirl Writer Problems

When you have James Olsen, who helps Kara, loves her for who she is:

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But decide he isn’t good enough for Kara

Then you have Lena Luthor, who fills Kara’s office with flowers, tells her that she’s her hero, has a relationship built and trust and respect:

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But somehow she isn’t good enough for Kara so you decide this guy is:

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The story of the Kubdel pocket watch

Batfamily Favorite Halloween Candies

Dick: Those wax bottles with the colorful sugary drink inside because he finds them so weird and yet oddly fascinating. Though he does wish that the wax outside part was edible because he tries and fails to eat it every time hoping it’s candy.

Barbara: Anything with dark chocolate in it. One time she just ate straight up baker’s chocolate with 100% cocoa In it and Dick screamed.

Jason: Jawbreakers because he likes a challenge. Once he actually chipped a tooth and it was awesome.

Cass: Hershey’s kisses because she loves giving them out to family members. But based on taste, she would go with sugar daddies because it’s literally just a lump of caramel on a stick and completely amazing. She always gets it stuck in her teeth and has to call for help when she can no longer open her jaw.

Tim: Candy Canes because he is not normal and he appreciates the irony of getting Christmas candy on Halloween. One time he tried giving Jason a candy cane on Halloween and he punched him in the face.

Stephanie: Peanut Butter cups because you’re really getting two candies in one. First you’ve got the chocolatey outside, which is already amazing on its own, but then you bite into it to discover peanut butter! It’s a masterpiece!

Damian: Sour stuff because he’s a bitter little sh*t.

Bruce: Something lame like tootsie rolls or something because he’s an old man with seven kids who always ends up with their leftover candy after they’ve gone through the ones they like.

Alfred: Alfie claims he doesn’t like candy, but really he is the one who sneaks into everyone’s rooms at night to steal some of theirs. They all assume it’s Bruce, but Alfred is the real reason hiding one’s candy has become a thing in the manor.

Not the Jealous Type

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Remus imagine where he heard guys talking about Y/N, his girlfriend, about how he doesn’t deserve her and he thinks it’s true but then he hears them talking about hot is she and how they imagine touching her body and he just gets so angry that he goes up to her and just kiss her so hard and it gets smut from here? And please can you make him so dominant and like in charge? You know, tying her to the bed and fistful of hair? Thanks Awesome writing btw, LOVE IT!!

A/N: So, I made the reader a bad-ass Hufflepuff, because I like to imagine I’m a bad-ass Hufflepuff. I’m not actually bad-ass, but I like to pretend to be bad-ass.  

Warnings: SMUT!!! And slight creepiness….


Remus Lupin was never the jealous type. Sure, he would get angry when someone was flirting with his girlfriend, but he knew that she would tell them off. They both trusted each other enough to know that they wouldn’t cheat. So, that never gave either of them reason to be jealous. Besides, most boys knew that she was off limits, just because of the sheer amount of times she had trouble walking and how there were certain days she would fold up her collar to hide the hickeys littered on her neck. So it came as a shock to her when he overheard something pertaining to his beautiful girl.


He was on Prefect duty when he overheard it happen the first time. 

“Yeah, so how are things going with asking (Y/L/N) out?” He heard a hushed voice. Remus gritted his teeth and clenched his hand into a fist.

“It’s fine, but then her ‘pwecious wittwe boyfwiend’ Lupin always shows up.” Another voice said mockingly.

“Yeah, he doesn’t fucking deserve her.” The first voiced growled out.

“Hey, Assholes!” A female voice shouted out. “I think I’ll decide who I deserve for myself, so why don’t you go fuck yourselves, because you obviously are too pathetic to get someone who would want to fuck you.”

Remus rounded the corner from where he was standing and you noticed and quickly walked past the two boys to your boyfriend. You placed a kiss on the side of his cheek. “Hey, Remus.” You said before grabbing his hand and pulling him around the corner and then you stopped. 

“Remus, are you okay?” You ask worriedly.

“Yeah.” He said distractedly, still not sure what happened.

“Don’t listen to them. They’re douchebags, okay?” You told him, cupping his face and forcing him to look at you.

He gulped a bit before nodding his head. 

You smiled at him brightly and he smiled back before grabbing your hands and lacing your fingers together.“I love you.” You said shyly, kissing him quickly.

“I love you more, my little badass Hufflepuff.” He said while nuzzling your nose.

“Somehow, I don’t think you could love me more than I love you.” You whispered to him, before placing another kiss on his lips. You pulled away, before un-lacing your fingers and starting to walk away. “I have to go to the library. See you later, Remy!” You yelled as you headed down the hallway to head to the library.

As you walked away, Remus chuckled before shaking his head slightly wondering how he was lucky enough to be dating you.

Little did he know that you were feeling the same way.


When he overheard it the second time, he was in the library studying for a Transfiguration exam.

“So, I heard that (Y/L/N) is good in bed.” One voice said.

“Yeah, I heard that she was going around giving blowjobs to anyone who asked.” Another voice said.

Remus clenched his teeth and tried to ignore it, trying to focus on his studying.

“Do you think she would give me one?” The first voice asked.

Remus’ hand formed a fist, and his quill broke in half. He felt his body stiffen with anger.

“Maybe, if she stopped hanging around that fucking Lupin.” The other voice said.

“Yeah, he doesn’t fucking deserve her.” The first voice agreed.

“Just imagine her moaning and writhing underneath you.”

“Yeah, and her screaming our name and she would finger herself.”

“And she would love her boobs being squeezed.”

Remus growled and stood up not being able to stand them hearing about defiling his girl anymore. He walked over to the table, not hearing anything but the blood pounding in his ears. He walked over and they were still engrossed in their conversation and he growled softly. His hand curled into a fist and he punched the table and glared at them. 

“I’d suggest you fuckers shut the hell about fucking my girl.” He snarled at them. “She’s my bloody girlfriend, not your plaything.” He seethed, his voice dangerously low. “And if you lay a hand on her, I’ll hunt you down and fucking murder you.” His voice was low and his green eyes had darkened to a gray.

“Hey, Remy.” Your cheerful voice cut through the air.

He turned on his heel and stared at you with his angry, intense eyes. He pushed you up to the nearest bookcase and smashed his lips to yours. His hands were everywhere, your hips, your waist, your shoulders. He had pinned your smaller frame up against the bookcase with no way of escaping. Not that you wanted to. This very possessive Remus excited you, if you were being completely honest. You melted into the kiss before he pulled away to stare down at you. Your cheeks were flushed, your eyes lidded and glazed and you were breathing heavily. He stared at your heaving chest making him go rock hard. 

“Remus.” You gasped out. “What’s gotten into you?” You ask, still breathing heavily. 

Instead of an answer, he kisses you again even more forcefully. He gripped your hips and ground into you, causing you to moan into his mouth. He took advantage of that and shoved his tongue into your mouth, and was completely dominating you. You loved it, though. But, you didn’t want to get caught. So, you brought your hands up to his shoulders to push him away from you.

“Not here, Remus.” You panted. Your protests faltered as he moved his face to your neck and started attacking the exposed skin there. 

“Remus.” You moaned out, trying your best to not give into his touch. “Remus, we have class.” You said, pushing him away, again.

“Fuck class.” He growled out. He stared at you with his smoldering gaze again, and you tried rubbing your thighs together to ease the tension building up inside of you. He grabbed you, and threw you over his shoulder, so that you were looking at his back, as he held onto your legs.

“Remus?” You question.

You felt a hand smack your backside. “Shut the hell up, unless you want to suffer.” Remus growled out. 

He stalked out of the library and before you knew it you were in his bedroom. He threw you onto his bed and you landed with an “oomph.”

“Remus, what’s going on?” You ask, slightly concerned, but thoroughly turned on. 

His eyes darkened even more, if that were possible. He pinned you down before growling into your ear. “You talked. Guess my girl is gonna have to suffer.” He nibbled on your earlobe causing a shiver to run up your body. He crashed his lips to your again and loosened your tie. He pinned your arms above your head and bound them with your tie. You moaned as his hand trailed down to your hip and gripped it bringing you closer. You lifted your leg and hooked it over his hip, grinding up into his crotch. He moaned into the kiss before his hand brought your other leg around his waist. His hands moved down to your ass, massaging and groping it causing you to moan even more and you moved your hips trying to create more friction. He smirked into the kiss before smacking your ass and pulling away to look down at you.

“Dirty girl.” He whispered into your ear. “So needy.” His voice was husky sending shivers down your spine.

“I’m the needy one?” You ask, arching your eyebrow.

He smacked your ass again, harder this time, and growled at you. “I told you not to talk.” 

“Make me.” You challenge. 

He took off his tie and pulled your hair forcing your head up. “Open your mouth.” He commands. You obey. With your mouth open he uses his tie as a gag and still grabbing your hair he whispers into your ear, “You’re only allowed to move when I tell you you can. You can only moan when I want you to, and most importantly you can’t come until I give you permission. Understand?” He growls seductively. 

You nod furiously and he releases your hair letting you fall back into the mattress. He stares down at you; your (H/C) locks spread wildly, your (E/C) orbs dark, your cheeks flushed, your chest heaving and your arms above your head making him want nothing more than to drill you into the mattress. He quickly rips your shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. When he sees your bra he growled frustratedly and just quickly rips it off. 

You try to protest, but not only were you gagged, but he was furiously rubbing your core through your panties. You push your hips into his hand, eager and wanting.

He shook his head. “Not yet, baby. You’ve gotta suffer.” He says, with a smirk. 

Your eyes widen because you just needed the relief. You tried to talk through the restraints, but only managed to make a series of pleading noises. 

He smirked down at you before pulling your skirt off your legs. He lifted one of your legs over his shoulder and started placing kisses on the inside of your thigh. He slowly works his way to your pulsating core, his slow nibbling driving you insane. He tortures your other leg the same way before he finally kisses you through your underwear. You (try to) moan loudly, your hips bucking into his face. He chuckles against your core, the vibrations driving you insane. You move your hips even more, but he pushes your hips down with one of his arms. 

He slowly pulled your underwear off before staring at your dripping core. He sticks a finger inside you without warning and start pumping furiously. He adds another finger and another and within moments you are ready to release, but before you can, he pulls his fingers out of you.

Your eyes which were closed, with the expectancy of ecstasy opened immediately and you felt so angry. But soon you were moaning through your restraints as Remus was eating you out. You were reaching your peak again, and you were ready to hit cloud nine when he pulled away. Again.

At this point you were beyond frustrated, because you couldn’t speak, couldn’t move and you couldn’t release. Remus released your gag and started to kiss you furiously. He moved away from your lips placing kisses down your jaw and neck.

“You can talk now, baby.” He said, while nibbling on your earlobe.

“Remus. Clothes. Off. Now.” You panted out, moaning lewdly as he moved on to sucking and nibbling at your perky nipples.

He chuckled against your breast before muttering out, “Needy, much?” 

“Remus.” You whined.He chuckles again and wastes no time in pulling off his shirt, pants and boxers. He pumped into you quickly and unexpectedly causing you to moan even louder. He thrusts into you relentlessly. You thrust your hips up to meet his, but couldn’t keep up, so you gave up, preferring to be dominated. 

You felt your high coming up. “Remus, please don’t stop.” You begged. “Please.” 

He gave no response, except plunging into you harder. You released all over him and screamed his name. He didn’t slow down, in fact he flipped you over and started fucking you from behind. He hit much deeper, and you moaned much louder. He started thrusting harder, the bed hitting the wall. He pounded into you relentlessly and you came again. He didn’t stop and he flipped you over again, placing your legs on his shoulders. 

“Please, don’t stop.” You moan out, your breath shaking.

“Don’t worry baby. I’m close too.” He reached up and undid your restraints and arms flew to his shoulders, your nails leaving red marks.

Within moments you both came, screaming each others name.

Needless to say, you couldn’t walk properly for a week afterwards and no boy ever talked about you again.


There you go! Hope you enjoyed it!! Please send me more requests!!!

I love Marichat so?? much?????

It’s like, both of them are the side of the mask that the other is not interested in?

Like, both of them feel discarded and invisible and ignored by the person they love and somehow they have that in common even though they’re literally being rejected by each other (but they don’t know that, so). 

So Chat is feeling pretty bummed out by Ladybug not seeing him, and there is also this girl Marinette who is crushing on his civilian self so hard, but she is unable to string two sentences together when he’s Adrien.

And then he finds out that he can talk to her and get to know her when he’s Chat because then she opens up and is not afraid of being herself and she’s just awesome and he’s drawn to her for some reason and it’s so different from talking to Ladybug, because Ladybug seems to be constantly on edge and it’s hard to figure out what will irritate her, whereas Marinette is just pure energy and some sarcasm (which is always good and welcome) and

Originally posted by tunaqueen13

And Marinette is hopelessly in love with someone she doesn’t even know how to talk to, and he’s so popular and kind and gorgeous and she just feels so inadequate and keeps making a fool of herself in front of him like, all the time. She might as well be the Invisible Woman when it comes to Adrien. 

Originally posted by inklizard

But out of the blue there’s Chat in her civilian life too, and she knows how to talk to him because he’s her trusted partner, and he tones the flirting down a notch and he’s not nearly as annoying as when she’s Ladybug (even if she could do with a 70% pun reduction, thankyouverymuch), and she can see that there is a person behind the cat, she realizes he’s a human too and not just a fighting machine. She sees the hero from the perspective of a normal person and that is new and enthralling and

Originally posted by myladynoir

And they’re basically the gateway ship to 

a) The Reveal™ (because the more they get to know each other, the more details will slip…) and 

b) A romantic relationship, since they really need to get their shit together and learn how to talk to each other for fuck’s sake

Originally posted by miraculousgifs

In that gif you can already see that it’s starting to work. Adrien now sees Marinette, takes the time to drink in details about her life even when he’s in a mission with Ladybug. ^

This ship has given them the perfect clean slate that can help them come together and really get to know each other well and fall for each other at the same time in a way that will allow them to build a strong foundation for their future relationship, because it’s basically them?? learning to love the part of the mask they used to ignore and dismiss??? finally reaching some very much needed balance and appreciating every angle of the other’s life and personality??? and I just love it? so??? much?????

[This fic was requested by @awesome-impala1967as well as one anonymous individual I believe, I hope you all enjoy it! Also if you guys are interested this fic was inspired by Distance by Christina Perri so if you guys wanted to listen to it I recommend you start listening when they mention someone named Tobias]

“So did I tell you this is fucking awesome? Because it is fucking awesome,” I was practically bouncing with the excitement of it all, but he was still in character so he just looked at me with mild irritation.
           "I met Will Smith, did you see that? I met The Prince, I am-“ he gave me a look before entering his trailer.
           "I can be chill, I can totally be- there’s Margot! Oh God, she is so beautiful!”
           I followed after him quickly, he was already seated with his laptop out and I took a calming breath.
           "Admittedly I have no chill when it comes to certain celebrities. You’d think I’d be used to all this by now but come on, it’s like Christmas!“
           "Quiet,” he growled.
           I rolled my eyes, flopping back on the small couch. Sneaking a glance over at him I smiled.


           I jumped, dropping my mug when there was a loud pound on the door. I cursed when it shattered and a piece of it cut my foot and shrieked when scalding coffee splashed on me. For fuck sakes! Looking at my watch I threw my hands up in the air, 3am. Who the fuck pounds on the door like that at 3… Oh. Of course, how could I have forgotten for a second?
           Limping over to the door I pulled it open. He wasn’t there though, but on the carpet just outside the door sat a little black gift box.

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Two little pictures of Penny just because! my stockings are not blue, they are white! The sun was setting so not much sun! But I love Penny and she deserves more love! 

Penny - moi
photographer - Palm-Grizzie

Night in the woods again :P, seems to be my thing now. Wonder what I’ll be doing anddrawing after Jack finishes the game. Watching this in the evening before going to sleep is my safe place. I love the voices, colours, dialogues, character’s and the game in general even more every episode.
Really liked the last one! It was so calming and yet still scary. This part was probably my favourite because it was just so thoughtful, that’s why I drew it obvs. Jack as Mae today cause he really identified with her last episode. We all kinda do. (Especially since she’s bi/pan. Like how awesome is that! I love this game for showing how normal being queer is. Gregg and Angus and now Mae :3)
I hope Jack gets better soon and am looking forward to the next episode!

Why Garnet should break up

I like Garnet. She’s a admirable character, an awesome fighter and her sole song is the best one in the series. That said, for Steven Universe to unlock it’s true potential Ruby and Sapphire are going to need to split up, and do so for an extended period of time. A season at least.

Reason 1: Trouble in Paradise

First, let’s talk about Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship, because we need to get this out of the way: As a relationship, Garnet is unhealthy as fuck.

Ruby and Sapphire aren’t just close, they have been so close so long they no longer know how to exist as individuals. When they first got split up in Jailbreak, Ruby had a panic attack, and Sapphire was signing compulsively to comfort herself.

In Keystone Motel we saw another side of their instability. Ruby and Sapphire share a head most of the time, and yet aren’t actually capable of understanding each other. Ruby is highly emotional and short-sighted, while Sapphire is incapable of looking at the present and represses every negative feeling she has. Incidentally, this is likely why Garnet has three eyes, since the crew often uses many-eyed fusions to show that the components aren’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Hit The Diamond showed us a third side of this lovecraftianly fucked-up coin, with Ruby and Sapphire unable to stay apart long enough to do their job.

The point is, Ruby and Sapphire are such horribly stunted “individuals” that I just had to use quotation marks there. They can’t function apart and the crew continuing to depict them as a perfect couple isn’t just bad writing, it’s setting a bad example for their young viewers.

Reason 2: Character Development Ahoy!

Let’s be honest: a character with no way to move forward is just a plot device, and in a more mature series would be a prime target to kill off. As an individual, Garnet has no potential for growth as a character, but Ruby and Sapphire do, and they can’t do it fused together.

To clarify, I don’t want Ruby and Sapphire to split up permanently - I don’t think anyone does - but them developing hinges on the two of them making the entirely healthy decision to spend some time apart and put their relationship on hold. This may require them to split up until the finale or even the epilogue, but it will allow Ruby and Sapphire to become complex individuals the way the rest of the cast is, but they won’t be the only ones growing

Steven has grown a lot since the start of the series. He’s slimmed down, gotten better control of his powers, and is even starting to become emotionally mature. More than that, he’s become reliable, but the biggest step is still ahead of him.

I have no doubt that both the writers and Rose always intended Steven to become the leader of the Crystal Gems, but unless something happens to Garnet there is no convenient way for Steven to be thrust into that position.

Garnet splitting up allows Steven to take his next big step as a character, but it also gives him a safety net. Sapphire and Pearl are always there to guide him, and if he isn’t sure what to do, and Ruby and Sapphire can always fuse again to take the reins if need be.

Reason 3: Fusions

Okay, admit it. All of you want to see more fusions. With four crystal gems (ignoring Peridot and Lion), there are only 15 possible combinations and thus 11 fusions, only 3 of which we haven’t seen already. However, if we split Ruby and Sapphire up, the number of combinations becomes 31, adding 16 more potential fusions we haven’t met.

Can you honestly say you don’t want to see that? I’m already guessing that Sapphire and Pearl would form Moonstone, while Ruby and Pearl would be Sunstone respectively.

But yeah, bottom line: Garnet splitting up is best for the show


Now if Peake shows up I’m gonna lose my shit

If Keith pilots the black lion in season 3

Just imagine Allura being all “I’m going to be a Paladin now” and everyone’s like “awesome !!” and then she’s like “yes , and I’ll be piloting the blue lion !!” So then of course Lance is gonna be like “wtf? Then what am I supposed to pilot ? Am I no longer a Paladin ? Rip ,y'all are kicking me out” and Allura’s like “don’t be dramatic ,you’ll pilot the red lion ofc?” And then she drops some knowledge about the purpose of the blue lion and gives some more back story about the previous Paladins and of course during all of this Keith is just ?? Freaking out ?? Because Lance ?? His Mortal Enemy , piloting Red ?? But he gains some secret satisfaction remembering how hard it was for him to get red to like him and he’s sure Lance is going to have it even harder. But then the next time they use the lions , Red immediately takes to Lance and they bond instantly. And Keith is like “WTF” but inside he’s super happy about the fact that his two loves are getting along.


The things that make Emma special

Requested by Anonymous

This request came as a follow up to the last episode that presented Emma as someone that needed the curse and the hard life that she had in order to become the awesome person that she is. 

The purpose of this post is to dismiss all these ridicules claims that the writers chose to make as canon. We who KNOW Emma so well KNOW that no matter what were the circumstances of her life, she would still possess all of these qualities that make her special and unique because these are features of her true nature and character. 

These qualities were only enhanced after she had her family and people that love her by her side, just imagine where she would have reached if she had that kind of support her entire life.    

My WSC Highlights

So this weekend was awesome. It’s all kind of a blur, so I would probably fail at trying to describe it in detail, but here are the things that stuck with me and made me wish I had a rewind button so I could experience them all over again. 😄

  • Meeting Danai and somehow not crying
  • Meeting Steven and somehow not crying
  • Meeting other Richonne shippers!
  • Meeting some really awesome people in general, because there’s nothing to do but talk to people while you wait in lines forever and ever
  • Getting to ask Danai and Andy Richonne-related questions at their panels
  • Danai coming back yesterday just to take the cast picture even though she wasn’t scheduled to be there
  • Andy telling me I smelled good
  • Talking about Mad Men with Ross
  • Taking three different pictures with Danai because my friend and I suck at taking pictures 
  • And Danai subsequently saying we should just come and hang out with her all day. Like sis, that’s literally all I wanted to do.
  • Getting to thank Steven for playing Glenn so beautifully and him saying he loved me 😩
  • The love everyone showed for Steven everywhere he went
  • The endless lines for Danai (I hated standing in them, but I loved seeing how revered she is)
  • My new Richonne t-shirt!
  • Andy holding my hand for .8 seconds
  • Andy squeezing my hand when I made him laugh at something ridiculous I said because I have no home training
  • Meeting the cosplayer that looked so much like Rick, it was kinda creepy
  • Meeting the Michonne and Lori cosplayers that took the epic Bye Jessie Ashy photo with Andy
  • For some reason, deciding to tell everyone we met that we hate Daryl and they all agreed that it’s his fault Glenn is dead 👀
  • Andy’s panel in general was just really awesome, even with Norman there
  • Andy ruining the surprise that Steven was coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Steven coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Andy’s outfit. I’m glad he wore it twice, tbh, because it was perfect on him
  • Danai’s code-switch when my friend and I approached for our picture 😂
  • Meeting* everyone in the Lucille lineup. *= I didn’t meet most of them because pictures are super fast and I just wanted to talk to Andy, lol. (Side note: Danai and Norman were next to each other in my picture and I just don’t know why the gods have forsaken me. But she remembered me from Saturday, so okay, I guess.)
  • Just being in the same space as these people that I admire so much, and getting to express how much I appreciate them
  • I’m exhausted