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I keep going back and forth on how the rest of the season will play out, re: Sansa and Arya and Littlefinger

On one hand it is completely IC for Arya to distrust Sansa and her intentions. For as long as she’s been alive, Sansa has never shown any loyalty or love towards Jon - she had always been Cat’s daughter, who looked at her half brother as a dishonor. For Arya to come back and find out that Jon has entrusted Sansa with the North - with his rule - is going to ring some warning bells. When you add that with the fact that the last time Arya had seen her sister, she was standing with the people about to execute their father - smiling - of course she’s going to believe the worst.

Arya has also never dealt with a person like Littlefinger before. Most of the people she’s gone against have generally been straight forward in their intentions - she has never entered into political warfare before. It makes sense that she would believe she’s pulling the rug out on Littlefinger (and therefore Sansa) by following him, watching him, learning his secrets; only for Littlefinger to have manipulated the entire thing as a way to create an even bigger divide between the sisters.

Littlefinger wants Sansa by herself; he wants her to depend only on him so that he can better control her. By creating this divide between the sisters, he can ensure she has no familiar support. He doesn’t have to worry about Bran because Bran doesn’t threaten him - only creeps him out. But Arya poses a threat, just as Jon does. But Jon is gone and Sansa cannot depend on him now. He’s playing on Arya’s distrust to ensure they cannot work together.

On the other hand, Sansa knows exactly the type of person Littlefinger is. She knows his intentions and the lengths he’s willing to go to in order to get what he wants most: her, and the throne. If she wants to beat him, she has to do it smartly - when Arya tells her off for not defending Jon more, Sansa responds that the North needs those soldiers. The same holds true for Littlefinger and the Vale: the North cannot win either war - the war against the White Walkers or the wars down South - without the soldiers Littlefinger brought with him. In order to keep them loyal, she has to tread carefully in how she takes Littefinger out.

Which makes me think she’s using what she knows of Littlefinger’s manipulations and is using Arya to lure him into a trap. She needs proof of his actions, but more than that she needs him to be off guard so that when the moment comes, he’s not prepared. The best way to ensure this is to put Arya in the game and let her do what she does best: sneak around and cause trouble. This is best accomplished by letting Arya in on the plan so that she can best plan out how to fool him.

Ultimately, Littlefinger is going to die. It’s just going to be a matter of if Sansa is playing both of them or if Sansa and Arya are working together to take him down.


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do you think you can pokemon headcanons? like what type each band member would specialise in and maybe even their partner pokemon?

Water type, his partner Pokémon is Popplio

Dark type, his partner Pokémon is Murkrow

Normal type, his partner Pokémon is Kangaskhan

Fighting type, her partner Pokémon is Monferno

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Take this sinking boat and point it home. We’ve still got time.
Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice. You’ll make it now.


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I feel as though I barely post any Sansa things on the blog during got season (since season 5 anyway) and I thought it was probably time to state why. I love book!Sansa. She is one of my favourite characters. I love how complex she is and she has great character development.

Having said that, I don’t hate show!Sansa. I hate how she is written.

(yes, there is a difference, hence why I’ll still reblog sets of her in scenes I like)

I saw a meta recently about season 7 (about the conflict in the North) and it summed up my feelings about the way Sansa is written in some scenes in one perfect word: contrived.

A key example of this is the scenes in this season with her and Jon when Jon is holding council. Twice now he has held a public council and show!Sansa has spoken against his decisions. This doesn’t fit at all with her character. Sansa was a lady at three, courtesy is her armour, she knows about image politics (that was amply learned in her time in the south). She would not speak against the King in the North publicly, undermining him, she would do it privately.

I’ve seen people in the tags defending Jon, defending Sansa, arguing over who’s right. It’s bad writing, simple as that. These actions do not make sense, but the writers wanted conflict, so it has to be Sansa speaking out publicly even if that isn’t something she would do, because the conflict is what they need to move the story to where they want it.

They’ve done this so much with show!Sansa. Plot progression based on character actions which are built on a solid foundation of characterisation and logical character development tells a good story. Instead they insert Sansa into these scenes (marrying Ramsay (when she is already married!), hiding the info about the knights of the Vale, being the negative voice in Jon’s councils) when we could have had Sansa in the Vale to begin with, bringing the knights of the Vale to take back the North (perhaps even at the same time as Jon’s assault with the wildlings!), then a natural conflict between her supporters and his, because a choice between a bastard son and a legitimate daughter should come with some consideration (and even more when they know that a legitimate son also lives).

Anyway, rant over, those are my thoughts